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Cadillac Workout

40 min - Class


Lisa Hubbard teaches a well-rounded Cadillac workout that includes Footwork, Magician, Flying Eagle, and arm and leg spring work, in addition to restorative standing stretches using a Rotating Disc. Her client, a 75-year old regular Pilates practitioner, is an inspiration to us all!
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Rotating Discs

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May 07, 2014
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That was an amazing performance by Billie in this workout!! An inspiration to all of us! Thanks!!
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Great session Lisa and Billie!
Thank you ladies! I will be sharing all your wonderful comments to Billies as well!
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WOW I really enjoyed watching you both work together, what a team. Billy you are something else you have a great teacher.
Thank you Anna~I love getting to work with Billie!
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In spanish we say " BUENÏSIMO", mexico tongue "PADRISIMO", really a great lesson for every body of all ages from the teacher (master of masters), the executant , a lesson of how through perseverance there is no difference for our body as years pass," la salud está en nuestra mente".
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Rossana, this has to be my favorite post thus far. Truly honored to be in the presence of what PilatesAnytime gives to our community of teachers, students & our beloved beginners. I'm here, really?! Anyone who practices this method intelligently & diligently can & will live a more vibrant & visceral life! Pilates Anytime surpasses the hopes, dreams & passes the torch of education, knowledge & passion to the infinite next generations. Thank you Mr. Pilates ?? And Thank you PA!??
Typos...?=exclamation point !
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Fantastic class! Billie is such an inspiration! She's beautiful! I love your classes Lisa. You are an amazing teacher.
Thank you Anne-Marie! Billie was just in for her session today and just keeps getting better & better. I'll pass on your praises!
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