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Warm-up with the Twos

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Michele Larsson teaches a Mat workout that she calls "Warm-up with the Twos." She takes you through a full warmup, preparing the entire body for the Mat repertoire, and then flows through two repetitions of each Mat exercise in the traditional order. Notice how different and wonderful your body will feel as you seamlessly transition through the Mat exercises after a full warmup.
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Jun 05, 2014
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I'm Michelle Larson. And we're going to do a mat class, which is, I call the warm up with the twos. So we're going to do a full warm up, just warm up, not polite. Okay. And then when everything gets really oiled up and you're ready to move, then we're going to do two of every PyLadies exercise advanced one through whatever, 30 some odd, right? Okay. And forth. Alright, so the first thing we're going to do, the first couple of things that we're going to do, or not Polonius in fact, a lot of it, none of it. Uh, it's not, you know, it's gonna come out. It comes out of sort of human movement, developmental patterns, et Cetera. But you wanna make your body available for the workout and then energized and string strong to do it. Okay? So everybody lie down on your back.

Legs are out straight. First thing we're gonna do is a baby roll. Okay? So you're going to start with your right leg and you're going to draw the heel of your right leg up towards your crotch, bending your knee, lifted up over your left leg and roll over onto your face and keep rolling onto your face and relax and then roll back by pulling that knee in towards your chest. Open up, roll down and relax. You're going to do that same side again. Some of you are all very nice.

You roll over nicely on your belly with your alarms straight, et cetera. Don't be nice. You've got short little legs, short little arms, a real round tummy. You don't have any muscle yet, right? Okay, so same side. Draw your right leg up, lifted up over your body. Keep it bent, keep it Ben, and just roll it out towards the front. Roll all the way and then come back bringing that knee towards you and open up that leg and slide it down. Let's do your other side twice. Draw that leg up.

Let the leg be heavy. Let your head be heavy just up and up that hip. Pull the knee in towards your navel. Let your head be heavy. Open the leg roll down and come up one more on the first side, first side, first side, and go over. Cause now you're beginning to get it and roll and then come back, right? And then one more on the second side. Just let your body twists. Let your neck stretch out.

Let your hip open a little bit. Roll back onto your back and lie down. Now bring your right knee into your chest and hold behind your right thigh, stringing the leg about three quarters of the way straight. Now you're going to use your leg to lever your set up, self up to sitting. So you're going to press the leg into the hands and slowly the heel goes towards the floor and you relax and then you roll back down.

Now you need to be able to change direction at any time. So don't, if you find yourself going flop [inaudible] right, push into the arm and leg together. More so coming up. Don't use your stomach. Use your leg to help you out. This is not [inaudible]. Don't use your core right. Don't use your core. Just use the leverage of the leg to get you up. So keep your elbows straight everybody. That's right.

And just press into that. The leg into the hand, the leg into the head. There you go. You feel the difference? Yeah. And then go back three on the other. Other side. That's it. Yeah. Really slow. This is not fast. I'll tell you, you go ahead and do it. I'm just going to talk at you.

What you're trying to do is let your body decide how your spine wants to relate to your pelvis. Does that make sense in the roll up today? Today it will be different tomorrow. It's today. It's right now. So you're just pressing the leg into the hand so you can see the natural way that you have lumbosacral rhythm. Yeah, and the natural lumbosacral rhythm. As you go back down, you have to go slow, slow, and one more. Up and down on this side. This is also great because it also stretches out the hamstrings a little bit, right? Yeah.

Which is good for what we might do next and come all the way down. Nice. Bend both knees. Place your feet on the floor. Now we'll go back into more comfortable zone. Right now. Take your hands and interlace your fingers. Now Undo your fingers and interlace them in the other direction.

Great. Place your hands underneath your head. Now what I want you to do on an inhale is squeeze the base of your skull and float your head half an inch off the floor. Squeeze and float your head up off of it and put it right back down. Yeah, so you squeeze the base of your skull, you float the head up and come back down. This time as you squeeze the base of skull, do a little tiny nod with your nose and float your head up off the floor so your nose nods slightly down, even smaller. Come back down. So as the head floats up, you do that little nod. Do you feel that?

Good? Now come back down. Take your hands out, but the back of your hands together and the thumbs, thumb side of your hand on your sternum. Okay. The first thing you're going to do is float your head up off the floor. And then when you exhale, you're going to press down in the sternum and drop the lower ribs. So you float. There you go. Then you roll back down. So you float your head off the floor. On the inhale. Exhale, press down with your hands on the sternum and everything floats up nice and come back down. And two more.

Just let that head float and nod and coming up and go down. Beautiful. Bring your arms down by your side. Just let your head shake. No easy. Let it sit. Shake now. Great. And come back into the center. Now go down to your pelvis. I want you to roll to the top of your sacred and then roll to the bottom of your sacred. Just the sacred.

So you go to the top of the sacred and you roll to the bottom of the sacrum. It's very small. You go to the top of the sacred and the bottom of the sacred. Feel, how it connects to the placement of your head. Top of the sacrum, and bottom of the sacred. Last one and a good. Okay. Now lift your pelvis off the floor by pressing down into your feet and the top of the pelvis and the bottom of the pelvis.

Come up at the same time just off the floor and then set your pelvis back down. Very different, right? Just lift and setback down and come down. You want to list this part the same as this part so you have to come up this help. That's a tough there. You know the difference? Yeah, and down. Good, good. Okay. You feel the difference between that curl and the lift? Okay.

You get to pick which one you like and you're going to go up as high as you like. So on an inhale you either Kareem or lift your pelvis and go up as high as you want and exhale and come down hamstrings. Okay, good. Inhale, lift and exhale come down. We're going to add onto this. Inhale, lift. Exhale. Take both arms overhead to the floor and roll down as you inhale and exhale and bring the arms up and over and down. And again, lift that pelvis, float the arms overhead, roll down like you're hanging from the trapeze bar, just length and space in that spine. And one more pelvis comes up, arms go way overhead.

Find the length in your vertebra as you roll yourself all the way down. Good. Keep your arms overhead right now and actually bring your left arm down by your side and do a little tiny side bend to your left and look towards your left hand. Goodness. Stay right there. Lift or curl your pelvis up off the floor and now reach the right hand away from the right Tush as you rolled out, but still stay on your back. Yeah, so you lengthen the right side of your back a little bit more. You feel that? Do that one more time. Lift up.

And then as you come down, reach one side. That's it. There you go. Beautiful, great. And change the other side. Oh wait, I wait, wait, wait, wait. You could always take more time and slide your ride a little bit so you look down at your right hand, lift or curl your pelvis up in the air and roll down, lengthening that whole side of your spine. One more length and that whole side of your spine down.

Bring the arm down. Center your body. Let's do one more in the center. One more. Prepare your body as you inhale. Exhale, lift or curl the pelvis that go all the way up. Inhale both arms float to the floor behind you. Now find that length fingers away from you, tailbone towards your heels, lowering yourself all the way down and float the arms back.

Beautiful. Big Difference, Huh? Yeah. Really Nice. Good. Straighten both your legs out on the floor and put them together. So you really want to feel that you have one leg in really just gently together. Okay. Just squeeze them together. Take your hands and do this.

I don't know how to describe what this is and put them right here. Your ears and squeeze your ears. Okay. Now on an inhale, lift your upper body up off the floor by dropping your ribs. Come up and drop your ribs. Feel that. Drop the ribs. Come up a little more. Drop the rib there and roll back down. You okay?

And coming up and draw off those ribs. Stay here. Lift your right leg. One inch, two inches and down. Left leg. Up and down and roll down everybody. Okay, come back up. Upper body comes up. Start with your left leg. Left leg up, down, right leg up, down, and roll down. Guess what comes next? Upper body comes up both legs. Just scoop them off the floor. Hundreds breath pattern into three, four, five, top two, three, five.

Okay. Squeeze your head with your arms. Come on, squeeze your head. Last one. Good. And roll down. Oh right. Let everything wiggle. Ha. Okay.

Bend one knee up into your chest and hug it in. Hug that knee. Flex and point both feet flex and point you okay? Everybody's all right. All right. Flex and point. Good and change sides. Same thing. Just flex and point. Keep that left leg up to your chest. Bring the right leg up to meet it.

Place both hands on the top of your kneecaps like this and very small. Make a little circles. Little circles with those legs. Tiny opposite directions. We're doing first opposite. Yeah, that's all right. I wasn't clear. Good. Did you change direction? So you're really trying to feel, feel the Hume of femur dropping down into the pelvis. A little prep for leg circle, right?

Okay. Now come to a stillness. Lift your lower leg. So it's parallel to the floor. Your hands both low but lower legs. Your fingers facing one another on your knees, on top of your knees. Shins I should say. Good. Now what's your going to do as you hiss out through your teeth is push your knees up into your hands and roll down.

So again, push and you're so you find that little coxix curl. This is your role over the beginning of your roll over right and come back down and curl. So good. Now I have you because if I hear it really hard that Hes, I know you're working too hard. Okay? Now put your hands in front of your knees. Fingers up to the ceiling. Same thing his and push into your knees, but imprint or drop your navel down as you do this.

Gentle and relax. Two more. It's gentle. This is the second split. Second in the rollover. Does that make sense? Yeah. So the first one is with the tail goes up and then as it comes forward and those legs go overhead. Oh right. Good. Hold on to your knees. Circle them in the same direction. Just quick, wild, easy, loose, same direction. All right, go the other direction.

Yeah. Good, good. Okay. Now Open your knees a little bit towards your arms. We're going to do the flop. All right, so the flop is, everybody rolls down this way. Holding onto your knee. So roll towards the downstage. Now lift the top knee and roll upstage. Now keep your head on the mat.

Keep your head on the mat. Let that next stretch out. That up and over there you go. Up and over, up and over. End Up facing downstage this way. Good. Let go of the knees. Take your top hand and reach it past your bottom hand. Circle it overhead. Keeping it on the floor all the way around, down by your pelvis, up and over and do that one more time.

There you go. That's it. And Cut. One more time. Good. Now reverse it. Go back first and up and over. Yeah. This is where you get to know your neighbor really well. Good. Then come back.

Good. Take your underneath hand. Place it underneath your head, the arm out, straight. Other arm in front of your chest on the mat. Flex both feet. Now your knees are fairly, you're pretty 90 degrees at the hip, which is what I want. You're going to lift your top knee, top, leg off the bottom leg, keeping it bent. Take it behind you like you were kicking a mule. Kick behind you on it. Bring it back to the other knee and place it down. Now do this four more times, so you have five total.

You really want to hold in through the belly as you do this so you don't have a great deal of action in the lumbar spine. You're trying to open up through the hip a little bit. That's it. You can bend that front arm, you know, it doesn't have to be so and back and in. And one more. Good. Okay. Flop over to the other side.

Reach one arm forward. Go overhead to feel good. Arms circles in one direction. Open that chest and then two in the opposite direction going down over the hips first. Good. Take your underneath arm. Place it out underneath your head. Other hand in front of your chest. Flex both feet. Very formal. Inhale, lift the top leg. Exhale behind you.

Inhale back to the knee and place it down. Inhale up. So now you're trying to open up the front of that hip without disturbing the torso too much. Right? Reach that top Sitz bone away from your, towards it. Your neighbor across this little alleyway here, right? So your waist might come off the floor slightly.

Last one. I believe you have one more. [inaudible] good and a nice. Let's stay on this side. Straighten both legs out below you, right. Flex your feet. Bring them slightly in front of you, the feet. So you're right now lift the top leg off the bottom.

What about an inch and reach it past the bottom leg. So now you have a slight little gap in the waist. Keep the little gap and lift and lower that leg up. Four times tiny. Two, three, last one, stay four. Bottom leg beats it up. And two nuts.

Small gap, three and four both legs, up and up and up and up. Add the upper body and upper body is small. Don't even think curls so much as length float. That's it. Stretch out, float and uh, nice. Good. Roll to the other side. Whole thing on the other side. Flex both feet. Bring them slightly in front of you. Lift the top leg off the bottom leg. Reach it away from you. An inch, just a little bit and four lifts up, down, up, down, tiny up them up and hold and bottom, leg down, bottom leg, all the abdominals in and whole both legs and that's it.

Reach, reach, add the upper body and float down and float down to more. Float down and float and down. Nice. Come over onto your hands and knees. Okay, great. Good. All right. Just do simple cat cow version of your own.

What I really want you to do is press away with your hands and come down. Press Away with your hands and come back down to more. Last one [inaudible]. Now find your your tabletop position. Not your arch, not your curve, but your nice table top position. Now slowly slide your right hand up until just your fingertips are on the mat so it comes up just your fingertips. Don't put any weight on them.

That's an income back other sides. So you just slide up to the edge of the mat and come back. Do the same thing with your leg. Slide it out, but keep it on the ground and back. Good and keep it on the ground and back. Now opposite arm and leg, they float.

Slide up an inch or so and back down. Other sides. Slide out and back down. Sit back on your heels for a moment. Rest your wrists. You're going to be doing that same opposite arm and leg lift.

It can come up parallel to the floor. You're going to do it with the hundreds breath patterns. So you come up onto your hands and knees. Okay. Alright, so you're really keeping the abdominals in and working the diaphragm in the rib cage. Start with a percussive breath pattern. So you go in two, three, four, five and two, three, four, five and then two, three, four, five, two opposite arm and leg out. Two, three, four, five. Staceyann change slow. Oh, that's it. And change slow. You can go on your own rhythm.

You're just going back and forth. You're just pumping against this opposite arm and leg thing and calm down and relax. Sit back on your heels, everybody. Okay, great. Come back onto your belly. Put one hand on top of the other, your forehead on your hands. Gently connect your elbow back of armpit and hip. There's a little connection there. You can just do almost energetically.

Okay? Now everybody turn your toes underneath you, but keep your knees bent so your toes are turned underneath you. Your knees are bent. You're going to slowly straighten your knees and then bend your knees four times. And as you do this, you need to feel what's happening in your pelvis and low back. It'll be different for everybody, right?

What I'm looking for is that you feel the weight of your hip bones and pubic bone into the ground. When you straighten your legs, you feel that if you're extra, exceptionally flexible in the lumbar spine, be sure to lift your navel towards your spine. Now put your knees down on the mat, keep them on the mat and press your forearm into the ground so your shoulders, head, and ribs come off the floor. On an inhale, they come up a little bit and come down. Feel that that weight in the pelvis. Do you feel it come up? Push down. So your weight should be on pubic bone and hip bones. Yeah, don't let the weight come off. One more.

Inhale up and come back down. Nice. Release your toes. Wiggle. Wiggle your pelvis. Just wiggle. Waggle ever feels really comfortable. Okay, now come up into Sphinx position so your hands are up into [inaudible]. Okay. On an exhale, press your elbows away from you and round down and look towards your navel. Try to keep your pelvis down. Don't force, but just, and now on the inhale, lift your chest forward, pull your elbows in and get an arch. There you go.

On the exhale, round every full moon and on the inhale, come down and pull everything in. And on the exhale round everything up. And on the inhale, pull everything forward. One more, one more nice. Round through the spine and come forward. Good. And press back into rest position. Good. Turn around face one another with your legs out. Straight, sweating.

Put Your hands right here on your hips. In this joint, what you want to do is you want to lean back right from the hips about one inch. So your back is absolutely straight. You go back one inch, that's all. And come forward right now. Don't do it by lifting the ribs and putting an arch in your spine. Do it by opening up the front of the hip joint. Does that make sense?

And come back. So you open up the front of the hip joint and you come back, I forgot something. And you open up. I'm saying you're looking at realized I totally forgot something. So you're going to turn back over on your belly as you can. Keep your heads in that direction.

Okay? Make a narrow x with your body. Narrow x with your body. Okay. Alright. Press your opposite arm and leg into the floor. On an inhale. On the exhale, lift the same arm and leg off the floor. Do that again. Press the arm and leg down. You can add the head if you want.

Inhale, lift it and find it other side. Press that side down and lift and press it and lift. Good. Come back down. Press both arms and both legs into the floor. Keep the abdominals lifting as you lift both arms and legs so you feel that lift had to come back down. Press gently and float up, Eh, press and float up.

Great. Okay. Sit back and rest position briefly. Then roll onto your back with your head away from one another. Knees bent and feet to the edge of the mat. To the side edges of the Mat. I have to be specific here, right? Take your arms up towards the ceiling. Turn your hands to face your shoulders and bend your elbows and place them right down beside you. Okay. Now this is Greco Roman wrestling.

Okay? You are going to lift and throw that guy off your pelvis, right? So what you want to do with your pelvis, I should say, is you want to press the upper body down and lift the up in the air and the chest. So inhale up. Exhale, come right back down. Yeah, inhale up. Exhale down. Right. You maybe you didn't ever see Greco-Roman wrestling up and down, but you feel it, right? You feel elbow back across the shoulders, down to elbow, that whole place you can stand on up and come down. Nice. Okay, great. Alrighty. Awesome rule to one side and sit up. Put your legs out here, right? And put your feet together. That your feet, these feet together. Okay, here you go. Right.

Here you go. You're going to just go into the downstage elbow and rotate and try to not let your feet, what can I say? Change their relationship to your partner. Does that make sense? So as you rotate, don't let you have to reach that one leg in so you have equal pressure, right and back. So you inhale, rotate, exhale back. Inhale, rotate. Exhale back. Inhale, rotate.

Exhale back. Good. Inhale, rotate and exhale back. Nice. Great, good. Turn around. Back to back. Woo. Why did I move? This is spine stretch. This next thing, right? Well, I'm afraid you've got a little box back there. Open your legs. Alright, here you go.

Now keep your back, your low back against your partner as you reach forward and round your spine and coming up. Not very comfortable with that little box back there. Yeah. And reach forward. Oh, here you go. And coming up and reach forward. Pulling the low back in towards one another. Yeah. And coming up. And last one, reaching forward and coming up. Good.

Now you get to come over onto your hands and knees. You can turn around, put heads together as you like to, and you want to come up onto your forms, into this position on your forearms. Straighten one leg back onto the floor, straightened the other leg back onto the floor and just stay there for a count of five. One, two, three, four, [inaudible] and five and come all the way down and sit back on your heels. Okay. About ready to begin. Feel like it's ready to begin. All right.

Organize your hair. Get everything put back together. Lie On your back too. Or the 20s. We're going to do the twenties okay. Instead of two hundreds two sets. Ready? Okay. 20 [inaudible], Huh? 20 pumps ready and everything comes up off the floor.

And one, two, three, four, five. Second one. You get ready for the roll up. Roll down or arms going overhead to roll ups and Carmina roll. Remember all that stuff you did with the leg lever and roll back. This is what that's all about. One more. You come all the way up, peeling off.

Keep your breath moving too good and roll down for the roll over. Arms by your side, knees into chest, legs straight to the ceiling. Peel tailbone up and overhead. Open the legs and roll down. Keep the legs open. One more. Keeping them open. Go overhead, squeeze them together and roll down. Keep both legs towards the ceiling. Lower your left leg to the floor.

Lifted up off the floor. Two inches. The left leg, six inches. Two leg circles in one direction. One and two rivers and one and two scissor change one. Keep your breath going. Two and one and two take both legs down to the floor.

Both arms overhead for a roll. Up to do. Rolling like a bowl. So come all the way up, Roland. Likable. Wrap your knees around your arms, around your knees and go sniff blows. Sniff, blow, sniff, low sniff. Blow and pause.

Extend one leg to single leg PR position rolled out with control. Roll with control and go. One and two. Two leg and one and two, two scissors and one and two and hands behind the head. Double leg.

Lower and up and down and up. Chris Cross and in two in and two and come down. Oh Nice. Put your feet on the floor. Let your knees go from side to side for a moment. Just stretch things out. Yeah.

Roll up for spine stretch all the way up. Ready to spine stretches, come a little bit forward so you're able to do open leg rocker without having to adjust, right arms out. Inhale forward. Exhale, sitting up and inhale forward. Exhale and sitting up. Draw your legs in. Extend out.

Hold for a minute and two of them roll and come up and pause and roll and come up and pause. Put those legs together. Roll down to your back, keeping the legs straight up towards the city. Just do a tick talk. Go to the right center, left center, Right Center, left center hole behind your legs. Lever yourself up to sitting and saw. Open everything up and to the right and in reach up. Inhale, reach up.

Inhale, reach up and inhale, reach and up for Swan. Rocking. Come over onto your belly. The Swan rocking of your choice. I'm not gonna dictate. You can do any version you like just twice and coming up into swan and rock. Go shh and good and sit back and rest position.

Re Remember Eve used to say, you have to do every exercise as if it was the only exercise you got to do old day and you only got to do one. Okay? Come onto your forearms for single leg kick. Gather everything up. Kick, kick, stand, kick, kick, extend, kick, kick, extend, kick and come down. Turn the head to one side, hands at the back and three kicks and kick, kick, kick and breeze and last one and [inaudible] and come down. Sit back and rest position. Stay here for a second. You have neck pole.

Next you may do any version of neck pull you like you can do. Not like a neck full a few life. Okay, so you can go halfway down. Third of the way down, all the way down. Hands here for head slam. Hands here, hands here, or hands here if you should. Right? Okay. Off you go. Two of them only as far as you want to go and coming up. Okay. Remember when the warmup, when I had you start back by opening up to your hip. Do that here. So just open the hips as you go back. Don't think of arching your spine that are and coming up and stay good.

Roll all the way down. Go up on your shoulders for bicycle. And if you want to do the fancy transition we can. So you're up on your shoulders, right? Hands Underneath your your ribs, bicycle. Ready, legs up, straight and bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, rivers and rivers. Two, three and four. Take both legs up to the ceiling. Now listen carefully.

Turn your hands so your fingers are outside and the heel of your hand is inside. Okay, now take one leg and bend it to the floor. Arching your spine. Other leg follows. And here you are in this position, right leg in, up to the ceiling and down and up. One more. Down and up. Ben.

Chain and down and up and down and up and down. Take your arms away. Roll through your spine. Let your knees go all the way to the right. It's the trip, isn't it? Just two all the way to the left. Yeah, you guys is your break. Come back up. Straighten your legs and roll up to sitting. Four spine twist ready legs together.

And to the right and in little beat center. Yeah, little beat center. One more set in and center and twist and center. Scoot forward for Jack Knife. Great. Ready?

Legs up to the ceiling. Arms down and going over, over, up and roll down. Beautiful. Eh, over up. [inaudible] and roll down. Everyone turned your right side. Four side kick. Okay, so you can go all the way down. Support your head in your hand if you like. If this is comfortable or you can be up on your forearm like you are, whatever happens, right? Flex both feet. We're going to do little ovals, two ovals in one direction, two in the other side. Kick up and down. Side kick forward and back. Okay, so [inaudible] Oh, Oh rivers oval, oval. Kick up to the ceiling and kick to the ceiling.

Front and back and kick back and kick and bat. Take both legs together. You're going to do a very large, slow oval, so you come forward with one leg and oval yourself up at around. Does that make sense? Just think of your dress, your drawing of thing on an in reverse and that's all you're drawing a big circle on the wall opposite you. There you go. Nice other side. Pick the same arm position on this side that you use before, right? Okay. Small little ovals too.

And rivers too. Up and down, up and down and up. Forward, back and forward and back and forward and back. Now this big oval is just one. You D you. It's really like you're trying to reach for the wall away from you so it's not a big thing and reverse. So it's a, it's an oval. It's just an oval. Perfect. Yes, and down. Nice, beautiful teaser. Teaser. I remember Cathy Grant. Taser always follows legs. It's like always.

You. Okay, I'll remember that. Ready? Two big teasers. The most beautiful you've ever done. And arms can come around and scope. Nice and calm down and arms come around and again and [inaudible] stay there. Reach back, put your hands on the floor. Let's do a tick talk again.

Tick and talk and tick and talk. You can come in, bend your knees, put your feet down, turn around and swim out of this. Ready out you go. Swimming away into three, four, five. Once more, good and come back. Good. Hands and knees into leg. Pull facing down leg pull. Ready, right leg and up and left leg.

Right leg I talk ahead of you. Don't let me rush you left leg. Good, terse. Come down, turn around, face up. Inhale up and leg and leg and down. Leg and down and leg and down. Sit down. Turn down stage.

Come up onto your knees in the middle of your mat. Kneeling, sidekick. So arms are out to the side. Tip to the right, very carefully with control. Put the hand down. Extend that leg other hand behind your head and forward and back and forward. Now the transition is the most important. Comes side. Bend that up, leg and transition slow.

Try Not to fool all the way over to the other side and forward and back and forward and back. Come all the way up. Nice. Stay here and sit onto your left hip. Everybody good? Straighten your legs out. Are you enough on the mat to do a side lift?

You might want to slide that gets your hand on the Mat, two side lifts and lift your body up. You remember the back of the armpit and come down right that we did on our face. Right? But you want to try that. Find that up again, back of the armpit that your support and come down. Just turn around for the other side. Just find that whole connection right here. It's a very sophisticated, if I know how to say it in Latin, I would and whole back of armpit. Come up, rotate that humorous. That's it. Yes. This side, you got it and calm enough and come down. Nice legs to the inside.

Boomerang. Now boomerangs another one that there are versions and there are, so guess what? I would like to see seven different versions. So just pick one and go for it. You're only gonna do it twice. Okay. Ready your own version and go one more. Very nice.

You tuffle great seal are ready and just twice and go and coming up and over and coming up. Cross your legs for a crab. Okay, so watch it. Grab onto your feet. Roll back, switch. Come up over those knees. Don't Bang your head. Just pretend and go back. Switch. Come up. Don't Bang your head. Just pretend. Stay here. Come on and release your feet.

Put your hands in front of you. Roll onto your belly. That legs back. Reach back for rocking. Grab onto those feet. Lift the chest up and go. Ra, Ra, rock, rock and release. Sit back and rest position. You've got two more. Yeah, and you handle it.

Balance, control, balance, control. Again, many variations. I'd like to see a few. Okay, over you go over right. So one leg goes back down, the other one goes up. Put your hands where your most comfortable. Slow change, slow change, slow change, and slow change coming down.

Bend your knees into your chest. Roll over onto your side and stand up. So come over, hands and knees. Push back and stand up. Walk to the back of the math. Ready. Inhale up. Exhale. Roll down your body.

Walk out to push up. Position to pushups. Good. Walk back and roll up to standing inhaler. Roll forward and down. Walk out to push up position two pushups and walk back and roll all the way up. Lift both arms up, open them to the side. One more simple. Circle both arms up.

Open to the side. Thank you very much.


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Wow! Those simple warmup movements are magic, I'm certain. Quite incredible the effect on they have on the body in getting it ready to flow from exercise to exercise. Thank you!
Wow! Those simple warmup movements are magic, I'm certain. Quite incredible the effect on they have on the body in getting it ready to flow from exercise to exercise. Thank you!
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Wonderful classes all of them, I learn a lot about "just moving" thanks so much!!
Great Class!!!
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Thank you! I loved this class!!
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super class--smooth and well organized! I love it. Thank you.
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For those who have done a workshop with Michele this is a special treat to experience all her gems again!!
Love ,love this class and Michele Larsson
Yes it is a special treat to experience all her gems. Hope to experience more!
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The warm up movements really do the trick! It's as though one can glide through the "twos"!. I will be doing this again and again. I enjoyed seeing the warmup moments in relationship in the twos. Saw roll up in a new way. Thank you!
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