Class #3438

Hip Strengthening Mat

45 min - Class


Wake up your legs in this fun Mat workout with Cara Reeser. This is the first class in a series that focuses on the theme of creating strength and coordination in the legs, hips, knees, and feet. In addition to variations from Kathy Grant like the Rowing into Teaser, she includes standing work like Squats and Lunges to challenge your legs.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block, Towel, Theraband


Hi everybody. I'm Carrie sir. And I am here where you can do math class. Um, this is part of a theme of focusing on, um, our legs, hips, knees, feet, uh, strength and coordination. So ...


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Thanks for this great class! I like Caras cuing, humor and lovely personality! The class had a good pace, nice variation of the exercises and a wonderful flow of the exercises.
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Loved this class Cara. Will be introducing the towel balance to my gals
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So many great ideas! Perfect for spring/summer season outside!
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Challenging and fun. Cues are clear and the pace is brisk but controlled. Lots of variety too.
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awesome job..i love seeing the education being mixed with humor light and love
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Excelente clase!!
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Fantastic class! My hips and lower body needed this! Thank you.
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this is going to be one of my favorites....thank you Cara for being such an energetic soul...
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A super useful and interesting class. Thank you Cara for all that you share
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Loved this new as I love all your classe, each segment was so beautifully taught and your humour always makes me press on that extra bit. Many thanks
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