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Mat with a Yoga Block

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Blossom Leilani Crawford is back with her wonderful humor to teach a fun Mat workout! This class is similar to the classes she teaches at the Mark Morris Dance Center, where she finds creative ways to use a Yoga Block. Blossom includes a few surprises like variations to Saw, Leg Pull Back, and much more!
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Hello, I'm blossom. Laelani Crawford. We're going to do a math class. I'm very similar to what I do at the Mark Morris Stand Center at the Mark Morris Dancer. I've been teaching a math class there for 12 years and I have one prop. It's yoga blocks, so I've come up with a few things. So it's essentially traditional network, but we're going to throw some yoga block stuff in there. We're going to lie down on our mats, grab onto the Yoga Block and bring your knees into your chest with your block into the hand in your hands into the hands. I'll pull it together, I promise.

Okay, so yeah, block goes between the feet, the length of the foot, and ideally for me, I like to see a little bit of block on the back and in the front. Lie down on your back, put your hands behind your neck, keep your knees into your chest and just take a little moment to breathe. Flex the feet for me. [inaudible] already having some issues with that block, aren't you? And when you flex, really think of that little toe coming up toward you can really draw the toes up towards you. That's it. So when you're ready, inhale, and as you exhale, lift your head up, send the energy all the way to the navel, and we're going to take a little moment here. Reach the thighs away from you. But don't straighten the legs. Reach the size away from you. Keep going a little more, a little bit more, a little bit more.

Stop right about there. Feel that belly from there. Just keep the knees and thighs where with are. Just straighten the legs. That's what I'm looking for. And bend the knees back into your chest. That's my foot work. Keep going out and in just five times, maybe eight, depending on how fast you're going. Breathing is a good thing. Yes. Inhale to reach those legs for yet.

Keep thinking of that and come back and let's do that one more time. So as you send the thighs forward, you're really thinking that zip of the belly and you don't want to see the pubic bone diving down. You want to keep that internal curl where you didn't do one more guys breathing in. As you reach those legs forward, exhales. You come back and say here with the knees into your chest, rest your head down and breathe. Here we go. Keeping the feet flexed. We're gonna add a little something.

You're going to keep the feet flex and not just curl the toes. Yes, I say just curl the toes, but it's a lot. When you're ready, lift your head up until you might drop the blocks. You just pick it back up and put it back in there. Yes. Okay. Now take a look at your toes. Is your little toe as close to you as your big toe?

You try and here we go. Reaching the thighs forward away from you. I think thighs away from the belly. Exhale as you bring it on in. And again, inhale, reach forward and back. That's it. Keep breathing. Exhale. So let's keep going. Let's use this hand connection. Inhale as you reach the thighs forward and as you bring it back in and think of lengthening your own. Yes, exactly.

Because sometimes a little press back helps and bring it back in. Just one more like that. Inhale, reaching forward. And as you exhale, try to get that little till up to where you watch those knees. Bring the knees into the chest, rest your head and just breathe. Who put your hands at your tummy with control. Lower the feet toward the floor. And if you can extend those like all the way forward to straight with the blocks in between your feet. Good. Give me straight arms up to the ceiling.

Give me a big inhale. Exhale as you reach the arms behind you and take a little stretch. Yes. Circle the arms around. Bend the knees into your chest and pull really tight. Lift your head. Send those size forward again, arms down by your sides. Let's pump. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. So yes, you get to decide what kind of feet you're doing.

You can challenge yourself and do that. Um, it's that prehensile foot, which I like to call jellyfish. Yes. As I like to think of that doming of the foot, that dome of the jellyfish as it comes back in. And keep breathing. Inhale, two, three, four on this. Exhale. Go. Shh. Inhale. So you're percussively exhaling that valley down to the floor. One more breath like that. After this with straight legs. Lower the legs straight down to the floor. Yes.

Bring the arms up to the ceiling. Flex the feet. Bring the arms over your head. Take a little stretch. Yes. Run the hands a couple of inches off the ground and stay there. Yes. Flexing those feet still. When you're ready. Inhale. Roll all the way up. Inhale, roll up. Exhale to go forward. Reach the person in front of you. Yes.

Inhale to roll back. Exhale to lie. All the way down a few more times. Inhale, roll up. Exhale forward and roll back like all the way down. Little fast. Roll Up. Exhale for or roll back like all the way down. Two more times. Yeah. Exhale forward. Roll back like all the way down. Last one. Everybody end forward and stay forward. Exhale and reach. Stay here.

Dropping that head. Inhale with the stomach in. Exhale with the stomach and go farther forward. Yes. Again, one more breath. Inhale with the stem again. Exhale, go forward. Start to roll halfway back down to the floor. You're going to stop right about there. That's it. Haley. Come up.

Maybe just a little bit. Stay there when you're ready. Right. Arm Reaches Up. Inhale to reach up. Exhale to go forward. Yes. Other side. Inhale, reach up. See how it kicks in. One side of the belly than the other. One more set like that. Inhale, reach up. Inner Curl. That inner curl. That's right. That was beautiful. Last one. You know that's sort of a lie.

Here we go. Reach both arms up to the ceiling by all the way down with control. Keep the rib cage connection to the floors. You reach backwards, backwards, but keep the rib down. The ribs are down, but the head is down reaching, reaching, lovingly. Move the block off to the side, which means kick it off to the side. Yeah, that's exactly it. That's exactly it. Hug. You're writing into your chest, you guys, and pull in tight. Yes. Extend that right leg up to the ceiling. Flex and point the foot a couple of times. Circle the foot, lift your head up and take a look at the leg on the floor. Ideally, I'd like it flexed and parallel. Good. And also take a look at your hips.

Is it you're going to, oh yeah, that's right. Sometimes you have to press that hip down as much as you're pulling and with the foot pointed. Bring the arms down by your sides. We're going to do leg circles with Pogo. Go across the body. We'll go slow. First down to the standing foot out to the side. Back up to 12 o'clock. Grab onto your leg, pull it twice. Pull, pull. Stop right there.

Standing leg check. And now four times faster across, around, up. Grab on and pull the leg twice. Inhale. Exhale, grab on and pull. Pull two more. Breathing is good. Last one. Try to keep the legs straight. Reverse the circles. Exhale to the side across the body and pull. Pull.

Exhale across the body. Keep the leg straight. Two more times. Point the foot. Yes, the hip stays down again. Up. One more time. Exhale across. Grab on, lift your head up and give yourself a nice pole. Read. The leg is straight. Sizzle the leg to change side. Take a look at your standing leg. It is flexed. Your, when you try to go parallel, you think of that upper inner thigh.

Rest your head down please. Yes. Point the foot that's in the air. Arms are down by your sides. Here we go. I'll cross around up, grab on and pull the leg twice. Really bring it down to the standing foot. Grab on and pull. Pull. Inhale, grab onto the calf and pull. Pull. Yes. Get ready to reverse please to the side across the body at a pull.

Pull x hail across the body and pull the leg twice. Two more. Grab on and pull. Pull. Last one. Grab on, lift your head up and when you stretch, take a look at your standing leg as it where you left it. Yes, hopefully bring that leg down. Hug your knees into your chest. Pull really tight in double leg pose. Grab onto the backs of your thighs, lift your head up. You are going to press yourself up into a seated position, but not really putting the feet down. Did I not mention that? Yeah, probably not. Yes. So stay there so you could sit up tall.

But I'm looking for a nice rounded spine. So I'm pressing those sighs forward. I'm pulling back against it. And in this position you're going to do a tiny rocking. I've been singing this to my classes for years and I realize it's dawn Ho. Tiny bubble. No, anybody.

Thank you in the y. Okay. Oh, are we feeling our ABS by the way? Not yet. Good. Okay, good. So that's the heart of a role in Lincoln Ball, right? And that's where we're headed. Grab onto those shins. Pull in really tight. Put the feet down without changing your spine. Pick the feet up.

Put the fee down. Pick the feet up. Kathy did this for years and I never understood why. And then finally I got it. Oh yeah, that's your abs, right? You guys feel that balance up top. Now this is enough, but if you want to add on roll back and forth, do rolling like a ball. Easy. Rolling. Grab onto those legs as you come up. Two more times. Roll back. Pull as you come up two more times.

Roll back, pulls you, grab onto those legs. Yes. One more time. Roll back balance up top. Stay here. Put the feet down. Give me a big inhale. Press the legs here. Yeah, they're [inaudible]. I love that train. Inhale. And as you exhale hom to lie down.

Whoa. Calming. Hubbing humming, humming, humming, humming. Yes. My son goes, are you going to that place with a Choo Choo? I go, yeah, the Tutu. Alright, when you're ready, your knees into your chest, you guys pull tight. So grab onto your yoga block again. I forgot to mention that. So we're going to put the blocks. You can sit up for a second. You want to put the block underneath your heels.

So you're gonna place the block and ideally, let's keep it on the low setting. I love to say setting on a yoga block is if you could dial it. So yeah, there you go. Heels on the top and then lie down again. Okay, so you want your legs not completely straight, but a little soft bend that that maybe that's too much of a band even. Yes. So straight. Go back a little bit more so your go back a little bit more. So you need to have a soft bend. All right. Flex the feet. [inaudible] so walk those heels even farther forward. Julie, even fourth, farther forward. That's good. Pushing down into the hands and the floor.

You're going to do a pelvic lift. So right now your knees are bent and you as you lift up, the legs will straighten. Oh, hello? Yes. You guys feel that. Inhale. And as you exhale slowly come down. Aren't you glad you stretch your hamstrings? Yeah, let's do that one more time. So when you lift up, I don't want to feel thighs rolling out.

I want to feel like internal rotation. You might want to even separate the heels. Yes. Holy Hamstrings. Batman, right? Oh really? Good. Inhale, exhale. Think rest away from your Chin as you come down. Let's just do that one more time.

Lifting up and I'm going to add a little something. If you want to challenge yourself, stay up there and we're not going to see anything moving because you're going to just bro, but you're just going to stealthily. That's the word. Bring all your weight into one leg. Easy, easy, easy, easy. Bring all your weight into the other like nobody's going to see. So don't look for them. There's nothing to see here folks.

And then just do that one more set yet. Easy, easy, easy. Yes. And then find that other leg you can feel which one is harder, right? Find both legs. Thank goodness. Slowly come down. Whoa. Remember that feeling? Cause we're going to add a little bit more of that. Hug your knees into your chest. Pull really tight.

Give me a gentle press of your head into the floor. I know that sounds weird. So yes, but don't draw the chin. It let almost the chin lift as you press the back of your head. That's good. Keep holding onto your knees and you're gonna almost lift the chest up. So you're going to arch your back. But the head stays down. I know it's weird.

Keep holding onto your knees. Just hold onto your right knee only and extend the left leg forward. Still doing that little press. It's a little variation of the single leg stretch. Beautiful Julie Changed Sides.

I want you to extend that leg as far forward and as low as you want, but you still have to feel the belly connection. A couple more sets. Inhale, change, exhale, change. Inhale. For some people you feel it more. For other people, you're like, what the hell is this? But just to try something different. Yes, and with both knees into your chest and pull really tight. Same thing for double leg church. Just a little different. So please listen. Reach your arms and legs forward as you continue to press your head and lift the chest. Good. Maybe it looks a little higher. Haley right there.

Bend the knees into the chest and pull tight two more times. Inhale to reach forward. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Exhale to come back and last time I promise. Inhale to reach forward. Stay there. Bring the arms back by the ears. Oh, do your goodness gracious. Circle the arms around, bend the knees into your chest, pull really tight.

Arms are down by your side. Please give me a bicycle. Motion of the legs. So yes. Um, huge. When I first moved into to New York, there was this guy who wrote a unicycle on sixth avenue and I always think of that crazy man. Yes. Lift your head up in the direction of your hill. If your block is in the way, kick it out of the way. Put your hands on the handlebars. Yes. And so there you are. This is plenty if you want to add on, are going to slowly bike up the hill and the struggle is to keep your giant crazy man unicycle going. Yes. Inhale. And as you exhale, bite downs, curl zip belly button to the lowest part of the Waveland.

That's at rest your head. Rest your arms, but the legs never rest, unfortunately. Yeah. Lift your head up in the direction of your hill. Hands on those handlebars and we'll be biking. Big circles. Yeah, keep that huge circle. Keep reaching up. Keep reaching up and keep that right leg up to the ceiling. Hold onto the right leg with both hands. The left leg is forward parallel, but not on the floor yet. That's when you might want to kick the block away. Inhale, as you exhale, lower the torso down and give me up. Pull, pull, change, pull, pull, change, pull, pull. Yes.

Feel the stretch. Flex the feet. Oh yes. Remember the little toe. Bring it down to you. Bring it down to you. Yes. Keep going. Side to side. Stay here. Grab onto the left leg and say, I don't care what you're like. You're on. Just stay there. The leg is straight. Look at the tummy. The belly is connected. Slowly. Do the change. Keep that connection. Go.

Yes. That's what it should look like. One more set like that. Sometimes you have to slow it down and be brutal a little bit. Yes. Keep the belly and as you change one last time, gorgeous. Bend the knees into your chest. Rest down guys. Oh, remember when your hamstrings were hurting? Not Anymore. Hands behind your neck. Let's keep going. Inhale guys, and as you exhale, head lifts, sending the energy all the way down to the naval.

Both legs extend up to the ceiling. You're doing a parallel leg or V, it's up to you. Lower the legs away from you. Inhale slowly bring the legs up. I don't care how low you go. Yes, a few more times. Now let's work with that head Accenture we're working on. As you bring the legs up, what have you, leaned your head into your hands while you exhale right at the sternum. Beautiful. Yes. One more time longer. Jim, take your time. Exhale.

Lengthen out of the top of the head. Bend the knees into your chest when you guys are ready. Twist to face me and extend the opposite leg forward. Change sides. Twist to the other side. Yes. Change. Twist and hold toward me. Change. Twist away from me. Change. Twist base me. Yes. Change.

Twist again for faster change. One, one and a two to keep up with me. Three, three and a four. Four. Oh my goodness. Rest. Full. Pelvic lift. Okay. Aren't you glad we didn't do flection in the single leg stretch and double leg stretch? Yeah. Huge pelvic lift. Go for it. Yes. Yes. As if I could re pull on those knees. That's what I'm looking for. Inhale. And as you exhale, slowly come down breasts away from the Chin as you come down, down, down. Yeah. Let's do that one more time. [inaudible] you knew, lift your hips up, eh? Saying there. Can you reach the arms behind you?

Keep the energy reaching back as you roll down. Chest away from the chin. Yes. Yes, yes. Keep coming all the way down. Extend those legs forward to straight. Pressing those legs together. Where the arms up to the ceiling. Come all the way up to sitting up tall, tall, tall. Good. Now we're going to open up the legs and um, do you get ready for spine?

Stretch forward now if you want, you can use the yoga block like Jim for your tight hamstrings. You could actually sit on it. You're going to be okay. Can you have your other, you don't necessarily. Oh, he's fine on the one. Alright, here we go. Legs are open. Reach both arms, four to the height of your shoulders and for me, palms down if you don't mind sitting up nice and tall. Lengthen your spine forward. As you look down to the floor, [inaudible] exhale and go forward. And I'm just looking at the position that I see in front of me. Good. Good.

And when you're ready, use your belly as you come up to sitting up. Tall. Head is the last thing to come up. Good. Let's do that a couple more times. Lengthen your spine forward. It's called spine stretch forward. Now this is lovely, but I think we can get a little bit more exhale with the stomach and go farther for it. I'm going to remind you that it's not shoulder stretch forward its spine.

Stretch forward and staying there as much as you're going forward. You have as much energy going back. Yes. Use Your Tommy's as you sit up. [inaudible] tall, tall, tall, tall. Nice. You guys draw the legs in. Jim, come off your mat and when you're ready, let's get ready for open leg rocker. Scoot forward. Ish. Yes. So here we go. You're going to hold onto the backs of the calves.

You're going to keep the elbows bent, extend the legs out to the sides. Smiling. Elbows are slightly bent. Yes. And bend the knees. Let's do that a couple more times. X step and Ben. Yep. We're not going to go anywhere for a while. So just enjoy yourself. Yes. Last time. [inaudible] stay there from here. Bring the legs together.

Inner thighs, inner thighs. Elbows are still bent. Bend the knees and extend up. Open the legs close and then the knees extend up open. Are you tired yet? I know Cathy would do this. I would never understand that. I realized, Oh yeah, it's hard to balance here. No, we're going to hang out here now. How's it going? So we're really going to hang out. Elbows are bent. Good, and we're going to all roll together. So roll with me when you're ready.

Chin to the chest. Roll backwards. Come back up. Sit Up tall and you're going to hang out there because I realized people just like to roll. It's hard to go. Okay, now roll chin to the chest. Roll back. Come up to sitting up tall. So this is the way Kathy would say, she'd say, put a ball in and a huge chin to roll back. Get rid of the ball to come up. Yes. Let's try that again. This time a little different ball underneath your chin to go back.

Keep the ball underneath your chin as you come up. Oh, that's different from there. Bring the legs together. Put your feet on the floor, grab onto your best friend. The Yoga Block. Put it between your feet as you lie back down onto the floor. Hum. As you lie down, because sometimes it just relieves a little tension. When you're ready, bring your knees into your chest, guys. The corkscrew, so extend both legs up to the ceiling.

So when you take the leg to the side of the feet, want to sort of shift, right? So the block is there so that when you go to the side, I don't see one foot longer than the other. And make sure you get a good grip. Yeah. Here we go. When you're ready to take the legs to ones that's actually bring the legs toward me, down toward each other, over and away from me and back up to center. Look good. Let's keep it small away from me. Down to center.

Over to me and hold one more set like that towards me to center away and back together. Last side [inaudible] I think we can just use a little bit more. So stay there with the leg straight. If you can bring the legs to me and hold it there. Bring it down toward each other. Stay here slowly.

Exhale as you bring it away from me. Slowly, slowly. And then bring it back to center. Hold at 12 o'clock last time away from me. Down to in toward each other. Now exhale here. Exhale here as you slowly. That's it. That's it. That's it. That's it. That's it. Now we're talking then the knees into your chest.

Get rid of that block so that all the way up. You can just put the block off to the side. That all the way up and let's do saw and let's actually face, yeah, you can just stagger a little bit. Open the arms out to the sides. [inaudible] and inhale. This to me is the hardest part is sitting up tall. And again, you could use the yoga block here to sit up on if you'd wish. Yeah.

And like for me again, palms down. Don't ask. Okay. So when you're ready, let's inhale and twist in toward me. I'm just like, can I say that again? Come back to center. So what I don't want to see is a little hip shift. So twisting through the waistline, twist with a waistline to face me. Yes. Little fingers going to saw off the little toe. That's closest to me.

Drop the head. Stay there and think down. Down, down. Use your time. You sit up tall. I think of unfolding, unfolding, unfolding. Tall, tall, tall, nice and tall. Sitting ups facing each other yet to the other side. Inhale to twist to the other side. Twist little finger. Now touch that little toe. Palm is down and go down, down, down. Use Your Tummy. Sit up tall and say, based in right toward each other.

Right away. Twist to face me and go down to three. Sit up tall, tall, tall, tall to the other side. Twisting and go down to three tall, tall, tall, tall, tall. That's great you guys. So now I'm both hands behind your neck. Here we go. So Kathy's laterals. We're sitting up nice and tall. So the way Cathy would teach us, and she would say, take a 30 degree angle, 30 degree tilt of the body.

It's about a technically that's as far as we can go next. That's it. So yeah, tilt toward me. That sounds good. And then from there she'd say, stretch the flesh. Stretch the skin between the bottom of the rib cage and the top of that head. Keep going. Keep stretching it. Keep stretching it. Keep leaning your head into your hands. Keep stretching it. Yes. Use your tummy as you sit up tall. Take your time. Take your time.

Take your time. Take your time because it's the coming up that really gets you too. Here we go. Let's do that again. So 30 degree tilt to the other direction. That's yes. Now here you go. Take the rib cage with you. The hip stays down and take the ribcage with you.

Keep taking that rib cage with you. Keep going. Beautiful. Keep going. Keep going. Take your times. We'll come up, up, up, up, up, up, up. One more set like that tilt hard part right there. Good. Now. That's right. Take the ribs with you cause you want it. Almost send the ribs away, but that's it. Keep taking it with you.

Stretching that flesh. Good, good, good. Lean your head into your hands as you come up. Up, up by that extension in there. Yes. Last side tilt. There's the tilt as opposed to that and go over stretching, stretching, taking the rib cage with you. Take it with you. Good. Good, good. Beautiful. Lean your head into your hands as you come up. Let's add on right elbow to the outside of the right knee.

I don't care. We're going to go the opposite direction. That's it. Fold the elbow in. You're making what I call a knee sandwich. Open up that elbow. Sit up tall. Other side, left elbow to the outside, right elbow inside. Open the right elbow and sit up tall. Right goes outside. Exhale inside. Open up and sit up. Tall. Last side outside. Exhale, bring it in. Open and sit up tall and hold it. Yes.

When you guys are ready on your hands and knees, face in toward each other, please. How are we doing? Yes. Little Schweddy. Yes. Okay. So here we are. Nice. Flat back, good flat backs or lengthen that spine. There you go. You're going to do a little bit of what I call the cat pushups. You're going to do bend the elbows by your side. As you bring your nose forward, push your booty backwards to come up. You should feel your triceps. If you don't feel your triceps, then you're not doing it right. So yeah, bend the elbows by your side as you go forward.

Post your booty backwards to come up. I like to sneak pushups in here cause sometimes I feel like push ups at the end. I'm already tired. That's it. Julie. Bring the hands even closer to do you guys feel your triceps? Good? Yeah, the feet stay on the floor and if you want to play around, you can do s you know, single leg. But that's another time. One more guys go forward, go forward, go forward. Good.

And slowly come back up from there. Walk your hands a little farther forward or maybe your knees back a little bit as well and go forward into a swan position. So you're going do it up and just really stretch. Think now, stay here. Attach an elastic fan from the pubic bone to the Chin and stretch it up. Up, up from here. Melt down to the floor. Turn your head toward me and just rest you guys' arms.

Come down by the sides and breathe. Huh? It's a quiet moment. Palm through. Up from here. Gently lift. Just the shoulders up off mat. That's just the shoulders. Yeah. Hand. Stay on the floor. Lift your head as you look down at the floor. Say right there. Really Tuck the Chin and feel the length of the back of the neck.

I call that angry turtle. It's going to come into play later. Good. Stay here. I know. Angry turtle from here. Jaw Muscles stretch and lift the chin up. Exhale, Chin comes up. Haley, lift the chin up. Yeah, there you go. Look down at the floor. Inhale. Turn your head to the other side and melts down to the floor again.

Gently lift just the shoulders. A lot up off the ground. Lift your head as you look down at the floor. Angry Turtle. Tuck the Chin even more. Lengthen that spine. That's it. At Sal, stretch the jaw muscles and you decide if you want to add some upper back to it this time. Oh, fancy. Inhale, look down at the floor. Turn your head to the other side and no. Yeah, come up on your elbows. You guys, when you're ready, make a sphinx position. Putting your pushing down into the hands. Yes. Eyes are up. The Chin is lifted, the naval is internally lifted.

You can look at your friend in front of you and see that we're equally sweaty. Right leg goes kick, kick extent, other side and a kick, kick xn other side. The Chin is lifted, the focus is up left at a kick, kick change and a kick kick. Let's try adding on. Stay here. Lift both legs up of one inch. Lift the chin, lift the tummy up. One inch right leg goes flex point. Extend the leg, keep it lifted and a flex point.

Keep up with the leg and a flex point. Extend and a flex point. Linden spy and a flex point. Change. Flex point. Change. Flex. Point change. I don't flex point change. I know. Flex point change. Remember to work out for the mind and the body flex point. Change. Flex point, change, flex point, change. Last side and Hugh, it's overclass four fingers behind your back. Like so. Yeah, like my new cult side. Anyway, so when you're ready. Hey. Anyway. Yeah, I think I watched too much. HBO and Beyonce and Jay z last night.

Hands go way up. Release the elbows. Did I give something away? I shouldn't have, did I shit anyway, so when you're ready, you're going to kick your booty three times. Go kick one, two, three. Coming up. Extend the legs and the arms come a big XL for me. Lift the thighs up as well. Melt down to the floor. Hands go way up the back. Release the elbows. Triple kick. Go. Three, two, one. Come on up and say they're big.

Exhale, lift the thighs up to which is a hot gas. That's it. Melt down to the floor heads. Go way up. Triple Kit. Go three, two, one coming up and just stay right there. Put your hands underneath your shoulders. Bend in, the elbows pushed down to the hands. Lift the Chin up calmly. We're gonna bend the elbows, lift the legs up, push down to the hands, lift the chin and chest. Exhale as you lift the legs up. Yes. A couple more times. Let the head lift and chin. That's it. And drop the head.

Use those arms. Last two. Inhale, lift those legs, chin, chest and drop the head. Lift the legs, push back. Yoga posted the child. You guys. And just take a stretch for the back. Breathe. Ready for more. Yes. Grab that Yoga Block. Here we go. So the neck pull. I want you to start sitting facing each other.

The legs are going to be straight and you, I want the block again between the feet. Yes, I like it because it helps me. It has, it gives me something to hold onto and also keeps my legs and hips even. So from instead of, um, starting from lying down, I like to start seated both hands behind your neck. And remember that angry turtle that we did, it's coming back. So when you're ready, lengthen your spine forward and bring your head toward your toes.

Now really bring the chin to the chest. That is an option, but I'd like to, that's what I see a lot of people do, but instead I want you to think of angry turtling out. But that doesn't mean lift the chin. It just means lengthen the back of the neck. Correct. Do you feel hopefully a little more rib cage kicking in? Haley? What if you lifted up a little bit? Yeah, from here.

Exhaling with the stem again. Give me a little pulse. Pulse. Such a roll backwards. Yep. Keep that head pressing Hailey. Head, pressing head, pressing head pressing. Oh, that's just about there. Come right back up again. And you're going to go pulse. Pulse. Who as you're doing this, you decide how far back you want to go. Oh, that's enough for me. And go pulse, pulse. And ideally you get all the way down to the shoulders. You keep that internal curl and you come right back up again.

Then pulse pulse two more times yet you and the more you sort of give it the momentum, it helps. Nice. Yeah, and I love thinking about the head pressing as opposed to that. All that adds up and so as you come up last time, that's it. Give me a pulse. Pulse. Stay right there. Use Your Tummy. Sit Up nice and tall. Yes. Okay. One of my favorite Kathy things. She'd say, lean on the outside. Curl on the inside. Lead on the outside all the way down to curl on the inside.

Lead on the outside, curl on the inside and we do our best. Right? That's enough. You guys get rid of the block again. I know you're so sad. Done to dent and dumb. Oh, I'm so wrong of bring the block. Close to scoop in toward each other a little bit. We're going to do scissors, bicycle, and shoulder bridge. So lie all the way down on your back and when you get down there, you're going to put the block underneath your pelvis. Yeah.

And you can stay holding on or pressed down to the floor. It's up to you. Let's end with both legs up to the ceiling. Let's have a little moment. So ideally your legs are at 12 o'clock I hope mine are. And when you're there, keep one leg at 12 o'clock and let's say let's bring the right leg toward us. The pelvis stays. It's just the leg that comes toward you. Come back to 12 o'clock left leg comes toward you. The hips stay down, the right leg is straight and come back to center. Let me see it. Here we go.

Bring that right leg towards you. Pelvis stays. It's hard, right? It's almost that idea of lengthening. We're doing that extension. More. More booty down. More booty down. Okay, here we go. Did we do both sides? Yes. Oh, let's do that. Left. Wouldn't want to be uneven. Okay, so now equal energy in both legs. Right leg goes towards you as the left leg goes away from you. Correct.

Stay there and give me a little reach. Reach. Change the leg. So it's equally the one coming towards you as much as it is the one going away from you. And the pelvis stays still. So if you feel yourself rocking up off the block [inaudible] right. That's not quite it. But you know, we try so equal reaching, reach, reach, lift. As you change last side, you're going to go, I don't care what side you want. Stay there. So the leg that's reaching away from you is going to slowly bicycle. Yes.

Start to bring it in. There's a moment where both legs are straight. [inaudible] that's it. And then you bend the leg coming towards you. [inaudible] really? Let's see. The reach retreat. Yes. You have to really work on the one reaching toward you. Good you guys. There's a moment. We're both like there.

[inaudible] more of the one coming toward you yet because you're used to reaching the one. Oh Way from you. That's what I was hoping to have you feel. And with both knees into your chest with control, put the feet down, the feet stay together. Yes. The heels come a little apart. A little [inaudible] apart. Okay, so here we go. Slide the right leg along the Florida strike. Change legs. Slide the left leg along the Florida strike. I know this is really simple. Just keep going side to side.

I think of Michael Jackson Moonwalk. It's not of course the moonwalk at all, but that's the feeling. It's like they're moving, but they're not moving. Yes. Everybody end with both knees bent, pushing down into the floor. No, the feet are still on the floor. Lift your hips one inch off the block. That's it. Nope, you're not going to hold on. Jim.

Slide your right leg along the Florida straight. Oh yes. Lift your right like one inch. Oh yes. Take the right leg down. Lift it right back out and keep it straight. It's gonna lift right back up again. From where are you lifting it from? Not your hip flexor. Please take the leg down. Slide that leg in.

Bring the booties down. Let's get into this next side. Another way. Extend the left leg along the floor. Yes, keeping the leg straight. You're going to try to lift that leg up from somewhere. Not In the front of the hip or the knee, but hopefully more rib cage tummy as you lift the leg up one inch. Try not to shift in the hips, pushing off into the hands and then the standing foot. Lift the hips. One inch.

That's it. Woo. Isn't this great? It looks like you're doing nothing, but it's really a lot of work. It's a lot of work. I'm sure you're feeling that. So when you're ready to bring the leg down and bring it right back up from where? Yes, slide that leg back in. Bring the booty down. Right leg goes along the Florida straight again. Here we go. Point up and flex down. We're stretching that hamstring and flex down and point up. Really kick it.

One more up. Flex down. Fly that leg in. Slide the other out and point up. Flex down. Three more. Up. Flex down. Point up. Flex down. Slide leg, slide slide. Right leg goes two times up. Flex down. Point up. Flex down. Slide. Slide up. Flex down. I know up flex down. Slide. Slide up. Flex down. Point up. Flex down. Slide. Slide up.

Flex down. Point up, flex down. I know it always starts easy with Michael Jackson and then it gets more complicated. I'm allowed to say Michael Jackson. Right? I know. Here we go. Let's move on. We're actually going to put the two parts together. We haven't even done the shoulder. Bridget. Ready? Say Yes. Okay, here we go. Pelvic lift. Left leg goes along the Florida Strait.

I'm changing it up. Yeah, exactly. End Point up. Flex down. One more. Up. Flex down. Slide. Slide up. Flex down. Point up, flex down. Slide. Slide up. Flex down. Point up. Flex down. Slide. Slide up. Flex down, up. Flex down and rests. The best part is coming up. You get to lift your hips up, remove the block and come on down. That's the best part.

Ah, walk the feet a little farther apart. Let the knees fall in toward each other and just let the legs rest together just for a moment. Yeah. All right you guys, unfortunately you're gonna grab onto that block. Reach it over your head. Take a stretch and extend those legs forward. Hold on the wide way so that that's exactly, so that's it from here. And bring the arms up to the ceiling. Lift your head up. Sit all the way up.

Drop your head, reach past your toes and stretch with a block between your feet as you flex them. Sit Up nice and tall. Make sure you stagger yourselves for spine twist guy. So open the arms out to the sides. Let's see. Yes. [inaudible] [inaudible] actually, can you just scoot in a little farther forward? Yeah, Jim, so you can just come in just a little bit more. Yeah, that looks good. Here we go. Opening the arms out to the side. Inhales. You twist me?

No moving of the hips. Especially the block twist toward me. Yes. Look at your back hand. Oh yeah, that's much better. That's the spiral. And come back to center to the other side. Reaching, twisting, looking at your back hand. Come back to center. Add the whip. Go. Exhale. Inhale. Center. Here we go. And exhale. Exhale. And inhale. Sandra. One more set. Exhale and exhale and center. Two Lips and wit.

Wit. Come to send your, let's change the breathing. Exhale. Do Nothing. Hold on. When you're ready. Inhale to twist. Amigo. Inhale, inhale, find center, other side. And inhale. Inhale and center. One more. Set, taller, taller. Yes. Center. Last side and a twist. Twist. Come back to center. Thank goodness that's over. When you're ready. Lie All the way down. Scoot forward again. Keep the block between your feet. You wish it was leaving? Yes. And when you're ready, like all the way down where your knees into your chest. One more thing.

So we're gonna try. If this doesn't feel right for you at home, don't do it. But keep the block between your feet if you can. And this is one I really hope you don't have a wooden block. Okay. Here we go. Both legs up to the ceiling. [inaudible] let the legs swing down away from you and you're in a rock the legs toward you so you can just lift your booty up off the ground just a little bit.

That's it. Slowly come down three more times like that. It's a little bit of a Jack Knife prep. Less away from you, Julie. Just a little bit of a swing. Yeah. Two more to go. Belly and where's my zip? Especially as you lower, lower, lower. One more time. I swing those like towards you and hold it there.

Really suspend that coming down. Really suspended. Suspended, suspended. That's enough. Now I promise you to get and get rid of those box. Yeah, put it over your head and then let's unblind our sides and let's have you, let's see. You guys face that away from me. You guys face in toward me. Let's do our legs. [inaudible]. Yep. Just like that. Flexing the feet. So ideally you're in one long line from the toes to the top of the head. Let's flex the feet and let's do palm down for now.

Let's just see how this goes. So let's get into the position. Lift both legs up together as externally. Rotate the legs. Bottom foot is on the ball of the foot. Now if this is uncomfortable, you're welcome to keep the bottom leg parallel. Yeah, the top arm is in front of you and you can also come up on the elbow if you're more comfortable up on your elbow. So you decide to, as you're going, if you feel like you want to come up on your elbow, you're welcome to like this. Yeah. Here we go. Pointing the top foot kick up to the ceiling. As you point, flex inner thighs come together a little faster and point up. Flex down and point up. Flex down. Really kick it up. Flex down to more.

Flex down. One more up. Flex down quarter circle. You're gonna point the foot and kick forward. Now think of putting a belt on or narrow the waist line as you bring the leg up to the ceiling, right? Just right there and from the inner thighs. Come together again. Kick forward. Think of putting a belt on as you go up to the ceiling.

Let's it inner thighs come together. One more time. Forward belts. As you go up, inner thighs come together. Let's reverse up to the ceiling. Inhale, big exhale as you go forward. Yes, so what you wish and come together. Inhale, lift up. Big exhales. You take it forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, beautiful and come together last time. Up to the ceiling. Now think belt as you go forward. Come together little circles by the ankle.

One, two, three, four, five, six. Reverse the circles and a one to make sure you get the back half of the circle back half. Yes, back half. There's the hard part, right? Take it down, rest and breathe. Believe it or not, we have the quarter circles back. Take the top leg behind you from their belt. As you bring the leg up to the ceiling into the side, think of heel coming forward. Inner thighs come to gather. Take the leg back up to the ceiling. Reach up, up, up, up, up.

Inner thighs come together last time. That direction. Back. Reach up to the ceiling. Up, up, up. Have a moment right there. He's long waist. As you come together, reverse it up to the ceiling. Hold. Exhale. Take it back. Back, back. Reaching it back. Lengthening away from the tummy. Yes, and come together two more times. Up to the ceiling. Lengthen it back. Feel the navel. Lengthen the reach at Richard or back. We should be hydrating.

Yes, and come together last time. Up to the ceiling. Take it back, back. Still back and come together and rest onto your tummies. Please stay right where you are. [inaudible] Choo to break just a little too to break sick your fingertips underneath your forehead. Okay. Pushing down into your hands. Lift both thighs up off the ground. Clap the legs together. One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight. You entertain those feet and rested down. Let's do that one more time. So for the now hold on.

For those of you who are parallel, I want you to rotate open. For those of you who are rotated, I want you to go parallel. You know who you are with those legs up. Let's clap. And a one, two, four, five, six, seven, eight. Hold it here. Open. Big, slow. Close again. Open, slow, close. Last one. Inhale. Open. Slow, close and rests. Roll over to the other side please. So you know if you're facing this way you have to smile. You don't really have to. Here we go.

When you're ready to lift both legs up together guys, rotate those legs open. Flex that bottom foot. Yeah, I remember you have the op, you can bring that bottom foot down. Ms Julie. Here we go. And point up. Flex down. Point up. Flex down. Three more. Flex down. Little more up. Flex down. Last one. Here we go. Quarter circle. Forward belt. As you go up to the ceiling. That's it.

Inner thighs come together. Go forward. Belts as you go. Up, up, up, up inner thighs together. One more like that. Forward up to the ceiling. Inner thighs together. Reverse it up to the ceiling. Exhale, reach it forward and come together. Inhale up. Narrow the waist right here and come together. Last one. Really use your standing leg. Come together. Little circles. One, two, three, four, five, six. Reverse this circles. Make sure you get the back half. Yes, you'd be like straight, straight, straight. One more. Here we go.

Top light goes back and enjoy this stretch cause our hip flexor could probably need that from there. Bringing like up to the ceiling. Reach up, up, up, up. Innercise. Come to get to take the leg back, reaching it. Reach it up to the ceiling. Up, up, up, up. Inner thighs together last time. Take it back. That's it. Reach it up to the ceiling. Come together. Reverse up to the ceiling first from here. Lengthen it back. Lengthen back.

Stay right there. Cathy would say this is leg pull front. Feel the stretch across the front of the hip and the connection to the belly. Come together. Two more to go up to the ceiling. Or is it only one more? Take it back. Take it back. Take it back. Let's say it's one more. One more. One more. That's it. Right there and over that. Let's reach it back.

Reach it back. Reach it back even more. Jim, reach it back more. Come together and rest. Line your back please. For a little stretch lying on your back, right ankle on your left knee. Yes. Grab onto the back of the left thigh and pull in towards your chest and enjoy a nice stretch. This is the calm before the teaser. A storm, so in, try to enjoy, release the legs slightly. Flex the feet and pull in towards you.

Ah, yes. Change size. I'm going to remember how hot it is in this room right now in the middle of winter in New York City. I'm going to try to channel that because Oh yeah. I released the like slightly flex fee and pull in. Yes. Did we get a nice stretch? Good under the legs guys.

Extend the legs forward along the Mat for the arms over your head. Let's take a little stretch pressing legs together. Come all the way up, sitting up. Drop your head, reach past your toes. One more stretch for those hamstrings. Use Your tummies. Sit Up nice and tall and let's go into the rowing, into the teasers. So you're fine. You're, you know you're good and you're in a good spot.

So this is how Kathy would get into the teasers toward the end. Meaning like post nine, 2005 probably inhale as you exhale, pull into the chest as you lower like you're doing rowing on the reformer. Stay there. Don't go too low, but find the strong part of your abs. Thumbs go down and out to the sides. Say in this curl Jim, you're ahead of me. Lovey. Yes, we the inner curl. Find that little lifted the leg. That's it.

That's all I want. And take it down one more time. If you want to look at the tummy and tell it to go in and down. Yes. And take it down. Reach behind you. Bring your head forward into twin. Those fingers behind your back. Inhale, bend the elbows. Exhale, stretch the hands back. Good. One more time. Inhale than the elbow. So the thumbs goes high up. You're back. As you can. Exhale, stretch back from this moment so the palms are facing you.

Kathy would say gently separate the fingertips so she doesn't want us. She didn't ever want to see that right in this position. If you draw the belly in, then you can gently separate the fingertips and sit up tall. Did you guys feel that weird? Right? Here we go. Inhale. Full teasers exhales. You find the strongest point of your ass.

Thumbs go down and out to the side. You can do a soft point. Little lifted the leg. Come up into your full teaser position. Yes. Here we go. Say hello as you go down. Arms are up to you. Say hello as you come up. Hello. Hello. Don't ask me why.

Say Hello. Say Hello. Saying their legs. Inhale to exhale to go down. Inhale, exhale to come up. I don't care how low they go. Keep that inner curl. Inhale with the stomach in. Exhale with the stomach in last one in hell with the seven came. Just come up slower than you went down. Reach up to the ears, lie all the way down, rolling through a head and feet arrive at the same time.

How are you doing? Okay, here we go. Come back up into your teaser position. Reach Up, lie down length and Lincoln Lincoln length and just one more to go. Circle the arms around and come back up. Reach up to the ears all the way down. When you're ready, take your time. Take your time. Take your down and rest. Slip onto your tummies please. Just as you are.

Yes. Hopefully everyone has seen. Block is going to go underneath your hands. Yeah. [inaudible] blocks are up on its highest setting. So Jim, yeah. Angry turtles back pushing down into your hands. Lengthen your spine, but the feet are still resting on the floor. Yes, that's exactly it. And almost, there you go. Hi. Do you guys feel your arms and come on down rests.

Let's do that again. Pushing down into your hands. Lift the head and think. Angry Turtle. Yeah, it's weird. That's right. Lift the thighs up as well now and let's do a little slowing motion of the legs. Let's slow the swimming down. Julie and Jim, you're good. That's it. Like Keith was like straight.

Now maybe just a little bit faster and let's breathe. Inhale. As you look down, exhale as you look up, jaw muscles. That is it. Inhale parallel. Exhale. Turn out. One more breath. Inhale parallel. It's hard to go. Parallel. Exhale turned at out and rest. I know you want to do yoga pose to the child. I know you do, but we're not.

Tuck all 10 toes underneath you. Hands right underneath your shoulders. Legs together. I like to give myself a little high. Yeah, I really wish I was joking, but I'm not Julie. Tuck your toes underneath you more. And what I mean by that is as you try to come up into your pushup position, how are ya? Good. Find your angry turtle. Lift that head up, Miss Julie. Even higher, even higher. That's it. Shift forward.

Lengthen out of the top of the head. As you shift back, pressing those legs again are two more times. Shift forward. Anger, turtles. You come back one more time. Shift forward angry turtles. You come back, stay right here. Lifting that head up, right leg lifts up. Don't change the pelvis parallel. Take it down, changing the sides. Just lift that leg up and take it down. Kneel down. Yoga pose with the child. Now breathing is a beautiful thing.

We better move on because I'm just gonna keep singing to you. Singing is not my thing. I mean, you know, in the shower maybe. All right, so let's go for the leg pull. We're going to do Mr Pilati style and then a little Cathy grant. So have a seat facing in toward each other. Yeah, legs are straight. So, um, the hands for me, it's um, when I learned this one from Kathy, she liked that, that or that, not this.

And what she was really looking for was that the elbow wasn't hyper extended. So you know, we do what we can, cause sometimes they just do that. So when you're ready, pushing down into the hands, you're going to lift the booty up. Yeah. Right leg goes. Point up. Flex down. Point up. Flex down. Change legs up. Flex down. Point up. Flex down. Change like up. Flex down.

Two Times each side. Change legs up. Flex down. Point up. Flex down. Have a seat. So take a peek at this. Cathy had a little funky rhythm. She loved jazz and you'll see it. So she'll go butt up. Butt down. Change legs. Yeah. So here we go. But up, join me but down. Left leg. Butt Up. Butt down. Kick, kick, Butt down. Butt up but down. So what?

I'm trying to kick my leg up as high even when I am sitting down. Maybe without the shoulders. I hope I know. So when you guys are ready, lift the pelvis up. Bend the leg. That's closest to me. That's right. Put it underneath you. Transition into side. Kick. Kneeling. I know. Here we go. Just no, no. Don't even lift the leg up yet. We've got to deal with our spines.

So point the foot. Lean your head into your hand. There's my angry turtle. Everybody send the hips toward each other. A Ha beautiful. Lift the leg to hip height. Yes. Point the foot. Years. Okay you guys and take it down two more times.

Lift the leg up to hip height belt. Lean your head into your hands. Yeah, that's right. And take it down. Look straight ahead. Look at the person's head in front of you. Lift it up and just stay up there. Can you draw a little circle of this like teenie the size of a quarter? Yes. Reverse it. Smaller is sometimes harder. Teenie internally rotating that leg. Yes. Take it down.

Come up on both knees. Oh, so not really full psychic kneeling, but part of it. We're almost there guys to saying there. So to the other side. So we're going to go in toward each other. So put the hand that's closest to each other behind your neck. Right? Am I wrong? That's it. Away from each other. Good. So when you're ready, you're going to lean in toward each other. Stop right there. Come right back up.

Ah, cheater. Pumpkin eaters. Say here you are going to 30 degree tilt of your spine. Remember from the ladders, hold on Julie. Let the hips go away from there. Stretch the flesh. Stretch it when you can stretch it anymore. Then you put your hand down pumpkin eaters. Okay, so here we go.

Leaning your head into your hand. Lift that leg up to hip height belts. I know, and take it down two more times. Lean your head into your hands. Find the number in there like a little behind you that's actually centered and take it down. One more time. Do you look at the head in front of you that stay there. Little circle right there. Leaning your head into your hand. Lean your head into your hand. Reverse the circle internally. Spiraling the leg.

Yes. Come up on both knees. Ooh. Intertwine the fingers behind you. [inaudible] yes, as if I'm pulling. You're gonna stretch. Three, two, one thing. Inner thigh zip belly button to the lowest part of the waistline belt. Best tape measure. I know that's a lot. Here we go. Reach. Take it back.

You gonna stay back there. Maybe go a little lower in pulse, pulse, pulse. Use Your tummies. You come back up one more time like that. Lean it back. Try not to twist in the elbow. Soften those out. Yeah. Inner thigh connection. Inner thigh connection. Come all the way up. Up, up. Nice guys. Let's roll a little bit.

Do Rolling like a ball facing in toward each other please. I know I forgot. We should've had towels scooting in just a little bit. Easy. Rolling like a ball. Picking the feet up and balance. Roll back and forth three times. Here we go. Roll back and come right back two more times.

Rollback and come right back up. Last one. Rollback. Come right back up. Stay here. Hold on. The undersides of your size. Under size of the thighs. Extend the legs into your teaser or position. Put your right leg on top of the left. [inaudible] try not to give me a hook foot though. Both. Yeah, pretty. Yeah, I know. Hands down by your sides. Pushing down to your hands.

Both legs up and over your head. Pointing the feet, pointing the feet. Change legs. Open. Close. Roll back up into your teas or position. Yes, yes, yes. Find it. Find it. Find it. Lower the legs with control down to the floor. Circle the arms around, intertwined the fingers behind you and stretch, whereas that gentle separation of the hands as you circle the arms around, grab onto your ankles and Paul, sit up nice and tall. Up to temple. Guys. Here we go. Roll back. Open-Close. Roll through your spine. Come up into your teaser.

Reach around gently stretch like legs. Good. Circle the arms around. Grab onto your ankles pole. Sit Up nice and tall. Roll back. Push Open. Close. Roll through the spine. Come back up. Here we go. Circle the arms around. Can You keep looking at your toes? Can you intertwine the fingers and stretch?

Now? Timbre. Say they're stretching the arms up. Bend the elbows once. Stretch it up to the ceiling. Gently circle the arms around. Grab onto the ankles and pull. Sit up tall, tall, tall. Stay right here. Lie Your tummies facing in toward each other. This time [inaudible] good. Right hand underneath your forehead.

Bend your left leg. Hold onto the in. Step behind you. Yes, yes. Uh, Jim, right hand underneath your forehead. Yes. You have a little pillow. Good. So this is healed to your bum, obviously. Now push the foot into your hand and lift the thigh up. You might want to hold onto the little toe side of your foot. Yeah, that might be nicer. Yeah.

Did you guys feel the stretch across the front of the hip? Julie? Don't lift up in the upper body. Lift the thigh up glove. So come forward in the right arm. Yes, there you go. That's what I'm looking for. Is that stretch. Good change sides guys. [inaudible] gentle, easy. [inaudible]. And then when you go to push the foot into the hand, you might want to let that right shoulder roll forward to the floor. Yeah, lift that thigh up. Stretching the front of the hip and take it down if you can do both legs. If not, I'll take another single single. It's up to you. I really don't. Yeah, that's it. So stay there. No, keep the thighs down. Upper body goes up, push the feet into the hand. Upper body comes up, the head comes up, Chin comes up. Melt down to the floor. Let's do that one more time.

Just the upper body. It's hard to leave the thighs there. Use the push of the head. Watch those elbows. Yes. Yes. Upper body comes up. Good and melt down to the floor. Just the thighs. Lift up two times. Push the feet, looking down at the floor. Miss Julie [inaudible] and take it down. Soften those elbows. Push Bend.

It's like you're pulling against the hand and put pushing against the feet. That's it. Stay here with the thighs lifted. Lift the upper body up to join it. Just stay here. Breathing. Just deep. Breathing's going to make you rock. I don't even even need you to think about rocky. Just breathe. Yes. When you're done. Extend the legs along the floor. Yes. Push back.

Yoga posted the child just for a second and is walking toward each other just a bit and relax. Breathing. Come back onto all fours. [inaudible] take your right leg back behind you. Go for a nice calf stretch. [inaudible] change sides. Other leg goes back behind. You stretch out that calf both feet on the mat please both legs straight and walk forward so that you have mat underneath your toes. Yes. So just hold the pushup position or if you want to three pushups please.

Head is higher than the rib cage. Angry turtle head is higher than the rib cage. Press those legs together. Kathy used to say if inner thighs friendly inner thighs, if they get to know each other, they might like each other. Walk your feet to your hands. Oh yeah. Yeah. You can bend the knees. You don't have to be drafts. Yes I know. Bend those knees and just breathe.

Shake your head. No. Nod your head. Yes. Knees are bent. Knees are bent. Yes. Good. Come all the way down to a squat if you can. [inaudible]. Alright, come up to sandy. We're ready for your grand finale. Come all the way up to standing. So here we go. You are going to come down.

Grow both legs over your head. You're going to try to come up. Yeah. Ready. So here we go. So you can do any army want to, I don't care. But w what I do care about it that you don't do this. That's reaching for the bowl. You know what I'm talking about? Okay, here we go. So come on down both legs overhead. Stand up.

Yeah. Yeah, you can reach up. I don't care. Yeah, a couple more times. Here we go. Now remember with me it starts easy. Remember Michael Jackson, how hard Michael Jackson got. So it's not really called Michael Jackson. You know what I'm talking about and come back up. Alright, here we go. Internal sign of the cross single leg set again. The alternative is to not do it, which you can do. You can do two legs, Julie. It really, cause if you have a knee thing, don't do it. So right now when you're ready, here we go. Oh Hi. Yeah. Oh, I turn into an Asian old Asian man.

You do the other side. It used to be able to do it a little bit when I was different in my twenties here we go. Extend the other leg. Come on down. Both legs over the head. Come on up. Yeah. Oh, pride will get you far. I know. So another time you'll play around with that, but not today. I think that's enough. Let's just come together. So face me, you guys.

Let's just reach up to the ceiling. Give me an inhales. You reach up. Exhales. You open the arms down by your sides. Take a moment to just close your eyes and relax. Lift all 10 toes. Feel the weight shift around. Yeah. Hopefully it goes back slowly. Lower the toes.

Keep your weight where it was. Open the eyes. You did it. Guys, thank you so much.


Love how you just sneak those hard exercises into the matwork. So much fun as always blossom and learning more and more about Kathy! Keep it coming.
2 people like this.
Blossom, Blossom, Blossom!! Wow, I know Kathy is smiling down at you, so proud that she chose you as her protege!!!
1 person likes this.
Love, love, love. Great flow and some really challenging exercises when done correctly as Kathy was trying to point out to all her students. 17 years of study with her really shows why you are so good, and yet so fun!
1 person likes this.
My muscles are burning just watching this class! It was such a privilege to meet you Blossom and take the class with you. You are an incredible instructor. xx
Breath of sunshine. Really enjoy you energy! Genius use of the yoga block
Helena B
Love how hard I work even with your voice from afar; thank you for another wonderful class Blossom! Question that I'm guessing others have too: the "30 degree tilt" on the laterals: does it start at the tailbone? (I've heard the cue so many times and I think I feel it but I'm not sure I understand it...)
I really enjoyed this class Blossom. Lot's of great connections happened for me tonight. Thank you!
And! Good question Helena! I'm an "other!"
2 people like this.
Kristi! I responded to Helena via email. But, others must have the same question. When I did the tilt, I thought of it coming from my tailbone. I hope that helps all of the OTHERS.
Just took this class out in the sunshine on my back porch and it was HEAVEN! Thanks Blossom, absolutely love your imagery and Kathy anecdotes. Feeling fabulous!
1 person likes this.
Frances, doing this workout on a sun filled porch sounds perfect. Remember laughing is breathing.
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