Class #1192

Fletcher Towel Work®

30 min - Class


Kyria Sabin Waugaman teaches a Fletcher Pilates Towel workout that will open your chest and bring a lift to your entire body. By using the towel as an extension of the body, you will find your shoulder imbalances and create more range of motion. Your shoulders will feel great by the end of the class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Braided Towel


So welcome everyone. I'm curious. Saban and I'm, I'll be introducing a beginning to intermediate telework class today. Um, any shoulder issues in the room? No, there's shoulder issues....


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Thank you Kyria! You re-inspired me to pick up my towel!! :)
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Hi Kyria, i just did this class with you, feel great . thank you! Nice to have more and more Fletcher work on Pilatesanytime.
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Another great towel class from you this week. My shoulders feel amazing!! Thank you!! Love the towel:)
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Thank you for the flow. The world needs this one...release & open those shoulders! Thank you to PA for such variety...makes me better! Xoxo
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This was my first Towel Class & I loved it. Feeling great! Thank you.
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Thanks a lot, Kyria!
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Great class. Loved the upper body work.
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Lovely shoulder, and spinal rotation work - Thanks!
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Wonderful work Kyria. The towel work is one of my favorites!
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I enjoy so much Fletcher's Pilates. It's a wonderful work for "computer shoulders". Thank you so much.
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