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Blossom Leilani Crawford is back with an evolving Mat workout that offers options to tailor your workout to be as challenging as you want it. She follows the traditional Mat order, while throwing in a few curveballs to accentuate the core and inner thigh work. Enjoy Leilani's playful and creative style!
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Jan 27, 2014
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I will give you everything in stages. You are welcome to pull back and just go back a step, but I'll sort of evolve it a little bit and sort of give you options. Please listen to some of the things that I do because even though I am sort of classically trained and I am going to go through the order somewhat, there is a few curve balls that you're just not going to be ready for unless you're Alicia or patty. And even then sometimes I'm going to throw them a new curve ball. They won't know what the heck is happening either. So shall we get started?

Yeah. So lie down on your back. Please. Hug your knees into your chest and just take a little moment. Yes. Ah, put your feet flat on the floor and let's put your hands ready, your tummy at your low low belly. And just to let yourself, give me a, um, just let yourself take a nice big inhale. And as you exhale, just feel that belly drop down to the floor. Almost think of zipping tight jeans on. That's exactly it. Give me one more big inhale. And as you exhale, exhale and find that belly connection. That's exactly it.

Bring your hands up towards your rib cage. And now inhale at the rib cage. Come up toward the ceiling. And as you exhale, drop the rib cage toward the floor, maybe hands to the sides of the ribcage. Inhale, feel the rib cage lifting and widening. And as you exhale, draw a rib cage down. Take your fingertips and put them right between your breasts. Inhale.

And as you exhale, send that breath through an imaginary hole, right between, yeah, like that. Let's do that one more time. Give me a big inhale and there's an imaginary hole right there. And send that breath through that imaginary hole that's exhale through the sternum. Yes. Bring your hands back to your rib cage. Please give me one more big inhale as you exhale, exhale the rib cage down and bring the right knee into the chest. [inaudible] and take the right leg down. Just do that a few more times.

So I want you to move with the breath and as you bring the leg up, don't push off the foot. And really just think of the thigh and belly. Just one more like that please. And even though you're just lifting the leg, try to keep the leg and alignment even the toes ease all the way down that line. Yes. And take it down. Change legs please. Yes and no movement of the hip. That's exactly it. And I'm not in a rush. So really let your breath be the guy to take. Yes, and I'm having you put your hands on your roof case so you remember that that part of your body affects the lifting of the leg.

Keep that leg up into your chest. Bring the other leg up. One plus one is two. Let's lower the both legs, down toward the floor. Inhaling, I don't care if they touch the floor or not. Exhale, rib cage, two legs, two more times like that. Lowering those legs and as you exhale through the chest, through that ribcage. Yes. Last one. Big Inhale. And as you exhale, bring the legs back up. Good. On the next exhale, extend both legs up to the ceiling. Easier said than done. You can say right at the rib cage. If you don't mind. Good. Stay right there.

Give me a big inhale and as you exhale, press through the legs together. But separate the heels. Yes, that's parallel legs, right? Take a look at those legs, right? So don't separate them so much. You want to keep the big toe knuckles or Bunyan's together. I know I said it and maybe pressing the knee together. Now stay there. Inhale.

As you exhale, lower the legs away from you a couple of inches. Feel the connection of the legs. Feel the ribcage. Oh my goodness. Bring those legs back up. Think of where you're bringing it up from. Good. Stay here with those legs straight up. Give me a little v position of the feet. Yes. Lower the legs away from you again. All of that.

The next exhale. Hold there. So one of these positions hopefully feels more connected to you than the other. You decide what it is or remember it later in your hundreds. Bring those legs back up. Hug the knees into your chest and give me a nice pull on the next exhale.

Lift your head up. Say holding onto the knees. We're going to call this double leg pose is what Kathy grant called it to. That's what I call it. Stay there and just give yourself one more nice breath. Good. On the next exhale. Lower your head down. Lower your feet down. Think of your belly without having to put your hands on your tummy.

Extend the legs forward as you give me straight arms up to the ceiling and really arms over your head. And just take a moment to stretch. Inhale and exhale. Maybe point and flex the feet a couple of times. Yes. Circle the fees. Yes. Circle in the other direction. Let me just tailor this a little bit. Go back to feet flexed.

You're going to circle both feet in the same direction. I will. Hold on. Hold on. I don't care which direction it is, but don't move. The knees go. Uh, so same direction. So they're both going to go to the right. That's it. But don't move the knees. Yeah, that's it. And then in the other direction. Yeah, both are good, but I was having a lot of knee movement. Okay, so stay there. Give me hands a few inches up off the ground. Rib Cage greatly toward the floor.

Just stay here and breathe. So think exhale right between the breasts, especially for you Karen. Yes. Bring the arms up to the ceiling. Lift your head up. Give me a big old exhale. Yes. Pressing those legs together. See that next wrinkle of your shirt? Come on up just a little bit more. Just right there. Yes, maybe come up a little bit more reaching for like you're going into your roll up. Just right there. Stay here. Reach up toward the ears. Give me a big inhale. Exhale to lie down where the arms over your head. Take a moment to stretch.

Here we go. Arms up to the ceiling again. Lift your head up. Big exhale. Just warming up. Yes. See that next wrinkle. Come on up to it. Pressing those legs together. See that next one. Keep pressing those legs. Almost. Press the heels down as well. Good. One more little spot. Can you come up to it? Just right there. Good.

Now reach up to the ceiling belts. Lie All the way down. Where the arms over your head last time. I promise. Arms up to the ceiling. Lift your head up. Yes. See that next wrinkle. Come on up to it, Kathy. So you're going to stay here. Count out loud to 10. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Next wrinkle. Come on up right there. Come to 10, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. One more. Come on up right there. Come all the way forward. Drop your head. Reach past your toes.

Keep reaching. Stay here. I know it's gonna sound crazy, but give me a big inhale and as you exhale, whistle. Yes. Do that a few more times. Really just whistle. [inaudible] I don't really get yes. One law. And if you can't whistle, by the way, just blow air out of your purse. Lips. One more like that. Yes. Now stay here. I want you to think of lifting the back of your head up toward the ceiling ever so slightly. Yes. Yes.

[inaudible] so if I looked at you from this side, I should be able to see your ears above your upper arms. Yes. Just you one more breath here. Yes. Let your arms are less relaxed on the outside of the leg, your legs and just look side to side with the head. Just a little head articulation you have just side to side. This is the pendulum head, just easy side to side. Yup.

And with your head hanging down, hanging imaginary spoon from your nose and do your soup head please. Yeah, I suggest the head, not torso, not the torso. Just the head. So Alana, keep your torso so and move the [inaudible]. Yeah, there you go. Also a Cathy head. Yeah. And Sir in the other direction should feel really good on the neck. Okay, great. Okay.

And when you guys are ready, scoot forward to the front edge of your mat. And so ideally if you can, I'd love it if you could squat, but if this hurts your knees, I'll take up hike. So if squatting is easy, yeah. Or you can just really relax on the heels, bring the weight of your body forward and just try to relax the front of the ankles and let's just stay here and breathe a little bit. Yeah. Couple more breaths if you can. If they can. Yeah.

So, but here's the thing, if you're in, so ideally the heels are down, but, but this is sorta does nothing for me. Yes. So I actually bring myself forward and actually, so I'm, yes, I'm reaching my heels on, but it's more just to relax the and goes yes. From there everybody, you're going to slowly come up to standing, pushed down into those legs, use the quads to come all the way up to stand. Yup. All the way up. Use the clods. Do we feel warmish ready to go? Wish Cross one arm over the other.

So you like to officially lower down to the mat? Yes. We've all done this. I hope so. When you're ready, you're going to really push into the arms, lower yourself down. And when you go down, Cathy would say, don't go to the bathroom, right? Yeah. So when you're ready, push into those hands and come on down. And as soon as your booty touches down onto the mat, lie right down, down into your hundreds position with your head up. Whoa. Let's pump now. Inhale, three, four, five. Exhale, so keep pumping. Remember that leg position we worked on earlier?

Which one's working for you? Inhale, three, four, five. Exhale on your next exhale. Bring your legs halfway up from where you are. Yes, that's it. Sometimes halfway up is harder. Yes, I know. Remember where you, that's it. Inhale. Exhale. On the next exhale, bring your legs up to the ceiling to 12 o'clock.

The hardest part about 12 o'clock is keeping your butt down and the waistline long and really bring it to 12 o'clock. Yes. Hug the knees into the chest. Pull very tight. Rest your head down please and extend both legs long across the floor. Give me straight arms up to the ceiling again, and as you exhale, remember the rib cage or exhale between the breasts as you bring the arms over your head to stretch. Here we go. Inhale to sit all the way up. Exhale to go forward. Remember that whistle, stay there and now don't forget my angry turtle head. Oh yes. Get up there, Sean. Get up there. Get up there. Still reach forward, but you're still curved in that spine. Jennifer, start to roll back. Inhaling.

Exhale, lie all the way down. Now fast your, here we go. Inhale up. Exhale forward. Inhale, roll back. I all the way down as you are doing this, if your hamstrings are really tight, you're welcome to bend the knees. But I really want to hear and feel you use the exhale to take you forward. That's right. [inaudible] and in the effort to go forward, don't dive down.

You almost have to keep that head lifting happening. Correct. Last one please. Big exhale. As you lie down this time, keep your arms down by your sides. Hug your right knee into your chest and take a moment to stretch. At this moment, can you take a mental note of your hips? Hopefully they're even. Yes. So you might even need to draw that right hip down.

Correct on the next exhale. Stretch that right leg up to the ceiling. Stay holding onto that right leg and again, keep the hip down. Um, yes. So really drop that hip down. There you go. Point and flex the foot that's in the air and ideally the foot that's on the floor is flexed in parallel. [inaudible] yes. And now I'm going to throw this little addition on. You're going to do a couple of circles just to keep that ankle moving.

And some of you might need to take a peak at your standing leg. Make sure it's parallel. And when you go to change it, change it from up high, not just the foot and with the foot flexed. Yes. [inaudible] so flex the foot and you're going to curl the toes and ball of the foot like you're holding onto a pencil. Yes. And looking at your foot, it should be parallel. I know a girl can dream and then not only just para.

Are you cramping already? I know. Stay there. So don't, don't curl with all your mic. Now take a peak is your big toe as close you as the little toe, right? Some of most of us have big toe down, more good. And in this position, the tiniest circle with curled toes. Tia, teeny, think of drawing a circle on the wall behind you. Why? No. If you have to twist your mouth, it helps go in the other direction. Yes, I know you're s your flip flops will thank me later. Or your mono limbs.

All right. And with a foot pointed, let's do some circles. Bring your arms down by your sides please. So altogether, go across the body one slow and just whole. Bring it down to the standing foot and hold. Bring it out to the side. Think of that rib cage right now. We're in the leg up to the ceiling. Let's grab on today and let's go for two Poles. That's what I want.

Four more times faster. Here we go. Go. I'll cross around. Up, grab on and to pulls and across, around up. Don't forget your hip and your standing leg across, around, up. Grab bought and pole pull. Last one. Inhale. Exhale up. Grab on. Reverse the circles please. Fast. Exhale, cross up, grab on and pull. Pull. When you pull, pull, I want to feel the hip down please. Yes.

Cause it's about the opposition that you're feeling in the body. So when you go to the side, what about that ribcage? Yes. Grab on and pull one more time. Exhale across the body. Give yourself a pull, stay there. Lift your head up and let's see where that standing leg ended. Yes.

Really press that hip down and almost grab onto the calf if you can. Yes. [inaudible] scissor the legs to change sides. Hot. Take a hip check moment. Flex your standing foot as if you are standing on it, right [inaudible] parallel. Rest your head down. Please. Point and flex the foot that's in the air. Say holding onto that leg.

[inaudible] I don't care how close that leg is too. I definitely don't want that hip down. Correct. Circle the foot a few circles in each direction. Yes. And then in the other direction and then n was the foot flexed. Okay, here we go. You're going to hold on with the toes and the ball of the foot as if you're holding onto a pencil and then take a peek at your foot. Is it parallel? Hopefully the little toe is as close to you as the big toe and do a little circle of the ball of what that's right and take. That's right. Yeah. You know, circling the other direction.

I say it's an eyebrow raiser like it definitely gets, or the lip. A lip curler. Yes. The misery foot circle and with a foot pointed, Huh? Arms are down by your side. One slow. And here go across the body and just hold [inaudible]. What? Don't lose that standing leg. Don't lose that sand. And like down to the standing foot now and hold. Bring the leg out to the side.

Feel the rib cage that opposite rib cage. Bring it up to the ceiling. Grab on and give me two pulls. Go across, around, up. Don't change your standing leg please. And across surround up. Grab on and pull. Pull two more. When you pull, pull, keep the hip down please. Yes. And reverse the circles please.

Exhale to the side across the body and the hip is down. Exhale across the body. And don't forget the hip. That's right. And when you pull, pull, keep the leg straight. Last one, grab onto this leg. Lift your head up, giving me a big old pole. And with both legs up to the ceiling. Another pull of both legs. Now in this moment. What is your butt doing? Is it down? Is it up?

Have you do no, yes. Stay holding onto the legs, but this time grab onto the backs of the thighs. Bend the knees and you're going gonna press yourself up into a balanced sitting position. So take your time. The elbows are bent open, and I don't want your body really close. I actually want you to be wide and long in a way yet. Elbow stay bent. Now just stay there breathing. I'd like your focus to be above the knees. Correct?

Right in this position, I call it a micro role. You're just going to do the tiniest zip of the belly and press yourself to come back. Yes. That's all it is. The Micro Raya Teenie. That's all it is. Keep those nice than elbows. [inaudible] my tiny rocking in the y don Hoe. Anybody? No. Okay. Thank you. Some of us. So when you're ready from there, grab onto the shins and now pull yourself into a tight little ball.

Elbows are still open that, remember that beginning, that micro roll. Start there and do the full rolling. Now. That's it because that little role exists in there. Yes. A few more. Really pull on the legs as you come up and really let your butts come up like your butt come up. Yes, Alanna, let that buck come up. Mama. Sita up. Thank you. One more. Thank you Karen. That's it. I want one more Karen.

I know that buck can get up there but up. Yes. Stay here. Put your feet down. Give me a big inhale. And as you exhale, hum to lie down. Look straight ahead at the person in front of you. Hum. Look straight ahead. Use that breath. Hug both knees into your chest and pull really tight. When you hum to lie down, you can feel weak spa. Yes.

Single leg stretch. Right hand on the right ankle, left hand on the right knee. Lift your head up and extend the other leg forward please. You have just take a peek. Yup. And just so udis are down, legs are um, really pointed yet. Change sides and pull. Change. Pull. Yes, I'm going very slow. Change. Paul, Change Paul. Change. Paul had both knees in and Paul.

Really tight. Arms and legs. Reach forward toward each other. Reach forward. Yes. Arms the legs. Reach forward. Yes. Zip the knees back in. Grab onto the shins and pull tight arms and legs. Reach forward again. This is double leg stretch number one. Keep the button down, belly and reach back. Circle the arms around. Bend the knees into the chest. Pull tight. I know. Arms, back, legs. Forward reach. Count to five. One, two, three, four, five. Circle the arms around and again, arms back, legs forward.

Oh, now we're getting, let's do one more. Here we go. Hit it. Yes. Exhale. Circle the arms around. Rest your heads down please. Whoa. Extend your right leg up to the ceiling and hold onto the right leg with both hands. Lift your head up and send the left leg forward please. Hips are square. Elbows are bent and gave me a pull. Pull change.

So yes, this is beautiful. And when you pull, I see the belly in what I care about it. The transition. Yes. I want to still go slower. I want to see are the bellies in between. Yes. Now I'm happy. Flex the feet. Yes. I don't care how close it. Just straighten that leg last side of now I'm lying. One more. Yes, that's enough rest. You're heads down both hands behind your neck please. Both legs are going to go up to the ceiling. Who on the next exhale, lift your head up. Decide if you're doing parallel or Pilati stance.

The head comes up. Yes. Lower those legs away from you. I don't care how low they go. Exhale. Think of that. Inner workings. Do this a few more times. So when you go to come up, press the head back into hands like an angry turtle. Yes. Yes. So Sean, I'm almost like your focus up to the toes. Yes. Chin can lift up to chin. Yes. Last one. Go slower on the way up please. Yes. Bend the knees into the chest.

Keep your hands behind your neck as you rest your head down. Did you guys feel that? So on the way coming up to press back almost. I know that angry turtle, right? So put the feet down. Keep your hands behind your neck and extend the legs forward. Two, two. I can help it. Um, so when, so this is a little prep for the criss cross.

So when you're ready, let the elbows just relax. And on the next exhale, make sure you have one hand on top of the other. The pinkies are right at the base of the skull. Bring the elbows a couple of inches off the ground. Just the elbows. I know. Remember the rib cage. Exhale. [inaudible] can you find that ribcage? Exhale.

And also let's draw the legs together. Ish. Good. The right elbow is gonna lift up off the ground and maybe lift the torso and you're gonna go across the body. That's it. And twist. That's all I want. And lie on down four more times to the same side. [inaudible] the hard part about this is to not move the hips to not do it in your poor little neck. Yes, yes. [inaudible] and so there, I think in my mind too, is you can really think of going across the body, but at a certain point you really have to think up, up, up, up. Yes.

That's great. That's great. So a lot of, for you to add one more. I really want you to think up at this part. Up, up, up. That's about it. And change sides. Yes. Who other side? Yes. And lie on down. Just a few more. Really big exhale. [inaudible] let's do the next two with your eyes closed because sometimes I would just, she would let you see. That's an end right about there.

[inaudible] belt. Everyone belt. Tiny little waist. Yes. You got one more to go. Big exhale. Yes, yes, yes. Beautiful. And rest your heads down. Please keep your hands behind your neck. Bend those knees into the chest. Keep the rib cage. You remember that rib cage work on the next exhale. Lift your head up. Okay, so just listen.

Twist to face me in the upper body and extend the opposite leg forward in your crisscross. Yes. Change sides. Twist away from in the upper body and go to the opposite knee change again, twist and whole change. Twist and hold, change, twist and hole change, twist and hole. Four faster change one, one and a two, two and three. Three and four. Four have the knees and double leg pose and everybody rest. Whoo. Feet down. Simple pelvic lift to stretch to the back in the opposite direction.

You can roll up, you can leave her up. Whatever feels best for you. Yeah. And on the next exhale, roll down. I'm gonna add a little something in there. Do your pelvic lift again, please. Think of keeping your heels right underneath your knees. When the hips come up, you're going to bring your hands to the tops of your thighs. Yes, straight arms.

Gently press your hands down as you press your hips up. So ideally you're not arching the back more. You're, if anything, you're lowering the ribs, but pressing the hips up. Do you guys feel that connection? I know Slint board pelvic lift maybe lifted this a little bit high. Yes. And as you exhale, slowly come down as you come down.

Think breasts away from the Chin or come down with your upper back first. Keep reaching with the arms, middle back, way sliding. Then the tailbone. Release the elbows for a moment. Let's just do that one more time. Slant board. Pelvic lift. Here we go. Lift the hips up. When you get to your high spot of your pelvic lift, hands are going to press yes, and let's add in a little extra bonus.

While you're pressing your hands down and pressing your hips up. Think of reaching the knees. You feel that? Yeah. Key breathing. Give me straight arms up to the ceiling. Now keep that idea of lengthening in the torso. Reach the arms back. Inhaling, and as you exhale, slowly come down, lengthening upper back comes down first. The hands don't have to touch the floor. Middle, beautiful waistline. And then the tailbone comes out.

Keep those arms reaching slowly. Extend the legs from your rib cage forward. Extend those legs forward, pressing the legs together. Bring your arms up to the ceiling. Lift your head up. Come all the way up to sitting up tall and sitting up tall and sitting up tall. Open up the legs a little bit past the shoulder. That's all right.

And when you're ready, you might need to stagger yourselves a little bit for spine. Stretch forward. Yeah, here we go. Drop your head between your arms. Don't forget my angry turtle. As you go forward doing spine stretch forward. Yes. Stay there. Breathe. So if I were looking at you from the side, I should see your cute little ears above these arms. Yes, that's right.

Use your belly. As you sit up tall. You can go wider with your legs. That's it. And again, drop your head between your arms. Big exhale to go forward. Stop right here. So think of your sitz bones. Your sits bones are like tent stakes down into the floor. You can go as far forward as you want, as long as you don't go pelvis.

Keep going forward in the spine. Remember its called spine stretch forward. That's right. Not Pelvis. Stretch forward. Yeah. You got a little bit more. Yes. Use your bellies. You slowly sit up. You feel that? Yeah. Do that one more time. Drop your head between your arms and exhale to do spine. Stretch forward. Yes. [inaudible] I should see those cute little ears. Yes. And again, use your bellies. You sit up tall.

You could also bend the knees at the bottom if you needed to. Yes, yes. Reach up to the ceiling, please. When you're ready, you're gonna start to lower the torso backwards. Slowly curling in the pelvis. I'll take just to there. From there, draw the legs together. Look straight ahead from there. Slowly bend the heel. Bend the knees in toward you. The heels can stay together.

You still reaching up? I know. And from there can you stay reaching up and pick the feet up? Grab onto the backs of the calves. Extend the legs out to the side. Keep those elbows slightly open and bent. Yes. That's all I'm looking for. Just balancing. Really Bend those elbows.

Really Bend those elbows. Yep. Breathing. Yes. From there. Bring the Chin to the chest. Roll backwards. Both legs go up and over your head. Remember that mini rolling? We did look straight ahead. Look straight ahead. Look straight ahead. Look straight ahead. Good. Elbows are still bent. Yes. Chin to the chest or roll backwards. Yes.

Look straight ahead and balance there. I'm going to wait. I'm going to wait. You're going to balance because I find that people just roll, roll, roll and they, that's it. Just waiting. Breathing. Now Chin to the chest. Find that deep inner curl. Yes, that's it. Look straight ahead to come up. Look straight ahead. Elvis are open. Elbows are open. Elbows or bend those elbows. Yes. Last time I promised Chin to the chest.

Beautiful balance up top from the inner thighs. Bring those legs together on the next exhale. Lie All way down. Take your time. Look at the center line of your legs. Make that be your center. As you lower the torso down, lower the torso down. Hug your knees into your chest for a moment and you give yourself a whole scoot forward down on the mat. We've sort of drifted back.

Hug your knees into your chest. Let's get ready for our favorite corkscrew. No, didn't work. So, um, let's stagger Alicia. Come forward. Carolina, come forward and I think we should be good. Alright, so when you guys are ready, exhale. As you extend both legs up to the ceiling, arms are down by your side. So this is small. The booties are down. Yes. Bring the legs toward me. Toward me. Yes. Down toward the each other. Over away from me and come back to center. Yes to the other side. When you do this, really keep the legs together.

Center over and come back to center. Now when you do this, can you rest for a second? So I feel like we're always are talking feet. We were talking about that big circle we're doing with a fee and it's really hard. Instead when you circle, can you think of the hips and said, so if you're going to the right thing, right hip tail ball, left hip center, it might make it a little bit easier. So both legs up to the ceiling. So we're gonna mess with it. Cause now we're instead of coming to me, we're all gonna go to the right. Ready? Inhale to the right side, to the tailbone, to the left hip. Find your center, hold to the other side. Left hip down to the tail bone to the other side and hold a little bigger if you can. Right hip tailbone. Yes. Find your center. Last one.

Make sure you come to 12 o'clock and not 1135 yes, yes, yes. That's exactly it. Hug the knees into your chest and pull tight. Extend those legs forward and bring your arms over your head. Taking a moment to stretch, pressing the legs together. Come all the way up to sitting up tall. Yes. End sitting up tall.

Open up those legs a little bit. Past the shoulders again. Yes. Oh, saw time. Yes. Here we go. Open the arms out to the sides. Inhale, twist toward me if you don't mind. Yep. Yes. When you're ready, opposite finger reaches to the opposite toe and just stay there. Instead of thinking about pulsing, I really want you to think of the hip, hip, staying down and going. Exhaling deeper, maybe a little deeper and then all the way out and sitting up tall, filling up the lungs to the other side. Inhale to twist. Exhale. As you go down, keep emptying it, the air out and maybe a little bit more and really sit up tall to the other side. Please inhale. I really want you to touch that toe touch to impress against it.

You have g pressing against it. That's exactly it, and sit up tall to the other side. Really touch the toe. So when you twist, you're gonna just gonna use the exhale. Exhale and do palm down on that reaching hand. Yes. And sit up tall. Nice. You guys. Go on your hands and knees please face in toward each other and just do a couple of spinal articulations. Any sort of cat cow that would feel good for your back please. Yes, yes.

Yeah. I'm just more good. Go for a flat back please. Or a neutral spine. Take your right leg behind you and just go for a nice calf stretch. Oh yes. It's really reached the heel back. So I would really press that heel all the way back. Good. And then rock up high.

If you're going on a really super high heel. Yes. Let's do that one more time. Reach those hills all the way back. Feel a huge stretch, I hope. And then come forward to your really high heel and then come to the goldilocks foot. Something in between. Not too high, not too low. That's right. Push up position please. Goldilocks fee. Bring the other leg down and stretch the calf out on the other side.

Ah, yes. So that's right. So I liked him as I like to joke, Birkenstock Manolo, Birkenstock, Manolo. Yeah. [inaudible]. Both are good. Yes. Yeah. And find your goldilocks foot good. And when you're ready, bring, make sure that leg is at your center line cause we're going to go to that push up again. So, but before we go to it, let's talk heads and elbows. Right. Heads are in line with your spine. Insides of the elbows are facing each other. I'll take your full pushup position please. With the legs together.

So in theory, you are in a diagonal line from the heels to the top of the head. Energy back in the heels. Just do two more breaths. Some of you need to Tuck that Chin a little bit more. Yes. Or lower the Buddha. Touch more from here. Pressing the legs together. Start to lower your hips toward the floor, but not necessarily on the floor.

Go into an upward facing dog or a swan to stretch. Yes. Let your hips come down. Watch the elbows even. Still let the knees come down. Yes. And come all the way down onto the floor. Sack your fingertips underneath your forehead and rest your forehead down on your fingertips. And Bri. Ah, so this next exercise, I won't really be able to tell if you're doing it right, but just listen and see if you can follow along and just find it on the inside. You're going to inhale and draw the navel internally up the belly button.

Breathing. Exhale. Keep the belly button internally lifted. That's the tricky one. Yes. Inhale, keep that internal lift and as you exhale, release the belly down. Let's do that one more time. Inhale, draw the navel up. This is Cathy's belly breathing. Exhale, keep that belly internally lifted. Inhale, keep that lift and exhale to take it down. Let's do one more spot. So that was the naval. Let's do right now. When you're lying there, can you feel like the part of your rib cage or chest that's pressing down into the floor? Let's try to lift that spot. So wherever that is for you, and you can push into the arms as you inhale and internally lift that ribcage or chest. Exhale, keep that lift. Try not to go, but that's it in hell to keep that lift. I know. Hello. Different part of the back, right? And exhale, release it down. Let's just do one more of those.

Inhale and find that internal support. You can press down to those arms. Don't be afraid of that. Exhale. Keep it. Inhale, keep that lift and as you exhale, let it come down. Excellent. Come up on your elbows please. Yeah, palms are down and we're going to do Romanos little neck roll. You're going to look to the right. Drop your head as you go down around, look to the other side and come back and looking in toward each other to the other side. Look to the left. Now when you go to drop your head, don't move your torso. Do lift the tummies. You drop your head.

Go down around to the other side and look straight ahead. Now let's work on this lift. So stay here. Drop your head and slouch. Yummy. I know you know how to slouch care and that's right. So from there, pushing into your hands, remember that rib cage lift? No, not yet. That's it. Just pushed into the head and lift that rib cage up. Think of lifting that spine up between the shoulder blades, pushing it at floor away. Yes.

Now lift your Chin up and keep that beautiful lift in the torso. Now look to the left. Don't move the torso as you go down with the head to the other side. Look, center, look right, drop the head. Go down around to the other side.

Looking Center right leg is gonna lift. Lift. Take it down where keeping the leg straight, other side goes, lift, lift and take it down. You can also make fists to keep the lift and other leg lift and take it down. Other side and a lift. Lift and take it down if you can. Let's go to kick, kick extend other side and a kick.

Kick Xn keep it going. And a kick kicked, changed side to side and a kick kick change and a kick kick change and a kick kick stay here pushing down into the floor. Can you lift the legs one inch off the ground? Can You keep the Chin and jaw muscles lifting? Yes, that's exactly it. And come on down rest. Turn your head toward me. Bring your hands way up your back and hold onto four fingers with one hand. Hands. Go way up the back. Release the elbows. Actually, let's take a step back. Bring the hands down by the sides. So when you, I want you to stay lying there.

Can you just lift the hands up off the ground? Let the shoulders roll forward down into the mat. That's all I want. Yes. Yes. So the shoulders actually roll forward down into that. That soften the elbows. Yes. And take the hands down. You can lift those arms as high as they'd let you and bring it down. Yes.

One more time. So this is not a str. You say crack the Walnut Romanos daughter used to say when you know that you would draw the shoulder blade together. That's not what we're doing. We're really just keep the arm straight. Turn your head to the other side. Good. Bring the arms down. Go ahead. Now let's actually try to crack the walnut. Here we go.

So you're now going to lift the arms up and draw the shoulder blades together? Yes. And take it down. Do One more. Both are good, but I feel like most of the time we're doing a, I see a lot of this. I want you to a lot of cracking the walnut. I want you to decide which one it is that you want to do in rest. Now class four fingers behind your back, but you don't turn towards me so you can see what the heck is happening.

That's right. So here we go. Hens are way up the back. You're gonna kick your booty three times on an inhale. Here we go. Inhale two, three. Extend the legs. Extend the arms coming up. Now stay here. Lift the thighs up off the ground. Now what are we doing with their shoulders? Everyone's cracking the walnut. Okay, we'll crack the walnut. Melt down to the floor. Hands go way up the back. Don't kick yet.

Release the elbows cause the elbows need to have their moment. Triple kick. Inhale two, three. Extend the leg to 10 amps. Crack the walnut again. Draw the shoulder blades together. That's it. Jaw muscles come up, up, up, up, up. Beautiful. Meltdown to the floor. Hands, go away, up the back, release the elbows. Cathy, always let people have this nice moment here. A triple kit. Go. Now we're not gonna crack the walnut. Here we go. Come on up. Can you do it? Ah Ha. Hello. Triceps, right.

Melt down to the floor. Last one. Hands go way up the back. Release the elbows down. Kick three, two, one. Extend the legs and the arms come up. Yes. Put your hands underneath your shoulders please. And Use a pumping motion of the arms to help you go into a little bit of a rocking swan. Yes, yes. And just pump. Yes.

That's exactly it. That's it. And really add the head into that motion. So job muscles come up as you go up. Yes. Just a couple more. And when you're done, push back into the heels. Yoga pose of the child, please to release that back. Nice sprees. When you're ready, have a seat facing in toward each other. Starts sitting.

And I'd like you to be toward the front edge of your mat. Both hands behind your neck. Yes. And then when you're ready are going to let your head drop toward your knees. We're getting ready for the neck pole. I know. Don't panic. Yes. Head toward the knees. Okay, so stay there.

So in the angry turtle, I, so bring your hands really at the neck. So if you can just let the head droop down. That's where a lot of us like to go. Exhale with the stomach in good. Gently, gently, please press the back of the head up into the hands and feel the rib cage kick in a little bit. Yeah, you guys feel that? But do tuck the chin ever so slightly? Yes. That. Can you do a little bit of that and still exhale with the semicon and give me a little pulse down, down. And when you're ready, you're gonna start to lie backwards toward the floor.

At a certain point you're going to be like, oh, I don't know if I can come back up from here. And that's when you start to come back up again. [inaudible] and give me a exhale. Double Hulse pulse. Yes. And when you're ready, you're gonna start to lie down. So you stay in the curl the whole time? Yes. Yes, yes.

Try not to let the elbows come in toward each other. You see keeping them wide ish. Not Too wide though, right? Yes. And as you go back, you're giving me that gentle press back into the hand and not doing chin to the chest so that you're lengthening, lengthening, lengthen. You guys are feeling. That's right, Chrissy. That's it. And last one, come on up. Yes. Head your knee. Stay right there. Use your tummy as you sit up. Nice and tall.

Head is the last thing to come up. Uh Huh. Lean with the upper body. Curl in the lower. Yes. That's it. That's it. Take your time. Keep pressing that head back. Keep pressing the head back. Keep pressing the head. That's right. That's right.

That's right. That's right. That's right. And rest down. Woo. Not Bad, right? The neck pole. Not so terrible. Not, I know you ever like, I know that wasn't so terrible. So scoot in just a tiny bit more hands are down by your side. Shoulder bridge. No, not excited. Okay, so right leg is going to be straight, left leg is going to be bent, a little bit of that prep. So again, right leg is going to be straight, left leg is going to be bent, a little stretch of the hamstring. Kick up to the ceiling. Buts are down. Point the foot right now.

Flex as you come down. Let's do three times faster and point up. Flex down, point up, flex down, point up, flex downside, that leg in. Slide the other leg out and point up. Flex down. Point up, flex down. Two more. Up. Flex down, point up, flex down. Slide in, slide out, right leg up. Flex down. Point up, flex down. Point up, flex down. One more. Change sides. Slide. Slide up. You'd be like down. Point up. Flex down. Two more up. Flex down. Point up, flex down. Stay here. Stay here with it. You're going to slide one leg in, bring the other leg out, slide one leg in. Bring the other leg out.

This is the very important motion in the shoulder ridge. I know it seems really ridiculous right now, but when we go faster, we tend to lose this beautiful Michael Jackson moment. Right? So just keep that in mind as we go to this next little bit. And with both knees, Ben [inaudible] lift your hips two inches off the mat. Not Rolling. Just leave her up two inches. Knees pressed together. Let's do knees pressed together. Yep.

Good. Okay. When you're ready without changing in the hips, extend the right leg along the Florida straight without Che and the foot is on the floor. The legs are sh that right leg is straight. The hips haven't changed. Good. And when you're ready, you're going to push down into the floor. And if you can't push with your hands, you can bend the elbows and press the elbows down into the floor. Yeah, and lift that right. Like one inch from your rib cage. Not just that knee. Thank you Karen. Up off the ground and just stay there. Breathing.

Finding that internal [inaudible] viral of the legs. How about them apples? Yes. Slide the right leg down to the floor. Slide that right leg in. Slide the other leg out. I got a, I don't like those. So here we go. Pushing down into the hand. Try to keep those hips. Even one inch lift. I always have a dirty joke when I see how high up you people lift that leg up.

Thank you. Yep. And when you're ready, breathe. Yes. Belts. Yeah. Cause that, that's right. Think internal spiral of both quads. Think it. Yes. Reach that leg away and down. Bring that foot down by that left leg in and come on down. Ooh, I think that's enough. Shoulder rage. Don't you think?

Yeah. You guys are like, yeah, we're done. We're good with that. So let's get into the spine twist, but let's definitely stagger you. So I'm going to leave you two to you guys to stagger. Okay, thank you. So, um, let's do a little spine twist and I like this little variation actually that patty made up. How do you buy? Automate up? So reach both arms forward. It's like, um, stomach massage. So when you're ready, you're going to inhale as you twist with that right hand. Looking over that right hand. Exhale. As you come back, find your center to the other side. Really reach forward and back.

I love this one because I feel like sometimes people forget what that front arm is doing. We're so concentrated on the back of another set. Inhale to twist. And when you twist, you're twisting through the wasteland, not the hips and come back to center. Last one. Inhale to twist. Waistline, waistline, and Exhale, come back to center. Open the arms out to the sides. Full spine two is, so I like the Ron Fletcher breathing where they go x a, here we go. To the right, go sniff, sniff, blow the air out. Other side. And I just also like this called sniff. Sniff, blow. I mean, yes, I thank you Sandra. The other side.

Add a sniff. Sniff and below. When you're ready, bring the arms down. Buyers' sides, us. Ooh, Jack Knife, shall we? So when you're ready, scoot toward the front edge of your mat. When you're ready. I want you to haul Servo sourcers. You're going to home to lie down. Now look straight ahead. Nice low sound men with an end with the knees into your chest.

Get ready for your jackknife. We're actually just going to do a mini jack knife and if we're feeling it, we might go for the full. We'll see on the next exhale. Extend both legs up to the ceiling. Yeah. Good. So butts are down, Christina, get you to booty down. That's my full Polish accent. Yes, that's it. So when you're ready, you're going to keep those legs straight either in that Palati Sansar or a parallel. As you bring the legs toward you. Rocking gesture, sacrum up off the ground. That's all I want. That's all I want.

And slowly come down. That's all I want. A few more. Rock and curl the belly and curl the belly and bring those legs or do a little bit more. Yes. And with control come down. So a few more. Just keep going. So here's the thing. The Rock is usually great. It's the down that I want to lengthen you. So here we go. Rock toward you. And I want you to think of lengthening your spine against the stretch of your legs. One more time. Do you guys see what I'm saying? Yes.

I don't want you to lengthen the legs and spy. Yes. What the heck? One more. One full one. Here we go. Rock and lift up with legs. I'll take a lift up. Booties up. And when you come down, get up there. You can use me. Use me. Yes. You're going to say three. Thank you. Keep counting. Yes, there's that lengthening. Don't you want to try it one more time?

Cause you feel like you just understood it. Yes. One more time. Rafa sacred up and then go for the full stretch. Yes. And when you're ready, use me and come down and say three. Use me. Yes. Chest away from the chin. Keep moving. A nine 10 hug the knees into the chest.

Pull tight. Yes, I know that stuff is deep. I know when you're ready. Lie On your side please. Facing me. Yeah, let's do heads in toward the center for some side legs. Very excited. So scoot to the front edge of your mat. I like to also do that cause I think it's a nice way to line yourself up. And I really want you at the front edge and you, I think you'll thank me later.

I think. So here's the thing, I you could come up on the elbow but if that's more comfortable, but I prefer down on the arm cause I feel like our poor next. Okay, so say they're flexing the feet. The top arm is in front of you and I do want this hand. I don't want it up here above the breasts. I really want it below the breasts. Flexing the feet. And you're in one long line from the fingertips to the heel. No, no feet forward unless that hurts your hip. So here we go.

Do Palm down for now. Good. Lift your top leg up just to hip height and hold it there. That's all I want to see. Yes. Now you're going to lift your leg up higher. The higher you lift the leg you more, the more you have to think of internally spiraling the leg as you continue to lift up, keep lifting up, keep lifting up. And on the next exhale, take the leg down. That's one. There's four more to go. Inhale to lift up, so I don't want to see the hips move. Exhale to come down and the toe should be flexed forward the whole time. Again.

Inhale to lift up. Keep lifting, keep lifting, keep lifting, keep lifting. Yes. Exhale to take it down. Last one. Inhale to lift it up to your high spot and stay there. No hips and you have it. Stay right there. Put your hand on that top hip. Oh, I know. [inaudible]. Push the hip away from you.

Use your standing foot and give me a few little pulses. I want the outer heel to pulse up. Yes. Small. Yes. Yes. Small teeny care. Yes. Belt that. Did everybody feeling that small brush fire in the booty? Yes. We're in the leg down. Bring that hand back in front of you.

Get ready to lift both legs up together. Lift inner thighs. When you think you're already there and lift a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more. Take it down for one moment. Bring it right back up again. Keep lifting belt. Yes, and use that hand. You can really use that hand. Yes. Take it down for one moment. Lift it back up again. Yes. Keep lifting more. Keep yes. And keep looking.

Just keep lifting. Yes. Take it down for one count with your right. Back Up. Yes. Here we go. Bottom leg down. Top, leg down and to, up, up, down, down and up. Up, down, down and up. Up, down, down. Last one. Stay up. Clap those feet together. Stay parallel. Stay parallel. Take it down. Rest. Ooh. Both arms over your head. Palms face each other. Touchdown. So in this moment, keep the feet flex cause you kind of need the kickstand or the foot, right, right. And just feel where your body wants to go.

It's telling you things right point. The top foot. Only lift the top leg up just to hip height. But keep your belt on. [inaudible]. Draw an oval with this top light. So the front half of the Oles in front of the bottom leg, the back half of the oval is behind the bottom leg. That's it. I like to say ols, because I feel like people forget that back half of the circle.

And please stay parallel. Especially in the back part. Yes, that's right. Reverse the ovals please. Everybody feeling it? Yeah. Yeah. It's the back half. Right. Keep that hip forward. Wish that topic forward. One more please and take it down. Stay here. Stay here. Flex the feet. Lift the torso and legs up together.

Roll over to the other side please. [inaudible] I know. All right. More to come on that one. Okay. Change sides. Yes, so stay right there. Get to the very front edge of your mat cause you know there's more of that coming. Yes. Flex the feet. [inaudible] yes. Lift your top leg up just to hip height and stay there. Just look at, you're going to really keep that internal a spiral of the leg as you continue to lift up. Inhaling to lift up, keep lifting, keep lifting, keep lifting.

Exhale. Take it down. If you want to, you can put that top hand on the hip. Now, inhale to lift up. Yes, that's exactly it. Exhale to take it down. For some of you who have the rib cage kind of pressing four. You can exhale through the tape measure or that between the breasts as you take it down. Yes, you've got one more to go. I don't care how high. Just parallels what I want. Stay do this high spot here.

A little pulse. Two, three. Yeah, it's not big. A pulse is just that beginning action that that initiation of the Movement for. That's it. And when you're ready, take the leg down. Get ready to lift both legs up together. Lift it up, keep lifting, keep lifting. Keep lifting a little bit more. Take it down for one count.

Lift it right back up again. Flexing those feet if you can, unless you, unless you really need the reach of the toes and take it down again. Lift up when you lift up. I don't want to see the booties coming back. Yes. And take it down last time. Lift the legs up and hold it up there. Bottom leg down, top leg down and up. Up, down, down and up. Up, down, down and up. Up One more and [inaudible] up.

Caught the feet to get it. Move the both legs, not just the bottom one. Yes, and take it down. Rest both arms over your head. Keep the feet flex and just see what the body is telling you. Lift the top leg up just a few inches in hold again. The body has things to say. Point that top foot dress ovals with the top leg.

I don't care which direction you start in. I just want [inaudible]. That's it. I just don't want to see the hips all over the pit. The place you're all well can be the size of an egg for all I care. I just want you to get the front half and the back half cause that's often what we skip. Reverse the circles please. Yes. Good. Use that bottom leg bug. Yes. Two more.

Yes. One more. Good. Take that leg down. Flex the feet please. You can even press the hands together if you wish to lift both the torso and legs up together. Yes. Roll over to the other side. [inaudible] roll over to the other side again. Aha. I'm throwing it at you. Palladia says for the unexpected. One more.

Roll over to the other side. Stay there. Good. Stay here on the next exhale with control. Roll onto your back please. And rest. Woo. Turn around. Now. Let's face it into what each other. Let's get ready for some teasers. Yeah. Hey, so exciting. So staying here, facing each other.

Hold onto the backs of your thighs and let's do our mini rolling. Yes. In the line. That's it. Soundtrack. Okay. So yeah, stay there. Tiniest little rolling motion. Yep. Balancing up and do that. Tiny rocking and keep the thighs farther away from you. So give me a little more space. That's it. So I really want it. That's it.

And I think Jennifer, for you keep the focus up over the knees. Yeah. And so it's really happening below the belt, so to speak. Yes. And I want to feel the press of the thighs into the hands. So Sean, maybe thighs a little farther away. Great. Good. Find that deep curl and stay there. And on the next exhale, just extend your legs up into your teaser position. Just bring those legs together. Stay holding onto the size of the legs.

Yes, look at your toes. Inhale, exhale to lower the torso down. Slide the hands down the legs. Inhale, exhale. Come back up. I don't care how low you go, but where are you looking? Let's do that two more times. Look at those toes. Inhale. Exhale down. Curling through. Yes. Inhale, exhale up. Beautiful focuses you guys. One more time. Keep looking at the toes. Inhale. Exhale down. Inhale. Exhale up. Stay right there. Yes. Reach up to the ears. Inhale, lie all the way down. Head, arms, legs, come down and rest.

If that's enough for you, just rest there. Or let's circle your arms around if you can and come back up into your teaser. A position. Ah, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Belt. As you reach up to the ears, find that internal curl. Why? All the way down. Head, arms, legs come up in any way. You can. Circle the arms around last time. Come on up into your teas or position. Yes. Stay there. Just the legs. Only. Smallest lower of the legs. Bring those legs back up. Zip belly button in.

Do two more small. That's it. And slow up. Yes. One more up and everything lies all the way down. Head, arms, legs, come down and rest. Beautiful. When you can flip in toward each other. Let's get ready for swimming please. I know we're going to make it. We're gonna make it. We're going to make a yes. So remember the angry turtle. Yeah. Looking down at the floor, I want you to push down into your hands and remember that breathing up the body.

So find that internal lift of the navel or the ribcage as you lift that and the angry turtle head. So that's what, so you have to use those arms looking down at the floor and rest back down. It looks like you're doing nothing. I know. Again, push into the hands and you're gonna lift the back of the head and find that internal lift of the belly or rib cage. Lift the hands and legs up as well. Let's swim. Inhale. As you look down, I don't care the speed or how fast. Exhale as you come up. I don't care how big it is either. Good. Inhale, look down at the floor. Really parallel right now. Exhale. As you look up, turn out jaw muscles.

One more set. Inhale, look down. Parallel, parallel. Exhale as you look up. Oh, we've got to work on that one. And rest, rest, rest, fingertips underneath the forehead place. So let's just work on this for a moment. Draw the legs together and bring the big toes together. Let the heels come away from each other. Lift the legs up. So stay parallel.

Lift the thighs up, lift the feet up, clap the legs together. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight hole, right leg, three times only. Slow. One, two, three left. Like only and Oh, not up and down. Out to the side. One. That's it. Two. You guys feel the hips. Oh their leg one yet keep the internal spiral. A lot of your losing it. Other side. Hello inner thighs internally. Spiral big.

Totally did. Thank you. Rest down. Bend your right leg, hold onto the inset behind you of that right leg and have a nice stretch of the quad. A well deserved, a stretch of the quad. And again, here's another shoulder moment. What are you letting it do? Yes. I don't know how. And so this is heel to the booty. Take the heel away from the bum. Yes. Do use the arm. Do press the foot into the hand and lift the thigh up. Yes. I'm hoping you guys feel that stretch. Yeah.

So if you're not feeling the stretch or if you're feeling it in your back, find that belly button lift as a counter balance to it. Change sides. That's all it is. Yes. Bri, this is heel to your booty. Lift the thigh up. Yes.

What's your shoulder doing? [inaudible] and take it down if you want to. You can just do that same set one more time. Or if you can do both. Legs grab onto both legs now. [inaudible] say looking down at the floor. Lift the thighs up three times. Just the thighs out the head. Not the head. Just the thighs. Yes. And again, I ask you, what are your shoulders doing? Try both, right? Try letting it do one of one, one or the other.

Because we always have this default. Yes, legs are together. Is she got one more to go? Yes. And take it down now. The torso, the thighs stay down. Torso lifts up and down. Three times. Yes. Keeping the thighs on the floor and come down. Yes. Keep breathing with it. Use those arms. Soften those elbow. Some of you and take it down. Yes. Lift that torso up again and stay up there.

Lift the thighs up as well. You can just stay here and breathe or do the tiniest rocking. Use those arms. Soft elbows. Legs are together, ish. Yes. And everybody rest. Ah, yes. Child's pose for a moment. Just for some back relief. Beautiful guys.

And when you're ready, you're going to have a seat facing in toward each other. For Boomerang. We're almost there. [inaudible]. Here we go. Sit in facing each other. Right leg on top of the left. Yep, that's right. And breathe. That's it. So scoot in towards to the right leg. On top of the left. Hands are down by your sides.

Point the toes pushing down into your hands. Now Scoot in just a little bit more. Yes. Don't be afraid. Okay. Push into the hands. You're gonna lift the legs up a split second before you go up and over your head. Here we go. Lift the legs up. Rollover both legs up and over your head. Stay there. Open. Close the legs. Changing sides. Think about it.

Roles or the spine. Think breasts away from the chin. As you come up. Think teaser position right now where those toes look for them. Look for them. Look for them. Yes. Start to lower the legs as you reach your head forward. Open the arms up to the sides and your twine. Your fingers behind you. One bend and stretch to the elbows. Oh, stay there for a second.

What are the shoulders doing? I think you gently separate the fingertips. Gently circle the arms around. Grab onto the ankles. Give me a pull. Let's do three in a row a little bit faster. Sit Up nice and tall. Here we go. Roll back. Open, close. Roll through the spine. Come up and reach to your teas and look those toes. Yes. Circle the arms down.

Low out to the side. Just for space. Stretch. Lower the legs down. Go for that nice stretch. What are the shoulders doing? Yes. Circle the arms around. Take your time. You might touch a partner. Grab onto the ankles. Pull. Sit Up. Tall. Roll that please. Push. Yes. Open, closed. Roll through that spine. Look at the t, so that's it. That's it. That's it. Where's that belly connection? Circle the arms around.

Lower the legs. Intertwined the fingers. One more. Bend and stretch. Circle the arms around. Grab onto the ankles. Pull. Sit Up nice and tall. I'm adding on. Roll backwards please. Both lights up and over your stay there. Circle the arms around. Grab onto that left ankle with both hands. Reach your right leg up to the ceiling.

Stay here we are balancing on the neck and shoulders. Parallel legs through space. Change sides. Try not to rest the foot on the floor. Good. Where's my lift of the hips? Yes. Internally spiraling that leg. There you go. Square off the hips. Even now, change sides through space.

Change sides. Beautiful. Last one. Both legs over the head and sit up. Fass sit up nice and fast. That's exactly it. Oh yes, exactly. Soles of the feet together. Hands go in a little bit of a seal balancing here. A little clap. Two, three. One, two, three. Rollback. Clap. Two, three, balanced up. Stay here. One, two, three. Hold it. All I know I'm not. Yeah, I gotcha. Here we go.

I'll wait for her. And a one, two, three rollback and one, two, three. Roll Up. Hold it. One, two, three. That's much better. And roll back. One, two, three. And balance here. Now do you think you can roll back and come up to standing? Let's try it. Roll backwards. Clap two, three. Let go of the legs. Cross lights and come all the way up to standing. Yes.

Walk to the back edge of your mat, please. Yes. And when you're ready, reach your hands to the floor. [inaudible] when you walk out to your pushup, try not to let the hips go all over the place as you walk out into your full pushup position. I know. Find the insides of the elbows please. Angry Turtle. Head energy out of the heels and top of their heads. Three gorgeous push-ups. Please. Legs are working. I don't care how low you go. I really don't. I don't care how low you go. I just want to see those elbows. You've got one more to go.

Here's your full pushup without your hips going all over the place. Walk your hands back. Yes. It still adds. It's still finding your center. Yes. From there without locking your knees. Come all the way up to standing. Please walk toward the center of your mat. Let's just do one little bounce.

You just going to close your eyes and have a moment. Ah, keeping your eyes closed. Can you lift the toes and just see what that does to the center of your body? How it just shifts you back ever so slightly. Try not to lock in those knees. Open your eyes. Stay back there as you lower the toes down and have a Margarita.

Yeah, exactly. That's it guys.


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Such a great class Blossom, love the curveballs and subtle nuances in your repertoire. I know, I know, more 'angry turtle' for moi. Come back soon!
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What a fabulous class Blossom! I LOVE your teaching style and sense of fun. Even my 'angry turtle' had a smile... Please come back to PA soon (Perhaps with a Chair class?) :)
Whoops my bad...
Just found your Chair class Blossom.
such fun! Thank you so much Blossom. Love the flow, transitions and attention to little details that often get lost. You rock!
Great, love the classical work with the breakdowns added to feel the work more deeply. Super!
The half that I saw was great. The video stopped halfway through.
Valerie ~ When a video starts and stops it is usually because of two reasons:

1. The computer is running too many programs or processes and can not process the video quickly. Or,
2. The video files being downloaded are larger than the capacity of the Internet connection.

To solve the first we suggest restarting the computer which clears away all the processes that are running and slowing down the computer. To solve the second, you may want to try adjusting your video player options by following these instructions:

- To change your video player, you can go to "My Account"
- Select the "Video Player" tab at the top of the page.
- From there you select the option "Show Options For Low Med and HD."

Please note that this setting will need to be adjusted on each device you use. If you continue to experience video player issues, please email us at
Great class thank you
I really enjoyed the breakdown of neck pull. That is a challenging move for me. The breathing in the beginning was a great way to start class: grounding with the breath and a reminder to be aware of the rib cage and abs when you breathe. Thanks again!
Monica, I am so glad you liked my entry into Neck Pull. It is challenging for so many people. After 10 years of Matwork teaching, I felt like I finally figured out a way to get everyone to do it! I appreciate your feedback.
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