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When PA member Heikki Lempiäinen emailed us to say he was traveling all the way from Helsinki, Finland to experience the best of Pilates in Southern California, we were thrilled he included us on that list. In this class, Kristi and Heikki get to know each other better through the experience of his session. Practice with them as they run through Knee Stretches, Pulling Straps, Short Spine and so much more.

To find out more about Pilates in Finland and how Heikki, with his music therapy background, became involved in Pilates, be sure to watch Kristi's short video interview with Heikki that we call Heikki's Pilates Tour.
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Apr 04, 2013
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Hello, I'm Christie and I'm here with Hakey [inaudible] all right. Yes, yes. All the way from Finland. He, we are Facebook friends now, officially friends if I may. Yes. He's on a [inaudible] tour of southern California and we asked him to join us here. So I'm going to give you a shorter reformer class and uh, we'll get to know each other even more. Just found good. Yeah. Okay. So if you'll just stand, I'll let you look at the, now you're going to look that way. I'll let you look at the ocean later. Feet are parallel and just sort of look out in the distance.

Taking a deep breath in and not going anymore. Just exhale. Let go. I'm glad you're here. Let's do that again. Inhale on this one. You're going to exhale. Let your head fall forward. Just round over sequentially. Taking your body down, letting any tension go, and I'm going to shift your weight forward a little. It's just slightly leaning back. Take an inhale there and before coming up, just exhale through your mouth and feel the abs press against where the spine.

Just sort of feeling that hollowing out. Inhale again. Exhale, your feet are definitely pressing into the ground as you roll yourself up through a heavy tail. Heavy, low back, middle back, upper back. I'm going to do it again just cause I don't know you yet in terms of your body and I just want to see, go ahead. Exhale, settle. Just reach that way. Yeah. And Go ahead and come up. Exhale. See if you can connect your sit bones to the back of your legs as if you're being pulled down that way. Easy through the neck and shoulders. Okay, that's good. Come on over. We're going to lie down all the way. It's, I have it on a red and a blue cause you don't really need a spring yet and I know where I'm going. Stretch your legs all the way. I said lie down.

I didn't mean it. Just stay seated but stretch your legs all the way up. And what we're going to do is a roll up basically. So someone your height is going to need to be right close to the edge and part of the reason for the light spring now is we're going to try and avoid moving the carriage. I suspect you're gonna have to come even further forward just so your shoulders don't hit. All right, so reach to me and if you would turn palms toward each other, I'm going to pull on you a little. Actually, I'm going to do that. So now resisting me, but maybe not so much with your actual strength. Just sort of centering the yep.

Sort of softer in the arms. Pull the show shoulders backwards. Just a little. Perfect. Okay. Now you're gonna move. Roll back from the pelvis. The pelvis is what moves. Good, good, good. And I'm going to just ease you down in case we hit those shoulder [inaudible]. Did we hit him? Yes. Yes. Come with me. Scoop forward. I never get that right.

Even from myself. Okay. Picking the arms just above your shoulders. Yep. That's great. Inhale coming forward with your arms. Head follows. Exhale you come and we'll just stay curved right about there from me. Gently press shoulders backwards. It's not really down. It's just back end down. You Go, keep going. I'll be right back. I got once your head touches, your arms are straight ahead. Inhale, bring your head up. Exhale, dural forward.

I would told you all I was getting a pole if I knew I was, but I didn't know. Stay here. Actually, I just found the moment. Want you to, if I could weed this through your shirt, I would, but for now, take this palm. I'm just laying it across this about his collarbones. This one other one. Good. Now, just for fun. Reach forward with your shoulders and now reach them back.

That's a little more like that is what the backwards position. Not quite so much, but there that keep it like that, so now we can all see that that won't change. You're going to curve your spine, but they're going to stay in relationship. Go ahead. Aren't you glad you said yes to me? He said yes and lovely. It's going to be hard getting up like this or harder. Oh, I love it. I love it. So now you don't seem quite as, I don't know.

I can just, I like it. And down you go. Good, good, good. Think of reaching into my hand here. Just that's it. And you now looking good. Exhaling up. Maybe think slightly taller. A little less into yourself and more up here. Yep. But still curves. Still curve. Look down slightly good. Sorry. It's a weird hand cue, but it's going to work I think.

Keep reaching into my hand even though I'm going with you. That's, there you go. Lovely. Last one. Fabulous. Just three years. You've been doing Flonase, Huh? Yeah, I love it. All our teaching go all the way down. We'll do a little rotation.

Getting rid of the pole. I don't think I'll use it again. She never no. Hold the posts behind you. Bring your knees up to tabletop. We'll just do a slight bit more of a warm up. Good. You're coming towards the window. Inhale, lift that opposite hip. I'm going to pull on you a little.

Feel heaviness in the ribs as you exhale and roll back. Good. Other side, his lift. Nice. Finding that rotation at the waist. Right. We're going to do some rotation. We're going to do some lateral flections so we want to just get us ready for it. Lovely. And reaching tiny bit less foot energy.

Just we're just warming up. It looks beautiful and it's still beautiful. But I'm just thinking I'm going to hold you as you continue to do the movement, go ahead and go back. Yup. Yeah, yeah. Right. As we start, I'm just thinking, keep going. That if a tiny bit less here, you have just that much more that you can zero in. It's right now for me is all about just letting go so that we can really go for it. Excellent. Last one.

I'm just gonna move your knees slightly towards you and center. Okay. Holding onto the backs of your legs right here and here. Curl your head. Neck and shoulders up. Put resistance your hands with your elbows wide and start and granted I, you have light springs on, right? So be careful. I just going to roll a couple times to get up. Oh, look at you.

You did it on the first try, but there we go. Lovely. And all the way up. Perfect swivel round. So you go, you're facing the other way. If feet are going to be on the head rest. And I suppose especially when you're taller and I think anyway, you're going to have your heels on. Great. And we're taking the straps. I still have that red and blue and I think it's probably going to be best up top here. Now I suspect you're going to, I'm going to make it lighter for you to make you work a little harder.

But again, I don't know you that well yet. Um, skip forward a tiny bit. Your heels can be near the edge. It's okay if the feet are up, but yeah, that's cool. Now we have some room to go. Okay, so the springs, you're going to let them pull you. The reason you're not gonna let them pull off you, but they're gonna pull you and you're resisting from the middle taken in him. It's the same thing we did a minute ago. Almost exhale, roll back. The pelvis moves.

Stay there, take an inhale. Now imagine you're, you want to stay there but the springs are pulling you up by the chords to bring you up. Good, good. And you can straighten up at the top. Beautiful. Inhale and move from here for it. I'm going to make you go back. Sorry. This is for everyone. It's a subtle difference but first split second, your upper back isn't going to move. Go ahead and move the pelvis. There you go. Good. Very good. Keep going. It's almost like your upper back might feel like it's leaning versus going down.

That's something to think about. Exhaling off arms are relatively relaxed, is not heavy, although it is helping them a little, so I'll change that in a minute. Exhaling down sometimes just the feedback is helpful. Good and inhale, checking in everybody. Just that you're not overly tensing the arms because it isn't heavy. But now just to make it a little more interesting, I'm taking off the blue spring, it won't be so significant, but just a little.

We'll have to work that much harder to get up down and Gus. All right, let tiny bit lower just for fun. Stay there and now before coming all the way up, you're just going to shorten your waist til it all. So it's coming in and inhale down again and exhale. Good. Sorry. Inhale down. Exhale there. That's it. That's an, I'm going to say even less movement and make the, if you move the carriage at all, it's because your spine is bending, not because your upper body. There you go. It's not because you're going up, you're going forward. I love it.

Let me let start the exhale split second sooner then let that be what moves you. Right. You know what I want to see but I you want to feel it cause they're not going to be here that long. One more. Feel it precedent. That's it. Next time you can start that exhale and come all the way up. Yeah, Kinda sorta. Great. Okay. Let's put the right handle down.

Is that the right handle? Yes. Take your right hand and grab onto the left and I, it's still at the, the actual wrap. So above the buckle just to make it slightly tighter and your left hand behind your head. Okay. And use that left hand. Right? So you're looking straight ahead for the moment, but push not down or, well, not down. Just push straight back into your hand. Exhale, roll down again. Just straight down the middle. You may have to clear the rope over your knees.

This direction right across your body. Yes. Now straighten your right arm and exhale. Come up just a little. I'll give you a big rotation in a second. Good and down. Exhale. Good. I love it. So what I'm watching for is that his knees aren't rotating and they're not.

He's doing a great job. He's letting his spine rotate to the window. We'll do one more thing for five and then sent her to try and come up in the middle and move that right up over you. Great. Okay, so now we're going to take the right handle. Put it down or whichever one you want. That's one we put down the, Yep. Okay, so you're going to put your feet right at the shoulder rest. You may have to back up. It's hard to know. So we're getting him on this diagonal where his feet are up against that shoulder rest, pushing into it a little bit and we're going to roll down from there and now you don't have to have your knees quite that far over. There you go.

They're going to need to be up to balance you. There you go. I'm going to hold. You can use this foot. Really push and go lower. You got room, you got room, you've got round. Yeah. Now come to this way with me dear. Okay, now exhale. Coming forward. Chin off your chest a little. Look where you're going. Look up here. Yeah. It's much easier to say. I just learned that in 22 years later. Truly, and again, the the, the arm is just an extension of the cable.

You don't have to put your pull on it. You're going to go down. Let it pull you the slow down. A little go lower, lower, lower, lower. I want you to go in a promise. I know exhaled Z pin. It's like how much can you go in that just allows you to come up. Let's do a couple more. You feel it? Yes. Good. Phew.

Last one. Pushing you to foot. Use that top foot. It's really nice. Okay. Switch sides. Lovely. Huh? I will stretch you out in a minute. So feet up against, he's going to grandmas in front. You kind of on the side of the hip, right? So make yourself cozy. That knee position isn't super critical. Whether they're really low or high, you need them to balance your, here we go.

I'm inhaling down generally, but you could switch it. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Now. Just when you think you can't get up, exhale and push the top leg or both legs into the shoulder. Rest. Okay, look here. Hi. [inaudible]. Yeah, it is. If you truly, it's so much easier. Look up when you do your teasers. I just learned that. Thank you Kara. Okay.

Push with your feet. Push with your feet. You're not cheating to do that. You're kicking in the hamstrings and making it more. There you go. It's like, you know, you want to feel it right? This is a no bleak exercise. We find it. I'll have do just one more. You can come up, you can reread re rack those and we'll turn around and have you lie down for some footwork. I'm putting all the springs on, which in this case are, uh, you know, we've got the heavy one out, three red, a blue and a green. Do you work on this? Reformer doesn't love this one. Okay.

I'm going to try this and I have a feeling I'm going to change it and I met the low bar, but we'll see. I might change that for you and then up to your heels in parallel. Oh, that's good. That's just fine. Moving your bat a little bit. Good, good, good. Nick feels okay with the head rest down? Yeah. Okay. Alright, so for the moment, okay. I want you to imagine you're gonna push the carriage away because you are, but not with your feet, with your thighs.

So I don't actually want you to move it for just a second. Just engage your muscles as if your thigh bones were attached to the foot bar and that's what you're going to work with when you go. All right, I can see, oh, I love it. Hamstrings. Kick down. Here we go. Realtime. Inhale, exhale, push out. I'm doing exhale on the way out. Inhale, pull back in and exhale. Good. Nice. Finding the end range of it. Not because it's harder out there, but because you want to keep that sort of infinity of resistance throughout. Nice. Really good. Really good. [inaudible] all right.

Come on back down both feet at the same time to slide and down to the balls of the feet. Yep. Off you go. Exhale. Preso away and come back on the next one. Stay out there. So what you do here is you just think longer. Allow for longer. You don't tighten anymore. You let go. You know a way that's good and pull yourself back in and back.

Nice. Nice. So how are we going to get more people in Finland doing Flonase? Well, we're doing our best. We have the finish representation here. Good, right? One more. Nice job on the feet. They're not so tight it lovely. Stay down.

Swivel to touch the heels together. Yeah, no, sorry. They're still down. Yeah, exactly. Basically pull out his stance from most. Okay. Now think about first, relax a little and then you're just ever so slightly rotating off from the hip. You have resistance. If I, I've got my hands just in knees, press inward, lightly on my hands, just lightly. Yup. And then also outward simultaneously. So it's kind of subtly twit off you go. Exhale, lengthen. Beautiful, great.

And looking good. And this is where you've got five more. This is where I kind of like when when we have polities in our body to a certain extent where you can kind of play with where you put your focus and your resistance when you one more, is that it? Okay. Down we go. We'll give you two more sets. You go heels wide on the bar. Yup. Good. And I'm going to bring it in slightly. Did you dance? Ah Yeah, it, it a little. Okay. And then go ahead and push on my hands. A little good, heavier tailbone. Maybe I'm not tired entirely. Sure. Yeah. Good. So you keep that same thing you did early off. Off you go.

I think of this one sometimes almost like I had a magic circle, a bigger magic circle. And my upper inner thigh. Yeah. Looking good. And then ask yourself, and I'm talking to everybody now, do you feel connection from your legs to your heart, to your chest, to your breath, to anything above the waist? Cause you want to, you want to feel how those rhythms work. That we're not sectioning off parts of our body. Come on back down. We'll do it on the balls of the feet now. Good. He's about, yeah, I lift your heels a little and make sure it feels secure. That's good.

And I'm just narrowing you a little. I'm cause I don't know you, I'm taking you where you don't normally or where you opposite where you normally do. Hopefully exhale, push and pull. It's like your feet are stuck on the bar. You could actually go a little higher by my book. Yeah. And if you need to adjust your feet to do that, that's cool. Yeah. Good, good, nice and heavy. And your tailbone right? Not arching but just not really doing a whole lot there. It's more of a collection feeling. Let's do one more, whatever number that is. Okay. Feet. Um, today. Totally together.

On the balls of the feet and the center. Push out to straight from the thigh bones. Get long in front of your hips and now stretch your heels under and then go ahead and lift. Even though I'm holding you, go ahead and lift up and down and trying to feel. It's almost like you're pushing down on the bar. Here's the real point is can you engage the hamstrings and feel this at the whole back line of your body?

Yeah. Good. Stay up there hickey. Feel where you are in space. You look great. I'm just looking for things to give you if it were possible and I want you to try and be the first to not move the carriage. As you press the heels under the bar. It is impossible and because we have an English Finnish thing, I'm going to say, imagine stretching your waist to reach under the bar.

You're going to move the characters, no doubt about it, but it's the idea of you're reaching that other way as well as down. Lovely. Go up once more and just do that again and doing it with this little tension where you don't need it. It's sometimes letting go. Facilitates the ease of length. Okay. Alternating or running. Assemble. Say up and up. Good. Make those knees brush a little closer. Good.

And, and just for more emphasis on the up and down and down. Here's a breath pattern for you in, in now exhale two and inhale for two passes and exhale is gorgeous. One more set of that in and out and finished the exhale both feet up. Come on down. Venge knees. Excellent. I'll change your springs down to red. Reach back, grab the straps for the a hundred wiggle away from the shoulder rest if you feel you need to, I probably would have let on arms are going to be straight palms up and starting with the knees right at tabletop. Just so we're good.

Straighten your elbows completely. Yes, and I'm going to back them up ever so slightly. Just there. So you're moving from the shoulder muscles, you're all set. Exhale into position. Curling up, extending lovely and Ian Hill and gorgeous, lovely, lovely. Let the breath in through your throat a little more in a little difference. It's the only reason I'm saying it is maybe not as much through the lips, maybe through the nose and out the mouth with the mouth open. Just changing it.

So yes, right. Not Trying to cause stress to it, but I am trying to get you connected to your breath. Don't you wish I were accounter how many more do you think we should do? Two rounds. Curl into a curl into a on. There you go. I think I was close. Ben. Journeys. You're fine. And down you go. Nice job.

We're going right into coordination. Stay ready. Arms are straight. I keep them straight. Eurail does. That's where I learned it. I'm gonna back you up to here. So you're going to curl directly into the a hundred right? Exhale, curl up. Legs only. Open-Close bend the knees. Inhale and down all the way. There you go.

Exhale, curl up. Open-Close pull the knees in and scoop to go down. Number three of five. Exhale, push, pull, deepen, and sucked the legs right back in. Last one. No big deal. And Voila. Great push out. Put your feet in the straps. Lovely. Looks for me. It's still on the to red. So far so good. Great. All right, so keeping it rather simple I think. Unless I change my mind, I'm going to do this again. It's just to let this, I'm going to push you down a little bit. Okay, so hold it there.

Let the straps push on you. Let this bring hold you. So we're not working against this job as much as we are letting it assist us. So there's freedom in the hip joint. Okay. As if the springs were really light, but they're not heavy. Here we go. Just a turn the legs out. Sorry. Down circles from here to just exhale. Easy on the feet open is, why did you feel you couldn't control? Bring them together and from somewhere high in the body.

Exhale and let the air go out. The feet in image [inaudible] ahead. Beautiful. Well we're going to reverse it now. Picking. Sorry, my fault. I start at the bottom. Usually it's okay. Open from there. Exhale down and around and as if your legs attached just under your chest.

That's where you're going to pick them back up. It doesn't change your spine so much, but it might affect it in terms of the sense of support. Lovely. I'm still thinking a little less tension in your feet. Let them be ugly for just like a couple of rounds. Thank you. I mean they're not ugly mind. There you go.

I'm just wanting to disperse energy differently than normal. From here, we're going to stay in. Turn a rotation. Come back down. Turn out even more. Doing Great. Separate your legs. Your feet. Yup. Now you're going to bend the knees. This is extended frog, right? Good and out. Do it again. This time when you bend, don't let the carriage move. Okay, so the thighs aren't going to change this stuff. They're just feel it. Do you feel the carriage move a little while? I said none.

So here's what you do. Go out again. This is fun. Sort of. Hold that. Put your hands on your thighs. Just, yeah, let's go right on the top. It's just like right there so you can feel that they're not going to come any closer to you. Now, what's weird about it is you don't deepen your stretch and most of us want to, but we're going for control. So if you think of your heels aiming to my hand, you don't, don't pull those dyes closer to you. Especially right now. Thank you. And out. It's a brain teaser, right? And that's half of what we're trying to do here. Don't pull.

The clot dies and there you go. There you go. One more, then we'll make it different. Reverse it. Bend a frog. This one's easier in one respect, but now good. Good. You can put your hands down. And here's the thing. I want you to think about this one. When you pull stay there, you're not to press down. Not at all. You don't lift up either. I want you to use as little muscle as possible to reach out. Truly. That's good.

That was good. Open. You're anchored in your middle, but that's it. Don't call up everything you have. It's looking good. I'm just saying it now for sound and one more. Thank you. Okay. That'll do you wanna do some shorts? Fine. Okay. Okay. So I'm the go to frog first. Yeah.

And then press out to straight fold all the way over the version. I'm going to you all the way. Hit that stopper in the stockers kind of far away. I just realized. Is that okay for you? Yup. Okay. Peeling up bend to frog. Now stay here for a second. You're with me? Yeah, I want the Oh good. Just so I know the difference. When you gently push into my hand here. Okay.

And by keep your, yeah. Okay, good. Now go down. Rolling down, melting down, melting down. Keep going, keep going. Keep going. Now heels to glutes and push out and his work in. He'll fold over. Take your time. Take your time. Take your time. Take your time now peeling up back. Doesn't move. Rolling down spine, throat, chest. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.

Now heels to glutes and off you go. Hugin hmm. Yeah, I have the stopper a little far away from him. I mean he's doing fine, but I would ordinarily have thought of that. Good. Let's do the last one. Take a second though. I want you to stay here. Once you hit that stop or you're about an inch from it, right. Can you sink down into the mat first? That's where you want to land.

Now Peel up Ben to frog. Lovely. And he's rolling down, pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing and then in to them. Yes. You wish I would have done that sooner but we do not have time. Okay. Take your feet out, please. Re recommend come on up. Thank you. I'd like to see yours. Knee stretch please. I'll just leave it as is. Nah, I'll go down a window. Red and blue.

I may drop it to a red. Okay, so sit back near or on your heels for the moment there. Scoop under rounded and then broad number, the pole across your collarbones. Um, broaden it a little bit, right? Uh, let's see, like drop here a little as but not your head. It's more like if I, if, if I'm looking at you, it's a little tiny bit less round and check this out. It's just, it's just, it's more like sinking forward. That's it. Okay. Head down slightly off you go. Inhale, press back. Exhale, drag. Good.

You can let your legs go a lot further back. I can, I think. Good. Keep going. I'm going to go with you. Keep going. Stay there now. Keep going with the legs. Tuck your, nope. Nope. Sorry. My fault. Push backwards further. Stay there but tuck more. More cause that's what I'm talking about. Okay. Now you bring it back from where my arm is. You can go that far.

Go push out there. Use the knees. That's it. This stay still that your knees. Oh Gosh. More push. Push, push and stay in. We'll go flat back. Lovely. Now this, you're going to be able to extend your legs even more still I think because you're going to be able to hold everything. Okay. There we go. And you can look up a little bit. That's it. Still look up here. Yeah, I know. Everyone says a different [inaudible]. You're with me now.

One more time and all the way in. Good. Help yourself up to an up stretch. Okay. Letting your head hang. Reaching your tailbone upwards to the sky. I love it. I'm for my own sake. I'm going to send you forward slightly. Okay.

Let me see what happens if you bend your knees a little. Stick your tailbone up a little more. That's it. Okay. I'm going to be okay with that. All right. Inhale, let the care, sorry. Drop. That's it. And bring it back from right here. Less legs, less everything. There you go.

I'm about to take the spring off. Don't make me do it. Okay, good. Hold it here. Cause just cause you can now I know you can't. It's lighter. Careful. I took one spring off. He's on one red. I could do it. Here you go. It's that part just to there. Let's get that last bit. That's the part we care what? We're here. Right here. Right here. Stay there and get more and more. More and start it from my fingers.

Forget your feet. Let the red spring bring you home. Last one. Red Spring brings you home. Good elephant. Same thing. Happy. Okay, good. I'm going to the loo and here's the thing for now. Go very, um, don't make it big and let's really focus right here. Inhale, we're almost ready for class. We're filming, so it'll take two seconds. Stay in right there. Come in, hold it. Take an inhale. Hickey. Lift off my hand. Only by blowing out.

It's that action that brings it in. We want that every time. I don't mean to make you round more, but that's where it comes from. There we go. Lovely. Very good. Okay, you can bring it in this stuff off. Let's grab your box and we're going to go, um, side overs and [inaudible] and then pulling straps and we'll wrap it up to that. So I'm putting it back on, um, all the springs or at least enough to lock it down, but okay.

So for now, just put your left hand down on the head. Rest right there and stretch that right leg through. So you're comfy. You feel like you have enough room? Are you pinned? Do you want me? Okay. Okay, so looking straight ahead for the moment. Use that arm because I want you to lift here. No, you're pretty good actually.

And just, all right, you're good with these, right? Put your hand behind your head then. And without moving anything else, you'll pick up your other hand and put it behind your head. Beautiful. All right. You go big stretch and exhale. Good and out. And after I go down a little right there, lift your lower waist a little. That's where I want you to end. Now from there, go down and uphold.

I pulled you reaching out to the ocean. Could one more? Anybody know how many was that? Six. Seven. I think it was seven. You're done. You don't get a stretch. We don't have time for a stretch. Did you feel the difference though? Yeah. Yeah. It's just, I mean you could. Yeah. Okay, good. Okay, good. He's heading right to it.

Let me just see. I think as good. Off you go. Good. Yeah, and the way you know you're doing just a little curve at the top, which is totally acceptable and how it's meant to be done, but I'm just changing it, so I want you to drop onto my arm a little and lift the lower waist again there. Now girl, did you count this time? No. Oh, guess who didn't either? Last one. Good. Well done. Let's turn it to Long Fox and I'll give you a choice. Do you want pulling straps or breaststroke, whatever. Pulling straps, pulling straps. I like it when people say that. Whatever you say, face down, chest, just just barely over.

Hey, what do we need? I'm taking it to, I'm going to take it to think a red and a blue. It's probably not necessary, but why not? If you can fit together and the idea, if you can imagine reaching into me here, you're as straight as you're gonna get, and that's cool. But I want you to think of going that way. So your hamstrings are engaged. Your head looks great. Here we go. Exhale as you draw down.

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Yeah, right. It's gorgeous, isn't it? Okay. Here's one little just tip. It's beautiful. And what I'm going to suggest is as you start to pull, leave this down, a hold you down, but you're going to use your head head had had, had, had, had, had, had, had peeling up. Then it comes, you see what I mean? Then your chest goes down. So let your head be the first Vertebra head first.

Morehead, Morehead. Look up. There you go. Let it be. What pulls you up and down last one doesn't mean you're not using everything else. It's just you don't lift and then add it. I'm going to have you do one more cause it was slightly delayed on the head. Head first. Thank you. Yeah.

Good, good, good, good. That's going to be enough. Just read posts. Those come off the side. You're going to do your pushups or some arm thing later, right? Okay. Standing just as you did when you began sealing any differences or hopefully better in here and [inaudible] shift your weight forward a little. Make your low back round. There we go. Let go. Take a deep breath and don't come up on the exhale.

Just let everything go. And with that on your next one, bring it all the way right back up. Thank you. Hakey all the way from Finland. Thank you. Yay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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thanks Kristi...your work always shines! Also enjoyed watching a really beautiful mover - will refer this class to many clients.
Thank you Joleen!
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OMG! There I am! :) Thank you so much! :)
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Heikki, hi! we´ve met at Pilates on Tour in Venice last December and it was such a nice encounter and now here you are on Pilates Anytime!! :)) I really enjoyed watching this video, I´m sure meeting Kristi personally is a wonderful experience. Thank you, Kristi, for being such a lovely person.. Zuzana (from Slovakia)
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Hi Zuzana! Yes, there I am! I´m really glad you liked the video. I loved every second of it myself!
And yes! Kristi is awesome!
Hope we get to meet again soon!
Great seeing you on PA Heikki!
OMG! There I am!!! It's been a LONG time since I've been on PA! Thank you Heikki for inspiring me to get back out there! I was nervous!! You are a total delight to know! Thank you for making the journey up to PA!
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Heikki Lempiäinen performs beautifullly. Love this class Kristi and your cueing makes it!!
Kristi, Your cues are clearer with purpose and smoother and you seem more comfortable, even with a great mover like Heikki who is for sure a challenge to challenge! Also, great to have a short class option for days with little time to fit in a full class.
Thank you Karen and Susan! Heikki you are a wonderful mover and so obviously engaged in body and mind. I look forward to reuniting with you in Germany at Lolita's conference next month!
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