Booty Barre™ Express
Tracey Mallett
Class 1046

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Great class! Hard, but fun! Ifeel realy inspired. I hope you had successful days at the FIBO...

Greetings fro Germany
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LOVE it, I feel beautiful after this class!! Sore, but beautiful. Thank you Tracey, looking so forward to more!
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I'm new but so far Tracey is my favorite with the classes that I like the most. However, I can't believe that y'all think that 40 minutes is an express tape. LOL. Express, to me, is 10 minutes or less
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Outstanding! Thank you so much!
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Love Booty Barre! Thanks so much Tracey! Challenging but very fun!
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Wonderful class! I appreciate the precision and attention to details.
Stacey... would it help to know that three of the 5 participants (myself included) almost passed out it in this class? It was really hot that day... or, something!
PS: Tracey's "real" booty barre classes often last 75-90 mins so...
PPS: Welcome to Pilates Anytime!
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Fabulous! Thank you Tracey! I think my booty has lifted a whole inch higher after this class! This is one for the favorites!
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Kicked my butt! Go Tracey!
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Love it !!!
My husband did it with me and he said
" hate it but love it" :))
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