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Michael King brings us a workout that can be done with any stable chair. This non-traditional class set to music was designed for those who sit all day and want to sneak some exercise into their work day. The first half of the class is performed seated in the chair, and the second half of the class uses the chair as a ballet barre. Feel your tension melt away with this class!
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Jan 04, 2014
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Hi guys, welcome to uh, please take a seat. You're on a seat. We're going to do a chair class today. Um, you can use any chairs for this class. The main thing is to make sure is that the chairs is stable. So sometimes if we use a folding chair that you want to make sure you're not sitting too far forward in case it flips ward. These chairs today, we're using a great cause. They've got metal legs are very strong. So I want you to start sitting in the middle of the chair and lengthen your spine. Drop your shoulders down.

We're going to be using some plotters principles in this class, but it's, it's not a plot his class, but we're using simple as principles. So I want to focus on using that, those deep core muscles. Just gently pulling up on the center, open the chest and drop the shoulders down. And before we start moving, just focus on your breath. Take a breath into your nose and as you breathe out through your mouth, lengthen your spine even longer. Try not just stretch your neck and your shoulders, just Lenten to the whole spine. So imagine that your spine is like elastic.

Stretch that whole spine out. I'm focused on that breath pattern as we start adding movement to the class. So let's get started. Here we go, center connected. Take a breath, breathe in and slowly breathe that again. Reading it as your arms go up. Drop your shoulders down and slowly open out, reaching out, keeping the spine long.

Flex the body floor open out. Stretch to the side. Let me use the hand on the thought again. We have unlimited other side stretch over [inaudible] let's do that again. Try and go a little further further. Stretch, reach out. One more time. Flex to reach out. Bridge out. Now take your right hand, lift the head up and lift the chest and flick forward.

Chain lift up. It's like a little [inaudible]. I'm cool. It slowly roll up. Hold the center for that to get a flex bullet. Stretch to the side lift and I use the same hand lift that I'm flexible with reaching out at his side. Flex cuff, correct.

Bridge Center. You've got St Paul, the De Reed. I'm over yet. Lengthen. I take your breath. Breathe in slowly. Breathe app. Now circle the arms back. Do that again. Take a breath in. Slowly breathe out. Separate the arms back.

Now let's take the move in a little bigger like forward this time. Take it over to the side, but circle for it. Reach out to the other side. Flex reaches out to the side. Now. Central Solar, reach out. Good. Do that again. Storage circle. Reach out one more time. Flex the buddy. Keep the spine long.

Stretching over. Rush. Now lift up. Chest up. Take me forward. Lift up, push up, take you forward again. Try and get them tied to the rib cage again. Push up with that together. Flex forward. Oh, total row. Select Board Circle Round for shout.

Oh, lift that chest up again. Reach up and put again. Lengthen up. One more time. Take a breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. Now this time, open to the side again to the front. Breathe in, breathe out. Open to the side. Push up.

Is that flex again? Circle round. Reach out. Keep the glutes down. Make the body work from the upper body. Stretch out smaller again. Flex Edge Circle. Reach out. One more time. Reach.

Reach. Now the chest up for change. We've asked for again, lengthen up and forth. One more time, but heed together. Like forward in open. So who round? Now let's do the extension. Lift up. Reach. Flex, revise. I decide. Flex and body. Tilt. The pelvis.

We can reach out. Brush. Yeah. Lift up out. Take a breath. Breathe in. I'm breathing. Good. Let's walk it. Then the next track. I'm focusing on the shoulders. So lift your shoulders up. Breathe in. We think that now we're going to rotate the arm in as you do it.

Have the little finger pointing up so we can. Taking the arm down to the side and lifting up. And then the other side. Here we go. Let's start with the right town fest. Hold the center Bree. Push. Um, lift. Chain. Reach. Huh? Good. Keep it going.

If you can take it a little bit lower. Flexibility and push up. Now let's do both arms together. Go down, push open the chest again. Open out one more time. Now stretch the right leg forward, which forward open again, Shane. Again, you can use one arm or five. You can use a little bit of support or you can replace both. Arms out. Good. Take the leg to the side. Stretch length. Other side, reach out one more time. And good center.

Let's start with this arm crossover set up. Now take it a little bit lower. Stretch. She gets split. One more time. Slow but good again. Now both arms take a cross. I really opened the chest. She live. Why she's so searching. Good. Again. Breathe in.

Breathe out center. Lemper. Now stretch the lake forward. Greg, open James, preach again. Wait one more time. Opened the leg to the side. Stretch out again. Reach all the center. Lift up and over. Stretch plus Santa's. Take the arm, cross up, cross reach both arms taken down. Now we're gonna move on and with the arms we're gonna take the arms to the side and just your shoulders. We're going to go.

Oh, nice. Fresh eyes mix. I've never heard of that one. I'm at a time to take right up and Lens. Good. Now reach out. Do that again for it again, breathe in and out. Set a thing up today's show again. Now let's stretch the legs again. Reach out and again, I learned that a little fun. We chat one more time. We chat over the lake to the side and now stretch out and stretch and push. Good again. Recap. Take a breath.

Both of them. Take it down. She gets split again. Rita, the arms in good. Stay Open. Go alternate. You got crushed both in and out. Go [inaudible] good. One more time. Lengthen out. Open. Zensa. Make it a little bit longer.

Threaten the top of the head. Open Up. Stretch out. Good. Lengthen out. Now this time as you spread, look up to the seating. Look up at the ceiling. Good. Breathe out and bring the hands together.

Now the next exercise we're going to take actually from the plot is spine corrector. We're going to be lifted Starbucks up. I'm pushing the pelvis down, so reach the arms up. Open the arms out. Now lift the left arm up. Now lift your pelvis up, push, push down again, reach up into the chest. Good. At a side we sent to make this fine long like it's from the Carter [inaudible] slide. This one. That was bad to get as big as you can. Good other side within up.

Now lift up. Good. One more time with your legs. Not hold the leg up. Yeah, I get home. Brush. Good. Long Spine. Push, read, read again.

Lift up. Legs. Push. Now let's reach over for other size, other side, route four diagonal. Can we go now this time if you extend the leg rotate. I decide. Yes. Let's do that again. Yeah. Now keep the spine long. Use the sentence one more time, a little wider and it has to get a good. Now we're going to get off the chair.

We're going to turn the chest to the side. Now from here we're going to take a pushup position to a plank position. Make sure you're on top of the chair so the chair is not in front of you so it doesn't slide away. Now put the body into long position. Check the shoulders, breathing in, breathing out. Your math won't push up. You can lift the leg up to let go. Again. Yeah. You can switch again. Yeah, he can crush you. Take it down.

Free Brush. Oh, now with one leg full stretch. Let again push. Place it back. Change it, knowing you can flush to place it back again within. Breathe out. Breathe in again in push. Let's do it again from the pushup. Take it down and live one leg again. Take it down, wash up, double leg pulling.

Go walk up and change it and I bring the leg. Then sit back and push on the chair. Slowly roll up. Let your arms and your belt and come down. Sit back, push back onto the chair. Slowly come out, reach up, back to the plant. We take it with one legs again, take it down. Nothing you can see unless you take it down in so you can read that one more time. Yeah. Good.

Now double leg. Pull in. Yeah, out. Good. Let's reverse and this side again, pull out in three. One less time at is that we'll put that together. So push up again. Push down, lift the legs. All you need is love. Push up, double pull in, use your breath. Use that center and change it up. Take it back, flex down slowly balance up, up and open. Balanced that around the front and lift up.

We've got one more time to do so. Put the hands on the chair. Lift the leg again. Breathe in, lift the leg again. Take it down. Take it down. First is the double leg. Pull it in. Reach and check. This time we're going to add a variation in. Take it to the side again, just push in, take his aside, put that together. Pusha.

Go. Lift your leg again. If your leg double with a side, go again. Go in, read out legs. The body slowly balance up again. Flex the body slowly. Balance Up. Hold it there and sit back. This time. Hold the position. Make the buddy long. You can see the eastern shore now slowly [inaudible] in.

Where are you? [inaudible] from the other leg. Do that again. Lengthen for sure. Again, lengthen the leg. Push out that you lifted like this time. Pick it to the side. Keep your back stable. Take it behind. Take it behind side brush with a push up. Take it down. Lift the leg, push, lift the leg, double pull it in.

Control the movement. You go up and sit back. Good. Come sit on the chair again. Send the chairs around. Face me. Let's take a little stretch and release from that. So take your right leg over and crossing. No long spine.

Push down on chimney and lean forward with your chest. Yeah, keep the spine long. Keep the shoulders down. Take your breath in. Uh, as you're breathing out, lengthen further. If you can push on the knee a little bit more. Visualize your spine getting longer.

[inaudible] really it [inaudible] and breathing out. [inaudible] and slowly coming out. Let's change the legs out of side. Cross the leg and now lengthen. [inaudible] I really feel that buddy Landon, take a breath in. As you breathe out, make the spine longer. Feel the sacred. Feel the tailbones pushing down into the chair and feel that knee opening. Feel that deep stretch. Jessica and the other background glute.

We're breathing in and breathing out. [inaudible] one more time with the end. I'm breathing. Ah, now please. The feet down. Hold the base of the chair and now pull up [inaudible] I'm slowly released down again. Pull up [inaudible] good. Watch the back of your neck. Really feel that the chest is lifting up so you're lifting the chest up to the sitting. Breathing out. Now hold it that it's fine. Take a breath in. [inaudible] and breathing out. Lift up a little bit higher. Shoulders down, long spine. Push up, I believe. Circle the shoulders. Secular shoulders back.

Lift up. Now lift the arms up. Open out to the side. [inaudible] live back to the front, to the other side and try and get more rotation. Now focus on your feet. Keep the knees in the center. Feel the big toe touching the floor. Who rotate and left again and breathing and lift up.

Now let's cross the arms, turn [inaudible] and come back and focus on that. As you're rotating, as you're turning, think of the front of the chest, staying open, breathing out as you come back to the center. Make your spine longer again. Breathing out. [inaudible] I'm breathing in length in the spine and with the app again. One more time the now and come back to the center. As I'm here. Bring the arms down and I'm going to focus on the breathing. Take a breath in.

We think our, now you can put your hands just across the rip Jays, so we'll get that latter of where to feel the ring rotation as you're pushing the fingers in, nothing's affecting the strength and stability below, so you're breathing on top of the waist again. Breathing in the apple again. Really good with the arms forward. Now open out, stretch and open back. Now slice the air, push each times your arms. Get longer away from your, take them further away. Again. Now nothing below those arms as moving so your ribcage is held, your center is hell. Maybe the arms go further to the side. Now open out cause for three, three back again on shoulders down to again we the app open again. Lengthen up reach. Let's take a little variation here. One arm up, one arm down and push up and down. So you're trying to reach down with the hand that's lower and the end, which up with the hand is higher.

Hold that center. Take a breath. Open the shot. Now bring the arms. Now we just trade open app again. Open out. Keep those elbows close to you. Reach out. Here's this little pulse. It's for three. Go back and change again to read again. Push out one to [inaudible].

Check your spine, check your center. Check the seats are your big toe is connecting with the ground. One more time. Reach out. Take the left arm up. Put the heavy on the head. Look up to the seating and look [inaudible] open the chest. [inaudible] change. Lift that right on behind. Lithia elbow. I look up to the city.

Try not move the legs. Feel that big toe. So all the rotations in the upper body [inaudible] again, lift that up, rotate it. A little bit of help with that right arm on the inside side. Push against that so I just get little bit more rotation and come back. Let's change the handle Midler inside. Left. And as you're turning, push against it. Just rotate a little further. [inaudible] I'm back. Circle the arms. Big. Settle. Make me settle. Happen. Lift the shoulders up. Open the back.

[inaudible] and now drop the shoulders down and continue the circle with the shoulders down. Just in that shoulder joint opening. Open out. Stay there. Take a breath in. [inaudible] how wide stretch through the spine for the top of the head. I'm really [inaudible] shoulders down ribcage.

Hell. [inaudible] lift up. [inaudible] again. [inaudible] open app. Gorgeous. Let's go ahead and stand up. Now. Take the chair to the right of you. You put the feet in a turnout, so rotate the legs out.

Now we're going to do little plays with your arms. Take it out, bend those knees, lift up again down. Now you can continue with a small PA's all. If you can take it lower. Take it lower. Push up, reaching out as you're doing it. He used together. Take it down. Push down. Yeah, I'm lengthen. Reach up. Now this time lifter brush, so the chair is just helping you with your balance. Keep the backlog and then put up. Open out.

[inaudible] good again. Take it down. Yeah. Good. Let's just do two more of these. Take it down. Yeah. Yeah. Reaching up your choices to keep it small. Like Roxie showing us. I'll take the deep of PA. Yeah, I'm pushing control the movement. What does muscles wrap around?

Lengthen up. I'm pushed. Let's take a chair to the other side. No small fest. Open again. Pushed down again. Yeah, we shot. So again, if you wish you can stay with a small movement or even take it lower down. Oh, I'm fun. Open out. Let's go straight out. Well again. Yeah.

All about the controlling center. Heed the back stable. Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Yeah. And again, low their shoulders relaxed down the bat. The body's long sends a sweet shot. Lift again. Yeah. Rush, reach. Open out lifter. Just two more times. Breed death. Heat those heels together.

Squeeze those legs together. Wrap around me at the top of the leg. [inaudible] control. [inaudible] now bring the chair in front of you. Take small movement down and lift up again. Yeah. Lifter. No halfway down. Take it down. Halfway holiday there.

All the center. No smaller push. [inaudible] the back of the leg. Wrap the legs around. Long Spine. Push. Wait, push. Lift up again. Three go. One, two, three. Lift up again, Jewish that you can play with it. If you can go a little bit lower, do it a little bit lower, but use your center, not your faces. Make it look easy. Down. Rush. Now you can play with the height. You go lower, lower, lower. Lift up the debt.

Take it down. Yeah. Oh, one more time. [inaudible] now lift up onto the here. Toes up and down. Push up now. As you're lifting up, keep the heels together. Squeeze the heels together. Wrap the back of the legs. You just center long spine. Lift the right arm.

Lift the left arm. Lift up. Tisha. Now let's see I'm a little bit high heels together. It stay up. Ho, Ho, Ho. Good. Reach out. Change arms and lift up your staying up as he as a kissing OPA. Take it down. Lift the arms up. Heels together. Neos together.

One more time. Lift up, reach open. Take it down, Ben. G three up to the top. Yeah, so I'm not letting you touch the floor with your heels. Go Up. He is lifted. Go. Yeah. Cheek lift again. Yeah.

[inaudible] down. Push. Push. One more time. Breathe in. Breathe out. Bring the bat. Heels down, Ben. Slowly stretch the right. Push Ben down. Yay. You can stretch to the left.

Yeah. Who is she to the floor? It's a slow push. [inaudible] yeah, reach down in the floor. Stretch. Push down. Lift the right time. Flesh. Flesh again. [inaudible] hold it.

Sensor breathing. [inaudible] slowly breathe out to the right to the left. [inaudible] read it. [inaudible] the right breathe. I bring the out. Okay. Turn the chair back to the right. Let's Lenten those legs out. So center nature. Breathing in, breathing out, back stable. We're going to lift up.

Push region clash again. Take the leg to the side now Joe, shoot the buddy. Rush. Lonely. Oh, nice guy. Take your leg behind. Rush. Keep the center. Connect. Rush to the side. Stretch out. See there's low fine. Lift up to that hip. Feels Nice.

Do singles we go single by. Thank you. Back Up. Do that again. Lift. Oh, take it back. Lengthen. One more time. Push. Reach up. Good. Change the chair.

Lift. Pull times long spine. Good. Good. Now to the side of your leg. Lengthening in slide long the floor, Misha. Oh yeah, take it behind. Reach back. See there's baptized yet. Okay. Take it to the side. Sida, how high can you get today?

How long can you get today? Most try single. We go forward. I go forward. Everything's better. Senta heavy. Needs about the breath. Push up. Reach Guy. Oh, them bring the chair forward. Yeah. Yeah. This side brush lengthen Russia. Oh good. Now the same arm as leg. You're taking out. Lift the arm. Push.

See theirs. I, that's it. Oh, it's get higher. You get further. Make it strong. It's about Nebraska is about the center. Reach out now let's do doubles. Double right. You're, you're right Michelle. Oh please take your feet together. Breathe. Is Everything out good? Bring the chat to the ride together. Now let's take a little stretch.

Heels together. Breathe in now. Take the right foot forward like forward and stretch by the outside lights here we put the left leg forward and coming up. Push up. Do that again. Stretch. Lengthen out. Reach out. Now bring the feet together. Stretch back. Do that again. Forth. Push Lanza feet together. Push out.

Good. Take it forward. Do you still touch? Lift up. They'll take that left leg behind. Stretch boy. Reach back when the feet together again, boy. Feet together to take the leg behind. Reach again. Sure. Red Bullet, length and feet together. Push up.

Take the leg back. Push back, reach back. Now bring the feet together this time. Stretch the chair. Lengthen up again. Stretch. One more time. Let's change the chair. Set the body up. Right leg. When the feet together. Lift up. Do that again.

Stretch. Lift up. I'm moving a little big age. Time. Stretch. Lift up. One left side. Lift up the eye behind the Brigham. Reach up now take the leg back.

Stretch that. Reach out. Come back together again. Forward stretch feet together and up. Take the leg behind. Stretch Beehive. Yeah, read again. Take you back. Push one last time. Breathe out. Take a breath. You feet together. Breathe out. Lift up to take you behind. Stretch behind that. Bring the fee Jerry in front of you.

Take the right leg over, stretch, come forward. Take the leg open, change, lift up to see. Push. Pull it open again. Reach up and stretch. [inaudible] one more time. [inaudible] good. Hold the chair. Lift the chest.

Ford flex lifter and forward flex again. Litter to hang on to the center. Make the g ribcage and lift up and flex. One more time. Reach up and flex. Stretch the variety. Lateral reach. Lengthen up through the left.

Take your right leg over. Stretch. Stretch. Open app. Hand on the chair. Straight to the left over and [inaudible] take your leg over. [inaudible] stretch. [inaudible] flex.

Good. Let's take the chair back to the right. Hold his position. Yeah, if you can hold the foot behind, if you've got any problems, you can always just put the foot down and hit the leg behind without putting that foot up. No. Squeeze the legs together. Squeeze the glutes. Long spot as you go down. Breathe and we'd asked again. Breathe in. Push down one more time, but now it could be put on the floor behind. Bend the back knee and flex to the chest. Just that to help open it up. Take it down. Flex. If you go down, tilt the pelvis under, keep the waist open.

Flex under the hold of that, fold it. Find the point. You can keep the control. Heat the chest open, lift the arm up, tilt the pelvis under, under under no Macbeth longer span. Come up and let's put the chair on the other side. Let's do the same thing on the other side. Hold the foot, pull the knees together as much as you can. Squeeze, hold the center and tilt the pelvis down and let them again, take it down and put that again. Take it down. Squeeze one more time. Take it down, place it go behind. Bend the back knee. Tilt the pelvis. Honda looks with us.

Breathe again down again. Lift up. Fuck designed. It's class. If you do work a lot during the day and you find yourself sitting a lot and some of these exercises you can just do by the side of your chest and lengthen those muscles out things, the worst thing we can be doing, take it down in a wholeness, Spencer. The body wasn't designed to sit. It was dungeon run. Slime walk. We find ourselves sitting alone these days and less Lincoln, those muscles, the shorten. When we're sitting. Good. Breathe. Lengthen out. Push back. Good.

When the chair in front now spread over to the side and limpid up this to the other side. Stretch. Push out again. Stretch. Get the back on the chair. Until now. This time we're gonna over and hold it. We tested. Slipped to the seating. The front looked at the floor. Look to the side. Look to the ceiling. Come up other side. Stretch. Look at the ceiling. Look at the floor.

Look at the ceiling. Good. Good. The buddy [inaudible] I'm the dusty. As you flex. Stay where you are. But as you flex the knees, lift the heels and push back. Good. Stay on top. Try Not using it. [inaudible] feel very gently holding my chest about the tilt. The tilt, the pelvis. [inaudible] let's try the next one. Hold it under Petty Cadet. Stay.

Connect the center. Hold up on the center, right. Take your right leg behind. Push back and listen. Take the tall foot over and flex down. Push on the top of the fan. [inaudible] take the back leg. Push down into the heel.

Good. Bend the knee. Push down. Push down. Good leg buddy. Lift the heels from up on tall. All that balance. Stay up. Three, not keeping the spine long. Come down below the year. Gently. Small circle the right small seconds left. Step to the right.

Second to the left and brewing the body back to the center. Long Spine. Keep the spine long. Check the shoulders with the in. I'm breathing. No, let's take the chair to the right again. [inaudible] reach out. Open to the side. Now look up to the ceiling.

Come between the arm. Can read the Nita. Lift up. Open Up. Thread the needle. Yeah. Again, reach out. Skin. [inaudible] again, thread lit. Open. 10 con appreciations crosses. No, take the leg behind. Open out Steve. Hit likes togethers again. Say the leg behind again. Push back long spine.

I'm pushing through the center. Roll Up. Open. [inaudible] stretch. See then now away from the chair. Reach out, then call now. Take it over. Hey, get over to the socks. But that's again us. Take it back.

[inaudible] take it away from the chair again. Take you back. Wash away from the chair to shot and towards the chest. Good. Let's change the chat aside. Open feet together through, read the Nivo fish. Open that chest. Push in. Use your breath open app.

Push through it again. Open back up red. Let's add the leg. Take the leg back, push back central. [inaudible] again, take you back brush and take it in. Breathe. Push out. One more time. Push back.

Coming up towards the chair. Flex lateral reach. Wait again over again. Over one more time. Oh Club. Now take it behind back. [inaudible] and thread the needle away from the chair. Stretch Open. Push back, open.

Good away from the chair. Open your times. Who Shot along? Spot curve in closing. Pushback. I'm back one last time. Go stretch. Push back at it.

Take it away. Oh good. Now bring the chair in front of you. Facing you. Stretch the right leg. Stamp duty, bullies. Lift up, push up, push center within it again, open up again. When do I have that again? Put your hands on the chair again. Round the back. Take your right arm, push through the chair other side, and then lift up with the chair to shot. Yeah, and again, shoulders down. Push the shoulders down.

Bring the chair down quietly. Bring the [inaudible] with us. Ms. Go ahead and sit on the chair. Here we go. So let's finish. As we started, just take your breath in and breathing out. So just finish with the breath. Take a breath in and breathing out again. Slowly breathing out. Just flex the buddy.

Flex forward. Flex. Just simply arms back. Circle back. The most important movement you can do every day. Release the shots.

Now open the legs to the side. Now place your right hand behind. Push up on checks and death. That is fine. Who's your on the top of the chair in the middle? It doesn't slide back again. Lift up your shirt and yet grief when the feet together fit is read. One last breath in. Slowly breathing.

Thank you for coming through glass today. Hope you enjoyed the chat. Please take a seat. Thank you.


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Brilliant! And to think I thought it would be "easy". That seems to be the lesson for today...doing something well is NEVER easy. At first I thought ome of the warmth I generated was the anxiousness of following the the time we were doing the dance with push ups I knew it was the work I was doing. Thank you Michael.
Nice class. As a martial artist I've some interesting flexibilities and uncommon inflexibilities, probably not too dissimilar to dancers. Good thing, too, with y high backed and oddly heavy chair. Thank you for a good class!
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Fantastic!! thank you Michael, another great class!!
Pilates Emma
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Superb! I have a private client who is chair bound ... so I feel full of fresh ideas/movements for our next session! Thank you.
Thank you Emma and have fun !
Your creative approach to flowing movement, with the inspiration of your music choices, are a wonderful surprise to my Pilates practice. I feel more balanced and integrated. Thank you.
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Thank you Kathleen
Wonderful class. The work of all muscle groups coordinated with elongation was perfect. Thank you. Suzanne Carvalho RnBsn Pilates Certified,
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That's really great class. I loved.
It's just perfect to start the day.... beautiful
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