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Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Christi Idavoy joins Pilates Anytime as the winner of the 2013 Next Pilates Anytime Instructor Competition, and teaches a Reformer workout that flows from one exercise to the next. Her thoughtful cues help you find your center as she works on deep stabilization throughout class. Welcome Christi!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Yoga Block

About This Video


We're here today with Meri and Gia and we're going to do a reformer class using a yoga block, so we'll have the yoga block to start with. The headrest is down, and we're on a red and a blue spring, or...


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Fabulous cueing and flow
Nicely articulated and I like how deliberate the work was. Just a side note: with the exception of the last exercise, it felt more like a level 2 than a level 2/3.
Zeena ~ Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad to hear that you liked this class. After reviewing this class, I have decided to keep it a 2/3 because there many concepts that are advanced in addition to the last few exercises.
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This class looks great.. I have not done it as of yet since I usually like to view prior to doing. This is next on my list.
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Great transitions and cueing! The yoga block on feet in straps focused the exercise in a new way for me, and in quadruped your cue of inner thigh up and hip down was brilliant! Looking forward to more from Christi.
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What an honor to have Christy Idavoy at Pilates anytime!!!
as always a great class!!!
Thank you to all that voted and to everyone at Pilates Anytime. We are so blessed to have this amazing resource and it is an honor to be a part of it!
Great class Christi! The Polestar family is thrilled to have you represent us!
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Great class- very informative!
What are the benefits or "challenges" when adding a block under your pelvis? Stability, yes but what else??

Thank you for the great class!
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Beautiful class, beautiful flow, and beautiful that more of the Pilates community gets to experience your skilled teaching. Congratulations and great job, my friend! You are a natural on camera!
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