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Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Nagi Takahashi is back with a wonderful Mat workout. She focuses on mobility in the spine and teaches many exercises that use thoracic extension and rotation. Nagi begins the class with stretches to help you move better in your workout. Welcome back Nagi!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi. Uh, I'm Nagi and uh, it's great to be back at Pleiades anytime again. Um, last time I did a Japanese, not class, but this time I'm going to do one in English and uh, this will be a...


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That was just fabulous! I know it will help in my other classes. It also helps after hours at the computer. Thank you, Nagi.
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Very nice for a Saturday morning!
Maria, thank you for the first comment!
True, you will probably move better after doing the first few exercises before other classes!
Amy, thank you for watching:)
I'm happy to be your Saturday morning workout!
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I really enjoyed this class!! You´re the one!!! :)
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Nagi-San, Welcome back! Nice, smooth and well thought out class, just love it! X
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Hi Nagi, I did your class today and I loved it. It was cueued very precisely without being dry. I love the flowing choreography and would definitely use it. I will look for more of your classes. Thank you Nagi
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Yes, I too loved this class - nice opening and closing. Calm cueing. Thanks!
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I really enjoyed your class! Thank you and I hope you have more classes soon!
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I have an early morning class and this is class has lots of stretching along w/offering challenging movements also...can't wait to try it on my students.
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