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Fletcher-Inspired Reformer

50 min - Class


In this moderately paced Reformer class, Amy assumes you have a working knowledge of intermediate Reformer exercises. With her eclectic background, she chooses some classical pieces both from the original list, but also includes some Fletcher repertoire as well. She manages to include a few transitions and variations of her own and encourages fun along with focus.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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All right, Leah, let's go ahead and set ourselves up with three red springs if they're not already hooked, and we're going to approach this as a intermediate workout on the reformer, a little, a eclectic style of classical and maybe some variations. So let's go ahead and roll on down. Turn around and face the foot bar and thread the legs through. Underneath and legs are nice and long. Let's begin our arms long reaching forward. Just a nice inhale here.

Exhale as we round our spine forward, getting ourselves spa or spine ready for some pulsing. Feel the inner thighs pulling towards each other, the lats pulling down. And let's take some focus on the abdominals now and begin the pulse of the spine forward. [inaudible] [inaudible] it's our idea to open up the lower back, bending a little more in the seeker and four, three, two and now ruling back to the reformer mat or goal will be that we clear the shoulder rest, feeling that rotation of the pelvis, and let's come all the way down and let's just put our arms on the mat and bring one leg out from underneath the foot bar, the second leg out from underneath the foot bar and I think we'll go into our prehensile parallel. To begin just 10 extensions. We'll go at a moderate pace. Inhale as we lengthen. Exhale.

Wow. [inaudible] nice heavy pelvis on the mat. Nice open collar bone and chest anchoring the rib cage in and of course that level triangle, hip, hip, and pubic bone. [inaudible] two more. Extend and return. Nice long extension and return. Let's just point her feet.

One extension of both legs to the ceiling, dropping in the sacrum and tailbone. Let's flex the feet on an inhale. Bend the hips and knees to place the heels onto the bar. Inhale, start. Begin to press away and exhale. Return looking for continuous movement. Not. Let's stop or start. Nice and fluid. Feeling the hamstrings engaging and then again and breathe. Yeah, always seeking that level. Pelvis, rib cage, drop down that rib hip connection to more extend and in and last one press and Ian. All right, pointing the feet again. Let's roll our legs to the ceiling.

I said 90 degrees and let's turn out from the hips on an inhale. Flex the FedEx sail, bending the knees. We placed the feed on the foot bar and let's go into a narrow a turnout. First position. Knees, shoulder with the part heals together and lifted. Here we go and press and return again, always seeking that level. Pelvis, rib, hip connection.

Soon as we start to apply pressure on the foot bar, feeling the work in the inner thighs, pulling up a little bit of the wrapping on the outer thigh around the back again in press and in three more extend and in holding the size up and in and last time for us and in. Okay, so I would like us to point our toes and we're going to take the thighs, keep them right level where they are. And extend your knees open, seared a little modest, a second position. Flex the feet and let's bend the knees and put the heels on the foot bar and they ask us to go a little wider, maybe exploring the whole width of the bar for Yulia and open your hips fairly wide. So it's going to stretch out through the inner inner thigh adductor. Make sure the pelvis stays level. And here we go. Inhale and extend. Exhale and Ben. Yeah, and exhale in and says one for me. I know I like to talk a little bit, so I'm gonna keep my pillow pelvis flat. Ah, and ask more of the adductors to connect toward the midline of my body.

A little more rap from the outer thigh. [inaudible] Chin lifted away from the chest. Dominoes pulling down and in, let's take two more extensions. Press and in and last one. Press and in. Okay. And point the feet.

You can hold on to the legs again and let's extend back into that straddle. Bring the legs all the way back up to 90 degrees parallel. And then there's flex the toes. We're going to place the balls of the feet on the foot bar in a very high lifted ankle position. Take a second. Inside seam of the foot, ankles, knees, high inner thigh and a level pelvis. Here we go. We're aiming to keep the heels lifted.

[inaudible] even pressure on the feet. [inaudible] yes. So the next five, let's add a little lower lift of both heels. So they go down and up. Let's come back in. Press out, lower lift and coming in.

Three more there. Inhale, lower lift. Exhale, return. Two more times. Press, lower, lift and return. And last time press lower lift. Let's stay lifted. This whole, the engagement of the calves all the way up through the hamstrings level. Pelvis. We're going to start the, I'm walking in place, a little percussive rhythm and here we go.

[inaudible] [inaudible] nice open chest rib, Cajun in down eight, seven, six, five and four three, two, last one. We will all the way back up to [inaudible]. Bend the knees and coming all the way down. Okay, we're going to stay on the three red springs for some single leg extension with some pulses. So let's put our right heel on in line with our sits bone. Left leg just up in your tabletop. Eight extensions. Now in a slower rhythm. Inhale as we lengthen out and exhale coming in. Inhale as we lengthen and exhale, coming in, staying mindful of both waistlines and nice and long and symmetrical.

And for more at this tempo. [inaudible] heavy pelvis on the mat. Do More and press and in Nellis. Double time with the percussive rhythm. [inaudible] the inner thigh. Lean in just a little to the midline and four, three, two and one. Inhale, go all the way back up and exhale all the way back in. And then just simply place the left heel on. Lift the right leg up. Here we go. Inhale, lengthen and return.

Yeah, and opening the line in the hip flexor and yeah. [inaudible] two more at this tempo. Ah, last one. [inaudible] Percocet, [inaudible] [inaudible] four and three and two and last one. And hold one more extension all the way up and exhale. Let's come all the way in. Okay. I want us to do it again, ball of the foot, but let's come up for a second. I'm just going to swing my feet up.

Don't touch the floor and roll back down. Let's stay on the two red springs ball of the right foot. Left leg and tabletops are the same, same pattern, just a little lighter weight. Here we go in heel stretch and exhale. Return hamstring all the way up.

Feel the length through the top of the head and again, inhale and exhale and press. Okay. [inaudible] four more. [inaudible]. Ah, are we seeking that level? Pelvis, rib, hip connection. Last one, slow and in a little faster. And inhale. Inhale, exhale, exhale.

[inaudible], open chest. Nice. And four, three, two, amas. Once again, go all the way out. Feel that very strong standing leg and bend your knee to come in. Simply place the left foot, right lift in. Inhale and exhale. Real heavy pelvis robbing into that level. Position.

Breathe heavy rib cage and down. Ah, not out of the question. To feel the back of the arms. Press against the mat lightly. Yeah, do more. [inaudible] last one. Slow and a little faster in rhythm.

[inaudible] yeah. And four, three, two and last one. Inhale all the way out. Nice strong standing leg. Be there and exhale. Let's come all the way down. Okay. So we can um, take our foot bar down.

Although these are not classical reformers, we can do it with the foot and a nice to do that without having to get all the way up. And I'm going to keep us on two red springs for the hundred. The overhead and the coordination. I think we'll be fine. So let's find our straps. Bring our knees into tabletop. Stabilize the ribs and shoulders. Here we go in heel first. Let's just go right up to chest.

Lifted the for forward curl and we'll do our two breath pumps. Here we are. [inaudible] alright. And slowly legs to this ceiling. Dropping the sake. Rum still working. The curl of the chess. Ah, now the legs down a few inches. [inaudible] dropping the sacrum down, opening the chest.

[inaudible] good. Little lower with the legs. Working harder to stabilize the chest lift. Yeah, broadening the back. All right, we're almost there. Down five or wrenches and five, four, three, two, last breath cycle. Now, arms only up alongside the ears. Gentle touch. Exhale, n down. One more time. Arms only. Exhale n down.

Let's bring your knees in, lower the head and chest, and bring your arms up. Little control of closing in. Take our head rest down. All right, the rollover or the overhead, a overhead, our legs, straight arms. Nice along to begin. All right, here we go. Inhale arms only. Exhale, lifting the hips, pelvis, spine, overhead. Flexing the feet. Open to shoulder with an inhale, and here comes the rolling down. So feeling the opposing strength, top of the spine. Long reach into the handles. Controlling the contraction.

We can just simply bring your legs together. 90 degrees, arms coming up through two more times, up and over. So pelvis over the chest without pushing too far back on our neck. Flex the feet. Feel the width open. Inhale and exhale of course, to roll down. Upper back, opening the chest down. We go all the way around. Legs together. Once again, [inaudible] flex. Inhale, open. As we rolling down, stabilize a very open chest [inaudible] legs together, bending knees to 90 degrees, bending the elbows to 90 degrees.

Let's take an inhale as we come up to the a hundred position. Hold the breath, open close knees. I'm going to keep our head up today. Inhale, open, close and yeah, three more. Nice and easy. Um, and there we go. All the way down the center handles down. We'll come up off of our back. Let's go into three springs there for stomach massage series, minding our sticky head rest up. Now I'm going low bar. You can go high bar if you'd like.

I know that I need the low bar. Uh, I'll hold my form. So let's take our feet up on the bar first position and checking on our setup for just a second. Knees, shoulder width apart, hands holding in the front of the Mat. And very important to keep the heels pooled up is find yourself in that nice c curve. Widen your back. Feel as though you're trying to spread the wingspan or the lats, the Vertebra. Moving back. And here we go. Round, back, stomach massage.

Sure. Exhale is we come in with high heels. Inhale, press lower, lift the heels, exhale, pulling in three more. Actually we'll do four. I'm going to give us a total of six of these and more scoop, more lift underneath the ribs. Two more now and all the way and heels are still lifted. Let's roll up to a vertical spine. You can either put your fingertips back on the mat.

I'm going to show that myself. Or if you want to go all the way up on shoulder, shoulder rest, you can work to open up the chest without pushing the ribs out. Again, knees, shoulder. With the part heels lifted. Bring the back of the head back slightly. And here we go. Press lower lift. We want to stay up on those sitz bones. Press lower, lift and stay on the sitz bones.

Feeling the back. [inaudible] two more. [inaudible] last time and hold. Okay, reaching in. Let's take away the middle red spring and go into the arms reaching. So as we're reaching Yana, slight forward, diagonal, easy shoulders, and just the inhale. Let's not do the lower lift and just exhale return.

So there's that sense of arms reaching into the front space. So the space that's in front of us, the abdominals moving back. [inaudible] back of the head, staying back tall. Okay. [inaudible] one more for six. Now as we target, start the rotation.

Let's go to our right. Easy gesture of the arm and exhale center. Think more about the trunk than the arm. Exhale, center even feet on the bar. And exhale center three more. Always lifting into the body. Lifting up in the body, often around in the spiral.

[inaudible] last one here. [inaudible] and just because circling the arms, Oh, other way. [inaudible] and for three, two and rest. Okay. No monkey stretch. Let's just go ahead and take the sticky away. Let's go ahead and do a rowing front series. A rowing series. One red. Oh, we'll take our foot bar down. Oh, we don't need our head rest up.

We'll go rollback. [inaudible] all right, well one hand linked from the back knuckles toward the chest. I think as far as repetitions for four could be three to five. So we'll pick four. Inhale, talk annex. Say we curl it back. Holding a c curve. Let's inhale. Open our arms out toward the V or t position.

Now make a big deal about the abdominals in up. Spiral the risks and pull the springs back. Inhale, open the arms. I'm going to stay at a horizontal level. I'm gonna start my articulation back up to sitting in. Inhale tall. Exhale and pull the abdominals back back of the head back. Now.

Low shoulders. Hold the c curve. Inhale, exhale and dive over the thighs. Circle the arms from the back round to the front, pulling more into the abdominals. Rounding up to sitting tall. Let's breathe in. Two more to go. Exhale. [inaudible] Ah, Nice. And why? Through the wingspan. Rolling up. One more time. Breathe in. Exhale in this curl back.

Inhale. Ah, open. Hold that for a second. Can you class your thumb or index finger together and just pull for a second turn to stretch your arms back and lower more c curve more contraction. Lower shoulders, and then release.

Open all the way around and let's just go ahead and come all the way up. Let's put drops in one hand. Turn around to face. The other direction and rowing facing front. Again, four in each position. Here we go. [inaudible] [inaudible] to the chest. And once again, that Nice continuous movement all the way. Never stopping, never hesitating. We're there in our connection. Hand Down, back of the head, back just a little bit. Last time around. Inhale. Exhale all the way up. And this time the transition, the hands down by the hips for bending down. Inhale First Exhale, that nice tight contraction. Inhale, reaching the arms past those toes if you can.

And the extension from the tail up all the way. Arms by ears and hands down by the mat. Pause to breathe in and over. Reach out a little farther, a little longer, dropping the shoulder blades, get the rib cages in and all the way down by the hips. Two more to go. Bending down.

[inaudible] once again, [inaudible] all the way up. Let's go into our long box series, some pulling straps. We'll stay on our red. Yeah. Alrighty. Shoulders in line with the front of the box. Let's go ahead and walk our hands. Uh, let's actually go past the tape.

So let's choke up and go way up there. And then our checking, just real quick, head dropped or relaxed. The abdominals of course supported but not so much were puking up the hips. And let's do one inhale and we just bring the spine up, pulling the arms as far as we'll allow with the spine and our exhale is become down and again, chest and head over the edge. Alright. [inaudible] just forward three more times. Shoulder blades, arms feeling the back.

Okay. [inaudible] one more time and all the way down over the box. Okay. For the t, let's slide our hands all the way into the loops. Weigh out their palms, face the feet, so the a arms, the upper arms slightly internally rotated, believe it or not. And then just stabilize the back extension. We don't have to go to high five repetitions or six. We did six before I inhale.

Arms in, exhale, arms away, trying to reach for the walls. [inaudible] [inaudible] and see the hands and the peripheral vision. Yeah, shoulder blades and arms. [inaudible] one more and open. And let's go ahead and just rest everything down with your head. Relax for a moment and then we'll put the straps back up.

Step off the box. I think that's all we're going to do with the box today. So we'll pick it up and move it away. We'll come back for the long stretch series. So our mid bar on the balanced body reformer red and blue is fine, or to red if you're feeling Gusto, I think reminds, we'll just transition these for a knee strap series. So let's go into our long stretch and keep me on count.

We'll try six. Okay, let's find her steady position first. Connecting into the inner thighs. No locking elbows, rib cage, stable sternum, reaching forward. Here we go for six solid connection through the lats. Looks really good. Inner thighs seem together. [inaudible] five and six. Knees down quietly down. Stretch.

Feel the whole foot. Heel, the foot ball of the foot. Bring your pelvis forward. Think a little bit of pelvic tilt. Swan through the upper back. Here we go for six. Yeah, lift to come forward. It doesn't hurt to use the inner thighs a little bit here and Kale and exhale three more and more.

Lift at the top, bringing the rib cage to the back. Oh Wow. Two more in press. Last time in press all the way up and then round the back. Good. Let's come into our up stretch.

I should've gotten a sticky for my hands. I'm feeling a little, little glossy. Okay. Six repetitions again, let's go ahead classical with the articulation of the spine, the undulation, so for starting with those hips as high up as we can. A little pressure on the wrists head right between the arms. Here we go. Hamstrings, glutes, press back, nice and law. And here we come forward and start tilting the pelvis, lifting the back of the spine up, feeling the undulation through, and it leads right into the extension coming forward.

[inaudible] solid legs. Three more. [inaudible]. Hell, they tilt. Lift the belly to the sky. Two more now. And linkedin. [inaudible] do you think that ripple effect through the back last one?

[inaudible] and back. Elephant and they'd like us to do elephant and have pulled the toes up by no round back as much as we can. Here. I'm going to move my hands just a little more inward. Let's go with our 10 little quick [inaudible] [inaudible] belly to the ceiling in [inaudible] last one and 10 okay, let's step down just for a second and we'll change our spring. We'll add the second red or a another red take off that blue, leaving us to red springs for knee strap to series coming on down.

So let's make a good round again. I need to wipe my hands a little bit. Okay, let's go with 10 round than flat and we'll come into knees off. Okay, here we go. And we can the accent in and in. Last one in. Hold on, Juliet into the flat back. Here we go. And 10 okay. Oh, last one. Undulating to round back.

Now we can bring the chest a little forward just a little bit. However, the knees, here we go for eight and eight to 10 if you can get your knees low. [inaudible] and last one 10 lower down with control. Oh, right. Fantastic. All right, let's lower this down and go back into a couple arm pieces. Let's go yellow all the way down. No reds. We'll have to pick up our straps.

Well, let's go with our kneeling at our shoulder rest. I think we might be fine to hold the tape. We're going to want to hold the tape and then take just a quick check if you want to. For Rib hip connection, start with the arms right near the side of the hips. Alright, trunk rotation. Let's go. Trunk rotation to the left first, just an inhale trunk rotation. So this right arm is going to go a little slack and exhale.

Return to the front or the back facing the ropes. Here we go. Trunk rotation, right. Exhale center. We'll start adding an arm pool to this in a minute. Inhale, trunk rotation and center to the right. Again, always seeking the connection. Rib Hip. I'm having to look for mine. [inaudible] moving the back of the head back. Now on the next phase we'll add a little chest expansion arm movement to it.

So inhale first, find your left lat left tricep to pull the arm back, adding a little more spiral and exhale. Come back to the front. Inhale as we rotate to the right. Exhale, the arm pull. Inhale a little longer, taller and exhale back to the front again. Nice and fluid. Inhale, spiral. And exhale, Lat, tricep. Inhale. We might go a little taller and exhale to the front.

Good. And again, inhale [inaudible] little more up and around and center. Let's just take one more each direction. Mindful not to over move our head. Exhale and lat. TRICEP. It was a little more for me than you. And exhale center last time to our right.

[inaudible] and forward. All right, good. So if we turn ourselves around just for some, uh, arms scoops, maybe leading into armed circles momentarily. So again, our, uh, knees hip with the part as much of the whole foot on the shoulder rest as we possibly can and the rib, hip connection, palms face forward, pinky fingers by the thighs and just take a second to open up the chest without tossing the ribs forward. And let's just start with some scoops here. So inhale, I'm going to have fingertips come head level and exhale as we bring them down. And inhale as we scoop forward, there's a little connection or in the back of the legs, the hamstrings, sending the pelvis forward rather than sitting back on the ankles. Let's take three more [inaudible] lift a little more through the top of the head as the arms come downward.

Once again [inaudible]. Okay, let's make it a little bit changes. Spring tension. If we add a red take away, a yellow, we have more resistance. Of course the balance is going to be more challenge of the front back potential of falling. We're going to be fine, but let's go ahead. I'm going to have us do a light fist and now bring the arms forward.

Palms facing in, elbows directly forward of the under arms and just hold that for a moment. Feel the heaviness in the shoulder blades has their set deeply into the back of the ribs. [inaudible] and we know our upper arm is the arm, so let's circle the upper arm and we're going to circle the upper arm up slightly open, down and forward. If our carriage, it's kind of minor open down around and we're hoping our lats are doing their job to keep the shoulders relaxed. [inaudible] do more this direction. Upper arms and reversing for six [inaudible]. Our shoulder blades are allowed to move sometimes on the ribs.

I feel like mine are moving more than I just requested them originally, so I'm going to allow that to happen and just experience it [inaudible] at our level. I know I'm not going to re hurt myself and actually feels kind of good to let the move around. One more to go. [inaudible] now let's bring the arms down back behind the legs. Not a full extension of the elbow so you keep some work in your biceps, but just maybe a little bit more opening of the chest. Three or four breaths there. Head back.

Ah, okay. That's plenty. Let's go ahead and just sit on down and we can place our handles down. Let's just step off [inaudible]. Let's go into moving this a on the, yeah, move it in forward. I think I'm going to take us up to sides a side glide. Her standing leg splits, one red should be fine. Now let's do it as if, if this were a Fletcher reformer, the way I've learned there to stand on the mat before the platform, I didn't learn it that way originally a long time ago. It was there first. But it's kind of interesting to step up on the moving surface.

Tap into your stabilization. So here we go to stand and then the other foot now can come to the platform. I'm gonna ask us to wiggle that foot toe heel about halfway out and just hold. Looking down to see the feet nice and parallel. We're not rolling out, rolling in. Feel the inner thigh strength, that rib hip connection. And let's just go ahead and hold our arms up. We'll do six repetitions is gliding open and exhale, pooling in and gliding open. And, and again, there's energy reaching out through those arms.

That's if we're trying to touch the walls of the room. That was six. And let's go ahead and come all the way in. Lower the arms, toe, heel quietly with our carriage. But we'll take that standing foot and step back. Yeah, and walk around other side. All right, foot on carriage.

Second Foot and place. Oops. And place toe. Heel, a little more to the middle of the mat. Solid inner thighs. Raise the arms up. Six repetitions. Here we go to a glide and in, and let's take a GLI and three more and last time. Arms Down, a little heel toe, pulling that carriage in, stepping back and all the way around.

All right, I want us to, we're going to do a little side bending and let's take our foot bar middle, not Cleopatra. I'm going to have a right hand, a left hand on the bar. First Cleopatra knee stacked ankle, stacked hands slightly forward of the bar. And let's go ahead and put her hand down on our mat. And then in turn, take our profile. Looking back to the back of the reformer, so pressing away, we're trying to increase the side bend on our right waist as we lengthen the left one down and exhale coming up again. Lift more into the curve. Let's go through repetitions. Feels good to side bend. Exhale and [inaudible]. One more time and press and we'll change to the mermaid to just opening knees.

Okay, same hand on the bar, other arm going, ready to come up. Let's inhale there. As we exhale, take the side bend, trying to keep that opposing hip as anchored as possible. We're going to go right into the rotation on the exhale and I want to have us just let this t right arm just kind of hang or rest down by the wood of the reformer, so give us a chance to feel the scoop in the stomach, the lat connection of the arm on the bar and the feeling of that sit bone staying down as much as possible. All right, now inhale and want unwind back into that side bend. Exhale, lift the side and come all the way down. We'll take it two more times. Arm up first.

Exhale up and over to the side. Ben, from the abdominals, we worked the rotation. I'm going to allow the arm to drop a little bit lower, but the head relax. Open the upper back. I'm still working to pull this end now. Return, inhale and exhale all the way up and one more. Now inhale, arm. Exhale up and over.

Wow. And the whole spine rotates. Keep the pelvis back and level and inhale to the rotation and exhale all the way up. We can do the counter stretch by initial shoulder rest or peg and then other arm up. You can bend your arm if you'd like to. I'm going to take this today. Okay, can we get a little more length in my lat? Always working for that.

Okay. Now to change sides, let's turn to face the back and swivel around, stacking the feet, Zack in the knees, hand on the bar, hand on the mat and once again our profile, three repetitions, good shoulder support and we press looking right over that shoulder and exhale, coming up, feeling a little more in the obliques on the left side and press away keeping that connection as we open or youngness waist down to the mat and exhale coming up and over. Good shoulder check and inhale all the way open. Exhale and we come up. Ah, okay. Mermaid opening. That alignment. Foot hooked again is even in the sits bones is we can arm first inhale up and over side. All right, inhale to begin the rotation.

The exhale, the abdominals coming in, allowing the spine to rotate again, the weight of the head drop a little bit. The arm drop always drawing into the back into the spine for that width, the cross and then on spiral or de spiral. I never know what to say there. Exhale and come all the way up two more times. Finding the connection from side Bend, how it goes right into that rotation. [inaudible] [inaudible] back to the side bend and exhale. Little Taller.

This last go round. Inhale we go up and exhale and side bend and exhale to the rotation. How do you make army somewhat heavy, heavy head and any and exhale all the way up that counter stretch arm overhead. Again, I'm going to do the same little extra to stretch my lap. I want to allow my shoulders to come up just a little bit for more stretch. Okay, and now let's come all the way up. I want us to face our foot bar.

And this was one of the variations I was telling you about so far. We've done quite a bit of classical, uh, work that you and I know. And this next one is generally not done on a studio reformer here, but a more of a Fletcher reformer. Next time we'll do that I think. But this time let's go ahead and we're sitting fairly close to the front of the, uh, carriage mat in a second position and our hips are turned out. Just taking a second not to overturn the foot and just feel the, the opening in the hips and contraction in the glutes.

OK, so a little more side. Bending arms out to the t arms should be slightly in front of the shoulders and pull the shoulders down. Okay, so again, similar to the mermaid, we'll start with our right arm going up. Exhale, take the whole spine to trunk bend to the left. The left arm will be parallel to the floor. We do a rib check, we pull our sternum up, we still want to make sure the ribs are, uh, hips are open. And we pulse the side. Reach to the left. Here we go. [inaudible] really reaching for something, dropping the shoulders at every chance we can and four and three opening the hips and two and last one. Now there's another dismount to it, but why don't you and I just come all the way up.

We're not a dismount but a transition. We'll do this way. Arm Up, side bend over to the right. Bringing those ribs in. It might help to slightly biased the weight forward of the the hips. Just a little bit. Dropping the head. Here we go at really reaching into space on the right side, keeping the left sit bone anchor down. Ah, and four, three, two, last one. All the way up. Arm down. We'll do each again. A little smaller, a rhythm, shorter pulse pattern over and stretching those obliques and the lats.

[inaudible] four and three. It's the same length as the other one do. And last one all the way up. [inaudible] last go round. [inaudible] yeah, and four and three and two. Last one. M Let's come all the way up.

Lower the arms control. Put your hands behind you in a slide back. Be careful not to clink the reformer. We're going to move that right leg around. You have us do one more for the arms together and the quadriceps. So I think we're fine on our red spring, the chariot.

So let's come back up on her knees. Once again, I think we'll just start with the hands this time. Hold the, uh, loop [inaudible] canvas drop that thing. Okay. And we're going to, this will be nice to stretch out the hip flexors, I think from that last hole position. So let's take our arms back on an inhale. There's that tricep pool now as we sit down toward the ankles, trying to keep the arms steady, coming back up onto the knees, and then arm is Brie. Turn forward. Now all that said, I don't like that whole, I'm going to go up a little higher. Okay. Yeah, that feels better. Exhale, sitting down toward the ankles, rib, hip connection, sternum, open. Inhale, we come all the way up and exhale forward. Three more. Inhale and pull. So can we sit down to the calves and angles? Without too much rib pushing.

Can we come back up without too much? But sticking out and forward two more and we draw the arms and we sit [inaudible] and we come back up last one and pull back and sit and coming up and forward. Okay, I'd like us to do one more exercise. Let's go ahead and hook the handles down and step off. If your hands are low glossy, you may want to [inaudible] and hmm. Control Front.

I'm going to stay on the red. See what I have. I sometimes like red and blue. Red and yellow might be good. Let's see what we've got today. So hands on, shoulder rests, feet back, and I'll make sure that carriage comes out. Get that second foot in place. Let's just hold ourself here for just a minute. Not Equate [inaudible] the whole rib cage sternum. So let's do three pushes of the carriage forward. Inhale, push it forward. Exhale, just underneath the chest. Two more. Press forward. Exhale just underneath the chest.

And last one. Inhale forward. Exhale, just underneath the chest. Lift the hips from way inside the abdominals. Bring the carriage in. Blue. I'm going to come down. My feet are slipping more than my strength. Say right there. Can you stay there? My feet were really slipping off. Yeah, I should've gotten a sticky. Well, yeah, so I'm gonna just stay with you for just a second. Let you finish the session. Brig Bay, way back your way back. Your hips, high hip side.

Let your head drop a little bit. Let's count down from five and four and three and two and one, and then step one foot onto the mat and second foot down to the floor. Okay, Aaliyah. Thanks. Let's do a standing roll down to thank ourselves for a session. Take a full breath. Just one standing roll down.

Next time I'll put a sticky on there so that I won't slide off or you can come over and spot me rounding over and then exhale. Let's go ahead and roll ray back up and thank our dance partner or a little reformer for giving us a good workout too. Thank you. All right.


I love this class so much! Can't wait to teach it tomorrow morning. I love the excellent cueing and the perfect form that Amy displays. What a great teacher you are, Amy.
Thank you so much Linda! Enjoy the exercises and let me know how it feels.
This is a great class..great cueing and love the classical and Ron Fletcher moves!! Nice...
Hi Jamie, Thank you! Yes, the Fletcher work is pretty fun. It gives such nice variety and transitions....which are great exercises themselves. My background is very eclective and I feel grateful that I have classical, Fletcher and contemporary training. It allows me to keep things exciting....never really the same thing twice! Talk to you soon,!
Great class.. Nice flow... Is there a place where you teach.. Would love to come and do a live class with you... Tina Follett
Hey Tina! Thank you so much. Yes, I own CenterPoint Pilates in Santa Barbara and would love to have you come in anytime for a class....just name the time and what kind of class you'd like! I'm in!
Great class. Love your teaching style Miss Amy!
Hi Miss Teresa.....thank you for taking clss with me and so glad you enjoyed it. Talk again soon!
I just took your class Amy. It was a great class, which brought in a variety of intermediate exercises, and you had great cueing. Thanks!
Hi Missy! Thank you so much for taking class with me and glad you liked the variety. My background is pretty varied so I most often change things up a bit. I love the classical list of exercises, but I think change is good. Talk again soon I hope!
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