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Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Fluidity is the word that comes to mind when it comes to taking this class. In classic BASI Pilates® style, Meredith links one exercise to the next taking you on a ride deeper into your core. Let this be a class that reminds you of the Principles of the Pilates method: Awareness, balance, breath, Control, Centering, Concentration, Efficiency, Flow, Precision, and what else?... Harmony!
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Here we are sitting on our math. Hold on. I'm pretty firmly behind the backs of your legs. Take a moment or maybe two or three moments to yourself to look for a long spine. So feel that you're sitting right up on top of your sitting bones that perhaps the shoulders need a bit of time to start to pull down heavily an anchor and it has the childrens pull down the top of the head, begins to reach up towards the ceiling and the abdominals contract to support this by in there. I'm just going to have a couple of breaths in here. Exhale, closing the rib cage, pulling the abdominals in and just lifting up, supporting that long straight spine. Inhale, feeling the ribs draw wide and exhale, feeling them narrow and as they narrow, can you lift off a little more? Just one more breath and then remove it.

[inaudible] and with that, with your mental connection to your body, breathing and starting the movement of the pelvis. Now let the tailbone reach between the size curve backwards until your arms are straight. It's not just you're lean, you're looping with your abs. Inhale to lift your spine back up. Keep the abs working the entire time, especially as you lengthen back up and we exhale to go again. Feel the tailbone, reach between the thighs, the arms, possibly. We'll slide down the thighs. You'll go where you need to go to feel what you want to feel.

Breathe in and breathe out. So I'll invite everyone to look for what you all rafter. What do you want to find? What do you want from your body and how can you use your mind to ask your body to for what you want and we're excellent. Tacoma curving the spine and then as the shoulders reach over the hips, we sit up, go in two more times. They're feeling a heaviness, a sense of shoulder blades reaching into the ground. Not really a shoving sort of feeling. It's just I didn't opposite feeling to them wanting to lift up. Last one here. Rounding back.

[inaudible] paying attention to the muscles on the insides of the fossils are active. Pulling towards one another. We Xcel to come up. Oh, let go. Two into your left, round on the left side of your spine. Keep the arms exactly side by side, so one hands not reaching in front of the other end. He'll come across the center. Keep the pelvis still. Exhale, roll up that side of your body looking for length, looking for more and unwind in. He'll turn the other way.

Xcel will roll down John deeply back through the abdomen. That's what it's all about. Inhale back across center. Exhale, roll up that side and unwind. One more time around. We will mobilize the spine. It's not a big shift off center. Basically you're rolling just soft side of your spine. Inhale across center. Exhale to come up.

Keep the feet reaching towards the ground and inhale to come back. Center. We're moving with the breath. It's like it's creating our rhythm for us. Yeah, both hips squared come across, center up and center. As you find center, raise your arms up, guide your spine in the direction that your fingertips are reaching in the lift the chest, just the littlest bit at the top, and then Xcel starting from the pelvis again, we roll back downwards. Heading back towards the shoulder blades. Slide your feet a little closer to you and stay where you are at. Palms down. Inhale, the arms are going to float up towards the ears X, so we're gonna push those arms back down through space. Inhale, arms up to the ears.

Challenge the position of your arms by going as far behind you as you can without letting your upper body fall down. I imagine that you're pulling something with the tops of your hands as you reach back. Shoulders pulling down and press well. Maybe as you pull your arms up, you're pulling with the bottoms of your shoulder blades pulling down. It might work. And one more to go here. We're reaching up. Maybe you'll go a little further this time and pressing down and as you come all the way down with your arms, let your head and chest come to the ground.

Set your feet up for the pelvic curl. Arms straight and along along your sides. Here we go. Exhaling as you flex the spine, lift the pelvis, roll through the spine, the knees reach out over the feet looking for a long street body from the knees to the shoulders. Inhale, hold. Exhale. As you start from the chest, look for one bony landmark at a time in your spine. There's a bunch of bones back there. Can you find him individually releasing all the way down to a neutral spine in between XL to lift? Again, as you continue to create this movement pattern excelling to come down, I'll give you some things to think about.

I'll allow the arms to stretch in the direction of your feet throughout both movement focus as you lift on the feeling of the knees going forward or the heels dragging back, either one of those focuses should produce the same effect of feeling the work in the back of your leg and we're going to go three more times. We're rolling yourself. Look for a strong connection to your abdominal muscles. Exhaling to calm down two more times or rolling up this time when we get to the top, we're going to stay. We're going to reach the arms over the head, right up towards the ears, but not onto the ground. Shoulders pulling down the back. As you exhale, enrolled down through your spine, reach your fingertips in the other direction, but continue to pull your shoulder blades down. Continue that sense of mobility to the spine. Inhale, arms up just over the shoulders. Exhale, roll through the spine.

Feel a heaviness, a flatness to the shoulder blades, a separateness to the shoulder blades. Inhale, stretch the arms overhead. Exhale, roll down, reaching oppositionally through the fingertips. Feel the pelvis move closer to the heels as it comes down. So you create space between the bottoms of the ribs and the top of the pelvis. Inhale the arms straight up towards the ceiling. Pick up the left leg, pick up the rightly open the arms out to the side.

Knees are glued together, cemented together as though you only have one leg. We're coming towards me as we breathe in for the spine. Twist. Exhale to drag the body back to center in. He'll take it to the other side. Xcel to come back to center. So as you continue to move your spine from side to side, notice that the knees stay lined up.

Notice that the inner thighs are functioning as the knees start to drift across. Pull the belly back oppositionally so there's always work even on the inhale, and then we deepen that work as we come back on the exhale, a couple more stretching across, pressing their ribs back into the body, the abdominals back into the body and back. Here it is going. One more time. You reach across and we pull back and we reach across and we pulled back. Once you arrive in center, reached your knees into your chest, hold onto the tops of your shins and just pull your knees right up close to your chest. Okay for the tailbone to lift a little. See if you can't find a stretch there, place the feet down on the ground.

Reach back, put your hands behind your head. Chest lift. Breathing into prepare. Feel the belly pull down the ribs, expand to the sides. XL, we lift the head and chest. Inhale, we're going to reach behind the thighs as you exhale and guide yourself a little bit more forward. Check that your tailbone is down and that your low back is flat in. He'll let the arms go or let the legs go. Reach the arms all the way back behind the head. Rebend them, put them back, annex seltzer roll down and he'll prepare.

Look for a contraction on the inhale. Exhale to lift and by contraction. I'm talking specifically about the abs. Inhale, reach behind the thighs. Exhale, it's not about higher. It's about more forward and more work. Inhale, let go. Reach all the way back. Read them the elbows. Put the hands behind the head. Rest the head and XL to really stab three more to go excelling. We even here this sense of pulling the heels back towards the heat.

Hips might help you go deeper in your AMS. Maybe reach up in here, ribbon the elbows. Hands back. I think that your inner thighs activating might help you go deeper in your abs as well. Check for it. Exhale, lift a move with the breath. Work with your focus. Look for more within yourself. Reach up, put your hands back and go down. Here it is the very last one. We're going to stay at the top.

Heading into a rotation. I guess it's not the very last one cause I have different plans for you but it's close. Here we go. One hand on top of the other flat shoulder blades down in heel over the left knee like there's a bullseye were way up over the knee that you're trying to hit and back to center. Inhale, the bullseye is now turning into a straight line in my mind and hopefully years now too in how we reach up to go across and exhale. We come back. Notice that the pelvis is very still very strong and stuff. One more time around. Ah, I'm back center and one more time to the other direction and back center.

Separate the arms, lift them up, put them behind your head and lower your body. Can you create length in your body as you come down? Coming up again on the exhale you have a choice. You can keep the arms in the position we just left. We're going to still reach behind the thighs.

We're going to still give ourselves just that little bit more. It's not about hanging on for dear life. It's about looking for more depth. Hands back or forward. Here we go. Chest lift with rotation. It's the same movement, but it's a little heavier. Inhale to come back or a little harder turning the body and just as important that the pelvis stays still.

You shouldn't feel one knee lifting higher than the other. You shouldn't see one hip on lift higher as you co turn to the opposite side. One more time around where you reach. We come back, we reach, we come back, stop there, reach your arms forward, stay, pick up a leg, pick up the other leg, reach all the way down. Arms reach overhead. The a hundred here comes X, so we lift the head and chest. Stretch the legs if you want to. If not, leave them. Bend. Inhale and exhale.

One, two, three, four, five. Big breath in. Energetic, reach to the arms. Two, three, four, five. Energetic, reach to the legs. Three, three, fuck, fuck. Filling up the lungs and then decompressing a lot. Shoulders down, away from the ears, strong in a [inaudible], maybe a little squeeze in the glutes. Here's three, two, three, four, five to can you curl a little higher?

One, two, three, four, five. Inhale, bend the knees, reach back, place your feet down on the ground. Slide the legs out in front of you. Glue them together. Turn the palms to face one another in check that all 12 ribs are on the mat. Inhale, lift the head and chest coming into the Rola. Press the ribs down the abdominals down. Curl through the spine. Stay around, but think about length at the top.

We exhale to come down the opposite direction. Tuck the tailbone under. Stretch the feet away from you or one bone at a time. Again, so anytime we're thinking about articulation, we want that feeling of peeling a string of pearls away from the ground and placing that same string of pearls back. So there's one and then there's a space and there's one, and then there's space again, lift and curl as you get to the top where you could potentially let your abs go. That's where you get to pull them in more and back. It's your chance to look for a deeper contraction in how we lift.

Let's do three more exhale. We were all breathing. Think long thing, big, expanded back. That didn't sound as well as I wanted it to sound. What I meant to say or what I meant it to sound like was as you breathe in, allow the back of your body to expand. We're coming down. We're going to stay just behind the pelvis. Stay there, pick up the right leg, cross it over the left. Exhale, put it back, bake it up again. Cross it over. Exhale, put it back again. Yeah, push the leg. [inaudible] last one. Bush, delay down.

Roll down, arms overhead. Lift had chest, rural all the way. Think long thing tall. Think heavy shoulders, long neck. Come back down to just behind the pelvis or stay a little higher if you need to. Here we go. It's the left leg and it comes across and push it down.

Back of the leg across. Focus on this stability coming from the opposite side of the waist. Last two I believe. One more. Bring it down. Bring yourself down, lift yourself back up and we're coming all the way up. As you finish the movement at the top, continue to pull the belly back as you continue to stretch your spine forward.

Reach where you can hold comfortably, feet, ankles, shins, and then just guide yourself forward by bending knees, elbow slightly to the sides. [inaudible] from there and when you're ready, we're going to sit up. Flex the feet, spring the am straight out in front of us, so pointing the hands forward. Pull the shoulders back so you've created a straight line across the collar bones. Breathe in, lift tall, breathe as you turn towards me, don't let your points or get ahead of the your chest. Inhale, come back to center. What I mean by that is you're not pushing your arms first. The movements coming from the spine, the arms just come with you and bring it back. Same, taller and taller maybe than some of us will think slightly forward with the spine and I'm back and around.

You know that the pelvis is square, the feet are lined up. It's always okay to bend the knees. We turn and back. I know you're all working to get there. Can you work to come back? Turn. Inhale, reach the Heights. Exhale. Push the arms back together.

Kind of back. Turn. Inhale, reach the exhale. Bring the arms back together. Let's inhale. Go all the way through center. Oh, I just changed the breath. I'm sorry, I breach. Okay. Can't quite figure it out, but I'm sure that you can figure out a breath pattern that works for you too. Lift taller, spread out the yard.

Get longer and back. Last time, spread out the arm, reach the arms up, dropped the arms down, close the arm. Come all the while maintaining that sense of lift of soap, heart, arms up, arms reach, arms reached down. We come back, we come back to center and we lower the arms down. We're gonna put our hands behind us and bend our knees. Looking for a table top position here.

And we're going to hinge up in and out of it. So what's most important is the shoulder stability and we all know how to find it from here. Lift away from the ground and exhale. Pick up the pelvis, reach the knees towards the feet. He dinging through the spine. And then sit back down. You're going to lead with your tailbone. Bring the hips straight back. Jennifer, try to press your chest forward. As you sit down and lift again, straight up goes the hips. Watch it. They don't go out to the sides.

Pull the belly button through the spine into the ground underneath you and sit down and keep going. Oh, that was so much better. Go again. Keep going. Reaching up, looking for us, opening through the hips. So they go, you're doing so good. As you come down. It's like you're trying to almost lift all the way out here. Yeah, yeah. And then how about two more? Lifting up, letting the eyes go up and slightly back, and then lift up out of the hands. Almost like you're trying not to put any weight on those arms. That's gorgeous.

Last time, lifting nice, nice, and sitting all the way down. Once you find your way back, stretch your legs straight out in front of you. For the spine stretch, we're going arms straight out in front of us. Taking a breath in with straight legs. Inhale, exhale. Start from the head. Peel bone by bone away from an imaginary wall.

Reach the abdominals back as you stretch your spine forward in healing as we hold and exhale, draw the abdominals back first breast, the back of the knees into the mat if that's available to you and restack the spine, one vertebra at a time until you're straight. Inhale again. Exhale, we got ourselves downwards. Feel a heaviness to the shoulder blades. Go as far as you can with your spine. It's worth it for the stretch. Inhale, exhale, rolling. Back up. Last one. Just like that. Around adding down, tightening the inner thighs, tightening the backs of the legs a little bit. Go a little further each time and come up.

Adding in the extension. It's not about how low you go, it's about how straight you go. Excelling. We come down deep, deep, deep abdominal contraction. Throughout. Inhale, we're lengthen out. Lengthen. Reach the arms almost as though they're light and they're pulling you forward. Exhale, we dive back forward and roll up on that same breath in how we sit. Tall. Exhale, go forward. Hold the shoulder blades down.

Inhale, stretch out the back. Create length. Create an oppositional pull back with the belly button. Jennifer, lift your chest just a little bit more and go down. Say coma two more. Excelling as you go. Flower in healing as you stack your spine on the diagonal, so right there and then arms up and head down. That's what I want you to find in. You're doing great and reach all the way back down and come up.

Here's our last one. Roll yourself down again. Maybe the nice thought to think about leading with the arms. Let the arms come to the ears and then follow the arms with the spine. Hold your body there. Let your hands fall down in land where they land. Pull yourself forward, meaning arch your back a little bit.

Pull your abdominals in and give yourself a little bit of encouragement towards straight. Then let your arms float back. As they reach past your ears. You want to go in the direction that they're reaching, meaning forward. Reach down. Hang on. Where you land, pull a little forward or give yourself a little more. Make sure you're not arching through the middle back. I want to be arching through the lower back or that's the thought. Here we go, let go reach and maybe you could have your hands land a little further each time. We're going to do two more.

Giving yourself the opportunity to create a better position. Last one inc abdominals, arms reach, reach. Sit yourself up. Bring your arms to your sides for this side. Sorry about that. Turn towards me. Reach the front arm around to the front foot, back round to the front, foot in the align and come back and turn. You can always bend your knees. It's worth it.

If you need to reach length and you want to look for the longest spine that you can manage. You want to get longer as you sit up and then you on wide. Just do a couple more. We turn and we die and we really think it's worth it to really focus on what the back arms doing. Imagine it pushing into something and then as you lift forward with your spine, pull your arm back so that it assist you to come up on that long line. Just one more and then we'll leave our hip flexes alone hopefully for a long time, like to come back. Last time we tried, we were guiding ourselves downwards.

We lengthen and we come back. I'd be lowered and let's bend the right knee, but right up against the left side. Turn your body and you can use your hands to help you if you need to, but rotate in the direction of the knee of the foot. Then guide yourself forward or walk forward over the leg and just again, hold on with your hands wherever is comfortable on your foot, on your shin and pull by gently bending the elbows a little bit. Keep your left hand exactly where it is in space, wherever it may be.

Reach your right arm past it and start to turn your body so that you're going towards your pointed knee or bent knee. The right rib cage opens up the right arm, reaches past the right here and then we take it back down. Going maybe even further forward as we come down towards the leg with the whole body and then roll, Rola and change. Right leg out, left knee bent. I personally today need to help myself to get a little taller. It will let myself twist.

Flex foot is always going to be a bigger stretch and just start to walk and initially you lay on where you land, but it's always important to think about what the abdominals are doing for support. Benigno was generally to guide yourself a little further. Let go of the left hand and reach it even further. Still then start to turn the left ribs towards the ceiling. The right shoulder pulls down.

As you look for that really solid rotation in the spine. Now relax into it and see if it makes a difference and then go back down and then we'll back up. And then let's bend the knees, holding onto the ankles. Squeeze the knees right up into the chest. Focus here before you even lift your feet on, pulling backwards through the abdominal so that the lower spine is round. Now by deepening, that's contraction.

Can you just let your feet come without anything else moving, reach the toes down and let them touch and then pull with the abdominals, the thighs close to the body. That's not really an arm position, although you are holding on or an arm movement. And let's do two more schoolies the abdominals into pull the legs close to the body. Let the toes reach away in touch. Last one, squeeze. That's what's going to get you moving and that's what's going to help you balance. And here we go. We roll in Hilton rock back and exhale to roll in here. We've got an excellent, this feels easy to let go of your legs. Keep them pulled in.

And again, two more reaching back, reaching back. Once you're at the top, transfer your hands to the tops of your knees instead of your ankles. Start. Keep your toes on the ground for now. Start to tuck your tailbone as you do that. Slide your toes a little closer to you.

Once your low back comes into contact with the ground. So I'm actually moving my feet close to my body to do that. Made it a little easier for us that way. And then hover the legs up. Here's the double leg stretch. We're going to stretch our legs and our arms out and then we press the arms through space and then we reach arms, legs, arms, way overhead.

And we pull around big. It's like you're yawning with your whole body. Heaviness through the center of the buy. And again. Okay, great. Alright, let's do five more. Jennifer, lift up a little bit more and I'll keep that as your arms go. That's it. Three keeping the tailbone down as the nice pull in last too.

One more. Bring your knees with you. As you lower your body to the ground, bring your head with you as you press your knees into your hands and come back up. Stretch your right leg out, squeeze the back of that leg and push down into your leg with your lats or your under your armpits to Crow a little higher. Now change legs and keep that contraction, that back contraction, that behind late contraction solidifying the work in the center of the body, pulling the knee towards you from underneath the hand. And change and fat fat school eating back through the back of the leg. Here's three. Here's two heroes. One, one both. Neesen lift the body a little higher. Energetically.

Reach around the knees, hug them to your chest, press the knees into the hands. Lift the head up, curling up into that solid abdominal curl. Hands behind the head for the crisscross. Go right leg straight out and turn to the left and change keeping the elbows. Why the attention to detail consistent working around through the rib cage. Breathing deeply, keeping the head heavy. It's almost like the heads trying to lengthen backwards.

And last four, four, three, three, two, two, one, one both knees and bring it all the way home. Last time we had the knees into the chest and as we do at this time, we're gonna turn our head to one direction. Look, has the shoulder that your head is passing and I'm keeping the chin pulled to the chest. Turn the head and look beyond the other shoulder coming back through center. Place the feet down on the mat. Shoulder bridge, straight arms right next to your sides there. Your anchor coming up into a pelvic curl to begin.

Exhale to roll yourself lifting up through the spine. Once you get into that position pit, uh, think about just a little bit more of a talk or talking to the pelvis and then pick up one leg. Either leg is fine, good. Stretch the leg as you exhale, push it up through the back of the leg. As the leg lowers down and flex it to come back in here we point reach and we flex back. Keep the body style and let's add some tempo down and up to go down to come up and last for three. Okay. To keeping the hips level worn, lift the leg, lift the body, bend the knee. Can you put your foot down without shifting a lot?

Change legs, reestablish a good position with the pelvis. Stretch the leg up and then take it forward and flex it back on. Reach. How long? Really working up back of that free swinging leg to stabilize, to keep the pelvis lifted. Last three to one lifts the leg, hold it at the top, maybe even feel a little bit higher through the pelvis and rebend the knee.

Sorry, put it down. Roll down through your spine slowly. [inaudible] roll back up just once. Just giving your spine some articulation. Feel space between the bones space between the ribs in the poem. This space between the shoulder blades space between the top of the head and the base of the neck, and we come down as your spine goes.

One way that top of your head reaches the other way. Once you come all the way down, I'm going to bring the legs up one by one. They're going to be together and we're going to straighten them towards the ceiling for the corkscrew. So arms are down just to your sides. We're going to shift to the right hip. As you exhale, make a small, a happy face shape.

Come around to the opposite side of the pelvis and slice straight back through center any as you go the opposite direction. Picking up the outside hip. Exhale, come down, keeping the back flat around and slice back. Here we go again. We need to exhale, reaching down. It doesn't matter how low the legs go. What matters is that the low back stays supported so the belly pulls down to support as the legs reach around and center. Let's do that one more time. Reaching down, calming across, slicing back.

Last time for the day, dad coming across and slicing back and bend the knees and stretch the right leg straight down onto the ground. Bring the right hand up, hold onto the outside of the left knee or thigh. Pull your abdominals in as you send your left knee across the right thigh into a twist. Take your eyes in the opposite direction and then come home. Stretch the leg out. Bring up the right leg, change to the opposite side so as the NIGOs to the left, the eyes go to the right. [inaudible] come off way back to center. All right, and with that, hold the backs of the legs, the head and chest, and then just start just a gentle rock thing, pelvis, ribs, and see how much abdominal work you can get here without pushing your legs back and forth. To pull you into position. So as you forward, it's like you're trying to curve the ribs down into the mat and as you go back, pulling the Fise towards the body energetically to more pressing the low back into the ground.

And one more on this time we're coming all the way. Turn and face me on your side. I decided we'll work all the way down onto the arm. All right, so looking for a long line in your body, the legs that together, the heads going to be down on the arm. We're all looking forward. Hand on the thigh or in the front of you. Breathing in.

Start to stretch the legs away. Feel how that creates length in your waist. And with that, allow the legs to hover. From there, we're just going to reach away again. They lay lower about an inch and lift that same edge. Put all the attention in this movement into the [inaudible], the center of your body reaching down and lifting and reaching down. Can you imagine that as the legs go down, they're actually being pulled away from you. And as they lift up, they're being pulled away even more. We're going to go four more times, three more times, two more times. And this is it.

So from here we're gonna put the hand down, pick up the top leg and just set it down in front of the bottom like or behind if that's better for you in front or behind from flex the bottom leg. This is an inner thigh exercise, but I'd like for you to use just as much abdominal focus. Lift the leg as high as you can. Now try and pull it through the hole that you've created and then up and up so there's not really a down, it's just higher and further away. Just a tiny little press. It's like you're squeezing both inner thighs together.

Four, three, two, one. Take the leg to the back, reach it down around to the back, down around and keep it at pelvis level or behind. Not in front. Oh, it should be a lot of work in. If it's not challenging, more. Last one, staying there. We go down, Bush, back, lift up and down and back in. Still focusing on work in the center, still relaxing through the neck, the shoulders last to one more.

Lower the leg down, bent. Sack the opposite leg on top of it and just look down quickly through the front of their body. See that the hips are stacked one on top of the other, both feet on the ground. We're going to keep the feet together and open the top knee. Squeeze that leg back down and we open again. So although it's a relatively simple movement, we want a lot of work in that outside.

Good. A lot of work in the abs. Checking in with the neck last too. One more [inaudible]. Bring the knees together. Pick the feet up. Same movement when you pick your feet up. By the way, don't feel that your hips don't shift inwards. Just the feet that lift.

And then we go knee. I need a N, E, N, E, D last three. Challenging it at the top, turning the hip in the joint. Hold at the top on one here. Start to stretch the leg and as you do so, try to turn the knee behind the head. Rebuild the knee with that same intention, trying to point the knee straight up or back and then NIDA and the knee, and then stretch and lengthen all the way from the pelvis there and the NIDA foot down. Annie, let's see, three more. That bottom foot lifted [inaudible] and squeeze the needs together at last too.

Hmm. Oh, it's almost a relaxing through the leg as the hip takes all of the focus in that movement. I believe I said last two, so this must be last one. Bend it, bring it back, lower your feet, put your hand down, sit yourself up. Take the leg that was on top and bring it around towards the center. If it doesn't work for you to have your bottom like bent, keep it out straight. Bring the knee right up towards the center of the chest.

Hold onto it and pull it close. Then try to lift the back a little longer and then ease your way down into heaviness in that side, hip. As you breathe, just focus on the intention of getting longer or arching the low back slightly, or sticking the tailbone now and take that leg out to the side. So now the top leg comes out to the side. The bottom knee is bent with the foot up against that thigh. We all in the same leg, we are.

Lift your left arm, reach your left arm over to your right side, you can pull. This also works with both knees bent like so. If that's a more comfortable position for you. Okay, we're all good. All right, now take that left arm and reach it way out in front of you. And as it reaches forward, you're pulling back very energetically through your waist. Reach the end all the way down and count until it comes onto the mat. Shoulder down. Lift the hips, reach the top arm over your head, lengthen out through the arm and then circle the there and circle it again. Letting the head relax, pulling the abdominals in to support the back for us.

Seeing forward into the front of that hip with the back of that hip, the right hip. And then we come back overhead. Sit down in the hips, reach that front arm forward, follow with the other arm as soon as it can lift up, back into the side stretch we go. Use the old Bleaks on that side to pull you up, out of the stretch. Lower your arm down and slide yourself all the way around to the other side where we'll start over. All right, so you've got long, straight body, long, straight legs. Head is down on the arm, eyes are forward. Hand is down or on your thighs.

And we're reaching the legs. Yeah, out to lift them up. Take you did I think, um, did you take care reaching out in [inaudible]? Are you sure? No, I'm pretty sure [inaudible] by the way. Laughter really is the best medicine. Chrissy just made me laugh at me. Me feel my absolute wonderful.

I'm not sure either because you were in the same place as everyone else. We need can I was over there. [inaudible] Oh, this feels new and exciting. A three Ritchie away. Keep the focus in the middle of your body. Chill. And, and here's the last one. We're going to hold, we're going to bring the top arm down.

I'm gonna bring the top leg around and down. You should feel any fear. If you've done this side, you'll be fatigued. Lift the leg, flex the foot and try to pull it away from you. And then press up little presses. Wow. Um, last three times. Two times. One time. Keeping like as high as you can. It goes back a little bit. It goes down barely, and then it comes straight back up.

It's like you're making a capital D down around an op. Oh, any movement is big. It's a backwards movement. Okay. I liked what I said, but I think it's working. So deal with it. Three more. Keep the knee straight. Think about working from the thighbone hand.

Last one. Go the other way. Go down, go back, come up. And then down in center, always things slightly, at least level with pelvis, if not slightly behind. And again, when again, unless three, two more, um, this is, and then allow her the light gently to the ground. Bend your knees so that they're stacked one right on top of the other. It's worth it to look down, check that the hips are stacked and here we go. Top knee comes up, we're turning the thighbone in the hip joint and we squeeze it back down and we pick it up again and press it down. Work the waist here too.

So at sometimes in these, I don't know, it's sometimes easy to forget about the abs, but we should keep in mind that input bodies, nothing can be done correctly without abdominal work. Isn't that exciting? Last two and one more. As the legs come down, the knees will come together, the feet lift and as the feet lift, pay attention that that top hip doesn't come any closer to the top red. Then we lift the top leg again, the knee and the knee comes down. Might as well work the NSI eyes as you squeeze down and give yourself an extra push at the top or look for more.

We have two more to go on the last one we're staying where where we are, so here we are. Stretch the leg up. Try to pull it out of the hip and try to rotate it behind the top shoulder rebound and bring the knees together and turn first and then stretch all the way to straight and rebound as you turn in the hip joint and back to center. And we've got three more to go. Lengthening out, bending back in and lowering, and to supporting through the center of your body. Rebound and come down. Here's our last one for the day. And then bring it down and lower the fee. That's it, right? Sit up. It is either the bottom, they can see straight or bent the top, he's gonna come across, hug it into your chest, lift the back, and then with all those pieces and guide yourself down into that hip.

And then as you continue to sit here and breathe into the stretch, there's a very strong possibility that you can go a little heavier or sit down or feel the all sitting bones evenly. All those things mean the same thing. And here we go. When you're ready, that Lake's gonna come around to this side. So now most of us should be lifting our right arms. Is that true? Great. So here we go.

Reach up and stretch over anchoring the hips. Stretch the arm in front of you. And as you do so, pull back with the abdominals regional way out, like there's something you really want and can't quite reach. And then bring the hand around and touch the floor. Lift up onto both knees. The opposite arm is going to reach out and space perfect. Press with the back of the left leg into the front of the left hip and circle the arm and keep the apps working on out to go around and reach to go around.

And one more time, we reach out. We stayed there. We're going to come back with the hips. And as we come back with the hips, we start to reach that arm forward. The bottom elbow may have to bend. That's perfectly fine. We sit down and we let the right arm leave the ground and we reach it up and over to the left. Again, side bending, greeting. All right, and let me come all the way up. And then we're going to come all the way down onto our abdominals.

So making your way down onto your mat. We're going to set up the arms so that they're wide of the mat slightly with the forums on the mat. Alright, so drawing the shoulders down away from the ears. Think about lifting up through the abdominals. Maybe some of us can even lift our stomach all the way off the ground.

You'll fill your Publix, get a little heavy, and think about reaching the legs away from you. With that start to reach the top of the head forward as though you are going to roll up from your head, extending through the upper back. Don't put a lot of pressure into the forums. Once you get there, then gently guide the elbows in the direction of your hip. That's not a real movement. It's just an energetic pole. And then lengthen the spine back all the way down until your forehead touches.

Inhaling to prepare. Exhale, aim. Uh Oh. Start to lift the spine. So dominoes in the top of the head reaches guiding the spine forward. It's never about height, it's about how much you feel the V between your shoulder blades to your mid back and then lengthen back down. I think you, you'll feel this more if you open out your arms more. Okay. And then no reaching the top of the head forward, guiding the shoulder blades down. Squeezing right here. And don't push on your arms too much. Try to find more back muscles than arms.

Huh? Good. And release all the way back down four times. And by a couple, I mean to shoulders, reaching down and dominoes in legs. Strong and energizing behind you. I was feeling the elbows dragging down towards the outsides of the knees. And then release this. Find down. Think of literally pulling yourself back forward or lengthening forward. One more time.

So from there, once you get to the top, just slide your arms out in front of you. Yeah. Helen, just open up your arms, the littlest that, that's fine. And don't worry about being too high. All right, we're gonna do a prep exercise for this swimming, a reconnect through the abs. Stretch the left arm and the right toes away from one another. Exhale. Inhale, put those down and as you exhale, next stretch the opposite arm and leg. So it's an energetic reach O away, not necessarily ah, the back of the leg as it lifts right underneath the crease where your glutes meet the back of your leg. That's where the energy is there. Energy in the arm is right behind the shoulder.

Lang the now and down. Continue to change our down as you put one arm down in, one leg down and lift the opposite. Can you do so without a lot of um, trunk shifting? Now if you were ready to challenge that, let all limbs go continuous slow movement. And if you want to challenge that, take it a little faster. Breathing in, trying not to kick your knees, trying to keep the legs super strong and straight. [inaudible] lower everything to the ground, the spine, the forehead resting there.

Place your hands underneath your shoulders, which shoes have up onto your knees. That's it. All the way back onto your feet for a stretch, sitting in rest position. Okay, we're going to do the combination, which I think everyone in here has done. It goes like this. Your arms are where they are. You're going to try to pull up through the abdominals to lift the hips, so it's not just that you're using your legs to lift your hips.

It's like you're trying to peel your spine away from your thighs. With that rounding in the back, start to lean forward or curl forward so that your shoulders start going in the direction of your hands. Once your shoulders are over your hands, please focus on the abdominal support and the back of the legs working. As you drop the hips down. We'll send the chest to the arms and lift the eyes. Reach back, pulling the abdominals back up into the spine curve.

Curve curve, but I feel that the shoulders stay down or we're moving in the direction that the hips are moving and you release down and here's the breath. Breathe in here. Exhale, curl forward. Support the movement with the back of the legs slang for now. Here's your inhale. Reach a little longer, a little taller. As you exhale round the lower spine. So start from the pelvis, curl up and then sit all the way back onto the feet and we go again.

Inhale, exhale to articulate the spine. Shoulders are reaching down away from me. Here's the hip start to drop forward, but there's lots of things going on for support. Lift the chest, lift the spine in the how. Go a little longer. And XL, curl the spine sitting all the way back, going through that deep around position. Gonna go two more times. We crew, there's our exhale. You can start to inhale now as you drop the hips forward, lift the chest in the eyes, big full breath, and then exhale round the spine. Lift up like you're trying to take all the weight out of your arms if that was possible. Sitting all the way back. One more to go curly. Now reaching forward, lengthening up, but also out or forward again.

And then pulling back. It's all about the abdominals as we come back. And then just reaching back to sit down on the feet again. I'm rolling through your spine. Come up right up onto your knees. So everyone okay on their knees for a couple of moments. It's all turned and face this way.

Bring your hands so that they're straight out from your elbows and S at a 90 degree to your shoulders. All right, so of course, well let's mention the abdominals and then let's move on. So neutral spine. Okay, roll the upper arm back or externally. Rotate the shoulders without moving the arms behind you. From there, really look for the muscles just between the shoulder blades. And then relax the knack to one side. As the neck moves, nothing else should change in the body. So with the upper back activated, we should find a quite a decent stretch to that side of it.

Bring the head down through the center of the chest and pick the head back up in center. And then let's bring the arms back and let's pull the elbows, the forum to shoulder blades towards the floor. Recommit to your external rotation. Eyes forward. Lots of work through the back. It goes the other way. Roll the head forward.

Oh, lifted up in center as you come through center. Turn the palms you okay to face in same rotation through the arm first pressing the elbows forward. Now from here we're gonna stretch our arms slightly forward but out. And I want you to think that your arms are light weight less. All the work, the stabilization that the holding of the weight of the arms is happening in the middle back. Reach them out, reach them out. And then once you get there, try to spread them away from one another. From here, press the arms back, lifts the eyes in the chest, and then reach one hand on top of the other. Remember which ones which hold your shoulders and drop your head.

And we're gonna do that one more time. Did you slide your hands down the front of your body. Palms facing one another abdominals working. Opening the arms. So it's not just a hand movement, it's a rotation in the shoulder joint. Now again, please look for heaviness in your back.

Almost like the arms are weightless, where they're being pulled out with strings over bands. As they reach out to your side, they're still slightly forward. Have you tried to take them away from one another or stretch? Then as they press back it's just the arms that move. It's not the back that arches. The arms will move.

The upper back might change a little bit, but it's going up rather than back. Eyes up, chest up. Take one hand on top of the other. Reach around for your shoulders. And once again keeping it well drop the head and from that position just spend for put your hands just in front of your knees. Tuck your toes under behind you and coming up to a standing position Hill.

And so if that doesn't work for your knees, just make your way towards the a roll down. So we're going to suppress the hips up and lower the heels down and lower the spine down and bend the knees. And by pulling the abdominals in so much can you feel that you're trying to pull your femurs or your five one's deeper into your hips with that feeling, let your low back relax like a cascading waterfall over the thighs. Take a couple of breaths. Stay for a moment. And with that, when your ready pulling up through the abdominals, keeping the knees soft rolling through the spy, no all the way up towards standing. You arrive at the top or reach the, again, look for that sense of lightness in the gathering energy and then press the arms down and as your arms press down, can you feel a sense of the spine getting longer or taller abdominals pulling in more.

Remembering all of the things that we felt today in class and integrating them in hail into our minds and our bodies and press down or relax the arms down out and be free. Okay.


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Good news! I thought I'd have to cancel my subscription because of my return to Guadalajara. We've got reliable internet on the ranch now. Yuppi! Glad to have you "here" with me.
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Haven't done this class in a long time and thought it would be a good way to reflect on the changes I've made over 6 months. Deeelicious! Thank you.
Thanks ladies! glad to be with you!
Hi there, this is another class that stops abruptly at 23 1/2 minutes. Whatever you did to fix Kristi's class that did the same worked like a charm. Thanks!
Isadora ~ I am sorry you are having trouble playing this video. If you have already restarted your computer to clear away the processes that aren't running, I would suggest changing your video player settings by:

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As this is one of our older videos from 2010, it may require the video player options for "Low" or "Med," which should stream the video without any stops. If you continue to have issues playing this video, please email us at
Thanks but I don't think that's the issue here. I noticed the same problem with class #113 and Gia Calhoun seemed to figure out the problem. It isn't a problem with video quality. The video is litteraly cut short at 23 1/2 minutes. Thanks.

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