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Gentle Cadillac Flow

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Lisa Hubbard teaches a well-rounded Cadillac workout that includes Footwork, Magician, Flying Eagle, and arm and leg spring work, in addition to restorative standing stretches using a Rotating Disc. Her client, a 75-year old regular Pilates practitioner, is an inspiration to us all!
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May 07, 2014
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Hi and thank you for being here today. My client, Billy heres is going to help us with the Cadillac program today. We're going to have her lie on her back and we're going to use the rotating disc, the trap ps, and I have the arm springs as well as the leg springs. So Billy, go ahead and lie on your back. We're going to start with the roll up, so she's going to extend her legs down the Mat and she's so long, I think I'm going to just have a reach her arms up towards the ceiling. Let's go ahead and have the palm face one. Another good ribs are in. Lengthen out. She's going to connect through her inner thighs. Good inhale, we're going to reach the arms forward, Billy and curl your chest. Pause here. Inhaling, lower the arms just a bit XL and go up and over reaching out through the crown of the head. Keep your seeker in your low back, lower your gaze to your knees.

Inhale here and then exhale you're gonna lower down. Roll down the low back and articulate through the spine, and we're going to just have our arms start just shoulder with. If you have space, you can reach them a little bit further back, which we might do as long as you're not lifting your ribs up here. Good. Nice job. Let's do five of these. We're going to inhale, lift the arms, head and chest. Lower your arms a little bit. Belly. Exhale, go up and round. Curl the low back so you're working deeply in the abdominal stay rounded.

Good. Drop your gaze. Inhale here, lateral breath, and then exhale. You're gonna roll down, releasing the low back by working the abdominals and articulate all the way back. Beautiful. And again, let's do three more arms. Had neck and chest reach forward. Exhale, curl forward. Scoop in scoop and keep curling the tail under. Look at your knees. Inhale, relax the shoulders down the back. Inhale, hold, and then roll down. Exhale. Good. Billy is doing a roll up so nicely and I have to thank her for being here today.

Inhale, arms up, had neck and chest. Exhale, curl, curl, curl, lower back. Look at your knees, shoulders relaxed down the back, energy out through the crown of the head. The legs are still active. Inhale here. This is gorgeous. And we're going to roll down. Exhaling. Press your arms down and floated all the way overhead. Bend your elbows, Billy. Grab onto the posts. Elbows nice and wide. She's gonna adjust her body. We're going to take the legs, uh, bend your knees, take your feet to the mat. So we're going to just do a nice little, a modified supine spine twist. Let's go over to your right, Billy, stacking your feet. Get a nice little rotation in the spine. Inhaling, engaged the left side of the oblique, and then melt the ribs into the mat. So take it centered. Nice. Inhale over to the left, reaching over.

Good. And then exhale, bring it back to the center. This program we're doing today is a complete workout. We're going to do footwork, abdominal work, legs, springs, um, some back extension. Uh, Billy here is going to be 75 pretty soon. And uh, this class is more of an intermediate. She's been practicing Pele's for over six years and um, she is a true inspiration.

You'll see some of the things that she is able to do and then Xcel bring it back to the center arms, a good rest down at your side. So now we're going to uh, warm up her abdominals. I have one blue spring. She's going to adjust her body up just a little bit. We're going to just start with a few mini roll-ups. Hands a shoulder width apart. She's going to aim for a neutral spine legs together in her thighs.

Connected role. Curl forward into your chest. Left position. This is her start position. Shoulders wrapped down, elbows. Never been. You're going to curl up just to the thoracic, low spine. Exhale up and it don't lift here and lower down. So you're going to articulate up here to the last rib, exhaling, drawing down and then articulate down from the low back just at the bra line.

And again, exhale up. I want to see your neck. Good. Inhale, Nice. And then exhale, initiate from the center. And inhale. Let's do two more like that and then we'll change it up. Make it a little more challenging. Exhale. Three. Good. One more here and a good lower all the way down. Good pause here. Extend your right leg on the diagonal line, Billy. Good. Nice. Okay, so lower your chest. Good, neutral.

We're going to make sure her pelvis is nice and level. Nice and neutral. You're going to inhale, look forward. You're going to roll all the way to sitting. Exhaling all the way. Lift, lift. Use your back extensors. Look. Inhale, lower your leg down to the mat. Lift it back up and lower down. Slow. Don't collapse in the upper body, so you're going to initiate from the center. Let's do one more. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, curl the tail under. Roll Up.

Keep the shoulders out of the years. Lower the leg out and down. Lift it back up. Hold, roll down. Exhale. I think that's so good. Let's do one more. Three on each side. Take a breath. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, peel the spine up. When you lower the leg, reach it out towards my hand.

Lower and then pull it up from the abdominals and lower down. Roll, roll, roll, roll, and good. Bend your right knee and extend your left leg. Good. Let's do three on the left side. So we'll go. Inhale here. Exhale, peel up. Keep the shoulders down. Keep your back lifted.

Lengthen the leg out and down and out and up. Good. Roll the spine down, scooping in the abdominals. Lengthen the leg and just watch the shoulders. Good. And last two. XLP. Heal it up. She's doing gorgeous. Shoulders down. Reached the leg out and down. Uphold and roll. Good. And one more time. Let's go. Inhale, look forward.

Roll through the back. Shoulders pull down, lift, lift, lift the fifth. Get that final position and reach a leg down and lift up. Hold and roll down in. Print your spine, low back, mid back, upper back, and release the bar. Good. All right, let's take one hand behind your head, Billy, and flip your palm the other direction. Good. We're going to go into the oblique series, so we're going to roll up to the center. First elbow remains straight. She just rotates her torso to the right her trunk to the right without moving the pelvis. And we're just going to lift up a little bit, little bit and lower.

Good. And I'm going to come around here and get a little bit better position for her. You're going to rotate towards that bird sitting on that rock right there. Do you see it? And two more one and go up two and lower down.

All the way release. We'll sit. Switch to the other side. Maintain the neutral position. Come up to the center first. Then just turn the torso. Anchor your right hip down as you lift up. Good. Don't pull on the neck. Cradle the base of your skull here. Lower down a little bit. Three. Good.

We did six and last set here. Keep the arm really straight. Initiate from the Oblique. Last two one more and all the way. Lower your spine and release. Reach your arms up. Good. Release the bar and rest. Arms down. How do you feel?

Do you feel warmed up? Okay, great. All right. We're going to move into foot work here. So we're going to put the safety strap on and we're going to use two red springs. Good. So she's going to adjust herself, center herself, and I take two red springs and then we're going to start on the heels. Good. Alright, so arms remain down. I'll go ahead and lift this up.

Take your heels there. We're going to do eight and each, uh, each position. Go ahead and extend your legs up. Good. This is a great stretch. Flex your feet nice. And we're going to have her bend just a little bit controlling with the spring and then come all the way up fully extending the knee and anchoring the sacrum into the mat. So when the heels go up, you want to that the pelvis is pressing down. Inhale the bed and then exhale, initiate from your hips to extend the knees. Let's do four more here. Good. And exhale up and she's gonna make sure that her feet are neutral.

Let's do two more then we'll move to the toes. Last one, Billy, inhaling here and then extend all the way up. Take your toes to the bar, a soft plantar flection, not too high. Don't make it too easy. She used to dance so she likes to be up on those feet and then go ahead and take it in. Hell. We're going to bend the knees and extend all the way up, lengthening through the legs. Inhale the bend. Good. Press it up, controlling it down. You don't want to go too far. You want to aim for the hamstring stretch and the initiation in the hips.

Good. Let's do four more here. Stabilizing the ankles and one more. Good and extend all the way up heels together. Let's go ahead and add a flex in a point here, Billy. So lower your heels store. See Flex stretch and press up and I'm adding a little bit of pressure on her heel, so she's getting a little bit deeper stretch here in the hamstrings. Three let's just do six last six good and bye and one more and lift. Good.

Now I'm going to let her bend her knees a little bit deeper into wards her chest, but she's going to keep pressing her heels together and then stretch it up and zip your inner thighs all the way. Feel a rapping sensation as you extend the legs up. So delay the action of the feet. Wrap around all the way in hell bad. Get the nice stretch, reaching the sacrum down and extend all the way up. Nice and warm, isn't it? Yeah. And last too good. Great job.

Two more positions. After this, we're going to move to the heels wide position and if you can, you can get your, if you can try to get the balls of the feet under the, the bar here. It will allow for a nice stretch in the Achilles and hamstrings. If not, just keep the feet out. Let's go ahead and bend the knees. Good just to there and then exhale. Press all the way up. Let's get your heels on the bar little more, Billy. Oh yeah. There we go. Good. Inhale down and then lengthen your sacrum down.

Good. I'm gonna check her position from this side. Reach up, sacrum down. Good. And relax your shoulders. Relax your neck. Good. Nice line in the neck. Good. And a few more. Very good.

And [inaudible] let's just do one more and then we'll move to the toes. Okay. Press up. Nice little points. Good. Bend the knees, take the knees in between the spring's good. Don't get right there about there and extend the legs all the way. Good.

Good. Thanks. See the head and reach up. Good work. And two more. Good job. One more time here. Bend the knees and extend the legs all the way up. Good.

We're going to take her out of the foot bar. Go ahead and bend your knees and float your legs down the Mat. I'm going to take off the springs and we're going to move to the opposite side of the Cadillac. So she's gonna spin around for me. Go ahead and, uh, push out and turn the opposite direction. Head there. We're going to move into our abdominal work, so I'm going to have her lay down. Scoot down just a little bit. So your head's not on the buckle. They're good.

And I'm going to have you hold onto the arm straps. Let's just go ahead and start with the knees bent and the feet table. Uh, let's start with the feet down today. Go ahead and reach the arms up perpendicular. Good. You won't have any tension here, but I'm going to have her make fists with her arms, her hands. We're going to inhale to prepare.

Reach your arms out and down and lift your chest. Press down at your side, and then inhale, lower back. We're going to do 500 preps with the feet down. Exhale, reach out, up and over. She initiates and she draws the breath out, reaching the arms and creating the upper body arch. Inhale, keep your fist and again, three, reach it out, going up and over and inhale. Good. Last two arms. Reach out and keep the arms really tight towards your side. Lower down, inhale and good, and remember, exhale up and small. Inhale, start pumping. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, and two. We're going to do 10 cycles. Five and breathe. Two, three, four, five, and three. Four, five, and exhale. Draw the abdominals down for two, three, four, five and soft. Her Rib cage next to the sternum, down below the sternum and really draw the breath out of the diaphragm.

Four five. Keep your arms pumping. This is six reaching out, two, three, four, five and seven two, three, four, five and down, down, down, down, down, and in three, four, five, eight, two more cycles. You're almost there. You can always take your legs table top or at a 45 degree angle, but today I think that we're going to just keep them down for Billy. Three, four, and five, low everything out, and then release the arms all the way over. Head and good. Now we will have her take her legs, tabletop. Good. We're going to do a couple more abdominals. I'm going to have her keep her legs, tabletop, lower heels down a little bit for me.

Lift your head and chest and reach your arms really close to your legs, to your hips. She's going to bend her elbows, hinges. Exhale. Just bend your elbows here and extend. So you're adding a little tricep work and two, while maintaining your isometric contraction. Breathing deeply. Good Down Navel to spine. Press deep and keep the elbows tight towards your belly.

Reach the hands up and press down. Do One more here and press good. Lift your arms, lower your feet and release. Release all the way down. How do you feel? Good. Okay, good. All right, let's do one more. All right, so we're gonna do the arm circles, uh, with the abdominal s. Let's take your legs. Tabletop. Good. Bend your knees in a little bit. Your heels down.

Extend your arms all the way up. Let's have you extend your legs up about 90 degrees or 60 degrees or not quite yet. Not Quite yet. Good. Lift your head, neck, and chest. Reach your arms down. Now stretch your legs out, Billy, and circle your arms. Small circles where you maintain the tension in this straps. Two, three, two more. And then she's going to reverse the direction.

Drawing deeply reverse and go in around one good circle to maintain the height. Three shoulder down the back. Good. Last two. Gorgeous job. One more. And Bend your knees and release arms up and head down. That's it for the abdominal work. Good work. All right, we're gonna move into our hip work and although Billy is almost 75, she's going to be doing the magician theories today.

So you're going to extend your arms all the way. So remember you have arms fully extended. I'm gonna just set her up. We're gonna try for this. Alrighty. Alright. Right foot in. Good. Hold it there.

And now your left foot into the strap. All right. So what we're going to do is we're going to just start with the uh, legs at a 90 degree angle. So vendor, knees, good externally, rotate the legs. So you're in the frog. Good. Flex your feet for me, Billy, and anchor your sacrum down. Really Ankle. Push your knees out a little bit. All right, now, um, now we're going to really work our abs and our back. So to maintain that neutral, you're working both good. Extend your legs out on a diagonal line.

You really need to work your inner thighs. Now we're going to do our best to articulate the spine off. Start with the pubic bone, reaching up to the ceiling. Don't let the springs take you up. You want to keep your legs in one position. So inhale, bend your knees, keeping the heels glued together. Bend them in a little bit more, Billy, and extend out on that diagonal lie. This woman, 75 breast cancer survivor, you name it.

She is so inspirational to us. Extend all the ways squeezing out. Good. Inhale the bed. Pull in the abdominals. Exhale, extend. We're just gonna do eight of these. This is three. If I get my counting wrong, you can keep me in check. We'll [inaudible] and again, press out all the way on the diagonal. She's doing phenomenally well in hell.

Last two. Is that the right count? No, I get so excited with her and hold. Inhale, we're going to have a roll down. Go ahead. Extend your legs out one more time. Good. Hold it here. Roll your spine down. Upper, mid, lower and neutral. We're going to go back up. Inhale, bridge up. Roll. Really draw in hollow. Keep those hamstrings working. So you're working back here and the back abdominals. Gorgeous.

Now we're going to stay here and she's going to circle her legs down, out and around, down, out and around and up. Whoa. And again, down, out and around. Up Billy. Let's do five in each direction. Three very, very beautiful and very nice work. And last too. She's moving her legs around her pelvis, maintaining the stability here up all the way. Hold here and reverse breathing around. Good.

Inhale up. Open out in the round. Nicely done. Reach out. Good. Last two. Good. So proud of you. So good. And take the lights together, Billy. Inhale, hold. Articulate your spine slowly keeping your legs where they are and find your neutral and congratulations. That was really well done. Wrath, take your feet out, hug your knees in towards your chest. Rocket forward and back just a little bit. Great. All right, you deserve a stretch. So let's go ahead and come to scanning.

All right, I'm going to use the disc now. We're going to put it about the center of the Cadillac. So she's very long. Limbed if you haven't noticed, so good. Probably be right about here. So you're going to go ahead and bring, let's start facing uh, this direction. The camera with your left foot on the, in the center of the disc.

And I'm going to come around this way and we're going to take her right foot through. So go ahead and bring your foot through my dear. Now we're going to be an external rotation of the hip. Good. She's not gonna Force it. I'm just going to draw the right hip down. So draw the hip down. Lift the abdominals. Good. So we're going to inhale. I'm going to have her keep her foot pointed to start.

Good. Now give me a nice upper back extension. She's going to bend the knee and plea a good reach. She's going to get a stretch in the ad doctor and then she's going to extend her leg all the way up. Go ahead and lift. Good. We're going to perform this a stretch five times. Nice and slow. Inhale the bend the knee. Keep the chest and shoulders open my love, and then extend all the way up. Good extra lay, rotating. Inhale, bend, going straight down.

If as if you were going up and down a wall. Good. And plea a inhale. Try to keep that disc still good. And is this our last one? Yes. Good. And extend up. Hold. Beautiful. So now we're going to have her be parallel.

She's going to just rotate the disc and this is a great hamstring stretch. Her hands are on the outside of the frame and I'm gonna have her plea a in parallel. Inhale, bend Billy and stretch it up. Good. Let's do five. Aiming to draw this hip down and not rounding the back. Bring stick your butt out a little bit for me and up. Good. Don't round over in. Go straight down my arm. Straight down.

Straight down. Straight down. Beautiful and good. Is this the last one? Straight down. Good. And uh, now she's gonna flip around and into an Aribel. She's going to hold on to the outside of the bars. Elbows are nice and tight. She's going to be an external rotation. So we're going to move your hands forward a little bit. Good. Alright.

Now I'm going to adjust her leg a little. Oh, she could probably be further out. Okay. Plea a inhale. Reach out, Billy. Good. Lengthen. Exhale up. Good. Inhale the bed. Look towards me.

Xcel up. Good. Nice. Stretch the like, reach the knees away from each other and bring it up. Good. Abdominals are lifted. Try not to crunch in the low back and we'll do one more. Inhale, bend and hold.

Gorgeous job. Face the camera for me. Good. Hold it here. We're going to get you outta here and then we'll do the other side. Good. All right. I wonder if we could just move this over there, but all right, let's go ahead and flip over to the other side. All right, good. So now you'll get to see another view. So you'll get to see more of her hip.

She's gonna be an external rotation, nice and tall. So lower this left hip down. Rotate. Good plea. A try not to move the disc and then exhale. Open your upper back. Good. And go straight up. Imagine that wall behind you. Good.

And it's gonna feel like your hips are kind of sticking out a little bit as you bend and extend. The other important thing is that when you're bending the knee, the knee is not rolling into the midline, so it's not rolling in. It's actually tracking over your first and second toe and do one more. Think about Le going up as you bend and good. Let's face the leg on the left, turning the disc around in parallel.

You can do this in an external rotation position if that feels good to you, but she's used to being in that position, so I like to change it up on her a little bit. Getting out of her normally. Stick this butt out a little bit. This butt cheek out a little bit. Sitting bone. Good. All right. Relax. Ple. A inhale and good. Exhale. Straight up. Let me see. Good.

Think about going up as you lower and nice deep bend. Good too. Are you feeling a stretch here? A little bit closer to this? Yeah. Perfect. Okay, good. We just adjusted the strap, which is fine.

A little bit closer there and let's do one more and go all the way up. Good. She's going to spin around facing the opposite direction in an Arabic position. Good. You want me to move it back a little bit here? All right. All right, so let's go externally.

Rotated in both legs. Nigos out in line with the two toes. She's lifting, lengthening in her, low back, supporting with her abdominals. Good. And inhale the band. Reach out, stretching the hip flexors. Good. And come a little bit forward when you stretch up. Good. That's much better. I like that.

And this is your last one all the way. Relax. Good. Spin around to face me and we'll take your leg on out of that. Good. Nice job. All right. Okay. We're going to go into our arms standing work. So come on down and we're going to add please to the arm standing.

We're going to face this direction and we're going to put on the yellow arms springs. She's gonna stand parallel theater, hip distance apart. Hold onto those. Good. All right, we're going to send her her. All right. Arms down at your side. Good. I want you to root through the feet, draw up through the legs, lengthen in your abdominal, support your back. You're going to exhale.

Please bend and reach. Good, but you don't get to run your shoulders. Alright, inhale. Exhale, bend in, plea, AA. She's reaching as far back as she possibly can. Inhaling, and we're just going to do six. You can always do more, adding a little bit more, but it's plenty. This whole program and up, going straight down, rolling the shoulder open. Good. Tracking the knees, boom and up.

Good work. Okay. Walk back just a little and we're going to go into first position. So the first position is where your heels are together, toes apart, your legs are zipped up, you're in a neutral position. And we're just going to, I want to have you reach your arms forward. Let's do the Rhomboids. So we're going to inhale the bend the knees, elbows, draw back, go straight down and reach forward as you come up. So you're not only using your arms, you're using your legs, your balance, your abdominals, your back extensors, everything is working as a whole here.

Good. Nice and go straight down retreats, retreats. Good. Nice. Going down the wall. And two more. Lifting as you lower, relax the tension in your neck. Good.

And one more gorgeous and reach. Good. Okay, we're going to go into, uh, let's go into the bicep curls. We're going to state facing this direction. So let's lift the arms up Billy. So they're 90 degree angle. Good. We're going to state, we're going to stay up on this one, so I'm not going to have you bend down until we will go into the squat. So we're going to just hold, pull up your obs.

You're going to draw in exhaling and reach. Go all the way. Go all the way and pull in. Exhale. Good. Stick your booty out just a little. They're three. And roll the shoulders. Open a little here. Pull your scat back, scapula back and watch the rest. You want to make sure the risks are neutral and not flexed back.

Keep those wrists locked. Reach good. All the way, Billy. All the way. Fully extend. Stretch the muscle, but keep the arms down and abdominals lifting. Good. Let's do one more and stay here on the last one. You're going to hold this position, reach your arms out a little bit, hold their Billy, and you're going to go into your squatting, down and imaginary wall. Good. Straight up. Good. Go down. Stick your booty out a little bit, Billy, and go up.

Try to go as low as you can. Try to get the legs 90 degree. Do One more lower and stretch it up. Rest good. Okay. I'm going to have you face the opposite direction. Arms out.

Let's do a little hug a tree. So arms out to a t and then we'll go into the butterfly. So move your body this way a little bit. Okay. Pause right there. Good. All right. Slight bend in your elbows for me. Pull up your abdominals. Take it across just to about here. Okay. Move back a little.

Good. We're going to just find our position. Good. And you're going to bring across, so she really has to use her intricate muscles to stabilize and she may want to lean her upper body forward a little bit. Good. And we're going to do six and reach a cross lower hands. This there, right there, and a cross. Good. And press away from the back. Initiate from the Latin back.

Bring it across just to about the center. Do One more here and we're gonna take it across. Open the arms out. Good. Alright, pause here. Lower your arms. Take a breather. I want you to elevate through your spine again.

Think about lifting up from your center. Take your arms out to your peripheral so you can see your fingertips. Good. We are parallel hip distance apart and she's going to laterally flex over to her rights without shifting her weight to the left. And we're going to just come straight up. Good.

So we're going to do that twice each side, up and over without moving your arms. It's only from the truck without leaning back. Go straight up. One more time. Give me some tension on the spring there. Pull this one forward a little bit. Exhale, lift. Good. And last time to the left. Inhale, stretch over. This side likes to rotate a bit. So we're going to, I'm gonna correct her hair and go straight up Billy. Good.

Now we're going to add the butterfly. All right, inhale over. Exhale, Cross your springs. Look down, make sure you have tension on the spring. Shoulders. Relax. Bring your left arm out and up. Find that third position and then come straight back up. Good. Inhale, up and over. First. Cross your right arm over the left, looking down, making an x with your spring.

Try to keep this one down so you have the tension. Good. Unwind the right arm, comes out, left arm, comes back and bring it to center. Gorgeous work. Good. And inhale. You can always move your body forward or back. If you want some more tension. Cross your straps looking down, aiming to keep the hips forward. Inhale here and bring it back to the center.

One more time. Going up and over without flexing yet. Good. Now spiral around. Take your left arm around. Good. Nice. Look down. Reach out, up and over. Yes, my dear. And lift back up to center. How do you feel? Hey, good. All right. That was great job. All right. So let's go back to the Cadillac here. Um, I'm gonna put on the swing or the trapeze.

We're going to do a nice little cool down, uh, the breathing with the push through bar. Look, go ahead and lie on your back. I'm going to grab it. Good. So make sure you have enough space so that push through bar doesn't hit you in the face. We're going to take the arms over head and we're going to place her feet into the swing here. Alrighty. And you're going to be an external rotation so the heels are together, toes apart, and you're going to support yourself with the Dorsi flection of the feet, so your feet are grasping onto the strap. All right, now we have our take our hands over the bar. Good. She's gonna make her connections in our inner thighs.

She's going to organize her muscles to maintain a neutral spine, spiral her arms. So she's set in her laps and her shoulders, her ribs are in. And we're going to bend the elbows. We're gonna reach the arms behind the head, pressing back, bend the elbows. Good. Float the arms up, pelvic curl. Good. So the pelvis rolls. Gonna keep the legs reaching. Good. Inhale here and then exhale. She's going to roll back down. Find her neutral. Then she's gonna roll up into her assisted teaser.

She's going to articulate her spine without lifting her shoulder. She's going to push the bar away. Good work. Her back. Work are up. Donalds and then roll down. Exhaling. Good. Squeezing the inner thighs as you articulate down in printing one vertebra at a time. Bending. Beautiful job. Stretch the arms all the way without lifting the ribs. Keep the flow.

Bend your elbows. Float the arms up, focusing. Inhale, exhale. Roll it up all the way. Nice work here. Inhale and roll down all the way. Find your neutral. Then go into your teaser. Head, neck and chest, shoulders down, space in the chin and the chest. Shoulders, wrap-around. Good. Have that upward rotation in the shoulder girdle. Inhale, good. Exhale and scoop and hollow. Reach your legs away from you. Keeping the neck long. Good job.

Let's do two more arms. Reach back. Shoulders pull away. Good. Long neck. Bend your elbows. Float your arms up. Keep your pelvis neutral hair from me, and then you may go into your posterior tilt. Good. Working the back of the legs, working the back, the abdominals. Inhale and then roll down. Exhale, find your neutral spine and then roll up. Inhale, keep your inner thighs connected. The neck, long, shoulders pulling down.

So it's like you're pushing against the bar. It's like you don't even have the bar. They're just therefore to offer a little support. You don't want to rely on them. You don't want to rely on this spring to take you up.

You don't want to rely on the spring to hold your legs, but it's therapy. You need it. Good. And last time. Good. Inhale and float the arms up. Slowly. Roll the pelvis up. Scoop hollow, roll connect. Find the intercostal muscles in lateral breath. Good. And Roll it down.

Reaching the spine longer and keep your connections. Lift your head, neck and chest. Good. Peel your spine up, up, up, up. Good lift. Gorgeous job. Lift your feet up for me. Both. Yes and lower scoop. Scoop, scoop and rest. All right, hug your knees in towards your chest for me. Good. Give yourself a little hug rocketed. All right, we're going to end with a back extension. We're going to do the flying eagles, so come on up and they take this down. Gonna move this strap down. We're going to touch her feet, her ankles under the strap.

I'm going to lift up this bar so she has some support to get into her back extension, but I don't want to give her too much. Of course not. We wouldn't want to do that. So go ahead and lie on her stomach and her hips are going to be on the edge of the opposite side of the Cadillac and I'm going to place her ankles under. Go ahead and take your straps here for me, Billy. Take take these first and then I will have you inch forward and you're going to bend your knees and we're going to take your feet.

Which one do you want to do first? This one, like I said, she's long. Okay. Okay, so we're going to lower your body down. Billy and your arms are going to come out like a v. Just go ahead and rest here for a second. I'm going to move these springs out of the way. Good.

She's secure under this strap, I think I want to make sure you don't really need it, but we just use it as a safety for. So the goal is the abdominals are engaged. You're gonna, although you're working your back, you are supporting with your abdominals. But we're, we're working with the arms as well, so that gets into your upper back extensors and now she's going to articulate her head, her neck and his chest as her arms sweep out in around lifting. Come up arch arch arch. Take it forward. Lower your arms down, control it just to shoulder level. Don't go any higher. Now Arch your sternum out towards me. Reach your arms in a t, lower your spine, reversing the articulation and go ahead and let the arms into an internal rotation so you get a nice stretch in the shoulders. Good.

So we're going to do five. Inhaling as she comes reaching out, up, reach your arms out to a tee. Billy. Good. Lift your spy. Take your arms forward, lower your arms. My dear. Control it up. Pull up your abdominals, reach out, feel your sternum, reaching out, lengthening your spine all the way down. Good rest. And again, inhale, articulate through the crown of the head. No through the crown of the head. Good.

Start your arms a little sooner. They're hanging back. Just a little good. Press the shoulders down. Go Lower and lift and let's go out. Articulate here, here, here. Keep your neck long. Keep your neck long. Good. Let's do two more. And inhale as you come up. Start with your arms a little sooner. Reach out and around. Good. Oh, don't pinch your upper shoulder blades. Keep those abducted. Good and lower down.

One lifted up one more time and lowers low. So I want her to keep this a little more open. Her scapula from pinching when she's coming into her an extension. So reach out Billy. Reach those fingertips away. Lift your gaze a little bit. And now lower and lift for five down and up. One.

Good. Maintain it to keep it up. Good. She's got this. Three feel, the lack connection and four upper back extensors. Laxing the neck and five, float the arms back up. Reach your arms to a tee, articulate down head his long head as long arms release. Good. She can release her stress.

We will take her feet out and she's going to come up. Go ahead and [inaudible]. Good. Nicely done. And I hope you enjoyed this program with me and Billy.


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That was an amazing performance by Billie in this workout!! An inspiration to all of us! Thanks!!
1 person likes this.
Great session Lisa and Billie!
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you ladies! I will be sharing all your wonderful comments to Billies as well!
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WOW I really enjoyed watching you both work together, what a team. Billy you are something else you have a great teacher.
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you Anna~I love getting to work with Billie!
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In spanish we say " BUENÏSIMO", mexico tongue "PADRISIMO", really a great lesson for every body of all ages from the teacher (master of masters), the executant , a lesson of how through perseverance there is no difference for our body as years pass," la salud está en nuestra mente".
Lisa Hubbard
Rossana, this has to be my favorite post thus far. Truly honored to be in the presence of what PilatesAnytime gives to our community of teachers, students & our beloved beginners. I'm here, really?! Anyone who practices this method intelligently & diligently can & will live a more vibrant & visceral life! Pilates Anytime surpasses the hopes, dreams & passes the torch of education, knowledge & passion to the infinite next generations. Thank you Mr. Pilates ?? And Thank you PA!??
Lisa Hubbard
Typos...?=exclamation point !
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Fantastic class! Billie is such an inspiration! She's beautiful! I love your classes Lisa. You are an amazing teacher.
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you Anne-Marie! Billie was just in for her session today and just keeps getting better & better. I'll pass on your praises!
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