Class #1086

Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


Tom McCook teaches a wonderful Reformer workout that feels great on your entire body. He starts with a spinal warmup and then goes into Footwork and a Kneeling Abdominal Series. In addition to the many great exercises he teaches, he includes preps for Short Spine Stretch and Rowing to make sure your spine is ready to move. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Welcome, everybody, I'm Tom McCook, I'm here with Christy and Sarah, my pleasure to be here with Pilates Anytime, and we're gonna do a fantastic reformer workout, I hope you join us. I...


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Thank you Tom for this wonderful class! I felt great afterward. Also I love the sound of your voice. It is very "kind."
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Another truly amazing workout. Love his voice. Calming with no nervous chatter. Love the pace, variations and flow.
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love his voice, cues, and demeanor. such a nice class.
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What a great teacher, very nice voice. & so nice to find a teacher that dose not talk to much. Just perfect thank you
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Tom, your cueing is pure grace. And ladies, you were grace in motion. Such a beautiful class to watch and listen. I can't wait to take this class with you.
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Love the fluid connection from one segment to another!! Thank you Tom! I like your style of teaching!!
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Tom! You are cool as a cucumber! Thanks for sharing your talent.
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Tom u are amazing ! Thank u for your wonderful class
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Great class, Tom! I really enjoyed the kneeling plank series and the "surprise" jump series! Wonderful job.
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This is the first of your classes I have tried. I really loved the flow. My body followed your sequence & cues just wonderfully. I feel awesome....thanks Tom!
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