Class #1180

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Brett Howard returns to Pilates Anytime with a challenging Mat workout. He teaches many variations including a 10 Count Roll Up to help you with control and precision. After this class, you will feel deeply connected to your powerhouse.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


Hi, my name is Brett Howard and I'm going to do a mat class today. So let's all start on our hands and our knees and a quadruped position. Let's have the hands directly underneath the shoulders. The k...


I love the way Brett teaches.
I always love watching Brett's classes. Fabulous class- both from Brett and the "students".
what a cool class, i am on vacation - doing this class in hawaii totally drenched. loving every moment.
Great class, great cues, really enjoyed it.
Another Yummy Brett Howard class . !!!!!
Always flow beautifully . Thank you for sharing your talent x
That was challenging, but so much fun. Thank you! I laugh every time you say keep it PG!
BBQ sauce. hilarious!
He's such a lovely person! AND great pilates instructor. WOW!
beautiful; especially as Brett notes that a client with a weaker core struggles and he gives her the right support
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