Class #1311

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Niedra Gabriel gives the Mat basics some variety by using the Theraband and a Moon box in her Mat workout. Exercises such as Leg Circles, Rowing, Swan, Series of 5, and Side Kicks are intermixed with luxurious stretches. A Yoga Block can be substituted for the Moon box. You'll feel grounded through your center and taller through your spine once you've completed this workout!
What You'll Need: Mat, Moon Box, Theraband

About This Video


So here we go and we're going to do another class that I pulled out all the day, different gadgets that I can think of just to make it really interesting because I haven't seen you all in a while. So ...


Great sitting variations for those who have clients with tight hips and hamstrings using the box. Thanks for the wonderful cues Niedra, and lovely to see your clients in the class respond so well to them.
Great to read this Anne, I am sure you will enjoy working with your clients this way, even if they don't have tight hips and hamstrings.
This was an excellent class! Very well cued & fun too.
Thanks Jessica, always happy to know it was fun too - that is where the magic lies. Right?
Shaving the back of the head and hugging the tree were like new on the box. The exercise feels correct and meaningful. Thank-you.
Thank you Christine, always enjoy reading your comments and I KNOW you were doing it yourself, so - Wonderful!
will try the yoga block with class tonight, no moon boxes available so should be a fun and helpful alternative!
Enjoy the block Elayne.
Niedra, Once again a great workout! Was fun to see Tim, Wendy, and Sandy after working out with them in the Beginner Series. My abs weren't strong enough for the moon box and the five's but did on the floor. Thx again, Wendy PS. It will be fun to meet you sometime somewhere!
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