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Find your Natural Rhythm

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Blossom Leilani Crawford brings her great personality to this challenging Wunda Chair workout. She encourages you to find your natural rhythm while you move and breathe through the entire class. She also throws in fun surprises including a Jack Knife Corkscrew combo and more. Welcome to Pilates Anytime Blossom!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Small Tennis Ball

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Hi, I'm blossom Laelani Crawford, and this is Alicia Reese and petty BioNano. And we're going to do a wonder chair workout and just kind of move and breathe the whole way through. So here we go. Sit toward the side edge of your chair. Sit up as tall as you can. Just give me a big inhale. And as you exhale, round the spine too low or down onto the top of the chair, hug the knees into your chest, chest, and give me a just a nice pull. When you pull, keep your booty down and when you're ready, start to reach those legs. Forward. Arms go forward as well. And let's start to pump for hundreds. Inhale, three, four, five, exhale.

That's exactly it. Decide if you're doing a parallel or Pilati stance, whatever you're doing, just make sure those legs are drawn together. Keep pumping. Three, four, five, exhale. Inhale on this. Next exhale. Bring the legs halfway up. Sometimes halfway is harder. Yes. And really feel this low belly connection. Yes. And on the next exhale, bring those legs all the way up to 12 o'clock. Let's just do a few sets here.

And the hard part about 12 is keeping that butt down. 12 o'clock yes. One more breath here. After this, hug your knees into your chest. Give me a nice big pole. Let your head go back. Take a little mom to stretch that neck up for Justin when we can hold onto the sides of the chair if you want to. And when you're ready, lift your head up and slowly sit all the way up. Let's get ready for pumping. So when we pumped, you're going to have heavy springs.

They have one heavy on the top and one heavy second from the top. Press the pedal all the way down, toes on the pedal, only all the way down with that pedal. And you're just going to lift and lower the heels just a couple of times to say hello to the ankles and you can even look down at the feet when you do this because I just want you to take a peek and see how your feet are working and make sure that that little toe is on the foot bar. Yes. Keep the pedals. Sorry, not the pedal. The heels. Nice and high. One hand on the belly, one hand on the low back, or you're going to start a pumping motion of the pedal, keeping the heels not too high, not too low. Yeah, keep pumping. And when you get a nice pumping motion going, cross your arms in front of you.

Keep pumping that pedal a few more times. Keep breathing. And ideally the low belly and back are stay nice and quiet. Press the pedal all the way down and stay down. Walk Forward to your arches. Please keep your hands right where they are and start a pumping motion again. So even though your hands are going to your belly, just imagine that saying Nice and calm. That's it. Keep pumping. Keep breathing.

Yes. So we're going to find your own natural rhythm. It doesn't have to match to the ladies here. You just have to really find your own pumping rhythm. Press the pedal all the way down and keep it down. Go to heels on the bar, please. Yes. And make sure you try not to move your hips in between that and start to pump again. Yes. Really breathe with it. Yes.

Yes. Feel that opposition of pedal up belly in. Yes. Press the pedal all the way down. Now here we go without moving the hips. Extend one leg for let's say the right leg. [inaudible] pump your left leg only 10 times ten nine don't lean back. Eight seven that's it. Six, five, four, three. Keep breathing to press the pedal down. Change sides. Hold on both feet.

Lift up tall. Don't go backwards. Don't shift in the hips as you change. Pump on the other leg. Now here we go. Yes. You decide how high up and down your leg goes. But do breathe and try not to lean back and really move that pedal. Yes. And after what feels like 10 cause I wasn't counting there with you, press the pedal all the way down. Go back to toes on only hands on your thighs.

Look the pedal hover a little bit. Keeping your hands on your side. That helps keep your knees still point and flex the feet this time moving the pedal. Yes. And even though it's just feet, I really want you to feel that flex happen all the way through the spine. So don't let the chin lift, lengthen the whole spaghetti it. Cause sometimes when you want to lift the chin and it feels like lengthen the spine, do one more, point those toes and stay there. Keep the toes pointed. Go into the corners of the foot bar with your toes, heels, nice and lifted or heels on, whatever you prefer.

Cross your arms back in front of you again and let's pump 10 times. Here we go. And again, still think of this low belly staying still. Yes. And letting the knees open against it. Use the springs to let the inner thigh stretch and open. Just a few more. Two, one more. Press Down in hole.

Let the pedal come up and that's enough. All right, let's move on. We're gonna go to push down. So go to LE, a medium to light springs depending on what you prefer. Um, are you guys gonna stay for this on pushed down? You can stay on this for push out or go to medium to light springs. You can kind of play around with, with push and depends on what you want. I want you to actually stand farther away from the chair than you normally would. And the big thing is, is when you go to reach forward right away, you're gonna reach for, try not to lock in the knees as you press that pedal down, walking closer to the chair, kind of as close as you can.

Stay in that V of your feet. Yes. And let's stay there. Keep the leg straight please. Let's just do an up and down motion of the torso and you're really thinking of curving that low back. And when you go to press, don't round the shoulders in an effort to reach for really just keep the arms and the sockets. Do One more like that. Press the pedal down and stay down. Small pump of the arms. And I want you to think of the shoulders going up into the sockets.

As you press the pedal down, one more. Press the pedal down and stay here. Bend those knees open. Think of the booty going underneath you whole thing. One more time. Up and down in the torso. Yes. So press the heels to get as you go up and you can play around with how high up and down you go. Yeah. Play around. Cause I'm kinda changing the pelvis a little bit. Yes. Press the pedal down.

Stay there. Small pump of the arms. Every time you press down, think about what's lifting up away from the pedal. Yes. Really dropped the head. One more press. And from there, let the arm leg slowly straighten as you slowly come up to standing. Take your time. Yes. Try not to lock back in the knees. Come up to standing, standing and take a breath. Get ready for teasers please. So now could lighten the springs even more if you wish. Yes.

So I think they're going to both go to um, one spring. Second to the bottom. Yeah. I thought. Yep. It's up to you. And then when you're ready, have a seat on the top of the chair getting ready for teasers. Yes. Okay. Inhale. And as you exhale, you're gonna really round that spine and bring those knees in towards your chest. Yes. And on the next exhale, go to your full teaser position and grab onto that pedal. Yep. Now in this position, soft elbows to begin because I really want you to work on the rounding of the spine. Pedal goes down and up just a few times and I want you to breathe. Just like pumping. Find your own rhythm. Yes.

And think about your focus of your eyes. Where are you looking? Think of going up and down the center line of your legs or keep your focus right in the eyes. Whatever works. You're going to find your hovering spot. Small pump of the arms. Yes. Really breathe. And again, as you press down, think about lengthening that spine. Good. From here, you're going to try to lower the legs to the height of the chairman to help the ladies if they need it.

And you're going to try to keep the legs parallel to the floor. Yep. And then when they get parallel to the floor, repeat the whole exercise one more time, Ben. And straighten the arms. Yeah. Or up and down. Whichever one. Yes. I don't care which already gets it. That's okay. You don't need to move the pedal very much at all. Look straight ahead. Keep the curl in the belly. Yes, you got one more just, Huh? Keep curling in. And now let's just transition to this next bit.

So keeping the legs here, this is challenging. You're going to slowly come up to sitting up tall. You can maybe even grab onto the back of the chair as you try to hover the leg. Take another moment to sit up tall and let the legs come down. Swan time. Ladies, flip onto your tummies please.

You might need to adjust your springs again, heavier, lighter, depending on what you know you need or play with it. And when you're ready. Um, um, if you can, if you have a tennis ball, that would be great. You can put the tennis ball between your feet now and then bring your pelvis on to the top of the chair. And if you don't have a tennis ball, just press the legs together. I personally like to flex the feet, but that's my own thing. So when you're ready, however, the pedal, so that you are in one long line. Yes, maybe a little bit higher of the heels. Aleisha say in the hovering position and do a small bend in straightening of the arms. Again, press away with the springs. I feel the lift of the tummy. Feel that lifted the back of the head. That angry turtle that we talked about before. Yes.

Do One more nice straight arms and stay there. Up and down in the torso. Let the springs help you move with it. Yeah, don't go too slow and come on down a few more times. Right back up again up and come on down. You got one more to go. Let the springs push you up and stay up there for a moment. Push back down whole thing. One more time. Small pump of the arms.

When you go to press down, don't lose my beautiful long, long, long back of the neck. Yes. And then when you're ready, up and down in the torso, here we go. Inhale, exhale up and inhale. Exhale down. A few more time. Inhale to fill the under our muscles, John Muscles. Yes. And come on down. You got one more. Take that navel with you. Take it with you. Stay up here for a while and do a small pump. You're bending and straightening. Yes, yes. You got one more and press the pedal all the way down.

Let the pedal lift you up again. And this time let the, let the knees bend. Yes to grab on to the ball. Good. What? The tennis ball in your right hand and then keep your left hand on the pedal. You have to kind of play around with that left hand. Really reach with a tennis ball. Hand in. If you don't have a tennis ball, you can just squeeze a fist. Draw those legs together. One set. Here he goes, Ben, in straightening of the left arm, please think of reaching toward that window wall long back of the neck, right. Do One more and then up and down in the torso.

Reach the feet and the arm over tor that side away from that pedal. Hand reach. That's it. And come on down. You got one more to go. Come on up. Reach those legs. Yes, and whole thing. One more time. And in this straight position. Keep reaching those legs almost toward the reaching hand. Yes. One more.

And then here we go. Up and down in the torso. Big Inhale. Exhale up. Inhale, exhale down. Keep breathing. Two more. Here we go. Reach retreats, squeeze at Fist and come on down. Breathe with it. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale up and come on down. Change sides. Here we go. Holding on to that tennis ball on the left hand or just squeeze. If this [inaudible] it's hard, but do try to keep that arm at shoulder height or maybe a touch low or small pump of that right arm, please. Yep. Keep breathing with it. Yes. Almost left him that torso up. This is where fasters almost a little easier.

And then up and down in the torso. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale down. Inhale. Exhale. Press those legs together and inhale. Exhale down. One more time. Inhale, exhale up. Inhale, exhale down. Stay there. One more set. I know. Squeeze those fifth energy in that arm. Yes, yes. And here we go. Up and down a few times, pressing those legs together and come on down.

Keep moving with it. Yes. Keep moving with it. The spring wants to let it go. You got one more to go. Let the spring help you up and come on down. Put the tennis ball down on the floor if you can. And let's just snap fro from here. Let the pedal lift you up and come on up off the chair. That's right.

Ooh, mermaid time please. Shall We? Yes. So you can either do the mermaid sitting on the top or kneeling, whichever mermaid you prefer. Depends on what you're trying to do. Yeah. So again, if you have a tennis ball, great. Put it in your right hand and if not, you can just make a fist and again, change the springs if you feel necessary. So when you're ready, um, you have your tennis ball. Good. Um, so let's do arms out to the side so that again, it's one of the few that actually like a prep for. And when you're ready, you're gonna look down toward the pedal as you just reach over and press that pedal down as you reach the tennis ball arm up and over your head. Stay there and just breathe. Let's have a check look straight ahead.

Yeah, look down to the floor. Those you two head options. You decide which one you want and let's start to pump up left arm please a few times and you can do Ben and straight or up and down. Whichever one works for me. The only thing is when you do go up and down with a straight, with straight arms, really think of both sides of the body. Lengthening. Yes. Both sides of the body. Really squeezing that fist. Yes.

Do One more set. That's exactly it. And press down. Stay here and let's do bend and straighten out the left arm again. Here we go. One good, a few more and an every end. See how this shoulder stays nice and quiet. That's what you're looking for is a quiet, that's it.

And then up and down in the torso and push back over a few more. And if you're seated, you can play around with letting half of a butt cheek come off. Yes. One more. Press on down and stay down. Reach that right arm up to the ceiling and slowly sit all the way up. Think of Linkedin and reaching up, up, up, up, up, and just let the pedal go.

Bring the arm down by your side. Turn around. Okay. So when you're ready, look down at the pedal as you go over. We're so gonna have to edit. Okay. So when you're ready, find that position. And let's start with bending and straightening the pedal arm first. Yes. And as you're, it's so easy to get caught up in that pumping arm, but it's real soft to really reach with the other arm and squeeze that tennis ball or fist and then up and down in the torso when you're ready. Yes. And it's Sorta, it's, I really want to see lengthening on the way up, lengthening on the way down. A few more. Lengthening on the way up, lengthening on the way down on both sides.

Saying there small pump of that arm again. Yes. And each time you straight, you're thinking of Taller linkedin out of the hips, whether you're kneeling or sitting. Yes. And then up and down in the torso. Re Yes. Shh. One more please. And really reach with that arm. Bring that arm up to the ceiling now, that tennis ball arm squeeze and reach and slowly sit all the way up, up, up and bring that arm down. Great. So leave the tennis ball alone for a moment. Let's do some froggies.

So come to a v position of your feet standing in front of the chair. [inaudible] and really keep that connection of your heels together. Yeah, take an internal moment cause you know the frogs are coming. So when you're ready, come on down to your frog position. Try to find that pedal. Yeah. And let's pump here just a few times.

Yes. And when people, when you pump, there's a wants there to let the chest lift. And really, especially on the up, think of the ribs almost going away from, it's from there. Start to come back up to standing. I know, but we're doing it again. Here we go. Come on down. Pelvic floor. Pelvic floor. Yes. And again, pumps. So again, when the pedal comes up, I want to feel alone. Almost a dropping. Yes. And tuck the chin ever so slightly. Yes. And from there, slowly come up, press the heels together, feel it, feel the strength of the legs sending you up your turnaround.

Please. I was good. At least I hope it was good for you when you're ready. So I like to start with heels on the top. It's my little cheat. And when you're ready, you're going to come on down to the frog position. Yep. Make sure you get your balance first before you come on down there.

Reach back behind you. Yes. And right away, let's try that pump. And so in this position, you can either think shoulders together or let the shoulders roll forward. It's up to you. Yes, that's enough. Ladies, come on back. Press the heels together. Use the strength of those legs to come back up here. Okay. So grab onto your tennis ball again if you have it or if not, you can just make that fist. And let's go into what I like to call toys soldier.

I don't really know what it's actually officially called. Okay, so tennis ball is in your right hand or make that fist. And when you're ready, the right arm goes up to the ceilings, you press the pedal down with your left hand. [inaudible] ideally this hips and shoulders are square. Really reset tennis, ball up, bending and straighten that left arm. Here we go. Yes. And when you are bending and straightening, don't lose the energy of this arm. And the more you think of reaching the pinkie up to the ceiling and almost the palm into the central line, the better it will be. Up and down in the torso. Please really breathe with it. And if you feel like you're not getting that nice, rounded back, you're welcome to bend the knees open. Let's do it one more time.

Staying right down there, bending and straighten the arm and remember, don't lose that right arm. It is reaching up and toward the center line. Try not to break in the wrist. I know. Nag, Nag, Nag. But I can't that that's, that's what I do. And then up and down in the tour. So yes, really reach that pinky up. Yes, it's that opposition. I know. Let the right arm come down. Let it dangle for a moment. Don't lock in the knees as you come up to standing to the other side please. Dude, we leave some sweat on the floor on that one. I think so. Yeah. Alright. Tennis ball on your left hand or squeeze the fist.

Here we go. Right arm reaches down for the pedals. The left arm goes up to the ceiling. Feel that Pinky side of the arm and draw the arm toward the midline. Have your moment here. Don't you lock in those knees, right? And then when you're ready, small pump of the right arm. And again, it's about sometimes what's not moving right?

You want the shoulder in the socket and then up and down in the torso and the up and down. What if you thought of letting the up happened from the reach of that arm reach? Yes and maybe the spring, right? Use the spring to help you come up and press down and if you need to, you could bend the knees if you want to get a little more of a rounded back. But let's repeat the whole thing one more time.

Bending and straightening that arm arm stays in the socket. You are reaching that tennis ball? Fisted hands so much. Yes. And toward the center line. That's it. Yes. Feeling the spring as you go up and down. This is your last one. Let that left arm come down and dangle. Who without locking.

Take your time to come up to standing. Yes. Okay. Let's get rid of the tennis ball and let's get ready for going up front or the forward lunge. So we have changed our springs to heavier springs so they both have two on the bottom. Not Oh, that'd be great. No, they have two heavy on the top. And then when you're ready, just going to put your hands on the sides of the chair and step the pedal down any way you wish. Just don't step on your own foot please. Yes.

And then with the pedal down, take a moment to round your spine and just do a few lower and lifted the heels to warm up those ankles. Yes. And be careful of not lowering the, lowering the heels almost too much and make sure that all 10 toes are represented. Yes. And then with your feet, sort of in that mid position, step the right foot onto the top of the chair. Yep. Your position and right away, either cross your arms in front of you or reach up or I also like hands behind the head. Be careful letting your hips go forward. Sending the hips back over your heel. Let's start to go up toward the ceiling, keeping those hips nice and square. Yes, and honestly, I don't care if you move that pedal or not. You could just stand there and try, but as long as you are reaching and trying to lift without lifting your back heel up. [inaudible] thank you. [inaudible] keep breathing. Two more. Thank you. Don't you go to Tucky for rights? Think of sending the hips back, push into that top like and almost send the hips back. Come all the way down.

Change side. You can put your hands on the sides of the chair to make that change happen. Yes. Yes. Bring that left foot on the top. As you bring that foot up, you're already thinking about keeping your hips square. You're going to find your arm of choice. Yes. And when you're ready, up and down, and like I said, I don't care if you just stand there and try. Yes. I had a friend who, um, uh, lower that back heel.

I had a friend who used to do this exercise and she goes, oh yeah, I never went up. She just would stand there. Yes. A few more. Yup. Yes. Last one. And go all the way down. Really reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching, lengthening, lengthening and come all the way down. Hands on the sides of the chair. Lower and lift your heels. One more time, just as a little breather. And when you're ready to get ready for our pike, you're going to really going to drop your head.

Think of drawing most arms in the sockets and let's really think of rounding that spine and in the effort to round the spine and lift the hips, you're not going to lift the heels. Let's do the pike up and down a few times. Ladies. Really breathe with it. Yes. Keep moving that spring. Don't go too slow. Yes. And press those heels together. Maybe right above the knees together. Do One more like that and come all the way down and take a little moment.

Let's just do it one more time. So when you go up, really just think of rounding that low back that we've been working on. Here we go. Start to lift up and not the heels. Yes, live. That's fine. Live. That's fine. Live that side. Open up that low back and go on down a few more times I think of opening up the low back and drawing those arms in the sockets. Yes. And let's add a little something on. You're going to hover up there.

Let's go to parallel legs. You just separate the heels and just do a few bending and straightening of the legs. I want you to think of your moody coming underneath you. Yes. And that spine is going to round even more. We're opening up that back. Don't over lift the heels right. And keep those low. Not Minolos low nine West on heel. That's it.

That's it. And slowly come all the way down. One more calf stretch. You're alive and you're ready. I don't blame you. I didn't come off when you're ready. All right. So, um, now we're going to lie on down and get ready. And so grabbed your mat and let's put a mat out in front of your chair. Mats are on the floor. Lighter springs are medium to light springs, depending on what you want to go for it. And we're doing spine stretch forward.

So with your legs on either side of the chair, you're gonna Round your spine and you might have to bend your elbows to round your spine. I just don't want you to go down. I really want you to lengthen and go up. And also I don't want the shoulders to go up. So can you go shoulders, head and butt length and of the top of the head stay right where you are. Pump the pedal please. Yes. And it doesn't have to be a big motion. And it's not so much about the down, it's the internal lift on the up. Yes.

Tuck the chin slightly. That's it. So you can do angry turtle, but you can also do it in a rounded spine. Say right here, can you slowly come up to sitting up centered? Let's do a set pumping here. It's hard to pump your, I'll take elbows bending, but I want to see you and feel you lifting up, up, up, up, up as you are pumping that pedal. Right. And then let's mess with you with a little bit. You're gonna press the pedal down. Use that resistance. Reverse the spine, arch the back. And if you need to bend the knees, if your hamstrings are pulling and really stay right there. Exhale through the nipples. Come on. Yeah, and pump here.

I did not originate. Exhale through the nipples. That was apparently what Mr Plata said to Kathy. And it's actually quite appropriate here. Yes. From here, keeping the pedal pressing. Can you come back to sitting up tall? Let the pedal come up. Oh my pelvic floor. And when you're ready, put your feet on top of the chair, please. Woo. Yes, yes. And so with the feet on the top of the chair, you can decide where your feet hit because everyone has different lengths of legs and torso. So you have to find your position. So don't copy them. Find Your teaser position in front of your chair. And when you're ready, hands are on the pedal. Again, you can bend the elbows if you need to depress the pedal down, but do not go down and get crunchy.

I want you to lengthen in the torso and find your pump. And when you're lengthening in the torso, there's a want almost of um, letting the chin go. I really want you to Tuck the Chin and almost length in the back of the neck. You can, if you were lifting up my hand off the top of your head, press the pedal down and stay there. Let's lift both legs up if you can. If not, that's it. And pump here small, small, small, and from where, right? Yes. One more set. Yes. With control.

Lower the feet down and take another breath. Alright, let the pedal come up. Come off of there. And you're going to turn around. Lie on down with your head facing the pedal, right? So you're gonna turn around, lie on your back. You might want to change the springs if necessary and you're going to get ready for corkscrew and Jackknife. So let's do Jack Knife first. So grabbing onto the pedal, you're going to bend the elbows, let the elbows come slightly up.

But the rib cage come greatly down as you bring both knees into your chest. All right, so don't let those elbows hangry them up, ish toward the ceiling so that the rib cages down on the next exhale. Both legs go up to the ceiling, the booties are down corkscrew. Let's go forward. Go take the legs to the right, down toward the center, over to the left and hold center bigger goal left. Keep those feet together and come center again, right, and really stop at Center at 12 o'clock and whole last side.

And I really want you to stop at the center and have a moment where you hold because it is hard to do that. Yes, from here. Bring the legs up and over your head. Did I say I was going to do jack and I first when I did corkscrew? Oh, what do you know from there? Roll on down just opposite day and keep rolling down to just the booty touches down. Stay right there. Now we're going to do jackknife. Here we go. Come on. Up and over. I might just do both at the end just for shits and giggles.

When you're ready, come on down. Lengthen. True. Shataki mushrooms and Jakey giggles. Yes. Do One more time. Up and over. Here we go. Oh yeah. So from here, roll on down to your booty. Touches down. Now we're going to do chorus group. Now we're going to mess it all up. Here we go. Over to the right hip. Yes, yes, yes. Take it to the right hip. Go on down.

All the way over to the other head and come up and over until your feet. Catch the top of the chair. Yes. Slowly rolled down to your booty. Touches down. Use those arms when the butt touches down. Take it on over to the left. Yes. You're not confused now, are Ya? Yes. Wrinkles. Legs up to the ceiling. Slowly roll down. When the booty touches down, then you're going to do another corkscrew. I know, but touches down.

Circle it around. Go all the way up and over until your feet. Touch the springs. Touch the springs. Touch the top of the chair. That's what I really mean. And reach up to the ceiling. The last one, I promise. Roll on down to the booty. Touches down. Reading through to your butt. Touches down. Take the legs over to one more big circle. Go for it. Yes, yes. Up and over.

One more time. Pulling with the arms. Really breathe as you slowly come down. Yes. [inaudible] Yo, I'll take it. You can go jack knife. Yes. Bend the knees into the chest. Hug the knees in and take a moment to stretch. That was a jack knife. Teaser corkscrew combination is what? That really was. Okay.

When you're ready guys, I'm flip onto your backs and we're going to do a little bit of pumping. Yes. Lying down on your back. We're going to, you can change your spring. So ideally if you have light springs, I'd like to light springs sprung equally on both sides. If you don't have that, then I'd like medium to light springs. Yeah.

But if you do have a lighter option than go for two light springs equally sprung on either side of the chair. So lying down on your back, put your feet on the pedal and kind of put, press the pedal down into as if you were going to do a pelvic lift cause you are later. Yeah, so press the pedal all the way down. Make sure you find your position arms are down by your side and let the pedal go up and down a few times. Then when you let the pedal go up and down a few times, make sure you've got your ankle is getting a little bit of play. Keep those toes curling over. Yes, here we go. Press the pedal down and hold it down without changing in the hips. Extend your right leg up to the ceiling and hold it there.

Really use your arms and do a small pumping motion of that left leg and make sure that the leg that's going up to the ceiling is right up to the ceiling. Not too close, not too far, just right is not easy. Yeah. Yes. When you get it to that 12 o'clock position, you'll feel that low belly kick in. Do One more really pump. Use that pedal change sides. Please breathe throat. Extend the other leg. Try not to move in the hips. Take that moment. Yes, before you transition. And again, pump yes and move the spring group.

That's it. Breathe. Yes. Aren't you glad you have your ankle and foot to help you and not just your knee? Yes. Press the pedal down now. Both feet down. [inaudible] let the pedal come up. Halfway up. Yes. Lift the pelvis all the way up. Use those arms. And if you can't press here, you can also make fists. Yeah. And bend the elbows and press the pedal down.

If you're eating from here, a small pump and when you pump what? Yes. The pedal goes down but the butt goes up. Yes. And don't forget your ankles are working. Yes. Two more good. Alicia. Energy to the top of the head. You've got one more. Thank you. Let's stay here. Can you extend your right leg forward? The knees stay to same level.

I'm just asking. Yes. Change sides. Next time we'll add the pump in or if you want to do that, you're welcome to do that. Yes. Take that leg down. Lower the torso down. Press the pedal all the way down. Bring the soles of the feet together, let the knees open slightly, not all the way right, and let the pedal just go up and down and really just relax the hips as you let the pet. It's actually one of the few where you get to relax into it, but depending on if you're really loose and you actually have to pull in, but if you're not loose, which I am, not that, it's a nice time just to get to relax the hips. Yep. Good. Bring the knees together. Yes. Slowly let the pedal come up. Great. And now we're going to lie onto your bellies and get ready for the swan.

From the floor. Lie On your tummy. Getting Ready for the swan from the floor. You're gonna reach for it and press the pedal down with the wrist or the heel of your hand off the pedal right now. Think rib cage down and let the pedal come up and let the pedal just stretch your shoulders. So let those arms be straight and really reach and breathe. Yes. When you're ready, you're gonna press the pedal down. Lifting the rib cage up.

Give me a big exhale. Then add the lifted the chin and chest jaw muscles come up. Look for me. Shoulders are down. Train goes by and come on down. When you're ready, dropping that head. Let the pedal come up. So a few more times. Let's do all three in a row. Ladies. Really press down, lift up big exhale and let the springs closed. Drop the head like a pedal. Come up just a few more times. Yeah, that's right. Petty and let's go.

Petty comes smaller. Yeah, so you don't have to go all the way up. Just do what you can. That's it. Let's see again, that's it. And just to there and just let the chin up. Yes. Both of you. Stay up at your high spot and stay here at, remember I said your highspot a little pump and every time the pedal comes up, you're narrowing in the wasteland. Yes. Two more. Last one. And let the pedal come up. Rest your head down and let the arms go up. Up, up, up, up. That's enough from there. Push back.

You can go into child's pose to stretch your backup for a moment, Yoga pose to the child if you need to. And then from here we're going to go into a cat pushup. So it's really a prep into the actual pushups. But this actually Alicia, Alicia made up and so she's very happy she made it up. You'll see how happy she is in a moment. So we're going to do right-hand on the pedal.

You're going to start in a cat position, so on all fours and you might want to pat him new through knees up to you, and you're going to press that pedal down. And here's the hardest part is just getting yourself into this cat position because the right arm is bent so that the shoulders are Ethan and the hips are even, and just take a moment here and so, um, let your head be bad. Yeah. So this is what you sometimes get. I really want you to lift the back of the head up toward the ceiling. An angry turtle. Yeah, right there. So staying right there, angry turtle is my own made up name for that. And when you're ready, without changing in the torso. Small pump of that arm. Yeah, that's all it is.

And so ideally you don't even see their torsos moving. All you feel is belly working and that right arm really working hard. Actually everything's working from there. Press the pedal all the way down. Take your opposite leg back so your left leg is going to go back and make sure it's not too far off to the side, that it's right at your center line. And you have your goldilocks foot, small pump of the right arm. Again, narrow waistlines angry turtle. Yes. Just a few more.

Excellent. Press the pedal all the way down and stay there. Take your left leg back to join it. Full pushup position. So ideally you stay in this position and this is the actual exercise. Try a pump now and if you have to move then go for wide feet. Yeah. And then you might actually be able to move the pedal, hopefully not moving the hips one more and then come down other side please.

So flip around to the other side. You're gonna put your left hand at the pedal. So Kat, prep into the full pushup. Yeah. So here we go. Press that pedal all the way down. Cat Position. Find Your Nice Square hips, square shoulders, and your angry turtle. So when you're ready, start with that left arm bent and small. Do a small pump of the left arm, please. Yes. And when you do this, I want you think or feel energy going out of the top of the head and tailbone because sometimes you can get so caught up in that one arm that you really need to think of the length of the spine. Stay right there. Take the opposite leg back.

So right leg reaches back and remember goldilocks foot. You're not too high, not too low. And right at your center line you can even peek at it. Full pushup. I'm sorry. Full pressing of the arms. Small pump. So hard not to twist. Great. Stay right there. Let's go for the full pushup position. So this is the actual position of the real exercise. Angry Turtle. Yes.

And if you can try to pump, if you have to move the hips, then you go for wide legs and you do another set of pumps. Don't lose my heads. Angry Turtle. Yes. Oh, just a couple more breaths. Think inner thighs, even if they're not touching, think of the inner thighs coming together. Kneel down, let that pedal come up. Go into a squat or a pipe, whatever would feel best for you. [inaudible] so just so you know what the, um, patty, when you do the pike position, so if the squat hurts, that's what the pipe position is. And then from here, slowly come up to standing. Alicia, when you come up to standing, try both of you. When you both come into Sandy, try not to lock in the knees as you come all the way up to standing. And let's just do one little balanced moment here. I'd like you to close your eyes and lift all 10 of your toes and just see how that lifting of the toe sends you back.

Open your eyes, let the toes come down. One more big. Inhale and exhale. And we're done. Thank you. Up High.


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Oh how wonderful! I love personality! Thank you for the challenge
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Love you Blossom. Great class and fun!! Can't wait to see you in April.
Good job -- really fun pacing and sequence.
Thanks Blossom! Loved the cue to come out of mermaid lifting the tennis ball arm up and (of course) angry turtle making an appearance.
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Thanks everybody!
Holly, I tried to make the sequence as smooth as possible (and hopefully) without too many spring changes.
Jon, the reaching arm out of mermaid was a Kathy Grant cue.
Lynn, see you soon!
Super...I'm sweating! See you soon!
Love this! Brings back memories and inspiration! And also loving that "angry turtle" was used! :) I need to come back to NY and Brooklyn. X
Kerry, See you soon!
Karen, you do need to come back to NY! Brooklyn (and I) miss you.
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thank you, blossom :) such a lovely start to the day!
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Thank you! I love how using the tennis ball instantly brings out energy and strength that's elusive without the prop.
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