Standing Pilates Spirals<br>Michael King<br>Class 1353

Standing Pilates Spirals
Michael King
Class 1353

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Moving freely through the air…beautiful! thank you Michael.
Mas por favor! r
Wow, was anyone else sweating? This is what I call Cardio Pilates! Thank you....
Hello Kristi..I have also done Michael's spine corrector class with music and Rhythm Pilates. I love the music. Is there anyway on PA to find any other classes that use music? Thanks, and Happy Holidays to all of you at PA!
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Really beautiful class! Energizing and relaxing at the same time. This will be my go-to when I really need to de-stress!
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Absolutely Fabulous! Thank you so much, an amazing class x
Katherine ~ You can find all of the classes that use music here. I hope you enjoy them!
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Love love love this class!
Thank you guys for the great comments
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Love it; thank you.
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loved! loved! loved! this class.
I used to dance as a child and young adult, but now at over 50 and 10 years Pilates training I was amazed at my control and balance over movements that I used to struggle with.
In fact you have inspired me to go and find a ballet class in my area. THANKS
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