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Mat Workout

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Tom McCook is back with a wonderful Mat workout. He starts with Body Tapping to turn on your proprioception, then goes into a short Yoga warm up. He then teaches a Mat flow where you will work on letting go of unnecessary holding in the muscles.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block

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Jan 13, 2014
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Welcome everybody. I'm Tom McCook come here at Claudia's anytime. Real pleasure to be back again. And um, today's class will be a math class with a little bit of yoga in the beginning, some body tappi...


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This class is truly wonderful, I feel so good after taking it. While working out I really got the impression that the selection of the exercises and the sequence of them is based on a deep understanding of the body and connection with it. For several times in between the class I said to myself 'Yes, this is exactly what I need wright now!'... I like the calm and clear instructions and I find them a bit different from the majority of other instructors. For me, they really brought up a higher level of body awareness in between and after the class. Thank you for this workout!! :)
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I was a bit stiff this morning but the yoga warm up really got me ready for this great mat class. Thank you Tom. As always your clear instructions allowed me to focus on my practice and nothing else!
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Thank you, Tom McCook. Your classes feel wonderful!! Loved it from start to finish - and I particularly enjoy the active cat towards the end. Thank you!
I enjoyed this flowing class ! Thanks Tom
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Thank you Tom. Love the Franklin, Pilates, Yoga blend.
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You had me at body tapping! Just wonderful Tom, thank you.
Wonderful class thank you Tom. I loved the simple variation on the extension and the fluid movement of the whole class. Feels so good!
What a great class! I really enjoyed your unique style and energy. Thank you I feel terrific.
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Thank you everyone for your feedback, I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the class! Be well and share Pilates Anytime!
Since I teach both yoga and Pilates I could easily spend hours watching your classes and learning something new every time!
Namaste and thank you Tom x
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