Reformer with Heikki<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 1025

Reformer with Heikki
Kristi Cooper
Class 1025

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I love the way you are working with Heikki and your teaching style! A joy watching. Thanks!
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Awesome Kristi, Thank You
The hands on made this class :)
simple easy movements but the visual cues.. Super
This just reminds me how much I miss coming to you!!!
Okay - I want to be honest here - the session was a bit frantic - we all love to love one another but can't say I loved this video.......Relax!!! Know what you know and be confident in that - best to you
too neck extension!!
Thanks all for your feedback. I was definitely enjoying myself, but Jill is right that I also needed to relax about it more. I hadn't been on camera teaching since October and wanted Heikki to have a good experience. I think my desire for all to go well is what makes it appear frantic to you Jill. I'm not sure who you're referring to when you say "too much neck tension," but I'll assume it's me since your previous exclamation points reference me and I think Heikki is doing pretty well in this regard. Thanks again. I am always and gratefully, a work in progress
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Some arm work would have made it feel more complete, being that it's a short express workout IMO. This one was nice, but not one I'd turn to if I only have a short period of time.
Have to say I watched this video and LOVED the energy and enthusiasm you brought much that I made a conscious decision to liven it up a bit in my teaching! It was fun...interactive..and I felt your excitement working with Heikki. You are a brilliant pilates much info in that brain and body...I learn from you every single episode! Thanks!
Thank you Deborah.
I really appreciate the way you describe how we are supposed to move and connect from within. I can relate to that much better than some other instructors. Thank you!!!
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