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Stimulating Reformer

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Niedra teaches a Reformer workout with a client who wants to get fit and upgrade her health. She focuses on decompressing the spine, elongating the body, and tightening the muscles. This concentrated workout will stimulate your body and get you ready for the day.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Good afternoon everybody. We're going to be doing a reformer workout today. This is my good friend and students who, who has been doing [inaudible] for quite awhile. Um, she more recently is really committed to getting to her level and her level of health and fitness to very high level. So she's training in a very concentrated way. Uh, so because of that I am going to be working with her more actively to really bring out a lot of like stimulator body quite extensively. Normally someone of her age is, uh, treated very conservatively and the potential within the Methodist very safe. And I want it to be an example of what you can do with a person at any age.

Um, how tall are you, Su and five feet. One five feet, one. So negative gear. And um, let's start with the footwork. So let's have you on your back and I'm actually putting her on one spring. She's a negative gear so that her hamstrings and, but worked on a drop your ankles, the ankles are down, sacrum is down, belly is in and out. Tighten the sit bones. Now just press out slow. The first time so you feel what's going to happen and then pull the machine in.

So the heels do not lift at all. Press out again, no movement in the ankles and come back in. So the emphasis is on pulling in. The challenges is to pull in. So now you're on your own a little bit faster and pull the machine in to this starts to make the hamstrings, the glutes and the deep stomach muscles start to work a lot and not moving in the ankles. Makes the upper leg work a whole lot harder. I think you'll agree. Yes, she agrees. Okay. Middle of the arches, bird on a perch.

I always take a moment to wrap the toes around the metal, challenge them at the tarsals. I am famous for being very unkind in this area. And out you go press and pull the machine in again. Press and pull the machine in and again and we'll get those toes wrapped around. So the metatarsal is work. You want the bar a little bit higher for you. Here we go. And so you're really challenging.

I wanted to challenge that part of your foot and get it mobilized again. Gets very rusty. We all get kind of little stiff and stuck. We don't like that two more times. Pull the machine in so she's having to fight to bring it in because of the light spring. Really flex, flex, flex like hardest one of all because there is no help every time. Connect to your powerhouse to bring the machine and bring it in and again brewering it and and again brewing it in and again and pull it in.

So actually pretty hard once spring is a revelation because it's opposite of what we work. When we work on high springs on last one and come in tendon stretch, toes apart, heels together, press out even narrow those hips, lower the heels and lift up. Keep doing this and soften in the knees a tad. Work those hips a whole lot more to get them engaged. Lower all the way in, all the way up, all the way down, all the way up, all the way down, all the way up, all the way down, all the way down. Two more times. Press and lift and one more time. Bend your knees to come back in.

I'm repeating what work with you sue on three springs. So same principles, heels, a lower little toe is on the bar. Make sure your knees are shoulder width. Exactly. Now bring yes, deepen into the powerhouse per saw. The pause here. I want you to use a tension to get the neck long and the whole spine long.

Seek and bring it in and again, press and bring the machine in and again, press and pull it in and press and pull it in and press and pull it in and keep feeding those arms beautifully. Launcher, the whole body is being pulled and elongated and made narrow at the same time. One more like this and in burden approach, little bit higher now it pull the toes up for minutes, spread them and then lengthen them in my direction. So you widen. I'm known for really being very unliked for this out you go, press and pull. Those knuckles really need to be stimulated to be brought back and for Ramana used to come around and take her old people and really make those tolls open back up because our arches and metatarsal art tends to drop down and atrophy and calcified not good. And then you hobble around on these feet that don't move anymore.

One more time on your heels. Now Su flex strongly out. You go pause length in the spine, pull the stomach muscles in and fill up the back ribs and open the toes and bring the Keratin press and brewing it in. And three, keep the spine nice and long. Constantly deepening into the powerhouse. Check that the shoulders are long. You're reaching through the fingers towards me, so up through the head and out through the fingers. Two more times, press.

Bring the Kerogen, bring it and back on the balls of the feet. Oh, there's a dolphin. How cool. K, just the minor distractions. Pause, pause, pause, pause, pass. To come back in. Feet are wrong. We need to get symmetrically placed. Feet, heels, a little bit more dropped right now. Keep all five toes onto view. I think you should be better. Yes. All five toes working. We need good, powerful feet out. You go with your legs.

Pause, press up. You're tendon stretch, hips tight, lower and lift. Lower, lower, lower, lower and lower. Stretch and lift, lower, lower, lower, lower, lower and [inaudible]. Press and now pull up. Now every time what I'm doing here is I'm stretching heels out and now this time we press down. Keep your it. Now you lift up against me. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull and I may, I'm giving a little bit of down. You go and I'm giving her a little bit of resistance. Use that stomach and hips. The lift yourself up two more times. Keep the heels together, lift and one more time and lift when you needs to come back in and set yourself up for hundreds of foot bar comes down. Excellent.

You need to release the headrest. I'm taking you off of three springs to two. I want those arms for me long now. Reach through the fingers and start with the legs to the ceiling. As you lift up, so down, reach those arms towards the wall, out, out, out, out. Start pumping. Breathing in for five. Soften in the Stearman, right down to two, three, four, five.

Channel three, four, five, three, two, three, four, five. Reach out with those feet. Three, four, five. Open the toes, nice and wide. Five, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, six, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, hands a little higher for five. Yes, and reach them from the shoulders into the fingers. See if you can lift your chest a little bit higher and one more inhalation and exhalation. And then bend your knees, bend your arms, drop your head down. Set yourselves up, such as up, upper shoulder, short spine massage. So no pulling on the straps. Get your feet in the straps without.

If you can't lift your bottom up and get your feet over, you're in trouble. No puling. You want to know, come back down that machine. Move. No moving this spring. Bring your feet over. You do not pull at all. Thank you very much. She can do it. She just needs to be bullied a little bit. Only thing here is that heat strap has to be right by the heel. People get lazy.

It's all about getting this bottom to work. Pull your feet to your bottom and press it down because we want to make it smaller and perky is not a good idea with the legs. 45 degrees. Lift up and over. Bend the knees. Roll your bottom away from your feet. Row, row, row, row, row. Push your bottom down in pause every time back, every time. Stop now. Press out in pause right here. Narrow those hips without your feet moving at.

I'll just try to lift your bottom just like that. Drop it back down one more time. Now put it back down. You start with that movement. Use that movement. I want those lakes to seeding up, up. Keep going up, up, up, up, up, up, and with control. Don't let them fly. Excellent work. Bend your knees down halfway.

Keep your heels here and start rolling your sit bones down, belly in, ribs, down, ribs that ribs and open up that back body and old stretched. Ramana used to do for everybody. We loved it. Pressing those hips down. Pull your belly in. Press blue. Yes. Keep pulling down and bend your knees to push your bottom. Excellent work. Pause. Start again. Stretch your legs out. Good.

Keep going up. Push down with the arms and float those legs over. Bend your knees all the way to your shoulders. Now it's a deeper angle. Knees not too wide. Exactly. Down to the shoulders and start sending your sit bones away. Do not push into your knees at all. Waist down, hips down.

Everything gets this beautiful length into the spine. Keep pushing your waist down. Do not pull in your feet yet cause your waist down. Using your bs. Push your ribs down. Yes. Now push your feet to your bottom. Press again. Press out with your legs. Lift up right away. Push down with the arms.

Work those arms and get that lift way up. Bend the knees and lengthen down. Lengthen down. Drop the ribs. Drop the ribs. Yes, and push about him down. One last time, sal with the legs. Try to get even higher, even higher, even higher up and then with gentle control. Go over. Yes, good work. Good work. [inaudible] too wide. Exactly in the box. So all the hamstrings get stretched. Even if there's always a tendency, people turn their knees out to the side and then they get the turnout freedom, but they actually have part of the hamstrings. It's not challenged.

Even the coordination. Next elbows by your ribs. Pull the hand slightly so the hands are right above the elbows and lift your head and chest stuck, right. Extend your arms and legs out. Inhale, open and close your legs. Exhale, exhale. Lift your chest more as you come up. Opening close. Exhale. Exhale. One more time. Inhale, open and close. Exhale. Drop your head back down. Swing around for rowing.

So sit up, release the spring and extend the legs out. Make sure you're sitting one hand with from the edge. So just measure with your hand. Wiggle. No much for the back. More back towards me. More back. They're just a palms with, okay. Hold the handles and roll back round. Rounding your spine.

Pull the hands to the sternum. Open your arms out that push with those arms. Good. Bring your sums together. All stretch. We used to get in the good old days and we loved it. Sweep the arms around. Grab your feet, deepen the powerhouse up as your head goes. Way down. Roll up through the spine, sitting up nice and tall and roll back again.

Sternum in, in, in, in, in. Stay here. Push with those arms. Push, push, push, push and then deepen. Lifting the ribs up. Head is down. Look at your navel so you're in this very, very round shape and sue his God range of movement. She wants to increase it. Now we all get stiff. We all get tight as we get older because we don't use our joints enough and bring those belt, the stern more. That's it. Take those arms out. Push, look in at your navel. Keep pulling your stomach up.

Do not stomach up. Lift your stomach off your thighs. Look at this range of movement you've got going for you. Why wide wide arms? Deepen the stomach deep in the stomach. Deepen the stomach and come up for the next variation. 90 degree angle with the alarms. Exactly. Hold it. Elbows lower.

Lift your chest even more. There we go. Now lift up even more through the crown of lift, bottom tight and hinge back tall. Yes, come back up. Lift, stretch out and pull the arms down and back. Keep that belly in as you stretch those arms up. Take them out. Long, long, long arms. Grab your feet, stretch yourself, and come up on 90 degree angle again. Bottom tight. Lift up even more long.

Neck lift and hints. Back lift. Lift out of the way so the waist gets longer and longer, and thumbs touching on your own. Big Circle. Pull the stomach back as your arms. Reach forward so you widen and present my hand. Yes, come back up one more time. Big Lift. Shoulders down. Yes. Live tight. Yes, Sioux. There we go. Now it's coming in. Lift up.

Stretch the arms out. Pull down to the floor. Thumbs, touch. Good. Deepen into the powerhouses. You stretch out. Stretch out. Grab your feet, widen your elbows and stretch and pull back in the waist. There you go. Swing. Render the front. That was good. Reaching from the shoulders. The legs are long hand right by your armpit. Now press those shoulders down. Elbows are going to go, right? Yes.

Now lift up even more. Bring the Chin down a bit. Push up into my hand, lift up, tighten your barracks. There we go. Press out with your hands for head height. Bring the hands down and lift up. Bring the arms up in the peripheral vision. Get Taller and press out tall, tall, tall, tall, and relax. Start again and press south. With the arms reach, press down to lift the chest. Lift those arms up. Pause here, tighten the hips and get there we go. Lift, lift. It's like you're pushing away down. Lift yourself out of the ground.

One more time. Press out in reach. Press down. Reach the arms up for is to say you're sitting on an ice pick and you don't want to, so you lift off of it and you know what we lifted? Flex your feet. Draw me. Drop your head and slide your hands beyond your heels. Reach, roll up, roll up, lift your arms up and lengthen that waist. Beautiful. Sue All the way out and down and again flexos feet and slide beyond your heels.

Reach. Roll Up. The head is last, but don't forget that long. Beautiful neck lifting that said, that fit all the way down. Yes, girl. One more time. Press forward. Flex your feet. Roll Up. Roll up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Get that waste longer. All the way out. Lovely work. Sit Shaving, shaving, sitting, cross legged. You flip the straps. That's excellent. Yes.

Get the thumb under your occipital bone base of the spine, the neck, top of the spine. Press the fingers into the skull so that your hand has to be flat. Now lean into the spring tension. Pull more, more forward, more forward. [inaudible] come back. I'm putting her into the regular gear here because this is too much struggle. So first, lift up tall. Remember you want that hand, you really want to cup your own skull. So push your head back.

Now lift up and coming along. Diagonal 40 feel the spring. Pull, pull, pull, pull more there. Now lift your head and chest. Yes, elbows wide and start pulling your hands on a long diagonal up. Lift those arms. Index finger and some have to touch the whole exercise. Bend the elbows back. I want you to press forward more. Just say pause. Get those hands on your head. Pull the, pull the strap in.

Lift your head to your elbows out so she's tight in the shoulders. Keep lifting your chest and stop pulling forward and up. Paul Paul, Paul, pull, stretch. Bend the elbows back and lift your chest. Lift your chest, lift your chest. Get those hands behind your head. Elbows wide again, pull, pull, pull, pull, lift, bend back. Elbows wide. Lift your head, lift your head. Get those hands on the skull. You have to stay in the spring. You've started drifting back. So you see now pull your elbows wide. Yes, even more. Yes.

Now start pulling up, pulling up, pulling up, stretching, lifting linkedin from your waist up. That is from your hips up. And now open the arms out, keeping that tension. Cross your feet the other way. Take a breath in. Lift and exhale hands and lower down. Lift your chest, open the elbows, and exhale, shoulders down. Yes. Inhale, lift the sternum and exhale, shoulders down. So you get, that's it.

Inhale and exhale every time. Push against my hand, more from your bottom and push up through the spine. And one more time. Push up, push up, push up, lift that stomach up. Good work and relax. Hook the handles. Let's do pulling on the straps. So long box, take the box and [inaudible] you are on one spring and pulling on the strap. Yes.

So I would like you, if we were being really like anal, the traditional, you need to move back so that this area of the shoulders is exactly flush with this section of the box. Yes. So when you lie down, your whole trunk is on your hands are outside the frame. So they have to, so yes. So there's your start point. And I would like the stomach is long and yes, narrow the hips and if the legs up to the heels online with the sit bones, narrow those sit bones more. I want dimples. Thank you. Long neck and pull the arms back towards your thighs. Paul Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, right close to the box and slide the hands down the outside of the frame. So grads. Equipment is very interesting because it's very narrow and you use it to Spock.

Your body pull back again and this time look forward, but hands close to your size. Lift your chest and roll the shoulders back. That's it. Lean. Release the arms and now the neck is long again. Neck is long. Good. One more time. Pull the shoulders back, pull them, pull them, pull them and higher hand, higher. Good girl, and really see on, okay t-shaped. Slide the hands down. More. More down with the leather. Yes. So when you have your arms out, they should be exactly in line with your shoulder line. Right now. The hand should be exactly in line with the shoulders.

You really lengthen the back of your neck club. Pull the shoulders down, your back. Reach the hands higher in the air. Pull the shoulders down. There we go. Now start pulling back towards your buttocks. Paul, Paul, Paul, Carrefour. She's working really, really hard. Open out. Shoulders down to the neck is beautiful and long. Lift your hands higher. Good. Again, Paul. Paul, try to bring those hands. Ah Yes. Let's make that back work.

Open those arms out back of the neck is long every time you return. So this is down. Stop pulling down here and pull, pull, pull, lift your chest, pull. So she's making her shoulders and excellent work. Open all the way out. Wide arm and then back stroke. So step off the machine, holding the straps with one hand, reached down with the other two. Add a spring and get on your back.

And I'm bringing you back to negative gear. I'm actually just changing them here so your bottom will be forward. We also, every machine is a little bit different than Susan ever worked on this one. So sometimes it's subtle adjustments with the spring tension of the gears to make the equipment work for the person. So we're both experimenting. Shoulders down. Yes. Lift your chest a little more without the yes. Arms and legs to the ceiling. Reach way up with those arms.

Reach the shoulders open out, pull down and reach towards those knees. Lower the legs, lift your chest, push into the arms, bend your knees and come back into Sioux. I'm looking to get a lot around us here. So when you press up, I want you to take the soldier and reach with it. Try to get the chest off the box and you're pushing into the spring a bit. So up YouCam press. Yes, not air lift up to the ceiling. Up.

There we go. We want that hollow shape open. Now lift the chest even more. Lift and sternum droughts. Excellent work. Bend your knees and come back in. One more time. Arms and legs lift open. Pull down, deepen into that sternum even more. Bend your knees and come back in. Set yourself up for teaser. I'll release a spring for you. So we'll start. You'd like to do tease with the knees bent or straight.

Oh, I love this. Lawman I love it. Okay. Drop your head down and let now right here because you want to really take the, every time you relax, let the shoulders is a beautiful opportunity to stretch here in between every time you're working hard to lift your head in chest. And let's have you roll up to full teaser pool lift and try to reach towards my shoulders. Take the hands down to your size, bring them back up. Keep them close to your box so you stay very, very narrow and lift up again. Reach towards those toes. One more time. Come down with the arms, lift up again. Try to reach up your chest more.

Now stay there and pull your tail under you. Yes, roll down. Reaching those hands towards me until you go all the way down to row, row, row, row, row. Bend your knees in and come and relax. Now this next time when you come up, so I want you to come into diamond shape with the legs. So no hip flexes. They get neutralized and you have to use all powerhouse. So here we go. Up, you can row pool with those arms, pull, pull, pull up. You can bend the knees more, more. Bend the knees. Yes.

Harder down in, up with the arms, down, up with the arms are much harder to do it this way and to keep those hands close to you on the way down. Tried to caress the box and lift up and now roll down, bending the knees as you go back. So you really worked at powerhouse and open all the way. How? One more time. Roll Up. Pull with those arms. Yeah. Up. Up. Pull, pull, pull, pull. Pull. Good girl. Down and up with the arms. Three times run. Yeah, she's fighting for it.

Fighting is good too. One more time entry. Lift your chest even more hollow. The chest and the way down. Roll. Roll, roll. Let everything go and relax. Okay. Take the handles over your head. Drop them into the well.

Let them talk. They make noise and get off the machine. Okay. Long stretch series. So take the box off to springs. Good. All right. All right, let's take a pad. There should be no pad here. Pad here. Okay. Hand, foot, hand, foot.

I would like you to walk your feet a little bit further back so that when your shoulders are right over, the rest of the heels are really forward. Yes. So she has, she's would get the little toe. Yes. So little toes down. Now Barrick's really tight. Really Pinch. Pull the stomach up. Just a hair there. Broad shoulders. Now keep the hips lifting and narrow as you press out.

Press and then bring the carriage in length. Since no, do not lift the back of the neck long. Look out there. Long diagonal corner of the room. Keep those hips working and long lengths and even more here. One more time. Press and long. Bend the knees down for down. Stretch. Get the toes curled way, way, way under.

So we get very stiff tolls. We meaning the human species and this is a great opportunity to practice. So if you want to waste the lateral heels, you've got what it takes. Oh please. Because the toes often don't bend for people. Needs a little wider. Love O k now broaden the chest.

Lengthen way up in here. So every time you're going to give me an extra inch in the trunk. So press out, push into your heels, and then as you come up, lift the sternum away from the pubic bumper to keep pushing those heels back. Press come up and lift a little bit more broad, broad, broad shoulders. One more time preset. This is looking really good. Come up one more time. Now come up on your fingertips. Lift up even more and look up at the ceiling and see if you can open the collarbones even wider. Yes, look straight at me. Come up on your knees.

So let go. Lift the arms up to the ceiling. Now before you go back, she's just going a free form. Back Bend. Big Lift to the side. Body is lifted. Big Lift here in an arch. Back as far as you're comfortable going with the hips coming forward and then come back up again. Beautiful. Put the hands down and up. Stretch. So your bottom comes up and all style. A few variations that have your head going as close to your knees as you can.

So a lot of times in the old days we really used to work this stretch before we started. Stretch your knees. Yes, and dive your head way down and in Romanis to come around and stretch people to get this traction in the back of the neck. Long elbows, good. Powerhouse, tight, tight, tight hips and out you go. Push. Press the hips down. Bottom tight. Bring that carriage in. Keep the head down and live too. Before you press out, you need to narrow those hips. Keep going more. Yes. Now narrow those hips and go narrow the hips. Push hips tight, tight, tight, tight. So you're like a steel rod.

Your head stays down and take your head to your knees. So you're opening up this part of the body. One last time. Press out, hips tight. Hips tight. Hips tight. Keep that head down, Bro. Yes. Su Powerhouse in and elephant toes lifted. Head down. Lift up here against my hand. More and tail down. Now shift the weight forward towards your hands a bit. Broaden your shoulders more. Yes. And now lift up even more.

Bring your sternum in. That's it. So you open up all of this space very, very wide. Push up against my hand and there we go. Now, now before you push out again, I want those toes up. Tighten your sit bones to it even more. Press keep tightening the hips towards each other to push. Press good, and press and press and press. Pull the stomach in every time.

Pushed to one last time and press step off the machine. Very, very nice and long back stretch. She's working hard. Hand, foot, hand, foot. Make sure your feet are really flex. Get the heels right up against the shoulder. Rest. Now every time, lift and open. Yes. Bend your elbows. Lower your bottom. Push the carriage out school. Come back up and lift. Press down, scoop. Come back up and lift. One more time. Press out, scoop the pelvis and lift. Push down in the hands. Get Taller. Yes.

Now reverse the Tuck the tail and push out. Push, push, push, push, push, bend. Lift up and lift that chest up. That's it. Again, press out, come back and push down to get up. One more time. Press out down now. Tighten the hips. Pull the stomach into, press the off the machine. So this was very nice. So I would like you to work a little bit in the, just to get used to the upper body so your shoulders will be wide and you're going to just go down and up, keeping the trunk you can. This is a little bit harder, so you learn to really get a little bit more stability into that part so the fingers are going to go forward. Yes. Hands right under your own shoulders.

Let's have you with your knees bent. Yes. And your, that's it. Now think of your hips right under your shoulders a little bit. There we go. Now lift your head, bend your elbows, and then press up and think of widening. Yes. So every time bend your knees, Bend your elbows and press down and lift up. So not forward, but up and press and push to lift and press and push to lift even more. Every time I wanted the neck getting longer. The shoulders going low. Yes, there it goes. It catches into your lap and lift. Nice work. And stomach massage is next.

So we'll put you on three strings. Okay, good. Sitting down, right. Excellent. Now lift up and round your chest towards your shoulders. And just for a moment, take your feet off the foot bar. Try not down, but just try to hold. Yes, you feel have the stomach kicks in.

Put the feedback without losing that. Let's see if we can get all five toes. Yes. Now the head again, forward priests out with the legs. Press lower, lift and in and again, press and lower and lift and too. So keep going. Keep pulling the stomach back and up. So you're looking to fill up. Let's if can get your shoulders in front of your hips.

Use the elbows to pull yourself even further forward with your upper body press and in. And one more time press and it releases spring. Good. Take your hands behind you. And because now don't push out yet. Push your chest up as much as you can. So sue is tight in the shoulders and in the upper back. I want a lot of openness starting to come in here.

I'd like you to turn your hands the other way and use it to wedge even further up so the shoulders are going to actually go up and back as your chest comes forward. So press out again and keep lifting that. That's it. And, and so there's a seesaw effect. What happens is age makes a chest drop and this get rounded. So we want to see saw this backwards. So keep lifting and pushing that chest forward. Use the strength of the arms to keep getting more vertical. Yes, that's it.

Into that spinal column. And one more time like this. Yes. So wonderful stretch we used to do at Ramona's risk class. One hand hold my wrist, another one, lift your chest up, let the knees go a little bit wider. And you are going to stretch as though you want to touch my shoulders who lift up your waist and [inaudible] yes, yes. Now push not too wide with the knees. So that's too wide. Push out with the legs out, out, out, out, out, out a yes.

And come back in and reach long and press again. Reach retreat, retreat and lift that waist. And I'm going to say every time I'm giving her a little bit of traction to get more decompression happening. We used to do this at druggos gyms was a very athletic place to train and be trained and one more time and [inaudible]. Now hands will come. Solar Height. Lift up even more. Push down into my yes, you are going to go for your twists. Press out with this hand. Reach, reach, reach, reach, beautiful. Come back in.

Think of yourself drawing a big compass out to the side. Back, twist, twist if the waist and come back in. Lovely. Shoulders down. Lift can push and get taller and down and again, twist and down on your own. I'll give you a side stretch. One more time. Press. So I am just oh, opening up and come back in and one more time and oh, putting the body, come back and grab the foot bar with both hands. Knees will be outside your elbows. Good. Push out with your leg.

Just give yourself a lovely stretch. Drop your heels, lift your heels, bend your knees to come back and again, press out, pulling the stomach in. Let the head go down lower and lift and come all the way back in. Okay, very good. Sue, last, have you do chest expansion? What? Yes, let's have you on one spring. Good, good, good. Yes. So how was I hooked over the edge, right?

You want to make sure you have a nice grip there. Now before you start lengths and up. So there's that fine line. This sense when you turn down a little bit. There we go. We want this back of the neck. So what I'm looking at all the times, how can I get more elongation coming out of here and more width.

So there's room for the lungs, room for the spine. Good. Now pull down and back with his arm. Squeeze his shoulder, right. So you open. Yes. Head to the right, head to the look straight and with control. Release your arms. And again, as you point, pull back, shoulders. Do most of the work. Head and head and straight.

Very nice again and pull and think of this initiating. Yes. Hands. Close, head and head and straight and release. And one more time, Paul. Broaden the shoulders. Yes, head, head straight and release and bring your knees forward for side stretch. I'm adding two springs and she's now on three springs. Before you start, I want all five toes pressed into the the ass.

Maybe have your arms a little bit longer and the temptation is to go back this way. That's one way interpreting it. I'd like you to have a round shape. Yes, like stomach massage room even. Look down at your navel. Now as you go back, you open up the hip flexors and push your feet into the mat. Back. You go back, back, back, back, back, back. Keep looking down, not back, and then lift the arms to bring you back up. Pretty good. Let's get you a little bit rounded. Drop your head, reach forward with the arms a bit more. So you open here. Now bring this navel up and as you go back, think of taking your hips to your heels back. You go back, back, back. Make those knees and bend and lift the arms to bring you up. Excellent work. One more time. Make all five toes. Press into the mat.

Back you go. Let this back be rounded back, back, back. Bend those knees, lift the arms back up and come back up. Excellent work. Put The yes. Let's have you put that other straps into the well because I'd like you to do semicircle. So [inaudible] actually let's have a look because you usually do it down or out because shorter people like it up. Um, let's go for down.

I love this exercise. I think it's an amazing one. The you will lift your bottom up. Make sure all five toes are on, press forward. Get the risks right at the bottom because it opens up the joints and exposes imbalances. The wrist is right by the bottom. Get the hand as close. Yes. Now before you start straight elbows and press as long as you can.

Way, way, way out. Knees. I'm going to block you. So the shoulder width, now you start with the sternum. Drop the sternum. Yes. Push the elbow straight to you. Push that it. Roll the ribs down. Roll the waist down. Roll the hips right down there. Now push out halfway. Elbow straight to roll your bottom like a little snake.

Just to there and press your knees and lengthen towards me. Let's get those elbows even straight straighter. I know you have like, hold on. Let's get the elbows and get elbows. Yes, that. Yes, there we go. Very good. Roll Down Sternum. Soften in here. Push the elbow straight against it. As you go down. Open the armpit. Push into your hands. Yes. Press out halfway.

Roll your hips up and press your thighs towards me. Long drop your sternum again. Sternum drops away. Struts, roll, roll. Tuck your tail right til the last moment where it Chris's out. Like you stick your bottom out. Gloriously. Roll up, roll up.

Tack the tail to lift and come back in. Now lock the elbows again here. Now let's get these elbows. Yes. So you want to roll the shoulder out? Raise down. Yes. Okay. Lift the hips even more and press out halfway. Press drop the sternum. Roll down, roll down, roll down, roll down. Roll down, hips down. Come forward. Lift your bottom and stretch your thighs. Heels. Stay together the whole time.

Press out again. Roll the chest down. Roll the ribs, roll the waist, roll the bottom, rolls forward and links everything out towards me. One last time. Left you bottom. If you can row more, push out more. Now. Chest first. Yes. Ro Ro, Ro roll. Articulate everything down. Lengthen the back of the neck. Come forward. Stretch those ties. Reach one hand forward towards the foot bar.

Other hand forward towards the foot bar. Yes. Give it, give you size. A stretch towards me. Yes. And then drop your heels down. Do a similar stretch. So the heel. Yes. So we get these two stretches into the size we go back. Very nice. Work, serious unraveling and any kind of imbalances come up. So you have to challenge the body. That was lovely. I'll help you.

Let's get the short box. Okay. So, um, why don't you add as if there's two or three springs. Okay. Sitting on the short box. Oh, okay. Can you wiggle back a little bit? Okay.

Right hand your hands around your waist. So now lift up. First of all, how much longer is your waist? Since we started? Yes. Now scoop your naval drop down, but lift, keep that height. Ribs go back. So you create a round shape and start rolling back. Roll, roll, roll. Let's go halfway right now. Her and again, roll a little bit further. Role, row, row, row, row, and come up. You go all the way back. Drop your head. Roll. Let's have the sternum rounded right here. Yes, yes. Now you open.

Let the show head. Drop the shoulders drop. Open everything up. Lift your head and chest. Curl in on yourself. Roll back up. And one more time like that. Rounding. Let's have the elbows come forward to help the round shape and curvy hips length and out here. And now lift the chest. Let it open. Let it open. Think of the ribs going away from the pubic bone there. She just moved an inch.

Pull your head and chest up. Deepen into that powerhouse row. Lovely work. Grab behind your knees, pull your head down and stretch. And we used to call this sugar. Everybody loved this after the me too. Yeah. Okay. Flat back. So hold the stick.

Reach the arms in front of you and lift the lift the arms up. Now right here, that's it. Even more. Lift out of this. They're even more lift. Yes, even more. Lift into there. That's it. Back to the neck long. Yes. Now lift even more and start extending out and come back up and get even taller and extend out and come back up and get even taller out and come back up and forward and stretch them. Relax your head. Relax your shoulders. That was good.

All right, come back up side to side. So lift up out of those hips live. Let's sue. Take your arms right to a vertical. Even though the shoulders a little tight, lift up even more out of your botics. Now stay in this vertical. Go right to the side so you're opening up the ribs. Come back up, lift up in the waist over to the other sites. I'm anchoring per femur bone as I'm opening her side body.

Come back up, lift and anchoring the femur bone because usually the side body line gets very tight, lifted even more up and over and back at last side and over and bend forward, relaxed, down, nice and rounded. Broaden the shoulders. Yes, yes, yes. Come back up again. Going for your twist. So Nice, tight hips. Lift up in that waist even more. Now lift and twist and extend. Come back up, lift up, twist and extend and come back up. Now bring your legs together, move further back on the box so you have full traction.

And when you go over to the one side, now you have to hold your legs really tight. You're going to start rolling a little bit off of one hip, so you get to twist more. It's almost like a roll, so you have to lock the hips and make it happen. But you need to stretch, lift even more. Lift even more. Now, twist to the right now as you start to go reach with those arms out and roll onto this hip, stretch out of the ocean, and then use this hip to bring you up. Wiggle back every time. You'll have to wiggle back a little bit. Yes. So lift up, stretch, lift a little more and twist to the left and then start going out and you roll onto this hip roll onto the hip and then press the lift up, twist to the right, tight hips. As you reach out and let yourself roll and come back up. We go back cause you have to have your hanging off, lift, twist and stretch into the arms as you roll just to there and come back up the split bend forward and stretch down. Nice work.

Wow. Okay, good. So slide the stick under your legs. Then one in for tree. So I know there's a lot of different interpretations where you, we deal with the spine but the first three exercises are for that like you to really round like stomach massage, you know, so you round it to, you're sitting back on your sacrum a bit. So roll back even more. Now bring your shoulders over your hips and soften the sternum more. So your back is rounded. Let's get your knee right up to the armpit. Yes.

So it's really tight now without changing this compression extend. Float the leg up and down so it's much more stretched into the hamstring because we've worked the back already. We worked the full trunk. Yes. One more time like this and down. Lift your leg up and walk your hands to your ankle. Flex 0.3 times one, two, and three.

Now rock back til the leg is vertical, right. Narrow your hips. Drop your head and rock down. You're like, look down at your navel and then open everything out. Go, go, go. I would take the hands lower. You'll be able to go lower. Yes. Curlier. Head in, chest up round and walk up the leg. Walk up the leg and walk all the way up. Tried to get as tall as you can. Sandwich up. Yes. Drop your head and go down again. Back, back, back, and then open your chest. Open your shoulders, let everything open.

Curl up into yourself and then slither up and try to get very long and tall against your own. Like lift up, lift up, lift your head and there we go. One more time. Walk down, walk, walk. Open everything out. Curl your head and chest in, deepen into that powerhouse system. Go all the way up to the foot, pull the ball of the foot down and think of the crown of your head and your foot touching. Yes. Excellent work, Ben. The knee on top of your thigh. Hold the sides of the box and bend down nice and deep and long.

That was gorgeous. Let's have you do the other side. So your foot is flats. [inaudible] so remember you're kind of bringing the hip under. Yes. So you are actually almost on your sacrum, you could say, but now bring your shoulders over your hips so you're in a round shape and then the leg will be a total vertical. Yes. Don't let the knee go straight. Or even if you can get the knee straight, lift the leg as far as it'll go. Yes, yes. So we really stretch very deeply into here. Walk the leg up. Romana used to tell very sift people to do it.

Sit in a hot tub and just stretch that, like to get the hip and the lower back and the hamstring to be stretched out. Now when you hinge back, good, you hint back the hips a square. Now you walk down your leg, you make a very round shape on the way down and now open and expand the chest. So you release, yes, lift your head and chest in, curl in on use of Sisu is doing this base symmetrically. So now I just want her to increase range of movements as she's balanced in her right and left side.

Now we need to get that length and flexibility and mobility being challenged. Curl up again. Very nice. Roll Up. Roll up, roll up. And now lift up your chest so your head is long. That's it. One more time. Go down, open everything out. Open the chest in the shoulder earlier. Had a chest up.

Walk all the way up to your foot. Now grab the toes, flex your foot and think of lifting your crown of your head to your big toe. Beautiful work. Cross your leg, hold the sides of the box and bend forward and stretch down to give you hip a nice stretch. Okay, that was great. Sue. Um, let's get you back for knee stretch series. So box gets off. Yup, that'll kick. That can drop. Let's get this off. Let's have you on your knees. So same thing on your knees. Make sure that toes are really, really bent.

Okay. Make sure all five toes are curled under and round. Now. Long arms, the feeling feelings like you're pushing and like someone's in the center of your sternum. Pushing backwards. Broaden shoulders a lot. So there's an energy down, an energy back and a big lift and narrow in the hips. Good. Now without anything changing your push out and end with the like.

Push and pull and pull bigger movement out and pull in. Pull in, pull in at the head. Drop and keep this wide. Yes. Pool and pull and pull. One more time and pulling up. Keep your hips back. Lift your head and chest up. Broad armpits. Go down the side. Narrow hips, knees a little wider, back and forth. Again, go one and two and three a little more out for very energetic fives.

That's to keep that belly strong. Seven, eight, nine good work and 10 round your back. Very broad curl. See if you can lift your knees up off the carriage. Very scooped here under you every time. Bring the knees under and knees should be lower closer to the reform. Four and five.

So every time this tail drops under you stomach Lee, there we go. So you get those hips to move and nine last one and 10 kneel down and get back on your back for running. Um, yeah, let's do four. So I I think I'm going to put you on three actually cause you are really a lightweight getting lighter and um, you did the footwork with one in three springs. So move your hips a tad to your left. Yes. Now before you go out, this is looking good. If you're checking yourself, I'd like you to turn your head right and up. Just check the distance of your neck. See if you're, you feel happy with your alignment. Okay, good. Now as you push out, you use Asher of the spring to actually encourage the shoulders down, narrow into the hips that's have you parallel for running, push all the way out with the legs and go press every time.

Heel drops two and two and the knees are going straight to the ceiling and four little plaster and five and six and six and seven and eight and nine and nine and 10. Very good. Comeback in heels on the corners of the bar. Make sure it's on the heels lid. There we go. Support, lift the pelvis up, press the hands under the hips. That's your measurement. Take your hands away. Now you're slightly for me over talked. I'd like to tail. Yes. And I'll keep that. Even though the, there's narrowness here out in intense times and in and into the nice narrow hips, but long sacred, long in the pubic bone, moving away from the waist. So not over tucked forward but length fair. So I look a lot with older people because they usually, the pattern is very flat and dropped and I actually want to get more of this starting to happen in their bodies because they, that gives more of a youthful feeling.

It actually restores the alignment we have in our younger age. Roll down. Very, very good. And now, um, front splits and tie splits. And then we'll wrap up. So op you get, I'm putting you on two strings. Sat hands here. Okay. Right. So, so stand up on the carriage, bring one foot forward and then pop the other foot up against the shoulder rest. You want the heel on the headrest? You have to pop the foot a little bit.

Hop it a little bit more. Yes. Okay, so it's sort of turned in a bit. Now get the knee opposite the hip. Good and narrow the hips. Push this leg straight. So Nice. Now push straight back just half way and then come in. So what you want to be focusing on is keeping these hips very firmed towards each other so they don't fly. That's it. And one more time.

So you actually, this is to stabilize the hips. Give me one hand, give me the other hand. Narrow the hips again and just go straight back. So you don't go up and down. You go out in India, I should say back and forth. I would not go to a straight knee. Just halfway. Yes. Okay. Then bring the hands back and bend your back knee. Get all five toes against here. Square your hips. And now press narrow the hips again, but let the hips come forward.

Now your energy has to be in this back leg to push with the push. Press the leg away from you and come back in. So your goal is not to get the front knee straight. Push with that back leg. Push it, push it back. Leg goes out, back light goes out, back just halfway hip, slow. And then come back in. Keeping these hips nice and square. One more time. Like this.

Push out back like work's back. Cause we want this hip flexor to open and come back in. Okay. Chain site. Very nice. So right foot, back plate and left foot forward. [inaudible] good, good. Yes. So the hips, the square, you want a 90 degree angle? Left hip back towards me.

Can you lift your bottom a little bit too and lift the right? Yes. Now narrow the hips. Good. Now pull straight back without anything changing in the alignment here and come back in. So keep this left hip long. Narrow the hips again. Push just halfway because that's a girl. So you want to keep these hips of a square and contained. Excellent work.

Bend the back knee down. Bring the foot in front of the shoulder, wrist. There's a little twist going on in your pelvis on this side. Get this foot out. Keep the weight to here and now push out and press the right hip. Knee away. Don't work so much with them. Come back in.

So don't work so much with the front leg. Let's get that right hip away. And now work with the back leg, back, leg, back, leg, back, leg better and come back in. And one more time. Press press right. Make that back leg push. Yes, sue. Lovely work and come back in and step off the machine. And you did an excellent job. She is sweating like a storm. Thank you very, very much. Yes.


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Sue, fantastic practice!! And Niedra, fabulous teaching as usual!!!
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Niedra, such a wonderful teaching example. Love the work Sue did with your assistance. Very inspiring. It is interesting to see a class done with a regular student and hands-on corrections directly related to the changes they are working towards. I teach regular people and this is so inspiring. The hands-on approach gets her to really understand the cues.
Niedra, what a great class!!! I felt as though you were teaching me, just a regular person who wants to "get fit and upgrade my health." Sue, lucky you!!!
Wow - I so appreciate getting these comments from all of you. I just forwarded them to Sue as well to share how much of an example she is for being an " ambitious normal person". I just LOVE that people of all ages can always improve ( a LOT) .
I will do more " regular client" classes to share how brilliant the human body is when given good guide lines.
Blessings to you all: Arlene, Bonnie and Katherine
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I'm so happy that you are considering doing more of these classes. I can't stress how interesting and inspiring it is to watch you work with a "normal" person. Thank you , thank you, thank you!
This was a great class. I love your style! When you say, where are you cueing the action to take place?
This was a great class. I love your style! When you say, narrow the hips, where are you cueing the action to take place? Is it coming from the spine reeling the ilium in?
Thank you for your post Becky, What a great question!
when I say narrow the hips I actually mean to take the top part of the thighs and narrow them, as though using the IT band to bring the hip bones more deeply into the sockets ( from the leg energy ) this affects the pelvis but is not directly caused from the gluts or the pelvis movement. You can " narrow the hips" without changing the pelvis position, or you can change the pelvis position without engaging the thighs. Imagine someone placing their hands on the upper part of your thighs on the side ( almost where they attach to the pelvis and press together, giving you a hug like feeling there - that is what I mean by " narrow the hips".
Hope this helps.
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Great class! Just how old IS Sue? She looks to be in her 40s to me. "
Jody, you are my new best friend. I'll be 60 soon!
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