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Join Kathy Grant in a Mat workout she taught to her students at the Tisch School of the Arts. She was assisted by Blossom Leilani Crawford to teach the Matwork with a few additions of Kathy's like the Bicycle Sit Ups, Side Kicks with a Fan Kick, and others. Kathy brings out the unique rhythm in each and every exercise with her precise cues and timing. You will enjoy singing Kathy's Song in this fun and challenging class.

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I'm sit down by your side. You must know your total strength. You must know your strength. Give me a right leg lift. No hip flections involved. Take your time. Put the leg back down.

You have to have a strong, strong core strength and that is your torso. It's like a chunk of intriguing me. A right leg lift. Take your time. Give me a left leg lift. Nothing moves, but that leg [inaudible] give me a head, pushing them make-believe ball all the way down to your belly button. Bring both legs to the ceiling with the buttocks flat. Lower the legs to your strength. You can do the [inaudible] stance.

Here we go for the hundred and in exhale a cow to set in. Exhale, force that you're losing your [inaudible] ball. Oh thanks. Set X, your last set in Hale really pushed that percussive out. She goes [inaudible] bend your knee, but the double leg pose. Take the feet down, feet flat, feet together. Take the head down, watch your position of your head.

Extend both legs to the front wall for the well up to bring the arms over the head in. Hold up. Hold to take it back there in the rib cage. Arms Center it float. Bring the arms up, feet together. Take your time. Do not try. When you get to a part where you think you've done to lift your back up, you either bring the hip bones together or open the rib cage.

Here we go. And hail to exhale and inhale. Watch your Rib k n n tail to exhale and in. Watch your rib cage and inhale to exhale and inhale. This is your last one. And inhale over. Lower the back. Bend your knees to your chest, legs to this ceiling for the over the hips.

Bring both legs over 45 degrees to the back wall. Open the legs, but not too wide. Exhale and come down fast. Exhale, sweep the lace together. I've been home and hold it up right there. Open the exhale coming down. Sweep it down. Lower up. Last one this way. Open.

Roll down. Reverse from low open lock. Open over close. Take your breast away from your Chin in it. Nice. Open up in over. Hang onto it. Exhale coming down. One left, one open, and you're going to end with both legs to this ceiling.

The buttocks is down for the ribs, for the hips, leg circles. Bend both knees. Extend the right leg. Hold on to uni with both hands. Elbows Open. You're going to give me a door. Now think about it. Leg circles. These are the piston leg circles. Bring it straight down. Open. Exhale coming up. Watch your torso. Take your time.

Inhale, exhale in second. Watch your rib cage. Once more, ring it down. Inhale Open. Watch your standing leg, the bent knee and reverse it. Stay still. Inhale, exhale to second. Sweep it. Watch your standing leg, which is your bent knee. That's still your standing knee open. Yeah, up one more time. Hi. Opens and extend the left leg to the floor and climb up your ladder. Do lead climber look upward, upward, upward up with watching the standing leg.

It should be flexing unless you're on point shoes. Round the spine, elbows open. Keep the leg where it is, right. You sit up straight with a nice straight spine and you try and bring that leg to your shoulders. Good. Once again with a rounded spine. Go with it. Don't let the back go to the back wall. That's right your head right. Sit Up straight the torso. Watch your leg. It's out of alignment, bringing it up. Elbows open, right.

Bring this leg down. Open the arms in seconds slower and you have to do your other sides. Bend both knees to your chest. Do we do leg circles on both sides? Here we go. You have the doorknob and ring the leg down.

Opening out into a second. Watch towards those strengths. Once again, open it. It shouldn't go to the ground because I don't think any of you are that tiny that you've, your leg can go to the round. Elbows Open. Take your time. Right. Good. That's good. Once again, bring it up.

[inaudible] please look up. Please. Look up. You're climbing up the ladder. Yeah. Open the eyes. Open the eyes. They help to get you up open. It's a sit up. Come on up. That's it. Right around the spine. Load leg. As you bring your head toward your knee, stay on your sit bones.

Sit up straight without going back. Bring the leg with the foot on. The floor is flexed. So I flex one thing again. Wow. Sing my song. Sing it to yourself. That's right, that's right. Like a [inaudible] Ron leg.

Bend your knees for the rolling ball. Sit to the edge of your math. You have a make believe ball under your chin. Keep it there. The knees are bent. They're open. Bring them in. Bring their clothes, the fetal clothes. This is there. You are there. No, you're on the flat fee. Okay, here we go. Keep 'em make-believe ball on each end. Roll all the way over and up. Stay where you are. Bring the feet up. Put the feet down.

No, just bend the knees. Pick the feet up and put the fee so you get your balance. Pick the feet up. Put the feet down. Hold you back down. Pick the feet up. Now put them now row. Elbows Open. When you get ready to come forward, pull them slightly on the elbows open. Keep the Chin Ball under your chin. Once more all the way. Keep the ball under your chin.

Keep the ball on his stay there. Stay there. One more time. We'll over Dave there. Double like pose, lower the back but not the head. Leave your hands with ar for the single leg. Stretch right hand on the right knee. Left hand on the right, right ankle with him in the right knee and change and inhale to exhale and him stay with me. Exhale. Put the ball in your chin. Push it down. Push it down. Push it down and hold it. Then both knees, your chest for the double leg, arms and legs to the front wall.

Bring the arms to the ears. Count to five. Three. Open the arms, the head to your knees lady. One more time to the front wall. Bring the arms thing. Your ears. Don't change your head open, right. You're going to hit it on one count. Hit it. One, two, three, four. This is your last one. Hit it three. They way you are bringing the legs to the ceiling.

Arms down by your side. Head down by on the floor for the bicycle. Sit-Ups. You go, arms sit down. You lift your head up in the direction of the hill. You put your hands on your handlebar, you go up your hill, you go up your heel, you go up your hill, up the hill, hang in there, hang in there. You can reverse it coming down or stay going towards the mirror.

Reverse it coming down. Either way. Budget, head down. Put your arms down, regroup. You got another hill to go up. Okay, so it may be the same one or another one. Give me a head left in the direction of your hill, but you hands on your handlebars. You go up that hill. Go on up, up. Come on up. Hold onto your left leg with both hands. Lower the right leg, not to the floor. Lower the torso but not the head for the single straight leg stretch. Full change. The head is off the floor. Pull the head is off the floor. One, two, stretch. Really stretch long legs long leg head is off the floor.

Head is up, head is up, head is up. That's it. Stretch, stretch, stretch. End with both legs to the ceiling. Head down. Put your hands behind your head. Are the base of your skull for the double straight leg stretch. You give me a politely stance, give me a head lift. Push that ball all the way down to your belly button.

You lower the legs to your strength. Don't let the head go back lady and take your time. You remember you can't go up faster than you went down. That's not the way the gravity is. Take your time. Really pull inward, inner thighs, inner side. That's it. Bring the head more forward. Elbows open once against, then the head weight forward.

That should be off the mat. Left elbow to the right knee. This is your Chris Cross. Go bust the elbows open. Watch that standing leg, the one that's extended double leg pose and exhale. Sit up into a moderate second position. Politeness is just slightly past your shoulders.

You're going to do the spine stretch forward. Bring the arms up, shoulder level. Bring your head between your breath without rounding the bat. Just drop it first. Okay? You're going to take up the arms and show the level. Inhale with the stomach in exhale and reach towards the front wall, but not to do floor. If you're good enough, you're going to get to that floor. Inhale with the stomach in. Exhale and reach from your underarm muscle.

Those your under arm muscles. Inhale with the ABS in. Exhale with the men and reach forward and keep doing that. Don't come off your sit bones belly button to the lowest part of the wasteland. Control. Give me a little pulse and pulse Paul with the arms up and down. Just [inaudible] up and down regionally under our muscles. Light pulses, puff. That's it. Reach from your under arms, your legs at two blood right. Careful.

Sing my song. Take your time coming up. Don't lie on the back. Don't it's not around the back and coming back to center, right. Remember the old that the anatomical tilt is only 30 degrees. That's from 12 to 10 anything else? You got to stretch the flex. Here we go. Tilt to the right without lifting off.

That's your anatomical tilt. Stretch the flesh. Keep stretching. Take the torso with you. Take it with you. Keep going. This wall. Elbows Open. That is more, there's more, there's more. There's more. There's more. Right? It's come to your sentencing, my song and a comical tilt to the window wall. It's very little. That's it. Stretch the flesh. Stretching, stretching.

Way over this more, more, more comfy center. Once more anatomical tilt. That's it. Stretches out of your hips. Out of your hips. That's it. There's more. That's correct. Cause you keep going back a little bit ago. Yeah, but no, stay on my knee.

Come back to center and last time to the window wall till first. Take it with you. Stay on your sit bone. Go ahead. That's it. Don't turn this foot out. Just keep it flat. Go on. There you go. And you come to your sentence. Okay. Right elbow outside the right needs for the left elbow ins.

Head to two. Unique. Open that left elbow and come up to your center. Left elbow outside the left knee for the right arm. Overhead towards your knee. Open the right arm and come to your center.

Take your head towards your knees and like a butterfly. Sweep around and face it. And the other side and sweep it. That's it. Don't lean back and sweep it. Good and really sweep it. Take your time like a butterfly. Sole and drop and face front.

He would go open leg rocker. You have a you extend and Benz and then this is to get your ass balance. Ben and a Dan. Close the legs, changing your hands. Bend your knees so the ceilings open, not too wide and close. Once again, Ben, don't open too wide. Yes, find your balance right open. You're going to put a make-believe ball under your chin. You're going to zip as you roll. Roll all the way over.

Keep the ball under your Chin and get rid of it. Type measure. It's your tight good girl. It's your tape measure. Tape measure. Tape measure. Once again, tight measure. That means it your head once against rolling zip. When you go down zips rolling down, Zip, that's it. And get rid of the balls. Close your legs. Lower the torso but not the legs.

Arms down by your side for the cork. Screw, arms down by your side. Put the ball in between. If you have a ball, if you want to. Here we go for the court. Palms down ladies. Alright, we're going to do small little clocks. This is 12 o'clock a little little swing. Three o'clock, six o'clock, nine o'clock 12 o'clock nine o'clock six three 12 you're going to add the hips.

Three o'clock watch your six o'clock nine o'clock 12 o'clock nine o'clock six three 1212 o'clock high. Bring the button leg over to the floor. 12 o'clock low. Bring your buddies down and very fast. He goes. Three o'clock, six o'clock nine o'clock up and over. Hang in there. Lowered to 12 o'clock low and nine o'clock six three now if you real brave, you're going to go from 12 o'clock to three go three watch a six but they go away over good. Now nine o'clock watch it easy all the way, right and sit ups. Fast count after the boots and cat after the birds, you sit on your heels, you're very happy.

All of a sudden you see something move. You raise your head, you go after and then you become the bird. Come straight down where you are. That should make you centered. Take your hands down by your side feet together. Okay. Turn your heads to the window, right. Someone comes along and gently, gently, gently touches caresses your shoulder and you don't really make a move. Is this the feeling? You look at your map.

The Chin is tucked on. You look at your ceiling. The Chin is exposed. You look at your mat, turn your head to the door and completely luxe very gently. Someone's just arrested. You don't have to move. It's just a feeling. Look at your floor through the jaw muscles. Look at your ceiling. Look at your floor.

Turn your head to the side. Take both hands and put them under your forehead. Bending the elbows. Give me a diamond position. Not a frog. Bend the knees in a diamond position. Not a very quietly. You're going to bring those legs up to the ceiling.

You're not going to change your diamond position. You're going to so relax in the pelvic area. You're going to come up and take it down. It's just like a prayer. This is really much smoother. No, I don't want this. Don't end.

Don't keep the pelvis open and free. It's always so contracted. This is a moment to give it rest. Very quiet. Just like your rib cage arms, effortlessly weightless, right? Take the legs down and put them together for the Charlie Chaplin's. Your Charlie chapels. I'll give you what you do.

You have parallel opens, pigeon toe open. Turn Up. I'm going to say one, two, three. I'm not going to tell you which to do first. It's parallel. Turned out a pitcher toe. Your one is your one. Here we go. One, two and three and one and two and three. One more time and one and two and three. Okay, here we go. Sphinx position. She lifted chin, double kick, kick change and kick.

Stay with me and kick. Kick and kick. Flex point and flex point. EQ stead. Plex point in stretch and flex point and stretch and flex point. Jazzy and flex point. Change. Flip point. Change. Flex point, change. Flex point, change, flex point, change, flex point, change, flex point, change, flex. Take both hands, grab the floor, bring your hands way up. Your back is high as you can.

Elbows are down. Double Kick, kick, kick without letting the fingers don't extend. Lift the arms and legs. You should be straight up really high, not fit together. Lacey. Again, melt. Turn your head to the other side. Elbows way up. Turning head to the other side. Once again, double kick and kick. Kick, stretch, stretch. Lift the two parts together. Put your hands down by his side and do the rocking salon. It's first in parallel us legs together in it's size. Friendly in the ties.

Friendly, friendly, friendly. Arms in second inner thighs. They like each other. Bring them together. Bring them together. Arms in fifth. They will. You are roll over on the floor for one second. Off the mat for the neck poles. Alright.

Easy dancing. Keep those inner thighs friendly. One last time. Right. Okay. You are going to take your math a little in a diagonal. I didn't, I thought we wouldn't have as many people towards the camera. I mean only because the camera's over there you want is for the scissors.

Oh, you want it so not on an angle flat. Let's leave it in her ankle. All right, here we go. My, my mistake. This is the, this is the one that you recently learned. This isn't one where you have the scissors, you have the bicycle and you have the shoulder stand. This is the one where, just so you can remember, see where your hands are all here. When you, uh, bicycles, the thumb comes off and when you, when you finish with a bicycle, bend both knees and roll down for the shoulder bridge. Okay, here we go. Remember come up one second. Nope, just remember this one.

The legs at your faith is just a holding leg. This is the important leg. The weight away from your faith. Try not to use this here. Here we go. Get in your positions up. You Go. No, right? Get your by hand position on your body.

It's up to you to find your position. Blossom. Can't do that. Now take the right leg towards your back wall. You have a slight pulse. Pulse, pulse. Bring it together and change the leg to the wall is the important leg. That's right. Good. Right. The leg to the wall is the wall.

The other one is a standing leg. Is the control faction. Stretch the leg. Real Swipe points. You feed, right? You're going to cheat once again, right? The bicycle can use your hands so that the thumbs are released. You bend from the quad. You do not. Then from the knee, you bend from the quads. This is your quads. You've been from Ben through the quads it see the difference and stretch you've been through your quad. Keep this leg out of your face.

Don't bend through the knee. Try not to bend through your knee. Bend through your quad. It's a nice smooth translation, right Ben, both of these together and bring them down. Roll down, roll down, roll down, but the feet on the floor, this is called the shoulder bridge. You'd get your hips way up, pelvic lift way up, but try not to expose your rib cage. Extend your right leg on the floor for the point of flex down. Extend the right leg to the four watching me right point up.

Flex down, point up, collect down, point up, flex down, point up, flex down. Point of bring that leg down and change. Bring the spine down. Bring your spine down and go right back up again. This is just the recoup. Extend the left leg to the mat, surface and points point to flex point to flex. Flex to point, point to flex. Flex to point, point to flex.

Flex two point and bring a both down. Respond to fine twist all the way up right where you are. Just faith where you are. Open the arms to the side. If you have a ball, put it between your feet turning to the left through the waistline and not through the shoulder blade. Turn and then you get, the feeling you have is you want to look at the person behind you. Turn through your waist in it hip, hip three times and come to your centers.

Turn through your waistline. The head is included and there's a little together the other side. Turn through your waistline. Watch it. Watch your breath. Ladies know, throw him out. [inaudible] kick it, kick it, kick it last time and turn to the waistline kick. Okay. Stay where you are. Ladies. Bring the tape measure in, bringing in. Stay facing the right. You're in the right brain. The tape measure in. That is correct.

Bring both hands down by your side. Lower the bed. Give me a spine lift. Bend your knees to your chest, cross the legs and lift the spine up way up and cross your legs and straighten them at 90 degrees 90 that's not 99 knees to the ceiling. 90 degrees. You come down fast, you roll down and you come right back up and holds. Holding for two counts. Don't that? It's the legs past your buttocks and down and hold for two counts. Lower the back. Don't lower your legs. It's just the torso. You go way up.

Roll down to your buttocks. Don't take the legs out off of your buttocks. One more time. Wait up. Now leave it there. You're going to come down. Number three. This is your ball breathing. UNCROSS your legs. One more time. You go over and you go up to 90 degrees. It's really 90 take your breasts away from your chin. The legs.

Uncross the legs as straight. Your buttocks is off your legs into the city. Take your breast away from your chin. Three psychics. Yes. Okay, we're going to lie down on this side just where you are. Okay? Facing the window. The, I'm going to get as much side kicks as I can get in for you. Okay. Your arm is out or it can be here on your elbow.

We're going to turn no top leg in front and here we go. And up and down and up and down and up and down and up and [inaudible]. No, put the top leg on the bottom. Leg Blossom. Lift the top leg up as high as you can. Parallel. Take it down. Limping out of the hip is all parallel. Take it up and bring it down one more time and take it down.

Point that top foot reached past the top would reach past the other foot. And then Paul, Little Paul. Easy. Does it grow in growing a little higher, little safe, parallel. Little small containment. Keep reaching it. Suppose if the pulse flexpods meet with both legs up, lift both legs up, holding for five counts. Take it down, touching and Bree right back up and bring it down and up, up, down, down, down, down, up, up, down. Now. Leave it up. Applause. This on your own. I can't, I can't count that fast.

Yes. Other size, other side. Lift up and down. Lift and lift. Up and down. Up and down. Go head butts. Two more and two down. Last, take it down.

When we talk with reach cast and helps to hold preaching to very quietly keep it high sister. Quiet to four to make the leg down. Smell like flexible seats we spoke with. Felt the whole three, four, two, three, four, five. Alright. Take hands and put the left hand on your shoulder. No, we don't have time. Yes, that's, let's do that up, up, down, down, and finish it up. Up, down, down, up, up, down, down, up, up, down, down. Lift, both and applause. Here we go. We have the sidekicks into the fan. Kicks. Ready, hand on your elbow, your elbow, double kick his highs. He can't add.

Kick, kick and hold and kick. Kick and hold. And it's not an arabesque and fan kick. And they argue Matt Das on a dime. Stay on your mat. Get on your mat. It's just standing like the designate. Here we go. You're not on point. The foot is flex off. Flip, double kick in, kick, kick and hold it and kick, kick and hold and kick.

Kick in whole and fan kick and hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Fan kicking. Hold a fan. Kick fast and hold right fan. Kick fat wide legs and pole. Stay with it and not an our best. And one last time fan kick all the way, right? You have to bring both legs over your head.

Come on your back. You have to squats, you have to squat, you have to be in a pipe position and you have to come up. Here we go. I have to let you go early because you have your valuations. Okay, here we go. Give me a slights. Come up a little right into there. Here we go. Sh Sh, sh, sh relevant.

Yes. Half, half. Relevate not a full. So thank you. Really. [inaudible].


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love love love this..having never had the opportunity to meet or be taught by Kathy this is amazing footage of this special lady. thankyou for posting PA
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Awwwww! Love it! This is a gem! Absolutely love it! Thank you!
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Thank you so much for bringing this to us.
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I wish I'd been able to meet Kathy. What an amazing teacher!
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i almost can't believe im doing this class!
thank you!
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What a piece of history. I miss her so.
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Thank you Cara for sharing this with us!
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beatiful class ...beatiful woman
thank you for sharing
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Truly remarkable piece of video, and a prigilege.
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