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Training for Tennis

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Monica teaches a workout using the Reformer and Ladder Barrell to help incorporate Pilates principles with Tennis. She teaches exercises with back extension, spinal rotation, and upper body strength to get more power out of your swing. Monica also teaches a great stretch to help prevent tennis elbow using the Pilates Pole. Even though she uses tennis as her inspiration for this workout, it really is a great and advanced workout for anyone.
What You'll Need: Ladder Barrel, Reformer, Mixed Equipment, Pilates Pole

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Jun 24, 2013
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Okay. Candace, I'm really excited you're here because I you love tennis and I love tennis. So I wanted a form today's session on tennis and thinking about all the different components. Balance is super important. So the carriage sliding back and forth is going to add that component to balance. We're gonna work on that. Um, back extension. Whenever we go for a surf, you really need to have a pretty good back extension. You know, some of the pros really do an amazing back then before they power through on that surface. We want to work on a lot of those back Benz, less spinal rotation obviously. So we're doing a lot of twisting, very easy to see would be how the arms need to be strong, shoulders strong so that we don't get the shoulder injury that we're a little bit working through. So we're going to modify certain exercises accordingly. Yup. Um, or the dreadful tennis elbow. So we're going to be, um, actually ending with a tennis elbow kind of stretch afterwards just to feel good. Okay. As we walk away. So, um, this is not an easy exercise workout session.

This is a more advanced session, you have to be pretty accomplished. A lot is a student to do this, do this, but you want to just see how does, how do you incorporate tennis into your plies workout? Because it definitely gives you the core strength and the flexibility, which is huge in tennis, right? Strength and flexibility for you to get more power out of each swing. So let's go ahead and start off with centering with our footwork.

So let's lie down and to put you on three springs, Hammer toes are going to be on the bar and a light pole lattes in. If you can do a little wider stance, that's great, but there we are, and the knees. Good. So we have our frame, it's nice and square. We're going to draw in our powerhouse or our core and we're going to go out taking the carriage out and pull it in. Good. So this is warming up our leg muscles and, and, and really working on the powerhouse and going out and n, n but most importantly, it's making all your limbs centered into your powerhouse. Really using that to initiate every exercise.

Good hip flection is also super important when you're going in for those volleys. We're going to do one more. So the nice part of your back sitting flat, come here and then arches and yet your knees being able to bend like that are just great. We would like to work on the knee bending even more later on and how [inaudible] good and stretching it out. And then so this is the way we warm up on the reformer. Good and yeah and pull it in and really think about those inner thighs cause those are super important as you're going side to side on the court. Right. And one more and we're going to go up to heels and out.

Very nice and pull those toes back. Good. Why is this? Basically I do base Palase because of my love of Ramana but also to do continue doing every single thing that I love in tennis is one of those things can can really easily injure you. Stay here and go down to toes. So doing exercises like Polina's go out really works with that injury prevention. Very nice. Here. Stretch down to three. Lift two, three. You should really feel the outer thighs. Now those are warming up.

We're using our outer thighs and seat to lift up those heels. Stretching the spine should get a nice stretch as your powerhouse stays in and up so that that lower back can lengthen it. Give me one more great job, Candice, come on in. Bending the knees, slide away from the shoulder pads, and we're going to do the hundred okay, we're going to grab those handles and we're going to bring the knees into your chest. Now when you pull on those straps, I really want you to connect the arm with your powerhouse. So go ahead and lift up your head and look at your powerhouse and reach your arms and legs long. So reach even. Pull longer the machine out a little bit and let's pump. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. No doubt you're warming up, your powerhouse. Exhaling, but the shoulders look really nice. They're nice and open and those arms are working very good.

Give me two more big breaths. Reaching long the limbs. One more time. I liked that right shoulder to go down just a little bit. Yeah. Pulling, connecting the shoulder blade into your powerhouse just a bit more. Bend the knees and relax. Everything good. I want you to lower your head piece and prepare yours straps for short spine massage. I'm going to drop the one sprain, so you're looping the handle through the leather.

Bring your knees into your chest and make sure the carriage stays home as you stretch back. Huge stretch here. Good. And then the arms down by your side as you bring your feet down. Good. All right, so nice long arms open chest. Reach out those legs and lift up your seat as you go over emptying your lungs. Inhale, bend your knees and exhale rolling down.

So right after this we're going to work on our back extensions and go forward. So I want you to really get a good back. Stretch this way. Bend your knees as well and rolling down so we can get more out of our back. Extensions can't bend the other way. If you don't bend this way, first go out, lifting your seat. Good. Very nice lifting as much as you can. Use your belly to bring your knees and exhale and without you knowing you're working on your balance. Cause if someone, a beginner tried to do this exercise, they get a little freaked out and go on out one more time. As they flip over, it gets a little worrying. It makes them worry a little bit.

Ben Janiece down and Exhale, rolling down. Next exercise is coordination. I want you to grab those handles and take the leather off. Very good. Okay, so as we go side to side on the court, we really need to work the inner and outer thighs. All right, so think about that. When we're doing coordination and at any time to avoid the tennis elbow, we really want to work on the upper arm and shoulders.

So we're going to bring the head up and see where your hand is. I want you to actually pull out an edge, excellent long fingers. So we're not gonna ever go behind that. Let's reach out and squeeze your legs together. Hold arms are on the mat all the way down. Push Open with the outer thighs, squeeze with the inner thighs, bring the knees in and then resist with the elbows. Good one more at that tempo.

Everything out. Outer thighs, inner thighs. Good. Draw it in and in. Good. Rest your head for a second. We're going to now do four more at a much different tempo because you also want to work on your fast twitch muscles and supply. These does certain exercises at different tempos to work on those fast twitch muscles. Okay, so when you get the count is really out on one open, close, bend in, bend in, so it's only one count for your open close yet. You still want to think outer thigh. Inner thigh. All right, head comes up and we're going to go out open, close.

Little quicker next time than bend in. That's tough. Go out. Open. Close now. Slow. That's it. Two more like that. Ah, open. Close. Yes. Draw it in and in. Give me one more out. Open, close, draw in and then excellent. Take both handles in one hand and you're going to spin around to start our rowing. Super important to start working. I was so grateful I didn't see it like just worlds right by me.

That was good. Make sure you're nice and centered. I'd say go over to the left just a tiny bit. Yep. And now in a better hands with distance behind you that are good. Okay. So we're gonna, you're gonna talk to me this whole time about how your shoulders are. Okay. You can be a huge range of motion on this exercise, but we want to keep it where it's safe for you.

Kinda like knocking on the door of a really good stretch, but definitely not going through the door pain. Okay. So we're going to start off is super important for, I'm going to have you face your knuckles more like this. Hmm. Yeah. All right. And elbows up. I know. Head to your chest and I want you to roll back your waistband pool in a good way to open those arms. Good. Hold it there with your powerhouse and see if you can push back the arms.

Excellent. Now and then scoop in. Bring your arms right here, but it's open the shoulders instead. How's that feel? And now we're going to lift a little bit and we're going to circle back to your ankles. Great job to mourn and opening those collarbones and roll back your waistband. Scoop it and open those arms. Fix that strap for you. Open those arms, push back from your powerhouse. And now come back thinking about opening those shoulder blades.

Squeeze the shoulder blades together and around. I meant open those shoulders or collarbones. One more and I'll give you a nice stretch, I promise. And pull it in. Good. Round that lower back, open. Good. Work from here to push open. Yes. Feel that string. Really pull on those handles. Reach.

Use the handles to give you a little bit more length and reaching all the way and grab onto those ankles and stretch. When you are playing, a lot of times you have to reach for the ball. And so you want to work on the reach and the length in the arm here. Okay, we're gonna go into your right angle with the arms, right? Equal Angle, right angle. There you go. Lift your elbows up. Good. And pulling in your belly. Lift off your seat, out the crown of your head. And let's go back as far as we can and then reaching [inaudible] forward. Arms. Go to the side. Good. Let's check those shoulders.

Pull from here as you come back. Good. Reach long through those handles and then around and forward. Very nice. How does that feel on your shoulder? Good. Two more right angle. Sitting up tall. Lift off your seat, out the crown of your head as you go back, pulling your ways to with you and forward. Exhale all the way forward. Inhale, pull to your waist. Open, open, good.

Keep reaching and around as you exhale. And give me one more back to that right angle. I will say a better reaching back and coming forward. Good. And Pool back, squeezing those shoulder blades together, opening the chest and lift in your waist. Yves. And as I do this, good around and stretching all the way. Oh Lord God. Good. Now we're gonna put the handles down and turn around. Oh, it feels good when you work with me. Yeah. Yes.

It's definitely feels a lot different when you work with someone, so we're just going to keep them to the silent slide back with your bottom good. And then put your thumb inside. That's it. Still on one spring. All right, we're right here. Good. So from your waist, right from here, I want you to really feel that length in your arm. Drop your shoulder blades. Good. And now grow taller. Pull on those straps like push out on 'em.

Keep trying to make them longer. Now push down and Linkedin, linkedin, linkedin. That's it. Two more. Right here. It's inhale, it's exhale stomach in. Good. Inhaling up to the ceiling. Very nice. That light shoulder is going to go down. Down. Yes. One more time. And inhale forward from the waist and exhale, pushing down and inhale, pulling up. Good. And now press down and enough you're going to flex the feet and put your hands by your hips. Pull back your toes and inhale, slide to your heels. Roll up through your spine.

Arms stay at shoulder height as you roll up. [inaudible] just hold the arms. They're good. Now we'll see right there. Scooping in your belly. Reach longer through your arms and then come up and then push the earth away as you lift and rust. Two more stretch on the mat, on the mat. And you want to try it again? Stay there and stay on the mat.

Yes, and roll up and pausing there. Open those collarbones. Reach longer yet and then up. Good and pressing down down. One more time. Inhale forward. Exhale, rolling up. I love the length here. Inhale, lift. And he'll push your heels away even more as you lift and lift and lift and good. Okay, we're going to do shaving now, which might be a little tough on your shoulder. So let's see. Good.

We're going to start with your arms right here. That's it. Lean a little forward and scoop your belly and as you bring your arms in front of the shoulder joint, always. Is that okay? Does it hurt? Okay. And let's do more of a salute. So you're going to bend your elbows to here and dropped the shoulder blade as you straighten. And two more. I keep the shoulder blade down. Yeah, imagine that. And bending.

And three. So we are, this is wonderful. We want to work towards going to the back of the neck, but I love, it's great. Form One more that shoulder. There we go. One more. Yeah, hold the arms there. That was awesome. And then open the arms forward and you're going to switch legs.

So the other one's in front. Are it very important that the shoulder is higher than the elbow? There you go. Inhale. Hold here. Tighten the back of your arm and push away. Good in with the air. Then you want to keep that spring moving. Exhale.

Otherwise it gets really tedious. Inhale, close. Exhale. Now this time, hold it. Inhale and exhale. Squeeze and Oh, open and exhale, squeeze and open. And we're do one more. So good for you and opening. Great job. All right, let's hang up your handles. Good. And we're going to grab the long box. Okay. Setting up a alarm box. Leave the pole there. That's fine.

I'll grab it you later and you're gonna grab it and we're going to put it on. Good. Okay, great. Make sure it's nice and centered. And now we're going to go over and do the swan on the barrel to warm up before our pole straps. Okay. Alright Candice. So let's use the latter barrel to prepare us for the long box.

You're going to come over here and we're just going to get our back warmed up. So I want you to put your sacred, your lower back right there. Bring your feet a little bit more in employee stance and then round over. Good. Just there. Wrap your arms around your stomach. Yeah. Great. Okay, I got it. It will slide a little bit, but I'll hold you.

So we're going to scoop in and we're going to roll back one bone at a time and use your belly to extend your arms up and then reach back. Keep your belly in and reach back with me. And now bring your head and arms forward scooping in. So the shape that your body is doing right now, which is was a back bend. Straighten your legs now and grabbed right under this barrel and try to bring your head to your knees.

Good. Stretching. Two more. Slide down a little bit. So you're supported. One more inch. That the, sorry. A little bit too much. All right. And Scoop in and rolling back one bone at a time. Lift up through your arms and exhale. And we're going to stretch one, two, three, and then forward.

Good. So we're going to do one more and then we'll do an advanced more advanced exercises. See called the Swan. One more. Bending the knees and rolling back. So this is just a great way to learn how to back then on your own, the cyber reach, reach, reach, reach, good. And now coming back up. Always support, strengthening that powerhouse. Even if you're in the back, then you have to use your powerhouse. Sorry. And rolling forward. There we go.

I'm going to stand on the way back this time for the next one. So I want you to roll up and walk your feet underneath you. You're going to stand up and then come on inside. So we're going to come in here and we're going to do swan. So Swan, you want to put the ball of your foot on the bottom, run in the heel on the next rung up. I'm going to hold you here because I love this angle to be able to see it.

That's it. Good. And you want to make your frame your box right over the middle of the barrel. Okay, so that's a little too forward. That's it. Good. Really try to lengthen the thighs by lengthening the knees down towards the Mat. The floor. Good. Okay.

That way you're not over clenching in the SOA as muscles that you're kind of reaching through. Instead, use your hamstrings and glutes and now lift your belly up and start lifting your arms up and do a back bend back towards me in with the air. Exhale back back. Now shoot out to straight legs and then straight legs go into a back bend and then bend. And when you can't go anymore, lift up. Nope. Back then, back then, back then, back then, and now reach forward. Reach and bend the knees and come home. Good. So the first back bend is going to be with bent knees like they are. Okay.

And the second back, then you try to do a straight legs in with the, or. Lift up your upper body. Exhale back into a back bend. Exhale, exhale, shoot out to straight legs squeezing. And now try to keep them straight and then Ben and when you need to. But keep going back. That's it, Candace and our reach all the way forward and come home. Good. One more time in how lift. Exhale back to me. Yes.

And now inhale out scooping in your belly and back bend and then keep coming back to me. Exhaling, exhaling, exhaling, beautiful. Reach all the way forward with your powerhouse lifted and gum home. And you are all finished my dear. Let me give you a little stretch. Good rent. Bring your feet down. Round your body up. And we're going to walk back to the reformer with beauty and grace. Let's go.

Alright Candace. So now that our back is warmed up, go ahead and lie down like if the surfboard or in California after all. There you go. Good. And you're going to grab up on those straps. Good. Let the handles fall to the side and crawl up higher. Nice. Alright. I want you to swing your hips over towards this direction towards yes, very good. And take your shoulders over just a little. I know, I know, but that's why it's so important to work with somebody, right? Oh, and now I need your shoulders on the box. So slide back a tiny bit. Okay. Long arms. This is your shoulder that gives you grief.

You always want to make sure it's pulled into joint support with your belly. And we're gonna pull back with those arms as we simultaneously go into a back bend, lifting, lifting, lifting, and come down reaching those arms for the floor. Again, not stopping that spring. Pull down and back. Shoulder blade. Good. Keep pulling up. Keep pulling. Wrap your shoulders around my hand and down. That's it. One more time. Scooping in and shoulder blades and opening that chest and reaching.

Pull back those arms, pull back, pull back, good and down. I love it. And now we'll go into the t. So slide down and put your hand inside the loop and then reach your arms out to the side. There we go. Arms out. Good stomach in and pull back. Those shoulders. Arms are going to pretend like they're going to clap above your bottom, lift up your chest and reach out to go home. How's that shoulder?

It's not very strong. Okay. Stomach in and I can assist. Can't tie and that's really important. That's why I'm here. Stomach in and we're going to come back and press onto me and returning. Very nice. Good job. Both handles in one hand and we're going to go into backstroke.

So both handles in one hand. Step off to the side. Now separate them and put them in behind. And your hands behind your back. Place a hand on the box. Be Great if you can. Put a foot here, the other hand and try to lift your bottom as carefully forward to that front edge. Good. That's the effort I want. Break. Come forward a little bit more and it's a little off to the side. So Center yourself, always center yourself more forward. Okay.

Lie on your back, knuckles into your chest. More centering exercises. Kay. And we're reaching up open and now scoop in and reap. Dive for your knees. Two, three and bend. Good job. And we're going to go up open and circle right into yes. And we're going to come up, up, up and bend. Fabulous.

And two more open. Circle into it and reach to three and exhale. One more time. And it's lift, open and scoop. Good. And lift. Lift. That's some strong core work. And Ben didn't feel that powerhouse.

We're going to bring down your feet and you can lift your bottom back a little bit. So we're, that's it. And let your legs hang. Here's our balance. Work arms out to the side. Voila. Voila. There you go. Good. [inaudible] soften your elbow a little bit. We're going to use your belly, lift up your head and use your stomach to balance and pull up your body into that teaser. Good. And now the arms come down and pump one and give me one more pump that shoulder's gonna go down as you want to go down. And then arm.

Stay up here now really important. Make your arms longer. Pull your belly in the opposite direction as you roll down. So use that arm extension. Use that length. There you go. Very nice. That's pulling it all together. And two more. Let's just stick to pumps here. So you're going to come up for the first pump.

One the arms come down scooping as soon you're trying to make those arms reach longer from those shoulder girdle muscles and hold and roll down so that you really, really can get all those balls, all those shots. One more time, head and scoop it in. Work on the balance and down. So you just raced over to a ball and then you can just hold yourself so well, right? And hold. And now roll down again. Continue lengthening those arms, right shoulder. Very nice. Good. And you are all finished. Good. Nice.

I'm going to take these and you're going to step off and let's do short box. Turn your box around very well. Very nice. Sit on down and place those feet. It's nice if it's right over the ankle. Good. All right. Can you get a little, they're actually pretty good. Honda says hands with distance. Wrap your arms around your belly. Okay, let's the first one is to secure that you know how to use your powerhouse. So pool your belly into me and round your back. Round, round, round.

Can you round anymore? That's it. And now relax and then scoop in your belly. Let me feel that powerhouse and relax. That was a hundred times better than the first. Now we're going to do one more scoop in. Show me that strong powerhouse and keep your belly in, but lift off your seat. Good. And now using your belly roll back, your lower back eyes on your belly scoop and in pulling your waist with you.

And exhale, curl under a low ceiling. Curl under my arm. Good and rest. Don't go so forward where your shoulder, there you go. Round your lower back, lift off your seat and roll back. Drawing that belly away from that strap and curl into yourself. Nice, strong abdominals here. And two more pulling in, squeezing up and rolling back. Good. Back, back, back, and exhale forward. Good. And one more time. Rolling back, scooping in.

And exhale. We're going to be really avoiding some back injuries here by doing all this stomach work right now I want you to just hold the bar down side back a little bit. So this is extremely important. We're gonna Scoop in our powerhouse, but now I want you to reach your arms long and from your waist you're going to lift up your arms. That is it. Slide your left shoulder, right shoulder, little down. And now we're going to go back as if we're painting the ceiling. Take it back from your waist and come forward.

Really Nice. Rest your seat and then lift up and go back and come forward. Good. A little too much of a back bend here. So I want you to pull into my hands, drop your shoulders more and pull into my hands. Rounding almost in your mind. Good. And lifting off your seat. Let's go back. That's it.

And coming forward. That's very nice. Rest your seat and give me one more lifting from your waist and back. Ooh, that was gorgeous. And back and forward and rest your arms down. That was really nice. Oh good. We're gonna do side reach. So we're gonna scoop in, lift up your arms from your waist and lean your shoulders forward.

Now when you reach over to the right a little more forward for me, reach from your waist. Okay. Go over to the right, reaching over from here and come center and up and over to your left pole into here more. That's it. And Center and over. So we want to pull into this side and come center very nice and pulling into this side as we go left, reaching through those arms and center. Give me one more set and pull it in and up. Very nice and center. And this is really working that extension in the arms while connecting it to your spine. Very good. Rest your arms. Now the granddaddy of Malda twists.

So we're going to bring up scooping it and bring up your arms. Good. And we're going to twist to your right. Wonderful. And now reach out from your waist, reach or end up. That's nice. And scooping in and twist. And now reach out from the waist. Yes.

And shoulders down, scooping in and twist and reach and back up and pull into here and twist a little more like so. There we go. Reaching out and up and I believe it's one more set and pull it in. Unless I've, I am known to lose track here and up. And one more time, but I'd like you to pull in more and slide the shoulder blades. There you go. That's it. That's final rotation.

And bring the arms down and hook it under your toes for big stretch. How'd that spinal rotation work? I feel good. Good. All right Candace, we're going to put that leg underneath. Our hamstrings get really tight as well. So we're going to put the our hands under for tree. Good.

And stretch the leg up and bend. Grow Taller. Yes. Hold it up. Walk up that leg. Good. Let's do a little flex in point. Yes, you deserve it. Flex and point to Nice, neat. It feels good, doesn't it? And then relax that foot. And now like you're going over a big physio ball, reach over your body, over your leg.

Always dropping these, relax them. Good. And draw your belly in to roll back your waistband first. Secure with the safety strap, pushing that heel when walk down your tree. Good. Go into that back extension. That's so important. Okay. That's it. And inhale, head to your chest and crawl up your leg.

That was very nice. Usually people, I'm going to stretch forward over that leg. And two more pulling back. And Dan, you go just a little more tempo to it so that you relax with it and then work on the way up. Yeah, stretch over. And one more time. Just melting down. [inaudible] backup. Up we go. Good. Rock and forward. Good. Now flex the foot and it's important to grab the toes for me. Yep. And now open the chest. This is what we call both hands on the toes.

We call this a picking the apple off the tree and switch legs. Well you're working out. Bring out the left. I can get you. Seems like it. I'll get you a towel in a second if you'd like. All right, so we're going to grab that left leg. Good. And then straighten and bend and straighten and bend. Good.

And straighten and walk up. Let's get the shoulders to start right over your hips. There we go. Now. Yep. Flexing point. Relax the foot and stretch over that leg. Yes. And now pulling into your waist.

Roll back your squared off hips and walk down that leg. And let me see that nice back extension on this leg too. That's it. And then curl into yourself. Take your leg a little forward and stretch forward. And two more. Scooping in and down. You go and open that hip. Yes. And scooping in. Good.

And one more time. Using your stomach, your core, your powerhouse to go down, back extension. Coming on up. Can't wait to see your serve next time. And stretching forward and flex the foot and grab your toes. Yes. And lifting up your chest. Good. Good, good, good. All right, go ahead and step off. Oh, there you go. Good. And we're going to bring your back Fox down and you write your box down.

Put it right here. Okay. Hey, you are my lady. Oh my pleasure. And I'll set you up for your long box. So we're going to get a lot of arm strength here.

You're going to want you to hug the midline is what I'm going to be telling you, which I'm going to want you to press into my arms. So let's get into the long stretch. Hand-Foot hand foot. So put a hand, a foot hand and a foot, but I want you to be a little more forward on yes, good. Squeeze the bottom like crazy. Use that powerhouse. And let's go ahead and squeeze me as you go out. And as you come in, drawing that belly and, and push out and pulling, and you really should feel every part of the arm here.

It's easy to just put a shot with the rest of your body. But think about holding the shoulders properly, pushing out with those arms and pulling it all the way in. Long out the crown in here at all. And this is your very last one. Pull it all the way in. Reach forward through the hood and kneel down gently down. Stretch.

Separate your feet. Good. Squeeze your hips forward. Really work through. Yes. Is that all right on you? And this is going to work on your shoulders a bit. Mm. And you're going to squeeze out and exhale, open that chest as you come up and up and up. Inhale and exhale. O opening your chest up, up, up, up fan.

Two more and exhale up with the power owls. And that's enough. We're going to stand up and do up stretch. So we're going to lift up onto the ball of our foot. Good. All right, so this is the one that I might want to add a combo to. So let's see how we go.

We're going to hold our belly and work the back of your legs to go out. Good. Drop the bottom and now pull the carriage in like this with your bottom down and then fold up. Nice. One more like that. And it's out. And Dan, eyes on your belly, pulling it in and good. You want to do a combo? All right, we're going to push out with the hips and bottom out. And now lift. Look up and back. Bend in, always supporting with your powerhouse.

And now go out like this. Stay like that. And then he look down and fold up like a TB. It's kind of fun. And go out there. Squeeze down absolutely back. Then crucial that you're supporting with your bottom and your stomach. And then fold back up. Excellent. And now lower your heels down for elephant.

Bring them a little forward. Good. And you're going to pull up in here a little bit more. That's it. All right. Push your heels down. Lift your toes up. Good. And go out and pulling in eyes on your belly for me. Good. And pulling in. Squeeze my hands so that you stay here with your upper body.

That's it. And three, you'd like your tailbone to curl under? A little more. Two more out and curl that tailbone. One more squeeze. Alright, good work. Go ahead and step off to the side. I'm going to do stomach massage. Oh boy. It's like a break compared to all the other exercises.

So we're gonna put sit down, down right here looking fabulous. You always know, you always look nice Candace. But she look like you're getting a good workout. Slide over a little bit. Good. Maybe a little too much. Sorry. Toes here you send to yourself where you feel and that looks pretty good. Alright, so stomachs and really we're going to work a lot on that.

That the powerhouse, right? So we're going to go out, stretch your Achilles tendon lift up and in, good and down. Stretch, lift and in good. And now we're making sure we really feel that powerhouse. I want you to bring the carriage all the way in. You're telling us to come under a little more. There we go. And super important because the next couple exercises you have to hold your arms from this powerhouse. Give one more and that's instrumental in tennis. Stay.

Here you are. I want you to just look up at me. I don't want you to lift up in your chest. Good. And then slowly float your arms back and place them on the shoulder pads. I'm gonna drop a spring for you. Good. Now can we roll open the shoulders a little bit and slide down the shoulder blades. That's really nice.

Now work your waist up and we're going to do the same exercise. Go Out, down, lift, and in just a little more stomach as your shoulder hurting you. Okay? And pulling out. That's it. Now we're talking and out. This looks really good on you. Sometimes I have to add a little lift back there, but your shoulder looks. This opening looks really good.

Give me one more and now it is a big stretch. So gently bring your arms down. That's it. And bring your arms up. Now slide your shoulder blades down. Something pops up. Did you put it back on again? And you're going to reach forward. Just reaching forward and an inhale out and exhale in shoulderblades down.

Can you touch my shoulders? You're trying. You're thinking, you're thinking and out. Go out with your whole body. Only when you're in are you going to reach like that? And one more out and from here, try to touch my shoulders. Good. Now can you do a twist? Very important. That's it. And come in. Is that okay on your shoulder and reach behind you and good.

Stay tall that try to make a straight line reaching one arm behind you. One arm forward. Good, super important. The spinal rotation, but that arm extension. Good. One more set. Use that powerhouse. Lift up out of that waste and coming in. And last one. Very nice scoop and in retreat and come in and you're all done with this. Go ahead and step off and we always need to stretch the quads.

Quadricep gets very tight in tennis, so we're going to enjoy spine semi-circle. So go ahead and lie down almost with your bottom off. If your shoulder bothers you too much here, you can hold the hands a little higher to the top of the shoulder pad instead of so low to the mat. See if you can get your feet in a Pilati stance when that cramp goes away. Those are those tight hamstrings. Bring this toe a little. There you go.

And we're going to use a seat. Lift up your bottom and slide forward and I'm going to stretch you to start. Oh yeah. And now see if you can lift your seat up. Two more inches. One, two, and then roll down first as if you're wrapping the upper back around that mat. Good. And push out to here. Squeeze up. Very nice. That's the line I was looking for.

Roll down. Tell me, Candace, when I stretch your thighs, is it a big stretch and lift up there? Yeah, go. Good, good. Keep lifting up your seat and there's that big stretch. We're going to reverse it. Squeeze out, roll down, coming in. Good. Stretch forward while you do two more. I'm going to add some extensions for us to do frog and leg circles. Good. And you've got one more.

Squeeze out with the glutes roll down, opening that chest up, coming in. This is still a back extension as well. Great. Now I want you to hold it home and then take your hands to your ankles and I'll give you one last stretch while you're there. Good, big, big stretch. This could also, we can always work on this stretch and bigger range of motion. This is great. Slide back, grabbing on and let your back melts into the mat. Good. Bring your knees into your chest. And now we're gonna do frog and leg circles.

So it's good if you can have your arms by your side or unless you're placing the straps on your feet. Okay. Bring your heels down. That's it. Good. All right, so we're going to use our stomach to hold our back. This one's caught. That's why. Voila. Yeah. Okay. Good job. All right, so I want you to pull your belly in and reach your legs long. Good. And Bend.

And this is super important because we become so quad dominant that when we push our leg, we make our back, our chop. And this year doing the opposite, you're really feeling that powerhouse and in, and we're going to do two more and those out, or an inner thighs and in instead of just the quad, one more. You're going to stay here. I'm going to come here and give me a little bit different tempo for your leg circle. So we're going to come up almost and it's getting one and two. I'm going to let go. Three. Yeah, four and thigh and reverse squeeze down one. That's it. It's going to snap and that's fine too.

And reach great powerhouse for one more. And you can enjoy a nice stretch here by pulling on those handles or the straps, whichever one. But if you want to grab here and pull down. Good. Nice. Nice job. All right, we're going to take these off. Good. Go ahead and step off. And now we're going to do a little bit of arm work like we haven't been doing it. We're going to do chest expansion and we're going to do thigh stretch.

All of these super important for our flexibility in our arm work. Okay. That one's really nice. Not Liking to get uncaught. So I'm gonna put down a pad for safety. We've got two springs. We're going start with chest expansion. Go ahead and kneel down. Good. Hook your feet on the back edge and the feet will be parallel. Good.

And now squeeze your bottom forward. Excellent. Super important is this line. This shows whether you have a strong powerhouse or not. So if you're sitting back at all, your bottom's also part of that powerhouse. You gotta be squeezing your bottom as if it's in front of your knees and your stomach can't push you out. It has to pull back into your back.

We're going to crawl up until you can't crawl up anymore, which is probably about right here or right there. There we go. All right. Holding those and then maybe a little bit back cause you don't want to break that beautiful line. We were just talking about pressure. Bottom forward. One more inch. Cause you're working so hard. I like it. You're giving me all you got did it on cramp. Okay. So we're gonna scoop in and pull those long arms, reaching down, reaching back, hold. Look over the right shoulder, look over your left shoulder. Look forward and use that power house.

How's that balance going and scooping in full and open the head. Look over this shoulder. Look over your right. Look forward and control. Nice job. Scooping in. We're going to come back. Good, right, left forward and exhale. And one more scooping in using the back of the legs.

Look left right forward and exhale. I'm going to add a spring and you're going to crawl your knees forward. Good. Slide your knees forward and walk up. We're going to do chest expand. A thigh stretch. Okay, so we're going to look down at the line of your hips. That's it. And you're going to hinge back from the knee, keeping a straight line. So eyes on those hips. There you go.

And watch them as you go back as far as you can. Stretch those thighs now lift the arms up and come home. That's it. When you lift up, you still like to live that right shoulder. That's so you're going to control that and we're going to squeeze, we're going to go back, back, back, back and arms. Yes. And one more time. Okay. And we're going to pull in your belly. It lifts your waist beautifully.

Going back and arms up and for good one day you'll go all the way into a back extension back there too. But we want to keep working on stretching those thighs to get their step off to the side with your handles. And we're going to turn around and we're going to do a very small range of motion with your arms circles cause we've already talked about your shoulders. So you're going to turn and face this way. So this is an advanced, a lot of advanced exercises on the reformer.

And as you get even more advanced, there's this incredible series called the Swa Kitties, which I look forward to teaching you when your shoulder's good. Um, that also will help that whole range. So squeeze your seat. Like really the secret to this is your powerhouse. So it'll all be able to be a bigger range of motion when it's healthy and not torn or stroke. And, and when you, um, really use your stomach and your bottom, so bring your arms a little forward a little more. They always need to be in front of you in front, in front. It won't move in front. You know what? Um, I want you to go ahead and sit down on your bottom without cramping and I'm going to put you in second gear. Okay? And you've, I bet you you could do a lot better than that. Alright, go ahead and try that again. I can also help you by moving you, which would be easy, but I want to see just if I can keep my eyes here now.

Have the body in front of my arms in front of you. How's that? Still not good once I get it there, it's fine. Alright, so we're going to suppress your hips forward scooping in and bring your arms up three inches and then open up to the side. Ooh. Is that hurt the shoulder? No. Good. Just you're working on your strength. Give me more on the bond. More on the stomach and that's enough. Very good. Very good. Nice job. Good. All right, we're going to go ahead and we're going to give a little bit of an attempt.

We're going to give an attempt to learn snake and twist. I'm going to let you use this pad as well. You guys went out and by the time I get to this point in my workout, I'm pretty sweaty myself. And then my hand starts sliding. Come on over to this side. So you're going to have your right hand here. Okay, so set your right. Know your left hand. Put your left hand first.

Your right foot is going to go on that bar. Good. The right hand, and we're gonna Hook that left foot in front of the right. Good. Remember that this leg is gonna move freely so that you can square off your box. So lift this heel up if you need to. Good. Squeeze your bottom scooping in. And we're going to go forward with the hips. Go Down with the hips. We're going to hold the carriage here.

Go Down with the hips into a back bend and come back up. And we're going to do one more. Squeezing out more power here. Good, good, good. That's it. You got it Candace and coming up. Very good. Now go ahead and bring this foot down and go over to the other side. Rounding up. How'd that feel? You know, I often tell my clients whenever we have to do lifted knee stretches, which will come later or other the pull up or a heart exercise.

If you lift up your head then it changes the whole part of your back. Well same thing here. Your head was so down that it's re you can't go into a back bend if your head's down. So you wanna think about the snake. It's called a snake cause you're like, so you got, you want to lead a little bit with your head that way the rest of your spine, I'll be able to happen. So we're gonna put your right hand and get a little closer. Your left foot. Good. And then your w left hand.

Left foot. Good. I like this foot to move a little bit more. Okay. A little more still. All right, looking down at your belly to pull it in. But now we're going to lift your head up and look out at the ocean as we squeeze our seat down. Squeeze it down, down, down, and come up. How's that shoulder? And one more time. Where's my bottom? Squeeze it. Squeeze it. Open that chest. Ooh, look at you. That one was good. And we're going to hold it here.

Bring down that foot and that and round your back up. How'd you do the second one was better. Yes. Good shoulder space down. Yes. The shoulders. Yep. Also with these exercises, we're working them into your workout cause they're important for you. All right, so now we're going to do knee stretches. Here we go. And it's not hands on the bar.

Very good feet. Nice. All right. And you're going to round your back. Good and sit a couple inches off your heels. Now if your knees were really tight, this would be very hard, but you're doing great. So we're going to pull into my hand and push out the legs from your stomach and pull in. Good and out. And it's a quick one. Again, we're going to be working on the little bit more fast twitch and it's quick and easy.

Just take 30 seconds to do the whole knee strip series and three and pulling in and two and one more. And now switch to an arched back and smooth out quicken. Smooth that quick. Smooth out quick. Yes. Nice. And I keep an eye on the shoulder and former and in in one more. And now round your back and lift up those knees and out.

It's under polling and quicken and in lower stomach crunch and in good and in. That's it. Keep it working. Squeeze my hands more. That's at three. You got it? Yeah. I thought you said they were easy. And step up. We're going to do running and pelvic tilt. The cool down. We're going to lie down. I'm going to keep you on two springs, so don't fly out on me. Show me. Good control. Okay.

And what are we doing? Running. We're going to scoop in and go out and run. That's it. Nice length. Long arms. Good. And now that's more of a stroll. How about we take it to a jogging pace and then we can take it to a running pace. Let's go for it. Yes, there we go. Run or run. That's it. Nice, Nice.

Just challenging you. Different tempos so that we can really take it to the court. One more on each leg and then both knees in and come home. Arches on the corners. Good. Scooping in, Nice. And working on the back of those legs. Good.

You know when you go in for those volleys, you have to a lot of times dip down to get them. So think about the work in the hamstrings and the glutes right now as you do that. And then we're really gonna work on the all those stretching hip muscles in just a second. One more time. Hold it in and melt down your spine. Very good. Sides your feet together and hug your knees into your chest. Good. Good, good, good. Alright, we're gonna step off and we're going to do side splits.

So we're having to work on our inner and outer thighs. Come around this side. Do you prefer one spring or two springs? Okay. It is. I like that. All right, so I'm going to put a pad there because you have your studio socks. I think you're good here. And just for safety, I'm going to steam here. No, that's great. We're going to put one foot come a little closer to the springs first.

Both feet. Good. Now put the solid foot on first and then that foot out. Great. Now using your waist. Lift your arms up in nice classical arms. Right here. We're going on the next one. You're going to have them straight out. So holding your box. We're going to work on those outer thighs pushing out.

And you said one and I put two. Here we go. So you're gonna use outer thigh. Inner thigh is coming in. I'm here for you. Out and inner thighs. Who you're going to be sashaying across that court one more time and lifting. And you're going to stay here as you weeble wobble this foot in heel toe, heel toe. That's it.

And then you can bring the other one now always turn towards the springs and I'm going to come around the other side. You stayed put, okay, we're going to come over here and now you're going to take your left foot a lot more forward. Yeah. And then he'll toe the right. Bring it forward towards me as you're going out. Is that okay? Find your length in those legs lifting up. Now the arms are straight out to the side. Great job pushing out with the outer thigh and inner thighs.

When you lift the inner thighs, go out. You want to think? I want to lift my arch, my inner thighs, my pelvic floor, everything. Give me one more outer thigh and you're gonna lift arches, inner thigh, pelvic floor, heel toe. This foot in. We got two more on the reformer and then we're going to end with this stretch. So I want you to step off for a second. There you go.

I'm going to add a spring when we're going to do our front split and thigh split. All right, so we're going to stand here or you're going to stand here and put your hands on the bar both feet underneath. We're going to put your right foot right there somewhere between your shoulder and your chest bone. So little off to the right. Still take it over. Good. And then heel toe this foot until you can put it on the pad. Heel into the shoulder pad. That's it. That had pieces. What I meant. Okay. I love this. This is nice. Square hips here, Candice. Really good.

And I want your head asleep by that knee. Very nice. All right. I want you to push out with the heel here going out as far as you can, stretching that Achilles 10 in everything you got and come back in with square hips. And as you come in, round your back and try to touch your tailbone down to this heel. Big stretch there. And two more out with this leg coming in, stretching in a, that's it. And one more out with this leg and coming in. Good. Now here comes the control part.

You're gonna lift your hips so that your knee forms a right angle. Use your belly to put your hands behind your head and roll your back up to a tall back. All right, so here's a really good hip work. You're going to now push out with the front leg, straightening the front leg and bend it. Good am pushing out and bend it. Nice stomach pulls in and bend it.

Now long arms from your waist. Reach forward and all the way down to the bar. Good, lower the back leg so the knee is down nice. And I want you to push your hips forward as much as you can. Great. And we're going to go out sliding all this down. Go out. And as you come in, what are you stretching?

Oh my, that's right. Two more. Super important. And so we're stretching all of this like no, can't get that stretch anywhere else. Can you one more, not like that and enjoying it. And then coming forward. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Great job.

Stand up on your right leg on the mat and you're gonna put your left foot up first. A little bit more centered. Thank you. And now take your right foot back to this pad. Little further back. Good. All right, square off your hips first. So come back a little bit with your body. Square them off. That's it. I know. And now you're going to come forward. So we're heads asleep by that knee and we're going to push out and pull in.

Good job. Two more. Out and in. And last one out. Stretching and in now the control part, the hips lift a little bit. Writing with that left knee. Squeeze your bottom, use your belly to lift your arms behind your head. Oh, sorry. That's it. And now front leg pushes out. Straight Ling it and bend it. Yes, we got to get some glute work right and bending.

And we're getting a big hip stretch right here and bending. And that's enough on their reach through your arms. Nigos down to the mat. Feet put changes. Good, good. Squeezing your hips forward. Good. And we're going to do the thigh stretch. So you're going to push out and coming in. Let's get that shoulder into joint. I know, and out. That's what I'm here for. And squeezing.

And last one, really pushing this down to the springs. That's it. Work the glutes so that you also work to Ahh. And that's enough of that. Very nice. We're going to do one more thing. I want you to just go ahead and stand up right here in front of the reformer. You've got to end tall and on a strong note, come right here and face me.

So one thing that's really, really important is to always end strong, tall, and powerful. Give me a nice, polite sands. Look down and make sure you're nice and even good. And I want you to hold this exactly a little bit narrower so it's in line with your shoulders. Okay. And now bend the elbows out to the side. Good. Alright. Just roll your shoulders down. Nice. Okay. So now I want you to pretend like I want you to open.

You're going to try to do let left first. Okay. So you're going to open your hand as wide as you can. Wrap your fingers around and then twirl the bar towards you and then wrap the other one's good. And then twirl and do this. Good. Keep going. Keep going. Open, wraparound pool. Good. I'm going to watch your elbows. That's it. You know it stays in place. You're just twisting it. Good question. Good.

What we like to do is, and do that one. And really, you got to work the wrist. Go through yes and open that hand. Wrap your arm. Go through the rest of, twist the bar underneath. Good. One more on this hand. Kind of neutral. And then do it. There you go. Yeah, that's a yes you would. And now do it the opposite way. So now you're going to work that wrist and push it away.

This is really important. There you go. Trying to go nation too. That's it. Good. You want me to show it to you for a second? Okay. So when the way towards you is just moving. See I'm really working my shoulders, my arm, my wrist.

It's really important for avoiding any tennis elbow. The wrist extension. Sometimes we hold our rackets to tighten our hand. Okay. And so we want to work on extending doesn't work if our arms start going down. Okay. Okay. Or if this starts happening. So there we go.

So now you want to do 10 in the reverse as we get stronger with this. There you go. Okay. Try to really fan out those fingers cause all those tendons are super important. As we get more advanced, we hang a one pound bean bag and we unroll it down to the floor and it visually makes a little bit more sense. There goes those elbows there, go the elbows. [inaudible] didn't really work and get that risk to all the way. There you go.

Give me one more elbow, shoulder and rest down and you are off today. Thank you. Good work.


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i like monica's purple shoes! so cute
Awesome Class !!
Thank You Monica :)
Glad you enjoyed it!:)
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absolutely wonderful class! I learned so much from your cues and your hands-on work! I will definitely do this class again! Thank you so much, Monica! You are a gifted Teacher!
And I admire Candice for her great work, - this was a tough workout!
Classic work beautifully taught! Thank you Monica.
Wonderful class and excellent explanations...was a nice touch seeing the dolphins in the background at 30mins!
I love this class!!!! Thank you Monica :o)
Super class as always Monica, and cudos to Candice for such a great job!
Thank you ladies!
Monica you are a great teacher! Do you have another video that explains the technique for preventing elbow (the one at the end with the pole)? I would like to see this step by step.  Thank you! 

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