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Nagi Takahashi is back with a wonderful Mat workout. She focuses on mobility in the spine and teaches many exercises that use thoracic extension and rotation. Nagi begins the class with stretches to help you move better in your workout. Welcome back Nagi!
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Jul 18, 2013
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Hi. Uh, I'm Nagi and uh, it's great to be back at Pleiades anytime again. Um, last time I did a Japanese, not class, but this time I'm going to do one in English and uh, this will be a beginner class and uh, I'm gonna focus on uh, thoracic mobility cause we all need mobility in that part of the spine. So are you ready? Okay. Um, we're gonna start with a few roll downs first. Okay. So have your uh, second toe line up with the middle of the heel. Uh, sits bones apart though, like a fifth fist with apart. Good. Okay. And we stand up tall. Widen the collar bone then.

Cause if you're lifting up from the tops of your head and you take an inhale and exhale, oh, I, we'll take it in half the bottom and exhale coming up. And two more folding under the rib cage and inhale. Exhale. Think as if you're going up against the wall and lift one more. Yeah.

Turn your palms inside so that your shoulders don't go into an internal rotation and exhale coming up. Okay. And we're going to take our left leg up a a big step forward and go into a lunch so you can adjust your feet. Don't let your knee come over your ankle. Your Shin is in a, a straight line, perpendicular to the floor. Hey, and we take our arms up.

I'm gonna start with a little stretching out for us because, and keep breathing cause I always feel that, um, uh, people are so stiff, they can't like move at first. So I want to just stretch them out. [inaudible] hey and we rotate our ribs to the left and I think you'll feel a stretch in the Elio psoas. [inaudible] ah, take an inhale one hey facing forward and we put our hands next to your feet and the back heel goes down. The front toe comes up for a hamstring stretch. [inaudible] if possible, try to lay and your spine as much and one more. Hey, bring the front foot down and coming up and then going to the other leg. So take a step forward.

Good eye line your hips. So that's a, so that's looking towards the front and bring arms up. Okay. Push with the back, a big toe. And one more. Rotate to the right. Feel it born the d, uh, Leo Solars [inaudible] one more, uh, facing forward, but the hands down and into a hamstring stretch.

Uh, well in your right, sitz bones back away from the right heel. [inaudible] waking energy through the crown of the head. Uh Huh. And one more [inaudible] and putting the feet job and onto your hands again. And we're going on and into all four position. Okay.

So, uh, your risks aren't directly under your shoulders. Your knees are under your hips and the legs are, uh, if a fifth distance apart. Okay. And we're going into a big cat. So we take an inhale and exhale, curl the tailbone and under, start crawling from the bottom and then coming up. Oh, the way.

So you really want to press down with the hands and pull the sternum up towards the ceiling. You that a protraction, grit, protraction of the shoulder weights, and then inhale to come back. And then a little thoracic extension, the tops of the head and your sitting bones reach up to the ceiling. Don't lose those abdominals. And then back to neutral and a big Castro, Ah, course your shins and the tops of their feet down into the mat. Yeah, you can probably pull your, uh, navel up more and then inhale back and Xcel into an extension and back curl [inaudible] and back and arch and back. One more. Curl back and art and back to neutral. Okay. And uh, why don't you have your, the Ha, uh, the hand far away, farther away from me. Right down to the mat. The shoulder and head touches. Good, good. And the top or reaches the ceiling.

Good. And we take three breaths there. Eh? [inaudible] [inaudible] really nice. Drew, rich between the Scapula. Hey [inaudible] you can look up to your hand if you like. Hey.

And put that top arm right next to the face and then push up and coming back to all fours on the other side. Like surrendering the needle. We put the shoulder and hit done. The bottom is too, looking up to the ceiling. [inaudible] and inhale last one and exhale. [inaudible] bring the hand back next year. Face and pushing up. Okay. And just walk your hands forward for keeping the FI perpendicular to the floor and then going into that thoracic extension.

As you exhale, you want to think of putting the sternum down, reaching the stern and reaching the rib cage down. And last one and health and Xcel is those has come up. Okay. I am sitting on your feet. Um, uh, the front of the Mat and I was sitting cross legged and have the hands on your knees and then we're sitting up nice and tall and we inhale and exhale, curl the tailbone under and inhale and exhale up and wanna push the rib cage back and to the front so you're arching a little bit. Exhale.

Ah, and inhale up and two more then get, I know we're going to go side to side. So going to your rights. Yeah, we just shift our ribcage then. Right? And back to center and to the left and back to center. [inaudible] and back. Right. And both of your sits bones are same weight and you're just shifting your ribcage to the right and to the left.

Okay. And then now we're going to draw circles with our ribcage. So going to the right and to the back left and then to four and right inhale as you go. Right. And exhale as you circle around and ane helps [inaudible] two more like that. [inaudible] okay. And other weights. So inhale to go. The left. Exhale back to the right and to the front and in, Ah, a feel which side feels more harder going and Xcel, sir.

Calling around and last one and XL. Ah, no, around. Okay. And a half years. It's most equal weight. And bring your arms up to the feeling. Um, I know at least the fingers, but your four fingers reaching up to the ceiling and we go over to the right and exhale center. So lateral flection and to the left and XL breezed through that top rib cage and XL. Center and away. Uh, and one more in each side.

[inaudible] [inaudible]. Okay. And then interlacing the hands behind the head and we're just going to curl the neck. Just the neck forward. Good. And inhale. And then the fold under the rib cage.

So the lower part of the spine stays straight. And inhale, exhale coming up. [inaudible] and inhale at the top. Exhale, just the cervical spine, so you can use the hands a little to press your head down. And then the third in health or the back. And exhale coming up. And just the cervical. So the shoulders don't, don't, uh, come inwards at first and then softening the sternum, folding under the ribcage and exhale, coming up.

And from there we go into lateral flection to the right. And then we rotate down. Inhale, going back XL to center. Inhale other way to the left and exhale, rotate the ribs. Inhale and exhale back to center and in [inaudible]. [inaudible]. [inaudible] one more in side. All right, good.

And then both the chest looks down and just looks forward. Exhale up. One more. [inaudible] and Xcel coming up. Okay. Undo your Venus. And uh, let's lie down on your back. Okay. I'm going to start with a pelvic curls.

So we take an inhale and exhale, curling up. Sitz bone, sacred pubic bond. Inhale and exhale down. So focusing on that thoracic spine. Ah, putting the vertebrae one by one, down to the mat and again, ah, push down with the arms so the shoulders are wide and dropping from the sternum.

Uh, and to neutral. And one more stop at the top. Uh, hey, we're going to add a little. So bring your right hip on up to the ceiling and then coming down from the left side. Good. And then, uh, district and XL coming up street, the left hip bone comes up and then we go down from the right side and back to neutral.

Right hip bone comes up. Ah, so the spine comes down straight. It's just that your left side of the body is touching the ground first and exhale up, uh, left hip bone up and exhale down. Ah, and just for adjustment one street and exhale down. Okay. Um, read your arms back, uh, into a y position overhead. [inaudible] yeah.

And then put him down to the fourth. Good. Um, have your feet together. Feet and knees adductors together. First I n y. And then bring your right leg up to the ceiling. Cross it over the left. And then we're just going over to the left. And inhale, we peel off from the lower part of the spine and then exhale coming back. You want to draw up the sternum, you want to feel each vertebrae coming back and then over to the left again.

And exhale. Really use that breath to bring the sternum down, replication in, and then coming back and inhale to the left. And if you have a partner, have them. Yeah. And come down, have them feel yours. Fine. Not here, but here. Right, right. [inaudible] and then come all the way. Now, one more to the left. Hmm.

And then one vertebrae at a time. Oh. And then coming back. Okay. And then the right leg comes up again. Good. And then lower down, right. And then the left comes up, cross it over there. Right. And am going all, all of them to the right and inhale and exhale and inhale over, starting from dropping the sternum. Good. And two more like that. And he'll over [inaudible] and use about the job sending down.

Yeah. And one more and hail over and exhale. Okay. And bring the left leg up to the ceiling and into tabletop position. Good. And the right, like I'm up to tabletop position as well. And inhale, exhale, come up to a hundreds prep and inhale and exhale up.

[inaudible] down and curling from the top of the head. Good. And reaching the back of neck long to the ceiling and um, and, and down and two more and, and, and one. Hey, keeping the pelvis and legs stable. We're going over to the right [inaudible], reaching, reaching, reaching and inhale down and to the left. [inaudible] and uh, and right and lived a bit. One Nation shouldn't be on top of the other, should be aligned the same height and they're right and down and left. [inaudible] and um, and we go up and whole right leg down, left leg down, pulls for five and yeah, reaching and last one and down. Exhale, coming over to the left and pulse five.

Keep that rod hip, bone down, hold and all the way down and release the hands and back, uh, at the back of the head. Inhale to prepare. Exhale to come up the chest. Good. Inhale as you come up a little higher and exhale down. Inhale and exhale up and hit a little higher and exhale down. Good. Keeping the pelvis away from your head and down and inhales and exhale up.

Good Lane in this mine. And exhale down. Good and XL a good way to tailbone that way. That way. Yeah. [inaudible] and inhale. Exhale down. One more and exhale up and anyhow [inaudible] okay. And keeping the elbows. Why in hell XL right.

Like up to table top and then the left leg up to tabletop. Good without releasing the rib cage. Good. And softening the back side of the ribcage. Down onto the mat. And we're going into lick changes. So the right leg touches and XL sweater.

Yeah. And switch and switch and switch. Ah, and two more sets. One more and hold good. And a left leg comes down in health Xcel coming up to chest position again that that's fun. Hooks onto your elbows and push the four arms forward and one and two and three and four and hold good.

Turning to the right and five and four and three. Good. Four arms forward. And last one by center to the left and one and two good and three and four and Juliana's in Wiley five and back to center and all the way down. All right, open your arms to t position, right, like up to the ceiling, left leg long out of your hip sockets. You can either flex or point, um, whichever the five doesn't like and into the hip sockets.

And then we go inwards, good leg circles and down and around [inaudible] so often the floating ribs down to the Mat and last one otherwise, and I'm getting the breath pattern so and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale one more and inhale and exhale, hold. Good. Hold the back of a thigh. Good. And then coming, curling up and when to flex the foot and just stretch [inaudible] mute your chest and stretch. [inaudible] and last the one hole that's still in that chest lift position, arms are up, switched the legs and then open up to a tee and we go in and inhale. [inaudible] last one and up and hold. Other way and aim. Yeah, I reached out, right, like away from you. And, and every time you breathe out, you want to solve in the back side of the rib cage down.

And two more. [inaudible] [inaudible] last one up and hold, grabbed the back of the thighs, come up to chest lift position. If you can reach, reach a little higher, flex the foot and bend and straight. [inaudible] one more. I long neck, wide color, boom please. And a pointed foot. Good. And then arms parallel to the floor. Hey, we'll bring that leg down and onto your roll up.

[inaudible] [inaudible] peeling, peeling, peeling and inhale. Exhale down. Joey, you wanna keep that? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well I call it bone. Nice. And [inaudible] by one. Yes. Nice long times you say yes and inhale, good pool. The naval back and [inaudible]. Two more nice. Linkedin, Linkedin, linkedin and don't go so much for that. You're yeah. Shoulder couldn't be rounded and exhale down, down, down and last one.

Ah, and we just go back and Ben knees good into a rolling and back. [inaudible] hmm. And, and yeah, you want the heel to be close to your bum and your knees to be close to the chest. But not rounding the shoulders as much. So keep that neck a long and two more and one and stop there. Good. Both legs into table top. Hold on top. Nice. Inhale and exhale.

Roll down. Just a tip of the shoulder blades. Good. I only go into DoubleClick search in, I keep that thoracic fluxions and [inaudible] the last one and back and holding the left knee and [inaudible]. Nice. And in our layers I have behind the head and rotate and [inaudible] from elbows. Yeah, from the and pull bear. Good. Take your right hand and put it against your left knee. Right.

And then pushed against each other and then rotate a little more. Right, right, right, right. And exhale, rotate a little more. Right. And coming up and last one and switch other way. Good press that left hand on to the left knee and yeah, yeah, yeah. Good. But keep this [inaudible] [inaudible] right, right, right. And last one, good. Back to Sandra and all the way down and coming up, sitting with your feet against each other, against each other. And we're going to do a spine stretch here.

So sitting up. Nice and tall. Inhale to prepare and exhale just like we did in the warm up. So you want to stretch out the cervical, thoracic, and then no the lumber, but try to lift the lower abs up. [inaudible] and two more like that and exhale down. And we're going to add rotation and Xcel to the right knee.

Yeah. And inhale. Exhale up. Two more and exhale to the right knee, but keeping your pelvis forward and inhale a XL up. Sorry. And Xcel down and up. Good turn. Face forward. Okay. And to your left knee. Inhale and exhale her ah, and XL. Right.

So you don't want lottery laterally flex, but you want to keep that same distance between the acs and the lower part of the rib cage. And inhale, exhale, curling down top of the head. Curl, curl, curl and up. That was three. Okay. And then coming back to forward, opening up the arms and we going into a spine twist. So to the right, your arms just follow where your rib cage goes. [inaudible] we want to stop on the right side. Good left hand on top of the right knee. Right hand in back of your pelvis, the back of your pelvis, and use your arms to rotate a little further.

[inaudible] every time you exhale, you want to go a little further. [inaudible] and a little further upwards as well. Last one. And exhale. Open the arms to the side, turn forward and then going to the left side. Hey, right hand to the right and left knee, left hand in back of your pelvis. Use those arms.

So your rape case is almost looking back. Ah, and one more exhale, reach the arms out and then coming to forward. All right, uh, arms called legs and shift your weight back a little rightly comes tabletop. Lovely. Comes tables up, squeezing your thighs. Use those hip extensors. Inhale and exhale. Curl down teaser prep inhaler and exhale down just to the point where you don't need to yeah.

To come up and exhale down. Ah, and last one down and coming up, straightening out the legs, uh, grabbing on wherever you can. Lengthen this line and we go into open like Rutger [inaudible], [inaudible], [inaudible], [inaudible] and two more [inaudible] coming up. Nice. And last one up. Up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Yeah. And closing the legs. Tabletop, arms forward and ruling down. Okay.

Don't we want to stretch those hip flexors? I do. Let's go into a shoulder, bitch. Pep Inhale and exhale, curl. Right. We really want to keep those, uh, sits bones high. Bring the left leg up, right. Likes. Hurry up to tabletop.

Reach out. Stretch those hamstrings. No, I said a shoulder bridge prep. So keep it a tabletop and we go inhale. Xcel up, touch and up. [inaudible] good. Do you want to use those right obliques and keep the real right. Sitz bones high. Last one. Xcel up hall.

Bring them right leg down and inhale. Exhale without dropping. Bring the left leg up and go. [inaudible] I think you're using both legs. The last one left, like down and this fine.

Laxing the sternum, middle back touches the lower back touches and then the pelvis. Hey, a turning onto your right side. I should face this way. Okay. Okay. Going to do slide lifts. You can place your hands in front of the chest or on your thigh and we inhale. Exhale up.

Lincoln. Up that top like ah, your hip socket. [inaudible] you want to feel that linked in your torso as well. [inaudible] two more and down. Hey, we're coming up to our elbows. No elbows. Good. And we want to bring the uh, the bottom like in front of us to a 90 degrees angle.

Yeah. And um, we want to work our glutes but really, uh, like the end external rotators as well. So we bring the, yeah, my lake that the top lake back good and into little external rotation and lifting up from the bleaks. And so we do not want to flex or hips. So keeping that stretch in the front hip hop and keeping that leg in. Slight external rotation. So your knee is above your ankle and three more and two and one good. And then one, straighten out and bend and just string and bent.

[inaudible] yeah. And this is how there's height, so you don't want to draw up and last one and lower that leg, come up and then take a nice stretch and onto our other side. Starting with the side with, yeah. Can I hold it? Okay. We want a lift from the bottom of bleak as well. Good. And inhale. Exhale and lower and up. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. This Mike is kind of fluoride on my hip and lower [inaudible] two more. Less than one. And up.

Up lengthen in coming all the way down. Coming onto your elbows. The bottom leg comes in front. The top like, yeah. So the thigh is in line with the Shin. The front Shin, right. Good. And then this slight external rotation, we lift it like up and down, but keeping this [inaudible] right by weight. So you don't want to fall likes from here? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're one pull up. Up to your certain, ah, it is, is it right under here?

[inaudible] Nice. And two more and one eight. And then from there, straighten out and bend, straighten and bend. I want this look. Yes. And Bend and two. Yeah, the last one and okay.

And the lower and we go into that stretch. [inaudible] stretch. Okay. And coming up. Okay. Oh, for a back extension. Um, oh, you guys face towards each other. And I just wanted to see.

So your knees are approximately met with support and your toes are not crossing over each other, but just a side by side and you want your l a forms to be touching on that in front of your elbows. And we want to keep that a straight line said John, drop your head all the way down. But just like there's a mirror on the floor, you're looking at your face and we take an inhale. Do you bring the tops of the head up to the ceiling? Good. And try to Paul the mat tours you as you extend the elbows and then pushing the sternum forward and then exhaling to come back. Okay. Then in how to come up. Yeah.

So pull them f towards you with your forearms and use the triceps too as you, you'll come up, exhale down and inhale [inaudible] I liked this because this doesn't go into your lower back and inhale up cause if you want to try to arch your back, you need to go up here, which is impossible when you have your hands down Xcel down. So people who don't have that flexibility in their thoracic spine or who have too much mobility in their lower back and they want to use it, I think this is a great exercise and an inhale. Okay. Why collarbone, you're pulling. Yeah. And exhale down.

Okay. And having that same feeling when I bring the legs back and also, um, a y shaped overhead and we want the palms to beach. Yeah. Facing each other and then feeling that energy from the pinky line to the back of the arms to the lot three this lot. And then same thing, kv, pulling the naval a little bit off the mat. We inhale as we extend and then feeling the energy line from the Pinky to the lot and then exhale down and again and in health. [inaudible] Nice. And exhale down.

Inhale. Nope. Yeah. And exhale. Oh, [inaudible] and two more like that. Inhale and exhale down. Okay. Um, have your hands be NAEP your forehead. Okay. And we're going to add a little rotation.

So come up placing your, having your hands underneath your forehead and we're going to look to the right center. Look to the left center and come down. Inhale up and exhale to the right center. [inaudible] center and down. You want to think length when you come up? Yes.

Right and center and left and center and come back down. Yeah, keep those abdominals engaged and up. [inaudible] and center and left and center and XO down and come up to the rest of the Shin. [inaudible] [inaudible] you want to inhale to the back and the side of the ribs and exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Come up to all fours.

So your wrists are directly under your shoulders and your knees are under your hips. Okay. And in that neutral position, we take an inhale. Exhale, bring the right arm and out to a t and we look how we rotate the ribcage to the right and back to the right and back. Keep pushing with that little left arm. [inaudible] one more. And to the right and down other side.

Okay. Stabilize first and then move the left arm. Push with that right shoulder. [inaudible] a little extension and rotation. Ah, be careful of that hyper extension of your elbow. Okay. And hand back.

And we bring one light back there, like back and come up to up stretch. [inaudible] [inaudible] take an inhale. Exhale. Walk the hands towards your feet and inhale. Exhale to come up. [inaudible] and standing up. Nice and tall. Exhale as you go down. [inaudible] [inaudible], [inaudible] and rolling down. Ah, does your service feel a little more mobile then one hour before? Yes. I hope so.

One more and exhale down. Yeah. [inaudible] good. And keeping your abdominals engaged. We cheat back and yeah, and inhale, reaching back. Just spread your wings and exhale. Last one. And in Hale an x.

Then that is it for today. Thank you so much.


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That was just fabulous! I know it will help in my other classes. It also helps after hours at the computer. Thank you, Nagi.
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Very nice for a Saturday morning!
Maria, thank you for the first comment!
True, you will probably move better after doing the first few exercises before other classes!
Amy, thank you for watching:)
I'm happy to be your Saturday morning workout!
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I really enjoyed this class!! You´re the one!!! :)
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Nagi-San, Welcome back! Nice, smooth and well thought out class, just love it! X
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Hi Nagi, I did your class today and I loved it. It was cueued very precisely without being dry. I love the flowing choreography and would definitely use it. I will look for more of your classes. Thank you Nagi
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Yes, I too loved this class - nice opening and closing. Calm cueing. Thanks!
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I really enjoyed your class! Thank you and I hope you have more classes soon!
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I have an early morning class and this is class has lots of stretching along w/offering challenging movements also...can't wait to try it on my students.
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