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Intermediate to Advanced

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Monica teaches an intermediate Mixed Equipment workout with a few advanced exercises added in. She starts on the Reformer with a full body workout. She adds challenging exercises like Overhead, Fishing, Russian Splits, and much more. Monica then moves to the Mat with Rolling exercises to massage your back. Last, she finishes with exercises on the Ped-O-Pul to make sure you really feel the length in your body.
What You'll Need: Ped-O-Pul, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Mixed Equipment

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Jun 08, 2013
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All right, Maria. So now that you basically can do an intermediate reformer in your sleep, we're going to start adding some advanced exercises, so just a few of them, not complete order, but let's enjoy a nice pace, intermediate, and then we'll add those extras as we go along. Go ahead and lie down, bringing your mind and your body, bringing them together nice. And to have you work in parallel, not in Pilati stance and we're going to go out is that is what is good for your body and pull it and stretch out and pull in like a piece of Taffy, stretching as much as you can and bring it in and reaching long. And then try not to tilt too much in your pelvis. Try to keep that, yes, a little more weight on that tailbone so that your thighs reach out of your hips. Nice. Give me one more new 10 and now we're going to go up to the arches. Everything's zipped together and out. Very nice and again, a little less tilt in the pelvis length and out that lower back for me instead. Good.

And using the back your legs reach ampoule and pull that machine out. Pull the machine in and three and in. Very Nice Sam and reaching and last one and we'll hold it in up two heels. Cool. [inaudible] and pull those toes back as you go out and in. Good and really pull back every toe as you come in, especially the pinky toe, but really pull them back. Try not to let the feet go forward. Add. I'll get a good shin stretch as you come in as well as you really feel the back of the thigh and glutes work. One more good. Down to toes for our tendon.

Stretch a little bit apart. There we go. And reaching out. Nice pelvis. That's nicer. Stretch two, three, lift two, three down. Stretch out through this sigh more and up. Good. I love how your, the knees look great. You're not hyperextending. I want you to reach long and lifting and stretch. Two, three, lift two, three. Think about lifting your arches, lifting your inner thighs good. Down to three.

Lifting the outer thighs to got to get a little more involved. Last one. Hold it with the long waist and draw the knees in. Prepare for the a hundred and head up, and let's reach out and it's into three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Beautiful Scoop. Love it. Good eyes on me so that you center yourself.

So you're gonna pull your right shoulder and be a little heavier on your right shoulder. Excellent. You're gonna keep scooping in. And for the next 50 I'm going to draw up and have your length and your legs a little lower. Press into those handles with your waist and lip. Curl into yourself a little more. Fantastic. And I want you to really get comfortable with this position because the next thing is going to be the overhead one more. And say the thigh should be working like this.

Your arms re reaching like that and bend the knees and relax. Go ahead and drop two springs. So we're going through board two springs. Instead of short spine massage, we do an overhead, so you're going to length those legs. Good. So that will drop short spine to another place in our order. Open the collarbones more. Good. Simultaneously.

We're just going to hold this position for a second. You're going to bring the arms down to the mat and the legs. Hold on, hold it for one. So your legs will come up to the ceiling and they'll be exactly at a right angle. When your arms are down, then your hips are gonna make. Take your legs over for right angle with the floor back there, and then you want to jackknife up and work slowly controlling it down. So here we go. We're going to pull the arms down, legs up, and then over over to a right angle first, right here.

Excellent. Now press into your arms. Lift up those legs for that Jackknife, and now controlling it down. Enjoy that stretch. Reach longer, those arms, and once your bottom hits, the arms come up too. All right, now we have a better idea over and that's it. And controlling it down. Nice and even. Great. Let's enjoy that stretch. Legs Go. Good.

Reach those likes out of that powerhouse over and lift up and rolling. God. One more overhead and arms powerhouse. Lift up. Good. Keep reaching up through here and controlling it down. Reach those shoulders, little longer length and everything. That's it. Very nice. Legs go back, arms come up, finishing it.

And now you fold up for the overhead. I mean for the coordination. Bend everything. Head up and reach forward. One open, close, scooping in and in and reach God. Feel your waist length and as you reach your legs out of your waist. I like that.

And to reaching one more time out. Open, close and scoop in and in. Okay. Now we're going to get ready for rowing. So we're adding the series. I want you to put both handles in one hand controlled, sit up. And now as you spin around, drop the spring so that you only have one good.

The head piece was already down from when you did overhead, so you don't have to change anything right here. All right. So imagine yourself on a rowing machine. That's very important. What our shoulders are going to do. And then it all comes from your powerhouse. So I want you to look down at your belly and start curling your tailbone towards you. Wonderful Scoop. And and good. Hold those shoulders. Even. Fix this right strap. See how it's there we go.

And open the straps. Hold here. The arms are going to press back. Nothing else moves. Good. Now moving forward, scooping in gimme o more shoulder blades. Good lifting up and a big circle scooping in. Nice. Two more work on here. There we go.

Curling that table and towards you. Reaching the legs away. Open the arms, press back and scoop and then good. Open those collarbones nice around and stretch. One more. So let's pull back one. Rolling back scoop in one, open two, press back three. Come forward. Four arm circle around five and home. Six. Very nice, right angle for the second row and care we go.

Squeeze your hips more. Lift up out of the crown of your head and going forward for two good. And Paul with the back of the arms open. Those collarbones reached longer as you lift into a nice c curve. Great. And two more right angle you pull back.

For one we go forward lifting for to pull back to your tailbone for three. Open these more for four around. And your home. One more, a little more in the um, support through here and pulling back one and exhale to the end with the air pool all the way back here and exhale all the way and stay here so I can stretch you cause you deserve a stretch. Nice job. Place the handles by your side. Leave them a little closer to the shoulder pads and you're gonna spin around to face forward long legs in front of you.

And now just with your thumbs, you'll grab on. Great. Good. And we're going to have it underneath our arms. Good. And from the chest. Good. I would like for you to lean forward a little bit more and when your arms go up, you're going to want to feel as if you were just hanging on the Cadillac, this lovely length and all of the waist holding long. So we're going to end with the air breathing's. Really important. Exhale, grow taller from that waist, grow taller shoulder blades now in with the year up. And now keep pushing down. Keep inhaling, inhaling, and healing.

And exhale here. Here we go again and in with the air. Exhale, shoulder blades down, waist up. Inhale, love and keep inhaling if you can. Otherwise, we're going to hold our breath to here and exhale. Let's do one more and inhale, pull down the back of the arms open. Collarbones. Exhale, growing taller. Inhaling up. I like to imagine I'm hanging between two buildings and I'm pulling myself up.

Big Trina, man. Relax. The next one is from the hips. Really flex those toes back. Good and inhale one roll up through your spine to hold it here, Belize in more. Open those collar bones and without rounding the back. Lengthen your arms forward more and then up to the ceiling. And now again, you're hanging between two buildings. Pull your waist up, up, up, and relax and push past your flex heels. Rolling up one vertebra at a time.

Open the collar bones more. There you go. Keep linked in and your arms forward and from that waist. Reach up to the ceiling and keep reaching your waist up and up and up and exhale. One more time in with the air. Exhale, roll up Vertebra by Vertebra all the way up. And now open this area a little more. Good. Reaching forward and up and imagine you're also pushing me down as that's great strength, Maria. Nice job. Oh, we're done with those.

We're going to do the s um, sitting cross legged. There you go. And you're going to hold them in your hand. The next two final two rowing are shading and the hug. So from your powerhouse, everything's from that waist. You're going to come forward with the arms and hold it here. This is beautiful.

It's just like shaving. I'm standing with the arm weight series. You want to be at a diagonal, so I love it. You maybe open your collarbones a little bit and push your head a little four. Good. Bend your elbows behind your head. Good. And from your waist, all the way up to your fingertips. Fabulous and resist. Good and scooping and all the way up to your fingertips. Good.

Shoulders go in, down shoulder blades. They go down even further as your arms go up or do one more. Bend those elbows behind your ears and the belly pools in and up. Hold it here. Open the arms in front of you. As you switch legs, your hips can be even water should trickle down your arm, not get caught in your elbows. K Palms facing each other and scooping and you're going to inhale and exhale, push away.

It's like you're reaching around a big oak tree and now crowd is formed around you and you have to push him away with the back of your arms and in with the air and exhale, push away. Wonderful. That's good strength. Hold. We switched the breathing. We're going to take a breath right here and now exhale, hug around that tree and opening those collarbones, squeezing those shoulder blades and exhale and opening. We have one more exhale. Power House and inhale, pushing away with the back of the arms and rest. Ooh, nice job. We're going to grab our Lombok box, so hang up those handles.

Good and grab it and put it on. There we go. Nice job. Okay, we're going to go right into pole strap, so go ahead and lie down. That's a good crawl up, a little bit higher. There we go. Nice. That's it. And the stomach is in. And let's pull our shoulder blades down and back. Keep longer. Arms, longer arms, rounding up to three and reach those arms down.

So keep those risks straight. Keep those elbows straight and we're going to do two more. Scoot longer arms open those stroll the collarbones. There we go. And reach through those zones. One more time. Scooping in. That's wonderful.

Keep pulling these back and you should have an op. Keep push pulling back around my fingers. That's it. And down. So you should feel that nice stretch and we're going to go down for the tea. Okay, face your palms back. There you go. And [inaudible] always supporting and now pulling back those collarbones.

Come on, come on, open, open, open that chest and resist going home to more. So the upper back is pulling back into a beautiful back bend and forward, but your sternum, your chest bone is really reaching forward. So stomach and and stretch your sternum forward and reach with those arms. Excellent. Both handles in one hand. Prepare for backstroke, stepping off to the side, adding your spring, and then you're going to get on hand, foot, hand, foot, no bottom right. Excellent. Love it and curling it.

And we're going to go up for one open, reach forward and come up a little higher, a little higher end bet. And it's up. Oh Ben. Scooping in and reach and reach and reach. And then two more up. Oh Ben. Scoop it in. Pull your belly away from me and Ben. One more time. Let's keep nice open collar bones. As you scoop in, reach those size.

Just feel that tummy curling in. Nice. And Ben, prepare for teaser. So y'all drop one spring, scoop it in Nice and controlled. Show me good control on the way down. Nice job. All right. And we're, I don't want a significant pelvic tilt here. I want you to really feel your belly pull in and up and reach those legs long.

Here we go. Great Job Maria. Hold your balance down with the arms pulling forward one. Actually that's counts as two. We're gonna do the last one forward and now rolling down. Try to keep working on that left shoulder for you. Going down. Good reaching, reaching, reaching, coming up for our circle.

So we're going to scoop in scoop, scoop, scoop, arms, going all the way up and pull in the powerhouse. Make it from the waist. More, more from here. Arms forward hold. Look at your waist and roll down. Keep into those straps with your hands so that your belly can pull in more. Wonderful. We're going to do the reverse, so head looks, scoop it in. Watch the hyperextending elbows, arms, arms, arms, and they're going to go down first and open as you come up. Good.

The support looks great in the back, keeping those collarbones open hole the arms forward and you're going to come down again pushing your hands into those straps so your belly can scoop in more. Love it. Very good. Now instead of dropping and we're going to go into horseback, both handles into one hand. Step off to one side. Good. And now you're going to hold. Watch them because they always cross. So look at them. There you go. Okay, scoot forward a little bit.

You could put padding on here, but for sake of efficiency and you're a strong girl, we're gonna just go ahead and swing one leg over. Good. And it's always important to do what you did, which is swing it forward and not through a big open and straddle it that way. Okay. Before you begin, look at the alignment of your hips. You want to make sure you're centered on the box. So I would take you a little left. There you go. And this is difficult for you.

The leg position wants to be long with the foot being in a flexed position. Arms there. Nice, good. So hopefully you've already practiced this on the barrel or other areas before you get crazy and do it on the reformer. So as the arms go forward, we're going to lift into a c curve and point those toes. So we reach, we're squeezing with those inner thighs and do three pumps with arms. Stay straight. They just go down from the shoulder [inaudible] and up. Good. Relax these a little bit more. One more time. That's it.

Hold and sit down. Bending the elbows, flexing the feet. But still straight legs and now you're going to scoop in reach forward. Good, good, good. Keep pressing into these handles. That's it. And Circle. I'm going to let go. You are beautifully even. I just would love to see those shoulder blades slide down a little bit. Good.

And then I want you to hold the arms up and I want you to think about what would happen if I asked you to do shaving. So now I'm going to have you bend your elbows and relax the feet. Good. Look up for a second. So if I had you do shaving instead of being so rounded in the upper back, you would have to end up lengthening, not arching your lower back, but keeping all that and then extending. So work on the next set of circles on X. Opening up your collarbones a little bit more and lifting up the arms a little higher. Shaving's a huge step. It's a, it's a long way to down the way, but we want to work towards the goal.

So scooping in and we're gonna push into those handles. Scoop in a way and the arms coming around. Slide those shoulder blades down as the arms come up and you try to lift it. That is nice. Come up the middle of your body. Yes, pull back a little more in the thoracic there as you push forward and that's it. Sitting down, flexing it. Very nice. Okay.

Take both handles in one hand and step off to one side. Let's turn our box around for short box. We've done great. Grab your bar. That's back there. And while you're doing that, I'm going to add a spring on it. Just a tad over so I don't correct your position. Nice. Okay. Long legs. All right. Wrap your arms around your belly.

Nice measurement. And we're going to curl your tailbone towards you a little more. Thank you. And so just like that horseback position that we just did rolling back goes as far as you'd like and folding good and reached. That's nice. And arms back around curling into yourself. You're going to push the heels away and you're gonna keep curling into this lifted lower back and rest. Good and scooping in.

Great job. Because of you can go ahead and reach under the rails and pull your waist long, no highs, and now I'm back up with the arms and scooping it in, allowing that. That's it. Good. One more time. Squeeze and just, you can either keep your arms where they are, you can reach them back, you can reach them under in pool wherever you feel is good and coming back. That's nice and keep pushing away with your seat. Good. Nice. Getting that nice and curved. All right, relax. Grab your bar. Just hold it on top of your thighs and let's make sure we're slide back just a tiny bit more if you can. There we go and keeping this down.

I want you first to squeeze your seat and lift your waist and from your waist. Lift your arms up. Beautiful. Keep lifting in the waist and we're going to go back six inches. Taking back and forward. Rest your bottom. Pull the belly in and lift the waist as if you're pushing the bar away with your hands. Guys, you're going to keep feeling that scoop and too good and forward and rest the seat. One more time and pushing that bar away. Good.

And really painting the ceiling with it. Rest your arms down. Excellent. Let's do the side reach. So same thing. That's great. And now come forward a bit. Good. And reach with your waist rather than just your arms. So reach with your waist. Good and come tall and lifting.

And we're gonna reach with the waist, which is a little more advanced and center. Instead of just going over and doing a side bend, you're trying to keep that waist stretching and reaching and reaching and center and feeling the waist. Push both arms away, reaching with both arms. Fantastic. We have one more set and up and reaching shoulder blades. Sliding down. Waist lengthening and last time, Huh?

An overreaching reaching, reaching and rest. Your arms stack. Good. We're almost done with that bar. We're going to reach with our waste for the twist. So what? And we're going to twist. Good. And now reach with the waist, reaching with it and pulling it back. Good. Bring that right shoulder forward. Good. And the waist reaches. Fantastic.

Good. Imagine that the waste is going down to this box or reach all the way out. Good. And you push the heels away in one direction. Reach the waist away with the other good one more set up and reaching, reaching, reaching and up and last time up and reaching, reaching, reaching and come forward. Good. You know you did that so well. I want to add just one thing doesn't sound quite right, does it?

If I'm adding something when you should get a treat, right? But I would love it. You've got such a great connection right now that I want to see you add fishing to it. Yeah. So we're going to keep lifting up from our waist and pushing that bar away from our waste. And now we're going to twist to the right and keep holding onto the bar here. Now reach out with it. Good. And from your ways, pool it up. Good.

And pull it in and reach out and go pick up a whale and pull it up from your waist. Great job. And now go ahead and add another stretch. Very good. Nice. And let's do tree. Good. Maybe slide back a little bit too. You have more of that hands with behind you and up bend, bend and stretch and bend and stretch and hold it up. Center yourself. Make sure this leg is down your center. Good and stretch forward and over it.

Slide those shoulder blades down. All right, and start curling your tailbone towards you. Reach that right leg away, reach it, reach it, and then walk down. When you go down center, your strap never catches. It was lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely, and reaching forward. Good. Keeping your box square. As you roll back and down you go and go for opening the chest there. That's what I want to see.

Head to your chest and keep reaching the leg away from a scooped in waist. Fantastic. Stretch over that leg. And one more time. That's pull back that leg a little bit higher. There you go. And walk down the leg, staying there. Open those, the left shoulder. Two good. Had two chest keeping leg here. Scoop in all the way forward. Grab those toes. Open the collarbones more. Yeah.

Great. Nice. Switching legs, Matt. Bring that left hip a tiny bit forward and stretch and bend. Good and stretch and bend and hold it up and walk up that leg and stretch a little more forward. Lifting up and forward. There we go. And curling that tailbone towards you as you reach this, this hip hat stuff. Wake up a little bit and now go down.

Make sure it's working and head to your chest. Waist pulls in and up and keep making this thigh. Yes, that's what I want to see and stretch over it. Good. Two more. And [inaudible] keep reaching that thigh and see if you can keep that leg there but reaching as you come up. So don't let it drop too much at reaching all the way over. And one more time.

Good alignment and coming up scooping in and up. Good. I now grab the toes, open the chest more. That's it. That's it. You could feel that. Yeah. Good. Alright, go ahead and bring that down. Let's bring down the whole box, our bar or box and we're going to prepare for a long stretch series, bringing the pad with you. Lift up the head piece and then lift up your bar.

So to get in a nice position here, let's do hand foot. Good. Now when you put the other hand, I want this leg already to start to be straight and I want your chest already to be open. Good and put that other hand and then come up with it. Nice. That's better. And now the waist is still long and you're going to push out with those arms and you're going to pull in with the waste, good and out, and you really feel the connection of this radius here and going out and your powerhouse, how it all supports your back. And to tighten up those arms, push out with them. There you go. Open those collarbones. I want one more and out am pulling in whole the machine in the Karajan and bend the knees down. Keep your chest lifting from your waist, lifting, lifting, lifting. Feel that waist.

Lift your chest bone and go out hamstrings and glutes and up, up, up, and push those heels in to those shoulder pads and up, up, up, and two more out. Try not to bend in the elbow when you go out, just straight arms and as you come in, crawl up onto your fingertips and then give me a nice go a little further back. Open the chest, more there and nice up, stretch. Good. And we're going to curl the tailbone a little more towards you. All right, reach long.

The lower back eyes on my fingers right here as you come home and then fold it up and reach with the back of the legs and seat. Eyes on your belly and folding up. Watch those hyperextending knees as you go out. Go out from there, reaching out. Good. Pull up into here more with the upper body and then fold up. Let's do one more and reach long and pulling your head through your arms.

For me, that's what I'd like to see. Stay here and slide your heels down. Good and keep lifting a little more forward. That's it. And push out with the back of the legs and press your heels into the mat out and drawing up your belly. Make sure it's not a hip flexor, but you really feel that waist pulling in and up and three up big go. Good toes up off the mat. One more time. Nice. And step off to the side.

And here we're going to add an advanced exercise long backstretch. So you're going to turn around and you're going to put your hand and then foot against the shoulder pad. Hand Foot. Great job. Alright, open those collarbones. Where's my waist? That's the waist I want. Go ahead and bend your elbows. Push out and lift with your waist and seat and dip down. So it's basically a tricep dip and one more down.

Trying to keep the collarbones open. Reverse lot of power in your glutes here. That's it. And lifting up good. Watch those shoulders down and curling up. One more. Good. And as if you're sliding up a wall. All right. And then take a foot to the floor. Good. And that's it. Nice.

We got a little break with stomach massage. Only when you're intermediate and advanced, you start liking stomach. Looking forward to stomach massage. I always love that, but people people's least favorite for some reason. All right, and we're going to pull out, press down a lift. Any good?

Get a good, nice tempo. A good rhythm. It's out, down, lift and that's it. Stretch prs. Lift and stretch. Press lift in three. Good. Two more times. Really Nice. Lifted as big of a capital. See that you can last one that, sorry. Maybe I miscounted. We're going to stay here. Drop a spring or on three springs now. Good. And lifting the sternum, the chest band from your waist and go out, down, lift and, and for you you need to sit a little more on your right hip.

There we go. And Scoop and nice. Press down. Lift in, in and out. Slide your shoulder blades down more. There you go. Really feel the active shoulder blades down. Sternum up, chest, phone, up. Give me one more. Keep them going like that. Yeah.

Stay and drop a spring. Very nice marine. Now, same thing here. Your arms slide down your shoulder blades and from your waist. Come forward, not your shoulder blades. That is a hard, this is a Yucky one right here. Inhale out. And we're going to exhale in for five. Come all the way in and then keep stretching for three, two, one. Inhale out. Good and exhale. So the shoulders stay down, but the sternum keeps up towards this where the wall reaches the ceiling.

That's it. One more time. Good, good. Now we're going to go into your twist. So twists out heels or even even pull up the left heel. Good. And come in. And the waist is what twists you, right? Get those heels even. Yes. So you start with a solid base. I'm going to let go and solid base.

That's it. And you lift your belly up to your chest. And one more step. Try to keep those shoulders a little more even. I'm going to give you a stretch here because you deserve it. And around the other side and good. And we're going to keep trying to lower that butt.

Lift this and doesn't that feel fantastic? Come on in. Good. And we're going to just step off and we're going to do tendon stretch. So the pad, I call the dancing of the pad. It started up there and then it went down here. And we're going to do tendon stretch. Let's start sitting. Okay.

You're going to keep your bottom on that bar on the arch is going to be on the edge of the mat. The little you were actually correct. There you go. And we're going to keep sitting while we push our legs out. So push the heels down. Good. And bend the knees back in. So now we got the mechanics. Look down. You're gonna do everything the same, but feel it. Now you're gonna really scoop in and reach those lies out. And then bend him. Good. One more.

Scoop in and reach those thighs out. Great. Now we're going to stay here and I want you to keep pulling, pushing your, the uh, carriage away and drawing your belly in. And now wrap and squeezes legs to pull up. Excellent. And pushing down. Good. Try to stay in front of the bar as you pull up, resisting that carriage one more out and scoop in, in, in, in Nice. And Go ahead and sit down. Great job.

Go ahead and step off and you get to do semicircle. Yay. You're going to lie down and while you're doing that I'm going gonna prepare your straps. Actually I'm not going to because you're going to do short spine massage now, which is even nicer. I was going to do frog and light circles but we are past the intermediate. We're going to take your feet a little bit over towards the ocean in this case.

Good and breath and exhale and go ahead and start with the start with the chest bone and site. The upper back is rolling around that mat and goes low as you can with your bottom to the floor and then push out just to there. Squeeze up without moving the machine and come in. Stretching, reaching and again melted down Vertebra by Vertebra. Trying to keep that neck long. Maybe trying to look over there. Good, good as low as you can. Going out. Lift up with the seat and come in one more time.

Rolling down [inaudible] scoop, scoop, scoop out should go up and coming in and now we're going to reverse it with your glutes. Go Out, hold it there. It was slithered down into the well, all the way down, coming in, lift your hips up and come forward. And two more from the back of the legs and seat down. You go, melting, melting, melting. Come on in, up with the seat and in one more time out hold and melt. Scoop in. Where's my long wave? Keep pushing the machine out with your arms, the carriage out and coming in and a good grab onto your ankles. Jaw, all this in and let me help you stretch. Good. Slide on back. And while you're there, lower your headpiece, flip it down.

We're on our two springs and we're going to do our short spine massage. Now that one you enjoy, so that's good. All right, looping it through. Okay. And roll down your lower back are right. Reach forward with those legs.

Start Curling your tailbone towards you and then keep lifting over. Keep going over with that tailbone. Good in with the or. Bend the knees. Exhale even push the thighs into your chest so you can get a nice stretch. Go and scoop and, and reach and pull down those heels.

Hold it here for full breath and then inhale to go forward. Exhale, reaching up in how bending. Draw those knees. Exhale. Enjoy stretching, reaching those arms long reaching, reaching, reaching, and heels coming down. Hold one more reach. Keep reaching those guys out of those, out of the pelvis. Inhale band. Watch the congestion in your collarbones. Try not to get yeah, and dropping the ribs down a bit more. Very, very good.

One last dredge. Heels come down and then take those straps off. Yeah. Very good. Good. Hold onto the straps though. We're going to now add some more exercises. Okay. So we're going to do chest expansion, thigh stretch and all those. So stepping off with them. Good for safety reasons.

We're going to put a pad over the springs. If you had longer hair like mine, it can get cotton's springs as you move. So we're gonna kneel down. Good. That's right. And you want a really good grip with your foot so that you can use the back of the thighs and the seat to squeeze and hold yourself forward. Good. Hold the carriage in place first though. Don't let it move there.

That's your starting place. I love your line because you have a very, very, you've worked hard to have a straight line. You don't have any bend here. You're really working your seat to squeeze as if your weight is on the front of your knee and you have nothing pushing out in the front either. You've clearly pulling into your lower back. Great. So keep the stomach pulling in and the bottom squeezing forward as you pull straight back hold. Look over your right shoulder, look over your left, look forward and exhale. So this is not a place where we would learn chest expansion and inhale and look left right forward. Exhale.

You want to learn on the pedestal or on the um, Cadillac and look right, left forward and release one more arm. Skim the sides more. Yeah, pull back another inch. There we go. Look left right forward and empty your lungs. Good. Put both handles in one hand and actually sit on your bottom and with one hand, take off the pad. Add a spring. Don't trip.

Don't lose the pad too much cause we would actually have to put it back on. Oh sorry. No, that's all right. Good. And so we're gonna put it back on, especially for this exercise. You're going to slide back your knees against here and crawl up a little higher because when we do our beautiful back then that's when your head would really be by the springs. All right, so head looks down, crawl up just a teeny bit more so that really nice and taut and from your waist. We're going to go back as far and just hold here. Arms lift from your waist and go forward. Nice.

I think you can go for your complete thigh stretch now. So we're going to scoop in, go back, go back, go back, hold it there and now go back with the head and the chest. Good. Head to chest and powerhouse. Good. One more time. Scoop it in. Taking that back with you. Hold. Go into a back bend, close the chest, use the glutes.

That was nice. Great. Both handles in one hand. Step off to the side and I'm going to adjust them for you. But take one handle in each hand behind you. So I'm going to draw up two springs and put the hands pad back just for extra caution. Kneel down facing me. That's our arms circles and kneeling. All right.

Again, you're going to be squeezing like crazy, your bottom and you're going to be pulling your belly back. So that's the opposition. And use that opposition to give your arm strength. So we're going to do circles. One good bottom squeezes forward. Good. One more time from that waist. Excellent. And now we're going to reverse it. We're going to scoop in and reach it up. Good.

And two more waste lifts. That's it. One more time. Shoulder down, waist up. Good. And that is enough for today. Good job. Okay, you're going to just go ahead and put those there. You can drop them. Actually use them later. I can go ahead and step off. Okay, we're going to add now some corkscrew and some tic talk and some lawn backstretch. Let me add one more spring.

So we're gonna lie down on her back, having some fun now. All right. So this is really challenging corkscrew, but you working towards a goal and that goal is to hold onto those handles right there. There you go. Behind the shoulder hats and to keep the arms open and the elbows down, that's the goal. They're gonna want to fly up. And that's all right. As long as you're giving it your all to keep your chest open and not to manhandle the exercise. So go ahead and bend your knees into your chest, extend the legs up to the ceiling, and then squeeze your hips and take your legs over and up and hold here. Okay, we're gonna come down basically down the middle, slowly lengthening the right hip longer so you can reach to the right circle around lifting on up and reach good and down the middle, silly, lengthy left hip so that you can come down around and up. Good.

You can twist a little more dramatically now if you'd like, and go to the right length. And yes, reach as low as you can around with that powerhouse and lift and a little more dramatic with the left. Good. Reaching down, sweep down with the waist, pulling up and up. One more set, reaching right hip, good reach for the ocean all the way around, scooping up. Nice job with those elbows and reaching long the left. Very, very good. Reaching around and lift and come down nice and straight. And then this is one of my favorite exercises from my lower back as a tech talk. So we're going to keep your legs up at a 90 degree angle as you reach them over to the right and you look left and up to the ceiling good and over to the left and you pull them up. Good. You go over as far as you can.

Keep those feet stacked and lift. Try not to drop them down one more, only just reach and stretch and enjoy it and I'm good. And you're going to bend the knees and just hug them in. I should set up your long spline. While you're doing that, that was probably too excited just talking with you. So I'll set them up really quickly. So on long spine, you want to give yourself about two inches between your shoulders and the shoulder paths. Definitely want your head piece down. All that looks good. And this is on two springs and a, I like to think of them as advanced arm. I mean like circles.

So it's actually the same. Bend your knees confuses everyone else, so probably confuse you. But I love the shape that it completes. The circle overhead comes down, so that's why I think of it as that. I'm going to move this box a little bit so I can assist if you need it. All right, so we're going to reach out like frog and we're going to come right on up to the ceiling. Good. Open the legs and then reach those feet in front, pulling down through the upper back, the middle. Keep pushing into those straps. Keep pushing into those abs. Squeeze those like together. Together and up.

Good and open. Good and reaching. So here's, we're going to keep going and going. We close the circle at the bottom and we come up the middle. That's it. Open the top of the circle and reaching, reaching long, long, pushing into those straps. Close the circle and hold. Open the circle and come up for the reverse. Yes, squeezed together and go down. This really feels the back of those inner thighs.

You can miss them open and left and squeezed together. And you pull with those feet as you wrap and squeeze and squeeze and lengthen. And one more up and squeeze and zip up the back of the leg so you can stretch through each vertebra. Nice. And now you do get a little stretch here, which is lovely. Legs up, grab onto those handles. That's it first, just stretching like so god keeping that tailbone down, you earned that one. And then open leg stretch, being careful not to tear anything but do a good stretch. All right.

And now arms down by your side and curling into yourself. You're gonna release those straps and I'll give you an extra stretch right through here. So we have our knees stretches next. So you're going to step off, lift your bar up. I'll lift your head piece and we're going to do 10 round, 10 arched and then 10 knees off. Good from that waste again and going out and good in accents in smooth out, quick gain and Ken, that's it. And five and tailbones under and scoop and two and hold it and switch and out and in shoulder blades are always going down. Chest, always forward and good.

Really lifting from your waist. I love it. One more and now round and round. That's it. And lengthen from your waist. That's it. Good. Try to keep your upper body a little more quiet. Kind of pressing into me. Hug My arms, hug my hands. That's it. Ooh, that's beautiful.

And that's enough. Very good. Step off. Let's do running and pelvic tilt on your two. Catching our breath, allowing us to cool down a bit before her splits and lengthening out and run. Good. Good. Really pressing down where the back of the thigh and the glute meat.

Good. When that right hip is wanting to pop up a bit. Yeah, that's it. Three to God. Come on. It arches on the corners. Good. Let's try that one more time. So instead of just tilting towards you, try to reach the lower back long as you curl up. That was nicer and out and laying down as if I'm pulling your tail.

That's it. And reach. Okay. [inaudible] nice and long and out and pull in that. Give me five more pulled. [inaudible] the machine out. You pull the machine and you pull it out. Pull in it in rage. Long without Tim one and two and breaching. Give me one more good hugging in those knees. I wanted these pads for your um, side splits. So let's go ahead and step off and we're going to go down to one spring. Cause on intermediate, you've already been doing it. So one pad there, one pad here. All right, go ahead and give me your hand.

Stand up left foot to that pad. Okay, now that we got your stable leg, good lifting in your waist as you heel toe the right foot out. Go all the way against the shoulder pad. Nice. And maybe bring the right foot of teeny bit forward. Excellent. That's it. Good. All right. Nice classic arms and keep lifting in the waist. As you push out evenly. Go Out, go out, go out and lift those inner thighs in your waist. Good. Two more.

Pushing out, out, out, and school being in. One more time out. Hold it here. And I want you to pick up some flowers down here. So both together, rolling down, rounding good. All the way down. Go, go, go, go. And from your tailbone, curl up all the way back up. Excellent. And now pull in the machine in carriage and going down. Oh, don't heel toe it in and around. Down again. Go there. Yeah, you go pick up some flowers. Nice and straight.

All the way down to the ground and pull it up. Hold in the carriage and with your inner thighs. That's it. Good. Opening your arms and now you can heal toe that right foot back in. Good. Left to your right. And we're gonna turn always towards the springs.

Hang on one second for me to have a little more safety here. There we go. And Heel toe, the leftover teeny bit back with that left foot. That's your left foot. Yeah, and watch the right toes. Feet should be stretched. Relaxed arms are straight out here. Good. Nice way. So both legs now evenly push up and they're gonna lift from your waist. Push out for two.

We're going to do three. Pelvis is nice. It's seeing the same plane. Last one. Hold it here and we're gonna do the sauce. A hold. That's it. I'm going to get behind you and I think on this side you can reach for your foot. Go down for your foot, go, go, go, go, go and pull it up from your waist and hold. That's it. Lift up in your waist to come home. And same thing again, going with this right hand. Good going down all the way to your foot and lifting from your waist on.

Square off. Good and left. Nice and squaring off from the powerhouse and now heel toe that left foot in. Good Heel, toe, heel toe, right foot over and now carefully step forward to come off. Good. All right, I'm going to set it up for Russians, which is another one of my favorites. We're going to, you can either put a pad here or we're going to can keep it off. Which one do you prefer off? Okay.

And so you're going to carefully stand up now that we have two springs and you're going to put your hands on the shoulder pads. Yes. Stand with the hands and go ahead and go grab at the same time. Yes. Right foot is going to go the heel on the top of the bar, the ball of the foot on the side of the block, a little bit lower. So this is really good glute work as well as hamstring stretch. Make sure you push down, not out as you lift this foot.

So the ball, the foot feels the crack where the head piece starts to come up. Great. Now push out the carriage until this knee is bent at a right angle. Little bit lower with the hips. Excellent. All right, so here's the glute work. This glue has to push your foot into that bar. Good.

It's also a big stretch and we're going to now straighten that front leg and bend it and straighten and bend. One more. Straighten and bend it. That's it. Now keep pushing with this glute right there and you're going to start rounding up your back to a tall back. Hold this a lower at a right angle if you can. Lifting up good and here's the control part. Push straight leg, bend it. The front leg goes straight and bend. You can push it straighter. There you go.

And now round down, grab onto those shoulder pads again. Great. Push down to lift your heel forward into the crack. Now where the ball, the foot was good and now we're going to just enjoy the stretch. You try to square off your hips, straight legs on both and both legs. Push out as far as you head. Goes down, asleep by that leg and from your waist. Pull up those straight lights, even out those hips. And just one more time pushing out, scrape, reaching through. Good and pulling up from your waist and now hold it in and bring this foot back underneath you. Excellent this foot down and now you'll switch left foot.

Yup. You were absolutely correct. Left foot back first and bring it. Makes the teacher proud when their student is right. Go ahead and push out until this foot's right angle. Great. Push with your glue. Nice. And straighten that front leg one. Good. Two very nice three.

And you're going to round up to a right, a s a back that's nice and upright. Hands behind your back from your waist. Good. And push out. What's doesn't seem like is, this is kind of like a hard back then for you know, someone and hold and then hands reach out. And now the delicious part, the heel lifts up into yep. And now even out those hips and split on out. Good had can be asleep. Nice.

And pull up with straight legs from your waist and even a Madigan one last time. Really breathe. Exhale. Enjoy the stretch and pull up from your waist. And then that right leg is going to come under you first. And then the left good. And then carefully stepped down to the side.

Wonderful. We're going to leave our performer. We would do always some rolling. Okay. So go ahead and stand at this front edge. That's it. And one arm over the other and you're going to put one foot in front of the other, lifting in your waist, lower yourself down. Very nice. And you're going to do rolling like a ball right here. So we're right here. Good, good scoop. [inaudible] a little open in the knees.

Remembered some massage for your spine. That's why we're doing it. After we did a lot of work and you want to really breathe with it, it's a breathing exercise. Inhale, lift your bottom all the way up. Exhale, roll all the way forward. Two more. Inhale, lift it all the way up. Exhale all the way forward. One more in with the air. Exhale all the way up balance and hold. Lower your feet down. Lift your bottom back so that a little further so that we can get into open like rocker from there. So go ahead and lifting your good.

Now you've worked really hard. Excellent. I like that. Come forward a little more on your sit bones. Just your weight, not physically good. And then lifting in your waist. That's nice. And now inhale, roll back. Exhale, love. Come see me. That's it. Don't forget, lower back on the way back, upper back on the way up. That's as smooth as I want to see in with the air and upper back on the way up. Good. Real massage. Your lower back. Massage your upper back.

One more straight arms the entire time. Exhale up hold. Squeeze your legs together. Cross your right ankle over your left. Let's go into boomerang hands. Go behind your back and you're going to stretch your sternum, your chest bone, all the way forward. Good big circle with those arms and stretch. Yes. And now sit up tall. Good.

Use your waist to lift those legs up an inch and then go back over. Open close. Roll through each bone. Hold hands. Go behind your waist and now really reach and circle just one more boomerang and sitting up tall from your waist. Lift up those legs as you go over. Open clothes, rolling through arms. Good hands and keep reaching those thighs long out.

Nice and stretch. Good. Go ahead and lift your bottom a little forward for seal cause we're going to stand up right afterwards. Good. And we're going to roll through your lower back. Good in with the air. Clap. Two, three. Exhale, clap. Two, three. Inhale, two, three. Exhale to three. Lower back, upper back, two more. And then we'll stand up in with the air. Exhaling last time in with the air. Let go the legs.

Upper back and roll right on up. Beautiful. Good. Nice job. So now my uh, the grand finale is going to be standing nice and uplifted on the pedicles. Let's go grab the pedicle. All right, so now we're going to finish with our lovely ending of the petty pole. I like the pad there so that your heels are going to be a little bit higher than the ball of your foot. Okay. So go ahead and put your back up against the pole.

It's a wonderful for posture. Heals together. Good. And then you're going to reach back and grab your handles. Good. So he's holding him right there. It's absolutely wonderful. As you pull in the belly, you reach your arms forward. Good. So that opposition, wonderful. Keep them up at shoulder high. Good.

Try to get all of these bones right there. Pulled back into the boy. You got to get into the boy. Yup. And then try while you're holding your lower back into the pole as much as you can. My slung, eggs, legs, legs, legs. You're going to try to open up the chest tube. This is more important. So whatever you can and make it feel good. This is where it feels good. Okay.

And you're going to pull your gonna come open with the arms and you're going to pull down lifting in your waist. So pull with those arms, lift in the waist, and then coming up. Beautiful and open with the arms. Use that opposition, the pull on those straps to really pull in and wonderful and arms forward. One more time opening, trying to keep the powerhouse and the collarbones in and good. And now reversing it going down good. And controlling it up. Two more. Scooping it in. Really present. Good. And controlling it up. And one more time. Pulling in a little more on the right side.

Yes. Good. Alright. Now, not relaxing, but holding those arms there. That's very nice. I love how the shoulders are pulling down away from the ears. Little Bend in the elbow, maybe just the team plan. No press through those arms. That looks better. We're going to slowly rise up onto demi point. Yes. So that means the ball, the foot will stay down the heels against the Paul. Great.

Does that feel secure? So you want to have it nice and even, I want you to open the left foot a tiny bit more. That's it. And bring the right one. They both can come center a little more. It's a little bit too wide of a stance. There we go. But the left a little too much. There we go. I know, but it's important cause you're gonna use the ball, the foot to push the earth away so that you can lift up in your belly. Arms are gonna stay just straight and be in below your shoulders. Okay?

Keep them at that. Keep that relationship as you play a, as you bend your knees out to the side, go as low as you can. Arm. Stay below the shoulders. Now pull those arms down by your side as your waist lifts even more and wrap in schoolies like crazy to come up. Release the arms. Good the arm stayed there as you come down. Slide down, lifting in the waist. Good. Pull those arms down by your side. Nice long waist and come up.

Really feel a stretch even through the front of your thigh and releasing the arms. One more in this direction and [inaudible] good waist pools down. Good wrap and squeeze like crazy as you lift nice and long and tall and the arms return home. Now we'll reverse it. Pull down first as you grow taller, so really pull down and use those straps that are taller. Keep that height as you play and go down linkedin. Good. Okay, let the arms come here and then up you go. Good.

Pull by your side. Bend those knees, go in down there, control the arms back and then pull up in the waist. One more time. Scoop in, grow taller. Keep that height as you bend those knees out to side. Good. The arms come up and lifting all through your body. You can't get much taller now than this feeling and you are all finished.

Nice job there. A good walk away, nice and tall and lean and long.


Monica, this was a fabulous class! I have not had classical training, but I love the transitions and the flow! I love the way you teach! If I ever get to the west coast, you will be my first stop ;) Ped-o-pul is my favorite way to end sessions with my clients! Thanks again!
Wow! Beautiful!
Monica Wilson
Thank you ladies! Yes! Come see main Santa Barbara:) Or...I probably know someone in your town/area that you'd enjoy a lesson from!
Elsabe D
Fantastic session- Wish that was me!!! Thank you for sharing!
I loved adding in some advanced moves, and the ending on mat and pedi pole= delicious??

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