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Proprioception-Focused Mat

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Tom McCook is back with a wonderful Mat workout. He starts with Body Tapping to turn on your proprioception, then goes into a short Yoga warm up. He then teaches a Mat flow where you will work on letting go of unnecessary holding in the muscles.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block

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Jan 13, 2014
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Welcome everybody. I'm Tom McCook come here at Claudia's anytime. Real pleasure to be back again. And um, today's class will be a math class with a little bit of yoga in the beginning, some body tapping, Franklin inspired work we'll do in the beginning to get the body warmed up and turn on our appropriate reception. It'll be about a 45 minute flow. So thank you for joining us. So we're going to begin with a little body tapping slightly to reach your right arm forward and tap all sides of your arm. The tapping is a way to improve your proprioception, which is a big word to mean.

That means to know where you are in space to officer relates to position, effort, tension levels, gravity. Posture's all related to proprioception. So the better your proprioception, the better you move. And if you add your attention to that, all the better. Now tap up around your neck on the same side and then we're going to go into brushing. So brush down the arm.

Imagine any stress from your life is flying off your arm now being recycled for some useful purpose later. Now coming up to your Trapezius, which is in between your shoulder and your head. Lift the shoulder up and squeeze the trapeze is like you're squeezing a sponge. Take an inhale. As you're doing that exhale, release it. Feel the weight of the arm as it lowers. We're going to do that four times.

Lift and squeeze. [inaudible]. Exhale to lower. Feel the weight of the arm. And imagine you're as you squeeze the sponge, see it filling three-dimensionally as you release one more. Now work your way down onto your deltoid and squeeze sponge and work your way slowly down bicep, tricep, forearm, hand.

And then one last time brush. Oh and then just take a quick moment to notice the difference between the two sides. I noticed that shoulder, shoulders, a little lower, even tests your shoulder flexibility and range that you use of rings. Nice little thing you can do on a regular basis just to change your embodiment and your attention level. This take the second inside. So we're going to brush, I mean a tap, different type of brush. All side. Okay. Tap up around the neck area.

Yeah. Okay. It's all good. And then brushed down. Ah, and then from there, come up to your, you see just the space in between your shoulder and your neck and your head. And as you lift the shoulders, squeeze and exhale. Let it melt down. Feel the weight of the arm. Do that four times. Three more. Inhale, lift and squeeze x a little lower.

See the muscles spreading, releasing unnecessary tension and one more and release. And then move on to your deltoid. Squeeze and release. See how your muscles are mostly water. You're flushing them out. You're letting go of unnecessary holding. Work your way down forearm. And then one more time brush.

And take a moment, just a brief moment to compare. Notice how that feels. Quick little thing you can do for yourself on a daily basis. Now we're gonna go right into tapping and the rest of the body. Yeah, probably the chess round, the mid section, and then around your lower back area with small fist happen. Even at the bottom of your rib cage where your kidneys are and make a little noise to vibrate the kidneys.

Uh Huh. And down your legs. All sides of the legs. Chap your butt, pap your head. Tap your face. Give your ears a little pull. Oh, and then just shake out your limbs from there with your feet about six inches apart. Bend your knees slightly and bring your hands to your shoulders.

Now imagine the shoulder blades are designed to slide on the rib case. We're going to do a breathing spinal scapular motion, so you inhale, lengthen your legs, slide the shoulders back and lift and open your chest. Exhale, bend and empty the lungs. [inaudible] open. Exhale, empty. An empty and empty.

[inaudible] Huh. Now lengthen up. Now imagine you are going to start steering circles on the opposing walls and feel there's a little bit of a side bend and rotation in the spine. Now lengthen out your breath. Inhale for a count of three XL for three. Think of your goal is to hit all the surface area of your lungs with your breathing in reverse.

See the elastic quality of the body. Feel that one more time. Go to the end of your exhale and shake it out. We're going to go right into a sit and reach the field of hip crease. And as you sit back with the inhale, reach the arms up into a high V. Exhale, press down through the arms to lengthen. Inhale and exhale and three more and one take that right into a spinal roll down bend slightly starting from the top heel down through the spine so you get towards the bottom.

Feel the weight of the head. Take a deep breath as you exhale. Roll the pelvis back over the legs and stack the spine. One vertebrae at a time, letting the head be the last, the thing up into a lion posture. Let's do that one more. Inhale to bend. Exhale, peel through nice and fluid. Allow the pelvis to roll over the top of your legs. Take a breath and then stack from the bottom up.

Very nice. Now come to the front of your mat. Facing in. We're going to go through a couple of sons citations, so I want you to bring your feet right together, toes touching heels about an inch apart. Bring your palms together. Okay, that's an interest widen. Lower your shoulder blades and with your feet, feel like you're swiping out a little bit. Heels in so you feel the back of your hips. Turn on and now see if it's possible just to breathe through the nose.

Breathe low and wide. And on the x I'd just draw the lower belly in and up, telling the pelvic floor, the bottom of the pelvis and throughout this practice if possible, just three. Breathe through the nose in this portion and let the breathing be smooth and fluid. Now from here you're going to drop the arms down. On the exhale. Take your fingers to the back. As you draw the shoulders down, straight arms. Inhale, turn the palms over. Exhale, take the fingers back, belly, and again. Now inhale, take the arms forward and up, shoulder width apart. Exhale, bring the palms together, bring them down and curl down.

Let the knees soften and bring your fingertips right next to your feet so your fingers will be on each side of your feet. Shoulder width apart. That's enough. Stepped back into a lunge with your right leg. Now deep lunge, straight line through your head and your back leg. And as you reach through your back leg, reach the chest forward and open the top of your chest. On the exhale. Keep your hips low, but round your spine. Look back towards your belly. Do that one more time. Inhale forward this time as you exhale and round.

Step back to a kneeling plank. Now in the kneeling plaque, the knees are behind the hips and I want you to round your spine and look back towards your belly. Resist the arms towards the knees and the knees towards the arms. You're toning your abdomen to show the girdle, your inner thighs on the XL. Keep that tone. Become into a straight line from your knees to your head, lower elbows and close. I had your hands forward on the floor. Show them with the part. Now press the palms down.

Press the feet down. Lift the of the thighs back. Now slide your upper chest forward into extension. Slide the hands towards you a little bit, letting the elbows, Ben Holding that position. Slide your hands under your shoulders. Now roll the shoulders back and lift the hands straight up off the floor. Still holding onto your extension. Let the hands come down.

Tuck your chin to your chest. Pull the waistline away from the floor and come back to rounded kneeling plank. Tuck your toes, lift back to downward dog. Hold the downward dog for two breath. End of your exhale. Gaze forward.

Walk your feet towards your hands. Soft knees. Inhale, reach out with your chest. Exhale forward bend, soft knees. Feel like you're trying to draw your forehead to your knees, but you're drawing your front ribs away from your thighs. Roll up through the spine by pressing the hips forward and bring the palms together. And again, arms down, fingers to the back. Exhale, turn them over.

XL fingers to the back again. Exhale. Inhale, arms for NEP. Shoulder with look up towards your hand. The hands come together. See y'all hands come down, roll down through the spine. Soft knees. Bring your fingers on each sides of your feet. Longe back with your left side, reaching through your back leg. Open the top of the chest forward. Exhale, keep the hips low, but look back towards your belly as you lift the waist. One more time. Inhale forward. Exhale, round and step to nailing planks. Round the spine.

Arms resist to legs, legs to arms, belly lifted. Keep the tone as you straighten the spine. Lower elbows in close. Slide the arms forward, shoulder width apart. As you press down, feel the bottom of your shoulder blades. Press the hips down, press the feet down, but lift the thighs to the back. Traction your chest forward as you pull the hands towards you a little bit. Now slide the hands on your shoulders. Shoulders, back and down.

Lift the hands straight up. Extend a little more hands. Come down, Chin to chest. Lift the waist. Go back to rounded plank. Back to downward dog. Take three breaths. Smooth breathing. Okay. Feel the line through the body.

It's okay to keep your knees bent if you need it to. Nice line, hips and hands. Drawing away from each other. End of your exhale. Gaze forward. Walk towards your hands. That's it. Now forward bend. Press the hips forward and roll up through the spine.

So you're going to need to grab a block for this next stretch. Either a blocker roller could be used and you're going to put it on the right side of your mat. Now come up to the front of your mat again, we're going to go into a lunging position. So what I'd like you to do, we're going to step back with your right leg into a lunch. Find the block with your right hand. Now keep your hips square and I'd like you to create a straight line from your head to your back leg. So lift that back leg back into your hamstring.

Turn on your back glute. Your ribs are in your knees. Tracking right over your foot with the inside left arm. Reach the left arm palm up forward and up in line with the body. Now as it goes up over the head, further turn just from your rib cage and thoracic spine up to look up towards the pong without rotating the pelvis. Come back to square. Bring your hands to your front knee.

Squeeze the Mat with your legs and come vertical with your torso. Bend the back knee straight down so you have a straight line from your back knee to your head. Turn on your back glute. Bring your arms overhead, turn the palms up, soft elbows connect to the bottom of your show, the blades, and slowly turn to your left from your waist in spine. Back to center. Exhale, curl down. Bring your fingertips onto the mat and as you straighten both of your legs, take your chin to your chest around the spine and if possible, lith the four foot off the floor on the front leg, flexing the ankle. Draw your front ribs away from your thigh and take two more breaths. Okay, shoulders are low, breath is smooth.

One more breath as you learnt forward. Step forward. Press the hips forward and roll up through the spine. Set your block up for the second side. So this time we're going to do the second side. You're going to step back with the left side, come into lunch, find the block with your left hand and just use the left hand for support, not for weight.

Don't take the weight of your body just so you have something to square yourself up with. Turn on the back glued. Reach into the leg. Take the right arm forward, palm up, turn from the spine and look up towards the hand keeping the pelvis stable. Back to center. Hands to the front knee. Squash the now with the legs. Come vertical back. Knees straight down. Find your back glute. Arms up, palms up, shoulders low and wide. Turn to the right, back to center. Fingertips to the mat. Chin tucks in slowly lead from the front leg with strength. Lift the waistline away. Lift the forefoot and flex.

Two more breaths and one as you launched forward, straighten the spine. Step forward. Drop the head and roll up through the spine. Okay, from here we're going to help your stuff down onto your back. For a math sequence, come onto your back where your legs bent, feet flat in line with your sit bones. Bring your arms along by your sides and just rock your pelvis forward and back a few times and then find where the middle is, where you are in neutral. Bringing the arms. Now from there, see, you can get a sense of connecting to your feet and start to breathe low and wide into the rib cage and on the exhale, let's just do a few core activations on the exhale.

Draw the belly away from the inner thighs and feel that activation of your upper inner thighs, your feet in the back of the leg. One more breath and we're going to go right into the hundreds on the next exhale. Float one knee up in the air. Then your second leg. Take the arms straight up to the ceiling. Inhale to repair XL.

Roll up into the hundreds. Looking at your belly strong inner boarder of your arms. Inhale for five beats. Xcel for five beats. Get Room to move. Take the legs straight up to the ceiling, zip up the end seams, heels, press together. Inhale for five, exhale for five. Feel like you're drawing the weight of your head into your abdomen from your, from your abdomen. The breastbone is moving away from the chin.

The shoulders are staying low and wide. Three more sets of breaths. If you've got room to move, starts to lower the legs without losing the position of the lumbar. And one more set of breaths. As you finish your exhale, lower your legs all the way to the mat. I'm going to go into the roll up, so take the arm straight up.

If you needed to bend, your legs would be fine to bend them. Otherwise keep them lying. Get as long as you can through the middle. Inhale the arms over [inaudible]. Exhale the arms forward. Let the head follow, peel off the floor. Stay flexing in your lumbar as you go forward. Now stay in the flex position. Inhale, flex the feet. Exhale, curl down as you reach through the heels.

Let's do three more. One continuous motion, long at the long and toned at the bottom. The Tennessee's to let go at the bottom. Nice and fluid. Flex the feet. Activate the INSEAM and sequenced long fluid motion. Arms go back, shoulder blades widen and lower. Peel off the mat nice and smooth and one more you go through. That's it you guys.

And again, exhale, curl. Very nice time at the top of the movement. Lengthen up to straight. Bring your heels together with your feet and a little bit of turnout out in. Interlace the fingers. Now on the exhale, press through the heel of your hands and draw back through the lower belly to flex the lower back. Squeeze the inner thighs. Now Inhale, rock up onto your sit bones and lengthen up straight. Long spine XL.

Turn towards me in the closest to me. Bend now. Rock up onto your sit bones. Push with the back arm and flex the long leg and reach through the heel. Inhale to the center. Exhale, squeeze the legs, press and curl. Inhale, lift. Feel the length on all four sides of your waist. Turn to the second side. Rock up active. Long leg. Look back.

Easy neck in health center. Exhale, curl length with tone. Inhale, lift, link. Exhale, spiral towards me. Active, long legs, shoulders back on the back side. And one more time. Inhale, center. Exhale, curl. Inhale, lift, lengthen. Exhale, spiral tip forward. Reach through the long leg. Inhale, center. Exhale, roll down through the spine, preparing for leg circles, so like you to draw the knee closest to me into your chest. Not find that the down leg by flexing the foot and pressing the top back of the thigh and the floor. Now hold the back of the up leg, except press the leg into your hand in length in it. Do that one more time.

Lengthen and hold. Now draw the belly away from the foot. Bring the arms long. Inhale the leg into the midline. Exhale the circle five in that direction. Nice fluid. Focus on the strength of the standing leg, the scapula and the waistline, and reverse Lewis. That's it. Feel the inner thigh of the standing leg and one more and then we'll bend. Draw it in and switch sides. Reach that leg long.

Draw the second leg in for a stretch. Hold the back of the thigh. Now keep that down like strong and active and XL precedent of your hand as you lengthen it in health event on this last time, you're going to hold it point. I feel that opposition belly pulling away from the foot. Bring the arms long. Inhale leg into the mid line. Exhale the circle. That's it. See if you can cultivate stability in the pelvis as the leg moves.

That's it. And last two and reverse school. That's it. There you go. That's it. That was just a test. One more back to the center book. Draw that knee into the chest and then draw the second the in and rock yourself.

Right up to sit at seated position for rolling like a ball and a hold the back of your thighs from your pelvis. Roll back and float the feet. Shoulders are wide and low. Inhale to roll. Xcel up and find that balance. Point that says magic. You're initiating it from your abdomen. That's it. Nice and fluid. One more.

Now come up and hold. Now draw the heels in a little closer and reach your arms forward. I feel the scapular connection. Arms forward, belly back in Hilter role. XLF. Find that balance fine, nice and smooth as you come up. Now take the arms to the side. Inhale back.

XLF connects through the back to the middle, to the inner thighs. One more. And for the grand finale, arms up in the Hilter roll. Exhale up. Beautiful. One more and up as the feet come to the floor. Hold the back of the thighs and roll down. Preparing for single leg stretch. Draw the knee and closest to me. Hold on the outside the low arm, low to the ankle. Other hand on the knee. Now look at your belly and press the leg you're holding into your hand.

As you widen and lower your blade. Exhale to switch the switch and switch. Knees tracking right over the hip. Joint. Pelvis is stable. Lower back is long. Okay. Is that your belly? One more each side.

Back to the center. Holding your knees. Just bring your head down for one breath and roll your head from side to side. Yeah, and we're going to go right into double leg. Stretch the holding again on the exhale. Roll the head forward. Keep the shoulders low. Imprint the back of the waist. Hold the tone.

Inhale slowly reach arms and legs away. Xcel. Circle the arms right in to the middle. Four more times and and stay long. There you go. And fluid and two more and one more. And then we're going to go right into straight leg stretch. Take the right leg close to me up, draw it in and switch and switch news tracking again, right over the center line, pelvis to stable. See the hip bones like wheels like coming towards you is rolling back.

The other one is rolling slightly forward. One more each side. To finish this set, bend the knees into tabletop. Bring the hands behind your head. Take the head down just for one breath. Relax the neck and shoulders. And on the next exhale as you draw the belly and roll back up.

Now slowly turn towards the knee farthest away from me as you slide the leg long closest to me and then switch nice and slow. Feel the wrap from the bottom of the shoulder blades. Press down with that reaching leg. Two more each side, one more each side, back to the center as you finished strategy you in rock forward and come up onto all fours and step forward with your leg closest to me and to a lunging position. So this is a hip flexor stretch, so we're going to do is have your front knee right over the ankle. Your back knee will just be a little bit behind you, not a lot, so not too far.

So you don't want to be like this. This is kind of too far a little less. Now put your hand against the front of the hip that's furthest away from me and press the hip into your hands. You feel your gluten gauge? Do you feel that? Now keep that in. Only lunged forward to the degree that that doesn't change. Okay, now take the same side arm as the back leg back the other arm forward like you're about to sprint on the exhale. Squeeze your legs together as you pull your body back and switch the arms.

Inhale into the lunge. Exhale, pull. So as you're kicking down with your back foot, you feel like you're pulling the needy or chest to pull you back and you feel that there you go. Two more and one at this time. As you come up, stay back on, tuck the back toes, but bring your hand onto your front knee with the palms facing away. Now the movements in your lumbar spine, so on the exhale as you can track your glute pressed into your hands and take your low waistline back and up. Inhale back to neutral spine. Exhale, engage your glute press. Draw the waistline back and up. Shoulders stay low and wide.

One more exhale, press. Now keep the contraction just from your breastbone up. Come up to straight. Take the arm on the same side as a knee inside and press the knee in the arm into one another and take the free arm up overhead. Now side bend, keep the glue contracted that the breathing be slow and easeful. One more breath. Lengthen up and switch your legs.

That's working. Now, step forward. Have the front of you right over the ankle. The back of these are just a little bit behind you, but make sure it's square behind you that it's not rotated in which you might like to be. If you're tight in your outer quads in it, Ben, Tuck the toes of the back foot. Put your hand against the front of the back hips so you can turn on your back loop. Press the hip into your hand. That's now. Keep that in. Just lunge forward to the degree that you can. Keep that on so you're not substituting in the lower back. No same side.

Arm his back as the back leg. Other arms forward on the X. Kicked the back leg down and forward. Pull yourself back. Inhale. Exhale, slow motion sprint. That's it. Two more and one pull back. Stay back on. Tuck your back toes.

Keep the back glute turned on. Palms facing away on your front thighs you press forward. Take your waistline back and up in Elton. Neutral. EXA contract. Draw back and lift. Two more. Find that back. Loot right at that before you start the stretch.

One more and again, drawback. Now keep it turned on. Just lift your chest, take the arm on the front knee inside, press them into one another. Take the free arm and side bend. Now breathe into it easily on the tops of the shoulders and the neck. Make the work lower in your body. One more breath and lengthen up from there. You guys are going to come onto your belly for Swan. I'm going to come up onto the mat, so for this version I like you to have your hands just a little forward of your forehead and bent like in a triangle.

Now from this place, just widen and lower your show, the blades and spiel that you can anchor the front of the hips and the front of the ribs are drawing a little bit away from the Mat. That's when now as you inhale, I want you to slide your upper chest through your arms and slide the elbows, the hands wider so you come up a little bit. Now from there on the exhale, as you engage your shoulders down, slide your arms straight. Inhale, bend the arms back in. Exhale down through the spine, and again, shoulders down. Inhale, slide the upper chest forward. Keep the shoulders low. Open the hands a little bit. Now reach is you engage your low belly, low glutes, middle back. Inhale to bend.

Exhale down two more times. Inhale, draw the upper chest forwards. Open the hand slightly. Xcel belly first reached with the arms. Beautiful. Inhale to bend. Exhale sequence down. Have the focus be your upper back, your low belly, the back of your hips. One more time. Inhale, extend forward.

Open the hand slightly from the bottom of the blades. Reach. Inhale to bend. Exhale down. Very nice. Roll onto your side facing me. Oh, this position going to be a double leg lift, so we recommend your bottom arm being long. If that's uncomfortable, you can create all your head off. So stack your hips. Put Your top hand under your front ribs for a moment.

Now see if you can just draw the lower waist a little bit away from the floor, and if possible, keep your body in a straight line of post to the typical position of having the legs forward. Top. Hands right in front of your chest. Now squeeze your upper inner thighs. And on the exhale, lift both legs. Inhale, flex the feet. Exhale, point. Inhale, lower with control and again, lift black point and lower. And two more times. Lift flex points and lower and lift.

Flex point. And Laura. Now we're going to take that right into side banana. So for side banana, your top palm will be down for the first two so you can keep that hand down and use it for support. Now imagine the work is from under your shoulder, your waistline and your inner thighs. So on the Xcel side been with the upper body and lift both legs, yes, in health to lower. So they have to go for a hike. Go for control. There you go. In how to lower. Now turn the bottom palm up.

This time you're going to lift the bottom arm and reach through it. So we'll XL side bend and reach. Inhale to lower. Do two more on the exhale. Lift and help to lower. And one more exhale to lift.

Inhale to lower jelly rolls. Your second side. Nice work. Um, yeah, that'd be great. Once you guys face me. So for the second side we're going to start with the double leg lifts, so come into that sideline posture. You working on posture and hip, inner thigh and core strength, so connect to your line shoulders, your low. Exhale, squeeze the legs and lift both. Inhale the flex. Exhale the point. Inhale to lower and again, lift, flex, point and lower.

We're going to do that two more times. Ooh, lift full x points and lower and one who left. Flex points and lower turn the bottom palm down for side banana. The arm will stay down for the first two. Exhale, side bend and lift the legs. Inhale to lower. Focus on that top shoulder, staying low as you come up. Exhale side. Inhale down.

Now turn the bottom palm up so the side body is shortening on the top, lengthening on the bottom XL side, and reach to the bottom and held down. We're going to do two more on the exhale. Left. Inhale down, and one more. Exhale, lift and down. Beautiful work. You guys come up onto all fours. We're going to go from a plank to a side plank. So when you turn to the side, I want you to turn towards me. So start on all fours and let's just do a couple of scapula glides for.

So find neutral in your spine, makes you think of the top of your head as the end of your spine. So make sure there's a line out of the head and you have the natural curves in your spine. So as you inhale, let the show the blade slide in towards the spine without changing the shape of the spine. Now widen and lower the blades, but keep the top of your chest open. Do that two times. Inhale, slide in. Exhale, widen and lower. Keep that wide low feeling and step into a plank. Now turn on your inner thighs.

Still feel like you feel like you're pushing the floor down and away from you and you're going to turn towards me on the sides of your feet and reach the top arm to the sky. Now I want you to keep your hips completely still. We're going to do a twists. So on the exhale without the hips moving, turn and reach under your arm. Inhale to open. Now. Exhale, reach back and look back. Inhale side Xcel flex. Inhale side. Exhale, open. One more.

Inhale side XL, flex. Inhale side. Exhale, open. Inhale, back to plank. Slowly rotate to your second side. Open. Exhale, flex and curl. Hips stay stable. Inhale, center. Exhale, open. Look back. Inhale side. Exhale, curl.

Look under. Inhale side. Exhale, open. One more time. Exhale, flex. Inhale, center. Exhale, open, and they'll send her back to plank. Float the knees down and stretch back into child's pose for a few breaths. Let you body gear down for a moment. So off tips, soft neck, soft belly. Breathe deep and low.

Let's take two more fluid breaths. It's okay if you need to open your knees if that's uncomfortable for you. On the next exhale, you can use your hands for support from your tail draw down to roll up through the spine. And we're going to go into an active cat. So an active cat means that you're going to, the hands will come off the floor. In the cat and we're going to lift up into a kneeling position.

So start with your hands directly under your shoulders. Now as you inhale, I'd like you to Tuck your toes under. On the exhale, lift your tail and arch the upper spine forward and look forward. Now holding that position resists the knees and the hands towards one another so you feel your middle back a little more. Inhale, untuck the toes. Exhale, push into the floor with your feet and your hands and around the spine. Let the hips come back slightly and float the hands off the floor.

Inhale down, tuck the toes, transfer into an arch and resist in nail. Untuck. Exhale, curl. Float to hands. One more before we make it a little bigger. Inhale, Tuck, Xcel arch. Resist. Inhale. Untuck. Exhale, curl. Use Your glute. Hamstring, belly, shoulders. You're low on the next one.

When we flex, we're going to come all the way up to nailing. So inhale, Tuck, exhale, arch. Resist. Inhale on Tuck. This time as you come back, roll right up to Neely. Take the arms up overhead. Now like the Swan, extend through the upper back and look up. Okay. Inhale to neutral. Now for flat back hands. Chin from your hip, hinge from your hips and float the hands down. Inhale, Tuck the toes.

Exhale, arch. Resist. Inhale. Untuck. Exhale, curl, float, roll up. Arms come up and extend. Hinge from the hips. As you come to neutral, float the hands down. One more time. Inhale, tuck. Exhale, arch, resist. Inhale. Untuck. Exhale, curl, roll up. Arms come up. Extend.

Inhale. Untuck. Exhale, Tuck the toes. Lift up to downward dog and stretch it up. Now I'd like you to hold that for a few breaths. We're just going to work through the legs. So I want you to bend one leg as you're straightened the other.

Press the thigh bone back into the hamstring and then just alternate on the exhale phase. Do that two more times, each side. [inaudible] and one more. Float the knees down. Come into a kneeling position facing me for nailing sidekicks. So reach the arms and imagine you've got that hip extension like the stretch we did earlier. The ribs are in. Reach the arms out. Now side bend away.

As you do that, come on to your fingertips, your palm and reached the leg out to the side. Bring the top hand behind your head and make three small leg circles with the reaching leg and reverse. Now hold position and kick to the front and pointing. Reach to the back for three. Keep the chest open and reach an one.

As you come in, transfer back, reach sideband, reach spring the hand behind the head. Feel the line through the body. You're right on top of the standing leg as best as you can. Circle and reverse. Oh, and now flex and kick. Point and reach and two more and One Ben and bring it in. Transfer. Help yourself down onto your back. Cross your leg closest to me over you, the other neighbor.

We're going to go into a figure four stretch for the back of the hips. Hold the back of the down leg with both hands. There you go. Now from here, just to get a sense of leveling your pelvis and dropping your tail on the stretch side, start to kick that leg in the leg you're holding so you feel the back of the hip and engage. Now on the exhale phase, bend the arms to bring both legs a little closer. Ah, inhale. Let the arms lengthen. Do that four times. Exhale, draw an image of the muscles in the back of that folded stretch side. Stretching, lengthening, releasing tension. Keep the shoulders nice and low. One more time on the exhale. En inhale, release and switch sides. That's it.

Hold in the back of the down leg. Hips are level. Start to kick the foot away from you on the side. You're stretching on the exhale phase. Let the arms win and dry in. Inhale, let the arms lengthen. XL Dry n and let's do three more nice and fluid and two more. Keep the breathing nice and fluid. We're gearing down or getting close to the end and one more.

As you finish the one you're on. Trav both these into your chest and rock up to a seated position. Cross your legs. Sit Up nice and tall, and then you can hold onto your knees to drop yourself up a little more on the sit bones. Not Take your hand. You're a right arm for you guys. Straight up. Now keeping your right hip, heavy XL side bend to the left on the inhale from your breastbone.

Turn and look up now x, reach out over your left d as You go forward and circle all the way around and bring that arm down. Second side. Exhale over. Inhale, open. Exhale, reach, and circle. One more each side. Exhale over next days. Long inhale, open. Exhale, reach, and circle. Last time. Exhale over. Inhale, open up. Exhale, reach, and circle, and we'll call it right there. Nice work, everybody. Thanks for joining us. Hope to see you again soon. Okay.


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This class is truly wonderful, I feel so good after taking it. While working out I really got the impression that the selection of the exercises and the sequence of them is based on a deep understanding of the body and connection with it. For several times in between the class I said to myself 'Yes, this is exactly what I need wright now!'... I like the calm and clear instructions and I find them a bit different from the majority of other instructors. For me, they really brought up a higher level of body awareness in between and after the class. Thank you for this workout!! :)
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I was a bit stiff this morning but the yoga warm up really got me ready for this great mat class. Thank you Tom. As always your clear instructions allowed me to focus on my practice and nothing else!
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Thank you, Tom McCook. Your classes feel wonderful!! Loved it from start to finish - and I particularly enjoy the active cat towards the end. Thank you!
I enjoyed this flowing class ! Thanks Tom
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Thank you Tom. Love the Franklin, Pilates, Yoga blend.
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You had me at body tapping! Just wonderful Tom, thank you.
Wonderful class thank you Tom. I loved the simple variation on the extension and the fluid movement of the whole class. Feels so good!
What a great class! I really enjoyed your unique style and energy. Thank you I feel terrific.
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Thank you everyone for your feedback, I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the class! Be well and share Pilates Anytime!
Since I teach both yoga and Pilates I could easily spend hours watching your classes and learning something new every time!
Namaste and thank you Tom x
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