What is Your Pilates Spirit Animal?

Have fun, take a quiz, and get to know your inner Pilates animal.


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Monkey????!!🙈🙉🙊 That's ME!!! I love hanging on things, make monkey faces, I'm playful, silly, & my parents called us monkies growing up. Yep that's Me!💖
I'm awkward, but I'm nimble! I love it!

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I love this! 💚💙
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I did not expect this result, but happy with it
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Crab for me!
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Mermaid :)
And I have long black hair like the mermaid of the picture. 😜
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Crab 🦀
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I have a peak pilates reformer with tower hardly used for sale. I am moving and will not have space for the reformer combo. I am located in Washington DC. Looking to sell as soon as possible.
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