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Troy McCarty challenges your coordination, concentration, and balance with this Mat workout. He uses visual cueing to help you understand the concept of each exercise, and adds a rhythm to some of the exercises for a better workout flow. Enjoy!
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Dec 31, 2013
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Hi, I'm trim Bacardi, and we're going to start with a Mac class. So if you'll go ahead and just do a nice roll down. And what I want you to be is to have your secret met the edge of the mat. And in my classes I like people that'll wear socks because we do a lot of legs slides. All right, so let's extend our legs out and let's place her bodies. All right, so we're in our neutral spine. We have our pelvis like a punchbowl, right? We have the shoulders nice and wide. We have our scapulas, they're reaching down in the palms of our hands.

Now all I want you to do is pull your feet up. So you're going to bend. You need some pull your feet towards your sit bones one and we're going to press back out and we're going to do that again and we go to good. And we go back out and we go three and back out. Now we're going to do a flex of the foot. Flex your feedback. So don't stay there. Stay there and stretch your legs out. Flex your feet back, stretch your legs out and point your feet. All right, so that's your rhythm there. So we do the Ben Stretch, bend, stretch, bend, such flex and point. All right, and we're going to follow my rhythm.

I'd be voice. All right, so you're laying down on the mat, you've got your legs reaching out, you've got your navel down, you've got your pelvis like Cupola Punch. We see the spine having its neutral curve. You almost want to feel like your spine is like a little, a little Japanese bridge. You don't, you don't want to think of your spine being the golden gate bridge, but like the little, a little Japanese bridge, right? So here we go and we go pull the legs up, go one and push and chew and push and three and press. Now you flex and 0.1 again, a pay attention to the pelvis and two and three and press and flex on point.

So bend and stretch and Ben and stretch and then and reach and they flex and the stretch and Ben and stretch and Ben and stretch, Shin Bend and stretch. We flex and we stretch. All right? So that was perfect. I didn't see any publicist moving around. Spines. A nice movement quality. Can I make it a little bit harder? Could we put our arms into it? You know, we do so much in plotty is, you know, on the reformer with our arms and everything and our legs together. All right. So as you bend your knees, you're gonna reach your arms up to the ceiling.

All right, so reach one. Good. Now stand out in the hold your arms there. Good. Extend back out. Now when you bring your knees up, you're gonna reach behind you. Go too good and back out. Now stay there. Now is she bringing the legs back up? You're going to reach your arms to the side. Three. Good. And back out. Now hold there. So bring them out to the sides.

Hold there and bring them up away from the floor so you're not hyperextending. Now Flex, point your feet. Good and stretch. Just do it one more time. All right, so bend your knees and the arms go up to the ceiling and stretch behind your head to bend. And stretch and Ben and stretch flex again and up and reach and back and reach and side and reached. We flex and the stretch and then and stretch and back and stretch and site as judge. And one more time.

Stretch and up to and reach to and side and to and flex and stretch. Shake. Good. Don't worry. Nobody gets it in Cleveland either. Alright, good luck. Go ahead and listen. I'm go ahead and scoot ourselves back on the mat. All right, I kinda like to do that. I disliked to get the hip joints kind of moving the legs moving. It's, this brings my class, you know, they kind of sometimes my, my classes, they leave the brains in the car. Kind of made some, bring their brains then and we can like, you know, I challenge them a little bit. All right, so we're going to start with the pelvic roll. So let's place our heels about six inches away from the sit bones, knees over the second toes. Now just think about that upper body.

We've got lots of width across the shoulders. You got your navel down, you're back in your neutral spine. The guy's soft neck. All right, so let's say her inhale now and next to the exhale. Let's curl the pelvis up slowly. One bone at a time. All right, so let that bones, those bones articulate and take another inhale and exhale, roll down to that spine. You soften that sternum and you're going bone by bone, and you want to make this movement nice and chewy. I love that phrase. Nice and chewy movement. All right, so take your inhale and exhale.

We curl the pelvis up. Now think of your thighs reaching out you knees over those toes, shins over the ankles, right? Repair your body with the inhale. I keep that link to your legs and Exhale, you soften your sternum and you roll back down. Perfect. Let's take another inhale and exhale. Let's roll up. Good. Now let's hold up there. Now let's challenge that movement.

It's challenged the pelvis. So let's take the right leg and you're going to lift it up until a little tabletop without letting the pelvis drop. Good, and place that foot back down. Now we're gonna do the left leg. Hold a moment. Now let's activate the left leg first. So feel that hamstring activate. Now lift that leg up. That was gorgeous. Big Difference, and lower back down. Let's do the right leg again. So we activate the back of the leg and we lift in the knee.

Floats right up the poplar. Sustain absolutely still, and lower your leg back down again. We activate, we lift that other leg up right up there. Very good. We lowered back down. Let's take an inhale and exhale. Let's roll the spine down. Widen the shoulders, the throat. That was excellent. All right, now let's take another inhale and let's exhale. Let's roll the pelvis back up. Perfect. All right, now your pelvis is up on a shelf. All right, and I'm going to take your pelvis and slide it across the shelf a little.

So we're going to impress our pelvis over towards the front here. So go ahead, shift your pelvis. Oh, very, that's it. Now Lord, down one vertebra. Hold. All right, so your pelvis is level shift. Your pelmets towards me. Exactly. Lower one vertebral. Let's shift over again to the front there. Lowered down the ship towards the beach here. Lower down. Now let's bring it back in this center and this. Lower it back down.

Let's take another inhale and exhale this. Roll the pelvis up again. Yeah. [inaudible] this. Breathe into that moment. All right, now this, this, do this ship towards the beach. All right, so here we go. Shift over towards me, Lord. Down one, shipped over towards the front there. Lower down. Shift over towards me. Excellent Lord. Down. Shift over towards the front. Laura down. Listen the pelvis. Good, endless Lord. Down the rest of the way. Let's shake her legs out. There was excellent. All right, good.

Let's bring them back up. All right, let's do one more pelvic lift. All right. And this is a little bit of coordination again. All right, so as I look right at you, all right, and you're like, you're right next to me. Yeah. All right, so your arms are reaching down. Yeah. And we're going to take our inhale and we're going to exhale. We're going to roll the pelvis up again, so curl up there. Alright, now you're gonna take your right foot and you're gonna flex it back to your heels on the mat. So the right foot goes into a Dorsey flex. All right, so it stays on the mat. Now the left foot, you're gonna Relevate that foot up the toe. Stay on the mat. Now hold that your starting position. All right, now we're going to flip chart legs. Go switch one.

Switch to switch three and four and five and six, seven and eight and nine and 10. The lower your feet back down. Lore that down slowly. All right, you want to put your arms into it? Not Joking. No, no. All right, let's take it again. So what I'm looking for is I'm looking for you to be able to flex and point your feet, maintaining your presence on the mat with your feet and you're keeping that pelvis nice and still. Now your natural tendency is gonna want to go into bobbing your hips around or using your upper body. Let's think about keeping everything very, very organized. All right, so let's go ahead and let's take another inhale and this exhale and let's curl that pelvis up. Rule that spine up. Now let's think of the shoulders.

Let's think of that soft. All right, now let's start with the other foot. It goes into a flex position and the foot comes up. So you're on the ball of your foot. Here we go. We switch a one Ah, to Ah, three or four, six, seven, seven and eight and nine and 10. Place your feet back down and wall back down through your feet. Excellent work. Okay, let's roll over onto our sides in this. Go onto all fours.

All right, and let's have the, you know, let's have you faced front here. All right, so you have your shoulders over your wrists. You need to underneath your hips. And I see a nice neutral spine. Okay? Now what we're going to do is we're going to take a big inhale and during your exhale you're going to press your ribs up and you're going to round the spine, let your head come down and your head looks at your Laura dominoes. So we have this nice round spine here. All right?

Now let's reverse that movement and let's let the chest come down and the chest stays up and we're gonna arc this spine per fig. Good. And you had level follows. So your eyes want to be reaching, looking here, and that's a good position for you, neck. All right, so this, reach that spine up to the ceiling, pressure ribs up there. Think of your sibling's reaching down to the backs of your knees, right? And let's reverse that. So we're making that spine communicate here. All right? And it comes down. You can go into the little arch there. Perfect.

And let's do it one more time when we go up. That's it. Excellent. Pull those ribs up, and then let's release and bring it back down. Now let's come back into our neutral position. All right, so let's challenge this spine in this neutral. And once you take your right hand and slide your hand at out, and just touch your fingertips in front of the Mat, so this fingertips touch now, nothing in this shoulder should move, right? You slide that hand back. All right, let's try the other hand.

It slides out. All right, so the other arm reaches out. The shoulders are level and it slides back. Now we're going to take our right foot and you're going to slide it back into toast. Touch the mat. Exactly. The hip stays square. Now as you bring it in, keep that hip stable and bring it back. Finish that movement perfect.

And the other leg go reach good, and you pull it back in. Now let's take the right hand and reach it forward. And at the toast, I mean the fingertips touched the floor. Take the opposite leg and reach it back. The toes. Touch the floor, the stick it. Inhale here, and this acts held this. Lift the hand in the leg up. Let's find our balance. Perfect. Find that balance. All right, now let's bring your hands and your feet back down. All right, now this, think about the shoulders and the hips, Dean level and slide back in.

Finish your movement. Perfect. Let's try the other side. All right, so you slide it forward. You slide the opposite leg and you reach it up. Excellent. Good. And you lower it back down. Good. And pull it back in.

All right. Go ahead and sit back, shake your wrists out real quick. We're going to do one more exercise. All right. And let's go back and 12 fours, sir. Eight. All right. And let's put a tail, a poodle tail on the back of your pelvis. All right. And I do this with my baseball players tonight.

I love this because they hate it and I, this is my way of getting at them. All right. All right. So with your tail, all right, we're gonna make circles on the wall behind us. Alright? So big circles and we're just loosening that spine up around, right? And I had to tell the baseball players, okay, we're going to, you know, swing the pelvis first, second base, third, and then we, we were, we're on the same page, right? Let's reverse that and swing around. So we're looking for lots of movement, lots of extension, inflection of that spine. Everything's moving around are very good and bring it in. Okay, let's go ahead and let's lay down on our backs. All right.

Okay. And we're going to bring our knees bent so your feet are across from your sit bones. Your arms are reaching down. All right, let's take our hands in this. Reach it up to the ceiling. All right, let's bring one leg up to a table, top in the spring, the other leg up. All right, so then make sure that you do that correctly, that the publicists not going to move. These are your a hundred all right, so let's prepare our body with big inhale. Now exhale this. Pull the arms down. Extend your legs out, and your upper body peels off. Here we go into squeeze the backs of your legs.

Widen those shoulders and we pulse. We go. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, two, two, three, four, five, two, two, three, four, five, three, two, three, four, five, three, two, three, four, five, four, two, three, four, five, four, two, three, four, five, five, two, three, four, five, five, two, three, four, six, two, three, four, five, six, two, four, five, seven, two, three, four, five, seven, two, three, four, five, eight, two, three, four, five, eight, two, three, four, five, nine, two, three. Pour bad. Night. Three, four, five, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Now reach. Return your body all the way back down. Very good, and place your feet back down. All right. Now let's go ahead and let's extend our legs out to the mat and let's flex her feet back. All right, like we're standing out on nice, strong legs. All right, let's take it in hell and let's bring the arms up and behind, over like number to make sure that you don't open up the ribs. All right, now during your inhale breath, we're going to start bringing your arms forward and peeling your spine up. So we're going to do a roll. Alright, so here we go. Inhale, start peeling and we cruel and we roll all the way up. Good and over you go. Exactly. Take your inhale set, pulling your pubic bone back and continue with your exhale.

Roll down bone by bone and reach. Very good. Again, we go in how we peel up. So you rule the spine, you reach and reach and nice curls. I see that abdominal lifted arms here. Now pull your pubic bone back, roll that spine out, send a lot to energy through those hills.

Anchor those legs down on that mat and bring it back in. Let's do one more. So we bring it up, the scapulars down and we roll the spine. Curl up in all over the abdominal and reach. Take your inhale, pull the pubic bone back, continue with your breath and [inaudible] very good and bring it back and excellent and bring your arms to the side of your body. All right, now we're going to take her right leg and bring it up to a table top position. You can take your hands and place it behind your thighs and just do a little stretch, right? So we're going to inhale and exhale, extend one, and then you knee, bring it back in and go to excellent and bring it back in and go three.

Good. Now bring it back in. All right, now press your foot back up to the ceiling. Press your hands down beside your body and let's place that leg where you're comfortable. Where I see both hips down. Take your supporting leg. We're going to go into a flex position. That's your strong base. All right, now this leg, that's up in years going to make a circle. So let's start the circle by crossing our body. So we go down towards the other foot around, and we stop a moment.

We go over, down, around, then up over, down of pelvis is still over, down around one more and over, down around, reverse and out, down, around, back up, out, down, around, back up, out, down, around, back, up, out, down, around, back up. Bend that knee, hold that pelvis, slide that leg out there. Stay with your form. Bring your other leg up, bend that knee. Place your hands behind and we stretch her leg. And one back down, foot up to the ceiling, back down, and three back down. Replace Your hands back down. Extend your arms up. I mean your hands down beside your hips, your leg back up. Let's take that foot and flex it. All right, so let's be comfortable again.

Now the leg crosses over the body. The hip stays down, around, back, up and down. You can softly point up, put up there and over, down, around, and up. Over down around one more and over down. That's reversed and out, down, around, back up, out, down, O, round, back up, out, down, around, back up, out, down. Left. This time and over. Down around. Very good. Bend your knee, bring it back in. Excellent. And stretch it back out. Lovely. This rollover onto our sides and we're going to come up and sit and we're going to do rolling like a ball. Okay. All right, so you want us to get yourself down so you're fully on the mat. All right, let's bring our legs up. Let's grab our shins with your elbows out to the side.

All right, let's lift up. Find that balance point between the sit bone and the tailbone. All right, and let's take an inhale and exhale. Let's pull back and go rural back. We balance back up. Excellent. And we go ballots and back up. And we roll. Good. Backup. Two more.

And we roll. Good. And back up. One more. And Roll. Good. And back up. All right. Excellent. Now let's take our arms in his hug her knees. Keep your shins, keep your heels towards your bump. All right. And again, this is a little bit harder. All right, we pull the navel back with your breath and you roll back and you balance. Excellent. And back up and balance too. Good and up. And you're articulating those vertebrals. Perfect.

Three go four and up. One more, and we go five roll back. Excellent. All right, very nice. Now let's transition into the next step. Let's grab the right leg and let's do a roll down. Nice. Roll down. Extend your left leg out in front of you and go ahead and lay down in your body. All right, now let's go up. We're going to do this single leg stretch. So yeah, the bed knee stretch there. Now take your hand. You want to put it onto the outside of the leg.

The other hand is there and your upper body will curl up. Now let's watch this, like here's sometimes the weight of that quad. We'll pull that hip down and we want to keep that pelvis. It's think about the upper body. All right, so let's inhale here and exhale which one? Go and switch to switch three, switch four, switch five, switch six, switch seven, switch eight, switch nine, switch ten one more, a 11. Very good. Bend your knees and bring it back in. All right, we're gonna try it one more time. Now every time your leg extends, so when you're extending your legs out, what I want you want you to try to work on is that your leg hits a target each time, the same target.

And I also want you to really focus on how your legs are moving out, right? That you're keeping the same distance. All right? With your legs. So you're tracking your legs in one last cube. When you grab that knee, let's have you press that in towards your hand just a little bit. All right? Not a lot that's going to distort your shoulder placement or your scapular, but that's going to help you to get into a little bit more of the pelvic floor and feel a little bit more of the inside of the leg. All right, so let's start again. All right, so let's position our body and it's bring that upper body up. Alright. Alright, now shoulder blades are down and here we go. And we switch our one. Switch to targets, three, target four and five, six and seven.

Now a target here, and press and press and press. Good. Press two more, one and two. Bend your knees and bring it back. And good work. Nice. Excellent. All right, so let's go into the next one. All right, so we have the double leg stretch. So now your knees are bent, your hands are up on your shins. All right? And this bring your upper body forward. Let's take your elbows and bend them. All right. Now you're going to reach your hands and extend your legs out.

So your hands will reach behind you and you extend out why and you swing back in we go, Choo. And back in go three good. One more. Angle four and back in, lay back down. Now I want you to try something. When you grab your needs, I want to see your elbows bent your shoulders, them as you start to bring your legs, extend your legs out. I want your elbow to come here and I want you to focus on stretching your elbow joint and your knee at the same time.

So we put a little bit of that big seaward coordination again. All right? So yeah, so your hands will be here and as you need stretch your arms reach good. So you hit that coordination. You're moving your joints together. Okay? All right, here we go. So we're up. Bring that upper body up. All right. And you start, go bring your elbows and extend one and beautiful.

Now when you come back in, if you like, you're pushing something. So here we go. And you go out and though, wrap and reach, good around reach and perfect and naval to that spine to more reach and around and reach. Good. All round. Very good. Pull back down. And this, relax. That was good. All right, now let's get, let's continue on. Let's do a single straight leg stretch, right? So let's bring the right leg up to the ceiling. Extend the left leg out, your hands are behind that tie and let's bring the other leg up. All right, so upper body comes up. Now again, the weight of that quad, right, can sometime maneuver that pelvis into a position that we don't want. All right, so we're going to take a breath of a sniffing now. So we do a little pulse.

So we go pulse, pulse and switch. Sniff, sniff, switch, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, switch, sniff, sniff targets. Again, sniffs Nav, how are you tracking your legs? Snips, snip, switch, pulse, pulse switched to more. One. And your last one. Very good, Ben. That was lovely and brain back in. Good. Now let's take our hands and we're going to bring them behind. Her head has been our knees and extend your feet up to the ceiling and is bring your upper body up. All right, so you curl your upper body. Now take your elbows in this, bring them into your peripheral little.

Pull your shoulder blades down right now. Stretch. And you want to separate your toe from your thigh. You're going to lower your legs down without changing anything in your back. And you're going to bring your legs right back up. And we're going to stop for a moment.

We lowered down too good and out. Now if you'd like, your feet are touching the wall in front of you. They go wall ceiling. That's it. Wall juncture, wall and ceiling ceiling. One more press very good and bring it back in the spinner needs and bring it back down. Lovely. All right, let's go into a crisscross now. All right, so let's take our hands. Put them behind our head again. All right, this peel that upper body up. Let's bring your legs up to a table top.

Let's take the right leg and extended out. Now think of that leg reaching. Now take the opposite elbow of that leg and this reach over towards that one. There's your start position. All right. And here we go. And we switch oh one switch to switch three switch. How you tracking for, are we hitting targets with the legs? Five. Good.

Six, seven. Good. Eight. Two more. Nine. Excellent. 10. Alright Ben, bring it back in. We're gonna try that one more time. Now all I want you to think of doing is that you take your rib cage and you just bring it to the center. You bring it back, ribcage center back. So it's a little rotation and aback and I really want you to focus on what is going on with the legs. Are you extending that leg? Are you reaching it up?

Is that pelvis thing? Absolutely. Absolutely stabilize, right? So that's a lot of movement. So we're rotating and we're extending at the same time. And I'm looking for you to keep your promise. Absolutely still legs. Nice and extended and tracking again.

And then nice coordinated movement of the upper body. All right, so let's try it. All right, so here we go. Hands behind your head. I love to see the elbows come forward because that can help you to pull the scapular down. All right, let's start with the left leg bent and the opposite elbow towards that. And here we go. And we switch our one. Perfect Choo and three and four and one, two and three, two more. And they want and two very good. And Ben Bring it back in.

Excellent. All right, very nice. Okay, let's go ahead and lay down on our stomachs and let's have your heads at this edge, right? So this is the mini Swan, right? It's not a big swung, it's, it's a little baby swine here. All right, so we have the hands right next to the shoulders there and we've got the Apple's reaching down towards our hips. We have a scapular sliding down our back and we have some energy in our legs. So you can bring your legs together as close as you can, as long as it's comfortable for you. All right, so we're going to start by pulling that naval up, sliding the scapulars and take an inhale and let's bring the upper body up. So go ahead, bring it up and lift your chest off. Just a little perfect.

And then lower back down. Now a good position for your head is that you want to focus that you like maybe a marbles out in front of you and the marble rolls out. The marble rolls back in. All right, so that puts that neck in that perfect position. And also let's think about the scapulars rolling down the back and a little bit of openness of the chest. All right, here we go. All right, so elbows pulled down. Scapulars are down there in your hips. Let's take an inhale and we lift that spine up. Perfect.

Good. And a exhale. We lower back down and we go in. How we lift up. Nice work and Axa, we lower back down. Let's do one more and inhale and we lift up.

Good. And acts how accident we lord down. Very good, relaxed moment. Let's bend our knees once. All right, so Ben, you need some, put your feet up to the ceiling. Now all I want you to do is let's let your legs cross and cross like this and this relaxed and sometimes that helps it kind of release the areas. All right, very good. Let's put our feet back down. All right, now let's go into the single leg kick here. So let's bring our hands out in front of us. All right, and that's like a tripod. And then I like to see the arms here. All right, now your focus is out this above the mat and we're going to take our breath control and we're going to do a double kick with that right leg.

So here we go and go kick, kick and reach other leg kick, kick and reach, kick, kick and reach and kick, kick and reach and kick. Kick and reach. One more kick, kick and reach. Right? Good. We're gonna try it one more time. Now the kick is great cause I'm not seeing the pelvis move. You've got a really strong center. What I want to see you do is thinking of reaching that leg past the other leg. Reach that foot so it's reaching back to the wall. Here we go.

And let's start with the left leg now and we go kick, kick, end, reach and kick. Kick and reach. Excellent kid. Get and reach. Good. Kick. Kick. One more time. Each side. Kick, kick, reach. And Yeah. Yeah. Very good. All right, let's go ahead and lay down on our stomachs now. All right, let's put the right cheek on the mat. Let's bring the hands behind the back with your elbows out to the side. Now we do a double kick. All right, so your hands behind your back, lower back, your feet are together and we go and kick. Kick. Now you're gonna reach him, pull back, lift your chest up, and you place your head to the other side. Kick, kick, and reach. And place. All right, good. This is a hold moment. All right, so the kick kick is great. Now what I want you to feel is that there is a string connected to your hands in your heels. As your heels start pulling back down.

That pulls those arms in the chest up. That's it. That's it was exactly at Christie. All right, so here we go. Legs are down. All right, now long through that body. Shoulders are down. All right, and we go kick, kick. Ever reach, perfect and down. Kick, kick in the heels, pull you back down and kick, kick and pull back down and kick, kick, and Paul. Very good and back down. Let's go back into a child's pose and this, stretch that back out. Good. Let's let that spine, this relaxed a little bit. You can take your tailbone and move it back and forth back there. All right, let's go ahead and stand on our mats now. Go ahead and do it.

Standing position. All right, so your legs are parallel now. All right, and we're standing nice and tall. We've got nice long legs from all the exercises we've been doing. You've got a beautiful posture. Now we're going to take our right hand and we're going to reach it up to the ceiling. All right, and your left hands can never reach down. Now we're going to take the hand, we're going to reach all the way up and we're going to do a side bend all the way over is that other hand reaches.

Now what I want you to feel like is that your arm pit is opening up to the ceiling and I really want to see that the vertebrals down this lower back are doing a lateral movement and over. Let's try the other side. All right, so up and you lift up towards the ceiling all the way over. Excellent. Think of that. You're in between two panes of glass. So we see this lower back, this lower spine. Now reach out of that movement and bring your body back into its position.

Let's try that again and go up. And we go up in over and that other arm hangs down. It's reaching, that's per fic. Good. And we bring it back up and the other side, and we go over and reach good, and we bring it back up. Nice. This opener lake's red customer hips. All right, hold that spine nice and tall. So what we're gonna do is we're going to bend our knees so we go bent and we stretch. Now we're going to raise our heels up.

We're going to balance for a moment so we balanced, lowered down. All right, now I really want to see a great foot placement as you raise the heels up. So a nice placement of the foot for this would be 60% of your weight is between your first tones, second toe. It's a good strong point there, 40% out through the rest of the foot so that structures the foot and the ankle correctly. And this is also a balance thing. I work a lot with balance in my studios because I have a clientele that needs a lot of work on that and even as I get older I'm finding that my balance is not that great anymore either. I used to be a ballet dancer, so it was a real like shock when I looked in the mirror and couldn't. All right, here we go. So we go, we bend and stretch, heels up, heels down, we bend and stretch, heels up, heels down, we bend the knees, we stretched the knees in, lift back up and bend and stretch and up and again, and then and stressed. And one more time down and bend and stretch and up and down. Now just reach your legs a little bit out. All right.

And I wanna see a weight shift. So we're going to shift our weight towards the beach. All right? And we're going to bring one leg up to a balance, right? So you're going to bring the other foot up next to the knee and his balanced. And we find that balance. Exactly. Hold it there. Yeah, and lower back down there. Really focused with your eyes.

So part of balancing is putting your eyes into the environment so you can really, really help the body to find the correct alignment crept, muscles use, and really hold into that balance. All right, so here we go. We shift over towards a friend here and we come up and we balance good, and we lowered back down. All right? So we shipped away to over. Yeah, like pushed us out floor a little. We bring it up good and back down and we shipped over and we bring it up. Now hold there. Could you lift that heel up and balance a moment?

There's lift up. See what you can do. Find that balance. Focus with your eyes lowered back down. Good and place it down on the ground. Let's try the other side. It shipped over and we lift up. Good. And we lower back down and back down. All right, let's try that one more time.

I think that needs a little bit of work, right? We're like, oh, all right, here we go. So little bit of a weight shift over it. So we shipped the pelvis over. We lift that leg up. Now focus with your eyes, thinking about what you're doing with your abdominal. Where's your spine? There we go. And let's lift that heel up and lower back down. Good and back down and this that, the other leg and go up.

Now remember the placement of the foot. This is a lot into the cab muscle. Here we go up. You guys rocked out. Let's go back down and lower back down. Thank you very much.


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Loved the concentration on balance! Helpful hints on method.
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Hi Pilatenewbee:
Thanks for the comment!!
Thank you Troy. My first class w/you. Always love taking classes from dancers. They have that extra "thing". Whatever that is....hope to see you more!
Outstanding instruction. Always helpful to concentrate on balance exercises and coordination exercises. Thank you.
Fun class to kick off the new year :)
Hi Denee:
Thanks for watching my class. I love teaching movement. I hope your new year is filled with lots of incredible movement!!
Hi Sherry:
I always include balance and coordination in all my classes. Im glad you liked it.
Hi Melissa:
Thanks for watching my class!!
Loved the class, first with you, great ideas to use in my class thanks
Happy you like my class!
Thanks for watching.
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