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Standing Pilates Spirals

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Michael King believes that many Pilates practitioners carry too much tension despite their practice, so he designed this Pilates Spirals class to incorporate effortless dynamic and static stretches into your workout. Music is utilized to create a sense of movement quality in the body. Half of this Spirals class is performed standing, and the other half is performed on the Mat. You will feel lengthened and centered after flowing through this class with Michael!
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Hi, welcome. I'm Michael King and welcome to the was class. Let me tell you a quick intro about this class. This class we started because people were coming to [inaudible] with too much tension and even though we were saying you must do some more flexibility work, we must do some more stretching. They never did. So I thought there must be a way of letting them stretch without, as you using the word stretch, because most people think about just laying on the back and pulling one leg up. When you talk about flexibility work. So we put this class together, we've done 13 of these classes today.

I'm gonna do a mix from a different set of programs. Does that mean it's the spirals mix? Each track focuses on different part of the body. We use a lot of dynamic stretching, um, some steady stretching towards the end. Um, and of course the music, which again, I use music with my plies classes sometimes and sometimes I don't give it as how much I've got to say, to be honest. Sometimes if I have a lot to say, I find that music just does not work. But sometimes music helps.

And with this type of class, that music definitely helps because we're creating a sense of movement from people that often don't have movement quality. You have to have flexibility, often have strength today in fitness, but they often don't have that movement quality. So I found that the music really helps. Okay, so let's put the feet apart. Lengthen the spine, connect the center, even though it's not polite, is let's use those plots. Principles of length in the spine, center and breath. Let's get started. So me, hell's supposed to be with no with one arm, right? Breathe out. I'm breathing in. So the first track is our preparation track. Lift up, push up. Now we're going to put the hands together. Just shoulders down. Push up, balance up again. Nice and simple.

We shot and breathe out. Do that again. So this is what we call the today's choreography. Lift up nice and simple. But today I'm gonna be adding a few little variations and breathe out. Now like this, fine flex. Could we ride, stretch out?

Let's do that again, then stretch out. There's a bit good. Do that again. Right? Stretch out. Push out. Lengthen, flex, stretch. Now the beginning, one off, shoulder drop down. Left arm, right. So here's our first variation with the hands together.

Let's lunge back with the right leg. Lunch bags, push balance up. Push back again. The deeper you go, the more work and more lengthier you're going to have the kicked out center again. We shots, I'm pushed out. I'm gonna snap like the spine this time. Let's circle both arms reach. So let's not stop the turtle to the left. Circle that bridge again.

Breathe three to the left over. So lamp it up. Marie sent a long spine. So let's add on to the variation hands together. Lunge, back, lunge back this time instead as a balance throughout your right leg. Push back. I love that shot. Good. As that leg comes forward, check your back. Stability. Keep it along. Gosh.

Again, I'm push shot. Good flex is fine. Now, big circle to the right, to the left. Good. Piggyback, Right Santa. We shot three to the left. Good. One arm. I love that. Okay, that breath. Your breath. Take a breath in. [inaudible] let's do the lunge back. Living Out Bush balance up. Learn fact balanced. That good lunch back this time. But this time we're going to bring the leg forward. Push out again. Big Flex and live it out.

Circle almost. See like you're hugging yourself. How'd your buddy stretch out? Do that again. That goes to the right. Push breach to the left. Breath out. Reach rush.

One more time, gree. Oh, bring the hands together. I'm pretty shocked. Yeah. Second track. We're focusing on shoulder mobility. So let's move the shoulders back. Brush again, reach, push. But together now with your arms, go flex to the side. Reach. Do that again. Nice and simple. Go together and strew actually reach out.

Breathe out and stretch. So really feel the shoulders. Get the scaffold, a movie and the Bush. Now with the right leg ticket inside side balance plus the leg, lift it again. Breech pool in again. Ah, lambda. So if you want to keep it smaller, do so Lebanon. Then let's put that together.

So we go forward. Reach, cross, take the leg to the side. [inaudible] rush across. Lengthen. Good. Other side in brush crossing off. Take the leg to the side. Stretch Bush. That is a little variation. Lunch board lunch. Cross me off again. Lunch, go forth. That's it. Get us fine.

Movie Brush. Do that again. Flex. Go brush grew us reach. Boy. I love it. So a little variation on the balance cause I know you love balance. Reach. Now this time look to the city. Reach. Cool.

Cross breed. Cool again. Free Up. Cool. One more time. Reach a lamper. Here's the Combo. Lunch forward. Crossing up and control. Arms out balance.

Lever rotation. Push lunch for reach. Ah, cross lamper. Reach up up now. A little more variation. Lunch forward this time. Take me home with Alexis. Side brush. Fourth little glutes. Again, reach.

It's all about the attitude. Go Rush, rush. And of course the shoulder. Which shoulder for shot. Now here we go. Af. Well anthem, cross leg, reach out. Almost catch the Arr. So were the arms catch up? Good again. Breech Cross.

Yeah. Lengthen. Reach. Gach Combo lunch. Fola Cross [inaudible] reach to the Liga. Pla. Remember this combos. Bush falling IGA. Ah, AH, take it out boy. Ah, lunch now. Big Movement. Reach up.

Good. Do that again. It's yours. You're on sick. Touch the floor with your fingers. Touch. Do that again. Go touch, touch. One more time. Yeah. If you touch, you have to come back to me. Don't let me lose you as a decide [inaudible]. Ah, now lift the chest control movement.

Use your plot is training. Breathe. Use the center Santa. It's what keeps you together. Rush Lens Combo. Ford. Reach up. Taking this side. Brush rich boy and Linda.

Take his aside. Rush, reach. Let's finish with the lunch forward. Lunch, go. Good. Next. Right Freeman with his feet. Stretch scene, Lola, come down. Come down. Come down Lizzy song. Now you really have to use your face on this. They really can be done with the face. Eyes.

I tell my regular classes, I want to see sexy faces. Here we go. Let's do punches. But Gosh, ah, ah. Three punches, ass change. I decided, gosh, good. Now again, how low can you go controlling the movement. Now here's the circle again with both arms, slowly, slowly. I live that bridge. So we're testing the floor. Is it clean? Check the floor and remember that AGN it's clean, diagonal up. Please. Center again. Reach out, Maria. Go wash up.

Do with his song will again Linda. Oh, one more time. Here's the most important bit. The sexy lift up. Yeah. Gosh. Come on. [inaudible] I'm Zack pushback. That's it. Not Strong movement. Hang on to your glutes.

Hang onto your center breech. Hey, get, let's circle. It's not you're reaching long and Lee to the side a little more longer. You push longingly, brush and diagonal center. So I'm a diagonal. Touch the floor. Push out again. Lithium.

Nah. Oh one more time. Excellent. Live doc. Make it about the pelvis. Pelvis. Publish. Publish, publish. Publish about with breed. Punch up. I don't know how you guys fitting everyone though. I'll push that.

It's done with the arms up. Reach. Circle. I love this. I get breathing. Um, one more time. We go diagonal.

I love speech. I make every movement a little bigger than the previous time. Again, do this with ease. Too Old. Oh, one more time. That was the sunsetting lifts up book. Just come. He's come out to be the son. Videos. I've been to set some time. [inaudible] little rotation work now. Now Bush with your arms. We go forth with fluid spine, flexible sites again. Now hold the body up. A stable spine. We've got up, reach, switch, lift up rich, sweet, rich, and push up. Lampert. No reaching out.

Reaching Street. Cold. Good. We go stretch with the arm. We go. Cross suckle. Grew up. Brush speed together. Fluid, gentle wave. Gentle. Morning Wave. Look, fight, but hang on to that center. Stable spine.

This side. Stretch your leg. How high can you get? Impress me. Hello rich. Blue ash is that big movement. Who else? Back Circle. Reach with the cross out of. Jump Up.

One more thing to add. Control that breath. Ah, here's that leg. Stable spine. Both arms circle. Try and make your body taller on the circle. Push again. Are you ready? Wait, jump, jump, jump, jump up.

Oh whoa. One last time. The best time and lenses. Now here we go. Stable spine. Long spine, rich circle, breathe. Push. How far? How long can you get your leg? All right, let's go out. Junk, junk, junk, junk, junk, little balance. Now. Here we go with me. Take a breath, take it, slide open up.

Take you back all about drama and balance and put up. So the base choreography here, just the rotation rotation. Take it down slowly. Lift up and pull out a side. Breathe in and breathe in again. Breathe in and flex.

Let's do a little variation. Lift the leg up. This time we like forward. Say almost like back. Take it to the side. Stretch foot. Stretch to the front. Renovate. Push the toe and down again. Lissa, we still icing on the cake. The challenge now, same, almost leg back.

Reach. How loca dough. Hello, hello, hello. Stretch. Passe, passe. Lift up. Renovate. Now a little variation this time. Lift the knee up. Stretch balanced out. Whoa. Chain. Breathe in and stretch.

Lift up. Balanced that again. Up. Reach. Lengthen up, up, reach. Push. One more time. Lengthen up. Balanced variation. Lift up now leg forward. Bring your hands forward now. Take your hands back. Lengthen up. Reach in, push in. Reach in.

Balance that out aside. Breathe tams forward. Now take it back. Take it out. Reach forward. Reach forward. Oh, balance. Relive that rotation up. Stretch out, scoop down. Lengthen, scoop, circle, reach, brush. Quality of movement to make it look easy.

Easy, easy, easy. I'm down again. Again, don't forget that center. Everything we're training the body to do in below this. Use it here and lifter. [inaudible] center. Push up. We have one more tire balance. Go. Now let's take the legs and the arms back. How low? Low, low, low.

Clean to the side. Second, reach in. Op. Renovate Pusha piggy back low, low. Good. Take it out. Reach. Live, renovate. Good. We go lit up and so on. This movement. Try and get further away each time.

So you get that lengthening through that back of the hamstring. Push. Lengthen up. Stretch again up. Use the movement. Get lengthening, stretch up. Reach out, brush up. Lift the leg up. Take the leg behind. Hold the balance. Hold the balance and bring the feet together. Okay guys, let's get the mats. When the mass out onto the floor.

Yeah. Standing up. New Transition track. We're going to roll the head. No. Come down onto the mat. Come to your knees. Say the leg to the side. We like forward. Bring the leg back, take the leg down, correct.

Other side, reach out to lift the leg. Leg poised, dead leg back. Didn't reach. Now come to the full point. So hands now. Opposite arm. Two leg back at stable. Opposite leg. Good. Sit back. Stretch back.

Coming up. Now take the hand behind. Hold a center with your left arm. Push up, reach up. Breathe. Good. Do that again. Up and push. One more time.

Slowly rollout coming up. Take a breath now. Really articulate the spine. As you roll down. Roll down, articulate. That's fine. Come to the knees. Set the buddy up. Open the arms. Take it out.

Now lift the leg up. Take it back. Take the leg down. Lengthen. Circle, breed over boys. Hi Re this time, take it diagonal chain, diagonal, but keep the back stable. Sit back. [inaudible] coming up. You take the hand behind.

We're going to do the same movement with the little rotation. Rotation. Lengthen up. Yeah. [inaudible] yes. [inaudible] I'm Das. Roll back out. I'll take away the spine.

Take a breath. If we that again, roll down, I'll take it out. It's fine. Come into the mat. Lengthen out. Reach out today. Now lift the leg up. It's so heavy. Fold back, stable. They get sent in a hold of that balance.

I just read. Who is the one JB polling to take it back? No, hold it. We use the center ballot. Reach out. No hands fully opposite. Arm to leg on the leg.

Let's take your diagonal, diagonal. We chat. Sit back. Leads to Roshan. Shut up to see the good to dance behind. This time we added reflection. I'll show you from the size up. Oh yeah, again, do that again. [inaudible] good.

Roll Up. Shoulders down. Open Up. Now all of that's been dress rehearsal. This is the one that counts. Come down. Come to your knees to the cleanest. The best balance you've done. Sensa now re no. Here we go.

You landed on. Remember, keep the breath going. Don't stop reading. Take a breath in. Breathe out and back. Huh? Reach four points.

Opposite arms delay change coming up. We're going to do that rotation, but again with the elbow flex up. Push up. Good again. Good roll up. Okay. Take your arms forward.

[inaudible] lengthen. Take the hands behind. Lift the chest, coming down to the mat. Yeah, come down to the mat. We're going to bring the legs to the front. Hit the mat the same way, but put your legs to the front. Now parallel legs, French. Kiss them together so squeeze them together. Lithiums out. Shoulders down. Now cross the arms. Curved the spine back. LendIt. Reach slowly. Reach rotation. Take the back, lift up and push back out. Reach back.

Good. Let's place the hands behind. Lift the pelvis. Pelvis right. Take it down. Shoulders down, left helmet down again. Landed up pelvis. Just did the basic. Where did we do advanced? Let them reach up. Up, up. Reach.

Now who has the arm? Take it back, back, arms, shoulders, down. Reach, push, lift, reach back. I'm trying to distract from the fact that what we're working again now this time with a pelvic lift up, lift the leg, cross daunted your new reach. Circle, take you down. Cross [inaudible]. Keep the pelvis up, live that and the next time we'll use both legs at the same time circling. That's the advanced version. Listen a long spine long. Here we go. It's about the center. Shoulders down.

How did that, so let's reach, stretch coming up. Take it back. Circled. [inaudible] Bush back. We go up. Long leg plus. Keep the pelvis up. You don't miss a beat together.

Second, take it down. That's a TV inside size. Kissing inside those goofy long waist Bush. Cross back, shoulders down. Reach. Show that stretch out. Reach who? Back to this time with the pullback out of circle. Second Helmet up.

Are you ready now? Big circles. Go to get up. Close reach, reach. Good inside. Dies inside those. Nice. I know. Takes me back a little bit. Should be headband. I moved up and pushed. Yeah. Yeah.

Here we go. Take the legs. Now we're in the top lake. Full it lifting up. Lift your arm. Green and full of the plant. Lengthen. Reach out. Rotation back. Do that again. Go forward. [inaudible] rotation more. [inaudible] hold the heat up some Lebanon.

Now lengthen the spine center soon. Pull the leg. Keep the leg law. Take a breath. Keep the leg lift both arms up. Push Lyndon three. Great. Joyce Demery open app. You should come forward. Lengthen up. Now lift the heel, whoosh. Spread Da. Ah, reach yet. Come down, cross back again. We shot now this time, lift up.

Hurry up. Open stretch, raise back and yeah, either side and open out. Now push the thigh back. Push the slide down. Lengthen up center. Now really, if this is too difficult, you could always hold the knee like this. Pushing out, up and open. Take it back more time. Thank you for for, we're small. We're too busy.

[inaudible] more to do down. Hold your head. Stretch. No limping up or be eaten down. Keep the spine long again. The secret is the center. Use Your Center. We shot length it up, but all [inaudible] cub down.

Lift up. Push up. I'm around black. [inaudible] who's Ya? How bout you go get the pelvis lifting pelvis. Yeah, Kev down. One more time. Mitt up. Now lessen the leg.

Reach out both [inaudible] back. [inaudible] one more time on east side performance level. Adjust everything as an app. Open chest proud chest. Lengthen up and forward. Lift open again. Forward Open. Now get more rotation, more rotation. Lift the heel. This time up. Now this time.

Take the leg behind it. Stretch good. Come up, reach up. Close angst. I'll stay open. Come up, cut back. Flex. [inaudible] la, la, la, la. Good again. [inaudible] take a breath.

[inaudible] hi, we're the palace. More good. One more time. Push out as low as you can now lift up both arms. Reach out, take it back last time because you'd have one more track after this. And this is the last bit one center. Take the arm up. Reach for, open out. Look back.

Good again. Forward. There's more to this. She look bad. Hold that here. Take the leg back. Lengthen back, push good, come up, stretch it up. I'll stay. Join the shoulders down now as low as you can.

[inaudible] stretch. Lift up. Breathe. Now use that breath. Lift up. Now balance. Reach out and flex back.

Slowly. Roll up onto the knees. Open the right leg. So we've been using different sub strategies, lots of dynamic stretch, a little bit of static, but mainly dynamic shoulders down. The whole aim to get your plot is better. Increase that flexibility to the right. Flex. Stretch out. Long Flex. Stretch out long. Now put your left hand on the heel circle. Circle forward. Lift up.

Reach right leg straight. Stretch down. Lengthen. Push forward. Stretch down. Push forward. Circle the arms circle. Bring the left leg out. Open the arms. Set the body out. Use every moment. Check that spine.

Check the body. Check the center. Take a breath. Good for flex. Stretch forward handling the here. Take it back. Let it out. Left leg stretch, stretch, stretch. Yeah. Bush.

Socal. The arms rolled up just standing. Open the legs out. Shoulders down. So long spine. Take a breath. Breathe in. Flex forward. Stretch out long again. Flex. Stretch out. Place a hand on the fire circle.

Lanthanide circle open out now. Stretch down the right leg. Reach out, push away. Stretch down. Reach, push. Circle in the center. Circle open out now. Long Spine. Check that pelvis. Check the rib cage. Breathe. Flex down for stretch.

Okay. [inaudible] stretch down the left. Reach down. Push again. Dan. Circle Circle. That's finished. Center. Breathe in.

Breathing out with the right arm. Stretch diagonally forward. Left up. Push back. Stretch left right together, up balance, breed, slowly breathe out. Thank you.


6 people like this. over my head with regards to the dance movement but so fun....if I closed my eyes I see myself as a dancer...Thank fun!
Larysa K
4 people like this.
Beautifully created class! Flowing, challenging and a lots of fun. Love it! Can't wait to use some sequences teaching my class. Thank you Michael, you are always great inspiration.
5 people like this.
So glad to see Michael King love love his work! Thank you!
Flowing through the air instead of fighting with it - love this and all your classes Michael. More please PA!
Thank you for the wonderful comments !
Happy Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you all guys
Thanks this class!
Ellen, I felt exactly the same way!!!
Just loved it, thank you, more please
Amazing! Thank you for this very elegant workout!
I loved it! Even when I was off balance and could not perfect the movements, I loved the feel of the flow of the program! This program was great for balance and stretch!
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