Class #156

Reformer Workout

60 min - Class


In this moderately paced Reformer class, Amy assumes you have a working knowledge of Intermediate Reformer exercises. With her eclectic background, she chooses some classical pieces both from the original list, but also includes some Fletcher repertoire as well. She manages to include a few transitions and variations of her own and encourages fun along with focus.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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All right, Leah, let's go ahead and set ourselves up with three red springs if they're not already hooked, and we're going to approach this as a intermediate workout on the reformer, a little, a eclec...


I love this class so much! Can't wait to teach it tomorrow morning. I love the excellent cueing and the perfect form that Amy displays. What a great teacher you are, Amy.
Thank you so much Linda! Enjoy the exercises and let me know how it feels.
This is a great class..great cueing and love the classical and Ron Fletcher moves!! Nice...
Hi Jamie, Thank you! Yes, the Fletcher work is pretty fun. It gives such nice variety and transitions....which are great exercises themselves. My background is very eclective and I feel grateful that I have classical, Fletcher and contemporary training. It allows me to keep things exciting....never really the same thing twice! Talk to you soon,!
Great class.. Nice flow... Is there a place where you teach.. Would love to come and do a live class with you... Tina Follett
Hey Tina! Thank you so much. Yes, I own CenterPoint Pilates in Santa Barbara and would love to have you come in anytime for a class....just name the time and what kind of class you'd like! I'm in!
Great class. Love your teaching style Miss Amy!
Hi Miss Teresa.....thank you for taking clss with me and so glad you enjoyed it. Talk again soon!
I just took your class Amy. It was a great class, which brought in a variety of intermediate exercises, and you had great cueing. Thanks!
Hi Missy! Thank you so much for taking class with me and glad you liked the variety. My background is pretty varied so I most often change things up a bit. I love the classical list of exercises, but I think change is good. Talk again soon I hope!
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