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Since I've been practicing pilates, I feel much better, especially breathing so much deeper and longer daily. It's been helping me in flamenco dancing -posture, body balance- so much, offering me the opportunity to do some very usefull stretching exercises, afterwards, as well. As an official zumba® trainer, I keep always in mind core workout and I get well prepared by working through the spine when doing BASI Pilates®. Thanks a lot to all of these wonderful instructors of "Pilates Anytime". It's brilliant to work and study with you from home.


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I'm: a Woman - 52 Years Old
Where I Live: Athens-Attica
Language(s) I Speak: Greek, English
Other Exercise I Enjoy: Dance (Occasionally)

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Years of Pilates Experience: 13
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BASI Pilates® - Comprehensive (2014)

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Hellenic Pilates Association - Member

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