Class #1279

Reformer Series 3

40 min - Class


Karen Sanzo teaches her third in a series of three fundamental Reformer workouts. This class is more connected and picks up the pace, advancing exercises that were previously taught in the first two classes of this series. Karen begins with Footwork on the Jump Board, and continues flowing through the traditional Reformer order.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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This is the third in a series, this reformer workout. We'll be a little more connected. There'll be some other exercises that have advanced from previous exercises. And you'll notice n...


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Love It!
Great "Building Blocks" for the fundamentals. The cueing is as always direct and "spot on."
Thanks for another great class Karen.
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Thanks Karen! Great job with the modifications and pace:) Keep up the great work!
One of my favorites!!
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I've been doing pilates for about nine years, first with a trainer and then with my own equipment at home. I'm recovering from a knee injury almost 5 months ago and have been doing mat classes. This was my first reformer class in 5 months. A good choice. However, just before the down stretch, Karen does not indicate how many springs to load. This is also the case later when she says add a spring. Blue? Red? I did what felt right but it would be good to know since otherwise the cueing was excellent. Thanks. I really enjoyed being back on the reformer and hope to heal enough to return to doing level 2/3 classes in the future.
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YEAH Karen :)
Thank you for another wonderful class !!
I fundamentals for the re-connection, I can get so far ahead of myself sometimes ..
Karen you are a brilliant teacher- love it! More classes plse!
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Great authority - smart transitions that feel natural and not jarring. Love this!

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