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Enjoy the beautiful scenery outside with Kristi Cooper in this Wunda Chair workout. She focuses on letting go while at the same time, finding strength inside your body. She also encourages you to look inward so you can find your own paradise.
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Mar 12, 2014
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Hi, I'm Christie and it's January 13th when we're filming this, the crows are just over my left shoulder having a little play and it's beautiful. So I thought, let's take the one to chair outside. Um, no matter where you are, if it's cold or not, let's just kind of go inward and see if we can't find some sort of little paradise in there. I'm going to start with our feet together. I will be facing the chair in a moment, but for just a second for these first couple of breaths, I'm going to turn and look out. You may want to look inward or perhaps you have a view that you'd like to absorb as well. So from here, you standing firmly feeling that inner thigh connection all the way up through the crown of your head. If possible, it is possible. Turn the arms out and start to push negative energy away. Oh, it could be heavy. You may not get all the way up, but whatever you do, raise the ribs, raise the shoulders, give yourself some space, and exhale, grow taller as you press down. Let's do that again. Inhale, physically lift, whatever you want off yourself. Extend your spine a little and then exhale, remain tall.

Align yourself to turn the arms and release. I'm going to turn and face the chair. You should too, cause we're gonna touch the foot bar to moment. Let's go one more. Inhale. Feet are still together. Filling up and as you exhale, start to round. Yeah, down. Find that football. By the way, I'm on one spring. I'm on a Combo Chair, so I have one black spring at the top. Exhaling all the way down to the ground. And from there I'm just inhaling and letting my head hang, letting the shoulders feel connected to my back. Exhale, rise up to the toes, but keep the bar pinned down. Squeeze through the inner thighs. Inhale, reach the heels to the ground, but keep the bar down still XL lift again, it's as if there's someone pulling you up from the belly button through the back of your spine or your body. One more time. Exhale, lift, letting go. But kind of finding some strength at the same time. Press the heels down, bend your knees, keep the bar down. Keep the bar down. Start lowering your body.

The heels will lift when they need to curve it as if you're sending your knees to the back of the chair, not just to the ground or to your face. Exhale, push the heels down straight and your legs. Inhale here, we're going down again. So you leave the heel down. As long as you can see, you're forced to kind of round the spine. Ooh, don't let that bar come up, Christie, and then start sending the knees forwards and the tail forward. Keep the shoulders somewhat going down your back. Press the heels down straight in the legs and roll yourself all the way up. Just let the arms hang. Standing Tall. Find your commitment to your workout.

It won't be a long one. Here we go. Have a seat. So you're sitting, I'm going to have you placed the feet right inside the chair, just on the foot or the platform. We're not doing much more than that other than holding on tall. We inhale, exhale, draw the hipbones back. Roll down. Eyes are forward. Not too, too much down. Inhale, start the exhale. Feel the belly sink as you come forward, reaching the crown of your head almost just over that foot bar, probably in house at tall. Exhale. I have a subtle sense of driving my heels down into the wood.

They're not really, but that's sort of where I'm trying to anchor on that. And two, inhale, start the exhale. I'm pretty sure the patio is on a slant. This be interesting. Inhale, I don't care. It's nice and exhale, roll it back. You know, sometimes you just got to take advantage of the things you can, and today it's the weather. So here we are. We're sitting tall. We're going to go down a little further, not further.

We're going to hang out down there. Exhale, roll back, and then here, adjust your feet so they're almost flat and or totally flat. Inhale, take one arm up. Don't move the body. They'll reach it back, back, back. Exhale, lower other arm up. You can hold on with as much as you want. With the other hand, exhale down. Let's do both arms. Inhale, hold the belly, Fido. Pull it even flatter and exhale. Grab on. Gently. Inhale, start to exhale and come back up. Blow it out.

Inhale, center. Exhale, feel. It's almost like someone pulls those hips out from underneath you. Oh, next time, note to self, nevermind the view. I don't want to go uphill. What? I'm doing, this one arm and then the other. Inhale, keeping the body still exhale. You might have to almost think like you're about to get up. Inhale both arms.

Hmm. There it is. Exhale. Take one more. Inhale, find your legs. Find your inner thighs and exhale, bring it back up straight. Now your spine. Oh, you can even extend it there if you need it. Like maybe I do. Exhale down. We're doing two more. You could bear it. You know, only raise the arm. Here's one of 'em. Inhale, only. Take the arm back as far as you can maintain.

Exhale, push it down. Inhale. Don't let your body change. That's the challenge. Exhale. Here's both. Or just weight. Inhale, reach, reach, reach, reach, reject, sale. You get one free. Inhale and exhale. We bring it on. Sitting tall. Oh, I'm create space there. Let your lungs fill down. We go X. Hey, if you have the presence of mind to alternate, which arm do you start with? You should, I didn't exhale. Notice that the further arm was back.

You might want to bend it. Don't do that. Just don't reach back as far. Inhale, oh, I'm going to stop there. Exhale, find your legs, find your ease and exhale up. We come straightening your spine. Our feet are going to go on the foot bar, so I'm coming a little closer. Hickey Olympian and just walked in the door from Finland. That's what that wave was and I'm not going to get up because he knows what I'm doing. Coming closer. Roll down and place your feet on the foot bar. Again, I have that one spring on, so I have my feet sitz bones distance apart or so and and mostly the arches.

So you'll see my toes are hanging free cause I, I'm going to go somewhere with that in a little while for now. Feel the back of the arms. We inhale and exhale. The bar is not coming down. You're going to leave that as you peel the pelvis up. Start to connect with the back of the body. If you sit a lot and who doesn't these days, no matter what your job or, uh, anyhow, find that back because it just opens up so much else for us in this workout.

XL from the front of your body now for now, focus on letting it drop, letting it sink, letting it relax so that the back of the body kind of becomes the sense of wanting to pull you. Long inhale, exhale rolls you up. The arms are down, the fingers are down. The risks are down as much as possible until you find the long lines shoulder to knee. Inhale, exhale down. Melting, melting. Right about here. Halfway or so deep in your curve. You probably know you're already curved, but could you be more worth checking? Half the point of Pilati is checking and exhaling up. In other words, it's not just about the choreography, it's about what you do within that choreography. Inhale, what are your knees Jing? Are they splaying? No, right where they started.

Exhaling down. We'll do one more. If you're not feeling your hamstrings, you might imagine you're gonna pull the bar down. Exhale up. But don't you're thinking I might subtly approaching the idea. We thought about the front of the body before. Can you imagine softening the back of the body to go down and space everything out? Haha. From here, if d, if you need to scoot in a little closer, we're going to put the back of the heels on and pull the bar down about halfway. I don't want to fit or you might need to back up. As it turns out, we just want to pull it down. So once again, you're actively using the hamstrings. Pelvis is neutral, right?

So don't let the pulling of the heels force the Tuck of the pelvis. That's not what we're going for. Just a little awareness of the back of the legs. Take the hands behind your head, support your head, elbows just off the ground. Inhale. Try not to move the bar and as you exhale, Corolla up and by up, I mean about to the shoulder blades. Inhale, exhale.

Stretch yourself back out. Do it again. Here's your exhale. Let the breath move you. I'm kind of timing this to the wave. That didn't mean to do that, but they're just, they're just about right for us today. Inhale, exhale. Stretch yourself out. Each one is different. Who was it that just said? I don't remember, but I think it was Elizabeth Larkam, but maybe not. Thinking about the repetitions. They're never the same, right?

There's no such thing as repetition cause you're different. Each time you'd repeat the exercise. I'm thinking that way because I'm always looking for a little more progress in myself. I'm going to stay up on this one. Please stay with me. Take an inhale here. Exhale, rotate to your left side. Oh, stay up on it rather than rotating to look behind you.

Think maybe that right shoulder going to the left hip. Inhale maybe an inch higher as you come through. Left shoulder, right HIPAA, same thing. Don't let the knees move. Inhale through the middle and exhale. If you really want to kind of get into it. As you rotate toward your right knee, gently push. What is it on the left heel? A little more inhale come through. Now I'm going to transfer a little more weight onto my right heel as I go left with my upper body. It's just fun. There's no real point to that other than feeling like I'm anchoring and I short kick in those hamstrings, but the point is not to move the hips.

One more. Come back to the center. Inhale deep in your curve as if you're going up and exhale down from there. You can just let the bar up. Take your feet out, put them back under S. I'm not going to straighten it, but they're going be close there. They're under the bar arms reaching up for a roll up. Feel free to flex your feet here if it's too stressful, acute them down for a roll up. We inhale, exhale. Up we come.

I love Israel does this. This is where we got, it's all from his DVD, a hands on the bar theater flat now when they can be now from the lower spine. Inhale as you rise up to extend, gently pressing on the bar to find that long line. Was that an exhale? I think so. Anyway, inhale, exhale will start to curve the body. Let go when you can and roll down. That makes sense and all the way back. Inhale, bring your arms up, let your head follow, blow out your air to come forward. Find the bar in here though. I guess it was an inhale. Inhale length.

Think of those innercise. Don't let the knees splay. Exhale for the hipbones. Pull away. Get the curve. You can pull on the bar. Just don't pull the chair. Let go when it's appropriate and down we go. We'll go a little bit faster, not by much in here. Exhale, find the bar. You're in the curve and then you inhale. Lengthen. Exhale to rule back and inhale, exhale in. You'll get the extension. I'll come on. You know it feels good.

You can exaggerate. No one's watching, but just make it safe. No pressure on the low back. Last one up. [inaudible] and stretch, stretch, stretch and release. We're going to roll down, but before you do, just scoot forward a tad and down. We go. Bringing the knees up before we get too far into it. Take the arms out to t position.

You can do this with your feet resting on the bar. It's totally appropriate. In fact, I may start that way, but for those of you who want to bring it up, you can do that to keep the spine neutral feet totally together. Inhale, reach the knees to your left. Look at them. They're lined up exactly so that opposite hip. The right hip came up. Now the ribs exhale or the ribs pull back on the exhale to center. Other side. Inhale, imagine stretching through the legs, reaching almost pointing with the knees. Exhale, center and inhale.

And I don't know if I put my sunscreen. Oh well I may look older, but I'll be happy and one more each way or pick up the knees. I forgot to pick them up cause this felt so good. But if you were to, it would look like this. You can do it next time. Oh yeah, that's good too. And Center. All right, hold onto this Unis. Curl yourself up and we'll go right into single leg stretcher. Here we go.

Just a few press one, pull the knee and deeply. Today I'm reaching to the foot bar. You can even put your leg on the foot bar. I think it's kind of a good idea if you can tap into the hamstring. So I'm not trying to pull the bar down, but I am gonna just gently have a subtle downward press there. Here we go. Pull and switch. Take the time that you can kind of feel that.

Then you can stop touching the bar. Switching. So itching, switching, just so you have that sense of, Oh yeah. Even though I'm working my abs, I also have some hamstring action, whether without the bar now for four more, one, one, two. I'm exhaling as I switch three, three, and both knees in, no touching the bar. Email Stuart's away. Exhale, bring it around. Just six number two and Paul in. Can you feel how the breath starts it and then the legs get just almost sucked back in for two to go one more and then extend the right leg up, left leg on the bar. Press the right leg or the top leg into your hands almost pulls you up. I'm exaggerating, but that's the idea. Press the left leg in and now as you're pushing the left leg down, the one on the chair, use it to create more help with the pulse at the top leg.

Yeah, switch. Take a minute to see if that sinks in. Gently pressing down. Don't hyperextend I want to, but I'm not going to as I gently pressed on with the right leg. Now the left leg is easier to move and switch a little quicker and support your head and try and get that leg down on a bar. Know that you're always involved. Doesn't matter which leg you're working or what party of the body. And one more from there. Just bend both knees. Rotate to your left, stretch the right leg. Don't worry about the bar or use it if you liked it.

Switch and and, and he just self up. Let's go. Can always choose a different breath pattern, but pick something that helps you move, helps you explore, helps you go deeper. I'm going to do a few more here. Starting one more each way here and here. Back to center and set yourself down, right. That's the down enough. Help yourself up.

I'm going to sit on the top but put more spring on. We're going to do footwork, so I'm thinking I've got the one up on top. I'll do another one. I have four four springs here. I'm using the two black ones, a one on top and one on the second one from the top. We all have different ways of saying that. So heavy, medium to heavy. Have a seat. Heels are on. I don't have them together now they're about that far apart.

Sitz bones distance. Oh, hello. Oh, I'm debating on whether I should tell you. Horses are walking by onto picturing. Now here we go. Sitting tall and using my arms for help. I'm pushing one into the other so I have the sense of lift and push down one and lift up. Push to keep the body long. Three try not to sway in your back for [inaudible]. There's eight out of 10. Nine hold it at the bottom. If you need to. Hang on with your hands.

Do back your feet up so you're on the balls of your feet. Heels are lifted, not the highest point. Somewhere in between where you got to work. Pick the legs up. Don't let us shift your arms out to the side. Palms up. Press the one, two, three, four, five. Press six, pull up seven all the way up eight all the way up, nine, 10. Hold it down. Adjust to, now you're in that Pilati stance. That means heels together, toes apart, and from here I'm going to keep the same arms caress, caress. If you have access to a mirror, check it out. Sometimes I lean too far forward. Sometimes I lean too far back.

We're trying for shoulders over hips. How about five more? One. Two. Can you be tolerant even if it's in your mind and hold it down? Adjust to heels are wide. Wow, I feel that already. That's good. That's why we're here. Lace the fingers or hand over. Hand behind your head. Push your head back into your hands. Do you have a subtle sense of traction?

Lift all the way to the top. Now as you pushed the bar down, rotate to the right, but keep the weight even in your feet. Lift ups, come centers switch just like that. You could always stay forward to, if you find yourself all of a sudden kind of having to think too much, I'd rather be able to feel more at the moment so you can just stay forward and do the legs is what I'm trying to say. Oh, one more each way. And gress come, uh, sorry. Go Down with the feet. Leave him there still with the fee wide.

So I'm out on the edges of the black bar. Heals up like they were before. Only the feeder apart. This time. Let's just take the arms behind the head. You can twist if you want. I'm not going to find that length and press one up too. I'm going a little slower in case you want it to us. Three, four, pull all the way up. Five. It's not just the down, it's the deceleration up seven. Here's eight.

Nine what? At 10 fabulous. Now then take it down. Put your feet back in the center. I think this time is worthwhile. Putting your feet together. You could leave them apart. Oh, can you tell him psyching up, lift the heels in a minute we're going to lift and lower the heels. But somehow when the bar comes off the ground, it feels very strange. So I'm just saying that now bring everything up until theoretically knee and hip parallel to the ground. Uh, arms one end to the other.

Now it's a push at the toes. But don't move the thighs. Flex the ankles, but don't move the size. Push the toes. Flex dittos if you're not sure about it, rest your hands on your thighs. You should be sure, cause you'll feel your thighs pretty quickly. But it's also a little cap control, right? So in other words, if your elbows are extending because you're pushing the whole side down, we're not what we're, that's not what we're going for. It's ankle, ankle, ankle, ankle. Meredith Rogers now just walked in. It's a real party here. Caress, flex point. How many more should we do? Five. Come on. Four be tall about it. Three. Now you've got it to one.

Oh, okay. Fabulous. You can step off there, stand up, turn yourself around and let's do some pike. All right, so we'll give our legs a small break. We're going to step down. Uh, you could go a little lighter for more work. I'm going to leave it. My New Year's resolutions have just started. This is a bit friendly, but here we go. The way I'm going to do this pike is to take your hands forward. Turned out. You can do it with the hands forward if that's what you used to and it's going to be more effective for you. But I'm going to encourage a little external rotation of the shoulder.

So it's not just just the forums that did that. The whole arm turned out. Then go to the arches of your feet. Since bones. Distance. Preach your pelvis forward, head down. The arms are connected so you're not just Kinda hunching, but you will be rounded from there. We inhale. It's a subtle downward pressure into the hands and it's an allowing of the body to come all the way up trying to get your head almost right between the arms.

Keep your body up as you peel your way, almost back to the ground. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Make your body light, light, light. Even with what I feel like as generous. Wait for me to get up and down and I know you're thinking, yeah, but even with them, I can work it more. I can almost not even put my hands on I, I of course need them there, but it's this idea of what can I do within my own framework with what I've set up. I don't want to change it. Now that I'm here up, up, we're going to go down.

Then take your feet back so you're on the balls of your feet. Same position, heels a little higher. Tick yourself up. You're going to get end up higher. If you change with me, then from there, just bend your knees like you're doing knee stretch, but don't let the bar go down and straighten your knees so the bar is still at the top. Inhale, bend, curl, curl, curl. Watch your shoulders. Exhale, straighten. Wow, I've never done this before. Someone has, but I haven't and I'm liking it. Does that knee stretch, almost an opposition and up. Let's stay here. Inhale, we'll do four more exhale as you pull the knees to the forehead. Inhale as you straighten the legs, exhale, pull the knees to the forehead or whatever. Exhale. I'm trying to do the knee stretch, bed, blow out. Then inhale, we get one more. Here's your exhale. Oh, and that's enough of that. Bring it all the way down. Right?

And from there, just let the bar up. We're going to take a spring off leaving. Let's take off the, um, if you stayed with me on springs and you have this equipment and we have the same kind of springs I'm taking off my heavier one of the two. They were very close. So it's not that big of a deal in difference. And what I want to go into is a, um, well I'll think of the name in a minute. Torso [inaudible] is what we call it. Um, you may decide you want a box or something to set your feet on, but really what I'm trying to do is get some opening and we're getting close.

It's a quick workout. So let's go with our hands back a few with the fingers facing forward. And you got to test it cause it's not, it's not um, heavy, right? So you want to be where you can push down a little without feeling like you're gonna fall from that place. You extend the legs or bend them and set them on a ball or a box or something nice and long. And from there we're going to inhale down. I'm trying to keep, I want to keep my legs parallel with the chair or the floor, the horizon. So that's what you want to do to keep your back straight now and hinge up. Leave your feet still. Inhale down. Exhale.

Imagine your toes are being pulled one way. The top of your head is being pulled the other in. Oh, that feels pretty good. After all those pikes and, and up and, yeah. And uh, from there, stay up. Keep your legs. If you can take the arms up, bend the knees, mini break. Then we're going to rotate to, I'll say whichever way you want. I'm going to face you. I'm going to my right case. You're looking forward, turning the fingers the other way this time, so fingers are away from me from there. Same thing with the legs. I'm out our rotation. Now we're going to inhale down. There's going to be a little arc to this one. In other words, you're not totally flat. There's a bit of an arc reaching to the legs.

Be Mindful not to arch your low back. Much just that the Rassic and then in excellent. In two exit. One more time. Oh my legs get lower yours up. You can bend the knees. Sit up tall other way, legs up, arms up, rotate left, or whichever the opposite direction is for you. And back you go. Oh, before you come up, make sure the opposite hip is down and you didn't roll over. You're still level.

The trunk is rotated and exhale. Inhale, back. Exhale. Oh boy. Pretty amazing. If I can keep count today, I'm going to though. One more. Well maybe I think I'm close. Oh, okay. Back to center. Set it down. Swivel the face front. Hug the chicken to like, okay, so I'm basically in the middle, not right on my butt cheek, right. Not Vertical, kind of off to the side. This is a variation on Joe's original one.

I like it. I'm realizing how much I need it cause it used to not be so far to the ground. There we go. We're going to reach over our same weight. Right? And Inhale, keep that toe on the ground even if you have to adjust to do it. Hi Andy. Inhale over long, long, long. Watch.

The bottom shoulder doesn't creep up on you. Get it down and out of your way. The reason the bar is moving is because of the spine. It's not about your arm, the lower arm or the upper arm stretch. Oh yeah. And give yourself one more to go over. Stay there. Yes. Take the hand behind your head. You're gonna lean into that arm a little bit.

I'm holding on with this leg. Don't you think I'm not. If I can get back, it's like forward and back. I'm trying to keep the lower bar still as much as possible. [inaudible] however you want. I'm exhaling forward. Inhaling back, exhaling forward. Inhaling back. Hm. One more. Can you take it back, back, back. Reach at long storage, the top arm out and up. You can turn around.

You know what's coming, sitting on the side of your hip rather than directly upright. The forward calf is holding on. So I've kinda hooked my Achilles Tendon, my toes secure and I'll know if it's really not. Once I start to go over, sometimes you just have to work it out, don't ya? Here we go. Watch your ribs. Inhale down. Oh this side needs it. Exhale. Inhale down. And so you know it's not so awful if that top shoulder were to come up. No, not needed either. But be mindful of the bottom one reaching kind of breathing into that top side.

Let those bones of the top side of the ribs expand. I find it nice to inhale on the way down, but who knows what I've been saying. Next one, stay down, reach, reach, reach, awe. Then adjust, however needed. I'm just kind of leaning into the top arm is how I do it.

And yes that lower lake hangs on place. The hand binder had pushed the back of your head into your hand, kicked the forward leg or the top leg forward and back. Kick forward and back. Exhale. You can do double kick if you want. I'm kind of coordinating just one form or one and sweep two and sweep three sweep or two. The back way back and as you lower the leg down alongside your body, you reach the top. I'm over and up.

You come finishing off with the swan over the top. So you're just basing the bar. I guess you hit the back of the chair. We're going to lie over the top. No need to change springs so we won't and I'm just pushing the bar down. I know I won't need it. This chair is tall enough that it's too far down. Cause if you are looking at, you can see that I'm kind of on the downward slope.

Let's bring ourselves where hipbones are near the front. The legs are off the back and not just hanging right there active before you even come off the ground. You stretch to the crown of the head and come up to what feels like level as your starting position then. And here's the thing that's hard to do without a floor rather than just riding the spring up in this position, which is all right, it's just kind of time goes by. Can you imagine something being at either the crown of your head or that right behind that listing you up.

So go ahead and look forward like pretending, don't want to lift the bar, but something is pulling up. You trying not to move the bar. Oh, but eventually you have to because you're being told up and back. Legs didn't drop. Right. And then down I exaggerated a little, I'd probably lifted my head more than I need to, but that's the idea. Here we go. So it's like you want to go forward and back with through your head and your feet, but then all of a sudden you find this insatiable need to look forward and be pulled up in the arms. You can push on this bar. Oh, that feels good. Chest is through the arms and down. It goes down the same way you go up.

It's an articulation. Really. It's like doing a reverse chest lift and oh, it's so good for us. You don't need a chair to do it. You can do it anytime. Back extension, anytime. [inaudible] dot com there's an idea. You feel the back of your legs. Not like they're working, but they are right just to keep you here so it doesn't hurt your back. If they're just hanging out, you're going to get stopped short and not like it.

I'm going to keep going cause I like it and we need it. Oh, let's do one more and add a little something to it. Stop short of what you think your high point is. Now know that you're about to take your right arm off. Almost done. You can do this. Cool. I anticipated and I'm thinking, I don't know how many of these, so I'm gonna try not to rotate, but then I'm s oh boy. Keith does like still do. Do what you need to take the arm alongside your ear.

Now if you've got room to lift and other interests, so do and back. One more that side. Try to level out those hips. I know, I know what's going on and I'm sure we chose our easy side first because we're intuitive beings. Okay. Oh maybe not. That was easy to take my arm off. You take yours too. I can't move, but can you, here we go. Don't forget the head part. You're being pulled up. Yup. I can't go as high on the side cause I'm interested in the quality.

I hope you are too. We only did two. Thank goodness. But now I know what I'll be working on from there. If you can lift up and let your feet come off the back and do it that way. Or you can push the bar down and just put your feet down. Bend your knees, come in close with your feet so that when you hold on, first of all, know that you're not gonna pull the chair over and you could.

So you're, you're using it for traction, but you're also almost sending your feet forward for that curve to the spine. Yeah, it's a good thing. And then straighten your legs, but bend your elbows and let the sits bones reach to the sky as you extend your body. Now I'm kind of stumbling through the lots, I suppose. Don't hyper extend the neck too much, but it can lift. You can feel good. It'd be, you can look one way, not in too much extension though for the position I have even. And then one more time with the bending of the knees, extension of the arms or the elbows around room round.

Send your hips back in, up. Bend the elbow, send your spine forward into a flat or maybe even ever so slightly arched, so long as you don't drop out the ribs too much. Almost there. Take the hands, either hand left hand and rotate so you can do whatever you want with the right hand. But rotate. Keeping your hips as level as possible. Keep rotating. And what I'm going to do is start to push with the right hand. So my left arm is straight, just kind of bracing up, pushing a little with the right hand. It makes me lift of course, but it's also rotating me more and then release other sides. So if we've had that elbow almost down, we reach as far as we can. Knees are basically straight, they can be slightly bent, but just don't want to be different from one another. And then what I did over there, what I was saying is I was gently pressing down with that straight arm using the left. Oh to stretch, look up.

Let your eyes be the guide. Basically equal weight on your feet and unwind. Come back to the center, free your hand, press your arms straight as you roll yourself up. Okay, and take a moment because this is all we're going to do. So find whatever you need inside to be able to walk out. Glad that you were here. Deep breath, even if it's just a conscious softening of either attitude, tension, whatever, or perhaps you want more tension, who knows? It's your choice. Take a deep breath, can raise the arms or not. I'm doing one more just on a letting the wind be up, my body.

Deep breath, let go. Stay Tall, stay strong. Stay true to yourself and thank you so much for coming.


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Kristi, how very lucky you are to have such beautiful scenery and warm temperatures! Who would not want to take their chair out for a workout! Thank you so much.
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Love your comments, its almost like I am there:) Very fun!
Was planning on using the chair more this week so this is a great combo workout!
Lucie Bécus
Loved enjoying the beautiful day with you and great workout, too!
Thanks, Kristi, I did walk out feeling I was glad to be here and there! there any way u can give spring substitutes?I have a stott chair and so far i havent got the colours on wunda black spring the same as red on stott?any ideas?
Shahena, I don't know the correlation to the spring weights on a Stott Chair, but I suspect they aren't that different. I only mentioned the black spring because BB as two springs per side and one of them is really light (the white one). Essentially, I think it's better to think in terms of light med or heavy in relation to the exercise we're doing. The first section of exercises with the one spring felt medium to me on all the exercises. When I did foot work I wanted it to feel medium to heavy on my legs. I went back down to one spring for most of the rest I think and kept the feeling medium for all the exercises. In other words, it was relatively easy to maintain my form based on my spring choice. I hope this helps. The WC is the hardest one to give exact Springs on even if we were both using a BB. There are so many factors in play.
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Kristi, you are always so much fun to work with. Wish i lived closer to California. That scenery is beautiful . Hope i can visit soon.
I wish you did too Molly. Though I love Thun Switzerland too!
I'm really glad to hear several of you enjoyed the scenery. I took advantage of the situation that day and taught a Reformer class too. Meredith Rogers came in and taught outside too.
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Love to see you and to hear you!
You are great!! Thank you so much Kristy,love from italy!!!
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