Coordination Challenge<br>Troy McCarty<br>Class 1375

Coordination Challenge
Troy McCarty
Class 1375

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Loved the concentration on balance! Helpful hints on method.
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Hi Pilatenewbee:
Thanks for the comment!!
Thank you Troy. My first class w/you. Always love taking classes from dancers. They have that extra "thing". Whatever that is....hope to see you more!
Outstanding instruction. Always helpful to concentrate on balance exercises and coordination exercises. Thank you.
Fun class to kick off the new year :)
Hi Denee:
Thanks for watching my class. I love teaching movement. I hope your new year is filled with lots of incredible movement!!
Hi Sherry:
I always include balance and coordination in all my classes. Im glad you liked it.
Hi Melissa:
Thanks for watching my class!!
Loved the class, first with you, great ideas to use in my class thanks
Happy you like my class!
Thanks for watching.
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