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Booty Barre™ Express

35 min - Class


Tracey Mallett is back with another Booty Barre™ workout! This express class is great for when you don't have a lot of time but want to feel the burning, cardio, and stretching that you get in a full class. Tracey challenges you with a standing Side Kick series, many variations of Relevés, and so much more! You will have so much fun toning your body in this high energy class!
What You'll Need: Table Chair, Overball

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(upbeat techno music) Hi. I'm Tracey Mallett and I'm back again with Booty Barre. (cheering) We're gonna do a Booty Barre Express because I know that we have little time to work out. So you wanna get 30 minutes in. You wanna get the burn.

You want flexibility. You want cardio. And you want a tone tushie, right girls? (cheering) So today we're gonna do a 30 minute class. So you're ready?

Put your feet together. Hands on hip. We're gonna open and close the feet. You go open and close. And open.

So you're rotating from your hip. Not from the knees. Okay? We're doing a lot of it in V position so it's important we open front to top. Let's just give me four more.

Ready? Four. Three. Two. Last time.

Now hold it here. Releve' up. This is called your "releve'". You're rising up onto tippy toes. You're ready, pick it up.

You go up and down. Let's reach the hands down. We're gonna be our little prima ballerinas now. Ready, Port de Bras. You take it up.

Up. Up. Up. Up. Let's do one more time.

And up. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Six. Seven. Eight. Let's take the hand in front of the bar. Or your chair.

We're gonna roll through the feet. Hands on your hip. You go plie. Releve'. Lengthen.

Down. Plie, releve'. Keep the heels still. As you releve'. Shoulders over your hips.

Gotta keep the shoulders over your hips. You ready? Pick up tempo. Take it down, lift, up. Draw the sit bones together.

I'm watching to see if you keep your shoulders over your hips. I got my eye everywhere. Good. Last time. Releve'.

Squeeze those heels together. Plie down. There's your diamond position. Take the hands. Now pulse.

So once you focus on resisting those heels draw the sit bones together. You're lifting your feet. Pelvic floor is pulling all the weight up. Beautiful. You're gonna feel the burn in those legs.

You're gonna get warmed very quick. That's what it's all about. And you're gonna take it to second position. Arm and leg. You go second.

Good. Keep the heels as high as you can. Shoulders over your hips. Neutral spine. 'Kay?

Neutral? Thank you. First position for four. You take it four. Three.

Two second position. Four. Three. You ready, take it for twos. Twos.

Twos. Twos. Twos. Bring it back to center. Hold it here.

Take your hands to second position. Single plies. Down and up. You take it down. Lift.

So there's no stopping. You're continuously moving. Now this position is really important. You're now dropping the heels. You're keeping your weight over five metatarsals.

Now pulse for three. You take it three. Two. One. Lift.

Now on that lift you're gonna add an optional passe. Three. So you're gonna bring your knee, lift. Some of you got it. There you go, good job.

The inner ballerina is there. Lift. Down. See, I can see everybody's face but you out there can't see their cute little faces. (laughing) Down.

Lift. The support is side. So you lift, reach. Last time. Hold it here.

Hold. Bring it in, out. A U balance. If you wanna take the heel down you can. Let's take the heel down.

I'm gonna go with the class. Bring the heel down. Beautiful. So you're opening out the pelvis, right? Now a little movement.

You go pulse. Pulse. So it's the outward motion. Your supporting leg is turned out. Just a little bit more turn it out.

There you go. Beautiful. So focus on that hip. Last time. Hold it here, hold.

Bring it forward. Now lift. Now focus that you're lifting from your inner thigh. There you go. Of course the quads are working.

We know that but focus on your inner thigh. Lift. Draw those abs. Beautiful. Can you feel the burn in those legs?

Shoulders over your hips. Eight. Seven. Six. Five.

Four. Three. Two. Hold it here, hold. Balance.

Beautiful. Take the legs down. Quickly take you chairs to the other side. Without moving the ball. Ready?

We're gonna roll through the feet. You go plie. Down. Lift. Down.

Plie. Lift. Up. Down. One, two.

Think of your form so you're getting everything out of those tiny little exercise. Pick it up. One, two. Watch that ribcage. You gotta draw that ribcage together.

A little bit more so you're not hyperextending. Pull that ribcage. There you go. Can you give me four more? Cause I'm looking at the form here.

Four, lift. Three, lift. Two, lift. One, lift. Lower the heels.

Releve'. Bring those heels together. Diamond position. First position. Hold it here and down.

The hand is gently pressing down. Your arm belongs to your body. Remember that? It's there for a reason. You're working the mid-upper back.

Let's take it to second position, go. Second. Beautiful, looking good. Bring it to first for four. You take it four.

Three. Two. Second. Four. Three.

To twos. Two, squeeze. (sighs) Good, you can feel that heart rate elevated. It's a good thing. Bring it back to first position.

Hold it here. You're ready our next exercise? Single plies? Let's extend. Hand.

You take it down. Lift. Look out. Look center. Look out.

Sell that exercise. It's all about how you move and what the energy you put into it. Beautiful. Pulse for three. You look three.

Two. One. Three. Two. You squeeze in those heels.

Let's add a passe. Ready for that beautiful passe? Lift. You have to be careful that supporting leg. Is lengthened.

Directly over that supporting leg. Keep it there, need it there. (breathing out) You've got two more to finish up the phrase. (steady techno beat) Last time. You're gonna hold the passe.

You bring it in. Out. In, out. If it's too challenging on a releve' bring the heel down. 'Kay, I'm gonna bring it down now.

But if you want to stay high, you can. You ready to double time it? You go back, back. It's the backward motion. Glute.

Open. The pelvis. Open. Four. Three.

Two. Hold it. Take it forward. And pulse. Pulse.

Now it's here your leg, is as light as a feather. You're lifting. Your weight is on the ball of your foot. Your abs are pulled in. Your shoulders are pulled down.

The hand is gently resting. It's as light as a feather. Beautiful. Can you give me eight more? Oh, feels good.

(laughing) Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four.

Three. Two. Hold it here, hold! Where's your balance? Beautiful. Take it down.

Nice job. We're gonna stay where we're at. We're gonna go diagonally into the barre. We're gonna kick the leg. So take the leg behind.

So we go push. Back. Push. Back. See, I'm using the floor.

Let's take it to a kick now. Kick. Pull back. You've got to come to a tap. Front.

Tap. Front. There you go. Control. So you externally rotate it.

Lift. Can you give me four more? Then we're gonna bring it up a little higher. We're gonna ask you to touch the floor. You ready?

Kick it front. You go front. Touch. Are there with me? Are you kidding?

No I was not kidding. These guys have never done this before. (laughing) And kick. Can you give me four more? Control it though.

So it's control. Touch. Control. You can add to the knee. If you wanna add the knee you can.

Beautiful. Up. Down. Up. Down.

Up. Last time. Hold it here. Take it down. Press.

So now you're parallel. You're parallel. Now we're gonna add two and then you're gonna spring and jump to the other side. Ready? Stay there.

I'm gonna queue you, you go. Two, switch! Two, switch. Two, switch. Two, switch. Now cry and pike.

Pike abs. Abs. (sighs loudly) Four more. Four. Up three.

Up two. Up one. Bring the legs together. Roll yourself all the way up. Back to diagonally.

Take it behind. Curtsy. Now we curtsy. Lift that leg to diagonally to the side. Ready?

Curtsy first. Let's go. Curtsy. Curtsy, lift. Good job, you followed me.

Good job. Up. Lift. It's diagonally to your side though. Watch the queue L.

Watch that lower back. Feeling good? (laughing) You ready to touch the floor now? So you go down. Lift.

Touch. Touch. Touch. Down. Lift.

Down. Lift. Down. Last time. Lift.

Take it down. Slowly roll all the way up. Elbow onto the barre. Diagonally in. Press the elbow down.

Turn that back foot out. Reach the hand forwards. Bend that knee. Now pulse. Pulse.

What I want your focus is not about height. It's about lifting from that glute max. It's about lengthening through the lower back. You're reaching forwards and your hips is square. Beautiful.

(train whistle blowing) See and the train is supporting us too. (cheering) Let's try attitude. Now bend the knee. Make sure you're leading with that knee. Lift, keep that hit square.

Square with those hips. So you're lifting from the glute max. Lift. Lift. Lift.

Lift. Square with those hips. Drop that foot down. There you go. Four.

Three. Two. One. Take that leg around and let's go into a lovely stretch. Fall back.

So it's really important that you keep those hips square. Okay? Let's turn to the other side. Ready, diagonally to your chair. Your barre.

Right leg behind. There you go. Ready, switch the leg. You go switch, back. Now look, how I'm using that floor.

I'm not just flinging the leg. Now, lift. You're kicking the leg. With control. You're kicking with control.

There you go. Lift. Back. Breathe. And smile.

Four more. Four. Three. You ready? To touch the floor?

Kick it first. Kick. Touch. Kick. You remember if that's too challenging come to the knee.

There's always a modification. Touch. Touch. Try not to fling that leg. With control.

Last time. Hold it here. Ready, gonna go into a little hips here. So you go it down. Wait for me, I'm gonna queue you.

We do two and then we switch. Right? Are you ready? Let's go twos. You go two, switch.

Two, switch. Two, switch. Two, switch. Now make it into your abs. Abs.

Keep the heel down. So the heel is down. Good, there you go. Good job. Heels down.

(sighs) Looking good. Pike. Pike. Last time. Bring both the legs together.

Roll yourself all the way up. Turn your toes out. Ready for curtsy. Back leg. Your toe is behind your front heel.

Your hips are square. Ready, plie first. Lift that leg. Let's go. You take it down.

Lift. It's diagonally to the side. If you take your leg directly to the side you're gonna lift. It's not there. It's diagonally out.

Lift. Look at your beautiful form. (cheering) My heart rate is up. Your guys' must be too. You ready to touch the floor?

Kick it first. Touch. Up. Touch. Up.

Remember, if it's too challenging. Knee, lift. Knee, your choice. You guys are all champions here. Four more.

Four. Three. Two. Give me one more. Take it down.

Roll yourself all the way. Place the elbow onto your barre or your chair. Diagonally in. Bend that supporting knee. Reach forwards.

Now lift. So it's really important that bent leg. Is a bend. It's not in between. It's not extended.

It's not passive. It's working. Pull your shoulder blades down. Emily. Get your hand down flat.

Flat. There you go. Get your hips square. Beautiful. Let's go for the attitude.

Push your weight forwards. So your weight is over your front foot. So you open out the back. You're lifting from your glute, not your lower back. Point those toes.

Four. Three. Two. Now hold it. Finish it up.

Take it around and stretch it out. Beautiful. Hold it there. Nice work, you guys. Let's lift up.

Okay, we're gonna put your elbow onto your barre. Now, it's a little bit lower than normal so you're gonna step out to the side a little bit. Turn your toes out. Point that foot down. So your away from the barre.

You're scapula is pulled down. Find that position now. Lift that leg. So you're counterbalancing over your barre. Okay?

Ready, we're gonna lift that leg up. So you go lift. Lift. Lift. Lift.

Press down. So you're pressing your elbow into the barre. Beautiful. So I want you to imagine your chest is open. Your hips are stacked.

Looking good, you guys. Join the ribcage together. Let's take the hand behind the head. Good. Think of Pilates now.

We're gonna do our kick forward. Flex the foot. You go flex. Flex. Point.

Back. Inhale, inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

We're born to live in a hot climate in California. Which makes the workout even harder. But we keep smiling. They're working really hard. Front.

Back. Last time. Front. Back. Now bring it back to the side.

Hold it here, circle. Eight. Seven. Six. Five.

Four. Three. Two. Circle back. Take it eight.

Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three.

Two. One. Bring it in. Good job, hold that stretch. Cross it in front.

Pull yourself back. And then slowly roll all the way up. Turn it around quickly for the other side. Elbow down. Turn the toes out.

Now side bend all the way over. Side bend. Good. You're gonna lift. That leg up.

Now pulse. My whole focus is pressing my arm down into the chair. So I'm pulling my scapula down. My serratus down. My abs are engaged.

It's all in the obliques. Now if you can, place the hand behind your head. Counterbalancing all the way over. Beautiful. You ready?

Single leg kick, flex forward. Flex. Flex. Point. It back.

Inhale. Breathe. This is the good hurt. Keep that supporting leg as straight as you can. Two more.

Looking good, you guys. Keep it going. Last time. Now let's move it to the side. Don't give up.

Circle. Eight. Seven. Six. Five.

Four. Three. Two. Reverse. Take it eight.

Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three.

Two. Hold it out, hold it! And bring it in, contract. Beautiful. Take that leg in front and pull back. (cheering) Good job, guys.

Roll all the way up. Now we're gonna face the barre. Take your right let behind. Ready, now. We're gonna hold that barre.

Knee in. Goes knee out. Just use it for support. In out. In out.

In. Eight. Seven. Six. Five.

Four. Three. Two. One, holding here. Hold.

Transfer. You're in a parallel position. Elbows on the barre. And pulse. You are in a parallel position.

Your elbows are bent. You're in an extended spine. Your abs are drawn in, and you're lifting with a glute. Now, pulse for three. You take it three.

Two. Now bend your knee to the chest. Three. Two. One.

Chest. Now if you want, you can add a releve'. It's your choice. Ready? (exhaling) Inhale.

(cheering) Abs. You're in a cat. An angry cat. One. Two.

Three. Exhale. Three. Two, last time. Hold it here, hold! Take it down.

Pull yourself back. Elongate that spine. Hold on to that chair. Bring it in. You go knee repeater.

Bend that supporting knee. Don't pull the chair though. You're bending that supporting knee. In and out. In.

(cheering) Sweating here. (laughing) Four more. Four. Three. Two.

One, hold that leg out. Transfer gracefully. Over the chair. You're in a parallel position. Now lift the leg.

Make sure that leg is square. You've got that elongation. Your forehead is resting down. So you're working the glute. Nice work, you guys.

Relax the shoulders. Try and get that supporting leg straight if you can, Kristy. If you can. A little bit more squarer with that pelvis. Thank you.

Good, Kristy. Ready, now. Pulse it for three. You go three. Two.

One. Bend the knee. You got that beautiful angry cat. Exhale. Your abdominals are pulling your knee towards the chest.

You initiate from those abs. Let's add an optional releve'. Your choice. Ready? Releve'.

You can work up to this guys, if it's too challenging. Three. Two. One. Three.

Two. One. Can you give me four more? You're looking good, guys. Three.

Two. One. Two more, I'm not gonna let you go. Two. One.

Last time, three. Two. One. Hold it here, hold. Beautiful.

Reach out. Take the hands down. Walk it out. Walk. Four.

Three. Two. One. Draw those abs in. Roll yourself all the way up.

Nice work, you guys. And walk forwards, pick your ball. Come back. Let's grab your ball. And you're gonna put your ball just above the knees.

Take hold of your barre. Now let's just releve'. We're gonna bend your knees. And we just do a little pulses. So what I'm looking for, if you got the ball there let's bring you feet a little bit closer together.

Just cause you've got your ball there and you're gonna be releveing as high as you can. Now you want that neutral position. It's a little harder with a chair. But your focus is in neutral position. You're squeezing.

Those inner thighs are working. Pelvic floor is pulling up. Try and keep your arms. As straight as you can. I like to be a little bit further away.

So I'm pressing down. I'm initiating working that upper shoulder girdle. With the arms. Now let's hold it down. Hold it.

Hold. Bend those knees. Squeeze the ball. You go squeeze, release. Squeeze.

And you in a neutral position? Shoulders over your hips. Now squeeze from that pelvic floor, girls! Strong, pick it up. You go pulse. Pulse.

High on those toes. Oh yes. Let's go a little bit lower. I feel the burn. Eight more.

Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four.

Three. Two. Squeeze, hold it tight. And now lengthen. Don't be quick to release, ladies.

(laughing) Take hold of the ball. We're gonna grab the ball. We're gonna take it behind the right leg first. You're gonna squeeze it. Now one of my favorite, simple exercises you're gonna bend the supporting knee.

Take your head down. Now your hip is an extension. You lift and down. So our focus is here. You've got to keep that supporting knee bent.

Lift deeper in the leg. Deeper. Deeper. Whoops. Bend that leg more.

I want deep into that leg. That's it. And it's actually from here. It's lift. Back.

Lift. Back. Lift. So there's no swinging. There's more work in that hamstring.

You're squeezing tight. Good, so you're gonna get a little balance. Less quad. Hamstrings and glutes. Not so big, Kristy.

Tiny. It's tiny. Now I want you to hold it up there. Flex the foot. Pulse.

Now it's even tinier. You're putting your energy up through the heel. And she drops the ball. When she drops the ball, they have to do 10 pushups. (laughing) Go.

Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four.

Three. Two. Hold it there. Hold. Point the toe.

Bring the knee down. Ready, we're gonna take it to the side. Four, three, two. And take it side. Now the key with this.

The knee is going directly to the side. So not forwards. Now we're gonna add an extension. You extend. You bend.

Extend. Bend. There you go. Keep your head down. Extend.

Bend. Extend. Four more. Four. Three.

Two. This time let's hold it out. Pulse for three. You take it three. Two.

One. Bend. Three. Two. One.

Squeeze it in. You go three. Two. One. Squeeze.

Three. Two. One. Make sure your knee's in line with that hip. Last time, three.

Two. One, in. Nice work. Ready, quickly switch it to the other side. Squeeze that ball.

Ready? No. No? Kristy's not ready. (laughing) Ready, bend your knees.

Hip extension. You go up. Down. We've got mutiny here. See, we're all human?

Including Kristy. She's human. (laughing) Remember, keeping that hip extension, guys. So can you see, I'm going high? Not so high.

Keeping that extension. Abs are drawn in. Supporting leg is bent. Get deep into that thigh. Now I want you to hold it high, flex the foot.

Lift. Squeeze that ball. That hamstring should be on fire. Your hips are square. (sighs) Lift.

Really focus on the glutes and the hammies. Eight. Seven. Six. Five.

Four. Three. Two. Now hold it here. Hold.

Point the toe. Bring the knee in. Let's take it to the side. You go eight. Out.

Good. Out. You ready to add that extension? You go extend. In.

You're gonna feel a lot of heat. On those thighs now. Just try and work through it. Up. In.

Breathe. Exhale. Four more. Four. Three.

Two. This time you're gonna hold it here. Pulse for three. You go three. Two.

One. In, c'mon. I didn't forget. Gotta be equal. Three.

Two. One. In. Three. Two.

One. And again. Three. Two. One.

Last time. Three. Two. One, in. Wow, that was a killer.

You can drop the ball now. I'll let you. (laughing) Put the ball down. All right, you better stretch them out. Don't you think?

Let's take your right leg forwards. Just stretch it over. Good stretch? It's a good burn. Sweaty.

And switch. Come on, we work by the beach. We got to have bikinis on. Come one. Hold it there.

And slowly roll all the way up. Reach the hands over your head. Roll down. Take your tushie to the floor. Your fingertips are facing your booty.

Feet are hip width apart. Lift the hips up. Now bend the elbows. It's down. Lift.

So I'm gonna go sideways so you can see me. Down. Up. So it's all in the triceps. The booty is just going along for the ride.

You're ready now? Pulse it, girl. Pulse. We're gonna work that upper arms. The turkey wobble.

Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four.

Three. Two. One, lift. Bend. Give yourself a well-deserved hugs.

Now, there's one more exercise. My favorite. Come all the way back. Reach that leg up. Bend the elbows.

Ready, down. You go down. Lift. Push. Lift.

Push. Lift. Push. Hips are up. Hip extension.

Last time, hold it here. You go pulse. Bend those elbows. Deep. Now circle to the right.

Circle. Circle. Circle. Circle. Circle.

Circle. Circle. Hold it there, hold it! Point this toes. Thank you guys. Go into a little huggie.

Let's take it all the way back. All righty. Wipe your hands of all that sweat. (laughing) Ready? Lift the leg up.

Bend the elbows, let's go. Down. Lift. Four more. Four.

Up. Three. Up. Two. Up.

Ready, bend those elbows. Flex it. Flex. Come on, get that leg. Up.

You ready? Hold it here, hold. Circle outwards. Circle. Circle.

Circle. Circle. Four. Three. Two.

One, hold it. Point those toes. Always finish up graceful. All Pilates instructors. Hold that stretch.

Slowly take the hands around. Reach forwards. We're gonna go into a plank position. Hold those abs in. Hands are hip width apart.

Ready for piking. Exhale. Four. Three. Two.

Flex. Inhale. Two. Three. Plank.

Use your belly as you come all the way up. Flex. Down. Let's do in two counts. One, two.

Down, two. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale, last time.

Exhale. Now hold the plank. Bend the knees. Push up. Down.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Your weight should be in your arms. Not on your knees anyway.

So there should be nothing in your knees. It's all in your abs and your upper body. Down. Up. Inhale, exhale.

Four. Three. Two. Give me one more. One, pull back.

Ready, we're gonna do a little snake. So you're gonna press your chest forward and snake. Lift up. Oh it feels good. Curl back.

And again, snake it forwards. Stick your booty up in the air. Press. Lift up. Pull back.

Nice work, you guys. From here bring your knees together. Take your right leg forwards in between your hands. Put yourself into a hip flexor stretch. Hold it there.

Beautiful. From here, you're gonna send your hip bones up to the sky. Elongate that front leg. Now try and kiss your shin. Those poor legs deserve it.

(laughing) Hold it. Slowly lift up. Flex that foot and see if you can go into a split. Hold in that split. Good job, nice ladies.

From here we're gonna pull yourself back. Come back into a plank position. Take your opposite leg forwards. Losing my mike. Lift your hips up high.

From here, flex that front foot and reach forwards. Into the split. How you guys feeling? Good? Well, you look like you're good.

(laughing) Hold it here, hold. Try and keep the hips as square as you can. Slowly pull yourself back. Come back into your plank position. Walk your feet to your hands, hip width apart.

Roll yourself all the way up. Good. Let's reach your hands over your head. Beautiful job, you guys. Reach out.

It's amazing what you can do in such a short amount of time. And you feel like you've got a good body. A good workout. A total body workout. Last time for sure, right?

Roll down, inhale. Exhale chin to chest. Always finish off with a roll down to a line in your spine. Get your heart rate back to your normal beats. And roll yourself all the way up.

You guys worked really hard and I know a lot of you have never worked with me before so I'm gonna give you a high five. You did a good job. (cheering)


I found this JUST when I needed a cardio workout in a limited time!
Got me sweating, oh yes.
Thank you Tracey:)
7 people like this.
Tracy, that was a really hard workout and pure joy at the same time, I couldn't have asked for more!
3 people like this.
Love it...adding this one to my Booty Barre library! Thanks Tracey & PA. Rock on....all of you
3 people like this.
Tracey is an inspiration! She keeps providing the workouts I need as a busy Mom, wife, and fellow instructor. Love her energy and professionalism!
Niurka C
3 people like this.
Una clase perfecta para mi, un poco de cardiovascular que me hacia falta !!!! Gracias Tracey , I enjoyed a lot
4 people like this.
Tracey rocks...thank you so much, beautiful on the inside and out.
2 people like this.
You are such an inspiration Tracey! Thanks for this lovely class!
Oh, this was fun. I only had a short time this AM so this fit in perfectly. Thanks for express workout!
3 people like this.
Great challenging work out. I love Tracey booty barre, it really shapes up your behind!!!!
Great class - 30 minutes works so well some days!
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