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PA Member Connie Murtaugh visits Amy for an intermediate Reformer workout. Amy plays with coordination and subtle nuances to allow different places in the body to wake up. She includes Short Spine Stretch with a Magic Circle, Cleopatra, and much more.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Magic Circle

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Oct 03, 2013
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Hi everybody. It's Amy for reformer workout this afternoon. And I have the great pleasure of working with the PyLadies anytime member who's in Santa Barbara from Omaha, Nebraska. This is Connie Murtaugh and uh, I'm excited. She's a pled. He's teacher there. Uh, and we're going to work together. So we're going to do a little reformer, probably intermediate level. Uh, what I'd like you all to have at home is your magic circle. We'll be doing a little bit of that with some feet and straps. Otherwise, long box at the ready. Uh, we're set for footwork. So choose what you need. We're going to do a little medium resistance here. So go ahead and lie on back and we'll begin with a prehensile.

And our trainings are different. So we'll be, you know, experimenting and working together. This is a great way to see how other teachers work together, uh, and students and teachers working together. So I'm gonna ask you to go all the way together. Prehensile is how we're starting. Yup. And she's going to rapper toes. And before I have you start, just take three or four deep breaths.

Just get your back nice and connected to the mat and I want you to think of really kind of wrapping and widening through the back of your ribs and the wrap of the toes is is from but not to tension filled. And there's also a little reach underneath with the heels. Okay. This is probably really different than what you've been used to or I don't know. Ready? Choose your breath. I like inhale on the stretch out. Great. Inhale, see stretches. Long exhale. She's coming in. So I'm going to have you go full abduction. Inhale, stretch and X. Good.

And each inhalation is that lateral posterior spread of the rib cage. We're wrapping the toes over the top as well as heels under the bar if possible. And that's kind of one of those w yeah, right. Too many high heels. Don't ever stop wearing, no, I'm kidding. We probably shouldn't wear high heels, but hey, some of us like Sassy shoes.

So I'm going to pull on your heels or just hold your heels a little more for three. Okay. Getting some length too. And this last one, I want you to stretch all the way out now. Just hold your knees straight. Give me your heels a little bit more. Gimme. Gimme. Gimme Ah, so then as you slowly bend your knees toward me, go ahead and just whole, yeah, I'm going to just keep wrapping her toes. I'm trying to bring those heels down. If you're at home doing this, try to get your heels down, down, down, and she met the bumper.

Now I just want you to lift your leg straight up to the ceiling. I'm going to just have both legs up per second. Find Your sacrum and I want you to do for flex and point your feet. So inhale, flex, and exhale, point and flex. Just really find your sacrum. Drop it down to the mat, heel the toes. Extend the toes. Beautiful. Connie. One more. Peel the toes. Hold here. Now Bend your knees and put your heels on the bar.

It's like, where's the bar? And we'll go all the way together. Add duct it again. Yeah. Good. Okay. Inhale, push and exhale forward and inhale, push and exhale. So just that real beautiful glide of the body against in a way from the bumper, good flection at your ankles as if the feeder right up against a wall. You're in my hands helping those ankles to flex little sense that the heels might be sliding down the bar. Like you're wiping mud off of your foot, but you're not gonna move your feet just to find those hamstrings a little bit more.

Three more and down and press and in gorgeous. One more time. Springs. Okay. And and okay, same thing. Send both legs to the ceiling parallel. Then I want you to take both femurs into external rotation in the feet. So the whole line of the leg, we're going to inhale and then exhale back to parallel and inhale.

Good. And there XCL right. So really rotating the femurs and back to parallel and that rotation goes all the way through the back of the leg, even through the calves, ankles, even the toes. Yep. And parallel and feet too. There you go, Connie. Yup. And Open, even the big toes and close and again, turning out. What would it feel like to do that there? Point your toes more. Oh and close. Sometimes we say relax the feet today I'm going to make you point. Okay, good. One more time. I know it's awkward turnout.

Now flex the feet for me and let's go to PyLadies. V On the bar. Good. And then PyLadies B, we'll go on the balls of the feet. Great. And so pink Yuto evenly on the bar with the big toe. And here she goes, pressing out and exhaling in those heels. Nice and steady. Well can I remember that?

The bar is like the floor. So pulling up away from the floor. Coming down to the floor. Yup. Sit bones can close a little bit. Sit bones will open a little bit. Little closed. Good and a little open. Nice open shoulders. This looks really nice there.

And close. Let me have you do two more. Press and open. And this time press hold there. I want you to pivot on the balls of the feet so that you open into more of a hip with parallel. Good. Now lower your heels, raise your arms at the same time. So little coordination. Inhale, exhale, lower your arms, lift your heels.

It's of these lower the heels. Raise the arms. Gimme those stretching and lower your arms. Lift your heels. That's right. So heels, arm, great. Heels up, arms down. Three more. Heels down, arms up, heels up, arms down. Excellent. Last two again, that bar is the foot is the floor. So rise high off the floor. Great. And then your last, when you're going to keep your arms and re-pivot your feet into heels together and then you'll bend your knees and come back down. Perfect.

And then just lift your feet. Place your heels wide on the foot bar. Not too turned out with your femurs. Do Flex the feet again and let's go. Eight repetitions. Inhale, extend and exhaling. Good check. Yeah. Whenever possible to keeping that sacred dropped tip of the tail down.

And then again of course you've got a really beautiful, uh, you know, placement here. Okay. You're getting that deep squat for more. I'm just going to watch you from here for a second. Three good. He's in line with second toe. Last two, your last one. Press and come all the way in. And then I just want you to lift your feet.

Place the balls of the feedback on the middle of the foot bar. This one you can have a little space. Yep. For walking in place. So let me have you extend your legs out. You choose which heel you'd like to lower and lift the other one really high with bent toes right there. Good. And then go rise and lower.

Rise and lower. I like to consider the lifting heel. The more important one. If there was one that's more important because it is going to help me think about my gait. I'm walking, so I want that walk. The stretches, you know, we love the stretch. I think this guy going down, but it's the other one that I want you to focus on. And so let's go a little faster to think up with the heel up with a heel. Yeah, up with the heel up with a heel lift and then that lift carry that theme in that sense, all the way up through your abdomen, that kind of lift underneath the rib cage. Good. Connie that height that are the middle of the top of the head, a little faster, eight and seven and six.

So now I'm seeing a little more, two directional stretching out the head and out the feet. I want you to rise into both heels up, bend your knees and come all the way in and pause. Great. I'm going to take off just one blue or the blue. We're down to two red springs here for some single leg. So let's just have right heel on, left leg, extended forward, flex your foot and we'll do this like going up and down. Here we go eight times.

Inhale stretch. And you can s um, maybe point, I like to do a little foot work. So flex going up now. Also how your sacrum leaves the Mat and then extend and really reach out through your toes and flex like you're trying to paint this office at wall. You got it? Yup. Keeping a good sense of parallel on the working leg.

Three more. It's always good to stretch our hamstrings last too. And last one and all the way in and just to easy switch of the lanes. Good. But to get out of your way and flex this heel. Here we go. Yeah. And in good and come all the way into the bumper pump. Oh, the weight and flex lift reached to me with those toes. That's it.

The whole leg, whole leg line, even your inner thigh toward that big toe. Right. And stretch three more stomach, helping to pull the leg up. That lift of the stomach in and up. Good. Last two, last one. Beautiful. Okay, now let's go onto the ball of the right foot. Left leg, just tabletop. And I do a little, uh, sometimes some of the rhythm of breathing.

So I'm going to have you do eight full extensions of this leg. This leg will just stay table the whole time and then we'll do some little pumps with that double breath. So eight times. Inhale, full extension of the right knee and exhale down. It's a real train. I was hoping. Yeah, let's get that right in tabletop. Exactly. And with table talk for me. You can relax it southern foot. If you'd like to. I'm so patterned to keep a real strong point to, but sometimes it's nice, just almost nondescript Lee, you know, hold that foot. It's really, it's about what's going on here. Good.

One more slow. One beautiful. And now shorter but faster. It's going to be even smaller. Similar like inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale, carriage out, carriage in, carriage out, kerogen even faster. So out and in, there we are out and in and out and in so smaller but faster. Whoo. Good out and in maybe not full extension there and for three and just when you're getting it too. And that's plenty. Okay. Other side. Yeah.

And fully eight. And in these eight I want to think all the way stretched through that hip and let that come up into that stomach again. There you go. And all the way through your head and your full spine and for, and three a little more tabletop too. There's your 90 90 last one. Slow like that. So the double time. Shorter movement. Yeah. There we go. Yeah, that's it.

And you could even go a little faster, smaller motion of the carriage. Sure, sure. Good. Connie. That's it. And, and exhale. Exhale. Sure. Good. Just they're four and three and two and went all the way in and arrest. Good. Okay, let me, I'm going to drop, you don't know red and blue and we'll do some of the hands and straps.

Wallah. Let's go with the 100 who have you done your a hundred today. That's not today. So here we go. Alright. So I want you to first connect the shoulders into the mat. Your shoulders on your back, nice breath in through your nose.

Exhale your body up into your 100 position. Everybody's different. So let me see where you're at today. Good. Lift your shoulders up into the blocks for a sec and curl higher. Yup. I know you're probably sticky because it's sweaty. Oh, this is salty here. Do you want it to start that again? Okay.

Just so you don't feel like you're stuck. Salt water, air here does make us move a little different if you're not used to it. That's it. So she has a more clearance against her shoulders now cause, and your legs. Let's go and inhale three, five to exhale, three, four, five and n. See if you can relax your feet a little. I know. So hard on the point. It's so fun to point and you've got really beautiful feet. Yeah, but really it's what's happening here. And so I'm just going to do a little hands on helping to bring your weight off your shoulders a little bit and just deepen this feeling of your stomach, holding your torso, the upper torso up, little less. Chin on chest.

Nine to three, four, five. Exhale and 10, two, three, four, five x hail, three, four, five. Pause. Breathe. One more. And exhale. Lower your chest. Raise your arms up. Just bring your knees into table. Top. Good. Let's go see a traditional coordination. Do you do with, yeah. Good. Elbows down. We'll just do five reps. So pressing up to the 100 position. Just the legs at beautiful, clean, open-close, knees, elbows and head down. And Ah, holing that stomach fast. Right?

So when the knees come in, more stomach, stomach, stomach, stomach, stomach, down. And last, two prs. Open-Close, knees, elbows and head. Last time. Good. And knees and elbows reach your arms straight up for arms. Circles has come down first. We'll do five each direction down. Really reached for the walls there if you can with your arms. Good.

Feeling that humeral head rotate and keep sinking the back of those shoulders down on the mat. Nice. Connie. Last one. Good. Reverse for five. Just the a little bit more as you, uh, open to the t. A little more stretch even through the middle fingertips there. That's it. You've got all this gorgeous air to move through. Take in that space. That's it.

Last to open press and open and press and arms up. Okay. Excellent. Are you okay with rollover or the overhead? Yeah, I might be a little more, absolutely. Let me lower your headrest. Yeah. Right now we're on red and blue. Do you want to read? Okay, you got it. I'm game with that. I get that.

So I am going to kind of park myself at this end over here. Okay. I'm going to step inside the reformer now and I'll, I'll let you see. I've never seen you do this. So lower your arms rolling over. I've got you. I've got you. There you go. And Yeah, depending on what you've done today and on your vacation, your back might feel easier. Ready now I want you, if you can lift your hips a little higher there and I'm going to ask you to lower your legs. Just a titch. Are we okay? Yeah. Okay. Flex your feet. I've got you. Open your legs Outta hip with now. Breathe in. I love this. I learned this a long time ago and I, and I'm not done yet. I'm going to really get my, my, you know, little bit of my weight on you, on your sacred is that feel okay? Feels great.

Yeah. Now if I let go beat together, here she goes again. Arms down, waiting for her legs. Flex and open. Inhale. Good. So I've got my await. I'm Liam following you. I'm gonna lunge in a little bit and just give that sacred man little bit more time to imprint. Imprint, imprint. All good.

Do you want me to let my arms lift as I'm rolling? It's up to you. It's up to you. Let's go again. I'm interested more in the role. Okay. Yeah, and to be quite honest with you, I mean some days it's about the timing of the arms, but so if you open here and roll down, yes, you certainly could raise your arms while you're floating down. I learned that as quote more advanced. I, it depends on the day. I really like to just do my, my spine closed my legs and then I left my arm.

So go up one more time. Okay, well that's good. Yeah, it really reached to me. There you go. Sit. Bones are facing the sky. You're going to open. Breathe in with their legs open there. Roll down. So as you roll down, give me a little more heel reach. I want to feel your heels reach into my hands in opposition to you.

Rolling down. It's a really, that's it. There you go. More heels to me. Excellent. Connie sacrum. Sacred, sacred, sacred sacrum. How are we doing? Good. Good. Yeah. All right. And now you are done with that exercise. Okay. I've got your straps. Fantastic. Let's hook these down. You know what?

I want you to, let's come up and do a little stomach massage. Okay, I'll get outta here. Oh, we don't have a sticky. That's okay. Do you need no sticky? She says, okay. So I would love for you to do this in one red, maybe a little different. And so let's do turnout. We're going to do Pilati Zvi and let me see where you set up for your stomach massage onset. And then secret. I do cit. I, yeah, I love being right on top of sit bones and then then the spine coming out over that. I've learned a few different things. So let's try this.

And on one spring it's gonna probably be different for you. So inhale as you stretch out and lower the heels, inhale, pick up those heels and exhale, come all the way in. Inhale and lower the heels. Exhale and come in. So that sense I'm going to pull up on your rib cage and have you think of Morsi curve just a little more over facet stomach deeply away from my forearm there. Nice. Easy shoulders last two and damn good. One more time. Press heels under, heels up and all the way in. How about hands back?

Great. So is this going to [inaudible] straight back, flat back. And let me have you try something today. Put your fingers like this on the mat behind. Not right directly behind your hips, but a couple of inches behind. Not Up on the shoulder blocks. Fingertips back. That's it. So we can still get that elbow bend, that external row. There you go. All right.

And then lots of lift in your spine. All right, here she goes. Inhale, press heels under, lift and come in taller than you. Start. Press heels under heels up. Good. And you're like me, I love to turn my legs out so keep a little narrower there. Bye. Does someone's spraying you like it on one?

Where are you feeling more in her stomach? Yeah, we're on one red. If you didn't catch that a second ago. Yeah, I learned this a long time ago. Three red and then I've learned to read and then one red and it's fun to play because it does. It allows and invites them different places to wake up and get focused on. I've lost count, so let's do it. Maybe one more time. Lift. Lift, lift.

Great. Okay. Now I want you to reach your hands toward me and let's go palms down and broaden your pacs. There we go. And narrow those knees. Okay, so then as you push, pull away from me, I should say, I think 90% from your stomach. You're gonna pull away from me. Just 10% of work in your legs and then come back in 90% from your stomach. It's going back and up. That's it.

Two more. And then you'll start your twist. How's that 90% tummy? Tell me, tell me back, back, back, back. Good. And I'm going to let you decide which side you'd like to rotate to. I'm going to go to the ocean, go to the ocean and come back to center. Bending those knees. Let's just do one arm. Yeah, just take that one.

And the whole trunk is twisting with that arm and center. Frankly, you could even think about it this way. Go take a look. That ocean thing. Just your trunk. The arm. Yeah. It's kind of coming along with the gesture. Great. Let's do it again and I want to give you something to try that might be different than what you're used to. Turn the trunk as you take your arm with you. Everything in one.

There we go. Trunk. Um, I had a teacher a long time ago. Tell me Amy or say to me, what if you didn't have the use of your arms? Could you still rotate your, I'm going to have you do it again. One more. I promise. Without you don't even think of your arm. Think of your trunk. Trunk, trunk and center.

Yup. Arm is secondary. It's the trunk. Trunk, good and center. Let's do a monkey stretch. Feet wide hand center. Yes, exactly. And then I love to just get this. I like when someone does this to me. Let your head drop if that feels okay. Few deep breaths back here. Fantastic.

Good one more there Connie. And then carriage all the way in and try to keep that nice deep sea curve in your spine. Good. And reach in there and put on another red spring. So we'll have to read and a lie, have you lie back? We'll do feed and straps. Okay. And Yup. And a little magic circle.

Okay. What do you see coming with that? I know, yeah. It's like, Oh God, the magic circle. But we love it, but we know it's really like, Oh God, here it comes. But you know, I think it's so great to balance out our quads and give those inner thighs the tone that they, they need. And just changing the feeling a little bit. So we're in parallel and I want you to, well let me say this, are you as low as you can with your legs without your ribs lifting. Okay. You'll find your challenge point of depth before you lose this connection. And I think you're, you're great. That's good. Okay, so let's just do about five reps up down. When you pull the legs down, add doctors, hamstrings, really getting that good hip dis association, Alexia hip joint. Open the hip joint last too.

And you're going to stay down. So if you can externally rotate your femurs a little, I can always assist and hold that good. So from the back of your legs, squeeze the ring a little bit. There we go. Five more legs. Up and down. Legs Up.

It's like those beautiful, you know liquorish vines is that pattern on a red vine, the candy that spirals going all the way from your hip joint to your toenails. My favorite. I love the red vines. I don't eat them as much as I could, but I definitely take advantage sometimes. Alright, now holding. Now let's go back to parallel. Okay. I want you to bend your knees. Think frog skin. You've done these. Yeah. And then extend. Lead with your heel bones.

Now you can go a little externally rotated. Yes. So I said parallel, but I didn't really mean that. Just a little turnout. That's right. From your heels. That's it. Really feeling like that doctors. Good. Yeah. For and three good. Lengthen your right hip. A little more toward me. There you go. And to do you know that about your hip? Yeah.

And then one hole. Now I want you to breathe in through nose. Exhale, whole and squeeze the ring for three counts. One, two, three. Inhale, release, and a solid squeeze. Two, three, just two more. I know you're gonna lose it. Two, three, one more. Two, three hole. Okay. I've got the ring. I want you to go into legs. Circles in parallel. Come up to your midline. 90 now from there, come down again. We'll just do six each way. Externally rotate. Go for stretch. Yeah, I know.

It seems like a day for distress. Huh? As long as you know to keep those ribs anchored. Let me just to come back to parallel. Yeah. At the top. Parallel. I liked that. And then down the center, parallel from the bottom turnout seems like a rather natural hip pattern. One more this direction. Then you'll switch the circles.

Gorgeous. Other way. So why? As long as you can find your lateral hamstrings right there. Good to initiate that pull down. Do you normally do big circles? Yeah. No, no. I like both. It feels, it feels good. It feels good.

And as you do some other training work, as you mentioned, you know, you might be in that other training, you might be doing smaller, narrower stuff. And I think it's good to do both. One more. Did I miss count? Probably. Okay. So I'll give you a little break. We're, I'm gonna have you do short spine with the magic circle between your ankles. So back in we go. Have you done that? I've never done it with a circle. Okay. So it does feel obviously different because you can't, you know, your legs are like that. So holding this circle, so I want you to really slowly, I've never seen you do short fine.

So let's go ahead and have you peel up to those shoulders carriage. We'll go all the way to the stopper. There it goes. Now flex your knees, flex your feet there. And so yeah, just holding that a little. I want you to squeeze that ring a tiny bit. Breathe in right now. Imagine that you're holding the ceiling on your feet right now. Start Rolling your spine down.

And we know there's a few different ways to travel down from that. Up on the shoulders position, spreading the collarbone, given that gorgeous stretch of your spine. And when you feel as though you've maxed out, you can't get any more of your backbones on the floor, on the mat. Then bring this down. You've got it. And reaching out. Beautiful. Up and over. Lift your hips.

Keep the carriage rolling underneath you. Alright Connie and flex. So again, kind of pause with flex feet like you're holding the ceiling and then rolling down, getting each bone. Feel the weight of those bones. Meet the Mat, pressing the risks down a little bit. That's it. Spreading the shoulders. Now if you can't get any more, bend your knees to fire the hamstrings. Bring your heels down and reaching through two more. Up and over those shoulders. Inhale, holding the feet there and ruling down, reaching each and every bone long away from the one above it and then to the mat.

Log out and down to the mat. Good and legs forward. We'll go one more. Here she goes. Strong stomach, lifting the hips. Beautiful control of the roof. Yeah, long stretch. God. Beautiful. Yup. And stretch out. So just a different sensation with the ring, something new to feel and kind of play with and give away. Okay, good.

Let's take you out of the straps and I'm going to bring the box up. All right. All right. [inaudible] just a little, we won't do a ton and you've already told me about five, seven. So I'm gonna loop that over the top and I, I want to hook all these springs on. Get you the strap. Okay. Now let's see the carrot.

Okay. Alright, so as we discussed it a little bit, we're going to try something different for Connie and for her foot alignment. So yeah, I'm going to have you take your feet, flex hard, pull out on the strap, and we're going to try to not have you touch this and we'll see what happens, something new, and then wrap your arms just right around your waist and let that feeling kind of like you're lifting a back away from your arms and up. Nice and tall. We're going to start with the round back. Inhale there. And then it's really right underneath those hipbone starts your roll under. So I'm just going to gently put my hand right there on your head and see if you can get those sits bones to rotate under your sacrum.

Really not set bones cause they're already under, but right there. That's sacred. Can't feel my hand more from those deep stomach muscles pulling back. That's right. Pause. Inhale. And then as you come forward, good pulling out on the ankle strap round over and pull your stomach away from your front forearms. Let your head drop a little bit. Good. And then in hell, sitting tall and again, exhale.

This is different. Yeah. Yeah. And so like these hipbones yeah. Are Rolling up into your tummy and your sit bones down the back of your legs a little more. There you go, Connie. Breathe and exhale coming forward. Pulled back away from your arms. D D round forward even more. Even more. Even more. Even more. Even more.

Can you even more? Okay, good. Let's just take one more. Inhale sitting tall and exhale and round. Right. So if I had, if I could, I'd hold both sit bones and hold them or your tail or all three landmarks. That's better. Yeah, no, there. Sometimes the visuals are just what we need. And four word acid. Deep, deep, deep, deep exhale. Excellent. Endless.

Roll you up to sitting tall for flat back. Okay. Yeah. That's nice. Okay. And flat back today just to yeah. Interlace the hands and elbows in your periphery. Alrighty. Just an easy hinge. Nothing to big. [inaudible] perfect. When you come up, just think more link between hipbone rib cage. That's right.

Widening the Scapula. Sternum tall. Nice. Connie. Exhale one more time. Like we're growing the length here, right through keeping it as you come up. Nice. And then just easy rotation again to your right to be perfect and exhale center and I'm just gonna. Yeah, good. And that head is slightly pressed back in your hands.

Just easy lift and spiral keeping even weight on your sit bones. One more time to your left. Good. And then back to center. So I want you to dank rotate to the window and then take your hinge on the diagonal. Nice control and out of the hinge and back to center.

How was that foot hook feeling? Good and twist to the left and kind of following the diagonal of this elbow here. And you can look a little towards your left if that feels comfortable towards you and all the way up and center. So let's add a little round the world you're going to twist and exhale to your hand, maybe not quite as big. Now staying in your hand, you're going to turn that towards the over to the left. Come out of your hand, back up to center and front.

Reverse it to the left. First Inhale. Good. And this long, strong body. Nice spiral. And out of the hinge and senator, let's take that one more time. Each direction. Inhale me strong, trying to keep those knees level all the way. The other side side out of the hinge.

Last time. [inaudible] filling up good to the lot, right? And all the way up and center. Let's do a little climate tree. Okay, good. So release a foot. Yeah. And do you normally just do, okay, try, try something. Does it? If you want to try hooking your right elbow like a really deep hook and then maybe the EEOC hands like this, Whoa, I'm going to follow her. Or risk took.

Yeah, that's just going to demand more flexibility. Challenge for you so that your thinking is so much more to your chest. Now three times gesture. Good to [inaudible]. You got it. Three and then walk your hand to your ankle.

Unless do three flex and point to the foot one and two. You can always be already be thinking of squaring your base, which I know you are and no, here you go. Flex your bottom foot hard on that and strap and I got you. She's going to go for the arch. Breathe into those lungs and I gotcha. Exhale, reach back for the ropes if you want, or a circle. Chin toward chest, a bit. Walk, walk, walk up your tree. That was fine. Yeah, let's do it again.

Usually three of them so that leg at 90 opened the pictorial guide. Connie, squeeze the stomach like you're squeezing water out of a sponge. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Get a little closer to your leg. You're really square here. All right, one more. Is this spotting? Okay. Yup. All right. Enough. Too Much? No. No. Okay. So what I want you to do when you climb up your leg, you're going to hold yourself there. Cause I love to do this with people. Ah, chest to leg, leg to chest.

She's enjoying the stretch and we could go on and on with all this, but let's change Mike's great good stuff. No problem. Yeah. Did that feel good? Kind of something different to you to hook up? Yeah, because it gets your leg a lot closer to your chest and then you have to demand more length of your hamstrings. This could be a shot. Okay, so B, we know, be mindful. I can see a little different, you know, he think I would just say, can there be more weight on that hip?

On the box? Yeah. Really feel. Feel yourself. Sit into the hip. And then just flex point for three. Uh, yes. There you go. Okay. That was different. Okay, so I'm going to hold your leg. I'm gonna take your 90 degrees. Good. Let your stern and be like a bow and Arrow bow. That's it.

Chin towards your chest. Squeeze the ABS like you're squeezing water out of a sponge. Stay in your curl a little longer. This time as you go back. Yeah, stay in their curl and you're like to red carpet. That's just being rolled out. That's right. And squeeze every atom of air out. Square that hip. Last one.

You're doing beautiful work. Take that air and that oceanaire is so cleansing. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. You got it. All right. Three breaths. Your baby. One, two, and three. Got It. All right, side overs. Okay. Gorgeous. She's like no. Okay. Yeah. Fight over the last space. The ocean first. Why not?

All right, so I know many versions. How about you? Just put your foot right up on the box. Your right foot. Okay. And we'll let go a pretty standard hands behind head. Again. Want you to feel good, strong a hook on that strap again. So lean out to the right. [inaudible] yeah, go leaning.

Feel yourself. Get, you know, supported by the strap. Flex your foot. You're gonna pull away from the wood. You'll probably hear. That's it. Gorgeous. Now I think you can lengthen more through here. Alright, now you're going to take that Lincoln dip over to the right just a little bit on a slight side bend and then an exhale up to your diagonal. Huh? Inhale and inhale without letting any sound happen here. That's it. So I want you to like more go to the ocean.

Yes, that's it. Stay going to it even though you're coming up. There you go. Can you do two or three more? Yeah, yeah. Five more. You don't need to do five more, but that's right. There you go. So that's fine that it took you in a little more of a curve. Beautiful. Let's say two more. Lengthen. Great alignment.

Just slightly bring your left hip forward. Good. Quiet strap. And your last one, Connie. Really stretch and like you're squeezing the water out of the sponge. There you go. All right. And let's turn to the other side. Oh good. Okay. Yeah, I'll get this back a bit. Yeah, little bit better. Yeah. So finding that the side position sounds like it's coming through the window. All right. Leaning out.

Find Your Hook and your foot nice and solid. It'll probably make a little sound there. All right, so find a lake and then come up to that area. I had no there and both sides long. You can inhale. Exhale to come up cause yeah, well transverse a little bit. You do the other way. Good. That's okay. Exhale. Nice quiet strap cue that I was given along ago. Amy.

Exhale slightly before you begin to move. So Connie slightly before you began to move there, three more. So start your exhale before you even begin moving. Body follows that. Keep that real strong connection here. Lost you. Exhale last one. So this last one, come up only as high as you can without rocking that strap. That's it.

Okay. Ann Rest. Fantastic. Face the foot strap. You can go ahead and put both feet in again and just round forward and stretch yourself out. And I like to sometimes come up and just do a little and stretch and then come up to sitting vertical for a minute. You're going to feel me right behind you and lift your arms straight up to the ceiling. For me. Just a little extra hands on. They are lifted chest bone. Good.

Oh right. Fantastic. Let's do some long box pulling straps. Okay. All right. So if you turn the box, I'll do your straps. It was crazy. You know this one we can probably put in front of? Yeah. Okay. And then go ahead and line her tummy and line your chest up with the edge of the box and grabbing your straps. Let's choke up.

Yep. Okay, so let's do pulling straps one and two and I think we're both going to be similar to what the language there. So lifting your tummy off my fingers a little bit. There you go. And harass the arms and the lower come all the way that bumper do five of these, Connie. Good. Inhale Pole and exhale down. Good rhythm of your scapula. Last two. Inhale Pole.

Exhale down. Beautiful. One more. Now stay right there. Go ahead and open into the t position. Palms face down. That's how I do it. Yeah, we want that external rotation of humorous. One lengthening out of that nick. And here we go. Three to five of these as good. You got it. Maintain that nice broad chest, long neck externally rotate. You got it. One more time. Tell me Tommy, tell me under there, all the way down.

Let's do some triceps, little kickbacks, five to eight of them. So, and I know to think of if I, if I could, I would pick your upper arm up and lifted to the sky. So lets triceps a little higher. That's right. Sometimes I will create a little shoulder shrug. So just be mindful that your upper traps are out of the victor, keeping them out of the exercise as much as possible. Less two, that's better. That's right. And last one press and come all the way down.

Hook your straps for me and I want you to rule over it to your back on the box. We won't do teaser but we can do a couple ab exercises so lined back and then just kind of hug yourself in a nice to chest. Yeah. And how about double leg stretch? Okay. All right. Good old network up on the box. So inhale arms back by the ears. Stretch your legs out toward that ladder barrel. Exhale and squeeze. Good and squeeze. Reach.

So you know the oceans behind you here, like you're basking in the water. I want you to that beautiful Connie. Reach for it. Reach, reach, reach, reach. And you can feel the warm water. It's actually not too warm, but last to reach. Squeeze one more time. And in for a scissor, you choose which leg you'd like to pull up. And this one, no, this one. Reach out to me now on the ocean over this way. Give me your toes, right.

Pool pools, which pull, pull, switch. Oh, pull. Switch. Give it a little pull. Pull on that leg. Pull, pull, pause for a sec. Go up here with your hands. Yeah. And go whole and pool change in less. Your hamstrings. Say No and no. That's good. Pull and pull and pull. And that's it. And up and up. And I feel that the difference.

Yeah. Ha Ha. And well now one more. Each side. Pull, pull and pull. Pull. That's plenty. Tuck your knees in. Hands behind your head. Let's just do a nice easy crisscross position. So rotate one direction and I want you to twist more. Twist. Can you get off that left shoulder blade a little bit? That's right. And one more over this way just to pause and then ate a little faster.

Here she goes. One and, and four. Nice. Connie. Four and three and two and one. And then come all the way up off the box and we'll move on. Huh? Yeah. Good. Yep. Um, I'm going to move this back. Let's do some kneeling arm work. Okay. What spring do you want to work with?

You've got a blue in there. Ooh, I was going to say yellow. Blue Weed. Okay, let's go blue. Okay. It's going to sit and say, well, you're strong, but um, how about facing the ocean then? First kneeling, kneeling. Let's do draw a sword. Yeah. Okay. So let me just see your setup since I don't know how you, okay. And I like, I don't know how you'd like it, but the other, the n not the moving arm. The other one just anchor right by your side. Perfect.

So that gives a good solid connection. We'll do five here. She goes drawing the sword across one and feel those hamstrings at work, helping hold that a front of pelvis in extension. The Low valley is in an up and you're looking way out to the channel islands out there. So the chest has to rise just a little bit. Good. And there's five and then putting it into the right hand, unless do reaching up, man. So feel the rhythm of that shoulder blade as it drops down slightly before the raise of the arm down to go down to go up.

These are easy for you. Four, I think in five. One more get and let's go. Arm overhead. Kneeling arm overhead. Triceps. Yeah. So take just, yeah, let me see where your position is. Oh, can you try this today with profile? Look down to this arm by your lower traps. A little more good. And then five more on that elbow and two. That's right. That humorous thing right in one place. And she pulls three on your lower traps. Good. Connie, for low belly and five. Excellent. Other side. Yeah. Next we'll probably go into some weight bearing.

So kind of just know where you're headed. Ki So the polocrosse and just five of them and one in. Same thing. Any arm exercise, scapula down before arms, three chest, rising up just a little bit and for and five. And then changing hands for reaching up. Same thing, that rhythm of the scapula down to go first to rise the arm up. Scapula down, arm up for good and last time rising up five. And then just changing arms. Just get that pelvis oriented. Beautiful side. Ben, try a little profile with your head looking down to the bottom arm. Okay, good. And then as much as we can, try to ask that upper trap to chill out a bit but it down in lower and mid traps. Nice. Good. Feel that Nice. Strong exhale.

Foria three and last too. Beautiful. One more. All right, we're going to go in long stretch series. Great. Alright, so I'm going to do red and blue. I think that's probably what you're going to be used to on this reformer. So plank position or long stretch feedback against the head rest.

Okay. Thumbs up on the bar with your fingers. And they'll pool all the way to the stopper for me for a second. That's different than you're than you're used to. I can tell. Okay, so you sense my fingers. Just lift off my fingers a little bit. Nice. Five reps. Inhale back and exhale. Try to come off my fingers a little bit.

You know I'm there, but just off me a little right and making sure the elbows aren't in a locked setting. Your biceps, triceps are working together. So Pat Guidon, my mentor was big on this. The job has been just a touch. It's going to feel like they're bending. That's it. Connie, right there. Give me one more actually. You feel the difference? Yeah. Okay. Setting your knees down. Down. Stretch.

Okay. Okay. Before you move, let me see your setup. So that same thing, bending the toes down and can you get all the way to the stopper or bumper? Okay, so just like in maybe earlier I did with the maybe stomach massage. Give me more space here and try this today if it feels all right. Don't even look forward. Almost gaze up to the, the top of the ceiling here the whole time. Unlock those elbows. This is pat.

She would do this to me. Yes. And like what? But I have to hold my dad's it. Yes. And now it's Bicep tricep unified. There you go. It's going to feel odd. No, go ahead and go back. And as you push the carriage back, your lecturer looking more to the top of the ceiling. Yeah. So you're going up higher, higher, higher and like those elbows.

Oh, I know. Pullback. You got it last too actually. Are you okay here? Okay. I want you to do a few more repetitions. That was fine. You can go eight to 10. I want to have your heels stay back here and you pull me. You go pull, pull, pull, pull, pull up. Put the test. Yes. [inaudible] so as if is if some of you stayed back here. You've got to pull yourself up. Up, up. Yeah. One more, Connie. Think up rather than forward up. Up.

That's, that's better. That's better. That's better. Okay, good. Let's go to up stretch. Yeah. Yup. Hi. HAFTO and then starting with the cure to all the way at the bumper again or stopper and chest back away from that bar. This is where those high arch is really coming in handy. Yes.

The same thing is if we, you know, ah, scapular very well set in your back. Okay. Let me just see your up stretch cause I, there's a few you do what's in your body? I'm going to see your up stretch. Where you, the what, what, you know the most good, so keep it your upstretched today I want you just to feel the continuity of motion so that never stopping, never starting and you just one nice flow. That's it. It's really like the ocean back there. That's, I always think of the ocean waves. I have always, since I learned this exercise, that's the current through my motion, the way the current comes in, the surge goes back out. That's right.

And See, look how nice and quiet that got. Yeah. Two more Connie. Gorgeous. Unlock your elbows. Oh, I'm sorry. Then I messed it up right. Last one. That's all right. And you're going to come all the way in and then drop the feed flat for elephant. Okay, good.

So lets do elephant like this. I'm going to get you way up there and say crumb tip, which is the coccsyx way down behind your legs. Good toes up and she's going to move kind of brisk and fast back in, in an off my fingers off my fingers. Good. Let's go five more in one off my hand. Two, three, four and five. And then lower your knees for knee stretch. We'll do round and flat. I'm going to give you two read though.

Okay. Round back knee stretch. Okay. All right so let me see your, your round back position first. Good. Alright, I'm just gonna give a little more to it just for today. Play with me. Play with me off my hand. Good. Find your hamstrings. Find your hip Accenture's. Here you go. Push back and push. And it's the same thing as I just did an elephant. So my hand is deep on your sacrum. Pull off my front hand. Ah, that's it off and four and three and two.

Nice. One in hole all the way that stopper. I let you go actually, and then a flat back or extension. A little more back with your pelvis towards your heels. Yeah. Little more. Little more, little more. That's right. Okay. Here we go. Okay.

Huh? This. Yeah. This is comes better. Easier for you. So I want you to make a bigger, bigger deal about the push way. You got more push even more than that. Push it. That's it. Connie. Push more legs. Give me push. Yes, you okay? All right. Go for it for a little more. Even three. Yes.

Do you want a hip extension and last one in and rest. Great. Okay. Let's do a s. We need a stretch. Which stretch do you love? Do you love Mermaid stretches? Okay. Patra let's Do Cleopatra. Awesome. Cool. That's all face the ocean. You can face the ocean. Okay. I too love these side bends.

Yeah. Good. So what's in your body for your Cleopatra? Let me see how you get right. I've learned it with my hand like this. Okay. Do Forearm. Yeah. Do what feels best for you right now. What you need to kind of wrap this up and feel complete everything. Just everything's sex.

As I said, I can help them look up at the school. Yep. And that's, I come in, exhale what you need is, and look down at my heat. You got it. Keep going. So good. Yeah. And then I'm just going to get my hands on you a little bit to open up this inside belly toward the spring, like the spring is opening nest. The space between your ribbon, your hip, and as the spring closes, this side comes closer together. It's a beautiful mirror of the springs as the ee longer and as you come into the bumper, it's Hanna compression, but it's a lift up and then a squeeze is, you know, two or three more.

So there's always that. Where can we explore an up and up and an up. Beautiful Connie. So less compression. That's an up and into the side bend. We should even add out one last time to her, eight repetitions, which is kind of a lot, but [inaudible] and other side. And then we'll do a lunge stretch too. Okay, good. [inaudible]. Yes. I love that relationship of the spring.

This is your year coils underneath you and inside you is that spine, just like the spring Gogo goes to the sides a little different, isn't it? So stay right there. Give me, maybe think of your hip here. Pushing the carriage out a little more. That's right. And then this hip kind of pulling the carriage in. So I'm going to get different thoughts. Not so much the shoulder, but possibly this inside, almost like it's scooting towards your feet.

Is that different and that helped ragging itself back into the bumper? Yes. Right underneath. Toward the feet. And it's pulling. It's pulling. It's like lifting. You're lifting, you're lifting and lifting into that side. Bend Dan Again, right hip to feet. Oh my gosh. You got a lot more movement there. Okay, cool. Good. Yeah, last too. And hip. Hip, hip, hip, hip, hip, hip, hip, hip, hip, hip. Hip, hip. Yes. And last one, artists and all the way up. Let's do it. Beautiful eaves. Lunge. Stretch. To finish, you choose what side you want. A stretch first. Whichever hand. Okay.

Perfect. Outside foot. Near the leg. Okay, uh, let's go knee on to start or it actually for the exercise. Yes, sorry. And July the carriage back. I'm just going to watch you, I like to watch you a couple of times and then carriage forward. So I'm just going to do a little little thing here. What if this knee stays a little more bent and it's right above your ankle?

Good. And then that left glute here is what's going to contract to actually bring the carriage back in and you're going to stand up. But this knee won't come any closer to me. Am I going to straighten it and know it's going to be just like that. Okay. There and then push again. You're right. Gluten now pushing the carriage back and the left and bringing it in as you come up on. There you go.

Good and right. Glutes strong to push the carriage. Getting those hip extensors to open, open, open and try it two or three more times with your hands behind your head. And there's no window here with the ocean to see. But you know, pretend that's right. Yeah. Contracting, use the leg. Gorgeous. And up. And one more time Connie.

And all the way up. Up and up. Okay. Other side. Fantastic. Feel good. It's like a vitamin [inaudible]. The daily vitamin. The eves lunch. Yeah. And I'm just gonna put it down. Oh you haven't, it's a good one. Especially as a, you know, you probably know that. Yeah.

So knees just going to stay right above the shin. Good. And then as you bring the carriage forward, rather than thinking forward, I should really be saying your body goes up. Oh yeah, that's it. And then you're [inaudible] the hip extensors function to hope open your hip. Yeah, that hip joint. Stretching that out and think up up through the top of your head. We know this comes forward. All it does is go back and forth. But I think about another dimension up there and now two or three more hands behind your head for a little balance piece and thinking up to come forward last time and all the way. Good. And then just come around, stand near the front of the reform or near near and just kind of put a closure on maybe a little bit more this way.

And you can do a acute, I think she's coming to class in about 20 minutes or so, and then does a nice, easy roll down head and shoulders. Yeah, this let it go. She may be going to take a swim, soften those knees so that you're not locking them up. In fact, to a real big softening of your knees to roll yourself all the way back up to standing to finish. [inaudible] you're reformer workout today. Wonderful. Thank you. Thank you so.


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Had so much fun visiting the PA studio and filming this class with Amy! I think I confused the start of rollover with jackknife though. Maybe I shouldn't have used the straps...But hey, it worked!

Amy, you a great teacher! I wish I could move to Santa Barbara and become your student. I guess I will have to visit more often!
Great class really enjoyed doing it myself and will enjoy stealing some for my students love the last little stretch in every move.
some refreshung new ideas and love the creativity .
Amy, I LOVE watching you teach and use alot of your cues with suggestion: Please try wearing a hair tie! I think you would be surprised how much the viewer sees you adjusting hair..just a thought from a fan
Thank you ladies! And yes Ellen...thank you for that feedback. I'll be more aware of hair adjusting.....
Great class! Thank you both of you!
Finland loves you! :)
Thank you for commenting Heikki! Hope you're well!! :)
Loved the feet in straps with the circle. Fab class, lucky Connie.
Glad you enjoyed this class Heidi. Thank you for taking the time to comment! :)
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