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Beginner Mat Variations

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Niedra Gabriel gives the Mat basics some variety by using the Theraband and a Moon box in her Mat workout. Exercises such as Leg Circles, Rowing, Swan, Series of 5, and Side Kicks are intermixed with luxurious stretches. A Yoga Block can be substituted for the Moon box. You'll feel grounded through your center and taller through your spine once you've completed this workout!
What You'll Need: Mat, Moon Box, Theraband

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Dec 27, 2013
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So here we go and we're going to do another class that I pulled out all the day, different gadgets that I can think of just to make it really interesting because I haven't seen you all in a while. So a, we are working with theraband, we're working with a mourn box. A Yoga block could be used as an alternative and most importantly we're working with our own bodies. That's always a key center. But let's put the bands to the side, bands on the floor and just first of all just bring your hands out in front of you. This is actually to work from the fingers, bring the little finger in and stretch the other fingers out away from it and back out and stretch the hands. Ring finger comes all the way in and as you bring it in, try to keep the fingers out and back and third finger comes in and out. Ring finger comes in and out and some comes in.

Try to get the some all the way across to the little finger pad and out. Now as you do with him, aim the fingers towards the pad of the hand. So again, a little finger, ring finger, Middle Finger, index finger, and some. Now take your hands out and broaden the chest. The hands will be a little bit in front of your trunk and little finger and index, ring finger, sorry, middle finger index finger and some extend the arms a little bit higher.

And again, little finger ring, third index and thumb. And again, little finger ring, middle index and thumb. And again, little finger ring, third index and thumb. Now cast the net to start swiveling all the fingers in. Swivel the hands out and open them a little bit. Finger, ring, ring, Middle Index. So you like playing them so it's like [inaudible] fan close and close your fingers in. Swivel them and open the fingers out and close the fingers in and all. Put the fingers out and close the fingers in and all.

Pull them out and close them and and open them out and bring them up above you and close the finger and let the arms rotate and open and close it and open them. This is inspiration of the Hawaii trip I just went to, even though it's not, it's not hula dancing. It's more like cast the net and Romana used to do stuff with us sometime and one more time and open out and shake your hands out. We arm to be a little bit more wide awake. Bring the hands in front, press wa the arms up and down into each other and bring your feet into Palati stance and lift the spine way up and just bend the knees a little bit and then lengthen and extend. And as You Ben get taller and come back up, now have a look here. Imagine from the tail through the crown of your head, you will have a straight, long spine. If you don't want to go down this way, you want to go down with a straight spine. So the pelvis is sinking, but you're getting tall. Come back up to nice lift through this spot.

Tail goes down as the head goes up on Wendy. That so good and stretch and lengthen down and try not to go forward Casey, but as though you're leaning against the wall. Nice and long and come back up to have a diagonal wall while their Casey want a flat. Well, yes, yes, yes, yes. Come back up. Change your hands around. Press one hand into the other, lifted chest, but shoulders down. Yes. Again, bend the knees and imagine getting taller. So as you bend, you lengthen the spine and straighten and bend and straighten. One more time.

Lift the belly lengths in the back body and come back up. Shake your hands out. Let's have you all well sitting down on your moon box with the knees bent and slightly out and hold the back of the knees and sit up nice and tall and the knees are slightly open. So a diamond shape with the legs. Now in this position, you want to see if you can find the stomach. It's easy. It's more pure with the whole trunk because you're not getting grippy into your hip flexors. Round your spine and pull your stomach in.

So you're going into your seeker curve and then roll back and sit up nice and tall and lift the backup elbows wide and lifted. Scoop the naval and pull the ribs back and come back and sit up nice and tall and scoop the navel and roll a little bit back and come back up and sit up nice and tall. And one more time. Scoop lengthening out a little bit and come back up. And I bring the knees together, open them out and scoop the navel and come back and bring the knees together, keeping the height in the spine, open the knees out, scoop the naval elbows are wide and come back up. Bring the knees without losing height and out and roll back a little bit.

Sculpt even more sandy and come back up. And last one needs together. Nice, long back, open out, scoop the naval and fill up the back body and come back up. Very, very good. Now with just put your hands by your side so they give you a little bit of support and I'd like you to crunch the toes under you and spread them out and currents the toes, Sunday you and out. So if you had a paper towel or towel under you, you would be pulling that towel up.

And then tossing it and scrunch. Lift the feet up and spread the toes and crunch and lift and out and crunch and lift and out and crunch and lift the feet and out. Now as the feet go down, now reverse it. Lift the feet up, flex them as much as you can. Crunch the toes here. Bring the tip toes down to the mat and spread the toes out and lift the toes up. Crunch them in, bring them down and spread them out. No, Tim, let's have all of you. Take your feet a little for that.

Casey and Tim especially to not too close in. It'll give you more leverage to work. See if you can keep your back lifted. Lift the toes up, crunch the Towson. Press them down and lengthen them out. Lift the toes up, bend them in, press them, and now nice, tall spine. If you had a pressure or crown on your head, you want to push it up without anything changing in your height. Can you lift one knee, bring it down, lift the bodied, other knee and down and the first knee and down.

Oh yes, sandy and will keep that stomach lifting first knee and Dow and other knee and take the feet a little bit further out. Lift you back and bring your hands in front. So elbows are, their shoulders are down, stomach is up again. Lift one knee without losing height and down. Lift the other knee and down. Lift the first knee and down.

Lift the other knee and down. Lift the first knee and down. Lift the other knee and lengthen your legs out. Stretch arms out in front of you and lift you back. Nice. Lift up even more. Tim. Up Out. Yes.

Now big beach ball in front of you. Lift up and round your rib cage over that beach ball. Roll back up to an upright position and lift your back. So from the sit bone through the crown of the head, very long. Lift up and round over that beach ball.

Roll back up nice and tall. Now roll slightly back just like you were rolling back and roll back up. Sit up tall. Lift in, round over that beach ball. Come back up, lift the spine. Shoulders down, roll slightly back with lengthening through the feet in opposition and come back up. Lift out of your waist and bend over. But keep the waist lifting so sandy not too low and come back up and roll back a little bit and come back up nice and tall.

Bend your right knee and pull with your hands behind the knee. Bring the leg in some nice lift through the spine and just see if you can extend the leg and back down. Lift the body up. Check that both hips or even both hips, even on the box and down and lift both hips, even on the backs and down both hips, even on the box and down. One more time. Lift up and walk your hands up a little bit and flex some points. Flex your foot. Point your foot casing even more.

Lift in the back and point. That's it. Flex shoulders are down, Tim and flex and point. Now check the both hips. I even can you bend your knee so the foot is just above the other knee. Check the both hips or even lift and slowly bend over.

Keep your hands behind you so you feel that you're bending evenly from both hips. Long stretch over the front leg, come back up, change legs, nice lift. Then the other leg. Yeah. Again, without losing. Hi Tim. If you want to bend the working late a bit. Yes, yes. See if that helps you get that. It's so check with your hips, they even and without the weight changing in the hips, can you extend the leg, bend it back, extend the leg, bend it back, extend the leg, bend it back and extend the leg and bend it back. Very good.

Extend the leg and extend your body and walk the hands a little bit higher. If you can flex on point and flex and point, lift the spine up, Sandy. Yes, and point even more. Lift through the spine and point and then bend the foot. Now this trickier is that the body always wants to swing. Keep yourself even. Doesn't matter. What if we are, the knee is tame.

You can even take it towards the floor. Cross it more over towards Wendy. Yes. Put your hands on the box if you, if you need and bend over. So you get a stretch into both hips, but especially the left hip if need be. Come back up. Bring the soles of the feet together so the knees are wide, the feet are not too close. Let the knees drop and lift your spine up. Sinisa why?

See if you can relax. Needs done, Tim. Get the fetal needs further away from you. That's it. Now with your hands on the box, lengthen over the with your face, moving towards your feet and then roll up and sit up nice and tall and lifted and use a hands to get lift. And again, take your head forward towards your feet. Very long hindering from the hips. Roll back and lift your backup. Broaden your shoulders again.

Drop your head and roll forward. Roll forward, roll forward, roll forward. Roll back and sit up nice and tall. And one more time. Drop your head again. Come forward, come forward, come forward, come forward and then roll back up. Sit Up nice and tall. Take your left hand on your left knee. Keep your right hand on the moon bar.

Push the knee down and just twist slightly away. So you're gonna turn your chest to the right just to get a bit of a stretch into that hip from back to the center. Sit on both hips, right hand on the knee, left hand behind you. Lift and twist in the opposite direction and come back. Very good. Pop off the box and let's have you move the box to the side of your mat for right now.

Then the knee and roll down onto your backs. Roll down, roll down, roll down. So with your hands by your side yard, get pillows under your head. If you are told, if you need to check that your back is long, your knees will be bent. Tim needs a bend and lengthen the back of the neck. Have your hands by your sides. So you want nice, long spine. Shoulders a wide. The palms are down. If you head for a minute, Sandy, let's have your, that's so very broad. No, don't lift your ribs up, but bend your elbows out a bit. That's it. And then reach.

So the hands are going to be reaching long towards the feet with the elbows where instead of having the elbows like this, very, very soft arms, Sandy, your arms, the two bent, and then see how much length you can get out of them. And they usually, the arm muscles are tight. They, you can't always straighten. But this is looking good now. Nice. Tight together and bring both knees into your chest. Both knees come all the way into your chest. Close to bottom stays down though Casey.

Then bring the legs to tabletop, right over the hips and float the feet to the floor without losing that powerhouse all the way down. Bring the knees into your chest, but keep the hips down to the feet. Needs ties. Come close to your trunk all the way in. So these are close to your bottom. Yes. Then you come to table top without anything changing and float your feet to the math. So the trick is imagine yourself watching, pushing your head away. Bring the knees into your chest. Bring the legs to the table top without anything changing in the trunk.

Float the feet down. And one more time. Bring the knees into your chest. Feet are close to your bottom for this first part, bring the knees to tabletop and float the feet down to the mat. Very nice. Bring the arms to the ceiling. Okay.

Take the arms back behind you, keeping your collarbones. Why? Bring the arms to the ceiling and then lift your head and look between your arms and bring the arms down and lift a little bit more and lower back down. So arms to the ceiling. So pause here for a minute and take the shoulders down into the mat so they are very, very wide. Keep the shoulders into the mat as you take your arms over your head.

So very open. Collarbones they may, the hands may not be too far back. Bring the arms to the ceiling, but keep those shoulders glue down. Now without the shoulders changing, lift your head up without the Cholden's changing. Lift your head up more so you stretch the back of the neck and then bring your hands down and reach even further. Lower back down. That's looking good. Take the arms back without letting the collarbones get small.

Nice. Reach through the fingers. Good. Bring the arms up collarbones wide. Lift your head up and look between the arms so you get to stretch the back of the neck. Then bring the arms down and go into a little bit more. Lift to the back of it. It gets stretched lower. Back Down. One more time. Take the arms back. Hands along, Sandy. Don't let them. That's it. Bring the arms up.

I want the shoulders down. Long arms, long arms. Lift your head. Keep this down and stretch the back of the neck. Yes, so you get that stretch in the upper part of the back. That's so tight and come back down. Oh, hey. Now stretch the arms back again.

Bring the arms to the ceiling. Bring the knees in, and then take the legs to table top. Lift your head, and then reach the arms on. Try to get that same stretch. Start your pumps. Breathing in. Oh five exhale, Brown. Those shoulders out to two, three, four, five. Exhale. Very good. Two, three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five, four, two, four, five. Exhale, three. Very nice. Five to three. Five x Zale, three, four, five, six, two, three, five. Exhale, three, four, five, 75 x sales, three, four, five, eight, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, nine, two.

Exhale. Three, four, five. Last set, three, four, five. Exhale, very good. Knees in, head down, feet down and rests. Very, very good work. Stretch the legs out. Stretch your arms to the ceiling. Plug the shoulders down into the mat and stretch your arms over your head. Now right here, see if you can get this length through the fingers without the shoulders go.

So see if you can get your mine a little bit longer. Lengthening your tail down, lengthening up through the back of the head. Bring the arms up and lift your head just the way you did a minute ago. Look down at your neighbor and reach those legs. Roll another inch and then roll at Dow and stuff your arms out again. Nice, long through the fingers. Bring the arms up now.

Reach through the legs right now and then lift your head and stretch that top part of the upper back. Yes, lower back down. Nice work. One more time. Take those arms back. Bring the arms to the ceiling length and from your belly to your feet and look towards your feet. The hands actually stay up and you try to bring your head, shoulders down. That's it. And stretch and lower back down. Bring your hands down to the mat. Very nice. Let's have you put your foot, your right foot in the theraband. Four circles. So where's my band? Oh, okay. So the left leg will be bent on the mat.

The right leg band is right about this, the toes, and let's have you stretch the foot up with the toes backs. It's like you're wearing high heels shoes, so not like that Tim. That's it. Ben The me in. But keep the right hip pressing down and just extend the leg and bend the leg without the hip changing. Extend the leg and bend the leg, pushing that band up through the ball of the foot. Extend the legs. Oh Casey, not flex. You got to flex. I want a point as though you're in like a high heel shoe position and extend.

And then now as you extend the leg, take the left knee that's bent and let it fall out so it falls out and check that your hips have not changed at all. Bring the knee up again. The left Neves comes up and then let it go out. And do not let your body change at all. You have to let go of that left leg in the socket and come up. So all the controllers in the bed, he bring the knee up and let it go out.

And one more time, bring the knee up and I would suggest the foot a little bit further out and let the leg out. And now without anything changing in your trunk, do your leg circles. Know that the Niko out Wendi, circle the leg, circle the leg without anything moving in the body and circle and circle. Reverse it and circle and circle. So you really looking to keep the trunk very even and circle and circle. Now reaching the make long, lower than lake, towards the Mat without the hips moving. Bring the leg up, lower it down, bring it up, lower it down, bring it up. And one more time and bring it up. Very nice.

Change your legs. So first one, the foot will be bend. The one foot on the mat is bent, the band is around the ball of the foot and the foot is like pointed like you've got a high heeled shoe, so not flexible pointed. Extend the leg and bend it, extend the leg and bend it. Extend the leg. And Ben did. Very Nice Casey. Only thing is a toll is a pulled back toes poor pull towards your knee, but the foot is pointing. Extend the leg up to the city.

Now anchor your powerhouse and just set the right knee. Fall out, bring the knee up without anything changing in the waist. That the Nigo. Wow. Ring it up. So you really are being very sensitive that the waste is not moving at all and the weight in the trunk is very even one more time present and bring it up. Now let it go out as the way you did and start your legs. Circles without anything changing in the trunk.

That's a trick. So you may not be able to do as big as circle and you want to really anchor your body so beautifully and circle. Nice work and circle and then reverse it other way. Circle and circle and circle and circle and circle. Okay, very, very good. Get your legs out of the strap, bend your knees into your chest and roll up to the sitting position for rolling like a ball.

Grabbing your shins. Reach the toes down if you can, and lift your feet up into the air so you are balancing. Elbows are lifted and wide. Shoulders are down. Drop your head down. Tim, if you want to, you can bring your hands in here. Keep this shape roll.

Do your shoulders roll up and balance and roll back. Roll up in balance. Roll back, roll up in balance. Sandy. I want that head weight in and up. So remember that movement you were doing to open up that high part of the upper back. Roll back and up and one more time. Roll back and come up. Okay. Put your feet down. Very nice.

Now we are going to have some fun with the moon box. We will do your whole, we'll do four of the five exercises here. So when you balance, we usually on the mat. The further off you are, the harder it is, the good news. And when you powerhouse Xero, you're not far from the floor. So you can the labs. But the idea is that you stay up.

So you will be doing this whole sequence. So I want you first to get on and just test test where you feel like you can survive because this is like a moment of revelation at the next level. So first of all, just bring your knees in, hold them and see if you can get that sense of being very stable. Um, and just do a few single leg stretches. Just here to feel what it's going to be like for you. Because I know you haven't done this before. Yes.

And then put your feet down now if possible, I would like all of you, at least with the sacred man. I know you have. Can you move a little further back with your body? So your sacred [inaudible] in case if you want to go further off the edge. No, no, you can stay there. You've got a long trunk. Bring your knees and again, feel yourself really grounded into the mat.

Extend your right leg out, left leg in, and switch and switch. Yes, and switch and switch and switch. [inaudible] now which the leg that out long and low and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch. Bring the knees in. See if you can drop your head to the mat and put your hands on the floor and bring one foot in and the other foot down. Just for a moment, let yourself drape over this and let yourself be open in the chest and the ribs. It's actually in a crazy way. Quite lovely.

Now Bring Your Chin in first. Engage your powerhouse and bring your body back up again. See if you can lift and make that stomach work and bring the knees back in. Now Nice and steady. Just extend the legs so you figure out where you balanced and back.

And now add the arms like stretcher and circle in and deepen into that. Oh her house and in and stretch and in and stretch. And in one more time, stretch and in, let's get the hands and the feet down and let your hair down. Whoa. The train degrees. Some of you want to feel the shoulders widening. Tim, let's lift your head for a second.

Drop your head back so at least you got one more time left. There we go. Drop again there. So you're grounded. Very, very good. Lift your head and chest stuff with scissors, your knees into your chest and if both legs up to the ceiling and pull your right leg in. And then the left leg again, right? Like in both of these are straight Tim left leg and that's it. And left like and one stretch and the other and the first one and the other.

Bring the knees in and lower your head down. Arms down and put your feet down in if you want to take a breather. Last one from this series with your head and chest up, bring your knees [inaudible] hands behind your head. And if your legs up, legs up, and float the legs, you may not be able to go very far. Bring them back up. Lower the legs a little bit. Casey, stay up with your head. She's falling down and up and lower and up.

One more time. Lower and up. Hands down. Head down, feet down. Take a breather. So what while you were blacks here. Yeah. Is Very interesting for actually advanced people to do because they find it very challenging. So it's a fun place to take yourself to the next level while you're here.

Hold your elbows and take your arms over your head just to loosen up in the arm pits and let the chest open. Yes. That should feel quite delicious in its own way. See if you can hold your upper arm, Sandi. Upper arms. Yes. So you get that extra little stretch.

Now feel which hand is on top and flip your hands around to the other hands on top. [inaudible] very, very good. Okay. Bring your hands down by your sides. Now Dave, you can lift your bottom up and just move the block out from underneath. If that's too much, when yourselves to a sitting position, right when both knees into your chest, just roll side to side for a minute and roll up to a sitting position. And for spine stretch forward, we will use the moon box again. So sitting up, you want your legs long and maybe the feet will be the width of the mat width of the mat and reach under your buttocks and pull the flush of your bottom back. And now, so what you're trying to do here is widen your sit bones a little bit so you're sitting more directly on the bones of sandy that looks so nice.

And then lift up through the spine. So when you bottoms this much higher, it's easier to be nice and straight. Bring the hands out in front of you and lift even more. Now without the hands dropping, can you dip your head down and curl linen, look at your navel and then stretch the arms. Well, where does the rest of the [inaudible] fine stretches in and then roll up on raveling your spine, shoulders, press down, crown of the head lifts way, way, way up. And again, your head and we'll start rolling down with the hand staying up. So the head comes, then you arms the staying long and you're getting a stretch in the upper back. And then you roll up. Broadening to do the shoulders, pressing up, pressing up, push up to the crown of your head. Good. And again, drop your head nice and long.

Rounding through the upper back. The arms are reaching long in opposition. And then on the way back you press the shoulders down, Tim. That's it. Back at the neck. Long. Chin down. Chin. Yes. Push up through here. That's it. Even more. And one more time. Drop your head down.

Head between your arms. Good, Wendy. Reaching Long, getting that nosy in. Good Bear, Casey. And then roll up. Roll Up. Roll Up. Shoulders down. Now lift through the crowd and little circles and circles and circles and circles. Reverse it. And one, two, three, four, five. Take your arms to the side, lift your back and bring the hands down. Take your left hand in the middle. Take your right hand behind a little bit.

So you may, they may be in the air and twist to your right shack that you're not swiveling comeback. And when you twist, again, I don't want you to shift in the hips. So come back to the center. Your hands on either side. Feel both, both hips down. Now when you start twisting, don't change the hips, have your head follow your spine and then reach long with the hand forward sliding on the inside. The other hand reaches away. So it's like saw and then come back up the side. It's looking away from me. Couldn't see. Come back to the center. Lift up the spine, both hipbones even as you twist in the opposite direction.

So now you're twisting and then you reach forward, reach forward and the hands pull away from each other. So it's like saw, come back up, back to the center. Big Lift, twist to the first side and slide the hand one. Have them hand move away from each other and come back up. Nice. Work with the hips, back to the center, twist to the other side. Hands go forward and back. Reaching long and come back and lift. Very good. Bring the legs together and bring the hands in front of your armpits.

The elbows go back for the rowing variation. Big Lift of the chest. That's it. Stretch the hands out to the forehead. Heightened. It's the up your back. Bring the hands down. See if you can touch the floor. Get even taller on the blocks. Good. Hands forward. Hands Up, and take the heads.

Big Circle and out and down. Start again. Reach long with the hands. Shoulders broad as the hands go down. Sweep them up all the way out. All the way down. One more time. Reach the hands forward.

Bring the hands down. Shoulders are down. Now keep the shoulders down as a hands. Come out, sodas, down, shoulders down, shoulders down, all the way. Out and down. And one more time. Just rest a second. So there's a, it's not incorrect. This is another variation of lifting the arms. You see how my shoulders are actually going up?

This is common and there's a place for it because you get the stretch to the armpit area. But if today I'd like to take the shoulder down and as the hands come up, the shoulders don't go up and you may find you can't go very far. Your elbows bend a bit because actually this malaria, the cuff is tight, but that'll just be our focus for today. So again, hands here, shoulders down, back up. Reach the hands, long without the shoulders go. Wait, that's better Tim. Bring the hands down, keeping the shoulders. So right here, push the armpits down as the hands come up. Keep the armpits going down or bits down on bits that much better all the way out and down. Now have a quick look at what you'll do next. You'll have your feet flags.

You ran your back in your slide as far forward as you can with your hands. Now from here, imagine from your bottom, you're sitting. Imagine a wall. So from here what you with your stack, your spine up against that imaginary wall. Then same thing, your arms go up, the arms go out and the arms go down. So that type of go together, your feet will be flexed, right?

You start sitting up nice and tall, drop your head in, slide forward. Rounding your back like spines, the feelings like sponsored food with flex feet. Now Stack you back up against that wall. Roll back, roll back and unravel the spine until you're sitting straight. Take the arms up all the way out and down again. Drop your head around your spine. Did you reach the hands forward?

But you're pulling your stomach back. Roll up with your feet. Flex. Roll up, roll up, roll up. Roll up sodas down. Reach the arms up all the way out and down. One more time. Drop your head round the spine and stuff. Boards like forward and reaching those fingers. Law Roll back up to vertical position. Shoulders are down, which the arms up all the way out and down. Very nice.

So next one, sitting on the moon box. Can you bring your feet into cross-legged position? It should be a little bit more easy to be in because if bottom is so much higher, Kim, that's the best cross legged position I've ever seen you in. Sandy, you do need to cross your legs. So let put your hands here for a minute and lift up so you really get this sense.

See if you can actually sit on top of your sit bones and just for the fun of it. Push your knees out. Oh yes, Wendy. Just to get that nice stretch. Now keep this height and see if you can let go with your hands, Tim. I love it. You bring your hands into a diamond shape like this and put the thumb right behind the base of the skull and press your fingers into your head.

Now shoulders are down and spine is up and we call the shaving the back of the head because you're gonna slide your hands up the back of your head and see if you can get length through your waist, through your ribs and long arms as the hands come back so you can get taller. Now press your head back into the hands to the back. Yes, Wendy, back. Tim Chin down. Chin. Yes. Back of the neck is long. And extend the arms again and back and extend the arm. So even though you working with the arms, you're really working with your body.

That's it, sandy and back. Good. So it's a tricky one. Just doing this movement, seeing if you can feel the shoulders going down as a side. The body gets long, long through those arms. Very, very nice. One more time. Nice and long, long, long, long, long law and reach through the fingers and bring the arms out to the side and down. Nice work. Now have a look at which foot you have. Prostate in front. Make a mental note of it and change to the other side.

And I say take a mental note because people sometimes never cross their legs the opposite way ever in their life. So hands on the box again. Lift up and spread your thighs a little bit to get height. Feel this area of the low back. How much can you get a lift? Now keep that lift and then add the waist to it.

This is looking so nice. Bring your hands in a round shape in front of you like you're hugging a big beach ball. Tim, lift up the bat. Yes. Now shoulders down. Take the hands out. But I want you to see your fingers with your peripheral vision and imagine pushing down with the elbows to get taller and then squeeze those arms together like you're trying to squeeze the air out of a bitch wall. And then push those arms out like you're moving through cement and squeeze the arms together and push the arms out.

And other fingers should be lower than your shoulder line and close the arms and open and close and open. Very good. Shake the arms out for a minute. Still sitting like this again, put your hands on the sides are just behind you and see if you can lift up and broaden the shoulders. Now keep your right hand here, bring the left arm in front and bring it up. So as you lift, get the left and right waist lifting. So both sides of the waist are long and then still keeping this lift.

Bend a little bit up and over to your right, keeping the right waist long and come back. Bring the hands down, hold your box and lift again. Bring the left arm straight in front. So when it's in front like this, the thumb is up, the little finger is down, shoulders are square to the front. Keep both sides of the waist long as the hand comes up. Lift both sides of your waist and start extending all we working both sides of the waist so the waist stays long and you're like a big OLC bending to one side.

Come back, bring the hand down. Now we'll do it sideways. So take the left arm up, lengthen both sides of your waist and extend over to the right without collapsing in the right waist and come back. Other hands. Sweep the arms up, both sides of the weight's law and extend to the lap and up and first side. Again, lift the left arm up and wrap it round your head. Little addition. Try to touch your ear, lift both sides of the waist up, and then curl to the right. Opening up the left ribs. So big stretch in those left ribs and then come back.

Other side. Take the other arm up to the ceiling first, wrap it round your head, lift even more in the ribs in the waist. And then extend over looking to get that extra stretch the other way. Casey, other way, bending towards sandy and come back up. Bring the arms up and bring them down. Very, very nice. Now, big lift. Take your left hand to your right knee and get the right hand on the box behind you and just gently twist to the right lifting way, way, way up. Come back to the center. Lift up in both sides of the waist even more. Lift him you can do, that's it.

Other hand twists around. Keep lifting up and twisting and coming back to the center. Oh k let's have you off of your box. Bring your box to the side and doing warm up [inaudible] on your stomach. You want your forehead on your fingertips, so let's have everybody with the head in front.

Your foreheads on your fingertips. Your legs are long, the toes are pointed, the heels are together. In fact, let's have you with your feet, hip width apart. Why change a position a bit, but you want that very slight external rotation. The heels just slightly in, but you want to be aware of your little toe being long now, long sacred and long stomach and long ways. We've just been working on this and links in the back of your neck. So when you start lifting up, start lifting up things from the tail through the crown of the head. Long head comes up, fingers come up, elbows come up, you float up off the mat and hands and fingers come up slightly and lower back down. Yes. So it's all about the leg lifting up again. Elbows, fingers, forehead and lift a little bit more. And as you lower down and get longer through your body. And again, lifting up nice and long through that trunk and come back down one more time.

Like that's lifting up nice and long through the trunk and come back down. Very good. Now. Awesome. Um, to the, your elbows with the elbows a tad in front of your shoulders and make a fist with your left hand and wrap your right hand around it. So the right hand back. Now in this position, the shoulders should be down. And the back of the neck is long, so you don't want the chin up so much. The neck is short. Very, very long. Chin down a bit, Tim there.

And now pull the shoulders down and lengthen your chest forward. Push down with the heads of [inaudible]. Lift the elbows off the mat an inch. Get very long as the elbows go back to the mat. Try Not to get shorter in your body, so you tried to stay this high. Lift two inches off the mat.

Push through the crown of the head and as you lower your elbows down, do not lose height. Don't lose me. Don't lose me. Don't lose me Debbie. And down. That's the feeling. Again, lift two inches off the mat. Press from your tail through the crown of the head and as the elbows go down, keep that height through the crown of the head. Much nicer. One more time like this. Lifting up, lengthening through the crown of the head and lower down. Do not lose me. Nice Wendy. Very, very good.

Now to keep that blank and bend your right foot towards you. Bottom, bend it in. Double press, press lengthen down and don't lose height long through the head, other foot kick, kick and long. Nothing should be moving. Kick, kick and down. Kick, kick and down. Kick, kick. Beautiful. Long bodies kick, kick and down. Kick, kick and down. Kick, kick. Very good and down. Nice work. Let's have you all lined down for AA. Kicks both hands behind your back.

One Hand holds the other and turn your nose to the right. Let's have the left ear on to anything you can to get your left ear on the map. And now the hands will be right by the waist and press your elbows towards the floor. Bring your heels together and press your pelvis down and pull the shoulders down away from your ears and towards the floor and the head up away. So your neck is long. Good, Wendy. Yes. Now bend the knees. Kick three times.

Kick, kick, kick legs down. Pull back and stretch up. Opening the collarbones head to the other side. Kick, kick, kick, pull back and stretch the shoulders down and opened up first side again, kick, kick, kick, pull back and stretch and lift. The other side. Kick to three, pull back and lift. And first side kick to three. Pull back and lift. Last one, kick to three. Pull back and lift.

Very nice. Sit back into your heels and stretch your back out. And let's have you sit up on your heels and take your theraband. So Tim, put the pillow between your feet and your bottom. Yes, I think everybody else can sit. So if you, your hips are too tight, you put something, their hands are behind you and pull the shoulders down and slightly back. So you want to feel the shoulder blades going into your back and then pull the bar, stretch back and lift the chest and back and bend the hands up.

So when this position SIF, get your hands close together, press your elbows forward, but lift your chest. Now slide the hands down, shoulders down. Pull the hand slightly apart and pull them back to stretch your collarbones up and back. Then the hands up by your waist, right? So get your shoulders over your hips. If you can. More up. That's starts stretching the arms down.

That's it. Broaden the shoulders. Pull the bar apart, the strap apart and lift those arms much better, Tim. Yes, and back then the hands back by your waist. Good. Pull the strap down and pull them arms back and pull the band apart. Lifting very broad in the collarbones and back down. Very, very nice. Let's have you all lying on your stomach without the strap for swan and swapped.

Beginning Swan died. So hands under your shoulders. The legs will be long. Let's have the feet hip width apart and just lift your head in the tops of your shoulders above the mat just a little bit. Lifting up. Feel that upper back and take your hands off the mat and lower down to make sure you're working your upper back. Very good. Again, head up. Lift the shoulders where I live, the hands and come back down. Very nice.

Now lift up again. Take your hands off the mat. Cat, Debbie, put the hands back and continue lifting your body up. Feet steep. Now use your hands to lift up and keep those shoulders nice and wide and lower back down. Very nice. And again, Tim, move your hands forward to closer in line with your ears. Lift up again and make sure your back is doing a lot of the work, not just the arms better. Wendy, lifting up, lifting up, lifting up, lifting up and lower back down. And now lifting up again and lengthen the legs. You push your feet into the mat to the legs are dynamic. Lifting, lifting, lifting long. Now see if he as in the way down.

Lift your hands and float down. So float down without hands. Make the body lower you that down. Okay. Sit into your heels and stretch your back out. Pretty good. Nice work. So Lake site, just a quick set of legwork. Let's have you all lying.

I'm just trying to think on your right side. So do whatever you can to face my direction. So you on the right side, your on your left. Okay, that's okay. You're on your right, you've got the right idea. You'll have to just dyslexic Kate. That's a good one.

I like that. I dislike the Kate all the time. Does that sound good? So let's start out long with the arm length in the waist. Flex your feet and then just lift your body. Lift up and lengthen your waist and lower back down and lift.

Lift the leg and bring them forward and down. Wendy's is too much for you. Up on your shoulder. You can be down if you want to. So if it's too much, just lie down. Otherwise stay up and lift your top leg and back. Hand should be in front check. Have a look at your own hips to make sure the even and lift and down and lift.

Flex that foot one more time and point the foot half the foot, hip height. Turn it down, pendulum going to the front, to the back, to the front, to the back. Now nothing is moving in your trunks. I don't care how big or small the movement is, but I don't want the floppy scene and back forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back. Bring the legs together. Turn them out, lift your leg and down. Lift the leg and down. Lift the leg and down. Lift the leg and down. Lift the leg. Bend the foot to the mat, lift the leg, lift your leg, lift your leg, lift your leg. Yep. Your leg. Both legs are out. Lift both legs.

Yes. And lift and lift. Casey tried to keep the legs together. That's it. And left and special for case. One more time. Okay, onto the other side. So let's have you just facing the other way. Why not do it? So start out with your arm. Long other hand is in front.

Lift and lengthen your waist and just spin the hand up under your ear. Try to stay long in your under and then stretch the arm out, whatever. I don't care. Just so long as you do the opposite leg, that's all that matters. And down one more time. Bend the arm up and then set. If you want to stay down, you can lift the legs and bring them forward and down. So lift the legs and bring them forward. KC and flex your feet.

So you start with the leg lifting lifted and down if and down and lift and down and lift and down. Yeah, lift and lower. Halfway point the leg, reach it and double pulse back, back. Forward, forward. Now to the back, you probably won't go very far cause you don't want the ribs or the hips to move. You really want to isolate the leg in the socket back. Forward, forward, back, back. Bring the legs together and side kicks up. Lift the leg, flex it down, lift it up, flex it down, lift it up, flex it down, lift it up, flex it down, lift it up, flex it down.

Bend the foot in front. Lift your inside lake and down and inside. Leg and down and inside. Leg and down and inside lake and down. Both legs. Stretch out one on top of the other.

Now lift both legs up and down. Both legs, up and down. Both legs, up and down. Both legs, up and down and both legs. Up and down. Very good. Come back up. Who was sitting position facing the center so you're all be facing each other for CEO, just to massage your back. Work into your powerhouse. The legs will be bent up in front diamond shape with the legs, palms and prayer.

Lift your feet and sweep the hands underneath. Shoulders. Sit down, stomach, clap three times. Clap, clap, clap. Roll back onto your shoulders and roll right back up again and balance. And again, clap, clap, clap, roll back. Roll up and balance. And again, clap, clap, clap, roll back. Roll up in balance. One more time. Like this. Clap, clap, clap, roll back.

Roll up in balance and come up to standing. So standing with your heels together, your stomach in. See how much length you can get in the spinal. That looks very nice. Arms in front of you. Little circles with the shoulders down to three. Reverse it down to three.

Keep the waist lifting as your hands go down, right hands higher up. Three circles. Shoulders are down. Circle two, three, reverse to three. And bring the hands down in length and through the side body. Bring the arms up with shoulders down. Drop your head. Start to peel yourself forward and down. Looking to articulate the spine. Rolling. Rolling, rolling.

Reaching Long. Three circles here. Circle one, two, three, reverse two and three. And then roll up, roll up, roll up, sweep the hands forward and pause with the hands in front. Shoulders are down. As the arms go up, feel your spine getting longer. Float the arms out. Spine gets longer. Crown of the head floats way, way up. Check that your weight is light on your heels.

Take a deep breath in and breathing out. Let it go. And thank you all very much. Good work.


Great sitting variations for those who have clients with tight hips and hamstrings using the box. Thanks for the wonderful cues Niedra, and lovely to see your clients in the class respond so well to them.
Niedra Gabriel
Great to read this Anne, I am sure you will enjoy working with your clients this way, even if they don't have tight hips and hamstrings.
This was an excellent class! Very well cued & fun too.
Niedra Gabriel
Thanks Jessica, always happy to know it was fun too - that is where the magic lies. Right?
Shaving the back of the head and hugging the tree were like new on the box. The exercise feels correct and meaningful. Thank-you.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Christine, always enjoy reading your comments and I KNOW you were doing it yourself, so - Wonderful!
will try the yoga block with class tonight, no moon boxes available so should be a fun and helpful alternative!
Niedra Gabriel
Enjoy the block Elayne.
Niedra, Once again a great workout! Was fun to see Tim, Wendy, and Sandy after working out with them in the Beginner Series. My abs weren't strong enough for the moon box and the five's but did on the floor. Thx again, Wendy PS. It will be fun to meet you sometime somewhere!
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