Standing Pilates Spirals<br>Michael King<br>Class 1353

Standing Pilates Spirals
Michael King
Class 1353

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6 people like this. over my head with regards to the dance movement but so fun....if I closed my eyes I see myself as a dancer...Thank fun!
Larysa K
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Beautifully created class! Flowing, challenging and a lots of fun. Love it! Can't wait to use some sequences teaching my class. Thank you Michael, you are always great inspiration.
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So glad to see Michael King love love his work! Thank you!
Flowing through the air instead of fighting with it - love this and all your classes Michael. More please PA!
Thank you for the wonderful comments !
Happy Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you all guys
Thanks this class!
Ellen, I felt exactly the same way!!!
Just loved it, thank you, more please
Amazing! Thank you for this very elegant workout!
I loved it! Even when I was off balance and could not perfect the movements, I loved the feel of the flow of the program! This program was great for balance and stretch!
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