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Alignment and Precision

60 min - Class


Monica teaches a Mixed Equipment workout to PA instructor Sarah Bertucelli. She starts with a basic Reformer workout adding advanced cues to work on alignment and precision. Monica finishes the class on the Mat adding exercises like Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, and more.
What You'll Need: Mat, Reformer w/Box, Mixed Equipment, Pilates Pole

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Well today I have the pleasure of teaching Sarah who have actually known for a very long time, but now just recently get to work with her and I'm going to be teaching today's session completely on her body. It's just going to be a basic reformer and Matt, but at a much higher level of understanding because she's very proficient in Pilati. So, but one of the first times you've worked on a ground spot reformer? Yes. Okay. So we'll be working on that growths. Reformer has four springs and y'all need to adjust it accordingly if you don't have a grouts reformer. But we'll start off with standing almost at the front edge. Good and turn just a little bit yet. And I want you to hit a Pilati stance.

So heels together and toes. And I don't want you to think about wrapping too much or any or overdoing your glutes, but I actually want you to think more about your pelvis. So we're gonna rock art forward our hips so that they're over your ankles. And then bring your hands together and bring them up overhead and see if that you can feel your stomach pull in and up and what, where your pelvis Kinda lies at that point. And then we're going to keep it like that and just let your arms float down.

Good. And now just with your arms down by your side. Yup. I want you to always think about pulling your belly button into your back and up away from your pelvis. So I'm going to try to get a little space in here today. So we're going to be pulling up away from and setting our hips in the other direction. Okay. So while you lower yourself or sit down on the reformer, think about pulling your belly button in and up. And Go ahead and sit down and then use your hands to lie down your head there. Good feet up here. And we're going to start with the [inaudible] stance on toes.

So we're going to do our footwork, arms by your side. Good. Take your head and shoulders just a little over to your right. You already told me you were a little wonky today. So there you go. That was a little overkill. A little that, that's it. Good. I want you to feel that nice and square. Great.

And I love how your pelvis is where it's just flat. It's not tilting, not tucking towards you, right? Cause you're strong enough to not have to do anything like that to it and compromise. But I do want you to pull your naval as into the mat as you can and think about pulling it in and away from your hips as you go out. And we're going to use those hips to pull the machine out and pull it in to pull the carriage out and pool all the way out. Good.

And I want you to hold it out and just think about standing nice and tall and how you'd love for your stomach to feel the yourself lift, lift, lift, and then pull the carriage in. And now back to tempo. Pulling out and pulling and pulling out. Good. And pulling the carriage out. Good. And pulling in and two more pulling out and pulling in. One more time. Pulling out and lengthen this hip a little more away from you.

Good. Yeah, as a tiny bit. And then we're going to go up to arches. Everything's zips together, rounding those heels and again, pulling the carriage out from here and good. Pulling your navel away from those hips and pulling it beautiful and pooling in and up. Ice Age, squeezing out am pulling in a little less quads if you can. I do have you on four springs, which is tough but I think you feel your stomach a lot too. Do you? Yeah. Yeah. So pull it out and if I put you on three, I mean one more.

I feel like it wouldn't be that challenging for you. What? For what I want and up to heels. Sorry. Stand in and pull your toes back. Good. And see if you can engage more of the hamstrings and going out good at it and out and you are strong enough and connected enough that you can talk to yourself and say no quads. We're not going to be using those quads we're using, we're going to engage the hamstrings and we're going to use those. Pull out the carriage and a pool and good, their quads are always going to work, but we want don't need them to be the dominating muscle. And as you come in, you pull back those hose can be two more and pull back even the pinky toe.

And one more time. Navel in and up am pulling back. Good. Stay home. We're going to go down to toes. Good. And a little Pilati stance. Great. And we're going to straighten your legs, but I want you to think about [inaudible] pull in your belly button and I want you to good. Go ahead and lengthen by not the knee joint, a little softer yet, but all here. And then keep pulling up up, up. Good. Now said your tailbone down as you go. Push down your heels. You're going to have straight legs. Yes.

And pull up using your powerhouse and stretch your spine. Sending your hips down. Pull up almost into your upper rib cage down and you're going to pull, you're going to fill all the area up here and stretch down to three and you're going to lift the arch in the inner thigh. And your pelvic floor and down to three and you're going to pull up your pelvic floor. There you go. And Dad, two, three and hamstring squeeze in the back of the enterocytes. Great, and down to three and up. Give me one more really beautiful, really feel what your legs feel like and your powerhouse and bend in so that we keep that for the hundred. I want you to slide away from the shoulder pads a couple inches, giving yourself some room. We're going to keep it on for you.

Didn't have any shoulder issues or anything. Do you get, and we're going to have grab these handles. All right. Use your stomach to bring your knees in towards your chest and then you're gonna lift your head up as you bring the arms forward. Good. Keep them there and start pumping. That's it. Inhale and exhale. I'm going to keep you here and I want you to push into where your thumb reaches into that handle and feel your underarm get closer to your hip bone and really connect the shoulder good and really pull your belly in and up against those springs. Good.

That's already 60 open the knees a little bit and then straighten the legs by no quads, but by using those muscles to reach. And just give me two more like that. I love your position right now. Pumping, pumping, pumping. One more now. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three. Reaching the hips away from you and bend everything and relax. Nice job. Keep the carriage home and we're going to bring your knees into your chest. Are, we're going to reach the legs back. There we go. Good. All right, so now I want you to bend your knees and bring the heels and the straps will go in between your knees. Good. And again, we're going to work on your pelvis placement here. So Real, just nice, soft, relaxed feet, knees only as wide as your shoulders cause we're going to track where those legs are going. Okay. So the file for you, I would say about right there. Looks good. All right, so you're gonna pull your belly in an opposition as you reach your legs long to my hand. And then Ben Dominican, and we're gonna always try relax those feet to not just straighten and bend the knee joint, but to really work the thighs, reaching the hips away.

So go ahead and reach to my hand and beautiful length and then bend in. That's it. So the belly pulls away from those hips and you try to keep that length, even as you bend the knees towards your shoulders. We're gonna try to work on that just a little sometimes. That's one of the things I have to work on to reaching all the way that's it.

And pulling in and we're gonna do one more reaching, reaching, reaching. Great. Keep your pelvis reaching away. Try to make it, keep it there. Actually really, really reaching that long. And we're gonna do some circles. So we're going to bring the legs up almost to the ceiling, but not quite to a 90 degree. And you're gonna open the legs and you're gonna pull your belly in the opposite direction in and up. As you push in those straps and reach and coming up, I'm going to let go. Hold the legs there again. No higher. And you're going to pull in as you reach away with here.

Good but more back of the legs and coming up. Stomach pulls in. That's beautiful. Keep it like that as you stretch out of that pelvis. Oh, that was fabulous. So that and the belly pulls in and stretch out of that pelvis. Reach those legs long and slow and one more in that direction and pull away from your, uh, that's it. And uh, and you're gonna reverse. So you're gonna reach that pelvis long and then open. That's the hardest part.

And together and reaching it long. Good and keep. Yes. And just to here, add, reaching. Great. And squeeze those inner thighs together. Last one back. Those inner thighs. Good around. End Up and squeeze together. And now you're going to give yourself just a little extra stretch.

You're going to grab onto these handles and keep those collarbones nice and open cause you can and the Butte, spines. Beautiful. And then pull the legs as close to you as you can. Straight, nice and straight. Just giving yourself a little extra stretch. Reaching again that pelvis away from you. And then with the legs that high, go ahead and give yourself a little inner thigh stretch and a little gift to you. Yeah.

And now bring your legs together and we're gonna take the straps off and I'll set up for stomach massage. So I want you to go ahead and step off completely. Good. I'm going to add a pad and I try to do four springs with you. I've got, I've got faith and confidence in you. You're going to be able to do four springs. Okay. All right.

So you're gonna sit on down. Good. I want your tailbone right on the front edge. Nope. A little further back. Yeah, maybe even a tiny bit more back. I might end up getting you pulling you more forward, but for right now, and I want to see if we can do this. Yeah, see, there we go. So what I want is your shoulders directly over your hip bones, so they still need to go one more inch. But more importantly, I want you to think of like the push through room on the Cadillac when you're like this and you pull into, really pushed through.

I want that in an uplifting in there. Yeah. Great. And I want a lot of space between that hip bone. So we're going to do that pelvis in a, in a rocked back position. Okay. And I want your navel to pull out these four springs. I love using the image of your back being like the sale of a sailboat.

I'll stay there, lower your heels and lift them and then Ben back in and your stomach is the wind. Okay. So you're gonna really blow into that lower back, really stretching it, linkedin your tailbone underneath you and come in good. And pull out and stretch and lift in it. Good. And so your stomach's hugging into that back. I love it. Really good. And in and no quads, right? We're using the back of those legs and we're sending them under. Good.

And two more scooping in reaching and keep that stretch. And one more. That was your best one and reached down up. Good. And now using your belly lift up your sternum away from you and put your hands on top of the shoulder pads behind you. I'm going to drop one spring. So now we're on three good knees a little narrower and take the left hip back a tiny bit. [inaudible] and so your stomach is going to hug into your back and then it's going to lift up your sternum, up your chest bone. Good.

How's that on your shoulders? It's a little tight. It's a good shoulder stretch. I want you to turn your hands to face this way. Okay, good. And now I want you to lift that four. Oh that's beautiful. Straight on. Yup. Perfect. Stomach pulls out again. Okay. It's pulling the springs all the way out. You keep your chest up is your heels go down, lift up and in.

So we're going to pool out and you stay lifted. That's it. And again, it's all from here cause the quads will make your pelvis changed too, right? So you want to pull out and keep a little bit almost of a rounded lower back. It's a little counterintuitive. I know Fredo and into any one and pull and cause you're lifting up your chest or you're thinking complete arch back. But I want you to support that lower back and lift up from it.

One more reaching and stay here. And we're going to drop one more spring. So we're just on to and using your belly. Bring your arms forward. Ooh, those shoulders are waking up. Now. Slide your shoulder blades down. Good, good, good, good. And this one's a little higher. Your right one. So bring it down a little. Excellent. And now with your belly only, pull out no more. Lowering the heels and then bring your carriage back in. Using your stomach to curl your tailbone a little under you. Stay city, sitting on your right hip and inhale.

This is a breathing exercise and exhale, pulling your tailbone a little under you, but then reach away from your pelvis and square off again. And inhale knees in line here and exhale, pulling into your back. And then beautiful effort. Keep your knees like that as I stretch you, stretch you, stretch you, and give me one more. Roll down your shoulders a little bit, especially the right and exhale, scooping in, you're pulling under that pelvis and then stretching away from that pelvis waist as lengthening. Great job. All right, you get to step off. And now I'm going to add our short box. So I'm going to grab a pole and our box and we're going to do first one is similar to the roll up, so we're going to really work on that. All Right Sarah.

So we're going to go ahead and sit down on the box and we're going to slip your ankles under here. There we go. Good. And I want one hands with distance behind you. So very nice. Good. All right, so this is actually, I just want you to start again right here with your hands relaxed. So this is a hard one to connect to with our stomach and everything working. I want you to feel your two sit bones under you. Yeah.

And I want you to just kind of weeble wobble, have those nice and good idea. And I want you, instead of gripping in your glutes for these exercises, I want you to kind of send those sit bones through the box and almost your tailbone through the box. Good. And I want your belly to pull into your back and pull up from those sit bones. So always trying to get really lifted. Good. And so the first exercise is round. And I want you to think about that.

Push through again and what is your body do? Like if you had the bar right here, go for it. What would your body do? Your stomach would pull in and up so that you could curl forward. Yeah, exactly. And now I want you to think as if you were pulling it back to go up. Exactly. What would you do? So now wrap your arms around your waist all the way down here, a little lower actually. Good. And I want you to start rolling back that waste.

We're going to get the pelvis first flat on the box. Good. Take a breath, and then exhale. Pull Curlin curling under my arm. Really rounding under. Yeah, that's it. Like a low ceiling. Good. And take a little break and then pull into my hand and think about that.

Push through as if you're pulling back a bar with your Le Navel pulling away from your pelvis that you're getting nice and flat. So we're getting that nice and flat. Good. If you feel you can go back further, you're welcome to. If that feels good, but think of setting those sip of that way and then curl right back up and scoop. That's it. And lift in. Yeah, lifting in that waist and two more. Squeeze up off the seat. That's it. But use it to reach away instead of [inaudible] and pulling your navel away as you send those sit bones to your heels. Good. Going back as far as you'd like and then curl into yourself again, trying to leave the pelvis on the box as long as you can to lift away from it.

And one more time up off the seat and use it to push your heels away and lengthen as you roll back these bones. Yes, your sake sacred. Good. That's nice. And then inhale, lifting the head to your chest and exhale, curling and always nothing. Fabulous. Really, really good job and rest. Good. Now sit up, talk in me your best posture and grab the bar below your legs. Good, rested on your thighs. Send those sip bumps through the box. Good. And now with your shoulder blade, staying down, lift your belly up all the way through your fingertips. Come forward with the arms one inch so you can see them maybe two inches in your peripheral vision. Good, good.

So I need you to fill up this a little bit more. That's it. So that you have a perfectly tall spine pulling into your back. I want you to still lift up from those sit bones and other inch and then keep lifting as we go back. Nice and straight, pulling into your back, lifting, lifting, lifting and lift even more to come forward up an up and up. Give your bottom of breast and then pull into your back and lift up from your sit bones. Again, taking the pelvis with you. Yes and forward. Good.

Just keep your gaze a little more forward cause we're making or getting that back, especially right through here. A little Voila. Okay. So pull in behind my fingers and you're going to lift off that seat as you'd lift away from it to go back. Keeping lead with this. Yes. Yes. That's a beautiful straight back. And come forward. Yes. And we're gonna do one more.

Pulling in and pulling up and up and up and up and lifting your waist even taller and taller and taller. Rest your arms. That was beautiful alignment. Good. Now we're going to do side reach. So I want you to send those sit bones through the floor again, pulling your belly in, lift your arms up and lean your shoulders forward in front of your pelvis. Good. But with a straight, long spine. Yeah. Good. Now with your powerhouse, pull back a little more to real. That's it. Good. And you're gonna use your belly to reach your ribs away from your pelvis to the right.

So you're gonna stretch all of this as you go to the right. And then stack your spine up as you come center. And using your belly reach, even here and pulling center. Good and reaching just applies wanting to like two inches between each rip and come back centered. Gorgeous and pulling in and reach. Reach those ribs and stretch. And those sit bones are on the box and come center.

And we have one more time up in overreaching, a little more forward with the shoulders and center and lift up first to the ceiling. And then over, there you go. But you lost a little bit of that. Yes. And now reach over to the left. We have to go to the left, still reaching, lifting, using your obliques, both sides and stack up your spine again. And then rest your arms down. Go ahead and we're going to do the twist. Okay, so we're going to bring the arms up. Good. Pull into your left side just a little more. You don't need a twist, but just think of if you do a line down your obliques, you would pull in the left side. Just a little more. Good. And we're going to bring the left rib over the right hip.

Think of taking all of this beautiful and now use the right obliques to lengthen your waist out. Really reach long and pull back up. Now you did a great job, but I want you to challenge yourself even more by pull. Let's first we're get this squared support the pull back, the pelvis, just a tiny bit. There you go. And now take this ribs over here. Now the difference I want you to do is don't forget to send your sit bones that way. So your waist is going to pull away this way, but send your sit bones the other way and then come up still reaching your, that was beautiful. Yeah, your legs weren't like coming with you.

So we're going to pull back the pubs just a half an inch stat set and now pull back the waist as your hips push forward and come right on up. So nice and pulling in, taking this rib over here, really getting relaxed in this so you get a nice stretch and now take your waist out. Push those hips away and back up. Yeah. Beautiful model for this one. And pull it in and twist in these ribs over here and reach that waist as you push the pelvis away in the opposite direction and right back up. And last time, scooping in, take in this rip over, over, not the shoulder. That's the hard part.

And now pull out while your pelvis pushes in the other direction and right back up. And now reach all the way down and hook the bar underneath your toes. But we're going to pull back the pelvis. So we're going to have a lot of space between your belly and your thighs. I want these hipbones back just a tiny bit more. So we get this big lower back stretch.

I don't feel like I'm get your tailbone into the mat. So instead of this being forward like that, I don't know. I just want you to stay. There you go. That's what I wanted to see. Okay, that's it. Good. Okay. Now put the bar underneath your legs. You sure can. And your positioning is perfect. Feel both sit bones.

Okay. And you're going to use your belly. And even this left hip, right hip to pull it forward and put the foot up on the map. So we're going to try that again. You want to lose the pad? Okay. Yeah. Pads gone. Yep. So you're going to, that's right. So your stomach's gonna keep pulling in, but you're going to use that hip to kind of slide four.

Just rest your foot on the path on the mat. Pull it a little closer to you. Good. But think about exactly. Use the muscle more than a, like a Shimmy. Use your hip muscle and then put your hands underneath your knee. Good. Yes. And pulling your belly in. You're going to bring the knee up a little bit. Excellent. And straighten your leg. Good. And Bend it. Good.

And pulling into your back. Good. I love this alignment of your pelvis. And now as you're straining, I still want you to think of reaching. Okay. And Bend. And one more. The belly pulls in and up. And this like reaches, hold it, walk up your leg, hand over hand. Good. And again, maybe even push into your hands with, feel that reach and feel that good. And now see if you can stretch over your leg. I'm going to soften your knee up a teeny bit and you're gonna pull your belly into lift up and over that leg. Who, that's nice.

I'm trying to connect as much as you can. Good. And now keep that connection and use your belly to roll back your pelvis. This is all about your pelvis. So you're gonna send your sit bones yes to your heels. Hold the leg there and now walk down your leg. Moving your pelvis first, right?

Yes, yes. Keep going. Keeping your body square. Good. And then come on up, walking up your leg. Good. Rock forward just a little bit. And stretch forward over that leg by pulling in and out to stretch your head all the way to your foot. Yeah. And now pull back your waist to rock back with the leg.

Good. This foot's nice and flex. Setting this sip bone that way. And you're going to walk down. Good root. Keep this reaching. Yes. Walk down your leg more and go ahead and hang. Go ahead. That's it. You can take your arms up overhead [inaudible] and bring the arms back and you're gonna Watch your pelvis. Is it square?

Can you send your pip more that way? Good. And then walking on up and stretch forward over it. And then we're going to do all the way forward cause you want your shoulders over those hipbones at least and pulled back for one more time. Sending your sit bones. That was, send your pelvis that way as you walk down, that's it. And good and enjoy that. And then bringing the arms back behind the thigh and you crawl up, reaching the pelvis away, scooping the belly away from the pelvis and stretching forward. Forward, forward. And now grab the toes, Huh?

And both hands on the toes. And now lift your chest up as high as you can. As you pull the toes up to your head, towards your head. Excellent. Picking an apple off the jeep. Bend the leg and slip it under here. Both hips are square again and we're gonna use our belly and that hip to bring the left foot on the mat. Hands underneath that knee. Bring it up higher. Love it. Love it. So much nicer than all this shifting and everything.

And you're going to extend the leg, keeping it thought during. Do it three times. Bending and straightening. Good. And that's it. And one more. Walk up the leg and then use the hands again to kind of push into it to give me more space here. That is so much nicer. Open the knee up a little bit. Turning out just a time, Huh? Yeah.

And really lengthen the spine all the way forward. And now sends your pelvis to your heels as you roll back. Keep it nice and square. Don't let the left one rock up on you. Use that hip [inaudible] and now walk down. Good. It feels secure. Good.

And let's just come on up on this one. So we'll keep it the same. So when the opposite leg, opposite side of your stomach of your leg has to work harder. So in this case, the left legs up, soften the need just a tiny bit. So the right side of your abdominals have to work harder and the left hip has to work harder. Good. And you can go all the way and then inhale head up and so scooping in more on the left side and really making sure that left hip is working so that that pelvis stays nice and squared. Stretch over it. And I'm going to watch the next one from here and pull him back.

Keeping that nice alignment of your hips. Keep setting the left hip long. Get away from you as you yes. Keep reaching it. Make sure that knee isn't working too hard. Beautiful. And coming back up. Keep sending it and using those. Righto. Bleaks good stretch over the leg who always lifting in and up and then grab your toes and now lift up into a tall spine, sending your sip bones through the mat, bringing the toe up as high as you can to your head. Yep. Nice.

We're done with the box. Go ahead and step off that. I'm going to bring it down. Yup. And we're going to go into the elephant and knee stretch series. How are you doing so far? How are you doing so far? Good. Good. Alright, good. So now you're gonna stand up putting your hands on the bar. So go ahead and stand up and the feet back here. Good.

Go ahead and put 'em all the way against the shoulder pads. Yes. But then I'm going to work on, I'm seeing where it goes. So I'm going to want your shoulders. We're going to have fun with this one today. We're going to put it over your, the bar that holds the springs up, maybe half an inch more forward or an inch more. Good. And now I want you to round your back as if you have a balloon tied around your waist and it's pulled nice and in good.

And let's see if you can get your ears to go between your arms too. Perfect. Good. Now maybe bring the toes forward and answer, I think would be a better alignment. Good. Excellent. There you go. That's it. Um, so we're going to have your belly pulling in and up into here. So it's pulling a little more forward. And I want your tailbone to be really hanging as if your spine continues to a tail. And now I want you to use your little lower belly, not your hip flexors, to pool that tail between your legs, keeping your heels pushing down like you're sending your pelvis into your heels and lifting every toe. This is not an easy exercise, especially when you're as advanced as you are.

So now you're gonna use your hamstrings. I let go the carriage, sorry. You're gonna use your hands to push the carriage out and then use that lower belly to pool your tailbone right on under your wonderful, your belly pulls in and up as you send your pelvis that way, and then pull it in even more fantastic and out. Now I want you to work those feet more as you pull in, lift even the little toes. Add three great hamstring and bottom work and pulling in and two more out and scooping it in. And last one, your belly pulls in and up over here, and you scoop it in. Fantastic. Go ahead and kneel down gently. Nice. And you're going to put your feet straight back against it like that except the feet toes flex for it. Yes. Good.

And now we're going to be sitting back. You have good knees obviously, and separate your knees a little bit so they're in line with your feet. Now keeping your pelvis just an inch up higher, I want you to again, use that lower belly to curl your tailbone under you and use your um, rest of your stomach to pull in and have a great, I love it. All right. Pulling your belly into my hand. Push those ties back and a quick pulling it. Good out. All the way in though. I want that carriage. Good. Good. And now I want you to stay here because you know what?

You're so good at this really. So what I want to see is I want to see you really work your body. So I want you, I'm going to show it to you real fast. Try to show it to you. Let's see. So you've got the c curve. Perfect. And you're sitting back nicely. Okay.

And you go, you're using your belly to go out and you're using your belly to come in. It's wonderful. But we want you to go in an advanced situation to actually almost a straight a spine or straight thigh, the Combo of them. So as if you can keep your belly in, see how far you can take those legs and then bring them back in. So if it's right here before you start losing your pelvis and your back, then we've gone too far.

But I think you're so strong in your stomach that you can keep it in and you can challenge that reach and then come back in. Okay. The idea is to stay around in the whole time. Yeah. I'm not saying to not go to a sway back to not change it to an arched back while you're doing it are you're getting your toes nice and snug in there. That's good. All right, so we're gonna always pull in an up. Always a nice lift in here. Good. And you're going to go out, go out as far as you can and then pull back in. That's nice. And then that's what gives you a lot more range to come in now.

Yes. And reach that pelvis way and end and the stomach pulls them. But you're reaching yes and three and in and reach. And then last one. Great. Now with your belly and stretch your chest away from you opening your collarbones. You're going to lift up your chest. Yes. And send your tailbone away as well. Good.

But yet your belly still support you. No, no, you perfect. You're still, I do want you to have this, but your stomach can hold in, right? That's right. Come up a half an inch so that you can engage those hamstrings and use those to go back again supporting your back. Yes. And it's going out and in and stretch and in and stretch and in. And we've stayed on two springs this entire time from the short box to our elephant to our knee stretches. One more. And now I want you to round your back and I'm going to challenge you to not use your quads that much in this next exercise that instantly wants to trigger them.

Instead, I'm going to talk to you while your knees are down. After you lift up your knees, you're going to go out and pull in, right 10 of them with your knees off. But I don't want this to get shorter and shorter and shorter. Instead, I want you to think about getting your thighs longer and longer. The knees aren't gonna touch the map, but you're reaching for the mat while you're pulling up with your belly. Okay? So come forward so that your shoulders are almost over that bar again.

And then you're gonna pull your belly in and up to lift up your knees. One, two, alley up. That didn't work for you. There you go. What do three lift? Good. And then pull it so your bellies and look down at my hand cause you want that for the seeker of good. Reach those thighs long reach those lies along. Keep lifting a little higher. You want a little more [inaudible] and reaching and give me too.

Don't let your knees go too close together. They should stay line with your feet last time. So that was it. So you're going to stay in lower down, great abdominals, good step off, and we're going to be running and pelvic tilt. And then even though I'm going to keep it on too, so I want you to lie down. So as a beginner you would keep it on on four or three, whatever you did your foot work on. But because again, you're not a beginner, I'm going to challenge you to control these springs, which is a tiny plotted stance with the little opening.

We're going to straighten your legs by working your hips. Good pulling in, working here to school straight and straight and straighten and that's fantastic. And now you're going to run bending one knee good. And you're setting your pelvis long away from your powerhouse so that it's stable and long. That's it. And your bellies point in and up getting really beautiful, tall spine. It's really nice. Now take it a lot quicker. We're going to increase that tempo. Good. Keep pulling the belly in and up. That's it. Last set.

And then draw the carriage back home. Good. We're going to do pelvic tilt. So we're going to put your arches on the corners. Good. And to start, I want you to think again like your spine continues to a tail and that I have your tail and I'm, I'm pulling it this way. So I want you to imagine that you can stretch your pelvis away from your body and then as you use your little lower belly to start tilting your pelvis, keep it long away from you. Good. And use the back of your legs. Good. Right to there dropping. Just opening the lungs just a little bit more on. Yeah.

Good. Now we're gonna use the back of your legs to go out and I want you to really use the back of the legs. Pull your pelvis away and stomach pulls out too. And you're going to pull that pelvis away and out and work those legs. I love the lime on the right and he can open up a little bit more cause you want to really work the back of your legs to open up here. You're working on your turnout. Oh good.

And three, a little more space here and a little lower here and two. And I'm going to pull to pull your belly away from me so I can, that's what I want. And one more. Yes. Stomach. And then pull and pull and pull. And now keep this length as you will down. Good. Slide your feet together and we're going to hug the knees in and I want to do the some of the split series with you. So we're going to step off and I'm going to have you come over on this side.

We're going to start with sides. Splits now sides. This split series is definitely not beginner but, and let's keep it on to. Okay, we're going to actually step both feet. Where? Right here. Good staying there. I want you to think just like we did in the beginning, what was my pelvis like? So this is all going to be about your pelvis. Yes. Excellent. And you're going to take your right foot and put it right here on that black pad. Good. And now start again.

Put your hands actually just right on your pelvis and feel that they're square. And I want, I'm going to make you do a few of the three with your hands. They're okay. And you're going to heel toe this foot until it's out here. Good. And you're probably to have to, I'm holding a carriage relatively. So you're going to bring this foot a little more forward so it's even with the other. Excellent. Great. Okay. Yes. Good.

So your pelvis is going to be there and you're always pulling your belly in and up. Away from it. Yeah. Okay. And I want you to push evenly out with those outer thighs. Push out, go out as far as you can. This is that. You can actually go really far. Pull your belly in and pull up. Pull up full up. Good. All right, well then stay here. Put your hands on your hips and we're going to get to ones, Rick. Good.

And put your hands back on your hip bones cause I want you to keep that alignment and you're going to push out with the outer thighs. Go out. I know you have a really good side split and so now we're gonna use your belly to pull up. Pull up away from your pelvis up, up, up, up, up. Good. And we're to push out with your outer thighs is your last one. And as you come up, think about lifting your arch, your inner thighs, your pelvic floor, your powerhouse. Everything's up to the ceiling. Now hold it in and he'll toe this foot in. Staying Tall.

Don't lose that pelvis. Ooh, sorry. Yes, there yet. Go left foot. Comes onto the mat and then turn towards the springs. Good. That way it forces the carriage to stay home. And then we're going to turn all the way around and you're gonna put your left foot out and we're going to heel toe your right out. Good correction. Nice. Good. They look pretty even.

Do they feel pretty good? Okay. So we are down to one spring now cause you're like so advanced. Okay. And just relax your shoulders a tiny bit. Good. All right there. That's more even stomach in and you're going to push out with those outer thighs. And I'm not helping you, but I'm just here and you're gonna pull in and lift up from your pelvis to come on.

Lifting up everything in your body and push out with those outer thighs, but still lifting in the powerhouse. And then you're going to lift up your arches and you're going to lift up your inner thighs and your hipbones and your powerhouse. And one more out. I love it. I am. And Scoop in and lifting up, up, up, and then hold it in and bring heel-toe that foot. No losing the pelvis. Good ring. There you go. And bring the left foot on.

Turn towards the bar. And I'm going to add a spring. So we're gonna do front splits and thigh stretch and we do it with two springs. You want to make a Little v back here with my pads? Put both your hands right here. Good. Now I want your right foot to go on the bar between your shoulder and your chest bone. So not quite in the center. Good.

And I want to heel toe or do a nice little leap and have your left foot turned out with your heel on the headpiece and a flat foot. Excellent. Yeah. Okay. Hey, that's great alignment in your pelvis. How does that feel? Good. And I want your head asleep by your knee. There you go. And I want you to pull in and up, filling up your back. Okay. All right.

And we're going to use all of the back of the leg watch since you can see the alignment of your knee. Is it in alignment with your toes or is it rolling in more? And we're gonna use this back heel and thigh to push out. And you can go out as far as you want, but the emphasis is on this alignment. And then pull it back in and we're going to do it two more times.

Pushing out, really making sure that knee is incorrect alignment. Yep. And then coming in. And last one, keeping a good scoop. Don't let that hip come up and coming back in. Now I want you to lift your hips so that they're the level of your knees right there. Okay? So your pelvis is straight across. Okay. And I want you to pull your belly in even more and start rounding up your back.

And your hands will go behind your head, but move the pelvis more. It should be looking at. Yes. Good. And now it's about the front leg and it's going to push straight out with your belly, keeping your pelvis and bend it in. Yes. And push it out. This is really good. One more. Good for you. Good form. I like it.

Hold here and reached through your powerhouse all the way through your fingertips. Grab onto the bar, lower the left knee to the mat, kneeling down on it and hop your foot back. So it's like a that again against the shoulder pad though. Yes. Good. This is going to be right there trying to stretch that down. And I'm going to stay here to stretch you. Actually, I'm going to go the other side, but yeah, and we're gonna push out and you can see you're going to try to s use the back of your leg to press the hip all the way down to the springs as you go to a straight of a front leg as you want. Good. And we're going to come in like that. Does that feel good, Sarah, or too much? Yeah, it can't go outside of your arms, but I do want you to open. Yeah, there. And then bending it in as you come in. Good.

Cause it's lifting and opening quite a bit and I want it to stretch down more. It's ideally as we'd come in, but right now I am focusing a lot on this stretch. You getting that? Yeah. Yup. And we're gonna do one more good all the way and coming back in that quad still tight and then coming in. That's good. That's good.

This is an area where we're on other exercise I'd want to work on, on laying thinning this outright because it does just want to open up. Yeah. Good job. There you go. That's the finish of that one. In fact, bring your arms forward and use your belly and you're going to lift up into a nice back then for that, it feels really nice. I got Ya. Nice. Very good. And then reaching forward and now you're going to bring your right foot hands on the bar, right foot to the mat. Stand up on it. That's a right, right. Okay. I'll stand up.

That's okay. And now left foot first. And that's, it'll be interesting to see what the difference is here. She's all interesting for you. Okay. Hopping this leg back. Good. All right. And you have a real, I mean they're, they're really nice and square here and you're going to come forward as much as you can. Head to sleep. Good. And again, watch the knee and you're going to go out pushing with the back leg. But don't leave this hip. You've got to come out with it. There you go. And then coming in and so it's about the backlog, but this one's already wanting to creep up and you don't need to do that and coming in. So I'm going to have you come in, but pull back a little with the hips. Aha. And then lengthen. That's gorgeous.

And now go out with the back leg. There you go. Do you see how I have your hip straight across right now and now coming in. Good. And we're going to do one more back leg. Don't you? Got to take the pelvis with you. That's it. And then coming back.

Good. And now we're going to bring the pelvis back and up so that it's a right angle. Your legs can be at a right angle. And now use your belly to roll up your back. Hands behind your head. Good. Good length in this left hip. That's it. It's about that hip now.

And you're going to go out with that front leg and bent. Yes. And out and med. So what you're working hard. What you're doing is you're working to not lift this hip to keep them straight across and staying here. [inaudible] and coming back in. That was your last one. Reach long through your arms from your stomach and then grab onto that bar or reach for that bar. Bring the right knee down. Take your right foot back a little bit. Good, good, good.

And now we're gonna push through the hip flexor. Yeah. And then go out. They're perfect. They're staying really nice right now and in, Oh, I'm stretching God. I know. Two more. Wow. [inaudible] and cooling in. And one more stretch you on this one too, and pulling it. So even if you don't have someone to stretch you, you think about, you can even use your hands as a little opposition to pull your hips really forward into that bar. Nice. And now reach your arms forward, both of them at the same time.

[inaudible] and use your belly to go into a back bend. Reach back, back and back on linkedin. That hip, yes. And come on back. Very nice. Good. And bring your hands down and bring your feet down, knee down, and then step off. And that completes your basic reformer, but with a lot of advanced emphasis. How'd that feel? It felt great. Thank you. Alright. Okay, so now let's transition to the mat and we're going to put little Pilati stance. Good. And Go ahead and put lean your weight just a little forward. That's it.

One arm on top of the other. And remember what it felt like to have those arms lifted up to the ceiling. One foot in front and lower yourself. Really lifting away from your pelvis. Excellent. Keep lifting away. Keep lifting away. Wow, that's very nice. Okay. Now just stay seated and center your bottom in the mat.

And now bring your knees together and feet together and hands underneath your knees. So we're gonna start off with the rolled back. We're going to regain that back, looking like the sale of a sailboat. Good. And I want you to pull your belly as far away from your thighs as you can. Try and get the front of your hip bones to look up at the ceiling. Look up at the ceiling more. Look it up at the ceiling.

More and more and more and more. Take a breath and exhale. Come home using your powerhouse. Good. And I want you to send your sip phones and your, the backside of you to your heels as you roll back. So pull your belly in and roll back. Willing your front of your hip bones up to the ceiling. Yes, but setting your sit bones long and underneath you. That's it. Hold it there.

Hold it there and breathe into it. Take a breath and exhale. Breathe into it. Good. And Curl up is fine. Good, good, good, good. And now I want you to go all the way down to your bras drop, but seem articulation working through the pelvis first, sending the back line to your heels, sending your sit bones to me, pulling your hip bones up to the ceiling. Great. Take a breath and exhale. Scoop in, curling up. Excellent. All the way forward. Good. And now go back to your head. So you're going to roll back, sending your sit bones to me, pulling your hipbones up to the ceiling, articulating one boat and lengthening. Always.

Always rolling through. Good. Go ahead and keep your belly in. And as you stretch back your arms, it's lovely. Arms Up. Head comes up. Pull your belly in in a way from your pelvis as you curl up and rounding more in that middle back and in that lower back. And Go ahead and straighten your legs and reach for your ankles.

Nice lift up and over. That's it. And now we're going to roll back like that, scooping in. And I want you to send your this to your feet. That's it. And I want you to roll down this phone more. That's it. And reaching and reaching and reaching. Good.

And bend the knees [inaudible] and arms up and head comes up. Send your pelvis to me as you curl up away from, it's rounding a little more on that lower back and then reach for a nice stretch. Good lifting in it, and then pulling back your belly as if you're pulling back a heavyweight with your powerhouse. Let me see that lower belly pull back more. Yes. Send your tailbone to me. Get your waistband onto the mat first. Lean a little to the right for you. [inaudible] good and reaching back in. You're gonna do one more with your legs straight this time. Good.

Soften the knees a little bit. Good. And the only reason I have you soften your knees a little bit is because when you lie straight, your pelvis isn't able to be in the correct alignment and rolling down. Soften them a little bit here as you roll down to soften the knees. [inaudible] and go ahead and work. Yes, yes, yes. Fantastic. Good. That's enough. Hug the right knee into your chest.

Good. Straighten that leg up to the ceiling and put your hands behind your sigh and stretch it towards you. Good. I'll void that knee joint for me. We're going to send that hip like this. Okay, so I don't know if you need it. Turn out your leg or what you need to do cause you're accomplished. But I don't want this hip hiking up during this exercise.

I want square and I want your hands right on your hipbones and you're going to start by just warming it up by your belly. Pulling in and up. And I want, I'm going to pull in the opposite direction as you reach this leg, soften the knee a little bit and make it of the thigh reaching yes. And now pull it up as high as you can with your belly and you're going to cross the body circle down around, up. Good. Up to your nose is more important and up to that left shoulder. Yes. Use your belly to pull up. Feel how it pulls into your back to pull up and hold rivers around all the way up to that left shoulder. Yes, pulling into your back.

Get the belly to pull more and two and last one all the way up to here. Good. Hug the knee in and switch legs. Good. Straighten that leg up. Good. And that's good. Hip Alignment. Nice. Draw the belly so that you feel both sides of this back on the mat.

And we're going to do one of those. Reaching down the middle of your body with me. I was supposed to pull and then pool your navel into your back, into that area and up. Excellent. All the way up to your nose and really try to get this stretch and then reached down. Good and crusts. Surround up. Yes. And crust surround up and to around up last one and reverse reaching.

Pull it into your back. Pull that naval into your bat. Yo. That was so nice. Really make it feel good for you. One more. And hugging that knee. Good. Linkedin, that leg on the mat. Good. And I want you to soften. So right now your pelvis tilts just a little bit, right?

So then when you, if you were going to do a roll up, there's no way. So you guys soften your knees just a little bit so your pelvis can pull towards you and curl on. Not good, and you're going to come up. And then we're going to do lift your bottom forward and I want your hands under your knees and balanced with your feet up with a nice round back. And we're going to do rolling like a ball, but we're going to start creating more space. Yes. And then use that upper belly to bring your shoulders forward, Morton. And now roll back. Just rock back like that.

Inhale back and exhale right up. Work on that. Uh Huh. One more in with the air massage in your lower back. Exhale. Now you're going to grab onto your ankles and pull them a little closer to you. Open the knees a little bit. [inaudible] great and inhales you roll back and exhale, scoop it in and in with the air. And exhale, upper stomach hold.

Inhale, lower belly rolls back. Exhale, upper stomach crunch. Last one. Inhale, rolling back. Exhaling up. Good. Now stay there and I just want you to give me the biggest letter c you can set up a small letter c right now. E Yeah, lower down your feet. Lift your bottom back a little bit so your legs are straight in. You're in the middle of the Mat. That's right. Good.

And you're going to lie down, bringing your right knee with you. Good. And stop. Once you hit your shoulder blades, open the collar bones more and I want it all the way in today. Bring the left hand right hand down to your ankle. Good. This legs reaching, but again, no knee joint so that you can pull and switch. Good. And pull your belly away from your pelvis to switch.

Your pelvis reaches good. But when you reach your pelvis, you're locking your knee and using your quad, reach it from here. That's it. Reach it from the back of the leg. Yeah, this one, especially me, man. I'm going to keep an eye on you. Yes. And that's it. One more set and left in brain, both ankles, knees, and grab your ankles. [inaudible] you're going to stay up and we're going to do double leg. So you're gonna reach your arm straight up and we're gonna send your pelvis this way, but unlock your knees and work the back of your legs to us.

And now grab onto your ankles. Inhale, working. Exhale. Inhale, reach, exhale. Inhale, scoop all the way to these fingertips. And exhale. And one more time. Oh, I reached those legs. [inaudible] rest your head for a second. Rock up and sit up for the last exercise. Spine stretch forward. So you're going to put a heel here and heel here. Good.

And you're going to think of a wall and your spine and you're going to stack it up nice and straight. That's nice. Didn't even have to correct that. Good. And now we're going to, I want palms here and I want you to imagine that you're pushing down on a one two chair on the pedal and you're going to pull in and grow taller. And then exhale, getting crown of your head down to your mat. Yes, reach those arms at shoulder height and reach and reach and reach. Lift them up to shoulder height [inaudible] and now roll back this part of your back first. Good. And then stack them up. Keeping your pelvis were right there. Lifting, lifting, lifting.

Give your bottom a little brake. Pull your belly in and lift up from your sit bones and then curl down. Excellent lifting one at a time. Stretching, stretching, always belly lifting. Tailbones through the mat. And then rolling up. Stacking, lifting, lifting. We're gonna do just one more. Pull in and lift.

Now I want you to keep, this lift is so good, but on the way up you kind of lose it. So lift as you roll up. Ooh, that it was great and you're all done. Nice job.


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The you Monica. This helped to clarify some things for me as we went through the exercises. I was still struggling with my hips on the short box for tree. It's so hard but you gave good cues to help us through it. :))

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