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Hip Strengthening Mat

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Wake up your legs in this fun Mat workout with Cara Reeser. This is the first class in a series that focuses on the theme of creating strength and coordination in the legs, hips, knees, and feet. In addition to variations from Kathy Grant like the Rowing into Teaser, she includes standing work like Squats and Lunges to challenge your legs.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block, Towel, Theraband

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Hi everybody. I'm Carrie sir. And I am here where you can do math class. Um, this is part of a theme of focusing on, um, our legs, hips, knees, feet, uh, strength and coordination. So you're going to need a few things for this class. A Yoga Block. You need a big book at home instead of a yoga block. You can use that a theraband, these are s already circles. Um, but you just want to tie your home therapist and a not so it makes a circle like this, like this. Yes. And then you need to tell, and these girls have already rolled up their towels, but you need a hand towel and you're going to fold it this way and then you're going to roll it up and you really want to make a log out of it and not like, um, like a flat, a folded towel because we want to make it, um, a little challenging to do our first thing. Okay.

So thinking about, uh, the hips and the knees and the legs. Um, one of the things we think about is the foot, being able to be supple and ready to change and take the th the, the forces of the world. So you're gonna, we're gonna start with a little balancing work. So we're gonna roll up our little log towel and let's all stand on this with our left foot to start. Now this is also a balance challenge. So if you fall, just get back on the horse here. It's no problem. And we're just gonna make sure that we're in hip extension to put our hands in the front of our hips.

And then you're just going to take your back leg up and I'm going to keep my hips in extension and we're just gonna feel that wobbliness of the foot. Good. Yeah. Just feel that. So I'm going to glance down as I work, cause it's hard for me to look at the camera and do this, but just breathe and just feel how much that foot has to change and balance. And we just want to do this enough that we feel that fatigue. Okay. And rest. Whoo.

You feel that working already in the muscles around the ankle and puts, we're going to switch sides. It'll be a little easier cause your roll is a little squished. And again, you want to get all four corners of the foot really planted on the role. We're thinking about the center of the foot, knee and ankle and hip. And we're going to spell it. So again, we're just breathing and we're just letting the wobble happen. So part of stability is actually being able to respond to the environment around us, not to freeze. So just feeling that woo feeling how your leg muscles have to work.

Keeping maybe a very steady gaze, which is what I'm doing here, which is helping me and rest. Okay, we're going to up the ante, we're going to now be working on our lateral hip stability. I'm borrowing this exercise from Tiffany Crookshank who I do yoga with. Um, so I really, I really liked this when I learned this. So again, we're going to stand on our left leg. And the first thing we're going to do here is yeah, it's also a balance challenge but we're going to first do a little bit of hip hiking for a moment and I want you to feel what it is to drop into the troll cantor of your standing lake and to pick it back up.

Okay. Right to draw up and yeah right and now we're going to keep it up so that you're not falling into the hip and you're going to let your [inaudible], your up leg, your non standing like just swing back and forth. It's like a little pendulum, right? Not really controlled, just sort of gravity taking it front of the hip stakes standard. You're breathing and then we're going to let that lake circle a little, it's a small circle and you're keeping the lateral hip pulled up on the standing leg and then you're going to go the other way with the circle breathing. So by now you probably feel the lateral hip working. Yeah, I get a little burn in there. Let's go swing back and forth one more time.

You can always use something to balance at home. Balance is not the primary thing here and down. Woo. Yeah. Surprising, right? How much that works at. So let's go to the other side. So basically what we're doing here is we're just getting our, we're waking up part. The parts that we need, right are the muscles in our feet, the muscles in our hips, um, with a focus on how to take really good care really of our knees at the end of the day, which are in the middle of that chain. So here we are, front of the hip extension. Let's drop and lift again.

I'm going to keep my gaze on one spot for balance purposes. And the next time you have that lift, you're going to just hold and breathe and you're going to swing. Now you're going to also notice that your foot is wobbling. This is all part of the strength it takes to support yourself on one leg, which we do all the we do when we're walking. So we're going to do little circles.

Yeah. Breathing little circles the other way, right? So every time you almost fall, it's that side hip that has to figure out how to save you. Right? So it's really an important part of what's hell helps us be strong and in our core as well, in, in all of our activities back and forth. One more time. Woo.

That is burning baby and are asked. Okay, so now come step to the center of your mat in the middle and we're going to come into a position that's um, a little bit like chair pose in Yoga. We're going to bend our knees. Now again, we want to be thinking about the center, the hip, the center of the knee, the center of the foot. You know, we're here to wake up our legs today. So we're going to come on down. I hold my hands like this. It just helps me out a little bit. And I want you to feel your weight shifting to your left leg.

I'm also barring this from Tiffany and we're going to go out and n out, N N, right? And as you do this, you want to keep your needs directly over the fundamental arch of your foot. You don't want to shift your hips. Don't put weight on that leg when you go out. And in Jen. Yeah, she's trying out and in three more out, in, out, in, out, and both feet waited. Pause. Good. Now here's the sneaky part. You just pick that foot up right the next foot and out. N N out and n out.

And I'm trying really hard not to fall over in this hip. I'm trying to keep my knee over the center of my foot. Right? I feel my quads completely heating up here. Is everybody feeling that out? Yeah. And booty. Good. This is perfect for spring time. Booty, booty conditioning. Three more animals. One and two and three. Good.

And uh, ah, good. Roll down. [inaudible] um, just let yourself hang down for a second. Releasing the tension in your low spine and hamstrings and then go ahead and just bend your knees down and come into a little ball. I love the little ball. And now we're going to bring our knees down and I want you to take your hands to the front of your hips and I want you to just push the front of your hips forward so you can feel how the hamstrings extend your hip.

And then just put the heel of your hand there and just push them back down and up and up and up. Full hip extension. And um, make sure you're kneeling on a mat when you do this at home and, and, and up and down. And just have a moment. Sit Straight up, sit back and let your feet stretch. Breathing in and out. Ooh, baby Annan. No, I know all this looks very subtle on TV, but on the inside or suffering, breathing and one more good. Opening up those feet, transfer onto your booties and we're going to get our theraband on. So here's my, there've been, now guys, this is gonna kind of roll up and down your thighs from time to time. Try not to let that distract you because it's going to be really getting our ab doctors working as good stabilizers for our hips. And ultimately for our knees. Okay, so we're going to start here.

Reach those arms out and just take a deep breath in and let's slowly find our way down. So you're just to keep that band with the same amount of stretch on it where yeah, all of our hard spots are gonna come up there. Reach your arms up over your head, take a deep breath in, reach your arms forward, bring your chin, your chest. We'll just roll back up through the spine. See if you can feel how the power of that lateral hip can help stabilize you for something like a sit up or a roll down.

So we're controlling each segment at a time of the spine, going back and hailing and up. Exhale, Chin to chest. You can have a stronger band if you want one at home, a or a less strong one. We're going down one more time. Yeah. Exhale. Bring your feet a little closer to your sits bones shoulder bridge series.

Everybody scoot that scapula back underneath their chest wall and feel how as you start to come up into that bridge, your shins travel forward. Increasing the Dorsey flection and come up into a bridge. Take a couple breaths. You want to keep the same amount of stretch on the band, not more, not less. And sequence the spine down. Good. Release the pelvis down. And let's go up. One more time. Breathing, feeling the back of leg.

Really working to extend the front of the hips. So the put your hands on the front of your hips for a second on your thighs and really push your thighs into your hands. So it's not about really a chest lift right now we're trying to stay focused on the hamstrings and glutes in this position. And you're going to roll down. Good keeping, feeling the pressure of your left foot in the mat. Bring your right a thighbone in for a piston or some of you call this in knee fold and then come down, transfer the weight just like we did in that skater move.

And then you're going to pick the other foot up into a fold. Okay? And down. So both legs are happy. Having to do something different to manage the force that's coming into the legs and other leg. And so that's really what we're, we're thinking about here and rest and then bring the right leg in to that fold. And let's just go ahead and stretch the hamstrings.

Just bend and straighten the knee on the right leg a couple of times. And I want you to think about the where the band is on that right leg. And I don't want you to push back into the band to straighten your knee. I want you to be sure that it's your lower leg swinging towards your face that straightens your knee. Keep the knees straight and let's just do some little circles here, right? Trying to keep both legs the same, just like you're drawing a little teeny circle on the ceiling.

And then the other way, right? So both outer hips are having to do something to manage the pole, then the knee in and plant the foot down. Big Breath, left lay comes in or next leg and stretch. We're doing those hamstring stretches again. So as you bend and straighten the knee, you're trying to keep the femur in what I call a space hold so that our knee extension is happening.

Because our lower leg is changing on the Femur, not the femur changing in the hip socket and keep the leg at top. Little circles. Yeah. So we're going to do you just do a few in each directions who switched directions and notice that pull that the band is doing on your supporting leg and then that knee in, foot down, set up for one more bridge. Using the same of stretch on the band the whole time. Get up.

Really feel how the shinbone can travel towards your mid foot, like your toes and breathe and roll it down and being aware of your spine. Let's Dorsey flex our ankles and then try to pick both legs up without popping your spine off the mat. Reach your hands behind your head and come into a forward curl. All right, we're going to take those legs up. This is going to be our standing for a hundred today. So everybody scooped that scapula up a little bit. Keep Your Chin tucked down.

Lower that right leg down. Holt and up. Okay. Right and left leg down. Right. And so I again, I have a lot of force, uh, changing in my leg so I have to manage the position and up and lower. Keep that head lifted really high. Abdomen, supporting you, pulling back towards the spine. That looks great. And one more time. The left leg. Good. And we're going to add in and take your right leg down this time. Reach your hands along and we're going to do little ab duction like you're dusting the floor down.

Yeah, out, out, out three. Yeah. Good. And notice if that's making you kind of like swing right and up, arms up and switch sides and out. Watch out in, out in. Keep the breath. I'm the one talking. You guys can breathe. There we go.

One more leg up, hands behind your head and everything down. Take a deep breath and stretch your feet out. Arms over your head. Inhale, lift the arms up, roll up, exhale all the way up. Hurry teaching and neural down. Now again, you're trying to keep the same stretch on the band, right? So that gives you this very inhale, arms up, exhale.

It gives you a very steady base. And now there we go. One more time. Everybody up rolling? Yes, that happens. And just stop with the board. Stretch and roll up to seated for a moment.

Okay, so we're going to roll back down. We're going to go to single leg circles using this band. So again it's, it might roll up a little, but it's going to give us a chance. So it would just go ahead and roll back. Bring that right leg up. And here we go. We're going to cry. This can be big circles. Inhale, exhale in. Exhale, good. Switched directions out around again. Now that supporting leg has to stabilize against the force of the band.

So it's inhale also working good. Now bring the leg to 45 and let's just walk up for a tree. Just cause it's so fun and hold it at the top and just give yourself a little stretch there. Three times breathing. Good. I'm sorry for an advance for this, but just sit up tall for a second and just little pulses. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and leg down. Roll down.

Take your other leg up for single leg circles. Here we go in. Exhale, exhale. Good. Again, navigating the various forces that are are occurring on your legs, off their way. What do you have to do to manage the force? It's like the star wars her as good. And we're going to climb a tree. We're going to walk up. Okay.

And we'll do our stretches here. Okay, great. Trying to keep our spine tall. Also trying to manage that Scapula, right? Because it gets, once you get really shoved forward. So see if you can manage it. And then we're going to walk it down. Oh, sorry. Thank you.

Sure. And then we're going to let go. We're going to do a little bit lake pulses, eight times one, two, three. Trying to keep your spine steady. Five, six, seven, eight both legs down. Reach our Breely tall forward bend. Take a moment and slide that band. Hallelujah.

Off your legs. Okay guys, we're going to do sand tunnels from Kathy grant's work. You're going to take your towel and you're going to put it on the, the um, floor in front of you. So let's actually face forward for this, right? So you're basically going to have your towel like this and you're going to be breathing and you're going to go out and then you're going to slide in, but you're going to be pulling that towel. It's a little tricky for me up here. Laurel and Jen know this too.

Everybody's going to be here. I'll come down here with you, Sam tunnels. So you're going to hold your toes and I came down here so I can slide to be of carpet. This, you might want to skip this one. Um, you're going to drop your head and we're going to press out fully. Okay. And then you're going to like, you're digging tunnels in the Sandy gonna. Pull those heels back to your sits bones. You can keep your head dropped.

Inhale. Exhale. Okay. Okay. Inhale acts coming in. Two more. One last time. Good.

Really digging those heels down as you come in. That's a real, go ahead and come on in. That's a real contraction. Yeah, and those hamstrings like that. Good. And then just turn around and let's go right into rolling. Likable. So inhaling back. Exhale, home. Inhaling. Excellent.

Now see if you can feel the effects of having had that band around you and if you could maybe stabilize your, the, the way that your legs are, are living in their hip sockets right now so you're not opening or closing them. Good. One more. Great. And stop at the top. Take your left leg out. Oh, little ab. Duction. Here we go. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and then [inaudible] down. Here we go. Single leg, stretch in nail. One, two. Exhale. Three, four. Inhale, one to exhale. Three, four. Inhale. One, two, exhale. Three, four. Keep your right leg out. Rural Wa, ab. Duction. Jen just gave me a dirty little ab doctor, you got three, two, one up.

Okay, let's have a slow race. Here we go. Who can go the slowest and still be moving? Notes. Meeting everybody all the way down. Nice. Both knees in. Inhale, stretch. Exhale in x in x and X. Scissors. Go in one, two, switch. One, two, switch. One, two, switch and keep breathing. I'm talking your breathing and both legs up, hands behind your head. Inhale, lower x at home in you x in x and legs down. Hold them down.

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Breathe up and feet down. Good shoulder bridge series with the Yoga Block. Get your yoga block and bring it under your feet. I love this series. I can't remember who inspired this.

Might be a little Madeline black in the background here. All right, here we go. Everybody coming up into a big bridge on their block. Opening the front of your hips. Shoulder blades are tucked back a little bit and roll back down. Okay.

And [inaudible] and down. One more time. We're going to up the ante. Okay, you're going to take a right leg piston and we're going to do very quick pumps of hip extension. Fluxion on the supporting leg like this up down, up now three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and like down. You guys feel that in your back of your leg, other side. And here we go. Huh? Good. So you're trying to go to full hip extension.

Fluxion five, four, three, two, one down. One more big bridge up. Hold it. Two breaths. Yeah. Hurled down easy. Does it stress. Slide the block if you can, or use your feet to get it out in front of you and get your [inaudible] on it and come up into a straight leg bridge.

And when you're ready, come down. And again, straight leg bridge. Now depending on your gluteal mass, it might not come off the mat, but you still want to work and down for that full extension of the hip, back of the leg. Super engaged and down. Arms over your head. Press your feet into the block and roll up to seated. Good. Let's like that. Block. Go. We're going to do a Cathy grande seated laterals. So we'll sit.

I'm sitting this way just cause I can't straddle, but you guys have the floor so you can face each other. Yeah. Good. Yeah. Armed outdoors, seated laterals. Make sure your knee cap stay facing the ceiling, right? Some of you will want to roll your knees in. I don't have that capacity.

So you want to keep that arms behind your head or maybe here, depending on what it does to your rib cage. We're going to go to the right over on two, three Orin up four, three, two, one over one to try it. Attempts to fly Christie holding back baby and go down all the way. We're going for the full stretch. Just pause there. Pick that elbow up. One inch in pulse. One, two, three, all the way up.

[inaudible] sure. Yeah. Good. Kellyanne. I've telly tried to keep you thoracic spine from flexing. Yeah, and up and arms out to the side. Go ahead and just turn your trunk to your right leg and reach forward and take a stretch there. Wow. Lauren Harlan. Exhale twice.

Come up and over and make that same stretch. Yeah. Good Kelly. So really reached that sternum for your thigh. Good Sweetie. Now watch that other knee cap member it. Woo. Woo. Yup. Good swing around. Let's come onto all fours quadro pet. Okay, so just enjoy a little bit of cat and cow here for a minute.

So let's go start an extension. And then just however you want to feel that, just go ahead and let yourself flex and extend. I love to look out when I'm extending and to look down on under my shirt. I'm flexing so that your head is part of the gesture. One more time. Good, and then come to something that's in the middle of the road of extension and flat back and we're going to slide.

We're going to sneak our left leg out. Don't change your pelvis. Now pick it up. Feeling how that hole is your hamstrings. Keep Your Asi is facing down. Yeah, Jen, that's better than it was in the other class today and then let's take that right arm out and everybody's going to breathe in and breathe out. Keep managing the forces. Inhale, exhale in x and recover. Get your weight loaded again on both slide the other foot out. Yeah, it's really sneaky.

You pick up that leg and you don't arch your low back right now, so you're going for hip extension. Sneak the other arm out and you're going to breathe. Inhale, exhale. Notice if that lower leg swan swung under like that. Keep it parallel. It's really hard to manage that. Although we did warm up our hips. Yeah, you guys great and recover. Good.

So everybody hop forward a little bit for your plank. Good. And then slide. Sneak your left leg out. Now let's really charge the quad up. So I want like the strongest quad on that right leg right now as we can get knee extensors. Other like everybody, keep your quads tight. Extend the front of your hip and look out over your mat legs together.

Everybody hop them together. Yep. Good. Now you're going to rock forward and back. Forward, back, Plantar Dorsey, God Kelly and stay in Plantar. Lower yourself down and take your hands under your forehead. Take a moment, bringing your legs hip with the part parallel. Uh, good.

We're going to feel into where Asi assists are right now. The the hipbones and you're going to try to pull them up as you lift both of your legs up off the mat. Femurs and everything. Good, good. And again, I'm holding those hip, the pelvic bones up the ass and then I'm picking my femurs up again. That barrier. My knees are straight. Go ahead. Now everybody reach your arms out in front of you.

Hold that for a moment. Slide them in. First one lifts your head. Your legs are going to lower a little, but you're going to keep that same. Yes. Good. And back down. So we're really committed to keeping our knees straight here. So every yes Kelly. That's it. That's it. Up you go.

Yeah, I love that. I love that Christy. Gorgeous. That's what's gonna give us our swan rocking later on. Without that, the Swan Swan rockin goes into the mud. One more time. Nice. Jen. Everybody up? Okay, good. And everybody down. Okay.

And take yourself in to your single leg kick position and chest is open. Here we go. Right leg one, two, n down one, two and down. One, two, and down. Good. So it should feel pretty available to have your yes. See how everybody's booties not shaking in the backyard. That's great. Good and pause now. Stay there. Push your risks down.

Get your legs up. Okay. Open your arms out. Come around and turn your head and kick, kick, kick and stretch. Turn and kick. Kick, kick and stretch.

Beautiful. Kick, kick, kick and stretch. Yes, look up when you do that Kelly. Stretch. Nice honey and arrest. Good. Everybody pull back until well deserved child's pose. Have to pull my pants up. Good. And take a couple breaths. Good.

So we're going to come up to a kneeling and yeah, just have a little moment of thigh stretch before we go to sidelines series. Before we get close to ending. So let's just do this moment again. Flex the hips. Now what extends the hips post cheerier leg flex, right? So, so this year. Yeah. So it's, it's, it's a really important part of our gait pattern actually that, you know, when we don't have that can really sort of affect our, our knees. Um, so this is very helpful that way. So you're going to come up now. Keep that.

I know. Here we go. Take it back. Oh, it's my least favorite in the world and up. Good. And back to three and up always makes you sore. This one, right? E quadricep. Good. Stay. Sit Up. Sit Up. One more.

Sit up here and arrest baby. Back to the band. Everybody [inaudible] grab your little band and you're going to bring it onto your top thigh. You're going to face me. This is going to be our side kick series. Oh La Cara. I didn't know who else I might be right then. But then I decided I was me.

So that's, that's usually marks a good day, you know. Okay. We're gonna lay down and we're gonna bring our legs to 90 90. And you're going to hold your, your um, yeah, this is like a little, it's great. It's like a little double whammy, right? Cause I've got my external rotator cuff series going on here and then I'm going to do clam hip flection. Hip or knee extension here, here, here, yeah. Here, here, here, here, here and here. I'll say it now it's, it's clam and then a little hip flection. Full knee extension. Right. Trying not to push down on the band.

Knee flection. Hip Extension on clam. That's a verb. And up here and up. Good. And take the band off. Good. And just find your way up with this like out for a second.

Good. Just turn and take. Stretch forward and swing it around to the other side, and this is where my mic pack is, so if I look a little weird, here we go. We're sliding in Auburn and 90 90 meaning my legs, 90 degree into the hip, 90 degree to the knee, and then I've got this little little rotator cuff thing here. I thought that was very clever. And then we're going to go clam hip, knee, good bend leg down. Now here's what I want you guys to think of in this moment.

You feel how that theraband is on your hamstring. Don't push down on the theraband. Lift your low leg up. That's knee extension. That's what we want to work on for our knee health and here [inaudible] in, up, down, down, down into more chick chock clock. There we go. Up. Oh yeah, you've got to work that external rotation and slide it off.

Just kick the left leg forward and take a little forward bend. Nice. Oh, all right. Here we go. Rowing into teaser. Just a little variation, a little slew to the Great Cathy Grant. This is one of our Cathy grant versions of teaser.

But I like it because it Ha I get that nice hip extension moment prior to the teaser so I know what time it is. Basically, arms out in front, you're gonna pull like you're rowing. You're going to go all the way back into full hip extension, so you've got to get, probably get down to about your bra line. If you have a brawn and then you're going to float your feet and you're going to go up knees to nipples and paws. Reach the legs out. Sit up tall. Just do your best. It doesn't matter. Doing your best is perfect. Here we go. Rolling. Now this is not easy.

Pause Center and, and again I, you see I have my thumbs out that it's only because the original equipment had the small little handles in the world and you couldn't, your thumbs really threw them here and out. Last one in row. Yeah, all the way down. You can do it. Kelly opened his arms and knees to nipples and good set up. Okay. Rolling in like a ball squat to standing, which I'm not going to join you on because I'm up too high. And then we'll finish with just the little standing squats and lunges and then everybody's booty. We'll be feeling good. Okay.

Everybody getting your rolling like a ball position. And you're gonna roll three balls before you squat to stand parallel legs. Good. Yes. She goes and back down. Nice. Here they go into popcorn style. Go and have fun with this guys. We're going to do parallel right now. And so that, that uh, cross leg one. Yeah.

Good. Yeah. Grabbed each other. Good. One more time. I gotta get this girl. Good. All right, everybody stop at the top right. So that's that thing we started with. Wait, I know. It's okay. I'm not going to tell the TV. Okay. So, so that's thing we started with, right? Is that, that's what that requires. Is that a tremendous range of motion, right? And you can increase the range of motion of your Dorsey fluxion by Dorsi flexing. It's amazing. So let's just finish with a little bit of lunch work.

So step back and we're going to take our right foot behind us. We have that nice stiff ankle, meaning we're not going to change that and arms hanging down. All right, both legs straight. Now let's pay attention to the back leg. Can we extend the front of that hip? Yes we can because we've been doing that the entire class and I'm going to pretend to have big kettle barrels and balls where they're called and we're going to adapt down and up and down and up and down. Good. Back hip. Sing extended. Four. Good. Three.

I'm hoping we're doing eight. Two dancers only can count to eight one and step forward. Step back. Now I'm looking at center, the hip center, the knee center of the foot. Hip Extension. Touch your hip gut and go one. Oh, so good too. Yeah. Three gotta. Tap that knee down.

Dead for five. Whoa. Six. Seven. I know a n step in. Yeah. All right. Big girls squats back up.

You guys can stay a little forward, a little bit wide. 10 squats to finish. Then you can have a glass of wine or a beer. Here we go. Everybody go one. Whoops. Him Too close to this thing. I gotta get in here. Sorry. I want to do them with you. Here we go. Or I'll do this. Here we go.

One, two, three, Bardo five. It's fun. Six, seven, tracking eight, nine, 10 and he'll tell arms up. Exhale, roll down. Oh Lord. He be hanging over and just brief. Yeah, so a little bit of heart rate. It's a good thing. See if you can soften into the Dorsey flection of your ankles so that you're not always with your weight on your heels. And even as you roll in this position, see if you can roll up not pushing yourself away from your ankles.

Yeah. Good. Christie, that was big difference. Good, Kelly. Okay. Good job everybody now. Yeah, thanks. TV.

The Teacher's Corner: Lower Body Strengthening For You and Your Clients


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Thanks for this great class! I like Caras cuing, humor and lovely personality! The class had a good pace, nice variation of the exercises and a wonderful flow of the exercises.
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Loved this class Cara. Will be introducing the towel balance to my gals
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So many great ideas! Perfect for spring/summer season outside!
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Challenging and fun. Cues are clear and the pace is brisk but controlled. Lots of variety too.
Carolan A
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awesome job..i love seeing the education being mixed with humor light and love
Excelente clase!!
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Fantastic class! My hips and lower body needed this! Thank you.
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this is going to be one of my favorites....thank you Cara for being such an energetic soul...
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A super useful and interesting class. Thank you Cara for all that you share
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Loved this new as I love all your classe, each segment was so beautifully taught and your humour always makes me press on that extra bit. Many thanks
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