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Blossom Leilani Crawford teaches a quick and vigorous Mat workout designed for you to have fun. She uses the breathing and different rhythms in each exercise to help facilitate the movement. She also teaches many challenging exercises like Boomerang, Control Balance, and much more.
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Feb 08, 2014
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Hi, I'm blossom. Laelani Crawford. I'm here with petty BioNano and Alicia Reese. We're going to go through a vigorous mat workout, kind of get it done quickly and have some fun. Of course, when you're ready, exhale to lie all the way down please. When you're ready, just hand out your tummy. Give me a big inhale. And as you exhale, think of zipping tight jeans on as you draw the belly in. Yup. Do that one more time. And when you do that, zipping in, don't let it move the bones of your pelvis. Just think of the muscles right underneath your hands. Hands up the rib cage. Inhale. And as you exhale, either think of drawing the ribs together or down to the floor, or a little bit of both. One more time. Big Inhale.

And as you exhale this time when your right knee into the chess, relax that lower leg please. And take the right leg down. Just do that one more time. Big Inhale. And as you exhale, bring that right leg up. And on the next exhale, take it down. Change sides please. This time, exhale between the breath. Put your fingertips right between the breasts. So Patty, exhale, think of excelling right between the breasts. You can even put the fingertips right between an x hub or in that left leg up.

Keep that left leg up. Bring the right leg up, ending with both knees into the chest. Bring your arms down by your side. Big Inhale to lower the heels down toward the floor. And as you exhale, think of drawing that belly and rib cage down as you bring the knees up. Just one more like that in halo or the legs. And as you exhale, bring the legs back up, lower the legs all the way down and keep the feet on the floor. Big Inhale please. And as you exhale, lift your head up. Look towards your navel. Keep coming up. Keep coming up.

I want to see a wrinkle underneath the breasts, but I don't want to see you tuck the pelvis. Stay there. Count out loud to five. Slowly thank you. Inhale, and as you exhale, slowly lie down. Let's do that one more time. Big Inhale. And as you exhale, lift your head up and send the energy. All the way down to the navel and make sure that you're not really pressing. Press your chin to your chest for a moment. I don't want that.

I want you to really keep the chin somewhat lifted and lift up. Yes, count out loud slowly. One, two, three, four. Good. Inhale, stay there and as you exhale, think of lengthening the back of the neck as you come on down. Last one, give me a big inhale and as you exhale, exhale to lift the head up. Keep the head up. The right leg comes up, the left leg comes up, and on the next exhale, extend both legs up to the ceiling please. Parallel legs. Keep the head up. Start to lower the legs away from you. Yes. In parallel legs, the heel should be a part a little bit. The big toe knuckles. Stay there and on the next exhale, bring the legs up to the ceiling.

Rest your head if you need to or keep the head up. Do v of your feet, heels are together. Feel that rotation in the thighs. Lower the leg the way from you. Think of lengthening the thighs away from that low belly. I don't care how low you go. Stay there and just feel that connection. Bend the knees into the chest. Grab onto the shins.

That's a double leg pose for a moment with control. Lower the feet down. Extend the legs forward. Take a moment to stretch. Reach the arms over your head and extend those legs. Ah, pointed. Flex the feet just a couple of times and even this reach. Don't rest the arms on the floor.

Keep the hand slum what lifted and the ribs down to get the ribs down. Exhale, do the rib cage. Exhale that breasts. Exhale. Guess bring your arms up to the ceiling and hold. Lift your head up. Give me a big exhale. Stay there. See that next wrinkle. Come up to it. Almost. Press the heels down or press the legs together right there. Next spot.

Come on up just a little bit more right there. Exhale, think stomach in. Beautiful. One more time. Come on up right there. Pressing those heels down. Keep coming forward. Inhaling, exhale, go even farther. Dropping that head and just breathe. Inhale again. Just stay there, exhale with the stomach and see how far that exhale takes you. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Do that one more time. Big Inhale. Exhale deep. Exhale the tummy in. Beautiful. Rest your arms on the outside of your legs and just breathe.

This looks side to side. And when you look side to side, it's just an easy head. [inaudible] yeah, don't worry about how high or how much you can move the head. Just think of that easy range of motion and no moving in the torso. Just the head. And from there go into a squat toward the front edge of your mat please.

And if you can't squat, I'll take a pike position like so yeah. Whichever one works. And in this position try to relax the front of the ankles. Relax the torso and just brief. Yep. That's it. So to come up when you go to come up, I don't want to see the butt lead on the way up to come up. Think heels down. Use Your quads to slowly come up to standing. Yes. Get those quads.

Get those quads all the way up to standing. Ah, cross one arm over the other cross, one leg behind the other one front. However you want to lower down. Inhale. And when you go to lower down, push into the thumbs as you curl the belly in to lower yourself down without going to the bathroom. When your butt touches down, you're going to lie all the way down and extend both legs right into your hundreds position. Let's pump. Inhale, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, decide what legs are doing as it parallels it. Plotty stance. Just make sure the legs are matching and that you're deciding what your legs are doing as opposed to just happening to be there. On the next exhale, you're going to bring the legs a little bit up right there. Yes. On the next exhale all the way to 12 o'clock right up to the ceiling. Yes, right up to the ceiling.

So the hard part is to keep that belly in tailbone down on the next exhale. Let's go back to that low spot. Thank goodness. Sometimes the higher position is harder. You've got one more breath here. Really exhale the breath. Ouch. And less rest the legs down, straight. Arms up to the ceiling, rest your head and bring the arms over your head to stretch. Here we go.

Inhale up. Exhale, fold. Inhale, roll back like all the way down. Inhale, exhale, keep going. So when you're doing this, I really want you to exhale and use that. Exhale forward to help you stretch, because I feel like sometimes when people go for, they already decide how far forward they can go. Use The exhale and see what that breath will let you do. Yes, do one more like that. Inhaling up big. Exhale forward. Stay there. Inhale again. Exhale deep in that belly. Go farther forward. Start to roll back. Now bring the arms down by your side.

Keep them down by your side. As you lie all the way down. Hug the right knee into your chest. Take a pole. Keep the hips square. Extend that right leg up to the ceiling. Flex and point the foot two times. Circle the foot two times. Circle in the other direction. Tried not to move the hip and with a foot. Flex. Curl the toes.

Yes, two little misery. Foot circles. Just two of them. Yes. Circle in the other direction, so it's just a little circle of the foot with curled toes and with a foot pointed arm. Sound by your side. No movement of the standing leg. Here we go. I'll cross around up. Grab on, pull, pull again. Inhale, exhale up. Grab on and pull. Pull three more. Grab on. Don't move the standing leg. Exhale, grab on and thank you very much. One more. Exhale. Grab on. Reverse the circles please. When you pull the leg, think hip down.

Yes. When you go to the side, think of that opposite rib cage. Yes. Really? Go across one more. Grab onto this leg. Lift your head up and stretch. Look at that foot. Press that leg forward. Walk yourself up to a sitting position. Take your time. Look at the foot. Look at that foot. Look at it. Yes. Keep coming up. Yes. Fight for it.

Here we go. And sitting up tall, so I don't care how high that leg is. I want to see nice straight spines. I'm going to just be a little convincing to my friend here. Ah, yes. Stay here. Breathing, lower the leg til it's one or two inches off the ground. So you might have to let it and literally bring that leg down. Good. You're gonna bring your head forward to the toes.

It's still hovering off the ground. Yeah. To end. Breathe. Bring yourself forward. [inaudible] use your bellies. You sit up nice and tall. Thank you patty. And without going backwards or pushing the nice teacher over, you're going to lift that leg up. Don't go backwards. Don't go back or don't. I don't care about higher. I want belly in and look up.

They ain't you keep lifting. No, no. Stay up there. Stay up there. Stay up there with this leg. Open the arms out to the sides and hold our no and take it down. Lower the torso down. Hug the other knee into the chest and Paul, good. Try. Extend that frog other leg up to the ceiling. Really keep the hips square.

Flex and point the foot. When you're ready. She's just shaking her head over there and circle the foot. Circle in the other direction. Please end with a foot flex. Lets go for my misery. Foot circles. So you're gonna really curl the toes. Yes. Straighten the leg and draw a little circle. That's great.

And she's doing such a good job of keeping her foot parallel to the floor and circle in the other direction. Yes, that's right. And with a foot pointed, we'll do circles with poles. Arms are down by the side. Don't move your standing leg. Really go cross around, up, grab on and pull. Pull and inhale. Exhale up. Sometimes it's about what's not moving. Hint, hint, hint. And a pull. Pull. Two more.

Better grab on and pull. Pull one more. Alicia, grab onto the calf and really keep the legs straight. Reverse the circles. Exhale to the side. Across the body. More across please. Here we go. Cross. Yes. Pull. Pull to more a cross and a pull. One more. Really point that foot and keep the legs straight. Yes. Stay there.

Lift your head up. Look at that foot. You might even need to start lower. Look at the foot. Press the leg into your hand as you climb up the ladder. Yes. Climb up that ladder. Yes, yes, yes. Hardest part is here. You're going to lower the leg till it's about a couple of inches off the ground. [inaudible] bend your elbows. Bring your head toward the toes.

Yes. So think belly back to me. Even though you're going forward, use your bellies. You sit up nice and tall. [inaudible] and without going backwards and not caring how high you get your leg up. You're going to lift my hand up off your, that's it. And you're gonna lift that leg up as if you are lifting your whole spine up. That's it. I'll take it. That's it. That's it. Say there. Open the arm up to the side and hold it for a second. Lower the leg down. Whoa.

Bend the knees please. Grab onto the shins and pick the feet up in balance. Yes. Balance and lift those legs up. Put the feet down. Pick the feet up. Try not to push off the foot again. Put the feet down. Pick the feet up. Stay there. Rolling like a ball please. Three times when you come up, pull up. Yes. A few more.

[inaudible] really grab on. Grab yes, one more, but when you grabbed, don't go shoulders. Think belly. Stay here. Elbows on top of the knees. Yes. Curl that belly roll back. Go. Yes, two more. Beautiful. Really keep that curl and reach those elbows. Beautiful. Last one. Think belt. Draw that belly in right here. Inhale, please.

Put the feet down as you exhale and on the next exhale, lie all the way down. Getting ready for the whole stomach series. Bring the knees into the chest. Pull tight. Bring both knees into the chest. Pull tight. Breathe. Rest your head for a second. Alicia. Right hand is on the right ankle. Left hand is on the right knee.

[inaudible] lift your head up and extend the other leg forward. Stay there and pull. We're going to do one set slow. The hips are even the belly is in slowly changed sides. I want to see the belly stay in as you changed sides. Now inhale for a set. Exhale for a set. That's it. So as you go on side to side, I'm looking to see if the belly is connected in between sides. Yes.

Hug both knees in, pull tight, arms and legs. Reach forward in toward each other. That's double leg stretch. Number one. Let me feel. Inner thighs. If the belly grab on, pull arms and legs, reach toward, stay there. Reach back to the ears. Count to five. One, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Inhale as you reach back. One, two, three, four for two more to go. Think arms reach back by the ears. Legs match. Yes. Exhale. You got one more to go. Arms back, legs forward. Reach back. Big exhale. Grab onto the shins. Pull tight. Rest your head down, please. Breathe. Stretch the right leg up to the ceiling.

Hold onto the right leg with both hands. Lift your head up and extend the left leg forward. You're parallel. Your hips are even in Belize and as you pull, pull, keep the belly and change. Pull, pull, change, pull, pull. Flex the feet for little big or stretch. Pull. Pull. Yes, pull.

Pull. No arms please. For a couple of set arms down by your sides. Pulse change belly is in les at pulse. Pulse last side than the knees. And pull tight. Rest your head down. Please. Put your feet on the floor. Hit both hands behind your neck. Extend the legs along the Mat. Right elbow goes across the body five times.

Just as simple twist. Right elbow goes across the body. Good and come on down. When you do it, you're not leading with your eyes. You're thinking waistline. That's it. And sometimes after you think of across, you need a little up and come on down. Yes. Close your eyes. Think of the rib cage. It's going to happen. Get it. Just think ribcage, ribcage, ribcage, ribcage, ribcage. Yes.

[inaudible] one more. Yes. And take it down. Stay here. Open up the legs a little bit today about mat with apart. Same thing. Twisting on the other side. Left elbow goes across. Miss those inner thighs now, don't ya? Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Ah, yes, that's it. I know what happened to my movement. You can stay there. That's one more. Go Cross. Go across and stay there. Stay there. Both of you. Reach up with that elbow. Reach up, belly in, belly in and rest on.

Down from the belly. Draw the legs together and in toward the chest. Belly, belly, belly. On the next exhale. Big Head lift twist to face me with the upper body. Opposite leg goes forward. Yes. Change sides. Try to touch that inside of the knee. Touch the inside. Keep going side to side for faster change. One, one and a two, two and three, three and a four, four hugin pull tight.

Double leg pose. Rest your head down please. Feet down. One pelvic lift for stretch. Put your hands down by your sides. Full pelvic lift. Yeah. Yes. Both arms up to the ceiling. Inhale, reach back and as you exhale, roll down slowly upper back comes down. Keep reaching that to keep reaching back. Middle Back, reaching those legs.

Fours you're lengthening is you're coming down waistline first, then the tailbone. Keep the arms reaching as you extend the legs forward. Press the legs together as you come all the way up, all the way to straight. Come all the way up to sitting up tall and sitting up tall. Open up the legs a little bit past the shoulders. Drop your head between your arm, spine, stretch forward. Ladies, stop right there. Breathe. The sitz bones are going down.

You go forward. Big exhale. Go farther. No shoulders. If not shoulder, stretch its spine. Stretch. One more breath. I don't care. Just belly in. Yes, use your belly. Sit up tall. Do that two more times. Drop the head between the arms. Exhale to go forward. It is so tempting to want to go into the pelvis, but you're really going to keep the pelvis still and let the spine lengthen forward. Now stay here. If your hamstrings are tight, you could bend the knees here and go farther forward in the spine. It's up to you. Slowly sit up tall. Last one, you guys dropped the head between your arms. Big exhale to go forward. Pelvis stays, spine stretches, no shoulders. That's it. Keep going forward.

Exhale with the stomach in. Use your bellies. You sit up tall, tall, tall. Reach up to the ceiling with the arms. Inhale and as you exhale, draw the legs together and start to lower the torso, backwards toward the floor, curling in the spine. Just stay there, but keep that long. Reach. Stay here. Can you draw the shoulders down but keep the curl of the valleys perfect. Stay right here. Slide the heels in toward you and slide the legs away. Slide the heels in from where? Yes, stay right there. Good. Stay here. When you're ready, you're going to pick the feet up. Grab onto the backs of the calves and extend both legs out to the sides. Elbow. Stay better and bring the legs together and bend the knees.

Extend up. Open the legs. Close the legs and bend the knees two more times. Up. Open the leg. Say here, Chin to the chest. Roll backwards. I want you to look straight ahead. Look for something. Look for something. Yes, elbows. Stay Bent. Chintan chess roll backwards. I want you to look for something. Look, yes, yes, yes. Last one. Chin to the Chester. Roll back. Look for something beautiful. I'll wait. Bring those legs together.

Challenge version, hands on top of the ankles. Chin to the chest. Roll back. Try to keep your hands on those ankles. Beautiful on the neck. Exhale slowly lie all the way down. Hug your knees into your chest and pull your knees in tight. Oh, scoot in just a little bit more and let's get ready for corkscrew. Please. Lying all the way down in your back. Hug the knees in on the exhale.

Extend both legs up to the ceiling. Small Circle. Hips get to move. No Rib cage to three o'clock please. Six o'clock exhale, nine o'clock and center. Reverse nine o'clock that's it. And now let's do that again. To the right hip, to the tailbone, to the left and center, and to the left.

Tip to the tailbone. And now even bigger. Go full circle. Yes. Xcel end right at 12 o'clock. Yes. Keep those feet working. Last one. Yes. From here, bring the legs up and over your head. Lift up. Good. Push down into the hand. Reach those legs back as you lengthen the breasts away from the chin.

Take your time. Keep reaching. Yes. Keep reaching. Keep reaching. When your butt touches down, three o'clock, six o'clock, nine o'clock. Feel the sacrum just rolling. Yes. Roll the hips around and go up and over. This is your last one. Point the toes and reach it. Lengthen that spine. Lengthen. Lengthen, lengthen.

Lengthen. When the butt touches down. Reverse that circle that we did. Yes. Tailbone hip up and over again. From here, sit up bass. Thank you. Open up the legs a little bit past the shoulders. Open up the arms nice and wide. Inhale, twist to me please. Little fingers saws off the little toe and I really want you to touch it.

That back hand goes up and almost let the shoulder roll forward. Use the exhale to pulse. Pulse. Pulse it up tall to the other side. Inhale to twist. And then you keep that opposite hip down from the hand and you keep exhaling. Maybe go lower, maybe go lower and sit up tall a little faster.

Inhale goto pulses, yes. And inhale to the other side. Exhale yes. And keep going. No movement of the hips as you go. Yes. No movement of the hips. Yes, because you are reaching and stretching away from the hips. Yes. And what last set please. Beautiful ladies. Yes, keep breathing and really exhale all the air out and sitting up tall and hold it. Ribs are in, armpits are sweaty. Bring the arms down and rest when you're ready.

On your hands and knees face in toward each other. Please. Ah, go all the way back to the back edge of your mat. Actually, let's do cat after the bird. So sit toward the heels. Relax your back and just take a little moment resting. And it is a little moment. So from here you're a cat resting in the sun and you hear something, it's bird. You crawl after the bird and you become the burned stretch. You should really feel a good stretch. Push back, sit toward your heels.

One more chance to try it again. Relax those elbows. You're a cat resting and you hear something. So you pick your head up. It's a bird. You crawl after the bird that you come into your pushup position and you become the bird to stretch it out. Shoulders are down. Yes. Elbows face in, melt down to the floor. But you're right, coming right to us, to the elbows. So the melt is really just to the elbows. Yup. So here we are on the elbows.

So stay up on the elbows in a sphinx position. Yup. You can press the palms out or press the fists of the pinkies down. Yes, look to the right. Drop your head as you go down or around to the other side. Look straight ahead. Look to the left. Drop that head. Go down around to the other side. Look straight ahead.

Lift those legs up. Hop right leg goes, kick, kick. Extend the leg, other side and a kick. Kick. Extend. When you extend, lift the chin. When you Xn lift the chin. Yes. And a flex point. Extend and a flex point. Extend. And a flex point keeps a thigh up if you can. Yes. At a flex point. Extend and a flex point. Stay here.

Wrestle legs down plus four fingers behind your back. Turn your head to the right hands. Go way up the back. Yes. Release the elbows. Kick when I tell you to right now. Take a moment to breathe and let the shoulders release both legs kick three times on an inhale. Here we go. Inhale two, three. Extend the legs and the arms come up. Keep the thighs lifting up.

Reach those legs. Reach those legs. Yes. Melt down to the floor. Hands go way, way up the back. Release the elbows, triple kick and a three, two, one. Draw the shoulder blades together. Lift the thighs up as much as you're lifting the chest. Melt down to the floor. The next two are going to be a little different. Heads go way up. Release the elbows. Triple kick. Inhale two, three.

Let the shoulders roll forward. This time. Yes. Lift those thighs up. Yes. Melt down to the floor. Hands go way, way up the back. Switch the holding hand release. Yes. Here we go. Triple kick. Inhale two, three, coming up. Big exhale. Stay there. Put your hands underneath your shoulders.

Please start a pumping motion of the arms. Yes. Use the arms to help you. And this is enough of a rocking swan for me. Yes. And you really use the head and if you want to make it harder, you could open the arms out to the sides and if you want to make it even harder, you can reach both arms up and continue the rocking. After this push back, sit on your heels. Child's pose please. Bree. One more breath. Push into the hands to send the hips back toward the heels. Sit toward the front edge of your mat please. Legs are off the Mat.

Both legs are straight. Getting ready for the neck. Pole hands are behind your neck. The legs are either hip with, apart or right together. Both hands behind your neck. Bring your head toward the knees. Take a little moment to stretch. Head toward the knees on an exhalation. As you are exhaling down here, you're not curling into a Nautilus Shell, right? You're actually going to gently press the head up. Feel the belly curling in, and give me a little double bounced for the knees.

Exhaling start to lie down toward the floor. When you think you can't come up from there, you're gonna start to come back up. Elbow. Stay slightly wider and a little pulse pulse right back down. Little faster, right back up again. So as you go up and down, I really want you to press that head back more. Pressing back, more pressing back. Yes. So the Chin doesn't jut forward and almost tucks back into angry turtle.

Remember anger turtles a better way than saying triple chin. Yes. You've got one more to go. Much better. Pressing ahead. Repressing that head, that good all the way forward. Big exhale. Use your belly. Sit Up nice and tall. Let me feel how tall that can be. Yes. Lean back with the upper body. Curl in the lower. Yes, that's it. Take your time. Press the heels down, press your heels down and rest all the way down. Scoot forward please. Make sure your feet are off your mat. Yep. You want to be awesome at, because you really want to be able to slide the legs, bend your knees, extend the right leg forward four times. Point up, flex down with the right leg.

Point up, flex down. Really kick the leg. Flex down to more. Yes, keep the booty down when you do this. Slide in. Slide out, left leg up. Yes. Point up. When you kick, you're really keeping the button down to get that nice stretch in the hamstring. Slide in. Slide out just to a couple more. Slide inside out. Actually guys, couple more. Slide and slide out. Yeah. Just do sliding in and out. I know it looks crazy, but this will help you later, I promise.

And with both knees bent with the feet flat on the floor, pushing down into your hands. Full pelvic lift. [inaudible] keep pushing down to the hands and if you can't push here, you can bend the elbows and press the elbows down. Yeah, that might help you get a bigger lift. Good. And if you want to, you can even put your hands underneath your hips or waist line. It's up to you. Pushing down into your hands and feet. Extend the right leg along the Florida Strait. Try not to shift in the hips. Full shoulder bridge. Point up. Flex to come down three more. When you flex down, lift the hips. Lift the hips. One more. Lift the hips.

Slide in. Slide out and go up. Flex down. Two more times. Up. Flex down. I lied now one more time. Yes, that's okay. My fault. Right up. Flex down. Three more. Flex down. Two more. Yes. When you flex down, lift that booty change. Side slide. Slide up. Flex down. When you flex down, lift the hips, lift the hips. One more.

I lied. Yes. Slide that leg in. Come all the way down. Extend both legs forward. Lift your head up and sit all the way up. Please scoot back and let's go and do our spine twist please. So open the arms. Actually, let's reach both arms forward. Let's do, I'm patty by on those version. So you're gonna keep reaching your arms forward, twist that right arm behind you and really reach forward and come back to center. Really find that center line in hills.

You twist and look at that backhand. Inhale. Inhaling, yes. And come back to center. Open both arms out to the side. Keep the legs together. I don't want to shoot. See the feet shift to the right. Go, shh. And an inhale. Inhale. Exhale, lift, lift, center and a lift. Lift. Bigger whit. Go Whip, whip, hold center, and a whip whip. One more set like that. Whip whip. Thank you. And a WIP. WIP. Hold Center.

Lower the torsos down. Lee is the knees into the chest. Get ready for your favorite Jack Knife. I think that's what's next. I'm having a little moment. It's nice to have these here too about I can't do it seamlessly, Jack and I follow him, right. What do you know you guys, uh, so scoot in closer toward each please. Let's get ready for a jack knife. Hug your knees into your chest. Pull tight.

So we're going to do the little Jack Knife and then the big one. Yeah. So on the arm, stand by your sides. Extend both legs up to the ceiling. Yes. And it's going to be kind of fast. So let's just do rock the legs toward you. Slowly come down. Just one more like that. Keep those like straight as you rock towards you.

But I'll take your time on the coming down. Now it's going to be rock lift up. Rock. Lift up and calm on down. Two more times. And up and down. Last one and up. Stay there. Count. Say Three. Yes. Take your time. Yes. Do parallel or v.

That's it. That's it. Keep counting through it. Yes. Work those legs. Ooh. Hug the knees in. Take a moment to stretch when you're ready. Heads in toward each other and lie on your side facing me for some side legs please. Yes, both legs are straight. The feet are flex. And Scoot to the front edge of your mat. Lining up with the front edge of your mat is a great way just to align yourself as well. And in theory you're in one long line from the fingertips to the heels.

No legs forward unless it feels better on the hip. Yeah. So flexing the feet, lift the top leg up, inhale up, stay right there, loose look and really reach out to that heel internally. Rotate that leg, exhale as you take it down. Four more. Inhale, exhale. You can also put your hand on the hip here and keep the hip nice. And still, if it helps you isolate the movement of the leg only. Cause sometimes when you lift there's, I want to lift the hip up as well. One more time. You're going to inhale to your high spot and stay there. Pulse, little too small three. Yes, yes. And when you're ready to take that leg down. Get ready to lift both legs up together, lifted up, and hold to keep lifting.

Three, four, five. Take it down with the right back up again. Yes, keep lifting. Keep living. Keeping that top hip forward. Ish. Take it down. It's right back up again. Yes. Keep lifting. And even though you're up, you have to keep thinking up. Keep thinking up, down, right back up and then energy up. Keep thinking energy up more, more, more. Bottom leg down, top leg down and to, up, up, down, down and up. Down, down. Two more. Up. That's it. And with both legs up and clap, clap, clap, clip. Keep it like stripe. Yes, I'm clapping this sack.

But if you can't clap this fast and you do what you can rest and with both feet flex, bring both arms over your head, touch down, palms face each other and just balance for a moment. Yes, really use your bottom foot as a kickstand. Point the top foot. Lift the leg up a little bit. Draw ovals with your top leg. So the front half of the oval is in front of the bottom leg. The back half is behind the bottom leg. Yes. I don't want you to rotate the knee open.

Really keep the knee facing forward the whole time. Yes. Reverse the circles. Keeping that top hip forward. Yes. One more, and take it down. Flexing both feet. Lift the torso and legs up together. [inaudible] and take it down. Let's do this one more time. When you go to lift this up, try not to lead with the neck thing. Inner thighs, arms help you lift up with control. Exhale as you roll over to the other side and let's regroup on the mat.

Here we go. Line yourself up with the front edge of the Mat. Flexing the feet. Yes. Here we go. Lift the top leg up too. That's it. And really inhale, lift all the way up. Exhale down. So really use the whole inhale to lift and exhale. Take it down just two more times. Inhale, lift up and exhale. Take it down.

Last time you're going to lift your heel up to that high spot and stay there. Little pulse. I always like to say, I want to see this the button, pull the good button and pull right so it just indents right there because the leg is doing the lifting, but the hip stays nice and still take that leg down and get ready to lift both legs up together, lifted on up and hold. Keep lifting, keep lifting. Take the legs down for one moment. Lift right back up again and I want to feel that lift happening all the way. All the way. Keep lifting. Keep lifting. Keep leaning. Yes. Take it down again.

Two more times. No rest for the weird. Keep lifting. Keep lifting, keep lifting. Take it down. One more lift up. Bottom leg goes down. Top leg down and up. Up, down, down and up. Up, down, down. Two more. Up. Thank you. Lift up the legs and o'clock. Low. Both legs. Move both legs. Move both legs, move both legs, move, rest, touchdown arms please. Internal Moan if you necessary. Point the top foot.

[inaudible]. Really use your standing leg and draw ovals with the bottom leg. I don't care if your oval is the size of the size of an egg, but I just want you to make sure that you're getting front half in front of the bottom leg back half behind the bottom, like reverse ladies. That's great. [inaudible] yes, here we go. Take the leg down. Flex both feet. Don't live. Make your head lifted everything. Lift the arms.

Lift your head and legs up. And if you can roll side to side. Yes. Keep those inner thighs working. That's okay. Do what you can. That's it. And roll side to side a few times. Inner thighs, reach with those arms cam up onto that booty. Get good. Reach with those arms. Reach with those arms. One more side and that's it. End Facing the opposite side from where you started with control.

Roll on to your back, Huh? Face in toward each other please. Getting ready for some teasers. Yes, yes, yes. Facing in toward each other. Hands are down by your sides please. Both legs are straight forward. [inaudible] sit up as tall as you can and when you're ready, I want you to reach the arms forward. Make fis pull into the chest. As you lower the torso, part of the way down. Stop there.

Feel that belly connection. Makes sure you're at the strongest point of your belly. Thumbs go down and out to the side and hold there. Really reach out from here. Can you do the tiniest little lift of the legs? No. Keep that belly and I don't want you, I'd rather you not lift.

I would rather you don't lift. I'll take it and take it down one more time. You just gotta try again. Don't, don't arch your back. Whatever you do, don't arch your back. Keeps the curl. Take the legs down. Intertwine your fingers behind your back. As you bring your head forward toward the toes. One Ben Instructor, the arms gently separate the fingertips. Grab onto the ankles, grab onto those ankles, exhale with the stomach in. Yes. Use your bellies. You sit up nice and tall. Reach the arms forward again please.

Big Inhale and as you exhale, pull into the chest. Go to the strongest point of your F. Stop right there. You are lengthening and curling. Yes, really go thumbs down and out. To the sides and stay there. Little lift of the legs. Good. Come all the way. Grow into that teaser position. Reached to the toes, stay there breathing.

That's plenty. If you want to add on, lower the torso. Only. Inhale, exhale down. Inhale, Xcel up. Look for those shows two more times. Inhale, exhale down. Look for the toes the whole time. You don't even need to look up there. One more time. Inhale, exhale down. Inhale, exhale up. Stay there. Stay there. Stay there. Yes. Reach up to the ears. Lie All the way down. Head, arms, legs.

Come down and take a moment. You can just stay there lying down. Or if you want to do two more. Here we go. Head comes up. Come all the way up into your teaser. Reach up to the ears belt. Lie All the way down. Head, arms, legs. Come down last time. Lift your head up, curl on up. That's it. And when you think your then lift the lights up maybe a little bit higher, reach up for the last time, like all the way down, down, down, and breathe in. Internal. Darn it. When you're ready.

Flip into face each other. Lie Onto your Tommy's. Get ready for swimming please. Home stretch home. Stretch onto your tummies please. Yes, reach the arms forward. [inaudible] right arm, left leg lifts. Please find that nice diagonal stay there. Think of what you're reaching away from length and away from that center line. The waistline. Yes. Take it down. Change sides. Left arm, right leg. Find that internal spiral of that right leg. Internal spiral of the right leg.

Yes. And take it down. Lift. Gesture head ups. We've been working on just lifting that up, but say looking down at the floor. So when you lift your head up, you're not judging the tune for, you're almost tucking the chin in and up. Yes. Tuck the Chin a little bit more and rest it down. You've got one more to go. Lift the head, arms, legs up. Stay hovering. And now when you hover, don't shorten that back of the neck. Do you're swimming now.

I don't care how big it is. Inhale. As you look down, exhale. As you look up, keep the arms and legs straight a little slower. Patty. Inhale, look down. Keep the arm straight. Exhale as you look up. One more breath parallel here. As you look down, turn out as you look up, rest, breathe. I know from here, push back child's pose, please. Mm. From there, going to an upward facing dog or a swan just to stretch the Tami out.

[inaudible] upward facing dog or a swan melt down to the floor. Sacra fingertips underneath your forehead. Yes. Bend your right leg, hold onto the right and set behind you. Do a moment of heel to the bum. Lift the heel away from the bum and stretch the thigh up. Heel away from the balm. Correct. Really lift that thigh. Really lift the thigh and take it down. Change sides. Please.

Put your hand underneath left leg bend heel to the bum for a moment. But if that's what you need, don't do that. Go right away to heel away from the buck, which is a lot nicer on the knee and lift that thigh up. Now be careful of the shoulder. It could kind of, you could go back there. That's what you need. But ideally, let that shoulder stay forward.

[inaudible] soften the elbow and lift the thigh. Correct. And take the leg down from there. If you can, you can do both legs. That would be great. If not, just repeat the single leg again. Hold on to both legs. Here we go. Keeping the head down. Lift the thighs up two times. Just the thighs. Yes. As you're lifting the thighs, think of letting the shoulders roll forward. Roll for gas, and take it down. Keep the thighs down. Torso lifts up three times. Just the torso.

Yes. So close the feed into the head and let the elbows bend. Yes. [inaudible] use the connection of the legs into the torso. Lift up last time. Lift everything up and stay up there. Now you can just stay here and breathe, or if you want to add a little rocking, please do. But really let the head be the top of the movement. Yes. One more breath and rest. One more child's pose please.

Yoga pose the charges just to stretch the back out for a moment. Breathe. Breathe. Three. One more big breath. Ah, sit to the front edge of your mat, please. Control balance. Boomerang. Actually Bloomerang then control, balance facing in toward each other. Right leg is on top of the left. [inaudible] pointing those toes. Sit up tall.

Yes. You're going to have a moment where you are trying to lift the legs up before you let. Bring the legs up and over your head. Yes. Hands down by your sides. Use the arms. Bend that internal curl to lift the legs up as you go up and over your head and lift up. Now stay there. The legs are straight. Open. Close. Thank you. Roll. That's my length and down as you come down. Lengthen. Lengthen, lengthen.

Beautiful. Come up into that teaser. Come up and can think about it now. Yes, from there with control. Lower the legs as you reach forward with the head and arms. Intertwine your fingers behind you. One Bend and stretch. Gently. Circle the arms around gently grandma to the ankles. Pole. Sit Up. Nice and tall. Hands are down by your sides. Pushing to the hands.

Lift up and over. Open close. That's that precision part rolling through. That's fine. Think about the teaser now. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Come up into the teaser position. Lower the legs, circle the arms around one bend and stretch. And even though I'm going a little faster, no jerk.

As you gently circle the arms around, grab onto the ankles, pull tight. Sit up tall. Roll backwards please. Lift up, roll back. Open-Close roll through the spine. Think teaser, think t's or think teaser. Think teaser. Think teaser. Lower the leg. Circle the arms around last time. One bend and stretch the arms. Gently circle the arms around.

Grab onto the ankle. Sit up tall last time. Roll back and stay there. Both legs up and over. Circle the arms around. Grab onto the ankle behind you as you reach the opposite leg up to the ceiling. So ideally you're balancing on your neck and shoulders, not just your neck, right? So you're feeling your neck. Don't go there. Come away from it, right? Stay there. And you're going to slowly change sides through space change.

I think of putting a belt on. Yes. Really reaching up through space. Change again. Take your time. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Really, it's about the opposition reaching up. Last side. Coming up. Reaching. Yes. Both legs over your head. Sit Up fast. Soles of the feet together.

A little bit of a seal for me please. Yes. Souls of the feet together. A clap. Two, three, roll back please. Hands go in when you're in the seat. So come back up so the souls come back up. Patty. Soles of the feet are together. Hands go in. You hold onto the outside. Yeah. It didn't set you up. Well, here we go. And a clap. Two, three, roll back and a clap. Two, three, roll-up balance. One, two, three rollback. And one, two, three balance.

Last time clap. Two, three. Rollback. Clap. Two, three. I lied and got one more to go. Clap. Two, three. Rollback. Clap. Two, three. Come on. We'll have to standing. Hook. Exactly. When you're ready from here, put your hands on the floor. Walk yourself back into a pushup position. Yep.

Full pushup position. I want to feel the legs pressing in toward each other. That lifted the head. We've been working on really work the legs, Patty. Yes. Three pushups. Please. Won't do twice. I don't care how big it is. I just want to see this beautiful lie maintained. One more. Yes. Without moving the hips around a lot. Walk yourself back. Take your time. Yes, yes. Take a moment here. Shake your head. No.

Nod your head yes. Yes. Slowly come up to standing without locking in the knees. Walk in toward the center of your mat please. We're almost there. So let's see. You're just going to reach the arms up. Inhaling, grab onto the right wrist. Yeah. And you're just going to reach up and over and go for a nice side stretch.

When you do this. I don't want to see the hip shift. You're just reaching up. Yeah. And come back to center. Grab onto the other wrist. Lift up and go up and over. So don't let the hips go. You're lifting away from the hips. Come back to center. Give me a big inhale. Exhale and mock your meth.

Good job guys.


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Great workout, love your breakdowns! Thank you!!
Outstanding. Loved the pace with the full cues! Wonderful instruction. Thank you!
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Great class, it would be great if she could give some classes with props on the matt. Thanks
Thank you Blossom for such a fun class!
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Great class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So much fun
Great class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So much fun
LOVED it! Super fun and efficient.
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am dying to know the origin/objective of the "misery foot circles"? Besides making Blossom that much more adorable!
Love how teach sometimes your rythm make me want to dance really!! I like this dynamic
Up up down down, I have this in spanish upsss
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