Class #1001

Mat Workout

20 min - Class


Niedra teaches another "'Reformer on the Mat" workout that uses different props to create interesting variations for the Mat work. Some of the exercises she shows are Coordination with the Theraband, Short Spine Stretch with the Magic Circle, and Rowing with the Hand Weights. Enjoy the challenge these props give you!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Theraband, Magic Circle

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Hi there, I'm just going to go through a few of the reformer on the math exercises using props. I actually had a request for this because everything you do on the reformer you can do on the map. It is...


Very cool thanks for the inspiration for my Mat class today :)
Thanks Niedra for your great ideas! Not only these ones :) I only teach matwork and love "reformer on the mat" exercises to make the sessions more versatile and challenging, especially for my more advanced students...
Hi Helene and Petra, Love that you both enjoyed this class and it helps you with ideas for your teaching.
So good to hear from you Helene, glad you are enjoying Pilates Anytime.
Yes, i feel like Petra! Bringing some interesting challenges to a mat class! Thank you!
Very good! I will have to practice this a couple of times to get it right :)
Cali, practice is the secret to success and repetition is where confidence and mastery come from , so enjoy your practice, you have the right attitude
Fun moves to add to a class.
It was a lotmofmfun, and I always like Niedra's classes and teaching style. However, I do think the classes need to say in the description that they are geared more for teachers reather than an actual work out.
Thank you for this suggestion Ana, I think it is a great idea to clarify the purpose for the class, I know I do both, workout classes as well as educational workouts so I totally agree that this should be added to the class description. Thank you .
Thanks for great ideas to add to my mat classes! Always LOVE your tips ! I like variety so my classes do not get bored! I love all your classes! Thanks!
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