Please Take a Seat<br>Michael King<br>Class 1352

Please Take a Seat
Michael King
Class 1352

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Brilliant! And to think I thought it would be "easy". That seems to be the lesson for today...doing something well is NEVER easy. At first I thought ome of the warmth I generated was the anxiousness of following the the time we were doing the dance with push ups I knew it was the work I was doing. Thank you Michael.
Nice class. As a martial artist I've some interesting flexibilities and uncommon inflexibilities, probably not too dissimilar to dancers. Good thing, too, with y high backed and oddly heavy chair. Thank you for a good class!
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Fantastic!! thank you Michael, another great class!!
Pilates Emma
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Superb! I have a private client who is chair bound ... so I feel full of fresh ideas/movements for our next session! Thank you.
Thank you Emma and have fun !
Your creative approach to flowing movement, with the inspiration of your music choices, are a wonderful surprise to my Pilates practice. I feel more balanced and integrated. Thank you.
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Thank you Kathleen
Wonderful class. The work of all muscle groups coordinated with elongation was perfect. Thank you. Suzanne Carvalho RnBsn Pilates Certified,
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That's really great class. I loved.
It's just perfect to start the day.... beautiful
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