Class #1507

Fascial Mat Workout

65 min - Class


Divo Müller teaches a Mat workout which applies the ideas from Dr. Robert Schleip's workshop, Fascia Science Principles. She shows you how to work for your body, whether you are tight like an Obelix or hypermobile like a Cleopatra. You will also learn how to move with tensegral expansion so you will be able to land like a ninja!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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Jun 22, 2014
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Rina S
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OK, a confession. I have not taken the workshop. I know that if I did, I would get so much more out of the class. But, when I saw that Divo was giving another class, I could not resist. Sometimes, I feel like my body needs to be addressed in a different language to get it moving. This class was it.
No confession needed Rina. We intentionally put Divo's class on the site independent of the workshop so everyone could benefit from her teaching even without taking the workshop... and, the workshop is really good!
I participated in this class last night. What I am supposed to be feeling? The basic Pilates extensions I understand, i.e. tailbone, head, etc. I just...well...kinda wasn't sure what the movements were trying to achieve. I haven't taken the workshop so maybe that's the missing piece of the puzzle. While I appreciate the fact that you have made the class available to all of us, I think that it needs more of an intro to be effective on a mind-to-body level.
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Lori ~ Thank you for your feedback. I think this class definitely makes more sense when you watch the workshop. After watching both, I found the main ideas to be about learning about rebuilding the fascial architecture as well as working with hypermobility in a way that will help prevent pain in the joints. I hope this helps.
Ann S
Thanks Divo, I'm looking forward to learning more and experiencing more about the fascial web. It's amazing how important the smaller more intricate movements are in the total well being picture. Hope you come back soon!!!
since I am familiar with the idea of fascial work and Tom Meyers Anatomy Trains etc. I didn´t take the workshop. There are some expressions Divo is using that are he rown words, I guess. For example Cleopatra and Obelix. Maybe you could explain what she means with those principles.
What a different take on moving your body. I found the beginning of the class a little slow, but I am so glad that I stuck with it. I have some major tightening in my fascia! Some fantastic tips to take away and use on a daily basis. Thank you for a fantastic class
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Amazing -more please -and which workshops support the work.
What a pity that the workshop is not translated into Spanish , this class is really amazing.
Marta M
I did not see the workshop ,but i found this class wonderful, i respect the knowledge and understanding of the teacher!I think this is a very important class based on very important body movments.Thank you
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