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Feel-Good Cadillac

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Niedra teaches Monica in a Cadillac workout that will lengthen your body and make you feel great. She does simple work, but works with sophisticated detail to get you deeper into your body. Niedra also adds hanging at the end as a treat for all of the hard work.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Cadillac, Pilates Pole

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Nov 23, 2013
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Good evening everybody. Hi Monica, how are you? I'm really well. So we are going to do a Cadillac with a little bit of warm up on the spine corrector. Monica confided in me that she's feeling a little bit stiff, so I thought it's interesting cause all of us teachers that know the material inside out have a slight weakness, which is we don't work out enough ourselves. We help everybody else feel great and sometimes we get rusty. So it's a good thing sometime to revisit basics and go slow and refined our body.

And the attention is a little different because a professional or someone who's really been doing the work for a long time understand the complexity and you can expect, expect a high standard from the simple work, which I totally expect you to display. So the pressure is off. Let's have you aligned down just to warm up your back tail just over the edge and your shoulders just at the pinnacle of the spine corrector here lying. So there's a space. Let's see. No, let's get this a little bit further over. Okay. And we'll see if you fit on the Cadillac. Oh, okay. Very nice. So nice long legs. So hip flexes, long stomach and ribs in and hold the bar straight up to the ceiling and check that your neck is nice and long.

Now before you started like you to plug the shoulders down in. No actually down towards, see if you can press him down ear. Yes, that's right. He widening the collarbones and keeping the shoulders down. Take the hands long in that direction towards your leg so you widen across the collarbones right. And then lift the arms up, keep them nice and wide and as you extend them over your head, let the ribs in Galong in the opposite direction to the collarbone.

Stay wide and you get into all that tight little area in there. Very good. Bring the arms up again. So just go back and forth a few times. Monica, keep pressing the shoulder bones wide, that's it. And then come back up. Keep the shoulder bones wide and now feel the back of the neck long as well as you reach through the fingers long. That's it. That's it. And then bring the arms up and again, take the arms down and literally from your shoulders, your fingers feel length as you are stretching these arms out, right?

Keep the elbow soft and bring the arms up so you start to really lengthen and soften the arms in reaching long reach through the legs as well that it's the whole body becomes long and narrow. Bring the arms up, bring them down, lengthening through the fingers, broad, broad, broad collar bones and bring the arms up again and feel as though you're melting the ribs in one direction. As the arms go long and the other you just crack. That is good. Come back up and, and want to move an inch further up towards your head. Move a little bit further. The tail may not be over anymore. That's it. And I want to press the floating ribs down. That's it. Bring the hands down to your size. So we start here but red, so it's tricky. Ribs down, shoulders wide. Bring the arms, the ceiling and keeping the ribs long in the opposite direction.

Reach through the fingers, getting lengths in the side body. Bring the arms up and bring the arms down to the size, broad, broad collar bones. Again, really widen them out. Bring the arms up and reaching them long through the fingers. Very good. Two more times. Bring the arms up broad collarbones as a hands. Come down and bring the arms up and lengthen them the out, keeping those ribs down in opposition. And one more time.

Bring the arms up and then bring them down towards your thighs. Lift your head and roll up to a sitting position. Roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up. And let's have you bring your seat right back. So you're sitting inside the crease with your knees slightly bent and stretch the arms out in front of you. So you'll be doing roll back, but draping over the, over the barrel to as you roll back, roll down and feel the sacred and getting into the yeah, into the barrel. And now right here, the ribs are pressing in. Keep going. Don't let the ribs pop out. So now you have that, but the head go back, reach the arms to the ceiling and reach the arms back. And let's hope you fit.

You do. You do. You do. Bring the arms up again. Lift your head and keep the shoulders back and roll up. Roll up, roll up, roll up and sit up. Nice and tall. Lengthening up hands will be shoulder height. Now before you go back and want you to pull the arms back and down and press up through the crown of the head. Yes. Now keep that height and just for you, I'd like you to start from the ribs back slightly. Just pull them back a bit. Yes. And now keep rolling down. Roll down through the tail.

Through the waist. Yes, yes, yes. Let the head be long and back and reach out. Keeping this long and opposition. Bring the arms up again. Lift your head, broaden shoulders and roll through the powerhouse and sit up nice and tall. Lifting up. Press up, up, up and up. Good.

Now just for you, I want you to feel present in my hands so you just for a moment that the shoulders can forward Wa yes. Now widen your ribs behind like right. That's it. There's this inch right in here. Now see if you can keep this wide, but pull the shoulders back. Yes. Now Start Rolling back. Keeping yourself why there's zero right through that lower part of the rib cage. Lovely Monica. Yes.

Keep it long and as your head goes back, try not to let it shorten so you reach, I don't care if the arms don't go down. I want them long. Lift the arms up, lift your head forward and roll through the spa and yes, to sit up nice and tall. It's a very simple movement but lots of very sophisticated detail. One more time rolling back to right here. Just below the bra line. I want you to widen and make those. That's it.

Keep it wide and then lengthen through the head. Head goes back, it goes back, it goes back. Beautiful. There it is. And bring the arms up, lift your head rolls through the spine and come up to a sitting position. Oh k so you're going to come off just warming up your back a little bit and put you on to the Cadillac for the roll down. Roll down bar. So sitting, same thing. Feet are long and just for a change, I would like the knees slightly bent, but the heels not pressed up at slightly away. And think of really lifting these knees up to start and pulling up and now fill up this back body as well. There you go. Start Rolling back down and feel that the waist is long. Yes.

Tail under you lengthening through the crown. Roll down and reach with the legs in opposition to help get that length. Lengthen the back of the neck. The legs will go straight. Yes, but you kind of use the feet to push a little bit. Now lift your head, keep the shoulders wide and rolls through that spine. So right at the end you will allow the knees to bend. Roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up.

So you get this part lifting up and lengthen up to a straight position. Nice and long. But I want that part widening right in there. Now as you roll back, press with the legs slightly. So pull the stomach can look down towards your navel. And think of this.

There you go. So you get that length in that middle back. Lovely and reach with the legs in opposition and lift your head roll up again. Broad shoulders roll. There you go. Row, row, row, row, row, and allow the needs to soften so you can get really high out of that blower back even more up, even more up and fill up the back ribs. Yes, and one more time like this. Rolling down. Drop the head, broaden the back ribs very nicely. Waist is getting longer. Every time you rolling down nice and long, reach through the, towards the toes, long with the legs. Lift your head and roll up. Lovely. Sitting up nice and tall and lift up straight.

Right out of that lower spine. Even more. Lift and fill this widen in here. Shoulders down. Press up to the crown of the head. Up. Good. Left-Hand in the middle, right hand around your waist and roll back down, pressing. Even if both sides, both legs are working. Glance at the bar to make sure it's staying symmetrical. Good girl. Ironing out that back. Broadening the shoulders all the way down.

Take your right hand out to the side and slide it all the way up. Keep this left side long left side on the man. Whoo. All crooked. Nevermind. Bring the hand back and on your waist and roll up. We've got room for improvement here. Roll back up. Change hands.

So as you go down Monica, I want you to feel both sides flat. So as you go to one side, don't let the ribs come off at all. So nice lift through the spine. Pull the ribs back, shoulders are down and start rolling back. Rolling back. Pull that waist up, right side and left side of the ribs. There you go. Let the head go. Let the head go back.

Head goes back now without anything changing. Keep that left right side down, right side, down, right side, down. And now as you start to stretch, you keep this side on the mat to right-side stays on the mat. Turn your head and look up at your hand. Key. Now did you see that adjustment? Okay, sweep the hand back. So it's a tricky thing because the body wants to zigzag out and come back up. Roll. Roll, roll, roll, roll. Sit Up. Nice and tall for side again.

Drop your head to roll back, scooping the navel, fill up the back ribs and feel left and right side of the ribs touching the mat. Yes. Now just pause. You get the head long. So the whole trunk is in touch with the mat. Now without the trunk changing, take your right hand to the side and just up by your ears today. Now as you start to slide, think more length. I don't care where you get to keep the left ribs down even more down here. More down into the mat. Yes. Now slide the hand back, rapid.

Round your waist around your waist. Lift your head and roll up. Very, very good. Roll, roll. Roll and lengthen up through the spine. Change your hands again. Wrap your hands and start rolling back round and use your legs just a little bit. Use Him to send energy right into here. Yes, that's it. Even pressure all the way down. So just finish movement number one, take your head down. Feel the shoulders.

Why towards the Mat without anything changing. So your boxes even. Just go to here, keep your head down and just think of lengthening side ribs. Yes, I want this side more down so that the trick part. Good. Slide yourself back using your waste wrap. Wrap your hand around and roll up. Roll up, roll up, roll up. Sit Up nice and tall. One more time. Adding your legs.

Shift your hands around, right hand round your waist. Press with the legs to roll down, filling up those back ribs and being extremely anal and extremely detailed, which is beautiful to see. Broaden shoulders down there. Slide up that side and extend. Now keep the left ribs and take your right foot and slide it towards the left without lifting it off. Slide it. Yes, we really get that traction into this left side.

Now bend the knee, hook it and start stretching it, keeping the left ribs down. So there's this beautiful stretch. Bring the foot down and slide it back. Slide your hand back. Square your body often roll up. Very nice change hands. Wrap your hand around your waist and one more time. Rolling down. Fill up those back ribs.

Both sides of your spine hitting right side, hitting right side, working excellent work. Lengthen through the head, sweep the left heart out to the side and up and reach both sides of the waist. Long. Good. Now take your right leg and slide it across. That's right. So that's long. Bend the knee, put it on the outside and slide in. Lengthen it even further. Good girl and do the foot. Slide it back, slide the hand back and square your body off and roll up. Beautiful work. Oh, okay. That was great.

Okay, you're perspiring. Swing around and actually don't swing around. Lie on your back foot teaser. Lie down on your back and hold the bar with your hands and you want your shoulders right under. Let's have the legs long and straight. So before we, yeah, that was good. That look, you know I would actually shoulders down.

I would like you to just a little bit more this way. Right? So really important to keep this and that in. Now without anything changing, pull the bar towards you, keeping the shoulders into the mat and the elbows go wide. Keep the shoulders into the mat and Nathan the ribs in opposition as you stretch the arms out lengthening outs. It's all about lengthening the trunk. Pull the bar and just let the arms come up. And don't do anything else, but keep those shoulders. Why do this one more time? That was lovely.

Keeping that back body long. Lengthening the arms out. Very nice. Bring the bar back, stretch the arms out, and now keep the shoulders plugged in and lift your head up and look at your navel. So you stretch the whole back of the neck and lower your head down again. How did that feel? Great. Should be stretching in here. So one more time. Pull the bar through. Elbows wide.

Stretch the arms over your head without losing the back body. Very nice. Bring the bar back straight and your arms, keeping the shoulders plugged down to a broad collar bones. Now lift your head and see how much you can lift your head and look at your navel even more, even more. Yes. And now roll all the way up to your first teaser.

Keeping the shoulders down. Very nice enough from the powerhouse. Roll down again. Keep those shoulders wide. Yes, yes. Keep that head forward till the last moment. Good. Start again. Pull the bar through and stretch the arms over your head. Keeping the back ribs lovely and long. Bring the bar back, straighten your arms, lift your head up and extended that, that upper back.

Really get us stretch and now roll all the way up to your teaser. Work through the spine. Beautiful. Working up. Pull the bar behind your head three times down in, up one, down in up two. I would put it a little bit less deep and three. One more time. So the elbow here just to there. There you go. One more time like that. Yes. So that you get nice and broad and then roll down. Head and feet.

Touch at the same time. Feet long, feet long, feet long and down. Excellent. One more time. Pull the bar through. Stretch the arms out. Pull the bar back, lengthen the arms, keeping the shoulders wide. Lengthen the back of the neck. Work through the top of the back of the neck and roll up. Roll, roll. Roll. And now the legs go down and up, down and up. One, fill up those back ribs. Two yes, down in up three and then roll down.

Head forward and articulate the spine. Try to have your head and feet touch at the same time. One more time. Roll down. That's okay. This is called getting rid of the rust and roll up broad shoulders. Lift your head. Look forward at your navel even more. Lift your head more, lift your head more, lift your head more and now peel yourself off that mat that that was lovely.

Three times. Pull the bar behind your head, one and up. Nice. Very and okay. It's like that bar once and legs once. Why not end up? I like this variation. I'm three legs once. Now you're going to reach for the toes. Both hands let go with the same time. Lovely. Bring the hands behind you.

Extend them out from the shoulders and roll down. Float your head forward and as you go down, scoop up, down. You go scoop that belly up and give yourself a little stretch and rulings in that head out. Very good. Roll back up and reverse. Push through. Reach back with your hands and let's have you wiggle back a little bit. Now I would like you to bend your elbows very slightly.

Maybe come back a little bit closer. So much harder to do. Can you bend your elbows? Let's have you wiggle back a little bit more and try not to I, yes, I actually want you to work with bent elbow, so we get into these shoulders. Now just for a moment, let's have the shoulders roll forward. [inaudible]. Now this is going to be interesting because what we want to do is widen the collarbones right there.

Drop your head and keep this stretch right here. Keep those elbows bent and scoop those ribs way, way, way back and then come forward lifting your navel forward, forward, forward, forward, good girl and float up without letting those elbows stretch down. You go again. Now let's keep your wrist from bending too much, so keep the fingers wrap to keep them even. That's it. Back you. Go try to keep this, this internal but wide shoulder line. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Come forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward.

Let those elbows float up from the powerhouse. There we go. And again, head forward. [inaudible] lengthen. Way Back into here. Very good. Come forward. Come forward, forward. Lift those ribs up and let the arms float.

Now let's have your hands the other way. Same Way. Just the slight softness in the elbows, right? Not too much, too much. You can go a little now. Scoop the navel and start going back. Going back, going back presses, back, row, row, row, row. Good. And then come forward from your powerhouse forward with the trunk forward with the trunk forward with the trunk, letting the bar lengthen up right in there. Yes. And press down and press back.

Try to keep the [inaudible] even so they don't break. Keep the elbows from hyperextending come forward, come forward. Come and lift those ribs up. I do feel like you're sitting too close to the bar. Okay, one more time. I want this wide across that way. Yes. Without.

So your front collarbones are wide and your back shoulder blades are wide and you're doing beautiful job. And I know this is like getting rid of the rust inside. Okay, let go. And just bend over. Grab your ankles and give yourself a nice stretch. All right, let's have you swing around. Lie On your stomach for Swan. So long arms, long legs.

Let's have you turn your head all the way so your ears on and nice broad shoulders, long tail. And just for a moment, why don't you to pull the shoulders down your back and give you a nice stretch through the spine. Okay. Bend your elbows and take them out and bend your elbows. This is, that's it. And take them out, keeping your shoulders nice and wide. One more time to bend your elbows and take them out. And let's give you a nice stretch or pull the navel up links. And there we go. Let's have you turn your head the other way. So can you turn your head even for yes.

So we're striving to get this total rotation in the neck. Now before you start, can you spread the shoulder blades? Actually widen them and then we tracked them down. Then let the arm bones get along. So this again gets into a lot of gunk. So keeping yourself wide start bending the elbows to the side so it stretches the front and all. Yes, that's beautiful and long and again, bend, [inaudible] and long.

And one more time and bend. Keep these shoulders down and straighten. Okay, so before you go up high with a bar behind your head, let's have your head straight and we'll do swan with the bar. Low, long, steady risk. Lift your head and keep the shoulders pulling down your back. See if you can start lifting up, reaching the feet away from you. Good. And then lower down, lengthening the stomach up. And again, Paul, lovely, lovely. See if you can lift the stomach, IPV even further and lower back down.

And again, lifting up like this. Shoulders down your back, lifting, lengthening, opening the front body even higher and lower down. Now lift the up in the air, so lengthen the legs and lift them up. And now you'll start lifting your body up. The feet will go down, you'll do the rocking. So lifting up, up, up, up and legs up and chest up and legs. Up and chest up and legs up and chest up and lower down. Now just sit back into child's pose for a minute, Monica.

So that was very nice what you did and then sit up to the sitting position. But what I'd like you to see once you're lifted up with your front body, see if you can get a sense of seesawing right now what you are doing is lowering your trunk down and then lifting your feet, blowing your feet, lifting your front body like you just see if you can get a whole see soft feeling happening for yourself. So let's have you go again. Okay, long work, the inner size and rap, Linkedin, the sacred. And now start lifting up. Lift your head, broadening the shoulders and pull up right from your pubic bone. You want to lift up, lift up, lift up. Now lengthen. And then the legs go.

Websites you walk forward, legs and up, legs and up, legs and up and legs and up. Very good. Much better. Lowering down. Turn your head to one side. And now we go for the full swan with a bar behind your head. So one more stretch. Pull the bar behind your head, elbows wide and start lifting your head up, pulling the stomach up. The head will go straight lengthening way up and then drop your head to stretch into the armpits and roll down. Head to the other side.

Nice and long. Oh, I just felt you back. Release. Good. Pull the bar behind you. Start squaring the head off and start lifting up. Broadening and slightly back there. Yes, and again, roll down. Head to the first side and long with the arms.

Pull the bar back and square your head. Lifting up, lifting up, lift from the stomach. Good. Drop your head first way down. They say you stretch and roll through. Head to the other side. Stretching nice and long. And then pull the bar back behind your head. Yes. This will be your last one. And up you come. Head will be straight. Shoulders down, back of the neck. Longer lift the stomach up.

More that a can you let go with both hands and float down? Yes. That's okay to sit back into your heels and stretch your back out. Nice stretch. Drop your head down. [inaudible] right. Lying on your back with your feet on the bar for bottoms up.

I call it bottoms up. What do you call it? The shower. The shower or the shower is variation of short spine cause she had bad cervical neck, spine, right. So arms by your side before you start. I want this slight broadening but ribs in and let's have you bend unison. Scoping your powerhouse ribs are down. Good. And extend the legs up. [inaudible] all the way up and pull the bar down again.

Scoop through the powerhouse and stretch the legs out. I would like more of this again, bend and extend the legs up, reaching them through the feet and roll up onto your shoulders. Roll through the spine. Very nice. Reaching long and then roll down, softening from the sternum and lengthening your head. Reach your head in opposite. Don't press your Chin down. Yes. So you, it's the front and the back seat. As long as you roll back. Roll, roll, roll, roll.

Good. Push through again. Now before you go, I'd like you to very slightly actually bent. Just soften the elbows this way. So as you go up, you will press the whole line of the short yes in now. Yup. You slightly push the Chin back. I want you to think of someone grabbing behind your ears getting along. There they are. So both the front and the back of the neck along.

Now pull the bar through. That's it. Straighten your legs. Now we're the hips. As you roll up, roll up and that's it. Work the shoulders down nice and long. Now keep your hips to take one leg off and back. Other leg off and back for a snake.

Off and back. Other leg off and back. One more time for slick, off and back and other leg off and back. Now narrow the hips as you roll down through the spine. Main sending the backout and then bend the knees as a sick bones. Hit down and stretch the legs out. Now get right on the toes.

Can you do running here? Have you done running here? It's fun and different. So I think you will have to be more into the balls of the feet. Let's have you first of all flexing point there. So see if you can flex him. Point now I haven't worked on the whole thing.

Just the [inaudible] my knee to hold it. Is that the point I want. So you weren't first move, move up and move your body up a tiny bit. Yes. So if it's being pulled that way, yeah. Yeah. Can you flex with both feet? Flex your feet [inaudible] and point with both feet and flex with both feet and yes.

Flex with both feet and flex. I mean, and point and point. Now Bend one knee. I'm so not bend. One knee. You will do run. Yeah. The no running. Running. Yes. And that's it. So it takes a lot of control in here and dexterity in the feet. That's it. And press and press.

Straighten both legs and bend the knees. So you bring the legs up with your bottom down and see if you can do flex and point a few times here. He's not. There we go. The slightly different, yeah, exactly right. Yeah, it is a different height. I don't think this is going to work here. Okay. Ben. Jimmy's. That's okay. We're both used to grass then.

[inaudible] that's fine. And just, I don't know, rolling like a ball just to massage things out for yourself. So grab your ankles and roll up here just there and just massaging your spine a few times. Rolling back and rolling up and rolling back and rolling up. Shoulders. Stay down, Yas and rolling back and rolling up. Now bring your hands by your ears, with the elbows, touching your knees and back and forth. A few more times.

Seeing if you can stay connected and up and back. Shoulders, uh, down and up. And one more time back and I put your feet on the Mat and rolled down on your back. So leg springs, now you some cross legged, so left foot in and let's have you hold the Poles up. I'll bring this under now. Imaginary La Midline of your body.

Heel opposite your nose, knee in the box and press the leg out. Press good. And as you could, only three quarters of the way back. So you don't want to, you want to stay in the spring tension the whole time, so you have to really get the hip. That's it. The hip gets to be stabilized and you get to work the whole power house to keep the yes kind of fun to do with it and press. And I would take it three quarters of the way out. Not to full extension.

So you, you stay. Yes, exactly. Cause you need hesitancy to go and come back two more times like this. Press. Yes. Not to turn down there. There's your box and come back in. Now extend the leg out. Keep the heel opposite your nose and lift the leg slightly and lower.

[inaudible] is going to lift and lower the leg. Keeping it in the hip heel opposite your nose, working the midline and keeping your powerhouse really stable. I have to say I love this to get my hips, we locking in properly and press okay other lake. So he'll opposite your nose. Knee only opposite your shoulder, both hips down and before you started, but you a little bit more to hear them say your sacred is anchored.

Now push out. Press. Yes, yes, yes. And back. Watch that knee and press yes and back. Right hip, down. Good am press and back. So watch that healed at, it doesn't over cross. There's your center line and back and press [inaudible] back. Now it's starting to look like it's getting anchored very well.

Now extend the leg out again and lower the leg down and lift the leg up and down and up and down and [inaudible] watch. Even though you're turning it out not to, there it is. So [inaudible] the knee. Really if you were bending it was going to your shoulder so it's totally in the box. And, and, and, and one more time like this, Monica, this is so nice and come back up, bend the knee in and now you will have the privilege of dope doing both of them. So we'll start with frogs, but cross springs puts a lot more pressure into getting the hip stable.

There's your box, not push out just a little bit so you can get your sacred grounded right. So press three quarters of the way out and watch that you don't overturn out your knees, your knees, you have that external root. There it is. And back. Yes. So you tracking, keeping your sacrum long, your and moving right from the powerhouse. So the feeling should be that you really connecting into your stomach, your glutes and your hamstrings, hamstrings and four and back again. Five. And I can see how hard you're working because you are shaking.

And six tumor types like this. And seven, one more time and eight come back in. Just give the legs a hug in your work. We will cross the springs the other way just so that you will be even like the pressure. Okay, so no, not crossed. Just crossed springs. Yeah. So sit bones down, back all on the math and you, you don't totally release. There we go. And out you go without letting those knees turn out. So kneecaps. Yes, here we go.

And back and press and back and press and back. This is looking really nice. Can You keep the feet a little bit lower? Keep on moving. Yes, exactly. So they see a little lower than the spring. So the angle is down and watch those kneecaps. Don't let them overturn out or they stay your externally rotate.

But you're totally tracking with your own body. So you're tracking with the box and press and back. And last one like this and press and back. Okay, nice work. Let's have you relying on your right side just to do side like springs, [inaudible] arm, foot bend. The arm is totally fine.

And let's have you bring this leg and extended out. So are you okay? I would like this shoulder. Can you bring the shoulder just to here? Forward so you, cause it looks like you're almost off right now. Bring this shit. There we go. Very, very long.

Reach the eight leg out through the spring and lifted up. So you just to lift up to the side, watch this slight external rotation and bring the leg down. Yes. And if the leg up and bring the leg down, reaching through the foot and lift the leg up and down. And if the leg up and down, keeping the hip long and lift the leg up and down. And one more time. If the leg up and down, now pass. Say So. Bend the knee. Good. Can you turn your knee out more? [inaudible] and then lift the leg up, extended right, and pull the leg down, lengthening in the waist. Good knee to the Singh. Just pause here, get that knee and hip working, and then lift the leg. Good. And extend the leg out. One more time like this. Bend the knee out.

Bend the knee out. Keep this hip back and extend a leg extended and reach it down. It. Reach out through that spring. Then the knee and extend the leg out. Heel to heel. Good. Read to that spring. It does. Okay.

And extend the leg out. And one more time. Read through that spring. Bend the knee and down. Oh, okay. Let's get the leg out and other side. You're right.

So waist long, the shoulder, just a t. That's it. I want you to reach through that heel. That's it. And then lift the leg up. So the reaching the leg and turn the knee out. That's it, Monica. And back. And again, so you're working that turn out and down and working the turnout and down and lift the leg and down. One more time like this and lift the leg.

Now when you bend your knees, start bending the knee, let's have that knee coming as far as you can. Now don't let the Saiga when he further just extend the leg to the, that's it. That's it. So you keep it stable and then reach it out. Good. Then the knee, again working against the opposition of the hip. So No, do not push this knee and that's it. So you reach through the foot. Good. One more time then and now just extensive still. That's right. Now we're versus so you reaching the leg and bend it. Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely. And again, so it kind of keeping the range less big but really working the detail of the joint lifting and bending and down.

Okay. Get your, let's have your leg out of here and guess what you will get to Haim. Yes. WHATSAPP. Whatever you want me to do. I think hanging would be good. Okay. This was also a special request. We all love to hang out and have a final upside down dip.

This side was aside. You wanted, okay. Always good to have someone who knows how to set up the equipment. So this, okay. Where do you like the strap? Yeah, why don't you, although this is a little higher so I am. Okay. All right, I'm going to get into it from here. Do you want me to get into it from here or from that? No, I'm happy with it from down here cause I know you are just getting back.

Okay. So can you get in on your own? Do you need help them? I might just need a little bit, but for the most part. Okay. All right. So first of all, let's just let you really let the ribs drop. Yes, it's an I'm going to do something interesting. I want you to drop the ribs down like yes. So you have this weight, have this weight and now just let the joints relax and you like to go over the edge. So let's have you go make sure you're nicely flexed and hanging. Now keep checking that you're releasing the hip flexors cause we all have a tendency, yes, make them along.

So you really get that beautiful extension. Let's see what you look like down here. Do you want to do a backbend? Push up from here. Is it a little bit awkward without the Bar? But yes, out you come. That's it. Look down at the floor. Just no other direction. Press your hips even further forward.

Now bring your head forward and let yourself hang. Very, very good. Climb up your legs. Do you do that? You want to go for the twisty side ones? Yeah. Make sure your feet are, they feel pretty good. Okay. And again, make sure you releasing the hip flexors first. Good.

And then twist around. Can you hold the side? Yes. Yay. And do a little arch. I would even put your hands here. Or is it too high? Oh, Yay. Yay. Yay. Yay. That's beautiful. Lower yourself down. Unravel yourself.

Climb up writing. You're losing it. Your Ah, other right. Okay. Twist to the other side. Higher with around I think the other direction. Now I want you to try and lengthen this side. Yes, yes.

That looks good. And then put your hands in keeping this forward a little bit and stretch your chest out. Linkedin. The left that said, lower back down. Unravel yourself. Yup. Yup, Yup. You're coming the right way and climb up and just let yourself rest for a minute. And the famous dessert. Yay. Dessert.

I love hanging twice. Yeah. [inaudible] oh, okay. Hey, thanks. Fantastic. Good. Really good. So nice to work with you. Thank you everybody. Enjoy.


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Hi Niedra! I love your work and your personality!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Anita, I am Israeli too!
I was in israel last year teaching in Jerusalem so perhaps next time I visit I will meet you.
That would be wonderful.
Like observing a private lesson, thank you for seeing the body. Felt good on mine, too, esp the shoulders. You are RIGHT, we help so many others, so it's good to take the time to help ourselves.
Niedra Gabriel
I am so glad to hear this class was good for YOUR body.
Wow what a great session, Monica you must feel good! Always good to watch your class Niedra.
Wonderful cueing, as always, Niedra. You are so right that we have to experience this deeply as students to become better as teachers.
Wonderful cueing, as always, Niedra. You are so right that we have to experience this deeply as students to become better as teachers.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Holly and Rosemarie, so glad you enjoyed the session. I think Monica did too .

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