Coordination Challenge<br>Troy McCarty<br>Class 1375

Coordination Challenge
Troy McCarty
Class 1375

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While enjoyable and fun, I would call this a 1 with a deliberate pace. I will keep this in my favorites though for a light alternative. Always enjoy the balance challenges which always help.
Hi Jeff:
Thanks for watching my class. Balance is always an area we need to work in Im glad you found it useful.
Jodi B
Hey old friend, miss taking class from you. Loved it!
Thank you! Jodi
Great Class!!! I have heard wonderful things about your teaching, so I was excited to take this class! Thank you!
Hi Jodi:
Miss having you in class. Thanks for watching!!
Hi Claire:
Thank you for watching my class.
Susan H
I would also call this a deliberate pace class. Did enjoy the cueing. Happy 2014
Who says that Pilates is not fun?. I love these classes it seems that these changes do not do Pilates. Great job. Thank you very much.
Great class for balance, core strength, and total body coordination! Loved it! Thank you Troy!
Romana said you must always go back to the basics. Great cuing that I will use with my clients. I work with seniors like myself and will now end every session with balance work.
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