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Challenge yourself mentally and physically in this Reformer workout with Amy Havens. She adds Theraband arm work while jumping on the Jump Board to work on coordination and to get more use of the body. This workout will make you sweat and get your heart pumping!
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Jump Board, Theraband

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Hi everybody is Amy doing a jump forward workout today and I'm incorporating a little bit of theraband arm work with the jumping. So a coordination might come up for you, uh, but also a way to get some arm work in while we're jumping. So again, just more use of the body. Um, keeping it interesting, definitely mentally challenging as well as physically. So before we get down to jump, I've got, I'm on balanced body. I have two red springs on a set up that works for me. Uh, red and blue would be fine, uh, or a green and a red. I would not go more than two springs. That's a personal choice.

We want enough rebound and enough jump, but not that we're going to have it so heavy that we slam into the front. Uh, but if you're a man jumping, you may want a little more, uh, spring tension for your, your body mass, depending on how big you are. So before we get down and do jumping, let's just do a tiny bit of foot warm up. Uh, the jumping can be a warm up for your feet, but um, let's start it here. Some sitting at the edge of the mat or the uh, carriage and I'm just going to lift the toes. I'm in a little bit of hip with the part and lower.

And just think of lifting all 10 toes evenly and down. Not Sync of lifting all 10 toes. Try to lift all 10 toes evenly and lower and lift. Now pinky our big toe. Reach the big toe, pull it up, five of them. Reach it down, lift it up, see if he can do that without lowering the other four toes. This takes some skill. Take some foot strength, big toe and lift.

One more big toe and up. Now pinky toe and perhaps your fourth, maybe [inaudible] and up. So reaching the lateral edge of the foot out without taking the ankles into any rocking. So reach and lift, man. Reach. Some days I've got the left connected. Some days I don't, and up and reach and center. Curl your toes like you're grabbing a pencil off the floor.

Just squeeze my energy and release it. Squeeze the toes and release, grab and release, do more and grab, release one more, grab and release. And then just rock, just rock a little bit up on the toes on the heels, toes and heels. We can do a little toe heel and then just getting some blood flow. I'm not very coordinated with that. Okay. Enough of that. So the theater van that have got, I've got a blue one's kind of medium strength, a any strength would do really. So you can choose that. We're going to lie down and I typically will do a uh, preparation for jumping and we don't right away go into like, you know, fast paced jump, jump, jump. I like my head rest up.

So the other uh, one more check-in. Hold your, the edges of your theraband. I'm just got it wound up into my fist lightly so that my son is available here. My thumb is open and I want us to start with the elbows down on the mat. Thumbs pointed out to this side. So you've got your palms facing your shoulders. And what we'll be adding in some of these first jumps is a little external rotation of the upper arm. So some of that. Okay, so firstly, let's stretch our legs out, zipped up the middle, anchor your body into your mat and we're just gonna do a nice, easy Ben little jump land. Now on the stretch open, the external rotation, we're doing four counts there. So it's bend, jump land, and one, two, three, four Ben jump land and one, two, three, four, one. I've done this rhythm before.

I like to start with this. Then jump land. And if you need more resistance, of course with your arms, choke up on the length of your strap. Bend, jump, land open. How I'm gonna do four more here, Ben, jump land and one. And again, just pieces of information for your feet. Do your best to roll slowly through when you land. Toe Ball, arch heel so that you articulate the feet. Just like we would articulate our far spine. We work in the feet the same way.

And one, two, three and four. Okay. All that in his first position, the Pele's V or a dancer's first, if you've got that in your body. So we have a bend little jump land, one, two, three, four and bend, jump land and open two, three, four and bend. It's kind of interesting here. We're zipping up the mid line, but we're opening the arms out to the sides. So kind of some two dimensional connection. Well three dimensional really because I've got my stomach coming into my back. So three dimensions and one, two we'll do four more.

So I'm trying to just sets of eight and bend, jump, land and externally rotate the upper arm and down, jump land and externally rotate and down. Jump Land and one, two. Let's keep going here with parallel and bend. Jump Land. If you're feeling ready to take a bigger jump, by all means go ahead. Two and down. Stretch and bend.

Jump Land. One, two, three, four. Here's the fourth one. So with that Ben jump, the arms are kind of at rest. Then we're activating and at rest and active. Two, three, four, two more and open. And Ben Jump Land and a one, two, three, and four toes in the top corners. I'm on the jump is maximus.

So I get a deeply a and Owen, two, three, one, two, three, four. I love this because I'm wrapping my thighs. I'm wrapping my shoulders, nothing like it. And two, two, three, four. Here's four and open. Two, three, four, four more dow and one, two, three, four and bend. Jump, land, and open. Remember, this is strong leg time here, so use those legs.

Push one more, Ben. Push land and one, two, and three and four. All right, so let's come into the center and zip up the legs. We're going to go through all four positions without stopping. Hold your arms in external rotation. No resting elbows. Lift them. And if you get pooped in your arms, just rest them for a moment.

Come back at it. All right, so eight jumps. We have one and two. Articulate the feet, three and four. So I'm trying to wrap the shoulders. Open the chest. Six, seven ballet first, or is v one. So the external rotation, I want you to connect your muscles of your upper back and five around his shoulders. Six, seven and hip width parallel and one and two and three and four. Five, six, seven. One more set toes in the top corners there. One big plea, a two strong legs, three, four, four, three. Articulate those feet.

Last two and end in the middle. Okay, next one, arms straight above the chest. We're going to repeat the leg portion that we just did, but instead of four counts to stand, we're taking it down to two. The arms starting up and the theraband piece will be a lateral pool. A stretch this way. Again, be real mindful that you don't lift those ribs to the bands. Okay, so we're having a bend hand, a jump land, just one. Do Bend, jump land and pull and pool three and pull and pull in four.

So I want you to also work on the wrist alignment here and be real mindful not to do any kind of revving up your motorcycle or cocking it and bending it is stiff. So the motion of the arm pool comes from the back of the shoulder, not the wrist. Shh. One more. Bend, jump land. Pull one to Pele's V or ballet. First one, two, three and two counts. Bend, jump land and one to one and one, two and bend. So in the air, the heels don't leave each other. Whoops. Doolan ven jump land and one to two.

Okay, sure. Heels together. Two more. Bend, jumped Lan and one two and Ben jump land and one and two hip with parallel. Ben, one, two and bend. So you can also think that not even the hand that does the pulling, it's the upper arm, the back of the upper arm. One, two, rear shoulders, upper back. Ben like focus the eyes straight up to the ceiling or slightly forward.

Two more bend, jump land and one, two and bend and one to toes in the corners. Eight repetitions, Ben? Yeah, one, two and bend again, wrapping the legs, wrapping the shoulders down, right. And then control that. Theraband open. Open last one. And you guessed it, putting it all together back in eight of each one.

A slight pull open on the band. No bending of the wrists. Here we go for eight one feel free to jump higher now. Three, four, five strong. Rear shoulders, six, seven Pele's. V, ballet. First one. Strong legs, strong feet. Five, six, seven hip with parallel, right in line with your pelvis. And two strong legs like lightning bolts. Five, six, seven toes in the corners and clean a squat. Jump Squat. Three where's your stomach? Where's your chest? And seven last one. Land in the middle.

Rest. Okay, good. Take a breath. I'm going now down to red and blue. So I've dropped a level of spring for single leg and yep, more pulling with the band. So this time I'm going to start with my left foot. Parallel on the jump board, right leg and a table top. Arms straight up. Again, an anchor. The shoulders. Now Angle your theraband.

So I've got my right hand going to right ankle there. Now I'm going to j jump and as I jump I'm pulling that right arm down toward the frame of the mat here. Okay, we're going to go right into jumping. So bend, jumping pool. Jumping pool four times three for change. Here's where the brain worked for me. You can kind of maybe pick that up. I had to start thinking about opposition change. Four, three, two.

I want to find my triceps really to pull the theraband. One, two. Meanwhile the other arm is straight up. Three. Let's stay with the fours guys and one, three and four and one and two and three. We're going to do one more set of fours and one and 34 last set of fours, two, three. Let's go to tos. East side a couple times, two, two to two again, two to you. Guess what? We're going to go 16 singles, maybe you didn't guess at one, two, three, four, six, seven, and eight.

I'm losing my coordination. One, two, three, four. Last four, last three and two and one and rest. Valadez, v, leg up. Same arm patterning and they'll jump is going to be a little attitude position. All right, so again, I'm going to start angled Ben, jump and pull the arm toward the mat. One we'll do four, two, three. Switch the legs, switch the arms and pull. Two, three, four, her gun and a push.

Three and four and pull, release, pull, release, pull. Doing two more sets of fours, guys. One, two. And as you get a little more coordinated, you can push with your leg a little further. Bigger jump. Use those legs. One more set of four, two, three, four and four. Three. I'm going to count it down in twos. Now. Four sets of twos. One, two, switch. One, two, switch.

One, two, one, two. Singles for 16 one, two, three, four. Goodness. Five, six, seven is like walking into and go. I do that. Well actually five. Um, and Duh. I'll count. I promise. Four more and four. I got it. Three man, two Yai, g, Mama, rest, breathe. That's for me. I'm going to set that down for a minute. Okay. We're going to just do some jumps per feet.

Arms can be up here. Ballerina style or down, whatever you choose. Let's have a ballet first or Palati. Zvi starting in lifting your right leg just a little. You can soften the foot or, Gosh, you know what guys? You can flex your foot. Do what you need.

That foot is going to come near the lower shin ankle of the other foot. I like the point, so I'm going to point now as you jump on this, you're kicking the leg up, you're landing and bringing it in four times. Then you'll go out to the side, three on the fourth one you have to change legs and quickly bring that other foot to the front because it's going to need to come front. Let's try. Okay. If you get messed up, jump follow it up. Here we go. One in two in three and four and was going to go to the side out.

Out. I've done these before. Three, four change. It goes in the front. One, two, three, four. My legs come to you. One, two, three. I'm going to do the whole thing again. We'll do a lot of these I or with the leg. Now, if you've got it, lift, lift, lift to the side, higher. If you have it. One, two, three, change it over if you got it. One. My calves are cramping too. This feels good there. Whoops. Three. Four in control. Amy. Five I'm going to do one more set guys of the big kicks.

One two accent in three, four and side side side, and switch it. Here we go. Kick, kick, whoa. And four and three and two. Last time. Rest. Take a little moment. I bring your head up, bring your knees and stretch your lower back. Take a little rock. We are definitely not done. I love jumping as you know.

So we're going down to a red spring. I'm going to lower my head rest, but a lie on my side, tucking my arm and get myself nicely centered from the front and back of them. Reformer. How do I know? Well, I feel, how much do I have back there? Here, but I don't have much back there. I'm too far back. So you've got to move it up. So knees are stacked for a second.

Take your top leg in parallel. Look at the a jump board where you know that the foot bar would be right. Try to set your foot there, not below, not above. Okay. Waist is lifted. You've got a good sense of support here. Hand is resting or here, I'm going to stretch my here for liaise easy were one red spring.

What I want you to focus and think about if you have a mirror in front of you, fantastic cause you can watch this leg. Definitely don't let it drop in or lift up. Ankle is stable. Knee should be parallel. Thigh level with your hip. Okay, don't bend so far. Your heel comes up. Just a minute. I'll get you there. I want you to connect to your hip extensors who've done so much quad. Find the back of the leg to push. Okay, three more push.

No hyperextending either three. Last one for now. Lift your heel eight times here. One hip extensors, squeeze, bend, schooly. See if you need to check. It's occasionally a good idea to check your foot and just look to see if you're still parallel. It's okay. Look hen down, squeeze three and four and down.

I am counting in my head, the words are coming out kind of funky. So eight there, little pulses. So I'm going to say this, squeeze, release, squeeze and down, but on the down it's not really releasing. You're actually still squeezing all through press and press and press and press. We're going to add the arm going over the head, just a movement here and four for the other way, one and two, and we're going to take it into a jump. All Right, eight times one.

We'll probably more than that to adding that arm. Three, four and four and three and two. Try to track that foot in parallel. Eight again, same arm one and two and three. Stomach is tight and for meaning to supporting, you know, belly, let a relaxing there. And last two. Okay, we're done with that in parallel where we're going to take a look at it in external rotation. So I have the advantage of having this longer, bigger board so I can move my foot forward and that works for me. But if you've got a shorter board, just do the best you can. We try not to let that pelvis roll back. Okay?

So if you're limited in your external rotation, just does. Okay. Don't force it and roll your head back. Just keep it small. Okay, so same thing. Foot is flat, you're supported, you've got to go on. So we're doing a bend and a stretch and a bend. Now you could easily cheat and put too much weight on your pinky toe foot as well being a toe, even foot.

You want your big toe, Pinky Toe, heel, your tripod pull up into that hip ch and seven and eight on a little four starch Relevate a one and lift Ben, pull yourself up three and four and squeeze. There's five, six, seven. So we're going to take the pulses, adding the arm over head and we have it a one and two and three and four and four and three for the first set down and one you can always get creative with your theraband and do something with the bandwidth, your arms if you wanted to or hand weight. Two and three and four. Adding the jumps with the arm. One and two and three. My arm went a little soon and four see what I mean about coordination here?

Five and six and seven. We're going to do eight again, same thing and then we have all this on the other side and two. Hello, train. Very long body four, four 30 and two and our last one for this side. No, I'm going to transition myself from an a. Come on up. All right, so I'm going to the other side now. So take that arm and reach it through the head rest. Make it pillow. Adjust yourself accordingly. Knees stacked.

Your underside is supporting you. Your bottom, he stays bent and you have a strong parallel leg to begin. Connect to your height, right? I'm five, three and a half. I want to be five, five. So I'm reaching out through my head, down my leg. Okay. That's my spine. Really. So eight Benz and to try to find that nice connection back of the leg up into the rear three and down. Squeeze. Here's five. Remember trying to track the leg parallels so easy to drop it down and ate all that should've been known with a flat heel. Cause now we lift the heel and when it's not a high lift, it's maybe two or three inches above the board. Two maybe three.

Make sure even on the big toe across to the pinky toe and four, pull your back leg up to your butt. Pull it up. Last two, last one now. Little pulses and one and two. Rainbow arm, three and four and four and three and two for another set. Ahh, feeling the back of that leg and the hip. Three and four and four and three and two and one for the jumps.

Adding the arm and two and three and long body and four and three and two. Another set and push and push. I'm thinking of pushing from my butt. Three and four and four and three and two and one. All of that of course. Externally rotated top corner.

All right. And get it set. No dropping pelvis. Try to stay stacked. Arm is reaching or hand weight for a eight presses. Here's though first one. Yeah. You're finding that rap three, staying engaged and supported in this bottom side. Five, six, seven and eight. Up on a little Relevate. Eight more.

One even on the toes to control that knee extension. No snapping, no hyperextension squeeze those muscles. You're pulling the nut up. Six, seven get ready for the pulses. Arm overhead, little pulse and two, three and four and four. I know I didn't make it overhead and seven I'm moving. Run with my sweat and eight, seven, six and five and four. Three, two. Let's take it into a jump.

Here we go on and two and three and four. Stretch and push and six and seven jumping from the rear end. Eight more jumps. Everybody. We're almost done with this part and two and three and long and strong. Four and four and three.

Two and last. One and less rest there. Okay, so come on up. We're going to bring the theraband back into the workout. A staying on a red spring or one. One spring. I was on a red for all of that and I'm going to have us line up with the middle of the carriage mat here. Okay, so again, take one end rapid into your hand. Hmm. How much length I'm going to work with a little more than my shoulder with. Okay. Hey, I know on the edge of the jump board arm overhead, so I want to take myself into a side bend and I want actually to think of the elbow, the jump board elbowed be bent to start with tall and side bend.

Now as I push out, try not to lock that elbow out, but I'm going to choke up. I want a little more resistance here. Yeah. Okay. Bend, stretch four of these. I'm thinking of more side bend but also lift. This band is helping me get that so I'm not collapsing my inside waistline. There's my four no big arm circle across your chest.

Bend, pull up to big circle. It's a great way to stretch your neck. Also the side of that neck, three and four. What goes one way of course comes the other way. All been, I don't know how your breathing hat. Exhale three when to stay up on this next one. Four. Oh all the way overhead Ben for four triceps, just press two, three and four. That's all I need. And other side, feel free to do eight to 10 of course, always more if you need them. All right, so hand on the jump board, arm up overhead, a little Bin and side bend. Now push away and stretcher inside elbow. Stretch the band up.

Try to keep even weight on those knees and lift your spine into the bend. So we have four presses, one to finding that lat and again those rear shoulder muscles and four hold it. Stretch big circle and two where's your stomach? Three for reverse, for former lead with my thumb and around and thumb to get that external rotation again at that arm and shoulder. Three, four it's staying overhead. Thumb down and one, two, three and for and bent. Okay. We are done with the theraband so let's just set it off to the edge.

Two more exercises. They're kind of stretchy and kind of winding down. So I'm going to have you put your hands on the top of the jump board feedback where they would be for down stretch parallel. Now I'm going to push my carriage out. I want to bring my chest down right between the arms and uh, my pelvis right above my size. Now I have a tendency to kind of drop that way. So be careful if you're one of those bodies, but I do want you to explore the sense of length, you know, from your tail to the tip of the head, right? And not, uh, taking your carriage too far back and just spend some reading here.

So my shoulders are not up by my head, they're kind of down the side rib cage there as best I can. Now I'm going to take rotation and try not to move the carriage. So a little bit of at this saw, you've seen me do this before, so I'm gonna reach that hand of the frame and slice it and turn towards you. And, but in my body, I'm thinking of my spine. I'm a Phillips screwdriver. I'm going to twist there and other side. Okay.

So I'm trying to stay off in my head right in the center of that jump board. If there were bulls, I'm not leaning left or right if I can help it. But right to the center so that you're following your central axis. All right, equal press with the top arm. I'm reaching over the frame of the reform. I'm not resting there.

Try to get the breathing full on this right side one more and less come home, center and rest. So a one easy hip flexor stretch. Well easy is relative. Take your foot into the sh onto the shoulder, rest outside foot, right by the leg. And I want you today to go down. I'm going to just kind of get my whole find down on the bed and my hip flexor closer down to the frame area. Here. You can't see me on the other side, but my outside leg is almost straight and that feels good today and you can go down. Just be careful with all this rigging. You don't want to bump your head. Of course. Now check it out.

You should have your pubic bone above the railing here of the frame. Again, that's your center, right? You don't want to be left to right. Even at out stretch and stretch. You're probably really good and warm. Ah, active leg active mind. Okay. And then as we come up, walk your hands up the board and drag yourself into a little bit of Swan.

Ah, or a lot of swan and other side. I'm going to walk around. Oh goodness. The jump board case. So by the leg, adjust. Solid foot position. Careful, steady, concise. Okay, so again, I'm trying to get my side down. Hit flexor. You'd like a big yawn toward the ground. Front. Hip. Pulled back as best as possible. If you like going down all the way, you can go here. Look at the railing.

You should have your pubis right above it. Ah, oh, much better. Solid back leg. [inaudible] okay, so do what you can with that stretch. I'm really warm, so I'm feeling like I can go for it today. And then walking, hands up. Let's do one more swan. So controlling the ribs, pulling the chest forward up. Lift a good belly stretch. Before we're done, let's all just come to standing and do a nice easy roll down to complete.

So big breath and exhale all the way and just shake it all out. Guys, we're all the way done. I hope you had a good jump board session. Burn a few calories, sweat a little bit of the stress away. I'll see you next time.


Wow! This is my new favorite class! So energizing, great cueing, lots of fun and a lot of sweat! Thank you for another great class Amy:)
Thank you Amy!
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Thanks ladies! Glad you're enjoying it and hope you're sweating as much as I was that day! :) FUN!!
Thank you Amy fun class
Thank you so much Brenda!
Great class! Thank you!
Glad you enjoyed it Stephanie and thanks for commenting!
So awesome. Got my heart rate up. FYI - this does not have any ab work for those of you looking for.
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Thank you Elizabeth!! The ab work is happening during the supine jumping---must keep that center body engaged and activated. But no, no chest lift positions etc. Ab work can be done with head down/supine/side lying/sitting etc. Glad it got your heart rate up!!
Really fun ! I did some of the repertoire in my class this morning.. :) thank you for inspire me ones again
Emily from london
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