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Mat/Barre Fusion

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Cecile Bankston is back with another Mat/Barre Fusion workout. This fusion of a floor barre and Mat Pilates class make a great combination. She starts with great ab exercises, including challenging variations to the Teaser, to get you ready for the floor barre. Then, Cecile teaches Tendus, Frappés, Grand Battements, and many other exercises. She finishes with standing Pliés, Jumps, and Stretching. This class will help you get the dancer's body you want.

This class is a progression from Ceciles first Mat/Barre Fusion Workout. We are so happy that Cecile was able to bring us more of this wonderful workout!
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Hello, I'm Cecile Bankston and today we are going to be doing a more advanced version of my Matt Bar Fusion class. So we have another one. If you haven't seen that one, that's a little bit easier than this one. And so this is just a progression of that. Um, we are going to start lying on our backs. Okay. So we're going to start just to warm up the spine, lying on your back. And I want your feet about hip distance apart. We're going to do, I call it Coxix curl. So you're, um, you're not gripping your, your seat. You're, you're curling just that tailbone up without gripping the seat.

So you should be working on your low abs a little bit and then release. So we're gonna curl to and release and really crawled just that tail tailbone. So it's not a whole lot. Yes. Good. Last one and four and rallies. Now we're going to do tuck and art, which means we go from that tuck and we're going to go through a middle position, which is your right and your correct position to be in, into a full arch. Come back to the middle. Inhale. Exhale to curl. So inhale, go to a flat back.

Exhale like go into that arch. Inhale. This is the last one. Curl. And exhale, go to the arch. Good. Now come back to the middle. That's your, that's your correct place to be. And we're going to extend the legs out.

And to a first position is what it was called. And ballet only means that you're turning your legs outward. Okay? So you're really squeezing all sides of your legs. Inner thighs, outer thighs, everything pointing the feet. We're going to roll up in that turned out position. Okay. Rolling up and reaching over. Deep breath in.

Exhale to roll down, making sure you're really articulating through the spine. Reach the arms up. We're going to circle them around to come back up. Exactly. Lengthen through here so that those feet don't pop up off the floor and roll it down. Good. And two, very nice. Good. Three and no rib cages. Good. Okay. Right there. Now we're gonna put our feet in a fist position.

So we're going to cross feet. Um, you want to think about not only crossing the ankles but the thighs as well. Okay. And that's gonna make it a little harder. We're going to still roll up and we're going to take three with this leg away, right? Reaching, reaching, reaching, really round. Good job. Awesome. Yeah, reach it forward. Deep breath in. Exhale, roll down in a, really want that articulation in the spine. Good, good, good. And no rib cages. The arms. Go back and reaching forward.

Extend those legs out. Good, good and nice. And then roll it down. So as you're going down, you are really, really, really want to see all those vertebra coming down. Now we're going to switch legs. Okay. So we're going to change the cross of the legs and roll it up. Really lengthen and watch the shoulders as you are going forward. Roll.

Squeeze those sides together and reach no ribcage. Roll it up to stretch it forward and let down. Last one, rolling up. I know it's good. It changes it, doesn't it? It makes it, it makes it different. Yeah. Good. All right. Okay. So we're going to stay on our backs and just put your hands by your side.

Put your feet in a little diamond. Okay. And you can point them. Um, and what we're gonna do is just lift that diamond just a tiny bit. It's a low ab exercise and down. So you want to ask how on the up like that and come damn good. And ask how your coming up as you come up. That stomach shouldn't pop. Right?

So as you come up you're deepening the stomach. Good. And Ah, good. Yes. Beautiful. Good, good, good, good. And two more lot. Yeah, it's really hard to walk too with the back here and good. Now we're gonna go, we're going to do this same thing except we're going to take that damage just a little bit higher because we're going to extend it after that.

So we're going to lift it up. Inhale, exhale. Extend the legs out to straight in parallel or turn out and go back to your diamond and down. So we lift and extend and been going down, lifted up, extend and Ben coming down. One more lift x then. Then good and down. Nice. Okay.

Let's get up one to our hands. Okay. We're gonna do the same exact movement, just a couple first. Um, and then we're going to get into something harder. Um, you can be on your hands if is too hard. You can also go onto your elbows for this. Okay. If this gets into your back or anything. Okay. So we're going to lift and extend, right? And Ben and down and Hulu, ex Ben and dam.

Lift and extend. Beautiful bed. And last one, lift X. Spin to bend and come down. Now we're going to lift it. We're going to extend it. And from here we're going to let go and go into our teaser. Keep the legs where they are. All the lower body, the upper body, down and up. Good. Low and lip.

Low. Good. Beautiful. Lower lift. Beautiful. Last scorn. Low or Polenta. Those habs and lift. Good. Roll all the way down to you back. I know that's terrible in me, right? All right. Now we're going to do our a hundred, but we're going to add something to it. Okay? Uh, no.

We're not going to do our a hundred we're going to do one more thing. I was gonna do our hunter. Well, you're going to do, this is coming from Kathy Corey. This is her roll up to teasers. So we're rolling up into our teaser now. From here, open your legs, bring them down, reach forward, grab your hands. Stretch now. Open the arms. Close the legs as you're coming down.

Yes, I love that one. And we're rolling up. Pull into those abs to lift. Separate. Put It on Dan to reach forward. Stretch those hands back behind your head. Good. And up. And as you come down you're just squeezing those legs together. Beautiful.

Good. Just two more. Rolling up. Nice lit. Beautiful. Yes. Separate and down. That was great. Reach forward. You can, you can fund, say caffeine for that one hand. Good and nice. Roll it back down and on. Good. Yes. Last one up.

Beautiful teasers. Good. Lit and down. Nice. Reach it forward and extend. Good. Well all the way down. Close the legs. Good. Now with our hundred and we are going to change it up a little bit. We're going to do our typical hundred we're doing inhale for five.

Exhale for five. Okay? But I want you to scissor your legs while you're doing it, okay? So this, this, the legs and the arms do not have to match, right? You don't have to. Don't, don't think about what that at all. Just keep your arms going and scissoring your legs. Okay? So we're going to reach forward. Slide the hands forward, had neck and shoulders come up and then into just a low position and we're inhaling to and scissors. Sure.

Up and down. And exhale. Three. Good. Beautiful, good, good, good. You can keep your scissors small as you want to or you can keep it big. Two mornings ago and I might not even be 10 and last one. It's horrible. I know. I God, relax and down. Very nice. Let's go onto our stomachs. Okay, so I'm going to lie on her stomach. Okay.

And we're going to do justice. Stretch out the back first. I want you to open those legs out wide, okay? Because the wider your legs are, the less pressure there's going to be on that lower back. And think about having like a lemon underneath your belly button. As Michael King always talks about, I'm loved and we struggle.

Gotcha. Just to stretch that back out and come back then. Good. And again lifted up into a nice extension, pulling the belly up. Good. And down on this last one, we're going to go up and hold. Now I just want you to take one arm and lift and reach and bring it down. Keep the stomach hill worried. Beautiful down.

Lift higher and go Dan. Very nice. Now we're going into our swan dive and the way that we are going to do that, his legs are going to be together and we're going to start up, I'm going to allow you to, to keep your hands, they're just going to go out to the side catch and come up. Okay. So we're gonna do eight of those. All right, so deep breath in and we go duck one. So I come up before I put my hands down, right? Three beautiful four. Yes.

Five good. Six. Squeeze those legs. And seven. Nice eight. That was great. Good. Nice. Come down and relax for a second. Good. Okay. Right. Reach your arms out in front of you. We're going to do swimming, so we're going to lift up and we're gonna swim. Keep that head in line with the spine. Seven, 8:00 AM one, two, four, five, six, seven and stay there. Open and close like a, like a jumping jack.

One H to eat that lemon under your belly button. Four by six. Beautiful. Seven and eight. Good. Relax. And let's sit back onto our heels to stretch our back out. Good. Just into a nice child's pose. Good. Stretch it out.

Take a deep breath in and exhale. Good. All right, let's go on to your back. Onto your stomach again. One more time. Back on to this stomach. Good. Okay. Put your forehead on to your hand. And what we're doing in ballet terms is a town due to the bag. Okay. Which simply means just a little bitty leg lift. Okay.

We're turned out. Okay. You can't get there. You're obviously not going to be able to get very high without arching your back or doing something weird. So you got to keep your legs turned out and we lived one I like to point flex, come down, point up, flex down and three like that. Damn good for flex down five and six. Good, beautiful. Seven and eight nights.

Now stay up there and circle the leg. One, two, three keeping that belly button held in fine. Seven and other way. One, two, three, four, good. Five, six, seven and a. Relax that leg down. Deep breath in. Everything on the other side, lift up, flex it down to very nice turnout. I know if you're not a dancer and you're just trying this, the turning out is kind of hard on your stomach. Six and seven good and eight.

Now circle and they're doing it beautifully. What you want to do is to keep both hips on the floor planted by good and other way. One good. They're doing a great job of keeping their hips planted. Good and a very nice. Now we are going to lift both legs off now and we're going to circle both legs in opposition to yeah, separately for good bye. You're right.

Seven and eight reverse to pull into those abs. Four, five, six, seven. Now we're going to be, we're going to flex two, three, four and 0.234. Flex two, three, four and 0.2, three, four and a million of these three point. Just one more set and like good and 0.2, three, four. Good. Relax it down. Nice. Okay. Sit back onto your heels one more time to get a nice stretch. Good. Okay, let's go on to, let's go onto your stomach. The stomach for one last one. We're going to do a double leg kick. Alright, so we're going to put our hands behind our back.

Head goes to one side. Yes. Bend your knees. Now I want you to lift those knees up off the mat. That's the thing. Everybody gets wrong here and we're going to kick the feet in towards the butt. One, two and we're going to extend the back. Yes. And put the legs down and go back down. Turn. They had the other way.

One to extend. Nice. And one to keep those knees lifted and together if you can, because that's gonna make it harder on your glutes. And last one, want to lift and extend. Good. All right. Very nice. Let's go back along to our backs. Okay. All right sir. Lying on her back in a turnout position once again.

Now if you have trouble keeping your back on the mat for this, you can bend that opposite leg that's on the floor slightly. If, if you need to do that, that's fine. Okay, so you got to really pull up into the ABS. We're gonna do our lift front, just low flex down, lift front, flex down three and down. Four and down. That's it. Five, six, [inaudible] seven. Beautiful. Keep that turnout. So you're working, there's inner thigh side and now here you've got to work those obliques on that opposite side so that you're not rolling over five billet in six Lydian seven it in an alternate, front and side. Front legs, down side and front and side and front.

Good and side and fun. Good and side. Last one here. You're going to bring that that foot in at your ankle with a pointed foot. Okay. Or you can flex it if you want to. We're doing like a little frog pay. If you were a dancer, you're going to bring it out to the front.

Pull it back in. Yes. Out and in three beautiful and four in five, six and seven. Great. And eight now side side polit in two. Three. Good Four. Good bye. Keep that opposite side down. Use those obliques. Seven.

Now that leg gets to rest to breathe and put it down. Okay. Everything on the other side first. Alright, now lifting up one point, flex down and two and this is just low right now we're going to get high on a minute, four and down, five and six. Yes, seven and eight, nine side. And you want to just have it just, they're doing a great job here of the height of the leg. You don't want it, um, to be so low that it's, it's dragging the floor or causing you to archer back. Good. Alternating front and side and front and sun and front. Good and side. And front and side.

Good. Now our little fraught pay to the front and n and two. Beautiful. Good. So you're just bending and straightening the leg as and he comes in at turns out five. Yeah. Six good seven and a two this side and w and, and two. So it as it comes in and you've got to rotate that thigh for yes from the hip joint, not just from your knee. Good.

Seven and a good. Relax and breathe. Okay. Shake your legs out cause now we are going to get higher. Okay so we are going into our higher um, leg lifts, which in ballet would be called Gronbach ma. So you are going to pull into those abs once again. If you need to bend the spanning like you can, you can hold your arms out at your sides if you want to or just along the sides of your body and you're going to take it for run. Flex it down.

I like to do the point and flex cause I'm a dancer. But if that confuses you, good. You don't have to do that. Good. Five and six. Good Damn. And seven good and eight to the side lifted up and down, two down three and four. You really have to work on that opposite side so that you're not rolling over seven beautiful and aide. Good.

Now I want you to bring it to the side and I want you to just bend it in and extend. Bend, extant, bend, extend. Good. Bend. Excellent. Then extend Ben. Exten. Good, nice, and I have one more. We're going to circle. Straighten the leg. We're going to circle with the cross. The body open. Just four, two, three, one more for reverse it. One. Beautiful.

Keep breathing to breathe. They're very beautiful and for good. Okay. Everything on the other side. Big Kicks to the front. Point up. Flex down to good. Maintain the stomach. Four. Beautiful. Five, six and seven and eight to this side.

One. Very nice. Two. Good. Get that nice high kick. Yeah. Four. Good five. What's great about this is if you're on your back, you get to really feel what's going on in your core. Good. Now we're going to bring it to the bent knee. Turned out position. Okay. The opposite hip should be on the mat and we're going to just extend and bend, extend and Ben. So again, that rotation is always coming from the hip.

Good and and good. Keep breathing and a good relax. Bring that leg down. Good. Okay. Circles. Yes. And two. She's so honest. Three, four. Good. Other way. One, two, good. Three beautiful. And Four. Good. Now you get to relax for a second, Huh? Okay, we're going to bridge. So we're lying down on our backs.

Okay. And we're going to put feet about hip distance apart. We're going to roll through the spine, grow up to a nice high position there with your squeezing your glutes, your keeping your knees and in line. And you're rolling from the chest down through the middle of the back, all the way to the floor. Good. And again, deep breath in. Roll from the tailbone, pull into the abdominals. Good. Get up. Grow to that big tall bridge. Good.

Keeps those knees pointed for her word. Start Rolling down. And you want to keep that see high as long as you can. Good. Beautiful. Good. Last one. Roll it up. Good.

Nice. That's it. Good and nice. Roll it down one at a time. Good. Okay, good. Now take your legs and turn them out and put your hands on your thighs for me.

We are not open our legs into second position. Turned out from the hip. You can point or flex your feet and we're gonna push and just give yourself a gentle little press to 30 so there's just a little press. Press down. Six, seven and eight. Now I want you to hold your thighs. Why?

Where they are bringing the feet into a diamond hold and open, right? So the upper leg is not moving, right? It's just your lower legs. Yes. Good. Nice. Then that feel good and good. Last one. Good.

Okay. Now extend your legs together. Up to the ceiling. We're going to rotate them out or turn them out and we're going to do cross beating. Okay? And we're traveling down and up. So we were traveling down. One, two, three, four. You can go as fast or as slow as you want to. And up by six, seven and eight n one good. Five.

Hold onto the abs as you get low. Five, six, seven, and eight. Good. Relax. Bend the knees into the chest and we're going to roll like a ball from there. Okay. So however you normally do rolling like a ball is fine.

Okay. Some people, everybody does it a little differently. Some people like it slightly turned out, some people want it really tight. Whatever you normally do. Okay? But we're starting from down, so that means you have to pull into the abdominals to live, right in order to be able to roll and keep that nice curve. And we're going to roll it back and up that and good. Nice. The [inaudible] and up. Beautiful four and a good one.

One and a beautiful stay up there. We're going to do our open like rock or prep prep. Starting here, we're just gonna stretch rye like, yeah. And in sitting up. Very tall stretch. Beautiful and in and take both legs out and in. Good. Now change where your hands are obviously cause we're going to do open like rocker. So you gotta have your feet less turned at what you know, they're not going to be as wide.

And we're going to start our role that and uh, and that. So you want us to stop shy of sitting up on your tailbone three, right? You don't want to get up and sit on your tailbone. Good. Beautiful. Keep that roundness. Good. And let's do one more good and okay. Put your, open your leg, let go of your legs and put your legs down in second. We're going to open them. Really? Why?

This is unconventional spine stretch here. We're going to open our legs wide. Okay. And hands are going in front of you. You're going to take a deep breath in. Exhale, roll from the top of the head, flex the feet, reach forward. Keep that nice round spine and roll it up. Good. And again, reach it forward. Really pull into those abs. Good and coming. Good.

And three, stretch it out. Good reach. Retreats. No shoulders. And last one, reaching forward. Beautiful. Exhale, reach. Good and up. Nice. Okay. Open the arms to the side. We're going to stay. This why? For our saw. Okay, so we're going to turn to the side and what you are going to do is reach and go pass that little toe. And I want you to just to do a slight, it's not really a balance.

If the reach reach three four so you're going up and down, but you're not really bouncing. It's more of a reach. A good come up and other side. Yeah, so cross and reach too. Good. Three, four, good. Five, six, seven and eight. Good. I mean up to the center. Now start arms up. I want you to twist to this side. Open the arms, arms, go back up and center. Twist the other way.

Open the arms and up and center and twist. Open up and center and twist. Open up and center. Good twist to the side and open them and hold there. We're going to do our little stretches back. Two, three, four, five, six. Key breathing. Seven and eight.

One, two, three, four, five. Good. Six, seven circles and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Other way. Anna? One, two, three, four. Beautiful. Six, eight other side. Woo. Okay. Turn to the other side. Open those arms and sit up. Very tall. Karate chop backwards. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight and again, good and y'all are doing beautifully, which you don't want to. Is this like a chicken? Seven and a arm going in a circle. Three, four, five, six, seven and eight and reverse. Good. Three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Com. Center. Good.

Now this one should feel good and all our water than me cause I'm on on this mat. But from here you're going to take your arm and you're going to twist this side. I want you to just reach back and slightly lean back with it and come back up. So we're going to rotate through the spine, drop the arm back behind us. Come up and in, rotate around and Angela and come up.

Last one. Rotate to draw. Good a and in. Let's put our knees together. Thank goodness, Huh? Yeah. Alright, so now we're going to go to this side. We're going to pulse it one to three and center side two, three and centered side. You should be feeling your obliques and center side two, three and now singles, reach and center.

Right and center. Right and center for good. Five. Keep breathing and reach. And good. Lift the feet. We're going to go into our canned can here. Extend Ben Center here.

Accident. Keep breathing in. You can go onto your elbows if you need to. Here and center. We Marie Xn. Good. Ben. Now gets one more little complicated. Extend. We're gonna open the leg. Bring the other one to meet it.

Bend and center. So we want the other way. Now go over. Extend. Now you're going to worry each reach been okay. One more like that. Over extend, reach, reach. Beautiful. And and down. Last one. Over. Extend. Reach. Reach. Ben.

It doesn't, I feel good. Alright. Yes. The waist. Everything's going down. Okay. We're going into our control balance, but we're turned out. Okay. So here we go. We're going to turn our legs. Okay. And we're gonna lift. Flex. Then we're saying on one foot legs down, shoulders away from the ears.

Pull into those ads. Full. Damn. Five good. Six seven, keep breathing. Eight other side, one. Flex a Tam, two three, good. Four. Squeeze at c five and I was add six. Press out of your shoulders. Seven and a beautiful.

Sit back down and reach forward with flex feet. Grab those feet and stretch yourself out. Yeah, good knots. Really good at that. Yes. Good. Okay, let's go on to our side. Okay, so we're on our side. And first I want you longing. That's either way. Okay. I want you lying here. Okay. With bad breath of air. Remember here, now we're doing, we're going to turn our legs out.

We're going to lift the legs up. Flex point and down. [inaudible] the Lex. Point and down. Good. Flex. Keep breathing.

Point and down for flex point. Yes. Now lift them up. Take the bottom leg, go down and, and down. And three. She forwards. Good. Five. Keep breathing. Six, seven, eight. Good. And now come up onto your elbow.

We're going to do elevated. We're going to do beats. One, three, four, five, six is hygiene. Get them back to four. Five, six, seven, eight. Go Up. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight and 10 or five. Six, seven, eight. Okay. Lifted scissors, reaching one and two and three and four and five, six, seven, eight. Good. Nine and 10. Beautiful. Okay. I want you to go into your sidekick, so we're here. Okay. Still lifted up. Off of that, we're going to point the feet. I want you to do a turned out today cause it's ballet class. So we're going to kick the foot forward. Inhale, inhale, point back. Exhale. Inhale. Inhale.

One big long ax hale. Inhale. Inhale, exhale. Good. And Him. Inhale. Beautiful. Exhale one more and exhale. Now the way we're going to switch sides, we're going to bring that foot to the font. Now we're going to roll onto my back. Open it to the side, put that light down. You got it. Keep it put. The other leg comes around and you end up with it back behind you in Arabesque.

Okay, that was super slow. So now that we have, let's try it one more time and we're going to do a few more times. [inaudible] reach around over your back, switched to Arabesques. You've got it any good and bring it. All right, good. Switch to second. Bring it front and back. Yes. And yes. Good. One more reach. Actually two more cause you have to end up on the other side. Last one. Four. Oh beautiful. Okay.

Get back on your mat if you need to. Yeah. All right. I love that move. That feels so good, Huh? Yeah. You can face that way. Absolutely. Okay. Okay. So at first lying. Yes. On your arm. And we're doing our rotated legs from the hips.

We're lifting our legs up. We're flexing the feet. Point the feet, put them down. You want to really feel the work going on in the obliques and down the re. Good. And down. Last one. Good and down. Good. Now let's bring the legs up.

Bottom leg goes down and up. Only the bottom line. Two, three. You got it. Four, five, six, seven, eight. Good. Nice beats. So come on your elbow if you want to or not. And beads. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One more. This is horror on a seven and eight and down. Two, three, five, six. Beautiful. Lifted scissors and on. And two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Good.

Now we're going to do our sidekick. Turned out kicking to the front. One, two, reach it back and inhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Inhale ex. Hell good. Now our little switch we're going to go for on fan. Kick around. Yes. And end up in Arabesque. You got it. Good.

And bring it front. All around. Beautiful. Y'All got it? One, one more. No, two more. Sorry. Y'All have it now. Good for good. Good. Awesome. Okay, and then come back to face me. All right, so you're going to do a side pushup. Okay.

So what I want you to do is extend the top leg, but it's off the ground. Okay? You're bending your bottom knee, you're wrapping your bottom arm around your waist. Now I am staying, I'm going to stay as much in a straight position as I can. So I'm going to go down and I'm going to come up from here. So I'm never getting all the way up where I should feel that because I'm not going all the way up is underneath and a full pull it up. Good five. So eat your, it's really shouldn't be that much on your arm.

It should be more on your obliques. Six good. Seven, last one. I know. And eight. Good. Very nice. Stretch to the side. Sit Up and just stretch and reach over to the side. Oh, this feels good. Good. Okay, let's do the other side. Pushups. So top leg is, um, up off the floor.

Straight bottom arm wraps around your waist. The leg on the top. I mean if you need to, you can put it down, but I want it up. Okay. And Ben and lift in. You're trying to keep a pretty straight spine. Yes. So that the work is on the underneath side. Good. H and c, good.

Seven and a good. Okay. Sitting up, reach over to the side to get a nice stretch. Rory. Reach, reach, reach, reach. Take a deep breath in, exhale and come up. Very nice. Good. Okay. Now we're gonna sit, um, here and you're going to get on one hip, okay? And you're going to lift and pulse that leg to the ceiling to your knee.

Do your l a shoulder, three, four, five, six, seven and eight again, one. So you're just getting a little pulse. Three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Now grab that foot and we expand and expand and been x then and been that extent. And I've been extended flex and holy and, and holy am flex. Very nice. One more and good. And Bend other side. So you're leaning on one hip. So if I'm facing you, you know you're leaning on that hip and you're going from here to your pulses.

Sorry, one, two, three, four. So just pushing that leg up. Seven, eight and one, two, three, four. Keep breathing. Six, seven and eight. Now take the foot and we expect Dan did and we've been and expand here. We're all able to be on our arm, right with the straight on. If you needed to, you could be here. Good. And I think this is it, right? And we're going to [inaudible] and polling and books and pulling legs and legs and point. Bring it in. Very nice. Good. Okay. Now we're going to do a little nice stretch here. So sorry.

Here we're going to reach and stretch our legs behind us. Like our elephant on the reformer or down dog if you are a yoga person. Yes. Good. Okay. Now from here we're going into our um, control balance. Okay. So you're going to go back into that plank position here. Yeah. Pulling into the ABS. Get as low as you can, holding into the stomach.

You're going to lift the right leg, flexed it. Point flex and damn lip point. Flex down. Three point blacks and four. Sure.

Five, six, seven. Keep breathing guys. Last one, eight. Good. Stretch it back. Good. Really long stretch. Nice. Get off your arms. Good. Now I want you to come in a little closer and bend your knees.

We going to do Arabic, ask from here. So we're going to bend one knee in and we're going to do it like the Jack Rabbit wearing stand and lift. So we're going to bend and extend bend. And extend. Good. Then last one, hold it there. Now I want you to flex your feet.

Both be dropped down on the foot. That's on the floor. Flax, what? Both B point both feet. So w got a relevant yes for the legs. Good. And each time you should get high or point for legs. Good and point. That's it. Elect and point. Pull it in and relax for a second. Sit back onto your heels to relax. Shake your hands out. Wasn't that fun?

All right, you have one more side again. All right, so get back into your nice little. Um, it's like a nice stretch series almost. So pick those knees up. The other leg is doing the work. Now pick that leg up and bring it in and out. So you can go into a slight arch. Yeah. And really round and extend.

Good for and extend and extend six x and good reach in. Last one. Reach now from, we want to let eh fully blacks and pulling the legs and pulling boot. Blacks and point. Bring it down and you don't want to use good. So from here we're going to, we're going to get it. I can tell that I'm stretched out position just for stretch to reach forward.

Good and extend. Nice. And again, reach forward. Nice. Deep breath and come back. Last one. Reach forward. Extend. Eh, good. Okay. Walk your feet in and put your hands by your knees. No, Sonny, we're going to go straight in and straighten Ben.

Straighten then steroid Eaton. Then now you're gonna roll, straighten and roll all the way up. Roll from the spine to standing. Good. Nice. Okay. Now open the legs into a nice second position. You're almost there. All right, so here we go.

We're going to start with arms to the side and we're going to bend and lift and then like our police [inaudible] where the answers a million years ago and stretch and then extant and extend really getting that high high in the inner thigh. So those of you that aren't dancers, you shouldn't be sticking your seat out. It stays right underneath you. And up. Now we were at irrelevant bend, ags thin raise up to your toes and down. Bend x. Then raise up to your toes and down, right. Bend X, then raise up to the toes down. Good Ben x. Then to the toes down.

Now get in that second position and I want you to just kind of hold the knees and do a little balance. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and a good. Come back up and go to first position. Alright, now we're gonna do legs. Big gramma up more to the side. So we're lifting the leg up and down and up and down. Up and down and up and other side up. Good. Damn. Beautiful. Good up.

It's hard and good. Okay. Open your legs wide. One more time. We're going to bend the knee. I want you to reach over to the side. Now. Extend your legs straight and come up. That should feel good. Bend the knees over. Now.

Extend and come up, Ben. Oh over. Extend up one more like that. Bend over. Good. Extend. Nice and up. Good. Now we're going to go sand. We're going to go to this side. Okay.

And I want you to rotate towards the floor and to this sigh. Rotate to the fool and sigh. Rotate to the floor. One more side. Rotate to the floor. Come up other side, reach it. Reached a flat back. If you can over reach flat.

Good, nice. Over and extend and reach X. Stand. Good. Now we're gonna make it just a tiny bit harder. We're going to combine all those moves. We're going to bend the knees, switch, straighten, rotate. Now keep your nice flat back around the other side and then turn to the side.

Come up. Y'All followed very well there and been extant. Roatan bring it around to the other side. Still facing the floor. Rotate. Sigh, and come in on that. Feel good. One more time each way. So Ben, oh over stretch, rotate. Stretch it around to the other side. Oh, and up last one. Bin.

Oh over Straw. Erect. Rotate. Bring it around to the other side. And good, nice and up. Beautiful. Now we get to jump a little bit. Okay. So we're going to jump from first to second. First to second. Okay. Means your legs are gonna be turned out and jumping from this closed position here to a wide position. Okay.

Each time you land, you want the knees to bend, okay? Because if you do not bend your knees, you're going to hurt your back, okay? You also want to be really aware that as you're doing this, you're not bending forward and throwing your back up to bland each time using your body for momentum, okay? You want to keep everything nice and straight. And lastly, your knees are always over the toes, right? Cause if your knee goes in front of your toes, once again, you're going to hurt yourself. Okay? So you know I get, you can keep your arms wherever you want on your hips to the side, wherever. Ready and going in for keep rolling. Six, two, and a yes.

Now let's do a stretch. Some stretching. We're going to lunch right here. Okay? So from here we're going to take the arm up and we're going to reach to the back to give yourself a nice stretch and come up. Now put that foot that hand down and I want you to lift the knee up and reach. Good.

Now bend that knee back down and grab your back foot and pull it in. Beautiful. Good. There's some good. Okay. So we're gonna Kneel Nice. Straight spine first. Pitch forward just a little bit.

Lift your arm or reach back. Now from here, come up, put the hand down, stretch that leg up. Reach. Now from here, we're gonna bend that knee and grab that foot. You get a nice stretch in the quad there. Good and good. Okay, so from here we're gonna roll up to standing.

One last time for our very last stretches. Okay, we're going to stand cross one foot over the other hands. Go above your head. You're just going to bed. Yeah. And Ah, nice deep breath. Exhale and exhale and have one more exhale. Good. Other side does feel good and cross that foot. Hands above the head and you're leaning. Ah, good steroid you way. Doesn't that feel nice? I love that one.

And reach good and reach and good. Stand together. Give yourself a hug. Lift those arms up and damn other way. Lift those arms up. Good and down. Good. Okay. Lift your elbows up without lifting your shoulders.

Beautiful. Get that nice stretch in the back of the shoulders, in the triceps. Other side crosses arms. Yeah. Grab your hands. Lift without lifting your shoulders. And if you can't go cry with your hands like that, you can do this like this. Okay. Yes. Good. Nice. Okay, last, last stretch. I promise.

Our final port abroad, just like picking up dated, he's on the reformer. We are going to try to keep the weight on the balls of your feet. I don't mean that you have to keep your heels lifted, but what I mean is you don't want to sit back onto your heels, which is what we all want to do. Okay. So we're going to bend forward, stretch down, round the arms, come back up, squeeze those inner thighs and the abs and yes, reach forward over. Now. Really got to hold onto those high, high, high inner thighs in order to be able to do that one more and reach forward flat, flat back, round back. Oh, what back. And I'll, very nice. Good work. Very good.


Excellent class ... Challenging and fun. Thank you Cecile
You promised and delivered. Loved this, thank you. Any more coming our way? Hope so!!!
I definitely hope so!!
So glad you liked it!
Love the frappes thank you.
I'm glad Jo, I debated if I should put them in, but I like them too.
Wow--love this class! My inner thighs were burning the whole time! Thanks so much Cecile!
not a level 3. good class nice smooth stretching, but not a level 3.
1 person likes this.
Lisa~ Thank you for your feedback. It is always tough to decide the level because it is so subjective. After reviewing the class again, I saw many challenging exercises including the teaser variation and arabesque exercise and decided to keep it as a level 3. Cecile also says it is more advanced than her last Mat/Barre class which was a level 2/3.
Lisa, I'm sorry I did not reply sooner. My take on this is similar to Gia's response. It is extremely difficult for we as teachers to decide on the level of a class when we do not know, and cannot see our audience. I mean we are talking about hundreds of different people, some are teachers, some are students, and some are just trying this from their homes. Because of that, in my opinion, it is always best to err on the side of caution, especially when one is doing a class such as this that has many different non traditional Pilates movements. Finally, and again I am only speaking from my humble opinion, but, I find that when taking any it machine or mat, that we as students should be providing as much resistance with our own bodies as the machine, or the exercise is. So to lift a leg...pretend that someone is pushing you in opposition both up and down. That seems to help most people! Thanks for your feedback!
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