Class #3794

Gymnastics-Inspired Flow

30 min - Class


You will explore gymnastics-inspired movements in this fun Mat workout with Benjamin Degenhardt. He teaches the third class in this series, using a little more flow to keep you moving the entire class. He revisits concepts from the previous classes but adds on to make it a little more playful.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block (2)

About This Video


Hi everyone. I'm Benjamin and I'm back with Qaeda, Mandy and Dreya and Mary for part three of our mat exploration. We're working with blocks and some gymnastic ideas to make our map wo...

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I did have fun with that one !! Great use of the blocks. Great challenge and flow. Thanks Benjamin :))
Whew! That was fun.
Wow! amazing lesson! I never did this kind of sequence! I faound it funny and strong! thank's Ben!
Awesome series! Love the concepts and connections to the work! Thanks! 
Loved this class and especially loved all the wrist mobilization in the beginning. We often forget the wrists and they need more attention. 
Loved all 3 classes! Thank you!  Are these series over now? 
So good and challenging!

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