Class #1217

Spine Corrector Workout

40 min - Class


Cara Reeser teaches a Spine Corrector workout that combines traditional exercises with exercises she created and exercises from other influential instructors. She includes the Kathy Grant Sit Up, Roll Over, Swan and much more. You will find a great release when you let your body become the shape of the barrel.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector

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Hi, I'm Kara Reeser and we're going to do a combination of spine corrector and mat work. Some traditional, some stuff I've made up, some stuff I've acquired along the way from differen...


After viewing this and the tutorial posted earlier (with Ms. Havens) I just ordered a spine corrector, lol. It looks great!
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Great news Janet!!! You're going to LOVE your Spine Corrector!!
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Thank you Cara! As always you are great! I wanted MORE!! Love the cue of letting your body become the shape of the barrel. So excited when your classes come out on Pilates Anytime...that way I can still work with you but don't have to fly to Denver!! :) Thanks to Pilates Anytime for bringing you to me!
Thanks you guys! Always fun to get more contact with you all.

Cara! Great class, great performance and a great movement experience for all involved.....One Vertebrae at the time though? Isnt it? What else is it? *SMILE* *SMILE* *SMILE*
Well done Cara with your amazing teaching and personality :)
Another fantastic class, thank you Cara! I'm always excited when I see you have a new video to experience.
beautiful class very helpful for my classes
thank you greetings to Denver
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Thanks all. Joshua, not technically, but yes imagery wise it is good.
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Haha Great Cara love it!
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